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APRIL 2023

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REGULARS 4 Editor's Letter


In this month’s Vars , we celebrate the importance of communities – and of making your voice heard.


6 Make Your Voice Heard at This Year’s IDP Open Days At Drakenstein Municipality, integrated development planning is a collaborative approach. 20 Ontmoet Jou Wykskomitee Wyk 3 se wykskomitee spreek kritiese behoeftes aan.



12 Keeping Shared Spaces Clear in #MyCleanCommunity Living in a clean environment is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing.


22 IPhulo loLwazi lwe GBV

liQhutywa yiNtsebenziswano nesiSombululo.


VARS | April

EXPLORE DRAKENSTEIN 14 Experience the 'Taste of the Veld' Explore the uniqueness of Drakenstein’s fynbos flavours with farmer Giselle Courtney from Wellington. 18 Gemeenskapsprofiel: Drakenstein se 'Huis van Hoop' 16 Sport: 'Parkrun' Is 'Park Fun'! By ‘n “parkrun” raak deelnemers gou-gou soos familie. Almal leer mekaar ken en ondersteun mekaar. iKhaya le Themba maak ‘n wesenlike verskil aan die gemeenskap van Drakenstein. BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT 8 Sakeprofiel: Wellingtonse Plaas Sorg vir Alkoholvrye ‘Vonkel’ by Bahrainse F1 Dié roosgeurige alkoholvrye “vonkelwyn” kom reg uit die hartjie van Wellington. 10 Abasebenzi abanesakhono Ngamazwi e-Izwelethu Security Projects, “Ukhuselo alusiso isiphumo; yinkqubo.”




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VARS | April

We are Celebrating our People – Your Opinion Matters

People. Families. Communities. They are the heartbeat of our society and the reason for any municipality’s existence. We are living in fascinating times that present us with both challenges and opportunities. The only way to make true progress is through healthy collaboration between Drakenstein Municipality and our communities. In this month’s Vars , we celebrate the importance of communities – and of making your voice heard. As is customary in the month of April, all Drakenstein residents have an opportunity to get involved in the Municipality’s Integrated Development Planning (IDP) process. Several IDP Open Days are being hosted across our 33 wards, giving residents the opportunity to give their input into service delivery planning in their respective wards. What are you waiting for? Come and have your say at this year’s IDP Open Days. Did you know that the alcohol-free “sparkling wine” that literally rains down on the champions’ podium and spirited fans at the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix hails right from the heart of Wellington? We popped in at Expérience d’Arauna where owner Bernus van der Westhuizen worked his magic to produce this winner. Next, we headed to Mbekweni to bring you the scoop on community safety in action. Izwelethu Security Projects knows what it takes to keep individuals and businesses safe. This private security company also plays an active role in generating employment opportunities in Drakenstein. In their words, “Security is not a product; it is a process.” Safety is as important as cleanliness, and while Drakenstein Municipality works around the clock to clear municipal areas and promptly respond to resident calls, community members also have a collective responsibility to help create a healthier and more sustainable future for Drakenstein and our future generations. Inspired by local community members who have been rolling up their sleeves to keep our common spaces clean, the Municipality launched the #MyCleanCommunity awareness campaign. This is a must-read! Come along as we experience the “Taste of the Veld” and chat to local businesswoman Giselle Courtney, founder of South African Fynbos , who tells us about the uniqueness of our country’s indigenous fynbos flavours and the recognition these deserve. She also shares her cooking-with-fynbos secrets as well as details of the exquisite tasting experience she offers on her Wellington farm.


VARS | April

In Drakenstein, our people are undoubtedly our greatest asset. Here, our communities always come first. That is why it is so important that you give your input into how your area and neighbourhood are being developed and let us know what your service delivery challenges are. Be sure to attend the IDP (Integrated Development Plan) Open Day in your area in April, or send us an email or letter with your comments. We want to hear from you! „ - Executive Mayor, Alderman Conrad Poole

Wondering how to kickstart your Saturday with some healthy fun that will get the endorphins flowing? Look no further than a parkrun in your area! It is inclusive, family-friendly, and everyone is welcome. And did we mention free? We share everything you need to know in this Vars about these community gatherings where you can walk or run (or sprint, if you are so inclined) five kilometres - all while meeting new faces and making friends. We visited iKhaya le Themba, Drakenstein’s “House of Hope” , which offers holistic care to vulnerable children and families in Wellington and Mbekweni. Through the efficient allocation of resources and training of volunteers, iKhaya le Themba is changing lives one step at a time. From food programmes and weekly playgroups to reading clubs (and more), this is a story you cannot miss. For this month’s ward committee profile, Vars had the pleasure of having coffee with Ward 3’s Councillor Annelize van Rooyen and her dynamic and hardworking committee. Together, this team strives to address critical service needs promptly, serve their residents with passion and integrity, and build a safe and happy environment. This Vars is our special tribute to the various communities of Drakenstein – and a call for our residents to make their voices heard. Because: community matters. May it be an enjoyable and inspiring read! Be sure to share your content ideas with us at and encourage your neighbour to also subscribe at Drakenstein - Vars-E-newsletter.

