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JULY 2022

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ALL ABOUT SERVICE DELIVERY 6 Excellent, Reliable Service Delivery Remains Top Priority in New Financial Year The consistent delivery of exceptional municipal services stays top priority on Drakenstein Municipality’s business agenda. 8 The Quick Wins of Smart Water Technology in Drakenstein

REGULARS 4 Editor's Letter

Drakenstein Municipality’s Water and Wastewater Services monitor real-time data via satellites using smart water technology. 10 Helping to Fix our Indigent Consumers’ Water Leaks Drakenstein Municipality provides this plumbing service to help ensure that indigent consumers’ accounts don’t fall into arrears.

Drakenstein Municipality is at your service. In this edition of Vars , you can learn about all the services the Municipality offers to maintain our City of Excellence standards. 26 Meet your Councillors In this edition, we introduce Ward 12’s Ludia Sindiswa Sambokwe and Ward 14’s Brenda van Willingh.




VARS | July

EXPLORE DRAKENSTEIN 18 Drakenstein se Beste Buitelug-Bederwe Vind hier ‘n stil hoekie in die natuur, skep ‘n bietjie asem en word verfris. 22 The View From the Top Winelands Paragliding shows off Drakenstein as you’ve never seen it before. Vars talks to Chief Fire Officer, Derick Damons, about what drives firefighters. BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT 12 Manager for Economic Growth Secures Success for Informal Sector Moses Mlangeni walks us through the services Drakenstein Municipality provides to informal traders. 14 Nissan Rides into Town The Nissan My Ride development project is currently the largest construction project in Paarl. 16 Industry in Focus: Drakenstein Fire Services



24 Young Filmmaker Tackles Illegal Dumping

Bulelani Ndzuzo and his fellow “soldiers” in the war against waste take on illegal dumping in an upcoming documentary. 28 Keeping a Close Eye This is what the community has to say about service delivery.

OPPORTUNITIES 29 Available tenders This is how you apply. 30 Notices Your need-to-knows.



VARS | July

We Are At Your Service

Municipal services are what we experience and depend on in our personal space. They help us to cook our evening meals, study for exams, run our business, run our baths, keep our homes clean and our gardens green. They keep us and our families connected, safe and hygienic, and help us to sleep peacefully at night. When one or more of these services are interrupted, we feel it close to the bone. In this month’s Vars we go behind the scenes and catch up with some of those who have been providing these essential basic services. We talk to André Kowalewski , our water services expert, about the Municipality’s telemetric system – a smart water network system that monitors operations at Drakenstein’s dams, reservoirs, boreholes and water treatment plants. He explains to Vars what a smart water network is and the benefits associated with it. This is a prime example of how Drakenstein Municipality invests in the latest high-tech technology to keep on rendering first-rate services to our residents. The Municipality prioritises excellent and reliable service delivery in its 2022/23 annual budget, which the Executive Mayor tabled at the Council meeting in May 2022. We unpack this year’s budget allocations for service delivery areas such as electricity, roads and stormwater, water and sanitation, waste management, and public safety. We find out about the plumbing service that the Municipality has appointed specifically to fix our indigent consumers’ water leaks , and how these consumers can report these leaks. In our interview with Derick Damons , our Chief Fire Officer, we focus on another essential service. Unpacking his career, Derick talks about what drives firefighters to put their lives on the line and risk everything to battle blazes and keep us safe. “This was a calling. I did not choose the career, it chose me.” Similarly, looking after the informal trading sector is a calling and something Moses Mlangeni , the Municipality’s Manager for Economic Growth, is very passionate about. He accompanies Vars as we visit New Street, the central hub for informal trading in Paarl, and take a glance at the services this division renders. The Municipality acknowledges the importance of an enabled, well-supported, and dynamic informal sector in the Drakenstein economy.


VARS | July

At the heart of what we do here at Drakenstein Municipality, is service delivery. We take the guardianship role we have been bestowed with very seriously. We know we have been placed in a very privileged position where we can make a real difference in the quality of people’s lives. Municipal services are in people’s personal spaces – it’s what they feel closest to the bone. Drakenstein Municipality is proud to consistently be rendering first-class, reliable services to our residents, and we commit to continuing doing so in a responsible, accountable and professional way. “ „ - Executive Mayor, Alderman Conrad Poole

