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Tenders the Loyal Greetings of all Queen’s Awards winners to Her Majesty The Queen on the occasion of the Sapphire Anniversary of her reign



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The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Magazine would like to thank The Queen’s Awards Oce, all of the 2017 Award winners, and the winners of previous years who have so kindly given their assistance in the preparation of this edition. The publisher is also most grateful for the contributions from: Mark Carney, Governer of the Bank of England and Lesley Batchelor OBE, Director General Institute of Export & International Trade








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Queen’s Awards Magazine 2017


Our warmest congratulations to all the winners of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2017, who have once again showed true excellence in what they do, providing inspiration for us all.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise constitute the greatest honour to bestowed on a business or non-profit organisation in the UK and we at Nexus Media, publishers of The Queen’s Awards Magazine, are constantly in awe of the winners and the fantastic achievements they have made. International trade and innovation are the cornerstones of successful business and have come into sharp focus in today’s trading environment, making the Awards even more coveted among the UK’s business community. Innovation continues to drive new business and provide opportunities for companies to export excellence internationally also, and the winners have showcased this in the development they have demonstrated. Examples of best practice in sustainable development are at once inspiring and offer a glimpse of future possibilities for British manufacturing in ensuring environmental impact is kept at the forefront of design and processes. Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility) is a new category for 2017 reflecting how the Awards’ adapt and evolve, and our congratulations go to the inaugural winners in this category who pave the way for further developments in this area.

We wish all the winners continued success in 2017 and beyond.

RIchard Stoppard Chief Operating Officer Nexus Business Media Limited

On behalf of the Bank of England, I am delighted to offer my congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for their outstanding achievements. The excellence that you have demonstrated in trade, innovation and sustainable development – for which these awards are granted – is essential to a thriving and dynamic economy. Your success puts not just your company but also our economy in a stronger position as the UK redefines its trade and investment relationships with the EU and the rest of the world. It is more important than ever to celebrate companies who innovate, create better jobs and develop new products and services. Your dynamism comes at a time of profound changes to the way we work, trade and live. An explosion of technological innovations has brought access, at the click of a virtual button, to the sum of human knowledge to three-and-a-half billion people. The job market is changing radically and, more than ever, people’s prospects depend on direct and creative engagement with global markets. The companies honoured in this year’s awards are driving such advances by serving their customers in new ways and creating better futures for their employees. The Bank of England’s mission since 1694 has been to promote the good of the people of the United Kingdom. We do this by fostering the right environment – by maintaining monetary and financial stability – so that businesses can concentrate on investing, innovating and growing. That is what you have done despite a challenging global environment. Your success will spur others to reach the high levels of innovation and sustainability you have achieved to be worthy of this most prestigious prize. Many congratulations once again.

Mark Carney Governor

Our warmest congratulations to all the winners of The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise and to those involved with International Trade.

We know that any business carrying the Queen’s Awards logo is well received internationally and as companies look at new markets for their exports following the pivotal events of 2016, the relevance of the Queen’s Awards has never been clearer. This year’s winners have once again demonstrated the strength and resilience that trading overseas brings, together with great innovative business ideas, and we look forward to seeing their growth as they continue over the coming years. As the only professional body representing international traders, the Institute of Export is extremely proud of its involvement with the International Trade element of the awards. As the trading challenges change and the global landscape takes a new shape with growing trends in protectionism and local interests, the need to share experience and collaborate has become a vital tool for a growing business. We find that membership and networking with other exporters brings a new strength and intelligence to businesses. Currently we are working hard to produce apprenticeships across all job levels and disciplines vital to international trade and would be happy to work with any employers interested in developing these skills within their workforce. Our education programmes offer practical solutions using the latest digital innovation to deliver the skills, knowledge and qualifications linked with the highest standards needed for businesses to succeed internationally. Working with the newly formed Department for International Trade allows businesses to be sure of our full technical support to trade efficiently and profitably. Our commitment to drive professionalism in international trade including all aspects of export, import and supply chain management remains constant. Each year we are delighted to award a year’s membership as a gift to every winner in the International Trade category. This membership provides the background support of a specialist helpline to support further growth into new markets allowing the company to grow the skills needed as they broaden their business horizons. As you plan to celebrate your success don’t forget our fabulous Queen’s Awards Gala Dinner for the winners and their teams, in the gracious surroundings offered by our capital city. This year we are at The Royal Horse-guards Hotel, London on Wednesday, September 27, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Lesley Batchelor OBE Director General, Institute of Export & International Trade

Committed to Security . Committed to You .