From the Vars editorial team


VARS | April

In terms of the Municipal Systems Act (No. 32 of 2000), all municipalities are legally mandated to create an IDP – a strategic five-year plan which specifies the development needs of the applicable municipal area. In short, an IDP helps a municipality to focus on the most important service needs of its communities, all while carefully considering the financial resources at the municipality’s disposal. And what better way to identify local service needs than to consult residents directly? At Drakenstein Municipality, integrated development planning is a collaborative approach aimed at involving our communities to find the best solutions towards sustainable development. We encourage our residents to make your voices heard in the Draft IDP and Budget public engagement process, which commenced on 4 April 2023 and will conclude on 26 April 2023. Several IDP Open Days are being hosted across all 33 wards in the Drakenstein municipal area. These sessions afford the people of Drakenstein the opportunity to give their input on service delivery issues in their respective wards. Communities will also have the opportunity to give feedback on the Municipality's Spatial Development Framework (SDF), which is a spatial representation of the needs and proposals that have been identified in the IDP. When these engagements are concluded, the public’s comments will be taken into consideration and incorporated into the final IDP, Budget, and SDF, which will be tabled to Council at the end of May 2023. Once approved by Council, all development and projects for the next five years must comply with the stipulations of the plan. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, join us at an Open Day in your area and make your voice heard. For dates, times, and venues, click here . The Draft IDP can be viewed here . The Draft Budget can be viewed here , and the Draft SDF here .

Make Your Voice Heard at This Year's IDP Open Days

Those working in a municipal environment will be all too familiar with the abbreviation “IDP” – short for Integrated Development Plan – being wedged into many work conversations and emails. But for others, IDP might as well be a new slang word invented by millennials. So, let’s unpack why integrated development planning can be described as a municipality’s blueprint for action and how Drakenstein’s residents can make their voices heard and get involved in this planning process.


VARS | April

Schedule of IDP/Budget Open Days




Gouda Community Hall Saron Community Hall Wellington Town Hall Paarl Town Hall Paarl Town Hall Windmeul Primary School Wellington Town Hall Safmarine Hall, Wellington Deutscher Klub, Paarl Paarl East Thusong Centre

31 30

Thur, 13 April 2023 Thur, 13 April 2023 Mon, 17 April 2023 Tue, 18 April 2023 Tue, 18 April 2023 Wed, 19 April 2023 Wed, 19 April 2023 Thur, 20 April 2023 Thur, 20 April 2023 Mon, 24 April 2023 Mon, 24 April 2023 Tue, 25 April 2023 Tue, 25 April 2023 Wed, 26 April 2023 Wed, 26 April 2023 Tue, 4 April 2023 Tue, 4 April 2023 Wed, 5 April 2023 Wed, 5 April 2023 Tue, 11 April 2023 Tue, 11 April 2023 Wed, 12 April 2023 Wed, 12 April 2023

2, 18, 29 4, 15, 28 17, 19 3 10, 11 7 23, 33 21, 22, 24 6 13, 14

Old Library, Groenheuwel Mbekweni Community Hall Fairyland Community Hall Charleston Hill Secondary School Charis Worship Church, Paarl Colibri Hall, Wellington Mbekweni Community Hall Simondium Community Hall Amstelhof Primary School Paulus Joubert Primary School, Paarl

32 20 25

5 8 1

27 26 16 9 12

Mbekweni Community Hall Mbekweni Thusong Centre Mbekweni Community Hall

Apart from attending the Open Days, community members can also provide their input via email to or write to the Office of the City Manager, Paarl Civic Centre, Berg River Boulevard, PO Box 1, Paarl, 7646. Comments must reach us by no later than 28 April 2023. Comments on the Draft SDF must be submitted in writing to the City Manager, Drakenstein Municipality, PO Box 1, Paarl, 7622, or , by no later than 8 May 2023 . No late comments will be considered. We would love to hear your thoughts on how we can make Drakenstein a better place to live, work, and play in and further grow our city of excellence.


VARS | April

Sakeprofiel: Wellingtonse Plaas Sorg vir Alkoholvrye ‘Vonkel’ by Bahrainse F1

Het jy geweet die roosgeurige alkoholvrye “vonkelwyn” wat letterlik neerreën oor die kampioene-podium en begeesterde toeskouers by die Bahrainse Formule 1 Grand Prix kom reg uit die hartjie van Wellington? Dis reg. Dié wêreldbekende “vonkelwyn” word by Expérience d’Arauna in Wellington vervaardig. In 2004, net voor die eerste Grand Prix in Bahrain, het ‘n oproep uitgegaan vir ‘n alkoholvrye produk (wat voldoen aan dié Moslemland se gebruike) vir die podium, in die plek van sjampanje. Die persoon wie se taak dit was, het ‘n skamele drie weke gehad om met só ‘n produk vorendag te kom. Franse en Italiaanse vervaardigers het hom reeds weggewys. In hierdie tyd gesels hy toe egter met ‘n vriendin en merk spottenderwys op dat sy kop “op ‘n blok” sou wees as hy nie blitsvinnig ‘n plan maak nie. Op haar beurt gesels die vriendin weer met haar broer in Engeland, en hy het ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse vriend wat hom van hierdie einste fabriek op Arauna vertel. Binne ‘n week bevind die

