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Welcome message from Rychard Scrase Field, Director of Estates and Property Services, SOAS University of London Thank you for considering an application for the position of Assistant Director of Estates at SOAS University of London. SOAS is a unique institution, a University dedicated to the study of the human condition with a special focus on Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. It is dedicated to a study of the planetary questions of our historical moment, but it tries to understand these from the perspective of the Global South. In fulfilling this mandate, SOAS has brought together an incredible array of scholars, students and professionals who are dedicated to academic excellence and social justice, all of whom are intent on changing our world for the better. A short while ago SOAS confronted a financial crisis. But with timely intervention and bold decisions by a transitional team, the institution has very quickly turned this loss into a small profit. It has also brought in a new executive team including a new director. This team has initiated a strategic planning exercise to develop a new academic agenda for the 21st century and to consolidate the firm financial foundation which has recently been developed.

With space at a premium in central London, meeting expectations of staff and students for a quality learning environment is a key requirement for SOAS. Campus services are also in an important front-line position, so the role of SOAS estates is a vital one. Our Assistant Director is a key position in ensuring that we deliver as a service. Reporting to the Director of Estates and Property Services, the Assistant Director of Estates will be expected to lead a professional team and deliver a fit for purpose service to support the teaching and research agenda of the school. We are particularly interested in individuals who are passionate about making a difference in customer service; ensuring we achieve high standards to meet the needs of our staff and students; and in strengthening a team within a University committed to social justice, and thereby making a significant impact on the UK and the world. If this agenda is of interest, and your skillsets and experience speak to our mandate, we would welcome an application from you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Celebrating more than 100 years of research and teaching excellence, SOAS University of London is a unique institution specialising in the study of Africa, Asia, and the Near and Middle East.

About SOAS SOAS is a remarkable institution. With our vast repository of knowledge and expertise on our specialist regions, we are particularly well-placed to inform and shape current thinking about the economic, political, cultural, security and religious challenges of our world. Our programmes are taught by respected academics engaged in fieldwork and research which influences government policies and the lives of individuals across the globe. SOAS scholars engage with the pressing issues confronting humankind today: democracy, development, economy, finance, language, public and corporate policy, human rights, migration, identity, legal systems, poverty, religion, and social change. SOAS is home to some of the world’s leading experts and researchers in these regions who are regularly interviewed by the international media including the BBC, ITN, Reuters and CNN. They act as advisors, commentators

and consultants to government departments and non-governmental organisations, as well as the private sector and multinational companies. Through its research excellence, the School has gained a global reputation as a leading institution for the study of these regions, a reputation which is reflected in its diverse staff and student community. The library is one of just five National Research Libraries in the country and houses the world’s largest concentration of scholarly works on Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Amongst its 1.5 million items, the library has many treasures including a 9th century Tibetan prayer book, priceless Japanese scrolls and original colonial maps of Africa drawn in the 19th century. Approximately 5,200 students from 133 countries study at undergraduate and postgraduate level, 40 per cent of whom are from outside the UK. 4,000 students around the world study through distance learning programmes.

We have a well-established and active alumni community in more than 180 countries who are involved in hosting events around the world each year. The many high-profile alumni include world leaders, human rights lawyers, politicians, diplomats, journalists, museum curators, philosophers and writers, many of whom have helped bring about change to improve the world in which we live. As an institution set up 100 years ago with a clear colonial mission, SOAS has been leading work towards decolonising education, by reviewing its curricula and tackling the awarding gap for BAME students. Further information about SOAS can be obtained from our website at .

Key Facts The world’s leading institution for the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East • World-class research and teaching expertise, equipping people for a global economy and multicultural society. Specialist and interdisciplinary strengths • 200+ undergraduate degree combinations; 200+ postgraduate programmes (taught and distance learning) with a distinctive regional focus and global relevance. • First in UK and fifth in the world for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions” (THE Impact Rankings 2020) . • SOAS rose by seven places to 37th in the Complete University Guide 2021 . • Ranked in the World Top 50 for Arts and Humanities (QS World Rankings by Subject 2020) . Unrivalled range of non-European languages • All SOAS languages may be studied without prior knowledge.

• Ranked eighth in the UK for Modern Languages (QS 2020) .