On a lighter, and higher note… if you’ve ever dreamt of soaring high above the Cape Winelands with a bird’s eye view of the magnificent surroundings below, then paragliding might just be the next adventure sport outing for you. We hang out with the team at Winelands Paragliding which offers the perfect solution for adventure lovers with an urge to fly and avid tourists keen on a panoramic view of the gorgeous landscapes of Drakenstein. Read all about it in this edition. If the outdoors is your thing, and you’re looking for a quiet space where you can collect yourself and be refreshed, our guide to nature reserves and sanctuaries under the Municipality’s management is a take-out for you. Vars loves celebrating our community heroes and this month our one video features Bulelani Ndzuzo , who tackles the topic of illegal dumping in Mbekweni in an upcoming documentary titled “Scenes of Mbekweni”. He is joined by well-known youth activist, Siyabonga Stengana, and international author, Thulani Poni, who acts as the co-producer on this project. In our regular feature that introduces our ward councillors to the community, we focus on Ward 12’s Ludia Sindiswa Sambokwe , a caring leader and good listener who has been involved in politics since 1996. Councillor Brenda van Willingh has been representing Ward 14 since 2021 and we tell you why she walks the extra mile. Enjoy this edition of Vars , let us know your thoughts at , and be sure to tell your friends and family to subscribe here .

From the Vars editorial team


VARS | July

Excellent, Reliable Service Delivery Remains Top Priority in New Financial Year The consistent delivery of exceptional municipal services will keep on topping Drakenstein Municipality’s business agenda in the new financial year. In fact, the Municipality’s approved annual budget for 2022/23 strikes a fine balance between guaranteeing quality basic services for all its ratepayers including its poorer communities; and, growing a business and development destination in Drakenstein which will accelerate the economy and create employment opportunities. Alderman Conrad Poole, Executive Mayor of Drakenstein Municipality, tabled the budget at the Council meeting on 30 May 2022. The total budget amounts to R3 billion, comprising of a R2.87 billion operating and a R130.6 million capital budget. Electricity and alternative energy Starting with electricity, the Municipality – while dealing with the massive challenges that cable theft and vandalism keep on posing – will spend R29.9 million on the improvement of electricity infrastructure this year. This includes increasing network capacity, replacing old equipment, and electrifying informal

number of avenues to purchase alternative energy from suppliers. Working together with the Western Cape Government, the Municipality is investigating an affordable combination of renewable energy resources – such as solar power and wind power – and alternative options, such as using gas instead of electricity. Tenders will be issued to solicit proposals from Independent Power Producers to generate and supply alternative energy to the Municipality. “We have identified five potential alternative energy projects (through wind and solar generation) with a combined supply of 135MW which can become part of the Municipality’s alternative energy supply and decrease the disruptive impact of the continued Eskom loadshedding. The Municipality also applied for grant funding to install solar panels on some municipal buildings as an alternative energy supply,” explained Alderman Poole. Roads and stormwater In support of integrated urban planning, economic growth and sustainable development, the Municipality recognises the importance of a well-developed and maintained integrated road network. “We have provided R16.5 million for the resealing of roads; upgrading of our stormwater system; tarring of sidewalks; and the upgrading of traffic signals and provision of UPS (uninterrupted power supply) systems,” he said. The Municipality will also spend R182.6 million (6.34%) of its operational budget on road transport. Water and sanitation The R31.6 million allocated for water and sanitation will be spent on projects such as the Pentz Street Pump Station’s further refurbishment; upgrade of the Drommedaris Street bulk water pipe system; upgrade and replacement of basic services; and the replacement of water networks, mechanical inlet screens and sewage networks. The Municipality has furthermore earmarked R376 million (13.07%) of its operational budget for water management and wastewater management.

settlements. The Municipality will also spend R1.29 billion (44.87%) of its operational budget on energy sources, which includes its bulk electricity purchases.

At the same time, as the economy is being dealt blow after blow by Eskom’s loadshedding, Drakenstein Municipality is exploring a


VARS | July

Waste management Another major challenge that the

Public safety During the first two phases of the

Municipality continues to deal with is illegal dumping and littering. In the past financial year, 35 illegal dumping hotspots were identified and various initiatives were implemented to reduce illegal dumping. In 2022/23, a total of