persoonlike sjef van die Kroonprins van Bahrain homself in Suid-Afrika met die konsentraat wat gebottel moet word – vir die podium en die onthaal ná die wedren. Dis ‘n mengsel van rooswater en bestanddele eie aan Bahrain. Na vele probeerslae kry die eienaar van die besigheid, Bernus van der Westhuizen, ‘n werkbare produk aanmekaar geslaan. Met groot haas word dit na Bahrain verskeep waar daardie jaar se Formule 1-wenner, die legendariese Michael Schumacher, in ‘n deurdrenkte rooi Ferrari-uitrusting verklaar dat dit lekker is om na afloop van die wedren na rose te kan ruik! Dié produk word nou reeds twee dekades lank op Wellington vervaardig vir die F1 Grand Prix, asook vir amptelike gebruik in die Bahrainse koningshuis. Gaste aan die plaas kan die produk van naderby besigtig en selfs ‘n glasie geniet! Expérience d’Arauna is ‘n Bolandse oase wat toegevou is in die voorheuwels van die Groenberg. Die negende geslag van dieselfde familie woon steeds hier sedert 1750.


VARS | April

‘n Leerwinkel, genaamd UHU, bied verruklike, topgehalte produkte soos leerbaadjies, beursies, skoene en handsakke te koop teen sakpaspryse. Net langsaan is ’n vintage winkel met items uit vervloë dae. Vars groente en vrugte word op die plaas verpak vir supermarkgroepe. In ‘n aangrensende fabriek word mosterd, slaaisouse en ander produkte vir die uitvoermark vervaardig. Van die vervaardigde items, asook droë vrugte, vars groente, heuning, olyfolie, tuisgebakte beskuit en plaasbrood word te koop aangebied in die Plaaswinkel. Dit is juis hier in dié fabriek waar Arauna die alkoholvrye “vonkelwyn” vir die Bahrainse F1 gemaak het. Expérience d’Arauna is oop van Dinsdae tot Vrydae vanaf 9:00 tot 17:00 , en op Saterdae en Sondae vanaf 9:00 tot 16:00 .

Met smaraggroen grasperke en antieke eikebome wat grens aan ‘n vlei, bied hierdie plaas ‘n blaaskans vir enigeen wat die stadsgewoel wil ontsnap. Besoekers kan ontspan by ’n groot vleidam, omring deur skaduryke bome, terwyl hulle ‘n uitsig geniet wat strek vanaf Tafelberg tot by die koringlande van die Swartland. Daaglikse geregte word voorberei met die klem op vars en kontreikos. Elke Sondag word heerlike plaasetes voorberei met ‘n spyskaart wat weekliks wissel. Geregte soos oondgebraaide skaapboud, hoenderpastei en beesstertbredies word voorgesit met varsgebakte plaasbrood. Die plaas is ten volle gelisensieerd, so gaste kan ‘n glasie plaaslike wyn met hul ete geniet. Die plaas bied ook tuintroues, verjaardagpartytjies en jaareindfunksies aan. “High teas” met allerlei fyngebak, bedien in die fynste porselein, is ‘n instelling by Expérience d’Arauna. Omdat dit ‘n werkende plaas met ‘n baie lang geskiedenis is, is daar heelwat te besigtig: van die ou kelder met sy oorspronklike wyntenke en gereedskap, tot die reuse pot (waarin walvisolie gekook is) wat op 'n skeepsveiling in die vroeë 1900s aangeskaf is. Daar is ook ‘n gemaklike staproete met inspirerende uitsigte en volop foto-geleenthede. ‘n Fietsroete wat al deel van die Absa Cape Epic-bergfietsresies gevorm het, strek ook oor ‘n gedeelte van die plaas. Elke laaste Saterdag van die maand word ‘n plaasmark aangebied waar handwerk, plaasprodukte en tuisgemaakte lekkernye te koop is. ‘n Wynproe van plaaslike wyne word ook elke laaste Vrydagaand van die maand gehou.

Die negende geslag van dieselfde familie woon steeds hier sedert 1750.

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VARS | April

Abasebenzi abane- sakhono – ‘Ukhuseleko aluyomveliso; yinkqubo’

ukubekwa kweliso kusetyenziswa iCCTV (umabonakude obonisa okwenzeka kufutshane nekhaya) okanye iikhamera, nonogada abajikelezayo, kubandakanywa oonogada abajikeleza ngezithuthi kunye namagosa asemgangathweni okhuseleko. Zonke iinkonzo ezinikezelwa yi-Izwelethu zenziwa ngabasebenzi abaqeqeshwe kakuhle, abaxhotyisiweyo, nabavuselelekileyo ababekwa iliso rhoqo ngeyure ngumphathi obaphetheyo. Kwi-Izwelethu, umbono wayo kukusebenza njengenkampani yenkonzo yokhuseleko esemgangathweni. Iqikelela okokuba ibe nokuthelekiseka nabona bankqenkqeza phambili kushishino, yaye izamela ukufezekisa imigangatho yehlabathi kwiinkonzo zokhuseleko.