Intimate and ambitious • 87% of students found staff good at explaining things and their course intellectually stimulating (National Student Survey 2020) . • SOAS Law graduates rank second highest for graduate pay in the UK, ahead of Cambridge and Oxford ( Chambers Student 2019) . First class facilities • One of only five National Research Libraries in the UK; 1.5 million volumes, periodicals and audio-visual materials in 400 languages, focusing on Asia, Africa and the Middle East. • 90% of students think that Library resources have supported their learning well (National Student Survey 2019) . The world meets SOAS • 5,200 students from 133 countries on campus. • 4,000 students around the world on distance learning programmes.

• 39,000 active alumni worldwide.

Job Description

Job Title:

Assistant Director of Estates – Property Services


Estates and Facilities


35 hours per week (full time – 1.00 FTE) Director of Estates and Property services

Responsible to: Responsible for:

Campus Services Manager and Security and Risk Co-ordinator Department Background

The Estates and Facilities Directorate is responsible for the delivery of the Estates and Infrastructure Strategy which covers the areas of major construction and refurbishment projects; facilities operation and space management, including on campus commercial activates and energy management. The Directorate aims to ensure that the quality, functionality and operation of the estate and its associated infrastructure meets the needs of its users and supports the activities of SOAS.

Job Summary To manage both staff, systems and budgets in order to deliver value for money and cost effective facilities management across SOAS. To provide strategic direction and leadership to Campus Services and Facilities demonstrating broad, clear and innovative thinking with the objective of delivering operational excellence. Reporting to the Director of Estates and property services, it will be necessary to work closely with the assistant director of capital and infrastructure to ensure that a seamless provision of service is planned and delivered from an operational and strategic viewpoint.

Key Tasks • To lead and promote Campus Services and Facilities (Security, Cleaning, Logistics, Reception, Helpdesk and, external Hospitality) as business units ensuring that Section Managers take responsibility for a Quality, customer focused service whilst improving productivity and cost effectiveness. • Ensure that accurate management information to measure outcomes and Performance data is produced on a monthly basis and use this to assist improvements to services and assist with future planning and strategic direction of services. • Lead, develop and maintain key stakeholder relationships to ensure that the service provided by property Services and Facilities meets the needs of SOAS and that customers are involved in assessing service standards and measurement. • To forecast and manage the budgets for property Services and Facilities ensuring that all Sections work within their allocated budgets and are able to demonstrate value for money, high quality provision. • To develop a commercial approach to the use of the SOAS campus, increasing alternate steams of income and standardising the licencing and sub-let arrangements on campus.

• To drive change and deliver operational and strategic outcomes in accordance with overall Directorate and University objectives and strategic plan. • To work proactively with members of the Committee, SOAS Directorates and Departments, stakeholders and external service providers to ensure that the business of Campus Services and Facilities is properly integrated into the overall day-to-day business of SOAS as a whole. • To identify and manage risk and ensure that SOAS meets all its statutory legislative and health and safety requirements relating to the business of Campus Services and Facilities. • To research, write and present formal reports and papers for the committee structures and other relevant groups as appropriate. • To represent the Director of Estates and property services both internally and externally and to promote a positive image of SOAS. • To undertake such other duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Director of Estates and property services.

General • You must at all times carry out your responsibilities with due regard to the School’s Respect at SOAS statement and adhere to and promote the School’s Equality and Diversity policies. • You must accept responsibility for ensuring that policies and procedures relating to health and safety at work are adhered to at all times. • You must carry out your duties in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act. • You must abide by the requirements of the School’s IT policies.

Competency and Evidence Oral communication

You will be able to receive, understand and convey complex information in a clear, accurate and appropriate manner, taking account of the individual circumstances of those you are communicating with. You will possess the appropriate skills and emotional intelligence to interpret information which needs careful explanation to help others understand, taking into account what to communicate and how best to convey information to others. You will be able to receives, understands and convey complex conceptual ideas or information which may be highly detailed, technical or specialist. • To develop and communicates a strategic approach to Self-delivered Facilities Management for the SOAS estate to all levels of team and service users. • Has daily, weekly and monthly one-to-one discussions with service managers and supervisors to ensure that service delivery standards are met and there is a clear focus on meeting SLAs, KPIs and overall service objectives at all times. • To develop, implement and evaluate systems and processes which ensure that direct staff and third party contractors are clear of the requirements of them through work schedules and monitoring of performance with appropriate feedback. • Represent SOAS and the Estates and Facilities Directorate at joint forums with customers, to review FM Campus Services teams. • Performance and use the information gained to develop and implement an improvement plan.

