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CNICOverview Navy Regions

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (NRMA)

NRMA Installations

What We Do Organization


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Welcome! Congratulations on your new job and welcome to Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (NRMA). We are happy to have you as part of our team! Your jobiscritical infulfillingNRMA’smissionofsupportingtheFleet, Fighter, and Family. There is always a lot to learn on a new job, and you probably have a lot of questions. So to help you gain a better understanding of Commander Naval Installations Command (CNIC) and Navy Region Mid-Atlantic , and the benefits available to you, this guidebook is provided as an introduction to our organization and a resource that will help you make a smooth transition. Duringyour first fewweeks, youwillmeetmanyco-workers, supervisors, managers, and human resources professionals. They are here to support you, so please let them know what you need to accomplish your new responsibilities and be a successful member of our team.

Where Do I Fit In?

Department/N-Codes Explained N00: Command & Support N1: Total Force Manpower N3: Operations & Public Safety N4: Facilities & Environmental N5: Shore IntegratedRequirements

N6: Information Technology

N8: Comptroller/Financial Management N9: Fleet & Family Readiness (FFR)

Annual Trainings & Requirements



Again, welcome to the Navy Region Mid-Atlantic team!

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 Live a Culture of Continuous Improvement  Represent Navy to the Surrounding Community

Established October 1, 2003, Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) is the Echelon II command under the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO). CNIC has overall Shore Installation Management (SIM) responsibility and authority as the Budget Submitting Office (BSO) for installation support serving as the Navy point of contact for installation policy and programexecution oversight. CNIC is the sole shore installation management organization that focuses on installation effectiveness and improving the shore installation management community’s ability to support the Fleet. The Navy shore establishment is immense, complex, and operationally diverse. CNIC enables Navy operational support to the Fleet, Fighter and Family. Commander, Navy Installations Command Headquarters is located on board the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. CNICMission Deliver effective and efficient readiness from the shore. CNIC Vision Be the sole provider of shore capability, to sustain the Fleet, enable the Fighter, and support the Family. CNIC Guiding Principles The principles established for Commander, Navy Installations Command

Success in these principles is closely linked to how each employee goes about the task at hand. Ground yourself in these principles – as individuals and as a team – as we accelerate support to fleet readiness from the shore.

WhoWe Are  Ownership – this is our business  Respect – be considerate of others, everyone matters  Integrity – truthful, honorable and loyal  Balance – life and service What We Do

 Level of Knowledge – know your job, your role, your authorities  Risk Management – the right risk decisions at the appropriate level  Resourcing – understand requirements and constraints  Customer Service – receptive, responsive with etiquette HowWe Do It  Procedural Compliance – know the standards  Communication Protocols – a mission itself, eliminates confusion  Auditability – knowwhere our resources go and why  Questioning Attitude – initiative and continuous improvement  Forceful Back-up – support each other

(CNIC) in 2015 remain relevant today. They are:  Take Customer Service to the Next Level  Be Brilliant on the Basics  Make Smart Business Decisions

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Navy Regions

 Naval District Washington NSAAnnapolis NSABethesda NASPatuxentRiver  Navy Region Mid-Atlantic JEBLittleCreek-FortStoryVA NASOceanaVA DamNeckAnnex NAVSTAGreat Lakes IL

 Navy Region Southwest NavalAirFacilityElCentro NavalAirStationFallon NavalAirStationLemoore NavalAirWeaponsStationChinaLake

U.S.NavyCeremonialGuard NSFThurmont

Naval SupportActivityMonterey NavalWeaponsStationSeal Beach

NSASouthPotomac NSAWashington JointBaseAnacostia-Bolling

Naval BaseCoronado Naval BasePoint Loma Naval BaseSanDiego Naval BaseVenturaCounty/PtMugu

 Navy Region Hawaii JointBasePearl HarborHickam PacificMissileRangeFacilityBarkingSands  Navy Region Europe, Africa Central

NSSNorfolkNaval ShipyardVA NSYBOSPortsmouthNH SUBASENewLondonCT WPNSTAEarle/ColtsNeckNJ WPNSTAYorktownVA CheathamAnnex

NSAHamptonRoadsVA NSAHR -NorthwestAnnex NSAHR - Portsmouth NSALakehurstNJ NSAMechanicsburgPA NSAPhiladelphia NSASaratogaSpringsNY


Naval Support FacilityDeveselu Naval Support FacilityRedzikowo

Naval SupportActivityBahrain Naval SupportActivityNaples Naval SupportActivitySoudaBay

CampLemonnierDjibouti NavalAirStationSigonella Naval StationRota

 Navy Region Southeast SUBASEKingsBayGA NSACharlestonSC

 Navy Region Japan CommanderFleetActivitiesOkinawa CommanderFleetActivitiesSasebo CommanderFleetActivitiesYokosuka  Navy Region Korea CommanderFleetActivitiesChinhae  Joint Region Marianas Anderson Air Force Base/NSAAndersen Naval BaseGuam

NASJacksonvilleFL NASOrlandoFL NASCorpusChristi TX NAVSTAGuantanamoBayCU NASJRBNewOrleansLA

