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CooperVision is proud to honor these professionals, and their teams, as Best Practices.



Advanced Eye Care Professionals, P.C. Coan Eye Care Eola Eyes Eyecare of Roswell San Ramon Family Optometry, Inc. Somers Eye Center The Eye Doctors Vision Health Institute VisionArts Eyecare Center Wilson Eye Center

Doctor My Eyes Highlands Ranch Optical J. Micetich, OD & Associates Family Eye Care Center Livermore Optometry Group

Norwalk Eye Care Personal Eyecare

Pinnacle Eye Associates The Koetting Associates Vision Optique Vision Professionals



Amarillo Vision Specialists Blount County Eye Center Caruso Eye Care Castle Pines Eye Care Complete Eye Care of Medina Havasu Eye Center Lawrenceville Family Eyecare Premier Eyecare Little Eyes Specialty Eyecare Group

Azman Eye Care Specialists / Global Complex Briggs Vision Group Drs. Quinn, Foster & Associates Lakeline Vision Source Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons Shoreline Optometry Spring Hill Eyecare Vancouver Vision Clinic Vision Source of Farr West West Shore Eye Care



Advanced EyeCare Advanced Family Eye Care

Blaine Eye Clinic Brill Eye Center

Associates in Eyecare - Optometrists Better Vision Optometric Center, P.A. Draisin Vision Group Eye Center of Houston Kapperman, White & McGarvey Miamisburg Vision Care Phoenix Eye Care Valencia Eyecare Optometry

Clements Vision Care Edmonds Vision Center Eyecare of Lehi InVision Eye Care Mountain View Vision Urban Optics Wauseon Eye Care Woolf Eye Lab


Alamo Eye Care Bellaire Family Eye Care Blink Bright Eyes Family Vision Care Broad View Eye Center Carbon Valley Eye Care Clearvue Vision Center DuPage Optical Professional Eye Care Center Socialite Vision

Hear from these professionals first-hand about their experience as a Best Practice.


2 0 1 6 H O N O R E E S

2016 H O N O R E E

Advanced Eye Care Professionals, P.C. O A K L AW N , I L Est 2003 Number of Doctors: 5

"The best part of this program for me is the relationships you make with fellow honorees and industry peers. " - Dr. Casey Hogan

Under the leadership of founder Dr. Casey Hogan, Advanced Eye Professionals (AEP) has been providing quality care since 2003. Built largely on word-of-mouth referrals, the practice serves communities throughout the Oak Lawn and Chi- cago areas, as well as out-of-state and interna- tional patients. AEP is thriving, recently expanding to a fully equipped, state-of-the-art 2400 sq. ft. facility, now employing three associate optometrists, one ICO Cornea/CL resident, and ten employees. As part of a primary care full-scope optometric practice, each associate doctor at AEP offers a unique specialty. Dr. Hogan is considered one of the area leaders in specialty contact lenses, anteri- or segment management, and dry eye therapeutic

care. With three separate websites focusing on each of Dr. Hogan’s areas of expertise, and two DBAs—The Chicago Scleral Lens Center of Excel- lence and The Chicago Dry Eye Center of Excel- lence—AEP’s digital presence continues to grow, and with it the success of the practice. AEP is also dedicated to the community. Dr. Hogan has served on several boards, including more than 10 years with the Special Olympics of Chicago, for which she currently serves as president. In 2012, Dr. Hogan was recognized as Humanitarian of the Year by the Illinois College of Optometry. Her passion for her community, her patients, and her practice have helped Advanced Eyecare Profes- sionals become a Best Practice for 2016.


2016 H O N O R E E

Coan Eye Care O CO E E , F L Est 2001 Number of Doctors: 3

Dr. Roxanne Achong-Coan considers herself a true contact lens specialist, with patients—including those with harder-to-fit irregular corneas—who travel far and wide to meet with her thanks to her expertise. She has earned the respect of many patients and colleagues across the eye care indus- try, helping to make Coan Eye Care a successful practice for the past 15 years. Coan Eye Care is committed to educating patients about the importance of eye health while providing the latest technology and quality care. They strive to treat every patient—from ages six months to 100 years old—like family, from the very first call through each appointment, because to Dr. Achong-Coan and her staff, great patients are the reason the practice exists.

As proud supporters of their community through work with Optometry for Giving Sight, the Lions Club, and advocacy for arts and ath- letics in local schools, Coan Eye Care is giving back in many ways. In the near future, Dr. Achong-Coan hopes to extend that giving to include her passions for working with veterans and providing low-cost eye care to the underserved. She is currently working on a grant that would help secure additional office space, helping bring that dream a step closer, allow the practice to expand, and continue the work that has made Coan Eye Care a 2016 Best Practice.


2016 H O N O R E E

Eola Eyes O R L A N D O , F L Est 2003 Number of Doctors: 4

Determined to provide the best care and prod- ucts to patients—and to choose a business model that would support work-life balance—Dr. Kerry Giedd and fellow optometrist Dr. Brighid Williams opened Eola Eyes in 2003. Starting out “cold,” the practice has grown to include a third partner, an associate, four optometrists, and a team of eight employees, as well as an award-winning stand- alone office building. For the founders of Eola Eyes, the key to their success has always been rooted in a passion for patients, staff and the community. They incorpo- rate modern technology and high-tech equipment as part of their mission and commitment to pro- viding quality care, helping each patient’s visit be the most specialized experience possible.

