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Recruitment Campaign Proposal


Section 1 Executive Summary

Section 2 Identification and engagement of ‘industry-leading’ candidates

Section 3 Assessment techniques and tools to be used

Section 4 MRG relevant track record

Section 5 Project Team

Section 6 Proposed campaign timeline

Section 7 Fees, Costs & Payment Schedule

Appendix 1 MRG Commitment to Equality & Diversity

Appendix 2 Value added

1. Executive Summary

This Recruitment Campaign Proposal outlines the MRG approach, methodology, programme and fees resulting in the appointment to the post of Registrar at the University of Bristol.

The University of Bristol is a thriving and international community dedicated to learning, discovery and enterprise. Situated in the heart of Bristol it is a major force in the life and economy of South West England and a world leader in research.

The University is seeking to appoint an experienced and inspirational leader to take up the role of Registrar.

Reporting to the Vice Chancellor, the post holder will lead a diverse range of academic and student services functions ensuring that staff, students and the wider Bristol family of stakeholders of the University benefit from world-class services. The Registrar will form a key part of the University senior executive team to formulate and execute the University’s overall aims and objectives.

Given the reputation and ambition of the University this is undoubtedly one of the leading roles of its kind in the HE sector both national and indeed globally.

To secure the strongest possible selection of candidates for the University we propose to undertake a comprehen- sive executive search recruitment campaign. This campaign will be delivered via two strategies, Direct Search and Advertised Search which will run simultaneously. We will dedicate an experienced and highly enthusiastic team who have specialised in the planning an execution of leadership appointments across the HE sector over the last decade. The team has a strong affinity to the University of Bristol having just completed the recruitment campaign to appoint to the Director of Estates post.

It is anticipated that the campaign will launch in launch in July 2018 with an appointment being finalised by the close of September 2018.

We hope this proposal provides the information required to give the Executive Team at the University the confidence to appoint MRG for such a key appointment and we would be delighted to elaborate on this in person as and when required to do so.

2. Identification and Engagement of ‘Industry-Leading’ Candidates Based on the briefing discussion and our experience and understanding of the sector we would conduct a comprehensive research exercise to identify those individuals within the HE sector that have similar portfolios of responsibility to those found in the role at the University of Bristol. We would seek to understand the scale and nature of HEI (such as teaching and research profile, reputation and ranking, operating model, physical environment etc) and the portfolio of services managed by the potential target candidate. Based on our understanding of the role and the above factors we would propose that candidates may emanate from the following pools: • COO and Registrar from a smaller HEI – could be a smaller research-led HEI (ex 1994 group etc), a modern HEI or a niche research institution • Director of Academic Services / Academic Registrar from a comparable organisation such as another Russell Group HEI. • Large portfolio Director (Deputy COO / Deputy Director of Academic Services / Deputy Registrar etc) seeking to make a step up from a ‘No 2’ role into a ‘No 1’ role. We would search across the UK higher education market but would also recommend considering those internation- al markets where HE provision appears to have synergies such as Australasia, North America, Northern Europe and Ireland. If the candidates that we identify possess a good match to the role at the University of Bristol across the majority of factors we would seek to engage with them about the opportunity.

This specific brief for the direct search would of course be discussed in detail at the briefing meeting before being agreed and executed.

Based on previous relevant campaigns we typically approach between 50 and 200 target candidates depending on the nature of the brief.

Marketing of the role

The Digital Advertised Search element of a campaign targets those candidates who are active but who may be inaccessible via Search. The Digital Advertised Search element of the campaign serves as an important supplement to the Direct Proactive Search element of the campaign.

However, the potential cost of external advertising needs to be managed carefully. We believe that the best value for money comes from specific placement of online adverts rather than often very costly print media placement.

In a competitive market where outstanding leaders are in demand we have developed an expertise in showcasing a post. We produce digital FlippingBooks that make the most of how potential candidates consume information today. We will act as the point of contact for response handling and feedback to applicants with respect to adverts posted on and (and any other local media if applicable) in partnership with the University’s HR team. The proposed advertising mediums outlined include Times Higher Education online, Telegraph jobs online and Guardian online and all have established international coverage and would attract candidates from a wide geographical area.

