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REGULARS 4 Editor's Letter

Drakenstein is a hive of construction activity as new residential, industrial, and business developments are taking shape. With the rapid expansion, it’s clear that the area is becoming increasingly attractive as an investment destination. 30 Meet Your Councillors In this edition, we introduce Ward 23’s Elizabeth Solomons and Ward 16’s Zawkhaya Xhego.

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10 SMMEs Have the Power to Create Jobs and Improve People's Lives Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises are an engine for local economic growth and development. 28 ‘Work Smart, Be Hungry to Learn,’ Says New Supply Chain Accountant Vars speaks to Lizane Nkoko, Senior Accountant, about what exactly her job entails and what the Financial Services Department does to ensure that the Municipality's administrative system fires on all cylinders.



VARS | November

EXPLORE DRAKENSTEIN 18 Delicious Dining on Main Road With over 40 restaurants in total, Paarl’s Main Road brings cuisine from all over the world to our doorstep. 22 Wie is Jou Jukmaat? Vars besoek Wellington Jukskeiklub om meer oor dié sport te leer. 22 Sport Calendar What’s on and where in November and December 2022? Find out here. 24 Drakenstein Municipality Awarded for Conservation of Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve The Municipality’s reputation as an environmentally conscious and sustainable municipality was recently enhanced at the CapeNature Stewardship awards evening. BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT 6 Belê in Drakenstein met Yolande Oosthuizen Yolande gesels met Vars oor Drakenstein Munisipaliteit se Ontwikkelings- en Beleggingstoonbank en hoe dié toonbank die proses makliker maak vir ontwikkelaars en potensiële beleggers. 12 Nomoya: Uncorked in Italy, Poured in Paarl Vars chats with Nomoya’s Michela Sfiligoi and Attilio Dalpiaz about bringing Italian wines to the heart of the Boland. 16 Ánder Vaardighede Nou Nodig in Nie-winsgewende Sektor In gesprek met Ivan Swartz, hoof uitvoerende beampte van Valcare.



26 Kudos to Khula Vars speaks to Bianca Petersen, Communications Manager at Khula, about their goal to see every child from disadvantaged communities attend school every day. 34 Keeping a Close Eye This is what the community has to say about service delivery.

OPPORTUNITIES 36 Notices and Tenders Your need-to-knows. 35 We've Changed Banks Get Drakenstein Municipality’s new banking details here.


VARS | November

We are Expanding Rapidly

Everywhere you go in Drakenstein, you see bricks, cement, and cranes. Drakenstein is a hive of construction activity as new residential, industrial, and business developments are taking shape. Therefore, we cannot but share our Executive Mayor’s excitement about the rapid pace at which our area is expanding. Big businesses are finding Drakenstein increasingly attractive as an investment destination, and, just recently, the Municipality approved two major developments that will create thousands of job opportunities in the coming years. It seems like everybody wants to move to Drakenstein! How else, then, with our magnificent mountains, the Berg River flowing majestically through our towns, the beautiful views from wherever you find yourself, the top-performing schools, stylish restaurants, conveniently situated shopping centres, abundant sports facilities, and so forth and so forth… This month in Vars we feature an interesting mix of articles showcasing our work in the field of economic and social development, as we also consider 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children in November and December – a campaign characterised by the breakthrough work of many non-profit organisations (NPOs). To date, 133 informal businesses in Drakenstein have benefitted from the business support programmes of the Municipality’s Economic Development and Tourism division. That is a heart-warming statistic, is it not? The Municipality regards SMMEs as an engine for local economic growth and development. Two of the driving forces behind our SMME outreach sessions tell us how they go about their task. Our business interview features Nomoya World , established in 2021 by two Italians and one South African. Specialising in viticulture and an array of specialised crops and niche vegetables, their team believes in a hands-on approach as they demonstrate their passion for agriculture in all farming solutions, recommendations, and services. This month’s edition introduces you to Lizane Nkoko , Drakenstein Municipality’s new Senior Accountant: Logistics and Disposals. If you have ever wondered what exactly Supply Chain Management does, Lizane will put you out of your misery. She tells us what makes her tick and gives tips on how to follow this career. Vars loves to shine the spotlight on NPOs doing excellent work in Drakenstein and this month is no exception. We take a look at Valcare which uniquely offers training programmes for other NPOs to ensure they run their organisations professionally.


VARS | November

When we talk about business driving economic growth and job creation, we talk about both large-scale developers and our Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs). Both are equally important and that is why Drakenstein Municipality backs both. We have introduced a dedicated Development and Investment Desk to make the process easier and quicker for our investors and developers, and we are increasing the ease of business overall. For our SMMEs, we run business support programmes, from which 133 informal businesses in Drakenstein have already benefitted. Our area is expanding rapidly and I am excited about the pace at which we are positioning Drakenstein as the economic hub of the Cape Winelands. „ - Executive Mayor, Alderman Conrad Poole

We also give kudos to Khula in our article on the Khula Development Group - a registered NPO that strives to promote a positive culture of learning. Their aim is to strengthen the value of education and school attendance for children, according to Bianca Petersen, Communications Manager. The old adage goes, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” But this is not always true, especially not in Paarl’s extraordinarily long Main Road where over 40 restaurants bring cuisine from all over the world to our doorstep, so to speak. You can almost smell the flavours when you read this article. In our sports feature, we introduce you to the intricacies of Jukskei . Some of the terminolo- gy will make you scratch your head but you will learn something new, that is for sure. As always, we popped in at two of our ward councillors: Councillor Zawkhaya Xhego represents Ward 16 where he is a crusader for a cleaner environment. Ward 23’s Councillor Elizabeth Solomons believes in communication and says doing good is what keeps her going. We hope you enjoy this edition of Vars . Please tell your friends and family to subscribe at so that we can grow the Vars family and share our news wider.

From the Vars editorial team


VARS | November

Belê in Drakenstein met Yolande Oosthuizen

Drakenstein Munisipaliteit se gebou in Bergrivier Boulevard, Paarl.