Drakenstein Smart Safety Network (DSSN) project, capital spending of R2.4 million was invested, which included the renovation of the DSSN’s central control room and the expansion of smart technology. The DSSN project is a partnership between Drakenstein Municipality, the Western Cape Department of Community Safety, the South African Police Service (SAPS), community- based safety organisations (neighbourhood and farm watches) and the private sector (security companies). The DSSN provides a platform to work together and share information on safety and security incidents and threats in real time, using cutting-edge technology. The next phase of the project, which will be rolled out in 2022/23, will focus on employing additional technology and communication equipment with safety partners. It will include the installation of CCTV cameras, security beams, alarms, security lights and licence plate recognition (LPR) cameras at a cost of approximately R1.3 million. In addition, the Municipality will spend R222.5 million of its operational budget (7.73%) on public safety. “We have over 40 CCTV and LPR cameras monitoring all entrances to our city and providing valuable information to our municipal control room at 60 Breda Street in Paarl,” said Alderman Poole. Sport facilities, parks and cemeteries In 2022/23, a combined R9.4 million of the capital budget will be spent on sport, parks and cemeteries infrastructure. A further R139 million (4.83%) of the Municipality’s operational budget has been allocated to community and social services, community parks (including nurseries), recreational facilities, and sports grounds and stadiums. For all the budget particulars, click here .

R7.65 million will be spent on purchasing street refuse bins to combat littering; building mini drop-off facilities

in high-density and informal areas to provide a disposal facility in communities; constructing organic waste diversion infrastructure to comply with new waste legislation and on purchasing International Organisation for Standardisation containers to transport waste between the Paarl Refuse Transfer Station and disposal facilities. The Municipality will also spend a further R146 million (5.07%) of its operational budget on waste management. Human settlements Alderman Poole emphasised that housing remains a national and provincial government competence. “National housing legislation prescribes that a municipality must perform this function on behalf of National Government with financial assistance from the national fiscus.” With its grant allocation of R47 million for the new financial year, Drakenstein Municipality will service sites in Fairyland, Siyahlala, Carterville, and complete the planning for Mbekweni Erf 557, Saron, Paarl East and Simondium. In addition, R3.2 million will be spent on improving access to basic services; R10.8 million on providing basic services at Schoongezicht; and R3 million on maintaining ageing municipal rental stock. A further R114 million (3.95%) of the Municipality’s operational budget has been allocated to human settlements.


VARS | July

The Quick Wins of Smart Water Technology in Drakenstein Using smart water technology, Drakenstein Municipality is able to pull data via satellites to its telemetric system – a smart system that monitors operations at the Municipality’s dams, reservoirs, boreholes and water treatment plants. The real beauty of this technology, explains André Kowalewski, Manager: Water and Wastewater Services at the Municipality, is that he or any of his senior management team can see, in real time, from his office, what is happening at reservoirs, pump stations and flow meters — as far as Saron. “The telemetric system tells us everything that is happening at all our sites. We can monitor phenomena such as rainfall, wind direction and speed, dam levels, and temperature. With a few clicks, you can go back to access daily data from years ago in case you need to do a comparison. “You can also observe how much water Drakenstein’s boreholes produce and at which pressure. “The technology gets updated continuously. And that’s not the only thing that’s smart, or internet-based and stored in the cloud. You could have electronica installed on meters and at reservoirs, and then this electronica reads the water levels all the time.”

Drakenstein Municipality is fast establishing itself as a leader in the field of smart water technology. Evidence of this is the growing popularity of André as guest speaker at conferences on this topic. In May this year, he was invited to address the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) conference in Washington, United States of America. According to SWAN, a smart water network can be defined as: A fully integrated set of data-driven components and solutions which allow water utilities to optimise all aspects of their water distribution, wastewater collection, and treatment system. Smart water solutions improve the use of a utility’s physical assets by better measuring and acting upon network events. This impacts all aspects of the utility, including daily operations, maintenance, and network planning. With such knowledge, utilities can accurately set goals, plan investments, and address challenges such as leakage, energy efficiency, regulatory compliance, or customer service. André says the technology is expensive, but effective and in the long-run, it saves money. “The speed of the system is a huge advantage. Before we had this technology, we had to physically get into a vehicle and drive to where we wanted to be. If it was an outlying site, two workers had to drive to the site. Now you can monitor what is happening on your laptop or even your phone, 24/7. “The technology enables staff to monitor the operation from afar. You can even set an alarm on your cell phone that will notify you if anything out of the ordinary is happening at a site. This helps us to start preventative measures before something goes wrong.” Even though it is expensive to install, as most of the components they use to make up smart metering equipment come from overseas, the user reaps the rewards very quickly.