Proposed Advertising Schedule

In the event that you want to consider the use of further advertising mediums we can consult and arrange this (normally with discounts of up to 75% from the rate card). This would be discussed and agreed at the recruitment briefing meeting.

Online Media Campaign


Telegraph jobs online


Times Higher online (client enhanced posting)


Guardian online


TBA by the University of Bristol

LinkedIn Featured job posting

Inclusive of campaign fee

Linkedin Candidate Brief/FlippingBook hosting

Inclusive of campaign fee

Total Cost


3. Assessment Techniques and Tools to be used We will work with the University to identify the key selection criteria to be used for longlisting and shortlisting selection. We will then employ these criteria to construct our Selection Matrix. The matrix is an effective tool for both longlists and shortlists using a simple 3D vetting and grading system. The Selection Matrix ensures that selection is both robust and auditable, and provides the client with a tool to compare and contrast candidate’s skills, measuring those skills not only against the experience criteria, but against the skills and experience of other candidates on the Long or Shortlist. We will undertake 1 to 1 briefing meetings/screen interviews (specifically investigating the key selection criteria matching experience) with all relevant candidates sourced via the Proactive Search (Headhunt), Digital Advertising campaigns and any internal applicants. We are also able to carry out in-house psychometric testing should this be required (Thomas PPA), and/or Emotional Intelligence Testing and undertake all of the logistical arrangements with any University approved assessment partner.

Example for illustrative purposes

The shortlist reports (example below) would include an overview of the candidate, the matching matrix score and evidence of how the candidate meets that criteria. This would be accompanied by the candidates own CV and covering letter.

Example for illustrative purposes

4. MRG relevant Track record

Please find below recent examples that demonstrate our capability and track record of recruiting to posts of a comparable nature specifically within the HE sector.

We have also tried to demonstrate our track record of attracting candidates from both within the HE sector, outside of the sector and from abroad.

The lead members of the Project Team (Ben Duffill, Sian Gardiner, Michael Hewlett) have a cumulative 27 years’ experience of identifying and engaging with prospective candidates for leadership roles within the HE sector.

Director of Estates, University of Bristol

MRG were appointed by the University of Bristol in early 2018 following the announcement of the upcoming retirement of the existing Director of Estates.

This was an incredibly exciting time to be joining the University as Director of Estates. In June 2016, the University launched its new strategic plan for the period up to 2023 and this sets out ambitious plans for the development of many areas of University activity which are to be supported by significant (and fully funded) capital investment including the £100 million plus transformation of the heart of the campus, Tyndall Place, and a new £300 million city centre campus, the Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus. The Director of Estates will takes strategic leadership responsibility for the development and management of the University’s Physical Environment spanning the areas of Facilities Management, Capital Projects Delivery, Space and Asset Management and Sustainability.

The brief was to secure a shortlist of senior level candidates with a track record of leading large scale and complex development programmes with development partners, preferably in urban environments.

The appointed candidate joined from a commercial development business where they were Chief Operating Officer. Prior to this they had held senior and executive level roles in large scale urban local authorities with particular responsibility for regeneration and property.

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Director of Digital Strategy & IT Services and Chief Information Officer, Keele University

The Director of Digital Strategy & IT Services and CIO at Keele University was a newly created post reporting directly to the Vice Chancellor, established to develop and deliver the University’s digital strategy, underpinned by efficient and effective IT services and to enable a more effective and secure approach to the use of their corporate information and the systems which deliver it. The headhunt campaign focused on candidates in comparable CIO roles both within other HEI’s and out of sector within large scale, complex multi-faceted organisations such as NHS trusts, large scale charities, local authorities and other government bodies such as HMRC. We also approached those currently responsible for delivering large scale IT transformation projects and those currently acting as Deputy / Associate Director of digital functions within large scale civic / Russel Group universities. During the research phase of the campaign we approached 143 people who matched this criteria. We managed advert response from and the University’s own website alongside a selection of leading generalist recruitment websites and LinkedIn. We also utilised the RUGIT network to publicise the post within the sector. We met with the University to discuss an initial longlist of 20 candidates 10 of which we recommended for preliminary interviews. Having met with those candidates we presented a shortlist of 8 candidates for final consideration, 5 of which attended a selection day and panel interview at the University.