Proud winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2017: International Trade

GJD’s security solutions rapidly identify genuine alerts, reduce unwanted alarms and optimise the call-out of responders, making our products a truly valuable asset to both people and properties in all industry sectors across the world.



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HRH Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth II, in front of the microphone for her 21st birthday speech, April 21, 1947, which she made from Cape Town, South Africa.

A balcony scene at Buckingham Palace, with the Duke of Edinburgh, after the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

A sapphire reign: Celebrating The Queen’s reign – the longest of any monarch 65 years of progress

The Queen meets well-wishers in London on the occasion of her silver Jubilee in 1977.

T ECHNOLOGY AND INDUSTRY have featured heavily in The Queen’s itineraries over the years, reecting the UK’s strengths and reputation in manufacturing and cutting-edge technology. During The Queen’s 65-year reign – the longest of any monarch – she has witnessed huge changes and seen the world develop at a fair clip – always keeping her nger on the pulse. It is no coincidence, then, that the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise continue to be awarded to the nest leaders in British industry and to continue to instil great pride among the awards’ recipients, further spreading the word about British trade. In 1952, when Princess Elizabeth of York

million people watched it but, with only 2.7 million television sets, more than seven people watched per set. The rest of the 1950s saw the retirement of Winston Churchill as Prime Minister for his second stint, the end of the BBC broadcast monopoly with the introduction of ITV and the opening of Britain’s rst nuclear power station – by HM The Queen. She became the rst monarch to broadcast a Christmas message on television in 1957, further recognising the positive power of mass communication and the impact of technology. The 1960s brought great change and, in the Commonwealth, South Africa’s membership lapsed. Fashion and music featured heavily in the decade and The Beatles were presented

succeed her father, George VI, to become Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Ceylon, the war was still in the collective consciousness. George VI had ushered in the decade with the Festival of Britain, a bid to instil post-war optimism in new solutions and innovation. Later, Watson and Crick described the structure of DNA, which makes up the genes that pass hereditary characteristics from parent to child, and heralded many scientic breakthroughs thereafter. In 1953 the Coronation itself caused a stir across the UK as television was not available nationally and, naturally, many wanted to see the spectacle in all its glory. It was reported 20

www. queensawardsmagazine .com



She became the first monarch to broadcast a Christmas message on television in 1957, further recognising the positive power of mass communication and the impact of technology

with MBEs by The Queen in 1965, with John Lennon later returning his as an act of defiance reportedly against the Vietnam War. The decade of the 1960s saw the Queen consolidate her involvement with innovation and industry and The Queen’s Awards scheme was instituted by Royal Warrant in 1965, with the first Awards made in 1966. The Royal family conceded fully to the power of television in 1969 when the

the significant business area of London Docklands. The Queen finally met Nelson Mandela in 1990 when she extended him an invitation to a Heads of Government meeting, which was the start of a warm friendship. Mandela renewed South Africa’s membership of the Commonwealth in 1994 and visited the UK the following year. The rest of the decade saw tougher times. 1992 was the 40th anniversary of The

The Queen shakes hands with Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa. He is with his wife Shiranthi Rajapaksa, during a reception with Commonwealth nations’ Heads of Government and representatives of the Commonwealth nations in London, 2012.

first TV programme featuring the family was aired, with 23 million viewers. The decade saw the family expand with the birth of Prince Andrew in 1960 and Prince Edward in 1964. The Commonwealth was a fond fixture in The Queen’s diary, with engagements year on year – the 1970s was the busiest for overseas travel, with 73 trips taking in 48 different countries along the way. She witnessed decimalisation in 1971, which of course saw a change of face for The Queen – literally – in the monetary system, which adopted ‘new pence’ in favour of the old pounds, shillings and pence in existence since Roman times. The year 1977 saw The Queen’s silver jubilee, a jubilant affair with street parties, bonfires and events to celebrate 25 years on the throne, and a way of diverting attention away from strikes and industrial disputes of the time. The decade of the 1980s was family focused and started with the marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer, with huge public celebration. Prince Andrew flew

Queen’s accession but against a backdrop of family issues. She referred to the year as her ‘annus horribilis’ and witnessed a significant fire at Windsor Castle. Keeping up her bent for technology, she launched her first website in 1997,, which was to be visited 100 million times in its first year. In 2000 The Queen and Prime Minister Tony Blair attended the party at the much- maligned Millenium Dome to usher in the new millennium. The Queen opened Tate Modern, and met London’s new Mayor, Ken Livingstone, among the guests. The same year saw the 100th birthday of The Queen Mother, who sadly died in 2002, along with The Queen’s younger sister Princess Margaret. The decade again witnessed significant change and 2005 saw Prince Charles and Camilla marry; something once thought impossible in the monarchy. An enthusiast leap into the internet era meant The Queen made her Christmas 2006 message into her first podcast and a Royal YouTube channel followed a year later.