But taking care of patients goes beyond the exam room. The practice also works to be community partner, serving organizations such as Florida’s Vision Quest, the Foundation for Foster Children, Zebra Coalition, and Florida Lions’ Project Right to Sight. The staff also travels to the Dominican Republic to serve in vision care mission trips. Supporting and advancing the eye care profession is a particular priority for Dr. Giedd, evidenced by her involvement in the AOA and AAO, as well as her service on the editorial board of Primary Care Optometry News. In 2011, Eola Eyes was featured on the cover of Women in Optometry, and today they are recognized as a 2016 Best Practice.


2016 H O N O R E E

Eyecare of Roswell R O S W E L L , G A Est 1994 Number of Doctors: 1

“What sets my practice apart is not what I deliver, but how I deliver it,” says Dr. Maurice Zadeh, who has been working hard to exceed his patients’ ex- pectations since 1994. Family Eyecare of Roswell provides comprehensive eye exams, specialty con- tact lens fittings, emergency eye care, and preven- tative care and treatment for patients of all ages. In his practice, Dr. Zadeh strives to employ the latest technology in corneal, retinal and anterior segment imaging, as well as visual field analysis. He believes good technology leads to early diagnoses of eye conditions and diseases that could be po- tentially devastating later in life if left undetected. This belief fuels his desire to provide excellent care. Dr. Zadeh is committed to serving and giving back to the community that has supported his

practice for more than 21 years. He has a his- tory of involvement in projects like Vision USA, InfantSee, Optometry Giving Sight, and Ringgold Elementary Study. He also regularly provides free eye exams to the underprivileged population at church health fairs and from elementary schools within his community. Dr. Zadeh has also been closely involved with multiple optometric professional organizations, including the Greater Atlanta District of Optome- trists and the Georgia Optometric Association. This investment in the future of the industry is just one more reason Family Eyecare of Roswell has been named a Best Practice for 2016.


2016 H O N O R E E

San Ramon Family Optometry, Inc. S A N R A M O N , C A Est 1989 Number of Doctors: 5

Recently named one the “Best of the Best in Eye Care” practices by Bay Area Magazine, San Ramon Family Optometry has been providing quality eye care for more than 27 years, and they continue to try to “wow” their patients every day. Beyond the Starbucks coffee they serve, or the gourmet chocolate they place on a velvet tray with each new pair of glasses, San Ramon Family Optometry is committed to giving patients what they want most—quality care. Though lead doctor Dr. Beverly Smith hopes this attention to detail and delivery will impress, she believes deeply that it’s what’s behind the extra-special treatment that really counts. All the doctors and staff of San Ramon Family Optometry want their patients to feel taken care of—and know that this is a practice they can trust.

San Ramon Family Optometry is committed to continual improvement, offering the latest tech- nologies and most recent innovations in eye care to ensure the highest levels of diagnostics, testing and treatment for patients. They also mentor future optometrists with the hope of inspiring stu- dents, whose youthful energy also brings life and encouragement to the office and staff. In addition to her optometric training, Dr. Smith holds an MBA in healthcare management, fo- cusing her practice management consulting on helping new practices succeed. After 31 years in the industry and nearly three decades leading San Ramon Family Optometry, Dr. Smith knows what it takes to run a successful eye care practice. As a 2016 Best Practice, she understands above all what a privilege it is to help others—patients, staff and colleagues alike.


2016 H O N O R E E

Somers Eye Center S O M E R S , N Y Est 1978 Number of Doctors: 3

A passion for the future of eye care is what Somers Eye Center hopes sets them apart. Dr. Ami Ranani has nearly 40 years of experience prac- ticing optometry and is devoted to helping others learn—not only staff and students, but also his pa- tients. With 17 employees and a 4th-year extern from the SUNY Optometry externship program each year, Somers Eye Center is full of people who care about eye health and are committed to shar- ing their knowledge with others. Dr. Ranani’s practice continues to grow, and so does the technology he offers. As a beta tester for innovative programs like Eyefinity EHR on the cloud (which Somers Eye Center now uses), Dr. Ranani understands that as times change, eye care practices have to follow. He keeps his own eye

on opportunities to offer improved care at every step—a commitment to technological advance- ment that has helped Somers Eye Center see proven savings in time and money. As a result, visits, exams and product ordering have become easier and more convenient for the practice’s patients. In Dr. Ranani’s words, “the outlook is very bright” at Somers Eye Center, where embracing technolo- gy as a critical tool for providing eye care excel- lence has helped them grow the practice, advance the industry, and become a 2016 Best Practice. They hope to continue inspiring the next genera- tion of eye care professionals while taking tremen- dous care of the patients who place their trust in Somers Eye Center.