VARS | November

Drakenstein Munisipaliteit het 'n innoverende Ontwikkelings- en Beleggingstoonbank geïmplementeer om die indiening van sakevoorstelle te stroomlyn, terwyl dit die gemak van sake doen in die gebied verbeter. In die video verduidelik Yolande Oosthuizen, Bestuurder van Ontwikkeling en Belegging, meer oor hierdie inisiatief en die aansoek- en goedkeuringsproses.

Yolande Oosthuizen, Bestuurder van Ontwikkeling en Belegging

Yolande Oosthuizen, ‘n Bolander in murg en been, is die nuwe gesig agter Drakenstein Munisipaliteit se Ontwikkelings- en Beleggingstoonbank. Sy het met Vars gesels oor presies hoe dié toonbank die proses makliker maak vir ontwikkelaars en potensiële beleggers in Drakenstein asook die indien van voorstelle bespoedig.


VARS | November

Wat is jou agtergrond?

‘n Interne assessering vind dan plaas waarna ontwikkelingsvoorstelle aan die eerste van die drie komitees voorgelê word. Van die ontwikkelaar word vereis om ‘n voorlegging aan dié komitee te doen; daarna word dit volgens die huidige ontwikkelings- doelwitte van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit geëvalueer. Indien dit aan dié doelwitte voldoen, word dit na die tweede komitee verwys wat die aansoek tegnies evalueer. Die derde komitee evalueer die voorstel volgens politieke ontwikkelingsdoelwitte. As dit blyk dat die voorstel geskik is, kan die aansoekproses hiervandaan voortgaan.

Ek het in Stellenbosch grootgeword, stads- en streeksbeplanning by die Kaapse Skiereiland Universiteit van Tegnologie gestudeer, en daarna my MBA aan die Universiteit Stellenbosch verwerf.

Ek is sedert 2019 in diens van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit. Hoe vind jy dit om by Drakenstein Munisipaliteit te werk?

Ek vind dit uitdagend en stimulerend om by ‘n plaaslike regeringsinstansie te werk. Ek beoog om my ondervinding in die privaat sektor te gebruik om ‘n waardevolle bydrae tot die Munisipaliteit te maak, veral wat ontwikkeling en beleggings betref. Vertel ons ‘n bietjie meer van die Ontwikkelings- en Beleggingstoonbank by Drakenstein Munisipaliteit. Hierdie toonbank is ‘n inisiatief van die Stadsbestuurder, Dr. Johan Leibbrandt; dit is in 2015 op die been gebring. Die doel daarvan is om die proses van sake doen in Drakenstein, soos byvoorbeeld die indien van ontwikkelingsvoorstelle, te vergemaklik. Voorstelle vir grootskaalse ontwikkeling op privaat grond sowel as waar munisipale grond betrokke is, word by ons ingedien. Hierna word elke voorstel deur drie komitees oorweeg. Indien die ontwikkelingsvoorstel in lyn is met die Munisipaliteit se visie vir ontwikkeling, gaan die relevante aansoekproses deur die betrokke munisipaliteitsafdelings daarna voort. Verduidelik die stappe wat ‘n potensiële belegger of ontwikkelaar moet volg om ‘n voorstel in te dien. Eerstens moet beleggers of ontwikkelaars die Ontwikkelings- en Beleggingstoonbank per epos kontak by . Die tweede stap is om ‘n vraelys te voltooi.


VARS | November

Hoe lank neem die hele proses: vandat die aansoek ingedien word totdat die projek fisiek begin? Sodra die aansoek ontvang is en die vraelys voltooi is, word die aansoek geassesseer – dit is stap een van die siftingsproses. Die eerste komitee se werk neem ‘n aanvang binne een maand en ná die derde komitee se oorweging, volg die ontwikkelingsregte- aansoeke soos normaal. Dis moeilik om ‘n vasgestelde tydperk aan aansoeke oor die algemeen te koppel. Elke aansoek is uniek en elke aansoek word individueel gehanteer en geëvalueer. Sommige ontwikkelingsaansoeke vereis bykomende, eksterne wetgewende prosesse en goedkeurings, byvoorbeeld waar dit besluite oor die omgewing aangaan. Hierdie besluite berus nie by Drakenstein Munisipaliteit nie; dit beïnvloed natuurlik die tydlyn van die Munisipaliteit se finale goedkeuring. Vir komplekse ontwikkelingsaansoeke kan dit ses maande en langer neem vanaf die indiening van die aansoek tot en met goedkeuring. Daarná kan ontwikkeling eers ‘n aanvang neem.Vir elke aansoek word ‘n prosesplan vanaf indiening opgestel. Ons glo daarin om voortdurend – en direk – met aansoekers te kommunikeer.

kommersiële, kleinhandel- en landbouverwerking), wat veral op munisipale grond plaasvind. Groot ontwikkelings op privaat grond word ook in oënskou geneem, en is meestal van residensiële aard. Wat is belangrik vir potensiële aansoekers om te onthou as hulle ‘n voorstel indien? Voordat ‘n voorstel ingedien en die vraelys voltooi word, is dit belangrik om met die betrokke rolspelers by die Munisipaliteit in gesprek te tree. Enige kwessies waaroor hulle twyfel, kan só vroegtydig uit die weg geruim word. Watter waarde voeg die Ontwikkelings- en Beleggingstoonbank by tot Drakenstein Munisipaliteit? Die grootste waarde is om die aansoek proses vir ontwikkelaars so pynloos en vinnig as moontlik te maak. Dit bied ‘n gefokusde koördinasie van aansoek-aktiwiteite en -prosesse, asook ‘n duidelike lyn van kommunikasie met die aansoeker. As al die prosesse glad verloop, kan die ontwikkelaar so gou as moontlik begin! Dis presies wat ons nodig het om ekonomiese groei en werkskepping vir ons gemeenskappe in Drakenstein te stimuleer. Kontak Yolande of Drakenstein Munisipaliteit se Ontwikkelings- en Beleggingstoonbank by .

Watter tipe aansoeke word veral deur Drakenstein Munisipaliteit ontvang?