VARS | July

The telemetric system tells us everything that is happening at our sites. We can monitor phenomena such as rainfall, wind direction and speed, dam levels, and temperature. With a few clicks, you can go back to access daily data from previous years in case you need to do a comparison. “ „

André says humans still play an important role, as they need to do inspections and maintenance. He lists some of a smart water network’s potential challenges as constrained funding, poor control systems (revenue), limited engineering skills (especially in rural areas), and the difficulty to attract the necessary skills. At some municipalities, poor information technology systems could also pose a problem as well as asset management, with substantial maintenance backlogs. Sometimes a large amount of information is often still paper based and not smart. As far as opportunities go, André says the technology is simple and quick to implement. “It could be implemented and managed remotely, and there is a high return on investment.” There are few legacy systems to integrate and these are embedded at the client; so, you can keep it relatively secure. “Successful integration is critical. There is a large upside with quick wins. Successes are seen by building and maintaining hydraulic models, and that is setting the scene for a smart water network,” concluded Drakenstein’s water services expert.

André Kowalewski, Manager of Water and Wastewater Services at Drakenstein Municipality, explains the benefits of using smart water technology.


VARS | July

Ukuncedisa ekutywineni amanzi avuzayo abasebenzisi bethu abangathathi ntweni Ukuvuza kwamanzi kungaphembelela kwityala elikhulu likamasipala nokusetyenziswa kakubi kobu bu- tyebi bendalo buxabiseke kangaka. Yiyo loo not uMasipala waseDrakenstein emisele inkonzo yokutywina (a plumbing service) ukulungisa nokungciba ukuvuza kwamanzi, ingakumbi okwenzeka kwiindawo zabantu abangathathi ntweni (amakhaya abantu abasokolayo) khon’ukuze amatyala abo asaseleyo angabhekeli phambili, aye enwenwela phambili.

Rhoqo ngenyanga nganye iSebe leeNkonzo zezobuNjineli zikaMasipala zityelele iindawo ezili-100 zabantu abasokolayo eDrakenstein abasebenzisa

awona manzi maninzi - ukuqinisekisa ukuba:

Ingaba iimitha zamanzi zifundwa ngokuchanekileyo na nangexesha elililo na


VARS | July

Bangaphi abantu abahlala kuloo mizi

Ingaba kukho ukuvuza kwamanzi emizini na ukuba kunjalo, yiyiphi le mizi, indawoni

Ingaba kukho inkcitho (wastage) eyenzekayo na

Le ngcaciso iza kusetyenziselwa ukuqonda nokuqinisekisa oyena nobangela wokusetyenziswa kangaka kwamanzi ngabahlali. Ukuba oku kusetyenziswa kangaka kwamanzi kudalwa kukuvuza kwamanzi, umninimzi makaziswe achazelwe ukuba makalungise oko kuvuza kwaloo manzi. Kambe, isininzi sabantu abangathathi ntweni (samakhaya abantu abasokolayo) asikwazi kuwavala nokuwangciba loo manzi, ukulungisa loo monakalo. UMasipala waseDrakenstein ubonelela ngayo le nkonzo yokuvala nokungciba yaye eqinisekisa ukuba

amatyala abantu abasokolayo akanwenweli phambili ngokuya ekhula, esanda. UMasipala uyalubongoza yaye elucela ukuba luchiza lunike ingxelo ngokuvuza kwamanzi lutsalele umnxeba apha kule nombolo 021 807 4715 okanye kule nombolo isimahla 080 131 3553 (toll free) (ngamaxesha onke). Masenakho nokwazisa ngoku kuvuza ngokusebenzisa unxibelelwano lukaMasipala nolwaziwa njengeMunicipality’s SeeClickFix app - cofa apha ukuzuza ingcazelo eyongelelekileyo okanye ubukele le video on ngamanqanaba oma uwalandele.


VARS | July

Manager for Economic Growth Helps Informal Sector to Excel Moses Mlangeni walks us through the services that Drakenstein Municipality provides to informal traders

The Municipality acknowledges the importance of an enabled, well-supported and dynamic informal sector in Drakenstein. Therefore, this section of its Economic Growth and Tourism Division helps ensure that economic development projects are well implemented and that the community reaps the rewards. Drakenstein Municipality’s Manager for Economic Growth, Moses Mlangeni, accompanied Vars to New Street, the central hub for informal trading in Paarl, to give readers a glance at the services the Municipality render. New Street hosts more than 40 informal traders, all under the guard of the Municipality’s Economic Growth and Tourism division. On a cold winter’s morning, Vars “set up shop” alongside the vendors for a look into their world. Here, Moses introduced us to some of the vendors, such as Shiehaam Benjamin, Paarl Hawkers’ Secretary. “For 32 years I stood in Lady Grey (Street) until they gave the Kiosks to us. That was when I switched over to food, to work more with the public and with our own people.” Shiehaam is a seasoned community representative and is trusted with the interests of the informal traders. “We rely on informal traders such as Shiehaam to keep us informed. She is a very important