2016 H O N O R E E

The Eye Doctors TA M PA , F L Est 2007 Number of Doctors: 3

Led by Dr. Samuel Teske, The Eye Doctors is an award-winning, multi-location, private optometry practice located in Tampa, Florida. A dedicated staff that strives to deliver exceptional customer service is what defines this practice, which has been providing quality eye care since 2007. The Eye Doctors utilize the latest equipment to provide the highest-quality care available, but what they believe helps them stand apart is their idea of “Ownership Attitude.” Each employee is given a career plan and a degree of autonomy, putting the power into the staff’s hands to be great and do great, all with the patient in mind. The Eye Doctors constantly look for ways to utilize the latest technology in care, whether it’s a lead- ing-edge procedure such as BlephEx, having iPads

in each exam room, or simply providing patients with educational videos specifically related to their visit. The staff also advances their own procedural expertise with video training through the practice’s learning management system. Thanks to this highly trained and dedicated sup- port staff, the practice’s doctors are able to con- centrate on each patient rather than worry about data input or administrative work. But having a highly efficient office that employs the latest and greatest technology is only half of the equation for The Eye Doctors. They invest in their people, with a direct focus on their patients—a decision that has helped make them a 2016 Best Practice.


2016 H O N O R E E

Vision Health Institute O R L A N D O , F L Est 1990 Number of Doctors: 2

When patients in the Orlando area walk into Vision Health Institute, they are greeted by a newly remodeled space that allows for fast and efficient eyewear pickup and private adjustment. And if patients don’t have time to stop in? They can make a quick stop at the convenient drive-up window. With an emphasis on the latest trends in optical and clinical design, the Vision Health Institute office offers a streamlined patient experience with op- timal privacy and personal care, featuring paper- less EHR technology and a fully integrated clinical workflow design. Since opening their new office in 2014, the prac- tice has experienced double-digit growth month over month, and that’s thanks to more than just aesthetics. As leaders in the optometric com-

munity, Dr. Mark Perry and his staff are working hard to advance the eye care industry and impress patients along the way. Vision Health Institute continues to put the patient experience first by striving to provide their com- munities with the highest quality care in the most innovative, inviting environment—all part of being a Best Practice for 2016.


2016 H O N O R E E

VisionArts Eyecare Center F U LT O N , M O Est1990 Number of Doctors: 1

For more than 25 years, VisionArts Eyecare Center has been focused on improving quality of life through individualized education, compassionate care, and innovative health technology. Optom- etrist James W. Vann is also a certified holistic health practitioner, and has dedicated his prac- tice to the prevention and early detection of eye disease. He is passionate about making healthy lifestyle choices and strives to bring that passion to every part of his practice. Combining cutting edge technology, extensive specialty testing, and a dedication to service, Dr. Vann and his staff work to make the patient experience at VisionArts Eyecare Center second to none. Dr. Vann’s personal motto, “hire heart, teach skill,” influences everything that happens at VisionArts

Eyecare Center. He expects his staff to be pas- sionate about what they do, understand all facets of the practice, and above all, provide exceptional care—a commitment to people that goes beyond giving a thorough eye exam or offering an exten- sive selection of eyewear. With cartoons playing in exam rooms for kids and cookies shaped like eyeglasses, even the youngest patients experience personal attention at Vision- Arts Eyecare Center. And at the community level, Dr. Vann’s staff gets involved through VisionArts Caring for Callaway, a not-for-profit that helps fundraise for a new charity each year. In their own words, VisionArts Eyecare Center is “built on a culture of caring.” It’s a foundation that’s helped them become a Best Practice for 2016.


2016 H O N O R E E

Wilson Eye Center VA L D O S TA , G A Est 1981 Number of Doctors: 4

Growing up with parents who owned a retail toy store, Dr. Steven Wilson learned a critical business lesson—customer service is the key to success. And although eye care is quite different than selling toys, that experience has helped personal atten- tion and quality care become a foundation for success at Wilson Eye Center. For patients of Dr. Wilson and the practice’s other doctors, this commitment means that over 95% of them are seen within 15 minutes of their scheduled appointment time. The staff works hard to deliver efficient and accurate distribution of products and services through an onsite lab. And technology plays a role as well, with patient access to a portal for registration, insurance registration, and digital appointment reminders.

Under Dr. Wilson’s leadership, Wilson Eye Center launched the “EyePod”—the first office-based system in the US for home delivery of optical goods, which led to recognition by Vision Monday. His vision and passion for delivering the “ultimate patient experience” has eye care professionals—in Georgia and increasingly, throughout the coun- try—taking notice of Dr. Wilson’s efforts to ensure that all private practices enjoy the right to provide the best inventory along with quality care. For the last 13 years, Wilson Eye Center has been named the Best Eye Care Office in South Georgia. Now, as a 2016 Best Practice, they are recognized as one of the best in the industry.


