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We tender the loyal greetings of all Queen’s Awards winners to Her Majesty The Queen

Proud recipients of the Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2021.

Specialists in ramps for access and loading. Delivering safety, sustainability and equality worldwide and committed to protecting the environment with a raft of patented solar-powered products.

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It’s our pleasure to bring you this very special publication, which showcases the winners of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2021

We are delighted to extend our warm congratulations to every company that has received the honour of winning a 2021 Queen’s Award. You have demonstrated excellence in the fields of international trade, innovation, sustainable development and promoting social mobility – on a global stage – and we salute your incredible achievements. Since their inception in the 1960s, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise have become the most prestigious formof recognition a British company can receive. There is, quite simply, no greater honour, and this year’s Awards are extra special, demonstrating as they do Britain’s resilience and ingenuity in the face of a worldwide crisis. The Awards are proof that today’s UK businesses are increasingly visionary, striving tomeet customers’ global needs while leading the world in the development of new environmentally friendly, sustainable practices. In addition to this, many Award-winning businesses this year have illustrated how vital social mobility opportunities are to the growth of both individuals and teams as a whole. The breadth and diversity of 2021’s winning companies is staggering. From those on amission to protect delicate ecosystems and economies to pathfinders who’ve developed world-leading biosecurity products, this year’s winners have pushed boundaries and proved themselves truly innovative. We at the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Magazine are honoured to be able to showcase and celebrate their achievements, and hugely proud to fly the flag for British business. This year’s magazine is also a chance to reveal what goes on behind the scenes as we meet the judging panel and gain an insight into what elevates a company to Queen’s Awards level. In this year’s magazine we also pay tribute to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, who was instrumental in helping to create the Awards, and who continued to show great interest in the growth and innovation of British industry, and in the role the Awards play in driving awareness and celebrating achievements across all sectors.

(Through Social Mobility) category award winners 97 Sustainable Development category award winners 107 Award holders 2017-2020 124 Index of contributors

As always, we extend our warm regards to this year’s winners and wish all of the companies involved continued success through 2021 and beyond.

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The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Magazine would like to thank The Queen’s Awards Office and all of the 2021 Award winners, who have kindly given their assistance in the preparation of this magazine.

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Queen’s Awards Magazine 2021


On the occasion of the publication of the 2021 edition of The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Magazine, I send my warm good wishes to all concerned.

I was interested to learn that the Magazine acts as a unique record for the recipients of the awards.

I much appreciate your thoughtfulness in writing and, in return, send my congratulations to the businesses featured, together with my best wishes to all the contributors and readers of The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Magazine.

Elizabeth R.

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This year, British businesses of all shapes and sizes have shown us all that necessity really is the mother of invention. Over and again I have seen amazing examples of innovation, creativity and dedication from companies of all shapes and sizes as entrepreneurs like yourself responded at dizzying speed to the challenges of the pandemic. But while this has been absolutely inspiring to see I confess it did not come as an enormous surprise. Because anyone who has been paying attention to the Queen’s Award for Enterprise this past half century will already know that such qualities are an indelible part of British business, the very DNA fromwhich our economy is spun. And so we see again with the latest crop of winners, doing everything from providing employment opportunities for young ex-offenders to creating solar-powered garden furniture that charges your phone while you doze in the sunshine. They speak not only to the entrepreneurial spirit that defines our nation but also to the astounding breadth and depth of our private sector - excelling in every industry, every comer of the economy, every part of the United Kingdom. And that is why, for all the challenges the past year has brought us, I know for sure that better days do lie ahead, that we can and will build back better, and that our brilliant, innovative, enterprising entrepreneurs will be leading the way as we do.

Congratulations to you all.

The Prime Minister

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2021


I would like to congratulate all the businesses awarded this year’s Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. It is an important recognition of the contribution businesses like yours make to the UK economy.

In any ordinary year, this contribution is remarkable. However this has been no ordinary year. The Covid pandemic and the economic shock it unleashed caused the sharpest fall in UK GDP for over three centuries. The fallout has been incredibly challenging for businesses and their workforces up and down the country.

In response, the Bank of England acted decisively, putting in place a package of measures to keep firms in business and people in jobs, and limit the long-term damage to the economy.

Whilst this support has helped many viable businesses survive long periods of economic interruption, the fact that so many have found a way to operate despite these unprecedented challenges is a testament to their ingenuity, as well as the fundamental value of their products. It is these attributes, as well as many others, that these awards recognise. As such, I’d like to warmly congratulate this year’s winners for your valuable contributions to the UK economy, and wish you every success in the period to come.

Andrew Bailey Governor of the Bank of England

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Congratulations to all of this year’s winners of this inspiring award.

It’s very exciting to see the talent and achievement of enterprises across the UK over the past year in the face of the difficult challenges they have confronted. I am really encouraged by all the hard work of the business community that has contributed so positively to society and will be vital to the reopening of the economy.