helicopters in the Falklands war, and her grandsons, Princes William and Harry, were born in 1982 and 1984, respectively. The Queen celebrated her 60th birthday in 1986 and the following year inaugurated the high-tech Docklands Light Railway that supported the development of

In the 2000s and onwards, The Queen continued to graciously head up her ever-expanding family as well as partake in a full range of official duties During 2011 Prince William married Kate Middleton at

The sapphire’s perception is as the stone of

The Queen sends her first Tweet in 2014.

wisdom, a symbol of wise and honest leadership

Westminster Abbey, and The Queen made a historic state visit to the Republic of Ireland, at the invitation of President Mary McAleese – the first visit by a British monarch since 1911. The Queen’s diamond jubilee in 2012 was a time of high celebration – and showed a sense of fun – as the world watched her ‘land’ with James Bond from a helicopter. Bringing events to a close, The Queen said: “I hope Memories of these special events will continue to brighten our lives for many years to come.” Prince George was born in 2013, her third great-grandchild, and sister Princess Charlotte followed in 2015. The Queen herself was again at the centre of celebrations in 2016 with the UK and Commonwealth celebrating her 90th birthday with a whole host of events throughout the year. And the milestones continue into 2017, with this being the sapphire jubilee of The Queen’s reign – she is not only the longest-reigning British royal, but the world’s longest-reigning monarch. In her own words: I will continue to treasure and draw inspiration from the kindnesses shown to me in this country and throughout the Commonwealth. l

The Queen and South African president Nelson Mandela in 1996 during a state banquet held in his honour at Buckingham Palace.

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2017


The winning team from Laurence Jackson school in Yorkshire, with Dave Maisey (far left) and the Lord- Lieutenant of Cheshire, David Briggs, MBE, KStJ (far right).

Exporting excellence… a right royal approach!

D ave and Wendy Maisey are co- founders of ICC Solutions, which has won four Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, winning the rst two in 2012, a third in 2016 and the latest this year. These awards have had a huge impact on Dave and his team, inspiring the company to develop and grow both within the UK and expand its chip and PIN testing software solutions to countries around the globe. In 2015 Dave and Wendy struck up a relationship with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) – a cause they were both very keen to support. It wasn’t long before a germ of an idea formed about how Dave could enthuse young people about the same career that had inspired him: export and international trade. Dave says: “It was the timing! We’d won our third Queen’s Award for Enterprise and the company had enjoyed huge success, especially in Canada and the US, so we started to think

After several decades spent exploring the globe to seek out export opportunities, one Queen’s Award winner has come full circle to promote the benets of international trade on home turf in the UK – and to a right royal crowd no less.

about what we could do to inspire and make an impact on people’s lives for the good. Winning a Queen’s Award last year inspired us to go out and ignite this passion we have for export and international trade and especially in this case – enthusing young people.” Dave’s team worked closely with the local DofE group, which oers young people the opportunity to take part in a range of challenges and activities in a progressive awards framework. He developed his idea into the Exporting Excellence pilot, which consisted of six schools from all over the north of England undertaking a framework of export education over a three- month period, culminating in a nal held in Warrington, Cheshire. Each school in the nal was represented by a team of up to ve pupils who were DofE partipants. Each team had an exhibition area in which to display their evidence of exporting research, and delivered a 15-minute

“We are favoured because of that marvellous British ‘soft power’ – people enjoy doing business with a British company so we often get favoured”

www. queensawardsmagazine .com


“The impact of this is that each year 300,000 young people will be aorded the opportunity to receive education, training and mentoring in international trade”