2 0 1 7 H O N O R E E S

2017 H O N O R E E

Amarillo Vision Specialists A M A R I L LO , T X

provides free eye exams to those who may not be able to afford one, in exchange for a small toy donation. The toys are then given to children in the community who are in need, a cause close to Dr. Thornhill’s heart—as a child she herself was a re- cipient of others’ generosity. In 2016, 2,975 toys were donated and Dr. Thornhill and an associate performed nearly 240 free eye exams, making the event a huge success. "It's always great to learn from other doctors. Things they're doing, new ideas you may not have thought of and new ways to look at the profession." - Dr. Shawna Thornhill Est 2011 Number of Doctors: 2

Dr. Shauna Thornhill believes that one of the most impactful ways to advance optometry is by inter- acting in a meaningful way with the community. She and the team at Amarillo Vision Specialists strive to make a difference in the lives of their pa- tients, and they are working hard to provide more than just eye exams. With two locations at local area Walmart stores, Amarillo Vision Specialists is providing quality eye care, promoting the importance of vision health and impacting the lives of the community it serves. Dr. Thornhill and her staff have taken their pas- sion for helping others beyond the walls of their practice by creating an annual free eye exam/toy drive day, The Sight Before Christmas. This event


2017 H O N O R E E

Blount County Eye Center M A R Y V I L L E , T N Est 1965 Number of Doctors: 5

Led by Dr. Will Tantum, who took over the practice from his father in 2014, the doctors and staff at BCEC believe that people are worth investing in. They’ve added new services, such as vision ther- apy, to fill a gap in their community, and for them, it’s paying off. The practice was recently named one of America’s Finest Optical Retailers for 2016 by INVISION Magazine, and was also recognized as Small Business of the Year at the annual Best of Blount Awards. BCEC is sharing their passion for service with others, from local volunteer efforts to supporting the global community. With a core value of service and a mission to serve patients, serve one anoth- er, and to serve their community, the BCEC team visits local nursing homes each month to clean and

adjust glasses for free—a volunteer effort that Dr. Tantum explains as “its own reward.” In 2014, Dr. Tantum also designed the “Eye Love wear and share” program—an in-house one-for- one eyewear-giving program. Each time a patient purchases a frame in the BCEC office, a new frame is donated to someone in need. To date, Eye Love has sent over 2,000 brand-new frames to Guate- mala, and the program has grown to serve those in need in Haiti and locally in Blount County as well.


2017 H O N O R E E

Caruso Eye Care L A K E WO R T H , F L Est 2005 Number of Doctors: 1

Dr. Britney Caruso is leading the way in eye health care by setting her sights on the technology of today while focusing on the future. With an innovative approach and compelling message, Caruso Eye Care is getting the word out about the importance of taking care of your eyes. Caruso Eye Care has a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, using social media to keep patients informed and raise awareness about the practice across the greater community. As part of her ongoing quest for knowledge, Dr. Caruso recently received a Diplomate in Anti-Aging and Regenera- tive Medicine and a Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging Med- icine. She is one of only three optometrists in the nation to receive this honor. But Dr. Caruso’s holistic approach goes beyond eye care— she is committed to providing her patients with a thorough health evaluation, helping to encourage and care for those who may be suffering from ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, and more. Dr. Caruso and

her staff want every patient to know the practice is there for them—that they care and are invested in the patient’s whole health. As vice president and incoming president of the Palm Beach County Optometric Association, Dr. Caruso is also helping to advance the eye care profession at regional and national levels. In these roles, she is able to influence decisions that will affect the future of the profession in her county and across the nation. She is also part of a nationwide initiative called Think About Your Eyes—an effort to bring aware- ness to the public about the importance of eye exams. And through her work with the Community Health Center of West Palm Beach, Dr. Caruso leads volunteer efforts to provide eye care services and no-cost eye exams to those in need. Through community investment, patient education, and a positive eye care experience from the very first commu- nication, Dr. Britney Caruso and her team are focused on helping patients see well and therefore live well. And that’s what makes Caruso Eye Care a 2017 Best Practice.


2017 H O N O R E E

Castle Pines Eye Care C A S T L E P I N E S , CO Est 2002 Number of Doctors: 4

At Castle Pines Eye Care in Castle Pines, Colorado, Dr. Jason Ortman and team strive to ensure a personalized and stream- lined patient experience from check-in to check-out. They un- derstand that patients appreciate a non-invasive, anxiety-free exam experience, and they are committed to delivering one every time. The technology the practice employs, coupled with a commit- ment to quality service and care, has helped Castle Pines Eye Care grow and, ultimately, advance the optometric profession on local, state and national levels. For the past 10 years, Dr. Ortman’s staff has been using EMR/ HER for all patient charts and accounts, streamlining office functions while providing a superior patient experience. The practice also chose to automate several processes, including a patient recall system, reminders via text and email, satisfaction surveys, and patient review functions, and most recently added live patient scheduling to their website. This technology-driven, innovative approach has allowed for greater patient engage- ment, easier retention, better marketing, and a reduction in appointment no-show rates. In the pre-testing and exam rooms, Castle Pines uses automat- ed phoropters, I-Care tonometry, digital wide-field imaging,

OCT, pachymetry, visual fields, and topography. The equipment is networked together for a seamless hand-off of information, making the entire process of an exam fast, easy and reliable for both the office and patient. Outside the office, Dr. Ortman serves on the Board of the Cas- tle Pines Chamber of Commerce, is involved with the Colorado Optometric Association (COA) as a board member, legislative captain, and as the chair of the Third Party Committee, and has been asked to serve on the American Optometric Association’s Third Party Executive Committee, advocating for the profession on a national level since 2012. Internationally, Dr. Ortman has participated in five missions with VOSH and the Gift of Sight Foundation throughout Central America, South America, and China. These missions have pro- vided optometric care to those in need and have resulted in the office proudly supporting Optometry Giving Sight annually for the past seven years. Thanks to their commitment to the profession, their efforts to elevate the patient experience, and the high level of service they deliver both locally and abroad, Castle Pines Eye Care is a 2017 Best Practice.