Die Ontwikkelings- en Beleggings- toonbank fokus meestal op grootskaalse ontwikkelings (insluitende industriële,

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VARS | November

SMMEs Have the Power to Create Jobs and Improve People's Lives Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) are considered the backbone of Drakenstein’s economy. Not only do they have enormous potential for job creation, but they are also regarded as an engine for local economic growth and development. Councillor Laurichia van Niekerk, Mayoral Committee Member for Planning and Development at Drakenstein Municipality, says SMMEs are key enablers to achieving inclusive sustainable economic growth and transforming the socio-economic reality of the poor. “A growing and flourishing SMME sector has the potential to create much- needed employment and improve the living conditions of many people. The impact of COVID-19 has exacerbated the ongoing challenges that impede the establishment, survival, and growth of SMMEs.” She says the challenges include among others: inadequate access to business information; low skill levels within the SMMEs; high costs of doing business due to the regulatory burden on enterprises; limited access to markets; and lack of access to both financial and non-financial resources.

Cheryl Phillips, Senior Manager for Economic Development and Tourism at Drakenstein Municipality, says that is why the Municipality has set out a number of projects, programmes, and initiatives to support SMMEs, including: • SMME and entrepreneurship development; • Informal trading enhancement; • Maximising small business linkages; and • Enhancing small business support. The Municipality has also implemented several initiatives as identified in its Integrated Development Plan (IDP). “These include numerous value-added interventions, which we have made to further demonstrate our commitment to ensure that our SMMEs remain an integral part of Drakenstein’s economy,” she says. The Municipality has further embarked on creating an enabling environment to regulate the informal economy through demarcating trading spaces, issuing trading permits, and implementing the Municipality’s Informal Trading Management Policy and Bylaw. The Municipality also wants to address the issue around the availability of trading spaces by demarcating new trading spaces. “The case for employment creation and wealth distribution through SMMEs is based on sound economic principles. They have been known to be labour intensive and, in certain instances, barriers to entry are low, depending on the nature of the business,” says Councillor Van Niekerk. “Employment opportunities can be maximised and citizens of Drakenstein can be given the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the economy by channelling much-needed resources to the SMME sector.”


VARS | November

The Municipality’s Economic Development and Tourism division started with the 2021/22 SMME Outreach Sessions in November last year. The sessions - conducted with key stakeholders in business development such as the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and the Cape Winelands District Municipality - highlight the importance of providing SMMEs with access to relevant information. Research showed that SMMEs require constant and reliable information platforms to improve confidence and efficiency. The sessions are designed to provide access to information timeously, in a short and precise manner, and directly to communities where information is not readily available. To date, 133 informal businesses in Drakenstein have benefitted from these business support programmes. The SMME Outreach Sessions take place on the last Thursday of the month from 10:00 to 12:00. The next session is taking place at the Wellington Town Hall on 24 November 2022 from 10:00 to 12:00 as part of the Municipality’s Entrepreneurship Month activities. For more information on the Municipality’s business support for SMMEs, please visit SMME Business Support ( . Employment opportunities can be maximised and citizens of Drakenstein can be given the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the economy by channelling much needed resources to the SMME sector. „

Councillor Laurichia van Niekerk says SMMEs are key enablers to achieve inclusive sustainable economic growth and transform the socio-economic reality of the poor.

Cheryl Phillips, Senior Manager for Economic Development and Tourism, says the Municipality has set out a number of projects, programmes, and initiatives to support SMMEs.


VARS | November

Nomoya: Uncorked in Italy, Poured in Paarl

Nomoya World was established in 2021 by two Italians and one South African — marketing professional Michela Sfiligoi, agronomist Attilio Dalpiaz, and viticulturist Talia Engelbrecht. Nomoya loosely translates to ‘from a windy place’, chosen because the threesome believes that life will take you where you need to be. The proverbial wind blew Michela and Attilio to South Africa on a holiday in 2003. They fell in love with South Africa, “deeply and … at first sight”, Michela relates with a smile. Contrary to the above, the two of them only fell in love “at second sight”, Michela adds mischievously, when they were in their 30s and 40s, respectively. At the time, both of them were very much involved in the agriculture and wine business of the private and public sectors. They wanted to test their decades of experience, great connections, and field expertise in one venture. Attilio studied agriculture at Padova University in Italy. A couple of years later, he started his own business together with a partner, consulting farmers in the north-east of Italy on vineyards, cellar buildings, agricultural practices, organic growing, and vegetables, among other things. Initially, they were thinking about moving to Sicily, but the discovery of what Paarl had to offer changed their plans.

Vermentino vines adapt well to sandy granite soils and warm, windy summers.


VARS | November

Talia Engelbrecht, viticulturist, and Attilio Dalpiaz, agronomist, at Nomoya World.

We chose Paarl, feeling that it is still genuine in its ‘Africanacity’, yet central to important areas relating to the wine business and well-served by infrastructure, suppliers, and consultants. „ “

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VARS | November

Paarl is the place Michela explains why, “We chose Paarl, feeling that it is still genuine in its ‘Africanacity’, yet central to important areas relating to the wine business and well-served by infrastructure, suppliers, and consultants.” She continues, “It is a beautiful town, with lots of history to show and stories to tell.” At first, the opportunities they saw were related to making great wines which led to a vision of making said great wines from old vines in a profitable way. They also hoped to bring something new to South Africa. In 2006, the process was started to bring the first Vermentino, a Sardinian clone that adapts well to sandy granite soils and warm, windy summers, here. The first wine was produced 10 years later; since then, it has become part of the SA wine industry. Two plus one equals three When Michela met Talia Engelbrecht in 2016, she encountered a breath of fresh air. Michela remembers, “I loved her passion, freshness, genuine look and being, and … her strong will.” At the time, she was looking for an administrative assistant and, by mistake, Talia’s CV found its way to the wrong pile. But, at Nomoya, they believe you meet the right people at the right time. And so it was. Talia was a qualified viticulturist from Elsenburg. They employed her as assistant viticulturist, and she later became a farm manager. The Nomoya World consultancy, Agricultural Innovations, is headed by Attilio with Talia working alongside him as viticulturist. They not only specialise in viticulture (including establishment and development of vineyards,

The Wine Hive serves classic Italian platters.