Written/Electronic Communication

You will interpret and convey complex information in a clear and accurate manner, taking account of the individual circumstances of those you are communicating with. You will possess the appropriate skills and emotional intelligence to interpret understand and convey information which needs careful explanation to help others understand, taking into account what to communicate and how best to convey the information to others. You will be able to receive, understand and convey complex conceptual ideas or complex information which may be highly detailed, technical or specialist, such as the sourcing and implementation of a CAFM/Helpdesk system for Campus Services and Facilities and an implementation strategy to ensure users are aware and trained in the use of the system. • Develop, implement, monitor and evaluate Service Level Agreements between customers and FM Campus Service teams that sets industry comparable expectations and standards. • Sound knowledge and understanding of the specialist service term contract and contract administration and how this integrates with Campus Services provision. • Develop and provide service users with clear and relevant summaries of what they should expect of the FM Campus Service team’s service provision and monitor performance to ensure that expectations are met. • Ensure processes are created which provide multiple ways for service users to provide feedback on performance and ensure that all feedback is considered and responded to.

Teamwork and Motivation

You are expected to provide leadership in the management and development of staff within the Campus Service and Facilities team and within the Estates and property services Team. You are required to clarify the requirements of each of the services within the team and set clear objectives and expectations and ensure that managers and supervisory staff within each of the teams is organising and delegating work fairly according to individual abilities. This will require you to support, develop and encourage managers and supervisors to understand and focus their efforts on team members and the task in hand and how to motivate individual team members to ensure they are able maximise performance and customer satisfaction at all times.

For example:

• Determine and implement an overall vision for service elements and promote it to the team and team members. • Daily, weekly and monthly discussions with team managers, supervisors and members to discuss matters that impact on their team’s ability to achieve requirements, identify solutions and support the implementation of these solutions. • Organisation of regular team meetings to review and discuss performance against objectives set. • Work with the our specialist FM on campus service team managers and supervisors to identify and advise on improved ways of working, ensuring the appropriate support is in place to achieve these. • To work collaboratively with other Senior Managers within the Estates and property services Team and all stakeholders within SOAS. • To development implement and evaluate systems and processes which ensure that direct staff and third party contractors are clear of the requirements of them through work schedules and monitoring of performance.

Liaison and Networking

You will be required to carry out day to day liaison using existing procedures in order to ensure dissemination of information in the right format to the right people at the right time; build relationships and contacts to facilitate future exchange of information. As a senior manager within the Estates department, you will be required to participate in networks within the University and externally in order to influence events or decisions; undertake active collaboration to pursue a shared interest. You are required to initiate, build or lead internal networks; maintain relationships over time; establish communication channels for self or others to use in order to ensure dissemination of information in the right format to the right people at the right time; build relationships and contacts to facilitate future exchange of information.

For example:

• Ensure regular joint forums with customers and Campus Service teams are held to review and discuss performance and develop action plans from this. • Attend regular contract management meetings with FM specialist services supplier including risk reduction meetings. • Raise the profile of Campus Services and Facilities across SOAS through establishing formal and informal networks for this purpose (for example user forums and regular reporting through the committee structure). • Network with Facilities Management personnel from other HEI’s to compare and implement best practice. You are required to initiate, build or lead internal networks and maintain relationships over time and establish communication channels for self or others to use, in order to ensure dissemination of information in the right format to the right people at the right time and build relationships and contacts to facilitate future exchange of information.

For example:

• Represent SOAS at meetings of BIFM, AUDE and Bloomsbury Colleges. Developing and presenting information where required and feeding back information obtained to the Director of Estates and Facilities, the Estates and Facilities Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and where necessary, the Executive Board and other relevant SOAS meetings.

Service Delivery

You are required to lead and develop a specialist service, ensuring that all specialists involved meet the changing requirements of all customers and respond to the School’s strategic objectives. You are required to build relationships with SOAS Directorates and Departments, suppliers, stakeholders and customers, working within the institution’s overall procedures or policies and understand and work with Campus Services Managers and Supervisors to explore customer’s needs and adapt the service accordingly to ensure the usefulness or appropriateness and quality of service (content, time, accuracy, level of information, cost). You will manage and set the overall standards for service across a function or area of the institution and monitor service levels and pre-empt changes in customers’ needs and anticipate future requirements and maintain overall quality balancing different demands and ensure others have the support they need to provide quality service and fulfil their role.

For example:

• Develop and implement a Service Level Agreement between customers and FM Campus Service teams • Work with the Head of strategic maintenance and compliance to review FM’ performance. • Operate and interrogate CAFM systems as required. • Oversee, influence and direct the development of campus service delivery that will enhance the customer/student experience with regard to FM Campus Service teams. For example develop processes for continuous improvement informed by stakeholder feedback and client requirements.