2017 H O N O R E E

Complete Eye Care of Medina M E D I N A , M N Est 2008 Number of Doctors: 2

With a dedication to lifelong ocular health for every patient—and a focus on hiring and training exceptional staff—the team at Complete Eye Care of Medina is focused on helping patients from first greeting to follow-through and retention. Complete Eye Care of Medina is committed to giving back to the community by providing community education to early childhood groups, elementary schools, Lions Clubs, and local busi- ness groups. The practice sponsors a local high school scholarship every year, awarding $500 to a graduating senior entering the medical field. And they actively promote and participate in Infant- SEE (a no-cost public health program developed to provide professional eye care for infants) by donating a days’ worth of eye exam revenues to

Optometry Giving Sight each year.

As an active member of the American Optometric Association and a fellow in the American Acade- my of Optometry, Dr. Gina Wesley not only leads Complete Eye Care of Medina, but also contributes regularly to Optometric Management, Review of Optometric Business, and Optometric Office. She also consults and advises for several major ophthalmic companies and is a regular participant in contact lens research. The team at Complete Eye Care of Medina con- tinually re-evaluates what they are doing and how they are doing it in order to grow and excel in de- livering exceptional patient experiences. For these reasons and more, Complete Eye Care of Medina is a 2017 Best Practice.


2017 H O N O R E E

Havasu Eye Center L A K E H AVA S U , A Z Est 1990 Number of Doctors: 2

Dr. Stuart Adams and Dr. Stephanie Woo lead the Havasu Eye Center with their expertise, passion, and shared commitment to quality care. Since 1990, Dr. Adams has been practicing in the rural city of Lake Havasu, providing full-scope eye care to patients of all ages. Now with three successful locations, Havasu Eye Center is a leader in providing “gold-standard” eye care while helping to advance the profession by continuing to educate their staff, patients and peers. Dr. Woo joined Dr. Adams in 2012 and the practice continues to flourish with both doctors at the helm. Dr. Woo has grown the specialty lens portion of the practice to over 1,000 pa- tients and is one of the top specialty lens fitters in Arizona. She lectures around the world on the topic of contact lenses, soft contact lenses, specialty contact lenses, and anterior segment eye diseases. Thanks to Dr. Woo’s expertise, Havasu Eye Center offers the latest soft contact lens options on the market. In fact, the practice is one of the only eye care centers in the nation to offer the EyePrint Prosthetic, a custom ocular prosthetic device for severely irregular corneas.

cellence to help diagnose and manage dry eye disease at a high level. The practice also recently gained an electroretinogram (ERG) and visually evoked potential (VEP) machine to monitor certain diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, stroke, amblyopia, and many other retina/brain diseases. They are the only practice in a 200-mile radius with this technology. Dr. Woo is a board member of the Scleral Lens Education Society and has donated hundreds of hours to the Scleral Lens Society in hopes of helping practitioners and patients better understand scleral lenses. Dr. Adams, an accomplished and well-respected optometrist in his own right, was a Rotarian within Lake Havasu for many years, and received a Paul Harris Fellowship twice. He was also a member of the Referrals club for many years. Both Dr. Adams and Dr. Woo are members of the Arizona Optometric Association and Fellows of the American Academy of Optometry. For their many accomplishments, excellence in care and con- tinued commitment to advancing the profession of optometry, Havasu Eye Center is a 2017 Best Practice.

Recently, Havasu Eye Center opened a Dry Eye Center of Ex-


2017 H O N O R E E

Lawrenceville Family Eyecare L AW R E N C E V I L L E , G A Est 2012 Number of Doctors: 1

The team at Lawrenceville Family Eyecare has a desire to change lives by providing innovative and compas- sionate eye care with the most advanced technology. A colorful office welcomes patients as they enter. The reception room is filled with sweet smells of coffee and cookies while relaxing music plays and a widescreen display informs patients about the latest services, products and eye care education. But the real beauty is in the quality of care Dr. Mehdi Kazem and staff are committed to providing. Services at the practice include the treatment and management of glaucoma, ocular disease, low vision, specialty contact lenses and more. Dr. Kazem is actively pursuing innovative solutions and new technology to help Lawrenceville Family Eyecare continue to thrive. The practice provides the latest technology and prod- ucts such as ultrawide field digital retinal photography,

OCT, topography, visual field testing, myopia control lenses, specialty multifocals, and scleral lenses for pa- tients. As a result, Dr. Kazem and his team serve a few nationally recognized athletes, providing them with the specialized eye care needed to excel in their sport. Dr. Kazem is also on a mission to highlight the profession in his community and across the globe by performing vision screenings at local colleges, community cen- ters and retirement homes, and by volunteering to see patients at Lion Clubs clinics and an eye hospital in the Middle East. For Dr. Kazem’s dedication to providing quality eye care, employing the latest technology, and continually pursuing the advancement of the eye care profession, Lawrenceville Family Eyecare has been named a 2017 Best Practice.