Enterprise is at the heart of the work of the Institute of Directors, and we celebrate the work that the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise does in promoting this.

The accomplishments of this year’s winners show the innovative thinking that businesses have used to create new ideas and opportunities, providing optimism for the months ahead.

It is so important, especially in times like these, to celebrate these wonderful achievements. I warmly congratulate all the deserved winners, and look forward to their continuing growth and success in their unique and remarkable endeavours.

Patrick Macdonald Chair, Institute of Directors

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2021


The Queen’s Awards FOR ENTERPRISE

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are considered the UK’s most prestigious business awards, designed to acknowledge and encourage outstanding achievements demonstrated by UK businesses. Instituted by Royal Warrant in 1965 and first awarded in 1966, their format has evolved to now encompass four categories: International Trade, Innovation, Sustainable Development and Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility). In the past, individuals have been recognised within the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise but, as of 2017, this individual award was rested. Her Majesty The Queen makes the awards on the advice of the Prime Minister, who is assisted by an advisory committee including representatives of Government, industry and commerce, and the trade unions. The award winners are announced annually on April 21, The Queen’s birthday. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are free to enter and you may apply for more than one award. Organisations of any size operating regularly as a business unit in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and which meet the criteria may enter. The awards are made to businesses as a whole rather than to individuals. Applicants that are unsuccessful receive feedback about their strengths and are offered guidance about how to improve their entry for future. Presentation ceremonies are conducted at each winner’s premises, usually by the Lord-Lieutenant of the County, who is the designated representative of Her Majesty The Queen. The awards consist of a Grant of Appointment and a

commemorative crystal bowl. Successful organisations may fly the Queen’s Award flag at their principal premises and are entitled to use the emblem on marketing materials – such as on packaging, advertisements, stationery and website. This information was correct at the time of going to press. For the latest information visit for-enterprise THE QUEEN’S AWARDS FOR ENTERPRISE: ELIGIBILITY To apply for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise your organisation must meet the following minimum criteria: Be based in the UK (including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man); File its Company Tax Returns with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC); Be a self-contained enterprise that markets its own products or services and is under its own management; Have at least two full-time UK employees or part-time equivalents; and Demonstrate strong corporate social responsibility. Your organisation may be business or non-profit. Each award has additional entry criteria, which can be found at the start of each relevant section in this magazine as well as on the website uk/queensawards-for-enterprise/eligibility

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Queen’s Awards winners 2021: a breakdown

STATISTICS 2021 Awards by category

(Note: five companies received double awards) The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2021 include: 122 awards for International Trade 48 awards for Innovation

Entries for The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise come from all corners of the UK including the outlying islands. The companies’ activities, however, are international with many businesses exporting and negotiating with countless countries around the world.

17 awards for Sustainable Development 18 awards for Promoting Opportunity

Five businesses were double award winners: Apption Labs Limited – winners of Innovation and International Trade Awards Cobalt Aerospace – winners of Innovation and International Trade Awards

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2021 Total number of award winners across the UK: 90 % of 2021winners are SMEs The graphic shows the distribution of these 2021 Award winners across the United Kingdom. 205

InSight Analytics Solutions Limited trading as ONYX InSight – winners of Innovation and International Trade Awards Process Instruments (UK) Ltd – winners of Innovation and International Trade Awards

SCOTLAND Winners 13

The Skill Mill Limited – winners of Sustainable Development and Promoting Opportunity Awards


NORTH EAST Winners 11

NORTH WEST Winners 17



EAST Winners 26

WALES Winners 6


SOUTH EAST Winners 22

LONDON Winners 38

SOUTH WEST Winners 19

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2021



Innovation 2019: Optos

Optos is pleased to be the recipient of the Queen’s Award for a second time. We are proud to build a lasting legacy in the medical sector for the only ultra- widefield retinal imaging device that helps eye care professionals save sight and save lives.

Sustainable Development 2019: Harrison Spinks L-R Managing Director Simon Spinks, chairman Peter Spinks and Lord Lieutenant Mr Ed Anderson.

Promoting Opportunity 2019: Tier 1 The UK’s leading IT asset management business, Tier 1 Asset Management Ltd, receiving their award in the category of promoting opportunity through social mobility from the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Paul Griffiths DL.

International Trade 2019: Tangerine

Design consultancy Tangerine was thrilled to win a Queen's Award in Export: International Trade in the year that it celebrated its 30th year anniversary. Over 80% of the company’s business comes from outside of the UK.