Enjoy delicious eats paired with wines from around the world.


VARS | November

pruning and rejuvenation of old vines), but also advise on an array of crops and niche vegetables, soil preparation, olive orchards, and canopy management. As a team, they offer a hands-on approach, displaying their passion for agriculture through a variety of farming solutions, recommendations, and services.

For the past 18 years in SA, they have offered support wherever they can, including projects in the rural areas of Paarl, and they will continue to do so. They not only share their knowledge, but they never stop learning themselves.

Read more:

“Looking at Attilio and Talia talking in front of – and about – a vine is fascinating,” Michela smiles, “they have a special understanding.” When Michela and Attilio embarked on their new venture, The Wine Hive, Talia becoming the third partner was a natural step. They barely needed to discuss it; it just happened. Speaking Italian in the Boland It wasn’t easy being Italian in their first years in SA, Michela shares. The culture as well as the agricultural practices are quite different to what is found in Italy. They needed to adapt to a new world with new ways of doing things, timing, supplies, language, and expressions. “Humbly we listened, asked, and we learnt”, she reminisces. Through all of this, their initial respect for South Africans kept growing.

The Wine Hive at 161 Main Road, Paarl.


VARS | November

Ánder Vaardighede Nou Nodig in Nie-winsgewende Sektor

Die span by Valcare streef om ‘n werklike impak in die Suid-Afrikaanse samelewing te maak.

Daar was nog altyd bevoegde mense in die nie-winsgewende sektor, ‘n sektor wat deurgaans ‘n enorme sosiale impak op Drakenstein maak en mense se lewens daagliks verander. Die tipe vaardighede wat tans benodig word, verskil egter drasties van wat vantevore nodig was. Daarom is dit nodig dat vaardighede oor die algemeen aangepas moet word.

Só sê Ivan Swartz, hoof uitvoerende beampte van Valcare, ‘n unieke nie-winsgewende organisasie in die Paarl wat opleiding aan lede van ander nie-winsgewende organisasies bied om te verseker dat die bestuur van hierdie organisasies ten alle tye doeltreffend is. Ivan is hoofsaaklik verantwoordelik vir die visie en strategiese fokus van dié organisasie.


VARS | November

Valcare het met opleidingsprogramme vir nie-winsgewende organisasies begin nadat hulle agtergekom het dat daar ‘n behoefte vir veral die ontwikkeling van vaardighede is. Ná opleiding by Valcare is nie-winsgewende organisasies in staat daartoe om hul bedrywighede suksesvol te administreer. Die oogmerk is om stroombelynde sakestrukture in plek te stel. Só verduidelik Esté Beerwinkel, Valcare se kommunikasiebestuurder. Valcare se opleiding behels tans ‘n reeks essensiële kursusse (op verskillende vlakke), wat daarop gefokus is om nie-winsgewende organisasies in staat te stel om ‘n impak (‘n positiewe verskil) in die Drakenstein-vallei te maak. In 2023 sal Valcare met ‘n nuwe kurrikulum begin wat fokus op ‘n reeks nuwe onderwerpe, insluitende leierskap en bestuur, kommunikasie, bemarking, organisatoriese strukture, personeelbestuur en sosiale-impakopleiding.

Valcare se oogmerk met hierdie kursusse is om nie-winsgewende organisasies toe te rus met die nodige vaardighede sowel as hulpbronne. Bystand met strategiese beplanning, veral waar dit belanghebbendes aangaan, sal ook verleen word. Daarby sal riglyne oor hoe om met befondsers en begunstigdes te kommunikeer, verskaf word. Die kursusmateriaal sal ook insluit hoe om jou kapasiteit uit te bou en personeel op te lei. In ‘n besigheidsomgewing wat aan voort- durende verandering onderworpe is — soos in Suid-Afrika — is dit van kardinale belang om alle rolspelers sover as moontlik te bemagtig. In 2022 het Valcare reeds aan 179 organisasies bystand verleen ten opsigte van kapasiteitsbou en die aanleer van vaardighede. Volgens Esté verander dit “duisende mense se lewens”. Vir die span by Valcare is dit belangrik om ‘n werklike impak – oftewel ‘n maatskaplike belegging — in die Suid-Afrikaanse samelewing te maak.

Valcare spits hulle daarop toe om maatskaplike veranderinge te weeg te bring terwyl hulle kragte saamspan met maatskaplike beleggers, nie-winsgewende organisasies en ander sleutel-rolspelers. Nie-winsgewende organisasies én lede van die publiek kan by Valcare aansoek doen om aan hul opleidingsprogramme deel te neem. Besoek hul webwerf by of stuur ‘n epos aan .

Ivan Swartz, hoof uitvoerende beampte van Valcare, vertel aan Vars oor sy span van passievolle individue wat nie net kenners op hul onderskeie gebiede is nie, maar ook entoesiastiese fasiliteerders van maatskaplike verandering in Suid-Afrika. Druk “play” om meer te leer oor hul werksaamhede.

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VARS | November

Delicious Dining on Main Road With 40-something restaurants to choose from on Paarl’s Main Road, there is no reason not to love our culinary scene. Pick and choose from a world of flavours on this map.