“I believe we are favoured because of that marvellous British ‘soft power’ – people around the world enjoy doing business with a British company so we often get favoured.” ICC has grown to a company just shy of 50 people, exporting software services to more than 60 countries, with 95% of overall turnover being international. With these credentials, it is no wonder that young people were galvanised by taking part in the DofE pilot and Dave suggested a proposal to include a new DofE skill, Exporting Excellence. Kevin Rodgers, operations manager at DofE, was instrumental in turning Dave’s idea into reality. “This initiative was an excellent opportunity for the DofE to work closely with a business to provide a more well-rounded programme to our young people. The DofE is personal to each young person who takes it on, and that’s why it’s important we recognise a wide range of skills – from sewing and cooking, to newer skills, such as IT and exporting,” he said. “Reecting on the event, it was amazing to witness the six schools from across the region come together to exhibit and present their research into how to export the item of their choice. “It was clear all the young people invested more than the 12 hours required for the task to qualify as their DofE skill, which was most impressive. It was an absolute pleasure to witness ordinary young people achieve extraordinary things,” he added. Reecting on the achievement, Kevin said: “Since the event, it has been exciting and rewarding to see the scale and impact the Exporting Excellence initiative has had on ICC Solutions, DofE, and, most importantly, the young people who took part. Not only has it opened their eyes to the world of exporting, it has opened doors of opportunity for them to explore.” So after forging such business success at home and abroad and equipping DofE students with the skills to do the same, what’s next for Dave? Conquering more countries in terms of export, of course. And another Queen’s Award or two no doubt. ●

Dave and Wendy Maisey receiving their 2016 Queen’s Award from the Lord- Lieutenant of Cheshire, David Briggs, MBE, KStJ.

presentation on their chosen product or service and their selected country to export to. During the programme, the team at ICC Solutions shared their skills and experiences in international trade, acting as mentors and export champions with the DofE and the various schools. Both the pilot and the competition were a huge success and very well received. As a parting shot during the nal of the competition, the DofE announced that exporting would now be oered as an option in the skills section of a DofE programme. As a result, each year 300,000 young people would be aorded the opportunity to receive education, training and mentoring in international trade. “The school pupils involved were dynamic and responsive and it’s been superb to see the excitement and enthusiasm they’ve shown in exporting. They embraced the opportunity and, for many of them, it will encourage them to be the successful exporters of the future,” says Dave. His passion for trading overseas is infectious, and it is something he has been involved in for many years. But what drove his own interest in international trade? In the early 1990s Dave

started looking at chip and PIN technology while working for his former employer, a UK bank. It was then he had the opportunity to meet with major international organisations who visited from overseas. “I got a real appetite for international activity, adapting to the dierent time zones, and people ying in from all over the world. I built a reputation in the sector and became well established in the industry and started to look at test tools for chip and PIN. “I then left my employer to follow my vision in a company of my own and, from day one, I knew it was going to have to be an international organisation because one of my key targets initially was to work with a company that had a head oce in California, and they were the rst really big client I wanted to go after. “Our business started within the UK then came to the attention of companies overseas and built the condence with them that we had the experience to work with them on what they wanted, which was such an incredibly exciting time. Starting from nothing working in the spare bedroom to having international clients was such a huge achievement.”

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2017


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The Duke of Edinburgh presents Chris Hill, CEO of Spinlock Ltd, with his Queen’s Award.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise

The awards were instituted by Royal Warrant in 1965 and rst awarded in 1966; from then they have evolved through various formats to the one we are familiar with today: The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, with International Trade, Innovation and Sustainable Development as the categories. For 2017, a fourth category has been introduced, entitled Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility). In the past, individuals have been recognised within the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise but, as of 2017, this individual award has been rested. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are considered the UK’s most prestigious business awards, designed to acknowledge and encourage outstanding achievements of UK businesses that operate in the categories of Innovation, International Trade, Sustainable Development and Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility).

Her Majesty The Queen makes the awards on the advice of the Prime Minister, who is assisted by an advisory committee including representatives of Government, industry and commerce, and the trade unions. The award winners are announced annually on April 21, The Queen’s birthday. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are free to enter and you may apply for more than one award. Organisations of any size operating regularly as a business unit in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and which meet the criteria (see following pages) may enter. The awards are given to businesses as a whole rather than individuals. Applicants that are unsuccessful receive feedback about their strengths and are oered guidance about how to improve their entry for future. Presentation ceremonies are conducted at

each winner’s premises, usually by the Lord- Lieutenant of the County, who is the designated representative of Her Majesty The Queen. The awards consist of a Grant of Appointment and a commemorative crystal bowl. Successful organisations may y the Queen’s Award ag at their principal premises and are entitled to use the emblem on marketing materials – such as on packaging, advertisements, stationery and websites. This information was correct at the time of going to press. For the latest information visit uk/queens-awards-for-enterprise

www. queensawardsmagazine .com



Entries for The Queen’s Awards come from all corners of the UK including the outlying islands. The companies’ activities, however, are international with many businesses exporting and negotiating with countless countries around the world. Distribution of the Queen’s Awards’ winners for 2017

STATISTICS 2017 Awards by category (Note: ve companies have receivedmultiple Awards) ● 102 for International Trade ● 57 for Innovation ● 11 for Sustainable Development ● 6 for Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility) 2017 Winners, by size of company

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2017 Total number of award winners across the UK:


● 2 – 10 employees: 20 ● 11 – 49 employees: 73 ● 50 – 249 employees: 59 ● Over 250 employees: 25

The graphic shows the distribution of these 2017 Award winners (companies that entered The Queen’s Awards in the period April - September 2016) across the United Kingdom.