Decision Making Processes and Outcomes

You are required to lead and be a major contributor to decision-making in the development and monitoring of FM business processes and ensuring operational efficiency. You are required to deploy in depth and well-honed management skills in the effective administration of FM Campus Services at SOAS. You are required to take independent decisions which have a significant impact on the performance and delivery of Campus Services and Facilities and required significant experience and knowledge of the sector and SOAS You will be a significant collaborator to the Directorate’s strategic plan and will be involved in key decisions, which require you towork with other senior managers to reach an optimal conclusion which have a significant impact. You are required to provide well-grounded strategic and operational advice and input and contribute to the decision making of others which have a significant impact.

For example:

• Oversee and be aware of escalations from customer departments of any major or complex issues or complaints that are unable to be dealt with at a local level by FM Campus Services and ensure that managers and supervisors in the team are given the right advice, support and guidance to achieve successful resolution of the issue where required. • Overall responsibility for contract and performance management in accordance with agreed budgets and compliance with Key Performance Indicators. • Overall responsibility for monitoring Key Performance Indicators results on a monthly basis, ensuring that appropriate action is taken where necessary and be accountable for the results. • Ensuring that managers and supervisors with the Campus Services and Facilities teams are identifying and implementing improved ways of working and supporting and advising them to achieve this where necessary. • Lead on and attend regular contract specialist services management meetings with FM suppliers including risk reduction meetings. • To implement continuous improvement and contact innovation to achieve improved quality, value for money.

Planning and Organising Resources

You are required to lead the delivery of FM campus services at SOAS and ensure that SOAS is achieving optimum service through all its FM self-delivered services You are required to ensure that Campus Services and Facilities Managers and Supervisors are able to plan, prioritise and organise the work or resources of self and others within own area on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis and plan and manage projects, ensuring the effective use of resources and receive information from and provide information to others to complete their planning and monitor progress against the plan. The role holder is also required to take responsibility for the operational planning and organisation of larger projects or an area of work and co-ordinate a number of teams or projects on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and set performance standards and establish monitoring procedures to keep track of progress across these different aspects of work and provide input to longer term planning.

For example:

• Implement a service delivery plan to meet the strategic needs of the SOAS FM services and regularly reviewing performance against this. • Work with the FM specialist service supplier to identify and advise on improved ways of working in order to achieve continuous improvement and encourage innovation from the supplier where appropriate. • Work with the Director of Estates and Facilities to vary or amend the FM specialist services contract to suit changes in service levels required by the business. • To lead in the preparation of the annual operations budget and to manage all financial systems, ensuring appropriate robust control and monitoring and that all financial transactions comply with financial regulations.

Initiative and Problem Solving

As a senior manager within the Estates and Facilities Directorate you are required to apply your initiative and experience to resolving business critical problems relating to resource allocation, service delivery standards and customer satisfaction. You are required to use your industry experience and understanding to quickly identify and address problems which may impact on strategic and operational delivery of services standards and customer expectations, if not addressed quickly and effectively, such as ineffective rotas for staff, significant changes on service delivery demands. You are also required to work with managers and supervisors to resolve problems where there is a mass of information or diverse, partial and conflicting data, with a range of potential options available and apply creativity to devise varied solutions, approaching the problem from different perspectives.

For example:

• Work with the Head of Strategic Maintenance and Compliance to review FM Campus Service’ monthly performance. Identifying opportunities for improvement and any remedial actions that are required. Agree improvement actions as required. • Ensure awareness of all escalations from customer departments for the resolution of any major or complex issues or complaints that are unable to be dealt with at a local level by FM Campus Service team and specialist services contract and ensure that these are effectively dealt with and resolved. • Create, implement and evaluate a Service Level Agreement between customers and FM Campus Service team and specialist suppliers that summarises for customers the services and service levels to be provided. Develop and implement proactive methods of customer engagement to present and publicise the Service Level Agreement to customer groups. • Oversee the development, implementation and evaluation of proactive methods of analysis and reporting performance against Service Level Agreement. • Lead in the development, setting and monitor of strategic and operational objectives for the FM Self-delivered service.

Analysis and Research

You are required to lead on the development and implementation of processes which can source, analyse and interpret management data in order to refine and improve operational efficiency and ensure resources are allocated effectively.