The successful candidate was one of those initially approached by the Management Recruitment Group whilst acting a Director of Business Change & Engagement in a large Russell Group University.

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Director of Campus Infrastructure, Trinity College Dublin

The Director of Campus Infrastructure recruitment campaign at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) was to replace the retiring Director who had enjoyed a very lengthy tenure. Reporting to the COO and with close working links with the Provost and Bursar, the remit was to appoint an individual with a proven track record of change management and transformation. The TCD 47-acre campus is located in the heart of the Dublin city centre, with several satellite facilities in other locations within Dublin, and is home to historic buildings dating from the University’s establishment, as well as some of the most cutting-edge teaching and research facilities in Europe. To support their continued advancement, TCD is embarking on a significant estate capital investment programme (in excess of €250m) in conjunction with the development and implementation of a 5-year Estates Strategy. MRG undertook an international search with particular focus on the UK, North America, Northern Europe and Australasian HE markets and the successful candidate joined from a leading modern HEI in the UK which encompassed a similar multi-site urban portfolio. The appointee had also just completed a term as Chair of the UK Association of University Director of Estates (AUDE) so had a wider appreciation of the challenges in the sector both in the UK and overseas.

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Associate Director for Employability and Employer Engagement, Keele University

Keele University appointed MRG to facilitate the appointment of an Associate Director for Employability and Employer Engagement a newly created post with the remit of taking the lead in advancing the University’s employability and employer engagement activities. The University were seeking an individual with experience gained taking responsibility for employability and employer engagement at an influential level and with a proven career track record in improving graduate level employment, employability and business/partner engagement on behalf of one or more HEIs. The Headhunt Campaign focused on candidates in comparable roles at similar scale HEI’s to Keele as well as candidates in middle to senior management roles in very large scale civic/Russell Group universities. We approached just under 100 people currently working at a senior level across careers, employability and employer engagement within the sector.

We managed advert response from, the website alongside a selection of leading generalist recruitment websites and LinkedIn.

We presented the University with a shortlist of 9 candidates out of the 15 we met for preliminary interviews this included 2 internal candidates that we had interviewed and scored against the agreed selection criteria.

The successful candidate who joined the university in April 2018 was a vastly experienced employability professional with over 25 years’ experience in leading careers and employability functions in the HE sector.

He had also acted as a Board Director at AGCAS since 2015 and had worked extensively on behalf of the British Council as an advisor on employability.

Director of Student Services, Keele University

The Director of Student Services reports to the Academic Registrar and Director of Planning and Academic Administration and plays a pivotal role within the University leading on the provision of high quality, student-centred services which forms an integral part of the sector-leading student experience found at Keele University. In the ever-changing landscape of the Higher Education sector, it was essential that the appointee was able to ensure the Universities continued success in adopting a holistic approach to student health and wellbeing that enabled students to be welcomed into the Keele community and to achieve their full academic potential. The Headhunt Campaign focused on candidates in comparable ‘Head of’ roles at similar scale HEI’s to Keele as well as candidates in decentralised or centralised middle to senior management roles in very large scale civic/ Russell Group universities. 82 people matching this criteria were contacted. We managed advert response from and the Universities own website alongside a selection of leading generalist recruitment websites and LinkedIn. We also utilised the EMOSHE network to publicise the post within the UK Student Services Network. The successful candidate had 15 years’ experience gained within the HE sector and had worked with both modern HEIs as well as large-scale Russell Group Institutions where she had gained significant exposure to the development and management of a broad range of student services functions including wellbeing services, international student support, disability support and student services centres.