Lucky Indian Cu Moka Restauran

Bootlegger Coffee Company

Back's Restaurant Paarl

Bossa Nova



Jacksons &

Blacksmith Restaurant

Simply Asia Paarl

Kapstadt Brauha Meals on Main

Crusted Pizza

Southern Sky Wines



Sit Café

The Slug & Lettuce

The Wine Hive

The Hussar Grill Paarl

Ons Kanja

De Kelder Restuarant & Winery

Cucina Giovanni at Laborie

Cape To Rio Fisheries

Asian Pearl Restaurant


Salt the Table


VARS | November

Crown Bar

Rib D Liche & Grillz

Lazeez Take-Aways K1 Sushi

uisine nt

oco Mamas Paarl

& Black Coalgrill

aus Paarl

Based on Google Maps September 2022


VARS | November

The dishes at Lounah Café are full of colour and flavour. Source: Lounah Café

The old adage goes, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” But this is not always true, especially not in Paarl’s extraordinarily long Main Road – with over 40 restaurants in total – where cuisine from all over the world is brought to our doorstep, so to speak. The Wine Hive The Wine Hive brings Italy to Paarl with both Italian and local wines available by the glass or to buy, as well as Italian-style platters with a daily choice of artisanal charcuterie and cheeses. Olive tapenades, vegetable spreads, and bruschetta are also served. In the last weekend of November, The Wine Hive will have a food pairing event with Fiorentina steak and Sangiovese. It’ll make you feel as if you’re in the heart of Florence.

Lounah Café Based in one of Paarl’s oldest residential homes, Lounah Café offers a sensational experience. Their hearty meals are made with locally sourced ingredients and are pretty enough to share on Instagram. Lounah Café’s minimalistic style stretches past their choice of decor. They are also committed to zero waste. Bring your own bottle, bag, or jar and stock up on their selection of homemade and organic pantry goods. Or peruse their retail shelves for other handmade goods.

Local is afterall lekker!

501 Main Road

161 Main Road


VARS | November

Kapstadt Brauhaus A traditional brauhaus is a brewery or beer house – in other words, a place where you kuier over beer and most likely bratwurst and eisbein too. This is exactly what Kapstadt Brauhaus offers merrymakers who are fond of beer and a lively atmosphere. Their menu offers traditional German cuisine that includes pretzels, more wurst, schwein fries, schnitzels, wiener dogs, and German mac and cheese. As they proclaim on their website: “There are wurst places to shoot the breeze.”

90A Main Road

Enjoy a hearty meal at Kapstadt Brauhaus.

Noop The team at Noop says they cook the same food at their restaurant as they do at home. Don’t be mistaken, we are talking top-notch food here. Noop is proudly local. Their meat is sourced from a local butcher in Paarl, from a family farm in the Kalahari (think pepper-crusted springbok loin), or occasionally from the Karoo (think slow-roasted deboned lamb neck). Here you can indulge in yellowfin tuna or abalone, delights not often found on restaurant menus. A personal favourite is the mushroom or seafood risotto. It’s addictive!

The team at Noop prides itself in making top-notch dishes.

127 Main Road


VARS | November

Wie is Jou Jukmaat?

Die Wellington Jukskeiklub het tans 12 lede.

Die naam jukskei is afkomstig van die oorspronklike voorwerp wat gebruik is om dié sport te beoefen.


VARS | November

Ken jy jukskei? Het jy al die woord jukmaat gehoor?

Volgens die Jukskeiklub is dit nie juis ‘n toeskouersport nie; dit is hoofsaaklik familielede van spelers wat wedstryde bywoon. Enigiemand is welkom om by die Wellington Jukskeiklub te kom speel, of jy nou ‘n gesoute speler of ‘n groentjie is. Jukskei is ‘n ontspanne gesinsport, maar om ‘n voorslag jukskeispeler te wees verg koördinasie, konsentrasie, deursettingsvermoë en genoeg belangstelling. Dinsdag- en Donderdagaande is oefenaande by die Wellington Jukskeiklub; twee keer per maand in die jukskei-seisoen word wedstryde op Saterdae gespeel. Om aan ‘n wedstryd te kan deelneem, moet spelers by die klub aansluit. Hark ‘n jukmaat* nader (manlike spelers word neefs, vroulike spelers niggies en kinders penkoppe genoem) en kontak Annetjie de Klerk by 072 248 8571 vir verdere inligting. *Die woord jukmaat word ook idiomaties gebruik om na ‘n wederhelf of vennoot te verwys.

As jou antwoord op albei hierdie vrae nee is, gaan jy nou iets nuuts leer. Jukskei is ‘n spansport waar twee spanne van vier spelers elk met mekaar meeding. Twee rubber- of houtskeie (bottelvormige stukke) word na ‘n houtpen in ‘n sandput gegooi. Punte word behaal as die pen omgegooi word. Jukskei is inheems aan Suid-Afrika. ‘n Groot deel van die aantrek- kingskrag van jukskei speel is die kundigheid en vaardigheid wat dit van spelers vereis. Die naam jukskei is afkomstig van die oorspronklike voorwerp wat gebruik is om dié sport te beoefen, naamlik die skei wat uit die juk van die osse getrek is. Jukke is gebruik om twee osse (of beeste) langs mekaar in te span. Jukskei in Wellington Die Wellington Jukskeiklub het vermoedelik in die 1950s ontstaan, en tans is daar 12 lede. Daar is ook ‘n skool wat gereeld by dié jukskeiklub kom oefen.

Drakenstein Sport Calendar

Fairview Goat Run 2022

Cricket South Africa (CSA) One Day Cup

Date: 12 November 2022

Date: 2, 9, 21, 23 December 2022 Location: Boland Park Cricket Stadium, Paarl

Location: Fairview Wine Estate, Paarl

Paarl Boxing Day Track Challenge

Netwerk24 Paarl Cycle Tour

Date: 4 December 2022

Date: 26 December 2022

Location: Faure Street Stadium, Paarl

Location: Faure Street Stadium, Paarl


VARS | November

UMasipala WaseDrakenstein Ufumene Ibhaso Elilodwa Lokulondolozwa KwePaarl Mountain Nature Reserve