SCOTLAND Winners 6

NORTH EAST Winners 4




OF MAN Winners 18

EAST Winners 23



WALES Winners 6

LONDON Winners 32

SOUTH EAST Winners 31


Queen’s Awards Magazine 2017


2 017

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise: Criteria for entry

This is a summary of criteria for being considered for a Queen’s Award for Enterprise; for comprehensive specications visit enterprise To apply for a Queen’s Award for Enterprise your organisation must meet the following criteria:

● be based in the UK (including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man);

● le its Company Tax Returns with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC); ● be a self-contained enterprise that markets its own products or services and is under its own management;

following categories:

substantial year-on-year growth (without dips) over six years. If you already hold an international trade award you can only apply for a new award for: ● substantial year-on-year growth over six years if you’re in the fth (nal) year of your current award (granted before April 2014); and ● steep year-on-year growth in overseas sales over three years if you’re in the third, fourth or nal year of your current award (granted before April 2016).

● invention, design or production of goods;

● performance of services;

● marketing and distribution; or

● have at least two full-time UK employees or part-time equivalents; and

● after-sale support of goods or services.

● demonstrate strong corporate social responsibility.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT To apply for the Sustainable Development award you must either: ● show how your outstanding sustainable development practices have helped to improve your commercial performance over two years; or ● show how your continuous sustainable development practices have helped to improve your commercial performance over ve years.

Your organisation may be business or non-prot.

Each award has additional entry criteria, as follows.

INNOVATION Toapply for the Innovationaward, youmust also:

INTERNATIONAL TRADE To apply for the International Trade award, you must also: ● have made a minimum of £100,000 in overseas sales in the rst year of your entry and show year-on-year growth; ● prove that your organisation has achieved outstanding growth in overseas earnings relative to your business size and sector; ● prove steep year-on-year growth (without dips) in overseas sales over three years – or

● have an innovation that hasn’t been sold before;

● have had your innovation available on the market for at least two years;

● have recovered all the investments made in your innovation or show that the innovation will recover its full costs in future; and ● show outstanding commercial success as a result of innovation over two years – or continuous commercial success over ve years. Your innovation should be in one of the

Your achievements should be in one of the following categories:

● invention, design or production of goods;

● performance of services; ● marketing and distribution;

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Entier’s CEO Peter Bruce and Scott Jackson, Managing Director, meeting The Queen at Buckingham Palace in 2016.


The benefits of


The motivations for companies entering the Queen’s Awards are as many as there are companies – each has its own reasons for doing so and the majority benefit from their success. Even those companies who do not win an Award on their first attempt can find it a valuable experience, providing targets to achieve and an additional focus for which to optimise efforts in becoming one of the best UK companies in their field. Entrants come from all around the United Kingdom – from city-based centres of commerce to the remotest of locations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands. The majority of winning companies have below 250 employees, but there are also larger companies who have won. The minimum size of an eligible company is two full-time employees. Winners have confirmed the main reason they enter the Queen’s Awards is for the prestige it brings. Both at home and overseas, respect for a winning company is enhanced with this notable achievement. Winners find that being the company with a Queen’s Award among other competitors can often make the difference in gaining an introduction to new customers. A win is also a great promotional opportunity for publicity in local and national newspapers as well as international trade magazines, in print and online. Although the online entry process naturally involves time spent supplying the data required, experience has shown that although some entrants expected the process to be difficult, few actually found this was the case. In fact the time taken to prepare the research for the entry varied mainly from a couple of days to a couple of weeks – but with some entrants completing the information in one day. The time it takes will understandably vary according to the type of company and its products and how readily available the data is.