Izwelethu Security Projects , iseMbekweni, ePaarl, yasekwa ngowama-2014, ze emva kwangoko yaqalisa iinkonzo zayo zokhuseleko

ngowama-2015. Ekuqaleni, yanikezela ngeenkonzo ezikolweni nakwimisitho, nokubeka iliso kwiindawo zokupakwa kweemoto nasemakhaya.

Sibulela iminyaka yayo yamava, Izwelethu iyakwazi ukubaluleka kokugcina abantu kunye namashishini ekhuselekile. Izwelethu ngokwakaloku nje ibonelela ezi nkonzo zilandelayo: oonogada, ukusabela ngokukhawuleza, ulawulo lwesango lokungena nokuphuma, iinkonzo zentengiso, iinkonzo kwimisitho, amagosa okhuseleko okanye abahamba nezinja,


VARS | April

Umnqophiso wayo kukuzibophelela ekunikezeleni ngeenkonzo zokhuseleko ezithembekileyo, ezilondoloza iindleko nezijolise kumxhamli wenkonzo ngawo onke amaxesha. Ukufezekisa oku, ikhetha oonogada bokhuseleko abanekhono ethi ngoko ibaqeqeshe ze ibagcineleukuba banikezele ngeenkonzo ezilungileyo kubo bonke abaxhamli bayo. Iinqobo eziphambili ze-Izwelethu zijolise ekuphatheni abaxhamli benkonzo ngesidima nangentlonipho; zibonise ukuthembeka nokuzinikela; zihambelane nemigangatho ezikumgangatho ophezulu; ngokunjalo nokugcina iimfuno ezisemthethweni ze Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) kunye nomthetho wesizwe. Ngaphezulu, zinikela ngenkonzo equlathe konke kubaxhamli babo benkonzo, kunokuba zisebenze njengesithinteli. Ngokusetyenziswa kweempawu zokuqala, ukunikezela ingqwalasela, kunye nenkonzo epheleleyo yomxhamli, ifuna ukwangezelela ixabiso kwiinkampani zabaxhamli bazo. yobuchule yokuziphatha; zinikezele ngeenkonzo kubaxhzmli benkonzo Emva kweminyaka yokucwangcisa nokukhuliswa kwamava alungileyo, Izwelethu, iseke kutshanje i-Izwelethu Protection and Training Academy enikezela ngoqeqesho nakuye nawuphi na umntu othanda ukuzibandakanya nokhuseleko.

I-Academy inikezelela ngezifundo ezibanzi ezikhethiweyo zokhuseleko, ezisusela kwiGreyidi E ukuya kwiGreyidi A, ze bakuba bezigqibe ngempumelelo, abaqeqeshwa banikezelwa izatifikethi zePSIRA. Inkqubo yoqeqesho ingxininisa kuphuhliso lwezakhono, ibandakanya indlela yokuziphatha, ukongamela indlela yokucinga. Abaqeqeshwa bafundiswa ukuba basebenze njengabathibazi, babe nokubona izenzo ezirhanisayo, nokunika ingxelo ngezehlo xa kukho imfuneko. Uqeqesho oluhlangeneyo lokhuseleko lujolise ekuxhobiseni abaqeqeshwa ngezakhono ezuyimfuneko ukube babe nokwenza imisebenzi yabo ngokufanelekileyo. Ukwenza isicelo sesifundo, kufuneka ube nencwadi yesazisi yaseMzantsi Afrika, ungabinayo imbali yokubandakanyeka kulwaphulo-mthetho ecaleni kwegama lakho. Izwelethu idlala indima ebalulekileyo ekuveliseni amathuba engqesho eDrakenstein ngokuqesha oonogada bokhuseleko ababhalisiweyo kwiPRISA nabafundisi bethutyana. Uninizi lwaba bafundisi bebengaqeshwanga ngaphambili isithuba eside, yaye ingqesho yabo e-Izwelethu ibanikezela ngeendlela zokuxhasa iintsapho zabo. Ngokubonelela ngamathuba engqesho kubemi bengingqi, Izwelethu iyanikela kuphuhliso loqoqosho lweDrakenstein. Izwelethu izama ukunikela ngakumbi kummandla waseDrakenstein, xa kuthe kwavela ithuba lokwenza njalo, yaye yenza ubuncinane enakho ukubenza ukunceda kumlo wolwaphulo-mthetho eMzantsi Afrika.

Ngamazwi e-Izwelethu, “Ukhuselo alusiso isiphumo; yinkqubo.”

Qhagamshelana ne-Izwelethu Security Projects kule nombolo 021 872 0486 ; 071 173 0466 ; okanye 073 179 8472 .