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Director of Residential and Environmental Services, University of Birmingham

The Director of Residential and Environmental Services is responsible for the delivery of a high quality residential experience to around 7,000 students living in University of Birmingham accommodation and third-party nominated accommodation alongside being accountable for overseeing and managing the interactions of the student population living in the local community. The University were seeking to appoint a candidate with significant experience of operational management in a comparable residential environment with demonstrable success in creating a culture of exceptional service delivery. The successful candidate required extensive experience of leading and managing teams, a high level of commercial acumen and a proven track record of implementing change management and delivering performance improvement. The search and selection element of the campaign focused on Director of Residences and Heads of Accommodation Services from other HEI’s, Regional Directors and Operations Directors from Student Accommodation Providers such as Unite and Regional Directors from Hotel / Leisure Industry such as Whitbread (Premier Inn). This ran over a period of 4 weeks and ran concurrently alongside an Advertisement /Digital Media Campaign.

140 candidates meeting this criteria were approached by the Management Recruitment Group.

We also managed advert response from and the University’s own website alongside a selection of leading industry specific and generalist recruitment websites including LinkedIn. We also utilised our extensive commercial services network to publicise the post within the sector.

The Management Recruitment Group met with a longlist of 14 candidates for preliminary interviews before presenting the University with a shortlist of 8.

The successful candidate starter her career within retail management before joining a leading student accommodation provider as a city manager and latterly acted at their University Partnerships Manager with a national remit.

Director of Residences & Environmental Services


Head of Sport & Physical Activity, University of Leeds

The University of Leeds’ Sport and Physical Activity (SPA) programmes and performance clubs are some of the most successful in the sector and the University was keen to further enhance its proud sporting tradition. The brief for the new Head of Sport and Physical Activity was to take Sport and Physical Activity into the next phase of its development. Our brief was to secure an outstanding leader with a passion for realising the potential of sport to have an impact on the University’s students, staff and wider community and with a track record in a sports leadership role within a large-scale organisation preferably at a national or international level. MRG undertook a comprehensive (headhunt) search campaign specifically researching and identifying leaders in appropriate target markets such as other HEIs, local authorities and national sports bodies and associations whilst supplementing this with an advertising and background noise campaign (including design and hosting of a comprehensive Candidate Brochure). A shortlist of 8 candidates (spanning HE, local authority and sports associations sectors) were presented to the panel at the University of Leeds and 5 candidates were taken forward to formal University interview stage. The successful candidate had an enviable track record in the field of sports development including notable posts as Development Director at British Cycling, CEO of Sports Volunteering North-West, National Development Manager at the Youth Sports Trust and most recently Head of Volunteering and Strategic Youth Lead for Education at Sport England.

Director of Estates, Facilities & Commercial Services, Lancaster University

MRG were approached by Lancaster University to support the recruitment campaign leading to the appointment of the key leadership post of Director of Estates, Facilities & Commercial Services in early 2018.

This is undoubtedly one of the leading roles of its kind in the UK HE sector with the opportunity to drive forward ambitious future masterplanning and estates strategy development (including development plans with public and private sector JV partners), deliver an existing 5-year £250m capital programme and lead a highly-motivated team providing acclaimed facilities management, residential, recreational and commercial services across a leading UK University (The Times University of the Year 2018). The brief was to secure the interest of industry-leading candidates from within the HE sector that had the experience and gravitas to lead such a broad portfolio. To supplement the primary search area and offer further choice the selection panel were also keen to seek alternative options from outside the sector particularly from large, complex public and private sector organisations with diverse estates portfolios with similar characteristics to those found at Lancaster.

Over 200 candidates were approached on a headhunt basis and the role was advertised widely in relevant online industry media.

The appointed candidate is a leading professional in the HE Estates and Commercial Services sector having been Director of Infrastructure and Commercial Services and Deputy Chief Operating Officer at Loughborough University over the last decade.

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The following individuals would be happy to be contacted to provide an overview of our delivery capabilities on leadership roles at the University.