2017 H O N O R E E

Premier Eyecare K N O X V I L L E , T N Est 2013 Number of Doctors: 1

As a mother of two, Dr. Katherine Schuetz knows a thing or two about little ones. So when her four-year old son said he wanted to have his own optometry office one day, she listened. And then she acted. He has described a future office with lit- tle chairs, little equipment, and little glasses. When he announced the practice would be called “Little Eyes,” the idea stuck. Three years later, that dream became a reality. Little Eyes specializes in primary care pediatric optometry. This unique approach focuses on the importance of annual wellness visits rather than visual therapy. The practice offers unique frame styles, exclusive designers, and dailies, with a focus on promoting the importance of fresh, clean, ster- ile contacts for patients who meet the criteria and

are ready for contact lenses.

The practice also offers a “first time fit” pro- gram—a class that educates both parents and patients about the best ways to wear contact lenses, how to put their minds at ease during the process, as well as how to ensure long-term happy and healthy patient success. In 2016, Little Eyes successfully added orthoker- atology, allowing Dr. Schuetz and team to better serve and positively impact young athletes and high-risk myopic kids with this technology. At Little Eyes, Dr. Schuetz and her staff invest in the practice each and every day, believing that the profession is only as strong as its next gen- eration—a conviction that has helped make the practice a 2017 Best Practice.


2017 H O N O R E E

Little Eyes C A R M E L , I N Est 2002 Number of Doctors: 1

To say Dr. Brent Fry is committed to his local community would be an understatement. In 2002, he moved back to his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee and set up an office just two blocks away from where he went to school as a child. And his practice continues to thrive. Dr. Fry understands the importance of utilizing the latest tech- nology in order to offer his patients the highest quality care. In fact, he’s committed to adding a new piece of technology to the office each year. To date, Premier Eyecare has an OCT, Op- tos Daytona, MPOD, Zeiss Visual Field Analyzer, Zeiss Corneal Topographer, and iCare Tonometer, to name a few. Dr. Fry is actively involved with his local optometric society, the East Tennessee Association of Optometric Physicians, and has served twice as president. He’s also a long-time member of the Tennessee Association of Optometric Physicians and the Amer- ican Optometric Association, has been a speaker for industry leaders, and currently serves as a member director with the IDOC/Prima optometric alliance. Dr. Fry also sits on the board of his local surgical referral practice, Southeast Eye Specialists, providing feedback on concerns that primary care optometrists have in the co-management of surgical patients.

Dr. Fry’s passion for contact lenses, especially hard-to-fit contact lenses—including hybrid, rigid gas-permeable lenses, scleral lenses, and orthokeratology—has inspired him to share his passion with others. Putting their commitment to community into action, the team at Premier Eyecare has participated in local health fairs throughout Knoxville for more than a decade. The practice also supports local sports teams and schools, as well as participating in several community events. That commitment extends to those in the practice’s community who have served in the armed forces. For Veterans Day, Dr. Fry reserves the clinic for veterans and active duty personnel, providing complimentary eye exams and discounted eyeglass- es. And during Premier Eyecare’s first year, Dr. Fry set aside a day to examine a group of about twenty Army reservists, free of charge. The local Army Reserve office then honored the practice with the Seven Seals Award, which has been displayed in the office ever since. Now, the office can proudly display their latest honor—being named a 2017 Best Practice.


2017 H O N O R E E

Specialty Eyecare Group K I R K L A N D , WA Est 2007 Number of Doctors: 4

Dr. David Kading, and Dr. Kristi Kading, founded Spe- cialty Eyecare Group to enrich people’s lives through prevention and wellness. They do this with their own patients but also through the education of their referring practitioners. Their primary care and referral-based practice special- izes in anterior and posterior segment diseases, dry eye, binocular vision, pediatrics and specialty contact lens fittings. They work to detect early-stage disease, slow its progression, and bring wellness to their patients in the Pacific Northwest. Since 2007, Specialty Eyecare Group’s doctors have committed to providing innovation in eyecare, health and wellness by delivering personalized care for each patient in unison with the most advanced technologies. The practice’s four doctors are well known internation- ally for their contributions in anterior segment disease, dry eye, specialty contact lenses, athletic safety, infant

healthcare, neurological challenges, and children’s visual and learning development. Their research department and writing have helped to reveal innovative practices and insights across the globe. As prolific presenters, the doctors have shared with thousands of practitioners innovative ways to both care for patients and progress towards wellness and prevention. Their specialty binocu- lar vision and pediatric practices serve as a beacon to struggling parents and patients who feel they have no more hope. Specialty Eyecare Group’s doctors are among the top 50 most influential optometrists of all time, recognized among the top 250 innovators in eyecare, and have been awarded the nation’s top honor for pediatric eye- care (David Sullen’s InfantSee award.) Dr. Kading’s passion to enrich lives, bring about wellness, and educate others has helped make Specialty Eyecare Group a 2017 Best Practice.