VARS | April

Living in a clean environment is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing, and everyone should have access to clean and healthy living spaces. This goal involves taking consistent actions to discourage illegal dumping and littering, reduce waste, properly dispose of trash and recyclables, and keep public spaces clean. While Drakenstein Municipality works around the clock to clear municipal areas and respond to resident calls promptly, community members also have a key and collective responsibility to help create a healthier and more sustainable future for Drakenstein and our future generations. Inspired by local community members who have been rolling up their sleeves to keep our common spaces clean, the Municipality launched our #MyCleanCommunity awareness campaign last month. With this drive, we are eager to showcase proud communities who are not hesitant to get their hands dirty to clear and beautify their neighbourhoods and, in the process, help to educate the youth on the importance of a clean environment.

Living in a clean environment is essential for our wellbeing.

Keeping Shared Spaces Clear in #MyCleanCommunity


VARS | April

For example, in last month’s Vars , we featured Marshall Hendricks , determined Drakenstein resident and ward committee member. This local hero identified illegal dumping in a local park and decided to invite his community members to join him in cleaning up the area. The results were truly inspiring and created awareness of what is possible with the right mindset and teamwork. Over the next few months, the Municipality will continue to focus on similar role models and share their inspiring stories with you. “For Drakenstein Municipality, ensuring clean communities involves taking actions such as proper waste management; implementing recycling programmes; reducing pollution, littering and illegal dumping; and promoting education and awareness about the importance of maintaining a clean environment,” says Sonia Frans, Manager: Solid Waste and Landfill Management at the Municipality.

Marshall Hendricks, Ward 10 committee member

The Municipality invites our residents to take up their roles in this exciting campaign. “Be proud. Use the #MyCleanCommunity hashtag to show us how you’re keeping your community clean,” says Sonia.

Drakenstein Municipality takes action to ensure clean communities.

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VARS | April

Experience the ‘Taste of the Veld’

Giselle Courtney decided to move to Wellington to seek a new lifestyle for her family. This region, once covered in fynbos, soon captured her heart when she discovered the critically

endangered remnant of the Swartland Renosterveld on her Wellington farm.

It was Giselle’s search for her true South African identity that led her to discover fynbos’ unique flavours, and so she became the founder of the distinctive South African Fynbos brand, with its range of indigenous herbs and seasonings. Her hope is that one day we would all share in the herbs indigenous to our country and that, eventually, these flavours would become part of the herbs of the world. Giselle strives tirelessly to put South Africa’s indigenous herbs on the world’s culinary map. When asked what motivates this passion, she speaks of the days of the East Indian Trading Company and how the intricate flavours of fynbos have been overlooked all throughout history. In those years, when ships docked at the Cape on their way to the Far East, a wealth of flavour was hidden under our forefathers’ noses and stayed that way for many years. Her avid search for identity had less to do with an individual need to belong and more with the need she noticed in her fellow South Africans. She describes them as “custodians of the Big Five”, entrusted with natural gems bigger than ourselves.

Fynbos farmer, Giselle Courtney

Giselle strives tirelessly to put South Africa’s indigenous herbs on the world’s culinary map. “ „


VARS | April

We chat with Giselle Courtney, founder of South African Fynbos, about the uniqueness of the South African fynbos flavours and the recognition these deserve. Press play to learn more!

In the same way that we guard our precious animals, Giselle believes our country’s indigenous flora cries out to be noticed, conserved, and enjoyed. “Fynbos binds us together,” she explains, referring to the common heritage shared by all South Africans. “We can all share in our heritage by cooking with fynbos, using its uniquely South African flavours.” The Drakenstein region is home to a critically endangered biome within the fynbos species known as the Swartland Renosterveld. Two edible varieties, namely the Rhinobush and Snowbush, are so prolific in this area that Giselle easily stumbled across them while exploring her farm. She calls these distinct flavours “the taste of the veld” and shares some cooking tips: “Rhinobush works wonders on a burger, while Snowbush complements a rich mushroom sauce perfectly.” Giselle is a firm believer in sustainability and her harvesting efforts aid conservation. “Our farming of Rhinobush and Snowbush will contribute to their sustainability in the long run. Harvesting conserves these plants because we do not use the roots but rather the leaves and stems. This creates commercial value for the plants.” With a smile, she adds, “We also use them in the kitchen to ensure sustainability.” In addition to the range of herbs and

seasonings produced by South African Fynbos, Giselle treats visitors to tasting masterclasses to promote the use of fynbos in the kitchen. To explore the “taste of the veld” for yourself, you can contact her for an exquisite fynbos-tasting experience on her farm. The experience entails a full two-hour immersion in the infusion of no less than 11 fynbos flavours. Through a tapas-style lunch, guests are encouraged to experiment with the flavours of fynbos, after which a stroll on the farm, with views of Paarl Rock and Groenberg, rounds off the experience. Contact Giselle Courtney at 066 225 5722 or email for more information. You can also follow them on Instagram for cooking tips southafricanfynbos/

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VARS | April

'Parkrun' Is 'Park Fun'!

