2019 BSC SOP

1.1 Hotel Gross Operation Revenue (10%) 1. Our Business (40%)


Hotel Gross Operating Revenue (“GOR”) is the main indicator of our all-round top line performance. A significant number of business strategies are structured based on the budgeted GOR of our hotels. It is a priority for us as a group to achieve our set budgets and reduce negative variance to drive shareholder value.


Scoring Mechanism

1. Hotel Gross Operating Revenue (“GOR”) • GOR comprises revenue generated in local currency from: o Rooms o Food and beverage o Other operating departments o Shops and showcase o Other operating revenue

For a hotel to score points in this metric: • Must attain a minimum GOR performance of 80% • Any achievement below 80% will result in no score • Performance above 80% will additional score • Maximum score will be capped at GOR performance of 110% incrementally receive

2. Actual Gross Operating Revenue (“Actual GOR”) • December flash actual 2019 GOR (in local currency) submitted on TM1 on or before 5 January 2020 • For monthly tracking and reporting, actual + remaining months’ forecast GOR (in local currency) submitted on TM1 on or before 5 th day of the following month

GOR Performance


≥ 110% 12.0 100% - 109% 10.0 – 10.9 90% - 99% 9.0 – 9.9 80% - 89% 5.0 < 80% 0

3. Budgeted Gross Operating Revenue (“Budgeted GOR”) • Full year budgeted GOR (in local currency) as submitted on TM1


GOR performance = Actual GOR ÷ Budgeted GOR


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