2 0 1 8 H O N O R E E S

2018 H O N O R E E

Doctor My Eyes S CO T T S D A L E , A Z

the medical model grows, insurance reimbursements dwindle and practices need to see ever-increasing numbers of patients, he recognizes that keeping the patient experience central becomes more difficult. But he emphasizes that, in order to truly succeed, eye care practices need to make those personal connections the most. And the time is now to make those con- nections. “It becomes very easy for us to rely upon delegation. What I would love to be able to impress upon others is the need to keep it personal. As technology allows us to do more things faster, the interaction becomes more critical.” While maintaining those relationships—sometimes with something as simple as a personal phone call to follow-up on a patient’s care—Dr. Cohen also believes in leading the profession by example. He has been a key influencer in eye care throughout his career: mentoring students, lecturing and serving on various boards. While embracing his special interest in dry eye disease, he became the first optometrist to serve on the national board of the Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation in 2011 and he is currently serving as their first OD Chairman. This combination of leadership, collaboration, innovation and relationship-building is what makes Doctor My Eyes a 2018 Best Practices Honoree. "What I found in this group of people is they're practitioners who are always trying to find out the next best way to meet their patients needs and to build their practices. It’s a very exciting program." - Dr. Stephen Cohen Est 1985 Number of Doctors: 1

In an industry filled with ever-advancing technology, it is the personal touch that makes Doctor My Eyes stand out. Stephen Cohen, OD, prides himself on remaining at the cutting edge of technology while continuing to foster the kind of relationships with his patients that keep them coming back for life. The staff at Doctor My Eyes believes in being early adopters of important eye care technology without losing sight of the fact that the patient experience is what matters most. “It’s not just providing an eye exam, it’s the relationship. I want to be known for that,” says Dr. Cohen. “We have never put in an automated phone system. We are in a service field; I want them to speak to a person when they call.” The staff at Doctor My Eyes share Dr. Cohen’s commitment to excellence and personal service. While continuously seeking to improve by gathering feedback from patients, sales reps and one another, the staff are always looking for ways to improve the patient experience. And Dr. Cohen encourages each of them to utilize their individual strengths to accomplish that common goal. Dr. Cohen recognizes that one of the greatest challenges facing practitioners today is the tremendous demand for their time. As


2018 H O N O R E E

Highlands Ranch Optical H I G H L A N D S R A N C H , CO Est 2004 Number of Doctors: 2

Ask Jeff Ward, OD, to describe Highlands Ranch Optical in one word, and without hesitation, he’ll respond with “passionate.” Since establishing the practice in 2004, Dr. Ward has built a culture in which doctors and staff are passionate; about the specialties they offer, the relationships they form with patients, the instruments they utilize, the eye wear they sell, and the personal growth they all achieve. “I’m most proud of our commitment to offering the highest level of primary eyecare available on a daily basis,” says Dr. Ward. Dr. Ward is a myopia management enthusiast, and the fact that the rate of myopia in the U.S. has increased more than 66 percent over the past 30 years has only fueled this enthusiasm. Having practiced orthokeratology for more than a decade, he has seen first-hand the benefits of slowing or even halting myopia progression. He even went as far as to open the Neu- ro-Optometric Institute of the Rockies. Housed under the same roof as Highlands Ranch Optical, this separate clinic provides sports vision and vision therapy services. But Dr. Ward has a grander vision for the practice, and soon it will also be providing vision rehabilitation for patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

Dr. Ward attributes a well-educated and passionate staff as a major factor in the success of Highlands Ranch Optical. He’s always looking for opportunities to further his education and encourages every member of his staff to actively pursue similar opportunities and certifications whenever possible, funding their studies and providing financial incentives for successful completion. “Employees love it because they’re not in a dead- end job and the patients love it because they can tell the staff is both up to speed and excited about their profession,” says Dr Ward. To maintain satisfied patients, Dr. Ward believes in making substantial investments in his practice. In 2016, Highlands Ranch Optical moved offices, nearly tripling its square footage. The move transformed the practice from a standard-looking medical office to a unique, comforting location, allowing for the expansion of the practice’s services. An ongoing commitment to excellence, expanded services and continued education are just some of the qualities that make Highlands Ranch Optical a 2018 Best Practices Honoree.


2018 H O N O R E E

J. Micetich, OD & Associates Family Eye Care Center CO A L C I T Y , I L Number of Doctors: 3

Caring for the community with honest, capable eye care using the latest technology. That’s what Best Practices Honoree J. Micetich, OD & Associates Family Eye Care Center wants to be known for. Jonathan Micetich, OD, believes in the value of thoroughly incorporating technology into the exam process, noting that it makes a great educational tool for patients. To that end, the practice has invested in the most advanced technology to deliver the best possible patient experience. Patients are presented with rooms that are filled with computer screens. Information is conveyed electronically whenever possible. The practice’s imaging equipment is linked together through the cloud, so when a patient has imaging done, they can be shown the results on iPads within moments. “We show them visuals so that they can see the conditions/ effects. Obviously, we think glasses, contacts, and refractive surgery are important, but a patient’s overall health is just as important,” said Dr. Micetich. They also makes sure the practice brings this mentality to every patient interaction, which has led to a steadfast reputation and a continuous flow of new patients. Located in a small rural town

in north central Illinois, Family Eye Care Center operates on the premise that all patients deserve comprehensive, high-quality, honest eye care. Since opening over 15 years ago, Family Eye Care Center has also established itself in the area’s medical community. Dr. Micetich reached out immediately to the clinics and specialists in the area to help develop a network of health- care professionals. A major philosophy of the practice is that if you’re not learning, you’re not growing. The doctors and staff often attend confer- ences and seminars, sharing ideas for improving the practice. The doctors of Family Eye Care Center continuously encourage their staff to train and stay current whether by webinars, indi- vidual training, online certificates, or live events. They believe education is not only the key to understanding the latest tech- nology, but also to understanding the ever-changing needs and demands of their patients. Growth has been a constant for Family Eye Care Center, which recently welcomed another optometrist, Jennifer Chu, OD, to the practice. “Dr. Chu has been a wonderful addition to the practice. She embodies all the characteristics of our prac- tice: Personable, knowledgeable and understanding,” said Dr. Micetich.