‘n dosyn vriende het bymekaargekom om saam in ‘n park te hardloop. En van daar het dit begin groei! In Suid-Afrika is die eerste “parkrun” in November 2011 in Delta Park, Johannesburg, gehou nadat ‘n internasionale “parkrun”- organisasie die marathon- en ultramarathon-ster, Bruce Fordyce, genader het om die plaaslike “parkrun”-ambassadeur te wees.

Om deel van ‘n “parkrun” te wees, is deesdae die in-ding!

Nog nie daarvan gehoor nie? Lees dan verder.

Die “parkrun”-verskynsel is ‘n gratis gemeenskapsbyeenkoms waar jy vyf kilometer kan stap, draf of hardloop, óf jy kan ‘n beampte of toeskouer wees. Regoor die wêreld vind “parkruns” Saterdagoggende plaas. Om aan ‘n “parkrun” deel te neem, laat jou sommer baie positief voel. Dis inklusief en ja, almal is welkom. Boonop is daar geen tydsbeperking nie. Eintlik eindig niemand ooit laaste nie.

Soos “parkruns” al hoe gewilder geword het, het die behoefte aan plaaslike geleenthede groter geraak. Die eerste “parkrun” in die Wes- Kaap is by die Root 44-mark buite Stellenbosch gehou, wat op sy beurt die behoefte aan ‘n “parkrun” in die Paarl laat ontstaan het.

In die begin was daar…

Die heel eerste “parkrun” is in 2004 in die Verenigde Koninkryk gehou. ‘n Bietjie meer as



VARS | April

Drakenstein Sport Calendar

“Parkrun” is “Park Fun” By ‘n “parkrun” raak deelnemers gou-gou soos familie. Almal leer mekaar ken en ondersteun mekaar – of jy nou hardloop, stap of uithelp. Mense daag Saterdag na Saterdag op om tyd saam met hulle vriende of mede-“parkrunners” deur te bring. Elkeen stel ook sy eie persoonlike doelwitte. By ‘n “parkrun” is die gonswoord of -frase PB of “Personal Best”. Jy hoor sommer Saterdagoggende hoe mede-“parkrunners” se eerste vraag aan mekaar is: "Wat is jou PB?" Om aan ‘n “parkrun” deel te neem, daag jou fisies en sosiaal uit.

TinMan Val de Vie

Date: 14 April 2023

Location: Val De Vie, Paarl

More info: events/78632-tinman-val-de-vie-1

Paarl Gimnasium vs. Affies (Premier Interschools)

Date: 22 April 2023

Location: Paarl Gimnasium, Paarl

Sluit aan en deel in die pret

More info:

Dis baie maklik om te registreer. Gaan na en volg die eenvoudige stappe. Druk daarna jou strepieskode (“bar code”) uit en bring dit saam. Jy het die strepieskode vir jou PB nodig.

Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve Trail Series Super League

Date: 23 April 2023

Location: Afrikaanse Taal Monument, Paarl More info:

Jy sal gou agterkom: “Parkrun” is inderdaad “park fun”!

Safari Half Marathon

Date: 1 May 2023

Location: Huguenot High School, Wellington More info: event/safari-topevents-co-za/

Boland School for Autism Annual Golf Day

Date: 12 May 2023

Location: Boschenmeer Golf Estate, Paarl More info: boland-school-for-autism-annual-golf- day/200024103478527

s" is inklusief en almal kan deelneem.


VARS | April

Drakenstein se ‘Huis van Hoop’

iKhaya le Themba se vrywilligers is bekend vir hul deernis en sagmoedigheid.

iKhaya le Themba werk om jeug-geletterdheid te verbeter.

iKhaya le Themba, wat letterlik na “huis van hoop” vertaal kan word, is ‘n bediening van die Joshua Generation Church en ‘n organisasie wat ‘n wesenlike verskil aan die gemeenskap van Drakenstein maak. Hul bestaan is gegrond op ‘n passie om gesinne in die gemeenskap te versterk sodat gemeenskapslede kan floreer. Hierdie dinamiese bediening vorm deel van die Valcare-netwerk in Drakenstein, ‘n groep eendersdenkende organisasies wat werk om voedingsuitdagings en voedselskaarsheid in die gemeenskap aan te spreek.

iKhaya le Themba is goed verteenwoordig in Drakenstein; die Joshua Generation Church het ‘n volle drie gemeentes in die area. Die meeste vrywilligers is lidmate van die kerk wat daarna streef om hul medemens te dien. Dit is juis deur die doeltreffende aanwending van hulpbronne en die opleiding van vrywilligers wat praktiese behoeftes in die gemeenskap aanspreek, dat iKhaya le Themba menige lewens wil aanraak.