It is inevitable that not all companies will succeed in gaining a Queen’s Award – that is of course the whole principle behind any award scheme. On average a quarter of those entering succeed in gaining a Queen’s Award – a good incentive! Of course any award is only as good as the employees who have worked hard to achieve it and this recognition is a great morale-booster for companies. Each winning company is given a formal presentation by The Queen’s representative (normally the county’s Lord-Lieutenant) at the company premises or other suitable location, so the employees are able to enjoy the celebrations first hand – some examples of these presentations can be seen in later pages of this publication. Having won their award, in the months and years that follow, companies have found the predicted outcome has been achieved, with the company’s perception being enhanced within the UK and overseas. Most companies found that the staff responded enthusiastically to the win and the majority of companies made good use of the kudos for their publicity and PR. When asked, existing winners of a Queen’s Award would recommend entering to other businesses. Another promotional opportunity available to winners is the independently published The Queen’s Awards Magazine , which you are now reading, and its accompanying website. As you can see, winners can choose to have an entry among the others in their category – in a magazine that is distributed to a prestigious mailing list of recipients both in the UK and internationally. In a recent survey of winners the majority agreed that The Queen’s Awards Magazine and the website were rated either ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’. We want to improve on that: please let us know what your expectations are for future reference! Email your feedback to Anne Smith: Anne.

l after-sale support of goods or services; or

l  management of resources or relationships with people and other organisations.

PROMOTING OPPORTUNITY (THROUGH SOCIAL MOBILITY) To apply for the Promoting Opportunity award, you must also:

l  have had a social mobility programme running for more than two years; and

l  prove that the programme benefits your organisation financially or otherwise (for example, it has improved your reputation or led to savings in the business). Your improvements should be in one of the following areas: l  work experience, careers advice or mentoring for young people; l  offering non-graduate routes such as traineeships or changing recruitment practices; or l  giving equal support and progression opportunities to all employees.

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2017


2 017

Reception photography: Alex Lloyd Photography 2016. You may view and order any photographs from the 2016 reception from, enter your email and password QAE

at The Queen’s Awards Reception The 2016 Winners

THE 2016 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise reception took place at Buckingham Palace in July and was hosted by The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. The format saw The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh walk about among the award recipients and nominators. Princess Anne was also present and talking to guests and award winners. There were a phenomenal 249 winners in the year that celebrated The Queen’s 90th birthday, with businesses coming from all corners of the UK including the Channel Islands. Of these, 150 were in the International Trade category, 92 won in the Innovation section and 12 for Sustainable Development. Six companies received multiple awards. From IT to DNA testing, from NHS applications to eco initiatives, the winners were all leaders who showed outstanding development in their respective areas. The Queen graciously awarded

Dorothy Francis, Chief Executive Ocer, CASE, Leicester, her Award for Lifetime Achievement in Enterprise Promotion. Four other individuals were awarded the Achievement in Enterprise Promotion, as follows: Darrin Disley, Chief Executive Oce and President, Horizon Discovery, Cambridge; Claire Locke, Co-vice Chair,

Enterprise Fellowship, The Prince’s Trust, London; Bejay Mulenga, Co- founder and Managing Director, Supa Academy, London; Katherine Welch, Founder and Chief Executive, Social Enterprise Acumen CIC, Durham. A selection of photographs showing Queen’s Awards for Enterprise winners and their guests at the Buckingham Palace reception held in their honour in July 2016.

www. queensawardsmagazine .com



MRT Castings Ltd: 2016 International Trade Directors of MRT Castings Ltd receiving the Queen’s Award for International Trade 2016 from the Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire, Nigel Atkinson, in the presence of the Mayor of Test Valley, Cllr Karen Hamilton

Eskan Electronics Ltd: 2016 International Trade Deputy Lord Lieutenant of London presents the Queen’s Award to Andy Williams, Executive Director, Eskan Electronics Ltd

AJ Power: 2016 International Trade AJ Power Managing Director Ashley Pigott displays the Queen’s Award rosebowl received by AJ Power for International Trade

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2017


Malaria No More is a young and ambitious charity, with a mission as transparent as its name: to end the world’s oldest killer disease - to make malaria no more. Putting Malaria Out of Business

The charity was founded to confront the horrific reality that a parent loses their son or daughter every two minutes to an entirely preventable disease that only costs £1 to treat. Rentokil Initial has supported Malaria No More for five years, raising over £150,000 to date. Its colleague-led programme has generated many ideas to raise funds including bike rides, arduous runs, mountain climbs, bungee jumps, wearing onesies to work and cake bakes. There’s even been a series of insect eating ‘Pestaurants’. Rentokil Initial is a fast-growing, values-based company. It is proud to have received The Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Please see the International Trade section for further details. Protecting People around the World

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Protecting People. Enhancing Lives.


