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As a company focused on aviation and aerospace, you need great talent for our workforce. You need win-win connections to other leading companies and you want marketable solutions to your biggest challenges. At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, we share your passion for aviation and aerospace, and we are uniquely equipped to provide solutions to your biggest problems and grow your bottom line.

As the world’s leader in aviation and aerospace education and applied research for more than 90 years, Embry-Riddle has:

Solutions. Embry-Riddle’s applied

Connections. When you work with Embry-Riddle, you are plugged in to a Who’s Who in the aviation and aerospace industry. Embry-Riddle’s past and present partners include: Airbus , GE Aviation , The Boeing Company , Lockheed Martin , Textron ,

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Talent. Our alumni are everywhere. Name

research is at the industry’s leading

any major employer in aviation and aerospace and you’ll find Embry- Riddle graduates hard at work. Ranked No.1 in the nation for 17 consecutive years , our Aerospace Engineering program has been shaping the aviation and aerospace workforce for generations. Now a Ph.D. granting institution , we are researching and solving tomorrow’s challenges, today.

edge. From unmanned aerial systems in the global airspace, to hybrid gasoline-electric propulsion systems for the near future of commercial aviation, Embry-Riddle is in collaboration with industry leaders to design solutions that will change the way we fly.

Rolls-Royce , Rockwell Collins , Embraer and many others.

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