Rachel Adams – Director of HR, Keele University - Has worked with MRG since 2011 on a host of appointments at Keele University including: o Chief Information Officer

o Associate Director of Estates & Development o Associate Director of International Development

Helen Galbraith – Director of Academic & Student Services, Keele University - Appointed and worked with MRG on the appointment to the Director of Student Services post in 2018.

Mark Bacon – Director of Research, Innovation & Engagement, Keele University - Appointed and worked with MRG on a number of appointments at Keele University since 2016 including: o Chief Information Officer

o Associate Director of Development & Supporter Engagement o Associate Director of Employer Engagement & Employability

Adam Tickell - Vice Chancellor, University of Sussex ( - Panel member for the University of Birmingham Director of Estates campaign (during time at University of Birmingham as Deputy Vice Chancellor). - Chair of the panel and lead contact for the Director of Estates & Facilities appointment at the University of Sussex. Dave Hall – Registrar & Chief Operating Officer, University of Leicester ( - Chair of the panel and line manager for the Director of Estates & Campus Services appointment at the University of Leicester.

5. Project Team

Ben Duffill – Director

Specialising solely in recruitment management consultancy at senior and executive management level, Ben has successfully planned and executed recruitment campaigns across the higher education, scientific research, local and central government, NHS, public landmark attractions, charity and social housing sectors. Ben has developed a strong track record of working with organisations from the above sectors over the last 10 years and since joining MRG in 2008 has managed over 300 successful recruitment campaigns in these areas. He places a particular emphasis on identifying ‘industry leading’ professionals from both the private and public sectors and work to engage and attract these individuals into education and public-sector leadership roles.

Ben will lead the delivery of the recruitment campaign and will act as the point of contact to the University.

Sian Gardiner – Head of Research

Following Graduation from the University of the West of England in 1998 with a BA Hons in Urban Development and Policy, Sian joined a specialist recruitment consultancy in 1999. She spent 12 years with the organisation and was responsible for managing recruitment campaigns across both the public and private sectors. Sian joined MRG in 2011 and is responsible for leading the identification and engagement of prospective candidates across all of our leadership campaigns in the HE sector.

Michael Hewlett – Director

After graduating from the University of Leicester in 1997 with a BA Hons in History and Politics, Michael joined an international recruit- ment consultancy in 1998 where he headed up the property manage- ment team specialising within the ‘not for profit’ and public sectors. He worked with Facilities Recruitment Limited from 2005 and launched the facilities management and engineering team as an Associate Director.

Michael joined MRG in January 2008 to launch our public services division specialising within higher education and research institutions.

The team is led by two (very hands-on) Board Directors (and shareholders) Ben Duffill and Michael Hewlett and Senior Manager Sian Gardiner. Ben, Michael and Sian have recruited almost exclusively within higher education throughout their careers and are passionate about the sector.

They understand the need to ensure a cultural fit for the institutions we partner with, taking into account the bespoke requirements of each and every client.

For this campaign Ben and Sian will undertake all candidate interviews and personally facilitate both the longlist and shortlist phases of the campaigns.

The Project team would be supported by a researcher and project administrator (Sally Brockway and Leena Lais) and our Marketing Manager (Nick Hamilton).

This is the team that recently worked on the campaign to appoint the new Director of Estates for the University thus giving understanding and continuity of service to the University of Bristol.

6. Proposed Campaign Timeline The below programme allows us to extract the maximum productivity from key stages in the process (such as campaign set up, advertising and proactive search and interview stages) thus allowing us to generate the strongest possible shortlist whilst securing candidates by the end of September 2018 and therefore allowing the appointed candidate to take up the post as quickly as possible following this subject to notice period negotiation.

Early Feb 2018

W/C 19.02.18

W/C 26.02.18

W/C 05.03.18

W/C 12.03.18

W/C 19.03.18

W/C 26.03.18

W/C 02.04.18

W/C 09.04.18

Late Apr 2018

Briefing Search Advertising Closing Date Longlist MRG Interviews Shortlist Interview Stages


Early July 2018 - Briefing and Campaign Set up

Ben Duffill, Michael Hewlett and Sian Gardiner will meet with the University of Bristol Team to undertake a full briefing.