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The benefits of winning... A QUEEN’S AWARD FOR ENTERPRISE

Why the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise really matter What motivates a company to enter the Queen’s Awards? The answers to this question are many and varied, but one thing is certain: companies have everything to gain by entering, and nothing to lose. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are widely considered the highest accolade to be bestowed upon a UK business, celebrating the British companies that have showed outstanding achievement in trade, innovation, sustainable development and promoting opportunity through social mobility. Put simply, winning an award puts British companies on a pedestal; it celebrates their achievements, in a multitude of sectors, and showcases their innovations, ideas and achievements to a global audience. The Queen’s Awards are hugely respected, both at home and overseas, andwinning has been proven to give companies a winning edge over their competitors, in addition to offering the ideal introduction to new customers. Becoming an elite Queen’s Awards winner also provides unlimitedmarketing potential across digital and print platforms, both at local and national level. But it’s not all about winning. Simply entering and becoming a part of the Queen’s Awards journey is hugely valuable. If success doesn’t happen on the first attempt, lessons will have been learned during the application process, new targets set and additional focus given to how the company can come back even bigger and better the following year, on a quest to become a worthy future winner – and one

of the best British companies in its field. Over the past 55 years, since the awards’ launch in 1965, entrants have come fromall around the UK, fromcity-based centres of commerce to remote locations in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands. Themajority of winning companies have fewer than 250 employees, but larger companies have also clinched thismost prestigious of accolades.

Entering the Queen’s Awards:

In order to enter, your company must have at least two full-time employees. There is a straightforward online entry process. How long this takes to complete will understandably vary according to the type of company and its products, and how readily available the required data is. Your chances of success – and the accolades associated with this – are high. On average, a quarter of those entering succeed in gaining a Queen’s Award. Of course, any award is only as good as the employees who have worked hard to achieve it, and this recognition is the ultimate morale booster. Each winning company receives a formal presentation by The Queen’s representative (often the county’s Lord-Lieutenant) at the company’s premises or another suitable location; some examples of these presentations can be seen in later pages of this publication.

Be celebrated in print and online

prestigious mailing list of recipients, both in the UK and internationally. In a recent survey of winners, the majority agreed that the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Magazine, and its website, were rated either ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’. With your help, the dedicated print and online team want to improve on this even further, so please email your feedback to Anne Smith at

In an exclusive promotional opportunity, available only to Queen’s Awards winners, companies are offered the chance to appear in the publication you are reading now, the notable Queen’s Awards For Enterprise Magazine, and its accompanying, hugely popular website. This high quality publication is independently published, acting as a who’s who of the business world’s greatest innovators. It is distributed to a

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2021


That winning feeling... Receiving a Queen’s Award stirs up huge emotions across the board, from pride to elation. Here, past winners describe how their success has proved an honour in more ways than one…

HRH Prince Charles meets Janet and the LittlePod team

HRH Prince Charles is a fan, and more and more people across the world are developing a passion for real vanilla, largely thanks to the tireless work of Janet Sawyer BEMMBE, Executive Chair of LittlePod ( Having won a Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development in 2018, this Devon-based company is committed to the future of real vanilla, given that 97% of vanillin used in the West is artificial. “Vanilla is a very important crop for the world,” explains Janet. “It has many uses and can replenish the soil for reforestation to help climate change. “This year we are bringing to market vanilla pods from our own collaborative orchard in Indonesia, a project which started nine years ago when we worked with a farmer to encourage the Indonesian government to think about restarting their vanilla industry again by planting vanilla vines. Our farmer was successful and this year we received our first harvest. Most importantly, Indonesia has now committed to planting vanilla for reforestation in peat bog areas that were made barren from palm oil planting.”

So how has winning an award boosted business and staff morale? “We have been very honoured to be a Queen’s Award winner, especially in this last year as the pandemic has been very challenging for us all,” says Janet. “However, LittlePod is a company that likes to celebrate, as you can tell from this year’s entry. We have always celebrated the small things as well as the momentous occasions. “Winning is an amazing achievement for such

a small company [LittlePod has just five full- time employees], and being a Queen’s Award winner has earned us great respect. It is seen as an incredible endorsement, especially in Japan where it is viewed as a huge honour. We proudly fly the Queen’s Award flag at our Devon-based headquarters.” And it seems Janet is not alone in appreciating the health, taste and environmental benefits of this wonderful spice, which is derived from an orchid and takes five years to produce. “Prince Charles visited us at Honiton Food Fair and told us he loves vanilla!” says Janet. “We gave him a gift set of our products and he promised to use our vanilla paste in his own kitchen.” Fuelled by their 2018 win, LittlePod launched in Japan last October on the 17th, which the team renamed International REAL vanilla day. This annual event celebrates the farmers on the equatorial belt who dedicate their time to growing real vanilla among their crops, as it is a high value commodity for them, which enables