NASWhitingFieldMiltonFL NSAMidSouth NSAPanamaCityFL

SingaporeAreaCoordinator (SAC)

NavalAirFacilityAtsugi NavalAirFacilityMisawa NavySupport FacilityDiegoGarcia

NASKingsvilleTX NASKeyWest FL NASPensacolaFL NAVSTAMayport FL

NSFBeaufortSC NASMeridianMS CBCGulfportMS

NASJRBFortWorthTX  Navy Region Northwest NASWhidbey IslandWA NAVBASEKitsapBremertonWA


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Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (NRMA)

 Integrity. Moral courage is just as important as the traditional definition of courage. This is the type of courage to admit when you have made a mistake. This is the type of courage to be honest and forthright with people. This is the type of courage to confront a situation that you know is wrong. Never compromise your own integrity or that of the position you hold. Always stand up for “doing the right thing” even when it is easier to look the other way.  Prideand Professionalism. Pride in your region, pride indoing your best, and pride in your workspaces will all reflect on our ability to accomplish our mission. There is no such thing as a job too small. No matterwhat the task or jobundertaken, wemust strive tomake it timely and of the highest caliber. Be proud of what you are doing. Always perform to the best of your ability. Do not settle for “it’s good enough.”  Develop Our People . Every member of our team is valued for the skills, creativity, and capabilities that he or she brings to our command. We will maintain a supportive environment that affords every team member an opportunity to grow professionally. We encourage every team member to develop new or enhanced skills that will further their professional development and the Navy Region Mid-Atlantic mission.  Resource Stewardship. In these times of fiscal austerity and declining budgets, it is critical that all members of the Navy Region Mid-Atlantic team consider the most effective/efficient use of limited resources to accomplish our missions. Our missions are growing in complexity and scope, but the resources necessary to accomplish those mission assignments are not growing proportionally.

Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (NRMA ) is an Echelon III command and the regional coordinator for all shore-based naval personnel and shore activities in the Mid-Atlantic Region, which encompasses 20 states, 14 installations, and 50 Naval Operational Support Centers (NOSCs). NRMAMission Provide efficient and effective shore service support to the operating forceswithin theNavy RegionMid-Atlantic’s area of responsibility (AOR). NRMA Vision Deliver effective and efficient shore capability to sustain the Fleet , enable the Fighter and support the Family. NRMA Guiding Principles  Teamwork. One teamand one fight! We are all on the same team within Navy Region Mid-Atlantic; it is imperative that we operate as one team to accomplish ourmission. As a teamstriving for common goals, there is nothing that we, as a team, cannot accomplish. The sharing of knowledge does not diminish you; it enhances the larger mission. Ask questions or seek help when the answers or paths forward are not apparent. We are here to help each other succeed.

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NRMA Regional Map

Military installations HAMPTON ROADS, VIRGINIA • Naval Station Norfolk • Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story • Naval Air Station Oceana / Dam Neck Annex • Norfolk Naval Shipyard • Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads - Headquarters / Northwest Annex / Portsmouth

• Naval Weapons Station Yorktown / Cheatham Annex / Huntington Hall

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NRMA Installations

of NAS Oceana is as a Shore-Based Readiness Integrator, providing the facilities, equipment, and personnel to support shored-based readiness, total force readiness and maintain operational access of Oceana-based forces. The base, including Dam Neck Annex and Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Fentress, has approximately 10,500 active Navy personnel, about 10,000 family members and 4,500 civilian personnel, and is home to 18 Hornet and Super Hornet squadrons and is the second largest employer in Virginia Beach. Naval Station Great Lakes Great Lakes, IL Naval Station (NAVSTA) Great Lakes, your Navy in the Midwest, enables the delivery of highly skilled, technically proficient, disciplined, and motivated Sailors to the Fleet and preserves our naval heritage and customs representing the Navy through professional and personal excellence. The Training Support Center Great Lakes provides 24-hour supervision, training, and mentorship to over 4,500 18- to 25-year-old apprentice-level Sailors. Naval Station Newport Newport, RI Naval Station (NAVSTA) Newport is home to 50 Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and US Army Reserve commands and activities. It is the Navy’s premier site for training officers, officer candidates, senior enlisted personnel, and midshipman candidates, as well as testing and evaluating advanced undersea warfare and development systems. Naval personnel assigned to Newport come fromall parts of the United States and many free nations of the world. NAVSTA Newport is home to the Naval War College, Surface Warfare Officers School Command and Navy Justice School.

Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story Virginia Beach, VA Joint Expeditionary Base (JEB) Little Creek–Fort Story is the country’s premier installation for housing and training the nation’s Expeditionary Forces. It is one command with two properties: JEB Fort Story, formerly Army Post Fort Story and JEB Little Creek, formerly Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek. Fort Story witnessed the humble beginnings of our country as the 1607 first landing site. Little Creek began as a dynamic training ground for World War II amphibious forces. Together they comprise the crown jewel of America’s military bases. Naval Air Station Oceana/ Dam Neck Annex Virginia Beach, VA Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana is the Navy’s East Coast Master Jet Base, home to F/A-18 Hornets and Super Hornets. The primary mission

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Naval Station Norfolk Norfolk, VA

facilities outside of Washington, D.C. is home to more than 6,000 personnel including major tenant commands: US Fleet Forces Command, Joint Staff Hampton Roads, US Marine Corps Forces Command, Naval Submarine Forces, Atlantic, and Naval Reserve Forces Command. Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads- Northwest Annex Chesapeake, VA Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads-Northwest Annex provides a wide array of support services for 11 tenant commands, comprised of U.S. Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security operational units, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection training commands, and Navy, Coast Guard and NATO strategic communication activities. Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads- Portsmouth Portsmouth, VA Formerly known as Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP), Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads-Portsmouth has proudly served the military and their families since 1830, making it the Navy’s oldest continuously operating hospital. This is a nationally acclaimed state-of- the-art medical center. Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg Mechanicsburg, PA Naval Support Activity (NSA) Mechanicsburg located in Central Pennsylvania on the eastern boundary of Mechanicsburg, is a strategic logisticshub formanyof theNavy’smost important programs. It hasmore than 150 buildings with 8.8 million square feet of space. The various land uses at NSAMechanicsburg fall into four functional areas: administrative; housing and community facilities; warehousing; and open storage. Some 40 tenant commands are located on the 806-acre complex.

Naval Station (NAVSTA) Norfolk is the largest naval station in the world. It supports the operational readiness of the US Atlantic Fleet, providing facilities and services to enable mission accomplishment. It is geographically located in the Southeastern corner of Virginia, collectively known as Hampton Roads. This concentration of 14 piers with 75 ships and 11 aircraft hangers serving 134 aircraft, accounts for 3,100 ship movements per year. Air operations average 275 flights per day, one every six minutes, transporting over 150,000 passengers and 264,000 tons of mail and cargo annually. Naval Submarine Base New London Groton, CT Naval Submarine Base (SUBASE) New London is the world’s first and finest submarine base and is also known as the Home of the Submarine Force. This 1,217-acre installation along the Thames River in Groton, Connecticut is home to 15 attack submarines, more than 70 tenant commands, the Naval Submarine School and supports more than 21,000 civilian and active duty personnel. At 97 squaremiles, Naval Support Activity (NSA) Crane is 40 percent larger thanWashington,DC.Withthehighestconcentrationofscientists,engineers, and technicians in the region, it providesprofessional, qualityshoresupport allowing tenant partners to focusonengineering, ammunition, and logistics missions for the defense of our nation and to identify deficiencies and follow throughwith the planwithin fiscal constraints. Naval Support Activity Hampton Roads- Headquarters Norfolk, VA Naval Support Activity Crane Crane, IN Naval Support Activity (NSA) Hampton Roads, with the largest concentrationof fleet headquartersadministrativeandcommunication

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Naval Support Activity Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA

NSA Philadelphia and Philadelphia Navy Yard Annex are home to multiple tenant commands in support of the Fleet, Fighter and Family. The installation is located on a streamlined shore and provides an operation-ready, secure shore infrastructure. Naval Support Activity Saratoga Springs Saratoga Springs, NY Naval Support Activity (NSA) Saratoga Springs, aligned under CNIC on October 1, 2010, is located approximately 35 miles north of Albany, New York. Many of the Navy’s nuclear operators flow through Saratoga Springs every year as they complete the final phaseof theNavy nuclear power training pipeline at Nuclear Power Training Unit, Ballston Spa. Naval Weapons Station Earle Earle, NJ Weapon Station (WPNSTA) Earle, located in both Colts Neck and the Leonardo section of Middletown, New Jersey is connected by a private, federally owned roadway. Colts Neck sits in the heart of New Jersey’s horse farming region and is only 20 minutes away from the famed Jersey Shore. Leonardo is located on Sandy Hook Bay overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the New York skyline. This sparsely populated location affords the Navy an opportunity to receive ammunitions from the west via the railroad and load ammunition onto ships safely. Naval Weapons Station Yorktown Yorktown, VA Naval Weapons Station (WPNSTA) Yorktown is a 15,000-acre facility with more than 19 training zones, two small arms ranges, an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) range, and two helicopter landing pads. WPNSTA Yorktown is prime real estate for training of the armed forces. WPNSTA Yorktown also includes CheathamAnnex and hosts 37 tenant commands.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard Portsmouth, VA

Located in Portsmouth, Virginia, Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) is the oldest and largest industrial facility that belongs to the United States Navy. Established June 12, 1800, it is also themost multifaceted. It is one of the largest shipyards in theworldspecializing in repairing, overhauling, and modernizing ships and submarines. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Portsmouth, NH Proud of our past ... Ready for the future is Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNSY). The shipyard’s primary mission is the overhaul, repair, and modernization of Los Angeles class submarines with quality overhaul work in a safe, timely, and affordable manner. This includes fleet requirements such as engineering services, production shops, unique capabilities and facilities, and off-site support. Portsmouth NSY proudly maintains, repairs, and modernizes the Navy’s submarines to go in harm’s way, defeat enemies in war and return crews home safely.