Udumo loMasipala waseDrakenstein njengomasipala oyithathela ingqalelo indalo kunye nozinzo lwayo lwandiswa

njengomgcini wepropati iPaarl Mountain Nature Reserve. UCebakhulu uConrad Poole, uSodolophu weSigqeba woMasipala waseDrakenstein, uthe uyazingca ngento yokokuba uMasipala ehlonitshiwe ngenzame zakhe zokulondoloza iplanethi elungiselela izizukulwana ezizayo. “Ibalulekile into yokuba senze konke okusemandleni ukukhusela indalo nokuqulunqa izicwangciso ezidingekayo, iinkqubo nezakhelo zibe sele zikho ukwenza oko. Iqela elisebenza kule projekti lilufanele lonke udumo njengoko

kutsha nje kurhatya lwamabhaso eCapeNature Stewardship, apho uMasipala afumene iwonga elilodwa ngokuzibophelela kwakhe kulondolozo lwePaarl Mountain Nature Reserve. Uncomo lwanikezelwa “kuniko lwengqwalasela nokuxatyiswa komnikelo ogqwesileyo owenziwe ngokubhekiselele kulondolozo lwebhayodayivesiti eNtshona Koloni”. Lanikezelwa kuMasipala waseDrakenstein


VARS | November

“Njengesihloko sebhaso sisithi, libhaso elilodwa elilungiselelwe ukulondolozwa kwebhayodayivesiti kwiNtaba yasePaarl yaye ngumqondiso wokuxatyiswa komsebenzi wolondolozo lwendalo esiwenzayo ngokubanzi. Asilulo ukhuphiswano apho abakhuphisanayo belungenela; ngabanini bepropati kuphela abaneendawo zobugosa kwiinkcukacha ezikwikhompyutha zeCapeNature abathi banikwe ingqalelo ngomsebenzi wabo olungileyo ofana nokulawula izityalo ezingaqhelekanga, ukuvuselelwa kwekwezinto eziphilayo, kunye neentlobo zeeprojekti zolondolozo. “Ngoko, akukho kunikwa kwaluvo. Abasebenzi abagqwesileyo bachongwa ngokusetyenziswa kophicotho lwangaphakathi lweendawo zobugosa. Sisebenze ngcono kakhulu kunangaphambili ngokuhambelana nemimandla ekhuselweyo yolondolozo.” kwisithuba seminyaka emininzi ukufumana ukubhengezwa kwePaarl Mountain Reserve. Uchaphazele kuphelaicandelo lethu iWitzenberg Landscape Unit Off-Reserve leCapeNature kunye no-Arnelle Collisin ilungu lekomiti yeBhodi yeNgcebiso yePaarl Mountain ngendima yabo kwinkqubo yobugosa. UCollison uthe: “ICapeNature iyazingca ngokunika ingqwalasela kubo bonke abanini bomhlaba ngomnikelo wabo oncomekayo obhekiselele kulondolozo lwebhaydayivesiti kwiNtshona Koloni. IPaarl Mountain ikhusela ezinye zendalo ezinqabileyo ezahlukeneyo, ezenkcubeko nezembali ezibalelwa kummandla. Intaba ingcwele kulo lonke uluntu oluyingqon- gileyo, ngezizathu ezininzi; ngoko, ukuyikhusela kuhlala kubalulekile.” Ukunikwa igqwalasela njengoMasipala ongoyena uluHlaza eNtshona Koloni ngowama-2019, iDrakenstein yeyokuqala ngokunjalo kwiSub-Saharan esesikweni yeFair Trade City. ULewis uthe kukho abathabathi nxaxheba abaninzi abathe banikela

besebenze nzima yaye iiyure ezininzi. Libhaso eli lokuzincama kwalo kunye nomgangatho ophezulu elithe lawubeka. Sithamsanqelekile ukuba nobuchule obulolu hlobo kumasipala wethu, yaye sinika ingqinisekiso into yokwazi okokuba le bhakane ihloniphekileyo yase- Drakenstein isezandleni ezilunge ngolu hlobo.” ULindsay Lewis, uMlondolozi weNdalo kuMasipala, uwuzimasile umsitho obuseBridge House School eFranschoek ze wamkela ibhaso egameni loMasipala waseDrakendtein. Uchaze isizathu sokokuba uMasipala ahlonitshwe.


VARS | November

Bianca Petersen is passionate about helping those in need.

Khula’s mascots Go-Go and So-So create educational games for children.

Kudos to Khula

An estimated 40% of learners across South Africa will drop out of school before they finish Grade 12. That means about 300 000 learners leave school every year, according to the DG Murray Trust’s Zero Dropout Campaign. The Khula Development Group, a registered non-profit organisation active in the Western Cape, specifically in Paarl (five schools in Paarl East) and Stellenbosch (four schools), wants “to see every child from disadvantaged communities attend school every day”. Established in 2004, Khula’s mission is to promote a positive culture of learning and they aim to strengthen the value of education and school attendance for children, says Bianca Petersen, Communications Manager for the group.

They run three programmes:

1) the School2home Programme offers school and home support to learners manifesting early warning signs of school avoidance; 2) the Love2Learn Community Programme promotes a positive culture of learning, emphasises the value of education, and encourages school attendance; and 3) the Child Wellbeing Service supports these programmes through preventative

interventions and collaboration. Pleased to meet you, Bianca

Bianca was born and bred in Paarl. After school, she studied International Studies and African Politics. Growing up, she was interested in socio-economic relations and history.


VARS | November

Since she can remember, she was in awe of her beautiful hometown, but, as with any other town or city, “there are areas in Paarl where community members are faced with numerous socio-economic challenges – this is what stuck in the back of my mind”. She continues, “It has always been a dream of mine to help those in need.” That dream came true when she made a career change after eight years in a corporate environment to an NGO, the Khula Development Group. Asked why she chooses to work at an NGO, her reply makes one think. “My academic background aside, as a Christian it is my duty to serve.” For this reason, she regards herself “fortunate and blessed to find an opportunity at Khula: an NGO with Christian values”. As the Communications Manager, Bianca creates and oversees the organisation’s internal and external communication with the goal of promoting their vision and mission. Khula is actively involved in the promotion of National Child Protection Week* (in 2022 this was from 29 June to 5 May) that raises awareness of the rights of children. During this week, Khula runs programmes at schools where their mascots, Go-Go and So-So, put on shows; they also create educational boardgames, colouring pages, and activities based on child protection. Bianca sums up the ethos of the work Khula does by saying, “If learners are in school, they are not begging as children on the streets; they are not susceptible to violence, crime, gangsterism, or abuse. If learners are in school they are laying the foundation of their futures.” For more information on Khula or how to get involved, please contact Bianca at or 073 176 5086 . *The 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children campaign is next on the national calendar, held from 25 November to 10 December 2022.