Real vanilla is derived from an orchid

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them to have a better quality of life. Having experienced, first-hand, the immense benefits to be had from winning a Queen’s Award, what piece of advice can Janet give potential applicants? “The application process is lengthy and involved and it will really benefit you to work together as a team to put the required information together. The first year we applied we didn’t win, but we did get hugely useful feedback from the Queen’s Awards office and, having taken that advice on board, we proved successful the following year.” best-selling organic children’s wear brands – celebrate two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise wins in International Trade and Sustainable Development. And today, this Cornish-based company is continuing its mission to show the clothing industry that you can run a high achieving business while being sustainable (find out more at ‘It’s a tremendous honour’ Last year saw Frugi – one of the UK’s But what has winning multiple awards meant for Frugi’s talented and innovative team? “The Queen’s Awards have boosted Frugi enormously by showing that you can be a sustainable, ethical brand and be successful at the same time,” says Samantha Dark, PR & Partnerships Manager. “Our employees feel proud to be working with a company that strives to do good things, not just for children and parents, but for all our employees, suppliers, factory workers in India and, ultimately, the planet. “It was a tremendous honour to win not one but two Queen’s Awards last year. This recognition has heightened our brand awareness externally and internally and we strongly advise every business to take the time to complete the entry. It’s certainly worth the effort.” On winning form If you’re considering entering 2022’s awards, the good news is that there’s plenty of help and support available for applicants on the Queen’s Awards website. “It helps to get as much information to hand as possible, especially regarding the evidence needed to back up your entry,” says Rupert Fairfax, Managing Director of Fairfax Saddles Ltd in the West Midlands, which won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2018 for the Fairfax Performance Girth, which was used by Equestrian Team GBR at the London Olympics. “My best piece of advice would be to check the entry criteria before you start. It sounds obvious but it would be an awful shame to get too far into the process and find you’re not eligible. Then go for it – it’s nowhere near as daunting as you think.” As an added bonus, several past winners report that the process of compiling their entry made them realise just how much they’d achieved – and reinforced their commitment to continue to adapt and evolve their business in future.

The Lord Lieutenant presents the LittlePod teamwith their award

Frugi is on a mission to show the clothing industry that you can run a successful business while being sustainable and ethical

For more on the benefits of winning a Queen’s Award for Enterprise turn to page 11

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2021


The Duke of Edinburgh June 1921 to April 2021

It is with great sadness that we mark the death of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away on April 9, 2021, just weeks before his 100th birthday. Hugely instrumental in helping to start The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in the mid-1960s, Prince Philip’s initial interest was sparked by an invite by Prime Minister Harold Wilson back in 1965 to chair a committee to work out the details of a proposed scheme to award recognition to industrial companies. As he was about to leave on an overseas tour,

the Duke suggested a comprehensive series of points for the committee to consider as they drew up rules for the new ‘Award to Industry’, which later became known as The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. On his return, His Royal Highness oversaw the production of a report, which had expanded many of his original ideas, outlining the scheme – the aim of which was to recognise outstanding achievement by industry either in increasing exports or in technological innovation. Prince Philip continued to take a keen interest

as the awards gained ever-greater significance for businesses over the decades, and wrote several forewords for The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Magazine. Prince Philip’s tireless work and his dedication to duty earned him the affection of generations – in the United Kingdom, across the Commonwealth and around the world. We at The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Magazine, as well as the hundreds of winners who’ve experienced the honour of receiving an award since the mid- 1960s, owe him a great debt of gratitude.

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Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh at Broadlands. Photo © Fiona Hanson/PA Archive/PA Images

(Left) The Duke of Edinburgh during a visit to the headquarters of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force's (RAuxAF) 603 Squadron in Edinburgh. Photo © Danny Lawson/PA Archive/PA Images

Princess Elizabeth and Lieut. Philip Mountbatten, whose engagement was announced, pose for their first engagement pictures at Buckingham Palace. Photo © PA/PA Archive/PA Images

The Duke of Edinburgh, in the Throne Roomof BuckinghamPalace, London after he and the Queen had returned fromher first State Opening of Parliament. Photo © PA/PA Archive/PA Images

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2021


The bar is high

Throughout the UK, Lord-Lieutenants play a crucial role in the Queen’s Awards, presenting the trophy to local businesses in a special ceremony. Here to tell us more about what this accolade means to winners is David Fursdon, The Lord-Lieutenant of Devon Right across Britain, Lord-Lieutenants act as Her Majesty The Queen’s representatives, each acting within their own county to carry out a variety of royal duties, from arranging visits to the area by members of the royal family to presenting certain honours. The office of Lord-Lieutenant is a hugely honourable one to hold, and it’s a great privilege to be able to represent the Crown at local level. There are currently 98 Lord-Lieutenants, who cover all areas of Britain, and the role dates back to the 16th century when Lieutenants were first appointed to a number of English counties by King Henry VIII. Today, it falls to the Lord-Lieutenant in each region to present the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise to winners across the four categories of innovation, international trade, sustainable development and promoting opportunity through social mobility. It’s a highlight of this important ceremonial role, and here to give us an insight into what it means to be in a position to bestow such an honour is David Fursdon, The Lord-Lieutenant of Devon…

The Lord-Lieutenant of Devon, David Fursdon / Photo credit:

David, pictured here with the Devon-based LittlePod team at their Queen’s Awards presentation