For example:

• Ensure the Campus Services and Facilities team and specialist services provider are undertaking customer surveys to establish levels of customer satisfaction and ensure that the feedback is followed up and acted upon. • Ensure analysis of customer feedback is taking place and that a long term plan for developing and improving service is being developed and implemented. • Ensure analysis of patterns and trends to inform organisational strategy is taking place and that the recommendations are considered and implemented where appropriate. • Ensure supplier performance is being monitored through the agreed key performance indicators and through customer feedback to ensure that the required service levels are being achieved. Provide customers with relevant summaries of FM supplier performance so that they can judge whether their needs are being met. • Keep abreast of technical developments particularly those associated with new technology in building operation and management effectiveness and ensure that this knowledge is shared with SLT and recommendations are made to make operational and strategic changes to service where necessary. • Keep abreast of developments and regulations in respect of building plant operations and maintenance and statutory and organisational regulations with regard to Health & Safety at Work.

Sensory and Physical Demands

You will be required to carry out tasks at a level which would require either learning certain methods or routines or involve moderate physical effort.

Work Environment

As a senior manager, you have the responsibility for making judgments about inherent hazards and the impact of the environment on the work and or safety of other people. • Responsibility for ensuring compliance with statutory regulations such as the Health and Safety at Work Act in relevant areas. • Responsibility for the management of asbestos. • Responsibility for risk assessment associated in relevant areas. Pastoral Care and Welfare As a senior manager, you are required to lead, support and develop your team members and show sensitivity to those who may need help or, in extreme cases, are showing signs of obvious distress and initiate appropriate action by involving relevant people. In addition, the role holder is required to give advice on commonly occurring welfare issues or queries and follow standard welfare procedures for the institution and recognise when an

individual should be referred elsewhere for professional help and respect confidentiality.

Team Development

You are required to lead, develop, train and/or guide others on specific tasks, issues or activities; give advice, guidance and feedback on the basis of their own knowledge or experience; deliver training. You are required to carry out training or development activity according to the needs of the individual or group; identify current capabilities and future needs; define the performance standards required; identify appropriate developmental activity; assess the application of learning; give feedback and guidance on overall performance. You are required to identify the training and development needs of team members and identify specific professional training needs for all staff holding management responsibilities. The role holder will be required to remain up-to date with industry developments and ensure that all staff, whether they are directly employed or contracted in, have the relevant training and skills to undertake the work required. • Promote professionalism and access to training and staff development opportunities for all associated with FM operations at SOAS. • Review and assess staff deployment at SOAS to determine any gaps in personnel resource. • To provide specialist guidance and support and act as mentor to others. Teaching and Learning Support


Knowledge and Experience

You are required to apply a breadth or depth of experience showing full working knowledge and proficiency of your areas of expertise and act as a point of reference to others and demonstrate continuous specialist development, acquiring and refining skills and expertise in new or related areas through undertaking and encouraging internal or external development activity.

• You require specialist technical expertise in the area of Facilities Management Services. • Specialist knowledge of compliance and risk assessment practices. • Knowledge of contracting and contract administration. • A recognised professional qualification or accreditation in a field relevant to the duties of the post.

Person Specification

Experience and Knowledge Essential • Good knowledge and experience of business continuity planning and delivery. • Proven experience in Hard and Soft Services FM Service Delivery. • Experience of operational Health & Safety requirements. • Experience in a strategic FM / estates role. • Sound understanding of facilities management performance measurement systems. • Experience of problem solving. • Experience of effectively communicating both verbally and in writing, to a range of internal and external stakeholders. • Experience of organising and planning own workload in order to manage and meet deadlines. • Experience of building and maintaining positive and proactive working relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders. Desirable • Knowledge of CAFM systems and experience of analysing FM data. • Experience of managing FM contracts through the NEC3 Term Service Contract. • Previous experience in the higher education sector.

Skills and Abilities Essential • Demonstrable customer and people skills. • Proven team management skills.

• Presentation skills – ability to present information in a clear and concise manner, to internal and external stakeholders. • Ability to pay close attention to detail.

Qualifications Essential • A degree or other equivalent professional qualification appropriate for the role. • Membership of BIFM. Desirable • RICS, BIFM, or property related vocational qualification.

Other Requirements Essential • Flexible approach to work requirements and hours of work.


Competitive Salary Staff at SOAS are paid within one of eight grades on the national 51 point pay spine.