2018 H O N O R E E

Livermore Optometry Group L I V E R M O R E , C A Established: 1947 Number of Doctors: 7

For more than 70 years, Livermore Optometry Group has been a leader in eye care and health care in the San Francisco Bay Area. Now with seven doctors and 35 staff members, the practice is known for its ability to provide exceptional eye care services and patient experiences. Their core culture is to “Just Say Yes” to patients and staff. Livermore Optometry Group is led by Clark Abramson, OD, Ste- ven Faith, OD, and Shawna Kuntz, OD, and utilizes every clinical technology available to the contemporary eye care practice. They leverage their numbers to be sure that any patient’s need can be addressed at their office and they strive to be known as the place to go for all eye care. “We are one of the only independent offices that actually offers a complete low vision service in the area (outside of a university setting),” says Dr. Faith. “There’s not a contact lens on the market that we don’t fit, not an age or type of personality that we don’t take care of.” With a staff of 35 and ever-growing needs, finding and de- veloping happy and engaged staff members has been key to Livermore Optometry Group’s success. Finding the right people and then training them to be independent leaders themselves is a fundamental part of their approach. “Have a clear big picture

of your practice goals. Give guidance in the structure needed to achieve those goals. Get the right people and then get out of the way,” says Dr. Faith. The practice has a complete on-site VSP certified ophthalmic finishing lab so that it can process its own private and VSP prescriptions. On top of that, its contact lens clinic is capable of modifying RGP lenses on site, enabling faster completion times and total control over the quality of the products dispensed. They strive to introduce the newest and most effective tech- nology in all areas of practice with a primary goal of improving patient care, regardless of reimbursement rates. Livermore Optometry Group is also a certified ImPACT (Im- mediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test) Center, and has donated baseline tests to their two local high schools’ athletic programs. The doctors are currently working with Stanford University and ValleyCare Hospital to develop a local concussion center to advance knowledge and care for concussed patients and their families. Cutting edge technology combined with a comprehensive approach to all aspects of modern patient care are what make Livermore Optometry Group a 2018 Best Practices Honoree.


2018 H O N O R E E

Norwalk Eye Care N O R WA L K , C T Est 1985 Number of Doctors: 4

Jennifer Stewart, OD, and Mark Feder, OD, truly love optom- etry. They love going to work each day, and consider their patients family. “We want every patient to feel as though they were being taken care of by family,” says Dr. Stewart. “That every question was answered, every staff member treated them with respect. Every patient walks out knowing what hap- pened and what the expectations are.” The culture at Norwalk Eye Care—founded in 1985—is built around that feeling. And through this culture, the practice aims to deliver top-notch, warm, friendly service with high-tech diagnostics. Technology plays a critical role at Norwalk Eye Care. They recently moved to a brand new, 3,400 sq. ft. space, and by doing so, now have the perfect setup: five exam lanes, double the optical space and room for equipment that they know they need in order to deliver top notch patient care both now and in the future. Thanks to this technology and a passion for the newest innovation in contact lens care, Norwalk Eye Care has fit 85% of their contact lens patients in 1-day contact lenses. Tapping into each doctor’s individual passion is also a key element of Norwalk Eye Care’s success. Last year, Dr. Stewart followed her passion and used her expertise in sports vision to establish Performance 20/20 in Stamford, Conn., one of the only standalone sports and performance vision practices in the country. She regularly consults with optometrists and practice

owners about bringing these tools to their practices.

As a team, the doctors of Norwalk Eye Care strive to see the “big picture” with every patient and make themselves an inte- gral part of their total health care plan. “We elevate ourselves to be part of their overall team and not ‘just their eye doctor’,” explains Dr. Stewart. “We try to educate patients about what we are capable of doing.” Dr. Feder agrees. “My approach to both managing a practice and leading our patient care is guided by a quote from Maya Angelou,” says Dr. Feder. “People will forget what you said; People will forget what you did; But peo- ple will never forget how you made them feel.” Staff education is an important part of providing an excellent patient experience as well, and the doctors of Norwalk Eye Care provide that education to their staff in many forms. Be it “lunch and learns” with contact lens or pharmaceutical reps, continuing education, webinars, article printouts or other learn- ing opportunities, the staff at Norwalk Eye Care is encouraged to continue to learn and improve all the time. “We are always happy when someone wants to learn and further their educa- tion so we support that and help however we can. Everyone has a place in making the patient experience a great one. We give them the responsibility to make decisions. We think of them as part of a family, and they feel that way, too.”


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