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What We Do?



Command & Staff


Total Force Manpower


Operations & Public Safety


Facilities & Environmental

In this Region NRMA providesshore-basedservicesenabling theFleet andsupported commands to focus on their mission. The effective management of NRMA installations is integral to delivering essential operations, facilities, and quality of life programs. NRMA understands the need to be the best at supporting Navy Readiness and provides facilities, shore management, coordination, and Base Operating Support (BOS) services to homeported and transient ships, submarines and aircraft; afloat and ashore tenants, military members, and families. As a whole, NRMA provides services to over 124,000 active duty and reserve personnel and 201,000 retirees and family members. Our civilian workforce consists of approximately 93,000 civil service and Non- Appropriated Fund (NAF) personnel.


Shore Integrated Requirements


Information Technology


Comptroller / Financial Management


Fleet & Family Readiness

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Employee Guide | 11

NRMA Orgranization

Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Field Office

Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic N00

Region Command Master Chief N00F

Office of General Counsel N00L

Inspector General N00G

Staff Judge Advocate N00J

Flag Personal Staff

Executive Director (ED) N01

Command Career Counselor (N152)

Drug & Alcohol Program Advisor (N143)

Flag Secretary LA N00A

Flag Aide LT N00C


Flag Writer N00D

Enlisted Aide N00C1

Protocol N00E

Executive Assistant N01A

Chief of Staff (CoS) N04

Shore Integrated Requirements N5

Total Force Manpower N1

Operations & Public Safety N3

Facilities & Environmental N4

Information Technology N6

Region Comptroller N8

Fleet & Family Readiness N9

Executive Assistant

Command Climate Specialist (N1E1)

Special Assistants

Assistant Region Engineer

Fire & Emergency Services

Command Emergency Management Training Exercise Coordinator Safety Occupational Health

Fleet Readiness

Direct Report Direct Access Additional Duty (ADDU)

Command & Staff N004C

Public Affairs N00P

Religious Programs N00R

Special Events N00SA

Director, Equal Employment Opportunity (DEEOO)

Environmental Director

Port Operations

Family Readiness

Program Director Region Environment Integration

Casualty Assistance

Air Operations

Human Resources (N13)

Housing Programs

Support Services


Funeral Honors

N Codes

Force Protection

Navy Wounded Warrior

Human Resources

Regional Program Director BOS Management Senior Leadership Special Assistants Flag Personal Staff

Installation Commanding Officers

CO NS Norfolk









CO NWS Earle


CO NS Newport



Fire & Emergency Services

NSA Lakehurst

Additional Duty (ADDU)

Navy Operation Support Center (NOSC) 48 Locations

Reserve Component Command (RCC) Norfolk

Reserve Component Command (RCC) Great Lakes

Naval Facilities Engineering

Transient Personnel Unit (TPU) Norfolk

Region Legal Service Office (RLSO)

NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center (FLC)

USS Constitution

Command (NAVFAC)

Environmental Counsel

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Where Do I Fit In?

Where Do I Fit In?

The Region Employee In support of customer-facing programs, you provide centralized and customer-focused functions such as human resources, financial management, and regional dispatch. The Installation Program Director (IPD) As the IPD you direct the daily operations at the deck plate level, ensuring effective service delivery, collaborating with the RPD to identify needs, establish plans, and maintain alignment. The Installation Employee YOU execute the mission, interacting directly with customers, working with managers and IPDs to provide efficient and effective service.

The N-Code As the executive decision maker for each directorate, the N-Code collaborates with subordinate programs, region leadership and CNIC programs to establish strategy, balance requirements and resources, and standardize service delivery. The Region Program Director (RPD) As the region manager of your program, you plan, budget, oversee, and advise leadership on operations in your program area, working to execute efficiently across all installations in accordance with higher level guidance.

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Employee Guide | 13

NRMAExecutiveDirector (ED) The Executive Director (ED) is the principal advisor to the REGCOM for business programming, planning, budgeting, policy and requirements. The ED is the senior civilian advisor. Department/N-Codes Explained

N00 Command & Staff

N00, often referred to as the Front Office, collectively serves as the principal technical experts and advisors to the Region Commander (REGCOM). The core service is to provide specialized expertise, planning, and oversight. N00 enables programs and installations to execute in accordance with all policy and direction. N00 includes the Executive Director, Chief of Staff, Command Master Chief, Command SpecialAssistants (InspectorGeneral, PublicAffairs, Legal, andReligious Programs), Administration Program, Protocol Office, Security Manager, Admiral’s support staff, Installation Commanding Officers (ICOs) and staff and command support staff. N00 is a diverse program of command and support civilians and active- dutymilitary at the Region and Installations.  Leadership

NRMAChief of Staff (COS) The Chief of Staff (COS) is the principal advisor to the REGCOM for operational activities and requirements and serves as theCommandingOfficer for staff enlisted personnel.