The salary quoted in the job description shows the entire range of salaries assigned to the grade of the job. The salary offered to the successful candidate will depend upon their experience and previous salary. Once appointed, staff (if in post by 31 January) will move to the next point on the salary scale each year on 1 August until they reach the maximum of the scale. In addition to the annual increment, a percentage rise will normally be negotiated nationally with the trade unions each year, and will also be awarded from 1 August.

The School uses a job evaluation scheme for evaluating roles to ensure equal pay for work of equal value across all staff.

Staff can be considered for salary progression through an annual reward process.

Pension The School operates the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) Career Revalued Benefits (CARE) pension scheme.

The School will contribute a sum equal to 18% of your salary while you pay 8%.

Members also have access to the new defined contribution section of the USS scheme.

Eligible staff will pay pension contributions on a salary sacrifice basis.

Holiday Staff are offered 30 days (6 weeks) paid leave per annum plus Bank and Public holidays normally observed in England and Wales.

In addition, the School is normally closed for up to six days a year, over the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Part-time staff will be entitled to the pro-rata equivalent.

Life Cover Active members of the Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London (SAUL) pension scheme automatically receive life cover. A lump sum of four times your salary together with a refund of your contributions and a two-thirds pension for your dependent/spouse will be payable should you die before retirement whilst in employment. Or Active members of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) automatically qualify for life cover equal to three times your salary so long as you remain a member of the scheme. Dependents pensions will also be available. Travel Season Ticket Loan Interest-free loans are available for staff to purchase annual season tickets. Cycle to Work Scheme The School promotes a greener approach to travel by encouraging the use of a bicycle as transport to and from work, and supports the Government’s Cycle to Work scheme. Work-life balance and family-related matters The School offers a range of benefits to support you in balancing work life and family life, including enhanced maternity and paternity packages and childcare vouchers.


Enhanced Maternity and Adoption Pay Qualifying employees are entitled to enhanced maternity/adoption pay: 18 weeks’ full pay, 8 weeks’ half pay, 13 weeks’ Statutory Maternity/Adoption Pay. This is an enhancement to the statutory provision of 90% of average pay for 6 weeks followed by Statutory Maternity/ Adoption Pay for 33 weeks. Staff returning to work after maternity/adoption leave will also receive an incentive payment of one additional week’s pay per month for the first eight months. Enhanced Paternity Pay Qualifying employees are entitled to two weeks’ paternity leave entitlement at full pay. This compares to the statutory provision of two weeks’ pay at the statutory rate. Childcare Voucher Scheme Childcare vouchers can enable parents to pay for childcare from pre-tax and National Insurance income. Childcare Allowance The School provides some financial assistance to employees who are required to pay childminder or nursery fees for their children.

Flexible working The School recognises the importance of helping its employees balance their work and home life and is committed to considering and agreeing, wherever possible, requests for flexible working to enable staff to manage their responsibilities caring for children or adults.

Wellbeing and support Enhanced Sick Pay

Occupational sick pay is offered at the rate of two weeks’ full pay, followed by two weeks’ half pay from day one of employment, rising incrementally to 6 months’ full pay followed by six months’ half pay after 5 years’ service. 24/7 confidential support Staff and their household members have access to a free, external confidential support service for work, financial, legal, family and personal problems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Staff also have access to telephone counselling. Occupational Health The School works with an independent occupational health provider, taking a proactive approach to the management of health in the work environment. The service advises on the effects of health on work and work on health.

Staff experiencing work-related muscular-skeletal problems can also access a physiotherapy service.

Eye tests Employees using display screen equipment (DSE) such as VDUs are entitled to an eye examination funded by the School. Faith and spiritual practice SOAS is a community where individuals are free to practice their faith in an open and encouraging environment. There are prayer rooms available for both staff and students to use.


Learning and career development Training and personal development The School is very supportive of developing its staff and offers a wide range of internal courses to help staff develop on a personal and professional level, as well as providing funding to attend external events and conferences. Staff also have access to a Fee Remission Scheme for SOAS part time Masters level study. Library Staff members have access to the SOAS library, which is one of the world’s most important academic libraries for the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Events All staff are welcome to attend a range of exhibitions, lectures, Q&as and seminars held by academic departments.

How to Apply

For a confidential discussion to learn more about the role and opportunity please contact the appointed recruitment partner Michael Hewlett of The Management Recruitment Group.

Michael Hewlett T : 0203 962 9900 M : 0797 257 9938 E :

Applications should consist of a comprehensive CV and supporting cover letter. Applications should be sent to

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