Khula’s mission is to promote a positive culture of learning.

Khula aims to strengthen the value of education for children.

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VARS | November

‘Work Smart, Be Hungry to Learn’, Says New Supply Chain Accountant

Lizane Nkoko joined Drakenstein Municipality as our new Senior Accountant: Logistics and Disposals on 1 July 2022. Vars popped in at the Stores in Paarl where she is based and asked her what exactly her job entails and what the Financial Services Department does to ensure that the Municipality’s administrative system fires on all cylinders.

I’ve completed my matric at the Esselenpark Secondary School in Worcester, as well as obtained an Honours and BTech degree in Public Management and Administration at UNISA, and a National Diploma in Public Management and Administration at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. I have also studied a Programme in Supply Chain Management at UNISA, Municipal Minimum Competency Level (MMCL) at the Kgolo Institute, and a Legal Secretary Diploma at Boland College. What exactly is Supply Chain Management and how do you fit in? Supply Chain Management is the management of the flow of goods and services, and includes all processes that transform raw materials into final product. In simple terms, it is purchasing goods and services that the Municipality will need to deliver its services, through regulated processes. I make sure that we purchase (or procure) the inventory (or stock) so that it is readily available when we need to deliver a service.

What does a Senior Accountant: Logistics and Disposals do?

I am responsible for managing and coordinating the application of stock (or inventory) and disposal management processes within our supply chain management environment. This I do by implementing sound financial and supply chain management principles to ensure proper stock control and efficiencies within the stores and disposal environment.

How many people are in your team?

I have 20 team members.

Which educational qualifications and experience do you need to perform your tasks successfully? Any Public Management and Administration/ Supply Chain Management or equivalent B degree (NQF 7) and at least four years of Supply Chain Management related experience will do. At least two years’ middle management experience will be sufficient to competently and successfully perform this task.

What makes your job interesting and what do you enjoy the most?

This job has so many challenges, and constantly needs resolutions. This is what I enjoy the most. There is never a dull moment! I meet different people every day. People are quite interesting, with their different characteristics and backgrounds. I enjoy them and learn quite a bit from each person I meet.


VARS | November

What is the best advice a colleague or manager gave you?

What is your advice for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps? Obtain qualifications and knowledge in the field you want to pursue, work smart, be hungry to learn, be passionate, stay humble and respectful. Always know, whatever you put in, is exactly what you will get out, irrespective of the timeframe.

Matie Boonzaaier, Supply Chain Manager at Breede Valley Municipality, once said to me: “Always remember that you are working with the public’s money. Spend it wisely. Think of the elderly (pensioner) paying rates and taxes whenever you spend government funds, and always do the right thing.”

Lizane Nkoko, Drakenstein Municipality’s Senior Accountant: Logistics and Disposals, says there is never a dull moment in her job.


VARS | November

Wyk 23 se Raadslid Glo in Goeie Kommunikasie Elizabeth Solomons is die wyksraadslid vir Wyk 23 by Drakenstein Munisipaliteit. Sy is al sedert 2016 by plaaslike regering betrokke, en dien tans in haar tweede termyn as raadslid. In 2016 is sy verkies tot Proporsionele Raadslid (PR), en ná die 2021-verkiesing is sy tot wyksraadslid van Wyk 23 verkies. Ambagsvalleistraat en Jan van Riebeeckweg tot teenaan die N1. Die wyk sluit ook die volgende areas in: Denneburg, Langvlei, Klippiesdal en ‘n aantal wynlandgoedere, en is geseënd met plase soos Groot Parys, Vendôme en die Costa-bessieplaas. Dié wyk bestaan hoofsaaklik uit formele behuising en die inwonertal is ongeveer 4 800. In Wyk 23 is daar drie laerskole naamlik Drakenstein Primêre Skool, Mary Help of Christians Primêre Skool, en een van Drakenstein Wyk 23 lê tussen Paarl-Oos en Paarl-Wes en strek vanaf

se oudste laerskole, Ebenezer Primêre Skool wat spog met ‘n ryk geskiedenis.


VARS | November

Raadslid Solomons sê dis vir haar ‘n voorreg om die wyksraadslid vir Wyk 23 te wees en dat sy al 29 jaar woonagtig is in Klein Parys, wat binne dié wyk val. “Wyk 23 is ook die tuiste van welbekende sportlegendes wat diep spore getrap het in ons gemeenskap, soos Randy Marinus, wat onlangs vereer is met die Kaapse Wynlande Sportraad Eretoekenning; Patrick Poggenpoel; asook wyle Chester Williams wat ‘n trotse inwoner van Klein Parys was. Tamaryn Green, voormalige mej. Suid Afrika, het ook in Wyk 23 grootgeword.” Raadslid Solomons sê dié wyk spog met ‘n belowende jong fietsryer, Ethan Kulsen, wat reeds talle toekennings in fietsry verower het en onlangs Suid-Afrika op die fietsrybaan verteenwoordig het. Die Stormers-rugbyspeler, Salmaan Moerat, wat onlangs sy debuut vir die Springbokke gemaak het, is nog ‘n juweel van Wyk 23. “Die inwoners van Wyk 23 is soos een groot ketting waarvan al die skakels inmekaar pas, en elke skakel het sy unieke funskie en rol binne dié wyk,” verduidelik sy. In samewerking met die wykskomitee word die behoeftes en uitdagings van die wyk aangespreek. Die inwoners se veiligheid is vir raadslid Solomons van kardinale belang en sy het veral waardering vir die pligsgetroue buurtwaglede wat hul persoonlike tyd opoffer om saans (tydens Eskom se beurtkrag-toepassing) en naweke te patrolleer om die inwoners daardie gemoedsrus te gee. In die 2021/22 boekjaar is altesame sewe CCTV (“closed-circuit television”)-kameras in hierdie wyk geïnstalleer. Die Denneburg