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You’ve been fortunate enough to witness first-hand the many positive effects winning a Queen’s Award has on a business. How would you sum up what it means to win? Lord-Lieutenant David Fursdon: Many winning businesses have involved a large number of their staff in the application process, and this has often had a great team-building effect. They know the bar is high, so when they win and have an opportunity to celebrate at the presentation there is a real sense of pride and achievement that permeates the whole workforce. This gives the company a real boost and positions it to take advantage of the new opportunities that may well flow from the profile the award generates. Any particularly fond memories of presentations that have been well received by staff and company owners? It would be invidious to pick out one occasion only. I have presented the award in a huge auditorium and in a private house; to an audience of a dozen to an audience of several hundreds, and have had to adapt my uniform to sitting in armoured Jeeps and buses and being beside production lines – and in every case the owners and staff have been excited and enthusiastic at what they have achieved. Any tips or words of encouragement for businesses thinking of applying for a Queen’s Award? Just go for it! If you don’t quite make it you may well learn a lot of positive things that can help your business through the feedback you’ll receive, and indeed from the process itself, and you can always apply again in the future. Winning, however, can help you with your business profile and open up markets that you may have been trying to penetrate for years. Give yourself enough time to complete the forms and tell the real story of the development of your company.

Presenting the Queen’s Awards to local businesses is a key role for Lord-Lieutenants across Britain / Photo credit: Dartington Crystal

Queen’s Awards presentations aside, what are the key elements of your role? As Her Majesty the Queen’s personal representative the role involves representing her in the county on national occasions and for specific events, facilitating and hosting visits from members of the royal family, validating and sometimes presenting national honours on her behalf to individuals – and, in the case of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, to groups – and bringing people together to help the social, charitable, business and community life of the county. How did you come to be Her Majesty’s Lord- Lieutenant of Devon? The Sovereign, on the advice of the Prime Minister, appoints her Lord-Lieutenants after a comprehensive consultation process by the Prime Minister’s appointments secretary, which leads to the identification of a shortlist of candidates. I had no idea I was in the running until the latter stages of the process. n

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2021



Innovation 2019: Kohler Mira

Craig Baker, Managing Director of Kohler Mira, Lord- Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, Edward Gillespie OBE and Councillor Steve Jordan, Leader of Cheltenham Borough Council, plus Kohler Mira teammembers and distinguished guests.

Sustainable Development 2019: Willmott Dixon Willmott Dixon celebrated its third Queen's Award for Enterprise title at its Letchworth Garden City headquarters with the Lord-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire. This award, for sustainable development, was the second in this category for the carbon neutral contractor.

International Trade 2019: Valid Insight The Valid Insight team, pictured with Charles Goodson-Wickes, Deputy Lieutenant for Islington, London, who presented the award on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.

Innovation 2019: Bühler John Barber, Representative Deputy Lieutenant for London Borough of Newham presenting seventh Queen’s Award for optical sorting innovation to Ben Deefholts, Senior Research Engineer, Timothy Kelf, Head of Sensor Development and Mathew Kelly, Managing Director of Digital Technologies at Bühler (right to left)

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MEET THE JUDGES Here we introduce a selection of judges from across the QAE categories

JUDGE’S NAME Sarah Atkinson

Don’t just tell us what you've done, tell us what difference it has made, and to whom

CATEGORY Promoting Opportunity

AREA OF INTEREST Social Mobility & Inclusion

Sarah Atkinson is the Chief Executive of the Social Mobility Foundation, a charity working to make a practical difference to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds across the UK. Before joining the SMF, Sarah was the Executive Director for Strategy, Policy and Communications at the Charity Commission. Prior to that, she worked within the private sector, including roles with Nationwide Building Society and in public affairs consultancy. Ms Atkinson is a member of the Charity Tax Commission and has board roles at Endometriosis UK, Womankind Worldwide, and the Professional Association of Childcare and Early Years. She is also a Leadership Fellow at St George’s House, Windsor as well as a mentor on the Leaders Plus fellowship programme.

WHAT’S YOUR TOP TIP FOR A COMPANY THAT IS THINKING OF APPLYING FOR A QUEEN’S AWARD? Don’t just tell us what you've done, tell us what difference it has made, and to whom. Show us that you've been able to create real opportunities for disadvantaged people, and how employees across your business have really engaged. DESCRIBE THE BENEFITS OF BEING A QUEEN’S AWARDSWINNER, AS YOU SEE IT The judging process is exacting and Awards are only given where a business has been able to show commitment to Promoting Opportunity over a sustained period and demonstrate it has made a difference. So winners can be confident that the Award is a real mark of excellence and marks them out to customers, employees and the wider community as a top performer. DESCRIBE A FEW FEATURES YOU BELIEVE MAKE BRITISH BUSINESSES SUCH A GLOBAL SUCCESS One of the hallmarks of British business is that we are truly innovative and we certainly see that across all the businesses and social enterprises that are recognised in the Queen's Awards. Strong bonds with the communities in which businesses are located, and investment in long-term relationships, are also, for me, hallmarks of British business. ANYTHING ELSE YOU’D LIKE TO ADD? The pandemic has highlighted and increased the barriers which prevent disadvantaged people achieving their potential, but it has also inspired many businesses to respond to the challenge and invest in social mobility. I’m looking forward to seeing that reflected in next year’s entries.

WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE TO BE A JUDGE FOR THE QUEEN’S AWARDS? Social mobility is one of the biggest challenges facing our country at the moment and it's vital for our economy and our society that we level the playing field for people from disadvantaged backgrounds and neglected communities. We need to celebrate the achievements of UK businesses and social enterprises that have committed to social mobility, and the Queen's Awards do exactly that. WHY DO THE QUEEN’S AWARDS MATTER TO BUSINESS? The Queen's Awards are a mark of excellence and I have certainly seen how winning has led to increased profile - both within the UK and internationally - and to increased commercial and partnership opportunities. I know winning an Award in the category of Promoting Opportunity is also a huge morale boost to employees and to the wider community they support, because it recognises the impact they have had. WHAT DOYOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT BEING A QA JUDGE? Reading through all the Awards submissions and seeing the range of entries from businesses of all sizes showcasing their efforts to promote opportunities for disadvantaged groups. The entries that stand out are the ones where every part of the organisation has been engaged and it's clear that the business takes real pride in the difference they are making. They bring a real smile to my face. WHAT SPARKS YOUR INTEREST ACROSS QUEEN’S AWARD APPLICANTS THIS YEAR? Some of the applicants this year were coming back for a second time, having been unsuccessful previously. It was great to see where they they had taken on the feedback and been committed to improvement, and a real pleasure to recommend them for an Award.

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JUDGE’S NAME Lesley Batchelor OBE

The UK is a leader in technologies and innovative design and the world expects a lot from us

CATEGORY International Trade

AREA OF INTEREST All aspects of International Trade & Export

A much-admired champion of exporters, Lesley Batchelor runs, an expert accredited training company that helps businesses identify international opportunities and focus on new export market growth. Hailing from a blue-chip background, Ms Batchelor is active on the APPG Advisory Panel on Trade & Investment and has given evidence to House of Lords Select Committees on Government support for SMEs. She also writes thought leadership pieces for many journals, and is frequently sought out by TV and radio stations for comment on international trade issues. A graduate of Coventry University, the Institute of Export, and the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Lesley was awarded an OBE in 2014 for services to business.

than it sounds. Companies often have several strands to their export strategy as they tailor their approach to the specific needs of that market. As the panel are all experienced in international trade they will understand that it’s complex. We do, however, feel more confident if it is clear in the application. DESCRIBE THE BENEFITS OF BEING A QUEEN’S AWARDSWINNER, AS YOU SEE IT Winning the Queen’s Award for any business brings recognition to the staff, the suppliers, the local community and most importantly, to the international customers around the globe. It represents years of hard work and a great honour for the company. And it is very well deserved. DESCRIBE A FEW FEATURES YOU BELIEVE MAKE BRITISH BUSINESSES SUCH A GLOBAL SUCCESS Businesses that succeed globally have many of the same attributes. The main one is focus, which manifests itself in many ways but those that are well prepared are well received in new markets. Making assumptions about a new market often leads to problems in the initial stages and can make a sustainable relationship harder to achieve and lead to loss of profit. As the saying goes ‘failing to plan is planning to fail!’The UK is a leader in technologies and innovative design and the world expects a lot from us, especially moving forward into new markets. ANYTHING ELSE YOU’D LIKE TO ADD… Each year I look forward to reading the applications and seeing how brilliant the UK is. However, I’d love to have more entries and more businesses trading globally and finding the pleasure of being part of a global force for good. As Thomas Jefferson said; "Commerce and honest friendship for all."

WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE TO BE A JUDGE FOR THE QUEEN’S AWARDS? When I was asked to become a judge, I was completely bowled over! The work that UK businesses do internationally is often unsung, and I believe that the Queen’s Award for them is recognition of their achievements. Being part of this process is so rewarding. WHY DO THE QUEEN’S AWARDS MATTER TO BUSINESS? Exporting is all about communication and the Queen’s Award is a brilliant tool to help businesses prove their credentials and authenticity. HM The Queen is highly regarded and valued across the globe and this makes the Awards easy to translate into goodwill and sustainable trade. A photo of the County Lord Lieutenant in full regalia handing over the award speaks in every language and every export market of the World. WHAT DOYOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT BEING A QA JUDGE? Each year we receive a weighty parcel by registered delivery that contains all the shortlisted case studies. It takes a very long time to read but rewards you with the greatest stories of success, often unusual approaches and always innovative businesses. WHAT SPARKS YOUR INTEREST ACROSS QUEEN’S AWARD APPLICANTS THIS YEAR? One of the interesting takeaways from the applications I’ve noticed is that the Corporate Social Responsibility section is now full of great ideas and full business engagement with the local community. WHAT’S YOUR TOP TIP FOR A COMPANY THAT IS THINKING OF APPLYING FOR A QUEEN’S AWARD? When applying for the Queen’s Award in International Trade you need to be able to articulate your strategy and approach with clarity - this is harder