NRMACommndMasterChief The Command Master Chief (CMDCM) functions as the principal enlisted advisor to NRMA pertaining to morale and welfare of all enlisted personnel assigned to Navy installationswithin NRMA.

 Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic

CommandingOfficer (CO) The Commanding Officer (CO) is at the helm of each installation and is accountable to the REGCOM for daily operations at the base. COs integrate the various services and programs provided at the installation, ensuring readiness, mission performance, safety, and security.

Region Commander (REGCOM) is the Flag Officer for the Region. The REGCOM has final authority in all region business including administrative, financial, and legal matterswithin the region’s area of responsibility.

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Employee Guide | 14

N00R Religious Programs foster personal and family spiritual fitness and resiliency through the provision of direct pastoral care and facilitation, advisingREGCOMon issuesof religiousaccommodation, ethics and morale, and through a wide range of standardized resiliency programs provided by Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation (CREDO). N00SA Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Officer (SAPRO) maintains awareness of Department of Defense (DoD)SAPRprogramsand initiatives, gathers,monitorsandanalyzessexual assault data and trends, ensures policy and procedural compliance for the REGCOMand the ICOs. N00SA Special Events is responsible for the annual planning and executionof FleetWeekNewYork, theNASOceanaAirShowandanyother event assigned by leadership.

N04C Command and Staff Assigned under the Chief of Staff in support of staff organization and administration, providing program policy implementation and guidance. Command and staff also provides coordinationand support toSAs in theareasof RPAsubmission, DTS, and Government and Purchase Card. Additionally, provides administrative support to the front office and administrative oversight to NRMA staff and installations.  Special Assistants (SA) N00C Administration keeps the paper from piling up through the managementofcorrespondence,regionpublicationsanddirectives,military awards and records, and official mail, including congressional inquiries. N00G Inspector General (IG) keeps the region in compliance with lawandpolicyetc. through targeted inspections, the IGHotline, external audits, and theManager’s Internal Control (MIC) program. N00J Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) provides legal advice and counsel to the REGCOM on military personnel matters, managing all courts-martial for the region. N00K Casualty Assistance Calls Officer (CACO)/ Funeral Honors Support (FHS) coordinates, facilitates, monitors, documents and trains all elements that ensure the execution of casualty and funeral honors requirements to all Navy commands and families throughout theNRMAarea of responsibility. N00L Office of General Counsel (OGC) provides legal services and business advice to region leadership, including all legal matters frombusiness andcommercial law, to labor law, andeven litigation. N00P Public Affairs Office (PAO) coordinates external communication and community relations including all region social media for the REGCOM and COs.

What does N00 mean to me? NRMA: N00 provides administrative, legal, personnel security, external communication, and environmental support. Installation: N00 provides Command and Staff personnel, administrative, legal, external communication and engagement, and religious program support.

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Employee Guide | 15

N1: Total Force Manpower

What does N1 mean to me? NRMA: N1 team provides manpower, human resources, and workforce development support to the NRMA total force. Installation: N1 provides personnel, transient personnel, human resources for Appropriated Fund Support (APF) employees, ie, GS (General Schedule), workforce development support for the region team, and personnel accountability support to all Navy commands within the geographic footprint NRMA.

N1 supports the recruitment, development, and management of personnel in support of the region human capital strategy. Additionally, N1 supports hiring and onboarding, labor relations, relations with bargaining units/unions, and employee recognition and awards. N1 provides expertise and support in all aspects of military and civilian manning, civilian personnel policy, training, and staffing related issues. Managing a comprehensive workforce development (WFD) program, providing military entitlement support, personnel accountability, and transient personnel support. N1’s major outputs include processing hundreds of civilian personnel actions, (known as RPAs per year), supporting all civilian performance management assessments and awards, managing the region’smilitary manning, processing transient military personnel, and managing all WFD programs and training events. N1 WFD supports career planning, individual development planning (IDP), mentoring, developmental assignments, career development, and leadership training. WhoWe Are N1 is a small program with civilian and military staff located at region headquarters. The N1 reports to the region ED.

ADMINISTRATIVE Websites to Remember

 Official Navy Information and Resources www.cnic.navy.mil  Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) Email https://webmail.east.nmci.navy.mil/owa/  Gateway Website (G2) https://g2.cnic.navy.mil/  CAC Card Appointments https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil

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N3: Operations & Public Safety N3 Organizational Chart

At the installation, N3 provides 24-hour fire and emergency services support. This includes annual fire inspections and community support around the base through municipal firefighting agency partnerships.

What does N30 mean to me? NRMA: N30 provides fire suppression, emergency medical support, and fire prevention. Installation: N30 provides fire suppression, emergency medical support, and fire prevention.

N30 Fire& Emergency Services

N30 provides 24-hour fire and emergency services support to protect the lives and propertyof inhabitants and visitors fromtheadverseeffects of fire, medical emergencies, and exposure to hazardous conditions. These personnel are capable of shipboard, aircraft, structural fire suppression, and rescue, andprovideemergencymedical support (EMTs) including specialized rescue (jaws-of-life). Other services include mitigation of incidents involving hazardous materials and other emergencies, and fire prevention through inspection and education.