All aspects of the role will be discussed, including background, job and person specification and prospective candidate source (headhunt target) areas.

The Digital Advertising Plan and strategy is designed, the MRG Selection Matrix criteria agreed and project timeline/ key programme checkpoints will be set. Marketing collateral including the Candidate Briefing Pack (Further Particulars document)/online microsite will be developed and agreed in-line with the University of Bristol corporate branding guidelines.

23.07.18 to 19.08.18 - Proactive Search and Marketing/Advertising

Having undertaken the briefing meeting MRG will conduct the identification and approach (headhunt) campaign. This will run concurrently with the recruitment advertising and marketing campaign.

w/c 20.08.18 - Longlisting

w/c 27.08.18 & w/c 03.09.18 - MRG longlist interviews

Following the closing date for applications MRG will undertake a review of all applications before drawing up a Longlist to be presented to the selection panel. This would be expected to include the top 15 candidates that match the brief to the greatest extent. Following the longlisting meeting MRG will undertake briefing meetings and assessment interviews (specifically investigating the key selection criteria matching experience) with all candidates that are deemed to be credible following the longlisting meeting.

w/c 10.09.18 - Shortlisting

Late September 2018 - Assessment & Selection

We will present findings and advise on shortlisted candidates using the Selection Matrix. Full CV’s, covering information and analysis supporting evidence against the key selection criteria will be provided. We will undertake all the necessary administration and any other arrangements for the interview stages at the University.

Late September 2018 - Appointment and On-boarding

We lead on (or support if preferable) on the engagement and offer negotiation with the preferred candidate.

We will continue to support the transition process including offering support and advice throughout the resignation process and subsequently ensuring contract and meetings throughout the notice period up to start date.

7. Fee, Costs and Payment Schedule

Recruitment Campaign Fee

The recruitment campaign fee has been calculated at our Higher Education preferential rate of 25% of salary (reduced from our standard terms of 30%) and based on a fixed level of £130,000 p.a. (assumed low-point of the scale), thus giving the University the certainty of a fixed campaign fee regardless if the salary offered is in excess of this figure. Our methodology is to manage the campaign as the University’s retained advisor on an exclusive basis. Our charging structure is 1/3rd of fee upon commission of the campaign (Stage 1) and the final 2/3rds payable upon start date of the successful appointee (Stage 3).

Stage 1 fees and costs are payable at the commencement of the campaign with 3 payable upon start date of the successful candidate (unless the campaign is cancelled in which case 50% of stage 3 fees would then be applicable).

All other terms as per appendix 1.


Advertising Costs – as per the recommended schedule and to be agreed at the briefing meeting.

All other expenses such as consultant travel costs and subsistence, flippingbook design, photcopying, postage etc are covered by the campaign fees and would not be charged in addition.

University of Bristol

Cost & Fee Schedule





STAGE 1 – Brief and Search


Advertising: Based on online advertising schedule


Expenses: N/A Stage 1 Totals




STAGE 2 - Candidate Screening & Longlist Presentation


Stage 2 Totals



STAGE 3 - Appointment


Invoiced on commencement of employment

Stage 3 Totals






Cost and Fees are subject to any applicable VAT

Payment Terms

The recruitment campaign fee has been calculated at our Higher Education preferential rate of 25% of salary (reduced from our standard terms of 30%) and based on a fixed level of £130,000 p.a. (assumed low-point of the scale), thus giving the University the certainty of a fixed campaign fee regardless if the salary offered is in excess of this figure. Our methodology is to manage the campaign as the University’s retained advisor on an exclusive basis.

Our charging structure is 1/3rd of fee upon commission of the campaign (Stage 1) and the final 2/3rds payable upon start date of the successful appointee (Stage 3).

Stage 1 fees and costs are payable at the commencement of the campaign with stage 3 payable upon start date of the successful candidate (unless the campaign is cancelled in which case 50% of stage 3 fees would then be applicable).