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2021


JUDGE’S NAME Neil Crockett

Innovation will be the heartbeat of the UK's economic and social success in a post- Brexit and post-Covid world

CATEGORY Innovation

AREA OF INTEREST Digital Innovation

As Chief Digital Officer at Rolls-Royce PLC, Neil Crockett was a pioneer in developing cutting-edge power solutions. These days, he uses the passion and insight for digital innovation gained from his leadership experience to help organisations going through changes in strategy, culture and execution. As well as his time as CDO at Rolls-Royce, Neil was the founding CEO of the Digital Catapult and held several European and UK leadership roles during a 15-year career at Cisco. Mr Crockett is currently a Trustee at Barnardo's, the UK’s largest children's charity, and a Director at CatalystNI, a not- for-profit organisation driving knowledge economy innovation in Northern Ireland. Elsewhere he is a Board Advisor at MonolithAI, an exciting AI start-up for engineers, and a Fellow at Be The Business, a not-for-profit organisation accelerating productivity within UK SMEs.

WHAT SPARKSYOUR INTEREST ACROSS QUEEN’S AWARD APPLICANTS THISYEAR? The diversity of the innovations; the companies; the sectors - the innovation approaches was even higher than last year. I was also really encouraged with the growing number of companies that are harnessing data science and AI within their product innovations and offering their products as a service. WHAT’SYOUR TOP TIP FOR A COMPANYTHAT IS THINKING OF APPLYING FOR A QUEEN’S AWARD? It really is not that difficult to apply, especially when you weigh it against the benefits! My main tip would be to make sure you use simple language and include powerful customer examples - why your innovation is different and better for customers and is more than just a better "me to" offering. DESCRIBE THE BENEFITS OF BEING A QUEEN’S AWARDSWINNER, AS YOU SEE IT It places you in a group of innovators that the UK is promoting as its best. How cool is that, and what an amazing way to motivate employees, impress investors and convince customers at home and abroad. Also I believe just going through the application process (and feedback) can help a business structure, mature and benchmark its own innovation process and plans. DESCRIBE A FEW FEATURESYOU BELIEVE MAKE BRITISH BUSINESSES SUCH A GLOBAL SUCCESS • A reputation for innovation and creativity in solving complex problems, • Getting on the ground to build close collaboration with customers in order to spot market opportunities early, • A reputation for service - which is going to be increasingly critical as more products are offered as a service, • Trust in quality and an ability to deliver, • Increasingly the UK's reputation as a leader in data, cyber security and AI innovation.

WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE TO BE A JUDGE FOR THE QUEEN’S AWARDS? The Queen's Awards are a combination of something I passionately believe in and which I can bring value to - getting involved was an easy decision! Innovation will be the heartbeat of the UK's economic and social success in a post-Brexit and post-Covid world, especially in my view the up-and- coming generation of innovators harnessing the explosion of new digital technologies and data science breakthroughs. We need high-profile programs like the Queen's Awards to encourage, reward and promote the UK's best. WHY DO THE QUEEN’S AWARDS MATTER TO BUSINESS? It offers a lot and we need to get more businesses involved. The first and most obvious point is that for businesses establishing themselves, the Queen's Award is a hugely prestigious, recognised and established global brand to endorse your business for a five year period. But it goes much deeper than that. The Award opens the door to a powerful network of new supporters and contacts, the shared pride of the Award will motivate your employees, is a validation that will impress investors and last but certainly not least, is a recognition that will help convince customers - especially export customers. WHAT DOYOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT BEING A QA JUDGE? It is a privilege to see how diverse and vibrant innovation is across the UK. There are so many types of innovations, in so many different sectors, across every size of business and monetised in so many ways. It is also fantastic to see that often the innovations with most impact are simple ones based on a deep understanding of what a customer needs rather than what deep R&D can make possible. I also really enjoy and value the insights and learning I take away from the rich and robust (but always constructive) discussions on the judging panel.

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JUDGE’S NAME Karim Fatehi MBE CATEGORY International Trade

Using the Queen’s Award emblem is a stamp of trust that leads to future success

AREA OF INTEREST International business development for UK plc

Karim Fatehi is the CEO of United Corporation Ltd, a globally approved Engineering Procurement Management company serving the oil and gas energy sector. Along with providing high-quality, professional engineering services to major players in the petrochemical and gas industry, United Corporation has won the Queen's Award for International Trade on two separate occasions in 2007 & 2011. Mr Fatehi was appointed an MBE for services to International Trade in 2012.