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Employee Guide | 17

N31 Port Operations

N32 AirOperations

N31 aligns to the N3 Operations Director and provides Port Operation services to Fleet customers throughout each region. These Port Ops services enable Fleet assets to get underway on schedule, on time, and on budget, leveraging and maintaining a well-trained workforce and mission ready equipment. Port Ops supports shipmovements, berthing and hotel services, and port logistics. They provide harbor security boat assets and support waterborne oil spill response. This department maintains a full array of comprehensive service support craft, including tugboats and barges. What does N31 mean to me? NRMA: N31 provides security boat operations and maintenance to region-wide security programs. Installation: N31 provides port services.

N32 provides 24-hour Air Operations support to well-trained, ready-to- deploy Navy aviation squadrons as well as transient aircraft and deployed detachments. Air Traffic Control supports Navy flight evolutions and commercial/civilian air traffic. Other duties include maintaining all critical ground electronics systems that support airfieldoperationsand training; searchand rescue; passenger terminals and cargo handling. What does N32 mean to me? NRMA: N32 supports large-scale exercises and training events. Installation: N32 provides air operations support at Naval Air Station Oceana and peripheral support to other Installations.

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Employee Guide | 18

N35 Safety & Occupational Health

N35provides servicesandoversight designed toprotect personnel and propertythroughthedevelopment,promotion,andintegrationofastrong safety culture at all organizational levels. An effective, comprehensive, and aggressive safety and occupational health program ensures the protection of personnel, equipment, and resources throughout all areas of responsibility. N35 helps programs and tenants identify, mitigate, and remove risks in the workplace; develops, implements, and communicates effective safety and occupational health (SOH) programs to satisfy diverse and unique customer needs. Consultation with managers and employees in the workplace on everything from ergonomics to hazardous materials handling and support of mishap prevention through education and inspection is also provided. Each region has a SOH program including a comprehensive traffic safety program specializing in motorcycle safety. N35 manages and maintains the region’s safety training requirements via the Enterprise Safety Applications Management System (ESAMS). What does N35 mean to me? NRMA: N35 provides SOH support to installation safety directors in providingasafeworkingenvironment forhostemployeesandtenants. Installation: N35 provides SOH services, providing a safeworking environment for host employees and tenants.

N3AT Anti-Terrorism (AT) Force Protection

N3AT is a large program with a combination of civilian, military, and contractor personnel providing 24/7 law enforcement, physical perimeter security, harbor security, anti-terrorism, badging, and base access support in each region. This department protects the personnel, assets, resources, facilities, and critical information in each region from hostile action and criminal activity. N93ATsupports themitigationof incidents involvinghazardoutmaterials and other emergencies including staffing and operating harbor security patrols, protecting afloat assets, and executing the military working dog program performing patrol, drug and explosive detection missions. What does N3ATmean to me? NRMA: N3AT provides law enforcement, base access, and physical security. Installation: N3AT provides law enforcement, base access, and physical security.

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Employee Guide | 19

N37 Emergency Management

N36 Training & Readiness

N37 provides 24-hour all-hazards emergency management support to the region. Protecting personnel, assets and sustaining mission essential functions within the region is done through directing the planning, mitigation, response, and recovery required of an all- hazards emergency management program. This team operates the 24-hour regional dispatch centers providing dispatch coverage for all installations and activities in the region. N37 mans and operates the ROC and leads and coordinates the Crisis Action Team (CAT) who mans the ROC during exercises and emergencies. In direct collaboration with the Navy Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officers (NEPLO), N37 coordinates the Navy response to all hazards, and provides some EOD support. N37 aligns to the N3 Operations Director and has emergency management staff at each installation. What does N37 mean to me? NRMA: N37 provides emergency dispatch support for the Fire and Force Protection programs, Operation Center support for the region CAT, and all hazards support. Installation: N37 provides operations center support for the CAT, all-hazards support, and emergency management planning.

N36 serves as the principal advisor on all matters of operational training and readiness including staff readiness and training. Specific responsibilities include developing ashore training strategies to align with Navy warfare training systems, establishing training requirements for Regional Operations Centers (ROC), supporting Navy Mission Essential Task List (METLS) development, coordinating and distributing CNIC policies for Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS-N), and providing REGCOM and ICO training.

What does N36mean tome?

NRMA: N36 coordinates region-wide exercises and operational training. Installation: N36 coordinates installation exercises and operational training via invitational travel orders (ITOs).

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Employee Guide | 20

N1: Total Force Manpower

N4: Facilities & Environmental

N4 provides the infrastructure and responsible environment support to enable mission execution from the shore through facilities, environmental, transportation, and utilities support of the region. N4 manages hundreds of millions of dollars in military construction (MILCON) projects and executes sustainment, restoration, and modernization projects for the Navy’s diverse facility portfolio. N4 manages and maintains the region’s real estate including protecting regions and installations from encroachment by partnering with other government and non-government agencies. N4 contracts to provide facility custodial, grounds-keeping, pest control, waste management, real property care and sustainment of millions of square feet of operational, industrial, and administrative facilities. The massive multi-faceted utilities infrastructure includes funding and delivery of electric, water, and steamutilities at the bases; region energy reduction and renewable energy projects; comprehensive recycling programs; compliancewith federal and local environmental regulations; managing restoration projects, and supporting environmental stewardship. This is accomplished through compliance, awareness, and conservation and pollution prevention. N4 provides a fleet of base vehicles and equipment; everything from heavy construction

equipment, railway equipment and forklifts to buses and carpool sedans to support all aspects of Fleet, region, and installation business.