2 017 List of all winners in the International Trade category Her Majesty The Queen has been graciously pleased to confer Her Awards in 2017 upon the following business units in recognition of their outstanding achievements in International Trade:

ClinTec International Ltd Accelerating drug development through delivering global clinical research services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry Computech IT Services Ltd BusinessMan Enterprise Resource Planning Business Software Framework Cornish Sea Salt Company Ltd Producers and global distributors of hand- harvested, mineral-rich natural Cornish sea salt Crewshield Ltd Specialist manufacturer of discreet, portable armoured safe havens Cult Wines Ltd Fine wine sold wholesale to international importers and international private clients and fine wine management services Cunningham Covers Ltd Bespoke protective industrial textile covers for the protection of high value assets David Store Navigational Management Ltd Customised supply of nautical charting, publications, flags and instruments for the global superyacht industry Dianne Lee Regulatory Consultancy Ltd Regulatory affairs consultancy to the global pharmaceutical industry Dura Composites Ltd Leading global supplier of composite products for flooring, structures and façades Ecotile Flooring Ltd Europe’s largest interlocking floor tile manufacturer, installing industrial flooring solutions with minimal disruption

Bancroft Soft Furnishings Ltd Supplier of fabrics and linings to the hospitality, education, healthcare, leisure and domestic sectors Bigneat Limited World-class manufacturer of ductless fume cabinets and safety enclosures for use in scientific laboratories and industry BioClad Ltd Specialists in antimicrobial hygienic spaces using wall cladding, wall and door protection, doors, flooring and wash stations in healthcare, leisure, restaurants and more. Black Rock Programme Management Limited t/a BlackrockPM Advice on capital investment programme management, construction project management, planning and programming and costs management C&K Meats Ltd Suppliers of high quality, high welfare, high provenance beef, pork and lamb to customers locally, nationally and worldwide Cambridge Consultants Ltd World-class product development and technology consulting Campbell Lutyens Holdings Limited Provision of private equity and infrastructure advisory services Cellbond Supplier of products and expertise required to evaluate and improve vehicle safety testing Chelsom Ltd Design and manufacture of decorative contract lighting for the international hospitality and marine markets

10ACT Ltd t/a TrackBack TrackBack provides call and email lead-tracking services to vehicle manufacturers globally 42 Technology Limited Technology innovation and product design and development A World of Buzz Ltd Seller of secondhand books, CDs, DVDs and games around the world Abacus Lighting Ltd Leader in exterior lighting, column and mast solutions; designed and manufactured in the UK, installed and maintained worldwide Aecus Limited Outsourcing, shared service and automation consultancy, benchmarking and interim services (strategy, planning, project execution) AEROSPARES 2000 Ltd Specialist stockist and supplier of hard-to-find spare parts for the latest generation of aircraft Amoria Bond Limited Amoria Bond is an international recruitment consultancy specialising in engineering, technology, SAP, energy, life sciences and banking and finance

APS Group Ltd International marketing services business providing

integrated communications and customer experience programmes to global brands

Ascot Rehabilitation Ltd Highest quality consultant-led rehabilitation and multi-disciplinary care for those suffering neurological conditions Auto Integrate Ltd Vehicle maintenance authorisation software system

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Jellycat Toy Company Ltd t/a Jellycat Design Manufacture and distribution of design-led branded toys and gifts Joseph Joseph Ltd Leading UK designers of innovative home and kitchenwares JRM International Ltd t/a The Art File Design, prodution and supply of greeting cards, stationery and gifts to retailers and distributors worldwide Laser Quantum Limited Manufacturer of ultrafast and continuous wave lasers for the advancement of research and technology Lucid Group Ltd Strategic medical communications company providing services to the pharmaceutical and related medical industries to improve patient outcomes

Glentham Life Sciences Ltd Sources and supplies fine chemicals, biochemical and raw materials for use in research, development, production and laboratory applications Global Infusion Group Ltd Global event catering, logistics and brand support services Globus Leading manufacturer and global distributor of personal protective equipment Green Light International Ltd Design and manufacture of environmental air Cushion inflatable protective packaging systems Greenbank Technology Ltd Market leading designer and manufacturer of two-piece can making ovens and washing systems HH Global Limited Manage assessment-led, outsourced procurement programmes for clients across print, packaging and creative services