VARS | April

Vrywilligers word toegerus met die nodige vaardighede om na gemeenskapsbehoeftes om te sien. Daar is byvoorbeeld ‘n groep vroue in Van Wyksvlei wat weeklikse speelgroepe vir kinders aanbied. Tydens hierdie groeptye kan kinders hulself geniet, maar word hulle ook gevoed. Weeklikse voedingskemas sorg ook dat die kinders wat hierdie speelgroepe bywoon, gesond bly. Daar word dus na die kinders se fisiese sowel as hul emosionele welstand omgesien. In hul onderskeie gemeenskappe, is iKhaya le Themba se vrywilligers bekend vir die deernis en sagmoedigheid wat hulle aan die dag lê. iKhaya le Themba het ook onlangs leesklubs van stapel gestuur om die gemeenskap se jeug-geletterdheid te verbeter. In samewerking met hul leesklubbegunstigdes, sien iKhaya le Themba uit daarna om gemeenskapslede selfs te leer tuinmaak. Deur kinders te leer hoe om groentetuine te onderhou, word praktiese vaardighede aangeleer en sodanige behoeftes in die gemeenskap aangespreek. Deur die loop van die jaar bied iKhaya le Themba ook verskeie projekte aan waarby die gemeenskap kan betrokke raak. Aan die begin van die jaar verskaf hulle skryfbehoeftes

Verlede jaar het iKhaya le Themba begin met traumaopleiding om geslagsgebaseerde geweld in die gemeenskap aan te spreek. Vrywilligers word opgelei om met kinders wat hierdeur geraak word, te werk en hulle te ondersteun. Dit het die vrywilligers daartoe in staat gestel om meer doeltreffend vir die betrokke kinders te sorg tydens hul speelgroepsessies. Hierdie opleidingsprogram sal vanjaar voortgaan. iKhaya le Themba hoop om gedurende die res van hierdie jaar ‘n dieper band tussen soortgelyke organisasies in die gemeenskap te smee, sodat hulle mekaar op ‘n meer persoonlike vlak kan bystaan en bemoedig. As jy belangstel om betrokke te raak by hierdie organisasie se projekte, kan jy hulle kontak by:

Telefoonnommer: 083 616 4245 WhatsApp-nommer: 083 616 4245 E-posadres:

en ander noodsaaklikhede aan leerders. Gedurende die winter samel hulle items vir kospakkies in, en met Kerstyd maak hulle “Love Bags” bymekaar om die Kersseisoen te vier. iKhaya le Themba wil ook nog tydens skoolvakansies ‘n vakansieklub vir die jeug aanbied, sodat kinders toegang kan hê tot etes en ook hulle drukkende kwessies in ‘n veilige omgewing kan bespreek.

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VARS | April

Wyk 3 se Wykskomitee Spreek Kritiese Behoeftes Aan

“Ons wykskomitee se inspirasie is om te alle tye ons inwoners met passie te dien, die gemeenskap te help en dienslewering te verbeter. Ons visie is om 'n veilige en gelukkige omgewing te skep en te bou vir ons kinders en gemeenskap,” sê sy. “Met 'n bekwame wykskomitee sien ons kans vir al die uitdagings wat ons in die gesig staar.” Wyk 3 ervaar uitdagings soos behuising, werkloosheid onder die jeug, veiligheid, dwelmmisbruik en armoede. Dié wykskomitee werk hand aan hand met Drakenstein Munisipaliteit se wetstoepassingsvennote, buurtwagte, plaaswagte en ander sekuriteitsrolspelers om misdaad te verminder en veiligheid op te skerp.

Onder leiding van raadslid Annelize van Rooyen word Wyk 3 deur 'n dinamiese en hardwerkende wykskomitee bedien wat kritiese behoeftes flink aanspreek. Dié wyk is in die Paarl en die tuiste van meer as 6 500 inwoners, waarvan omtrent 80% in die landelike area van die Paarl woon. Die oorblywende gedeelte van Wyk 3 strek vanaf Groenvleilaan tot Reyneckestraat in Noorder-Paarl. Daar is 'n verskeidenheid kerke, skole, besighede en kleuterskole in hierdie wyk. Raadslid Van Rooyen is 'n vrou wat vas daarin glo om mense se omstandighede te verbeter en goeie dienste aan die gemeenskap te bied.

Wyk 3 se komitee is op 22 Februarie 2022 deur die gemeenskap verkies, en bestaan tans uit nege aktiewe lede wat verskillende portefeuljes bestuur, naamlik:

• Beatrice Kachu • Christolene Lewis • Charmain Lewis • Jacobus van der Westhuizen • Elizma du Toit • Jade Jaars • Abel Mentoor • Anneline Skippers • Vivian Adams

- Water en Sanitasie - Vaste Afvalverwydering - Parke en Openbare Ruimtes - Paaie en Stormwater - Elektrisiteit en Straatligte - Bejaardes en Gestremde Persone - Sport, Ontspanning en Kultuur - Jeug en Vroeë Kinderontwikkeling - Gemeenskapsveiligheid


VARS | April

Raadslid Van Rooyen moedig inwoners aan om nie-dringende dienskwessies – soos die sny van gras en regmaak van slaggate en straatligte – via die Munisipaliteit se SeeClickFix-toepassing aan te meld; 'n e-pos na te stuur; of die Munisipaliteit se tolvrye nommer by 080 131 3553 te skakel.