The N4 Program includes the Public Works Departments (PWDs) and the Region Engineer. N4 employs thousands of civilian, military, and contract employees. CNICand the Region provide the requirements and resources for N4 to execute facilities and environmental support services that are efficient, effective, and appropriately aligned to guidance.

What does N4 mean to me?

NRMA: N4 provides public works services, environmental support, vehicles, and equipment, janitorial, grounds maintenance, pest control, and waste management. Installation: N4 provides facilities, public works, vehicles, and equipment, janitorial, grounds maintenance, pest control, waste management and environmental support.

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What does N5 mean to me? NRMA: N5 supports planning, analysis, and performance management. Installation: N5 supports planning, analysis, and performance management. N5: Shore Integrated Requirements

PERSONNEL Websites to Remember

 Employee Assistance Program www.acispecialtybenefits.com  Work/Life Resource and Referral Services www.affinity-online.com  Government Job Postings www.USAjobs.com  NAF Pay Statements and Information https://ipay.adp.com/iPay/login.jsf  Civil Service Pay Statements and Information https://mypay.dfas.mil/#  Civil Service Timekeeping https://www.sldcada.dc3n.navy.mil/home.do  Civil Service ‘MyBiz’ Performance Management Portal https://compo.dcpds.cpms.osd.mil  Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) access https://eopf.opm.gov/navy/

N5 is a small group of civilian personnel at the region that manages the business toenable leadership tobothplan for and respond toenterprise and local challenges. N5 coordinates and develops the NRMA strategic plan; drives the business planning process; and leads and facilitates the participation in enterprise-wide future planning and integration initiatives. N5 supports process optimization and performance management. Other N5 functions include the oversight of the contract management processes, and including management and support of requirements management, performance management, and defense readiness reporting and region governance. N5’s major outputs include the yearly NRMA Strategic Plan, the Electronic Business Plan (eBP), the Executive Steering Committee (ESC) meeting, the bi-weekly Commanding Officer/Program Director (CO/PD) and N-Code/SA meetings and monthly performance management reviews of all region programs.

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N6: Information Technology

What does N6 mean to me? NRMA: N6 provides telephones, radios, alarms, network security, NMCI/OneNet support, application development, and information management. Installation: N6 provides telephones, radios, alarms, network security,NMCI support,applicationdevelopment,and information management.

N6isacombinationofcivilianandmilitarypersonnelwhoprovideinformation management, information technology (IT), and communication services within the region to maintain all information and communication network infrastructure, provide expertise and application support, and manage information security. Comprehensive region-wide networks provide unclassified and classified information systems (IS) services to all base commands and activities including security, alarm, and video surveillance systems. Support and security is provided to minimize vulnerabilities in DoD, Navy commercial and internally developed IT applications including theCNICGateway (G2), local databasemanagement, and several internet and web-based applications. N6 manages all aspects of information management and knowledge management in the region, from shared drives and email distribution lists to customG2 solutions. Awide spectrum of communications systems is provided to include cable television, video teleconference (VTC), enterprise land mobile radio (ELMR-used by first responders), and emergency deployable satellite communications. Landline, cellular and satellite telephone services, technical oversight and management of NMCI/OneNET IT services and equipment in support of theNMCI/OneNet contracts are also provided by N6.

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N8: Comptroller/Financial Management

What does N8 mean to me? NRMA: N8 supports APF financial planning, budget execution, labor management, travel, and civilian timekeeping. Installation: N8 supports APF financial planning, budget execution, labor management, travel, and civilian timekeeping.

N8 is a centralized program of civilian employees at the region with responsibility for the program/installation spend plans, Appropriated Fund (APF) budget execution for labor and non-labor, and monthly financial performancemanagement reviews. Appropriations managed include operations and maintenance for the Navy, Navy Reserves and Family Housing Operations. N8 provides in-depth technical analysis and management of financial and budgetary plans and resources in each Region. N8 enables the success of each region’s programs, installations, and leadership through use of financial management and analytical tools, fiscal policy, and internal controls. N8 provides support functions for APF financial programs including the government travel card program, government commercial purchase card, property management,andlaborandnon-laborresourcesthroughtheCommand Financial Management System (CFMS) and the Standard Accounting, Budgeting, and Reporting System (SABRS). CNIC’s Financial Service Center (FSC) supports payroll and timekeeping via the Standard Labor Data Collection and Distribution Application (SLDCADA) and the Defense Civilian Payroll System (DCPS) and travel authorization and voucher approvals via the Defense Travel System (DTS).