WHAT’S YOUR TOP TIP FOR A COMPANY THAT IS THINKING OF APPLYING FOR A QUEEN’S AWARD? Thinking of receiving an award has a great feel-good factor, but getting the award is a serious privilege that encourages you on your way to greater global success. DESCRIBE THE BENEFITS OF BEING A QUEEN’S AWARDSWINNER, AS YOU SEE IT We have been privileged to have won the award twice. That has increased our business three-fold and afforded us a massive opportunity with both our clients and our worldwide supply chain. DESCRIBE A FEW FEATURES YOU BELIEVE MAKE BRITISH BUSINESSES SUCH A GLOBAL SUCCESS Truly, the Queens’s Award is the most credible UK award with great prestige. Using the Queens’s Award emblem is a stamp of trust that leads to future success.

WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE TO BE A JUDGE FOR THE QUEEN’S AWARDS? Passion and determination for International Trade as we are a global trading nation in the UK. WHY DO THE QUEEN’S AWARDS MATTER TO BUSINESS? Winning the Queen’s Award provided us with a huge opportunity of trust and created new global opportunities in getting contracts, finding new supply channels and breaking into new markets with an increased credibility and a seal of approval. WHAT DOYOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT BEING A QA JUDGE? Seeing the incredible potentials with UK companies and a looking into their total commitment for global challenge with determination to make Britain great. WHAT SPARKS YOUR INTEREST ACROSS QUEEN’S AWARD APPLICANTS THIS YEAR? The variety of talents, commitment and development regarding export strategy with full confidence.

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2021


JUDGE’S NAME William Fletcher

The Queen’s Awards show businesses that they are trusted, valued and recognised for work which goes above and beyond simply profitably delivering a service or product

CATEGORY Promoting Opportunity

AREA OF INTEREST Corporate social responsibility

An experienced and diverse business leader, William has worked across the recycling, finance and food retail sectors for PLCs, family-owned and private equity-run businesses in the UK and internationally. In his most recent post, as Managing Director then Chief Executive of Recycling Lives Ltd - a national waste management business supporting charitable programmes - he grew the business nationally and increased sales ten- fold without compromising on its strong social values. Under his leadership, the company earned three Queen’s Awards, for International Trade, Promoting Opportunity and Sustainable Development, adding to an earlier win for Sustainable Development.

WHAT’S YOUR TOP TIP FOR A COMPANY THAT IS THINKING OF APPLYING FOR A QUEEN’S AWARD? Don’t underestimate the application process – be sure to give it the respect it deserves and you’ll reap the benefits. It’s a thorough process which offers an opportunity to take a step back from your business and view it afresh. Don’t forget to really get in to the how and why of your business, as well as simply what you do and what's delivered – for example, problem-solving for your customers is as vital as profit growth for your shareholders. DESCRIBE THE BENEFITS OF BEING A QUEEN’S AWARDSWINNER, AS YOU SEE IT I believe a Queen’s Award is both a quality mark signalling your expertise and credibility externally and a cause for celebration - sharing your achievement with your team, without whom your achievements and impact would not be possible. For the Promoting Opportunity category in particular, it’s recognition both individually and to wider society of how businesses can, and do, significantly support communities beyond just their stakeholders. DESCRIBE A FEW FEATURES YOU BELIEVE MAKE BRITISH BUSINESSES SUCH A GLOBAL SUCCESS Along with the quality of our services, products and teams, I think we’re known for integrity in our dealings, adaptability in problem-solving and evolving our work. This is certainly what I’ve seen amongst Queen’s Award winners, who are flying the flag for British business globally.

WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE TO BE A JUDGE FOR THE QUEEN’S AWARDS? Having experienced first-hand the prestige and business benefits that come from being a Queen’s Award holder, I was keen to give my time to the judging process again, to welcome a new cohort of inspirational businesses. WHY DO THE QUEEN’S AWARDS MATTER TO BUSINESS? I maintain my view that the Queen’s Awards show businesses that they are trusted, valued and recognised for work which goes above and beyond simply profitably delivering a service or product. By recognising businesses of all sizes across all sectors, the Awards also allow smaller businesses to gain the same respect as - and compete on a level playing field with - larger, more established organisations. WHAT DOYOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT BEING A QA JUDGE? I enjoyed having the opportunity to learn about and take lessons from other organisations: their motivations, solutions, ambitions and challenges. This felt particularly poignant in a period that has been challenging for so many businesses. Seeing how people have adapted to survive and thrive was inspiring. WHAT SPARKS YOUR INTEREST ACROSS QUEEN’S AWARD APPLICANTS THIS YEAR? I was impressed by how businesses and social enterprises have adapted to the challenges created by the pandemic and lockdowns, particularly how a number moved quickly to offer additional support to their communities at a time of uncertainty and growing need.

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