Om raadslid Van Rooyen of enige ander wyksraadslid van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit te kontak, kliek hier .

Van links, voor is: Anneline Skippers; Charmain Lewis; Raadslid Annelize van Rooyen; Jade Jaars; en Christolene Lewis. Van links, agter is Beatrice Kachu; Jacobus van der Westhuizen; en Abel Mentoor.

Met 'n bekwame wykskomitee sien ons kans vir al die uitdagings wat ons in die gesig staar. “ „


VARS | April

Kwisithuba seenyanga ezimbalwa ezidlulileyo, icandelo loPhuhliso lweNtlalo loMasipala waseDrakenstein lisingethe ucweyo lolwazi olusekwe kwisini (GBV) oluqhutywa yintsebenziswano nesisombululo kuwo onke amawodi. Ezi ntlanganiso ziynxalenye yephulo eliqhubekayo likaMasipala le-365 Days of Activism against GBV. UMasipala uyichase kakhulu iGBV, yaye eli phulo lijolise ekuphakamiseni iqondo lolwazi lwempembelelo embi obuthi ubundlobongela nokuxhatshazwa kube nako kumanina, abantwana nakuluntu lwethu ngokubanzi. Ucweyo lolwazi luxhibe ekufumaneni izisombululo ezisebenzayo nokwazisa uluntu ngeendlela zokulwa iGBV. Ezinye izihloko ezithi zixoxwe zezi, phakathi kwezinye izinto, yimilinganiselo enyukayo yentswela ngqesho, impembelelo embi yokusetyenziswa gwenxa kweziyobisi notywala, kunye neendlela zokufundiswa kolutsha ukunqamla umjikelo wobundlobongela ojoliswe kumalungu oluntu olusesichengeni.

IPhulo loLwazi lweGBV liQhutywa yiNtsebenziswano nesiSombululo

Amathuba amaninzi alolu hlobo acwangciselwe isiqingatha esiseleyo sonyaka. Ukuba unayo nayiphi na imibuzo, qhagamsehelana noGeduld Veldsman kule dilesi okanye kule nombolo 021 807 4582.


VARS | April


Residents are hereby notified, in terms of Section 3.2 of Drakenstein Municipality’s Rules of Procedures for Meetings of the Municipal Planning Tribunal, that a meeting of the Municipal Planning Tribunal will be held in the Planning Boardroom, 3rd Floor, Civic Centre, Berg River Boulevard, Paarl, on Wednesday, 26 April 2023, at 14:00. Members of the public who wish to have access to the meeting may RSVP to riyaaz.mowzer@ by no later than 12:00 on Friday, 21 April 2023 . Access may be limited due to practical considerations.


Notice is herewith given in terms of the Process Plan in terms of Section 34 of the Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000), that the Reviewed Drakenstein Spatial Development Framework 2023/2024 is available for public comment. It must be noted that no amendments and/ or changes were made to the Drakenstein Spatial Development Framework 2022/2023.

A hard copy of the document is available for review at the following venues:

Paarl Civic Centre; and

Wellington Municipal Offices.

An electronic copy can also be obtained by clicking here or at Drakenstein Municipality’s Planning and Development Department, Spatial Planning Section, 4th Floor, Civic Centre, Berg River Boulevard, Paarl. Alexander Rehder can be contacted in this regard at Alexander.Rehder@ or 021 807 4813 . The document is also available on the municipal website at . Comments must be submitted in writing to the City Manager, Drakenstein Municipality, PO Box 1, Paarl, 7622, or , by no later than 8 May 2023 . No late comments will be considered. Persons who are unable to read or write, can submit their comments verbally at Drakenstein Municipality’s Planning and Development Department, Spatial Planning Section, 4th Floor, Civic Centre, Berg River Boulevard, Paarl.


VARS | April


Notice is herewith given in terms of section 129(3) of the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 (Act 56 of 2003), read together with section 21A of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000 (Act 32 of 2000), that the Drakenstein Municipal Council has adopted on 29 March 2023 the Oversight Report on the 2021/2022 Annual Report without any reservations. The Oversight Report and the 2021/2022 Annual Report will be available for perusal during normal office hours, and also after hours at libraries that offer after-hours services, at the following venues: • All public libraries in Paarl, Paarl East, Mbekweni, and Wellington; • Thusong Multi-Purpose Centres in Mbekweni and Paarl East; and • Municipal Offices at Paarl Civic Centre, Paarl East, Mbekweni, Wellington, Gouda, and Saron. The Oversight Report and 2021/2022 Annual Report will also be available on the municipal website, (Statutory Disclosures / Performance Management / Annual Report / 2021-2022). Kindly direct any written enquiries to the Chief Financial Officer, PO Box 1, Paarl, 7646, via email to , via fax to 086 52 3362 , or via telephone to Ronetia Cupido at 021 807 4553 .


VARS | April

Drakenstein Municipality

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VARS | April

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