Ekioh Ltd A range of graphical rendering engines backed by a comprehensive support and maintenance offer Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd The UK’s leader in the manufacture and design of electronic thermometers and temperature probes. EnergyNet Ltd International conferences focused on power sector investment opportunities in emerging markets Euromixers Ltd Design and manufacture of Industrial Fluid mixers which are used to produce a broad range of products Fish4Dogs Ltd Producer of innovative premium pet food and treats Flight Calibration Services Ltd Providing cost-effective flight inspection services for airports and aviation authorities world-wide Furlong Business Solutions Ltd The design and support of management information systems for schools and colleges G. B. Kent and Sons Plc Hair Brushes, Combs, Clothes Brushes, Bath and Body Brushes, Shaving Accoutrements, Toothbrushes GJD Manufacturing Limited Design and manufacture of professional external detector equipment, as well as infra-red and white-light LED illuminators Glencairn Crystal Studio Ltd Experts in the design and creation of premium crystal glassware for the drinks industry

Lumsden Design Ltd Designs retail environments for destinations

M Squared Lasers Limited Design and manufacture of scientific laser platforms and novel photonics applications Majestic 12 Ltd t/a Specialist search engine which identifies all the pages that link to any website, helping businesses understand their online visibility Mark Roberts Motion Control Ltd Manufacturer of robotic imaging solutions for film, TV, broadcast and industrial applications MastaPlasta Limited Producers of patented repair patches for leather and vinyl to prolong the life of sofas, bags and jackets among other things

Horus Music Limited Global music distribution and label services

Hypnos Royal warrant holder Hypnos, has been handcrafting beds for hotels and homes around the world for more than 100 years. IDT, Systems 3D sublimation equipment and consumables, to produce premium quality results Isomerase Therapeutics Ltd Drug discovery research and development services

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2017


2 017

The Romo Group Design and supply of high-end furnishing fabrics

PJ Pipe and Valve Co Ltd Manufacture and supply of project specific valves to the global oil and gas industry Premier Coatings Ltd Specialist manufacturers of anti-corrosion, sealing and waterproofing products Premier Health Products Ltd Manufacturer of Basic Nutrition food supplements and private-label food supplements for wholesale and retail markets Prepaid Financial Services Ltd A European e-money institution and alternative banking solution provider Propath UK Limited Propath helps biopharmaceutical companies assess the safety of potential new antibody- based medicines to treat cancer Rainbow Cosmetics (Manchester) Limited - Own Brands Division Develops influential beauty brands that are driven by insight and innovation Reincubate Ltd Technology to access and recover content from Apple’s popular iOS & iCloud systems Rentokil Initial World’s leading commercial pest control company, operating in more than 65 countries Retrogenix Limited Human cell microarray technology service for drug discovery, development andmedical research Road Safety Support International Strategic advice, reviews and training in road safety, road policing and traffic law enforcement

Merci Maman Crafting of original and charming personalised jewellery sold online

Sanglier Ltd World-leading specialist manufacturer of adhesives Secured By Design Ltd Market intelligence, technical evaluation and strategic consultancy services to the automotive industry

Metrasens Ltd Contraband detection and MRI safety (Medical)

Mind Tools Ltd One of the world’s most popular providers of on-demand workplace learning solutions for management, leadership and personal excellence skills Mobus Fabrics Ltd Manufactures and distributes high quality, fashion inspired, upholstery fabrics which are ethically sourced MR Solutions Group Ltd Development and supply of high performance cryogen-free preclinical, multi-modality MRI scanners, spectrometers and related technologies MVF Provides high volumes of active customers to businesses all over the world

Serco International Fire Training Centre World-leading aviation fire training centre

Servecorp Limited Patented ultra-lightweight aviation life vest stowage and tamper evident security seal SPTS Technologies Group Ltd Manufacturer of semiconductor wafer processing equipment used to make a range of microelectronic devices Supacat Limited Design, development, manufacture and through- life support (Engineering Services) of equipment operating in harsh environments Superyacht Tenders and Toys Ltd Provision, design, consultancy, shipping and build project management of recreational items to yachts and superyachts Sygnature Discovery The UK’s largest independent provider of integrated drug discovery research expertise

Nisbets Plc Europe’s largest supplier of catering equipment

Oakland International Ltd Oakland International is a responsible family enterprise offering multi-temperature supply chain solutions providing logistics and value added services Pektron Group Ltd Specify, design andmanufacture innovative electronics hardware and software solutions for automotive, off-highway andmany other markets Phaidon International Global staffing group providing permanent and contract recruitment services across the STEM landscape

Symply Pet Foods Ltd Producers of award-winning natural pet products

Tapestry Leading law firm specialising in advising on global compliance for employee share plans and broader global HR issues

Roman Ltd Leading designer and manufacturer of showers

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