Noodgroep Buurtwag het die voortou geneem, ‘n fondsinsameling gehou en begin om CC- TV-kameras in Denneburg te laat installeer – deur middel van ‘n wyksfonds-allokasie. Danksy bydraes van die inwoners van Klein Parys kon raadslid Solomons begin om ook in Klein Parys en Klippiesdal CCTV-kameras te laat installeer. Die verdere uitrol van dié kameras gaan voort. Uit die wyksfonds-allokasie van 2021/22 is 45 geleenthede aan EPWP (“Expanded Public Works Programme”)-werkers gegee; sekuriteitsopleiding aan agt jeugdiges; spyseniering aan 60 bejaardes; en ‘n Jeugdag-sportdag vir sowat 400 kinders aangebied. Raadslid Solomons sê sy glo in goeie kommunikasie en dat die inwoners ten alle tye ingelig en op hoogte gehou moet word van enige munisipale kwessies wat hulle mag raak. “Soos die gesegde dit mooi stel: ‘Rome is nie in een dag gebou nie’, en omdat die wyk so uiteenlopend is word daar daadwerklike pogings aangewend om elke inwoner se behoeftes of uitdagings aan te spreek en te hanteer, asook enige tekortkominge binne ons wyk.” Sy sê sy waardeer elke inwoner opreg, want die inwoners is die ekstra oog en oor van die wyk en as daar as ‘n span saamgewerk word, sal dit vrugte afwerp. “Al wat oor bly vir die mens is om uit te gaan en goed te doen - dís wat my elke dag motiveer om diensbaar te wees teenoor die inwoners van Wyk 23.” Om Raadslid Solomons of enige ander wyksraadslid van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit te kontak, kliek hier .


VARS | November


VARS | November

UCeba Xhego Uxhasa Isimo Esicocekileyo KwiWodi 16 Uceba wewodi kwiWodi 16 loMasipala waseDrakenstein nguZamikhaya Xhego, umntu wabantu, inkokheli yoluntu kunye netshantliziyo elinamava ozibandakanye nezopolitiko isithuba seminyaka engama-28. UCeba Xhego nguceba we-African National Congress. Yinzalelwane nokhulele eMpuma Koloni, yaye udlale indima kwimibutho eyahlukeneyo yoluntu ezamela ukuphucula iimeko zokuphila zabantu. Kuthando oluvuthayo lwakhe lwendalo uCeba Xhego uthabathe inxaxheba kwiiprojekti zikaMasipala zococeko nokugcina kuluhlaza isithuba seminyaka ngoku esibhozo, yaye unkqenkqeza phambili kwinzame zokubhangisa ukulahlwa kwenkunkuma okungekho mthethweni. Wenze umsebenzi obonakalayo njengentloko yezokhuseleko xa ummandla (iprojekti) weDrommedaris wasekwayo ePaarl. Uceba wayengumphathi (ikapteni) weqela lebhola ekhatywayo iMark Stars ngowama-1994, yaye unothando lwemidlalo olubaleka kwimithambo yakhe.

Uceba weWodi 16 usebenze ubukhulu bexesha lakhe kwi-ANC kwiKomiti yeSigqeba seSebe (BEC) apho azibandakanye ngamandla kwimisebenzi yeqela. Unobudlelwane obu- zinzileyo kunye namalungu ekomiti yewodi, yaye bekunye bathanda ukwenza umahluko ze banike ingqwalasela kwimicimbi kamasipala exhalabisa iwodi labo kunye nabahlali balo. IWodi 16 lisePaarl yaye malunga nabemi abangama-9 000 balibiza njengekhaya. Imida yalo iqukanisa iDrommedaris, iLangabuya, iZone 14, i-Unathi, kunye neProject 2, ngokunjalo nemimandla yamatyotyombe emithathu eyile ingingqi yoMmandla waMatyotyombe wase-Unathi, iDrommedaris Road kunye neRail Road. Iwodi lizingca ngeenkonzo ezingekho ngaphantsi kwe-14, ikitshi lesuphu elibhalisiweyo, amaziko amane oPhuhliso loBuntwana kwaNgethuba (ECD), kunye neSikolo seSekondari Ihlumelo. Imingeni ejamelene neli wodi ibandakanya izindlu, ucoceko nokulahlwa kwenkunkuma okungekho mthethweni. UCeba Xhego uthi usebenza nzima ukuyila isimo esingcono nesicocekileyo ukulungiselela abahlali babo. “Isicwangciso sam seminyaka emihlanu kukubhangisa intswela-ngqesho, ulwaphulo- mthetho nokulahlwa kwenkunkuma okungekho mthethweni. Ndiyakholelwa okokuba onke amasebe karhulumente kufuneka asebenzisane ukwenza umahluko kwiingingqi zoluntu lwethu.” Ukuqhagamshelana noCeba Xhego okanye nawuphi na omnye uceba kaMasipala waseDrakenstein, cofa apha.cofa apha.


VARS | November

Keeping a Close Eye Here is what the community has to say about service delivery.

Linda Landu

Elizabeth Solomons

"Weereens bewys Drakenstein Munisipaliteit dat hulle ‘n Stad van Uitnemendheid is!

“Well done to Team Drakenstein! This is definitely a City of Excellence. Not only on paper but also proven in Action. Welgedaan!”

Mnr Coetzee en sy dogter het my genader omdat hulle ‘n uitdaging het weens die feit dat hulle rolstoel verbonde is, en sukkel so bietjie om by hul in rit te beweeg omdat dit so afdraand is. Ek wil vir Mnr Harry Liedeman en sy afdeling bedank, wat daardie ekstra myl geloop het en die in rit vir die betrokke inwoners so gemaklik moontlik te maak. Hulle is opreg dankbaar."

Lolla Lorraine

“I am a proud Drakenstein resident, thanks to the City Manager and his excellent team as well as Executive Mayor Conrad Poole and his team.”

Hilton-Lesley Anthony

"Good governance is the extent to which it fulfils the promise of human rights, civil, cultural, economic, political, and social rights. Drakenstein, keep up the amazing work. We are proud of you!"

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VARS | November

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