Annual Report on Widening Participation and Outreach (WP&O) | 2013–14 MRG Commitment to Equality and Diversity

MRG commitment to Equality and Diversity Advertising

All MRG adverts comply with current anti-discrimination legislation and are carefully worded to ensure that they are not written in a way that stereotypes or encourages people to believe that the position is only suitable for certain groups of people. Unless requested we advertise all our vacancies online with leading online job boards, public networking sites and specialist and national press (or often their online equivalents). This ensures we can attract candidates from the widest pool available and gives fair accessibility. Consideration should also be given to which media is used for advertising to ensure that applications from some sections of the community are not excluded or limited. We are also able to broadcast to a more diverse audience by using specialist job boards such as diversity jobsite. which specifically seeks to attract applications from underrepresented groups. Adverts can include specific sign-offs that encourage applications from specific sections of the community where they are under-represented. We would discuss this with relevant stakeholders from the University of Bristol and agree before publishing any adverts. Search We proactively search from organisations that also deploy similar Equality and Diversity standards (Two Ticks, Athena Swan, Stonewall etc.) from the following target markets: - Other HEI’s - Local and Central Government - The NHS - Publicly funded organisations such as Police, Ambulance and Fire Services - Other Public Institutions - The Third Sector - Corporate organisations with the appropriate Equality and Diversity policies We search by Organisation and Job Title thus removing the opportunity to stereotype. The full Search report is available to the selection panel at the conclusion of the campaign. This report shows the full candidate pool and all the prospective approaches made. Selection MRG has a recruitment and selection methodology in place to ensure that recruitment decisions are based solely on merit and are free from any forms of discrimination or bias. As detailed earlier in this document we employ a Weighted Selection Matrix to select candidates for our long lists. The system scores candidates against pre-agreed experience competencies. Those candidates scoring the highest are then selected. This process ensures all candidates are treated fairly and equally as they are selected based purely on experience in a competency demonstrated at interview. Monitoring MRG wants to meet the aims and commitments set out in our client’s equality policies. This includes building an accurate picture of who is applying to join the organisation. We will monitor the diversity of applicants by sending a questionnaire to establish the diversity of all those who apply. The information received is collated and presented as percentages, thus ensuring complete confidentiality. As a business we are committed to a gender diverse workplace and 32% of our entire staff are female (12 out of 38 staff). Today, 50% of our Higher Education Estates Practice are female (5 out of 10 staff). Equality and Diversity Training – MRG Team The proposed team have completed the Marshall Unconscious Bias training. The strategies and processes adopted by MRG in this section have ensured that we have achieved considerable success in shortlisting and facilitating the appointments of candidates from underrepresented groups in Higher Education leadership positions.


Value Added

We believe that we are able to offer added value in a number of areas: The Team The Lead Consultants in the Project Team (Sian Gardiner, Ben Duffill & Michael Hewlett) proposed for this assignment have worked extensively across the UK HE sector together at MRG since 2008. Unusually the Lead Consultants remain very hands-on in the delivery of the recruitment campaign thus ensuring a personal touch at all stages outlined in our methodology earlier in this document, including personally interviewing all longlisted candidates. Furthermore the team has an enviable track record in the delivery of senior appointments in the HE sector, with experience across a range of senior professional services and administrative appointments. The team are passionate about the HE sector and relished the opportunity to work with the University of Bristol recently. We would be delighted to do so again. The MRG Selection Matrix Feedback from other HEIs is that our longlisting and shortlisting process is incredibly comprehensive. Furthermore the MRG Selection Matrix (details in our methodology response to the Tender) has been particularly well received for the senior appointments we have facilitated for other HEIs. Our Digital Advertising approach As mentioned earlier in this document we combine innovative digital advertising strategies to complement traditional research and headhunting strategies. These digital advertising strategies and in particular the FlippingBooks have been incredibly well-received by our HEI partners as well as the potential candidate population.

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52-54 Gracechurch Street London EC3V 0EH +44 20 3962 9900

111 Piccadilly Manchester M1 2HY +44 161 638 0936

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