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The N9 Fleet and Family Readiness (FFR) team provides services that enhance quality of life at home and work. FFR is a catalyst for maximizing partnerships for the mental, physical, and social development of DoD personnel, retirees, and family members. N9: Fleet & Family Readiness (FFR)

Family Readiness N91

• Counseling, Advocacy and Prevention • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program • Navy Gold Star Program • Work and Family Life Programs



Fleet Readiness

• Child Development Centers (CDC) • Child Development Homes (CDH) • School-Age Care (SAC)

• Navy Fitness, Sports & Deployed Forces Support • Recreation • Entertainment Services • MWR Food and Beverage • Recreational Lodging

• Youth and Teen Programs • Child and Youth Education Services

Housing N93


Housing & Lodging


Inns & Suites

Worldwide Hospitality

• ProgramManagement • Master Plans • Construction & Renovation of Navy Housing • Financial Management • Enterprise Military Housing (eMH) & HOMES.mil • Housing Services

• Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS) • Fisher House Program

Support Services N94

Marketing and Multimedia

Facilities and Acquisition

Development Training

Information Technology

Support Services


Navy Wounded Warrior

• NAF Human Resources • NAF Financial Management

Wounded Warrior Wounde arrior

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 Family Advocacy Program (FAP) The Family Advocacy Program (FAP) is a command-directed program that provides clinical assessment, treatment and services for service members and their families involved in incidents of child abuse and domestic abuse. The primary goals of FAP are prevention, victim safety and support, rehabilitative interventions, command and offender accountability, and providing a consistent and appropriate response. FAP provides a variety of interventions and treatment services to meet the needs of individuals and families to include counseling, clinical case management, treatment groups, and refers families to military and civilian resources as appropriate.  FAP VictimAdvocacy Services Navy FAP Victim Advocates provide comprehensive support services to help ensure the safety of victims of abuse, assist all family members affected by or involved in the abuse, and help prevent further violence. FAP Victim Advocates assist with safety assessments and safety planning, crisis intervention, education and support, information about rights, referrals to community agencies, accompaniment to investigative agencies, legal appointments and court appearances, and advocate on victim’s behalf.


N91 Family Readiness  Fleet &FamilySupport Programs

N91 provides services to active duty, activated reservists, military family members, MIA/POW spouses, OCONUS DoD employees, retirees, Coast Guard and their family members (space available) and family membersof thosewhodiedwhileonactiveduty. Thoseservices include Crisis Response, Counseling and Advocacy, Deployment Support, Career Support and Retention, Life Skills Workshops, Exceptional Family Member Program, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, Personal Financial Management and Ombudsman support. Services are provided as one-on-one sessions or in a class format.

Counseling, Advocacy and Prevention  Clinical Counseling

Clinical counseling is short-termcounseling tohelpSailorswith problems in daily living (difficulty adjusting to the military, marital discord, parenting issues, personal crises, and grief) that can have a negative effect upon military readiness. These services encompass a wide scope of educational, preventive, and non-medical, brief therapeutic services that promote increased resilience.

 Sailor Assistance and Intercept for Life (SAIL) SAIL isan interventionapproach that provides rapidassistance, ongoing risk assessment, care coordination and reintegration assistance for

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 Deployed Resiliency Counseling Program Deployed Resiliency Counselors (DRC) promote overall wellness and resiliency by providing private, short-term, non-medical counseling, training and prevention education to Sailors on aircraft carriers and large deck amphibious ships while they are deployed and at homeport.

service members identified with a suicide related behavior (SRB). Risk is assessed at key intervals using the Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) andmanaged using theVeterans Administration Safety Plan through a series of contacts over 90 days following an SRB. SAIL does not replace mental health services and is not a form of treatment. SAIL case managers maintain contact with Sailors, healthcare providers and command leadership, assisting with care coordinationandengagingadditional resources as needed. All services are conducted within a supportive environment and are based on the individual’s needs in reducing stress. Sailors are automatically referred to SAIL by their command, however, a referral can also be made by contacting the Fleet and Family Support Center.

 New Parent Support Home Visitation Program (NPSHVP) Uses the evidence-based Nurturing Parenting Program Curriculum to conduct assessments and provide intensive home visitation services for families who have been identified as “at risk” for child maltreatment anddomesticabuse. TheNewParent Support HomeVisitation Program (NPSHVP) provides comprehensive parenting education for expectant active-duty military personnel, their spouses, and those families with children under the age of four. NPSHVP’s primary goal is to enhance their quality of life by empowering them to meet the challenges of parenthood, while maintaining a military lifestyle. The program offers a variety of services, including prenatal health and nutrition consultation, breastfeeding education, early child development education, parenting skills, and home visitation services.

Navy Gold Star Program Our service members who die on active duty have made the ultimate sacrifice, and the Navy is committed to supporting their families. The Navy Gold Star Program serves our survivors by providing support, information, and services for as long as they desire. Navy Gold Star coordinators connect survivors to support groups and grief and bereavement counselors, provide benefits milestone management, request copiesof documents, andoffer informationand referral services.

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