Moses Mlangeni, Manager for Economic Growth at Drakenstein Municipality, at the New Street kiosks in Paarl.

member of the trading community. She is a leader and she is part of the Informal Traders’ Association. So we communicate with her quite often,” Moses says as he introduces this matriarchal figure within the community to us. Regulating traders is one aspect of the job for which Moses must be able to rely on leaders such as Shiehaam to play their part. The trust

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VARS | July

is reciprocal. “Mister Moses is very good. We as the committee work very well with him,” she says. According to Shiehaam they always feel free to contact him with any complaints or ideas, and know he will address their needs. “We work well together.” Other than community management, Moses is also involved in the regulation of trading and business. “Our office is firstly involved in providing them with the spaces to trade. Secondly, we give them permits to make sure they trade legally.” Furthermore, the Manager for Economic Growth is also tasked with understanding these businesses. Services to informal traders include funding consultation, and assistance with business planning and advertising. According to Moses, Drakenstein Municipality also sparks interest in investors from outside the municipal borders. “I think they see opportunity.” He encourages any entrepreneur or person who wants to do business to get into contact with him to ensure they can also trade legally in Drakenstein.

Moses calls on all entrepreneurs and investors to pay a visit to their office in the municipal building on Market Street, Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00 to 16:45, and on Fridays from 8:00 to 15:30. “We are a public service; so our doors are always open to everybody for support, assistance and guidance in terms of informal or formal trading.” For more information, click here or contact Moses Mlangeni on 021 807 4758 or Moses. .

“There is so much happening in Drakenstein, and we are so excited about what we are seeing.”

Shiehaam Benjamin, Paarl Hawkers’ Secretary, and her husband in their kiosk on New Street.

Moses is optimistic about Drakenstein and believes that the success they see in the informal sector indicates that people should invest in Drakenstein – not only in this sector, but across the board. With the availability of land, good infrastructure and service delivery, Drakenstein is increasingly becoming sought after as a suitable outlet for entrepreneurs. In addition to the informal sector, the Economic Growth and Tourism division also assists other industries and is a one-stop shop for all investors. It is responsible for implementing projects, programmes and initiatives to ensure economic growth within the priority sectors. These include: Agriculture; Informal Trading; Manufacturing; Technology; and Transport and Logistics.

Drakenstein Municipality is always looking for ways to help develop local businesses. In this video Moses Mlangeni, Manager for Economic Growth in the Planning and Development Department, speaks about his role, and Vars visits a local informal trader. Press play to get the full story.


VARS | July

From the left, Timmy Cloete, Investment Area Manager at Drakenstein Municipality; Alderman Conrad Poole, Executive Mayor; Councillor Laurichia van Niekerk, Mayoral Committee Member for Planning and Economic Development; and Jan Hanekom, architect on the Nissan My Ride development.

Nissan Rides into Town Part of Drakenstein Municipality’s manifesto for the next five years is to promote Drakenstein as a business and investment destination. This initiative is already showing results, with several large developments currently underway. One of them is the Nissan My Ride development on the R101, which will be the car manufacturer’s regional headquarters upon completion. According to Jan Hanekom, principal agent on this project, it is the largest building that is currently being constructed in Paarl. It comprises a storeroom, two showrooms, offices, a basement, a waste storeroom, and more.

The project is part of the Griffin Junction Estate which is currently worth more than R100 million. So far 290 job opportunities have been created, and it is envisaged that there will be 75 permanent job opportunities after completion. The value of the building will be R70 million. Hanekom’s company, Jan Hanekom Partnership, are the architects on this project and also the town planners on the Paarl Junction Project. “The more corporates we can get to move here, the better for Drakenstein’s economy,” he says. “At the moment the value of the project is approximately R61 million; so, it is a huge amount that is going into the ground here. We are planning to finish the showroom at the end of July and the occupants will move in by the end of August.”


VARS | July

He is full of praise for the role Drakenstein Municipality plays in making working here easy for developers. “With such a project there is a need for a thorough process and we understand that. We had cooperation from the Municipality right from the start. They, as far as it was possible, accelerated the processes for us. “It is a time-consuming process when you need the input or comments of external role-players such as the Municipality and the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works. As far as the Municipality is concerned, we are happy with the relationship and the way they make it easier for us to do what we need to do.” Alderman Conrad Poole, Executive Mayor of the Municipality, and Councillor Laurichia van Niekerk, Mayoral Committee Member for Planning and Economic Development, recently undertook a site visit of the Nissan My Ride development.

As far as the Municipality is concerned, we are happy with the relationship and the way they make it easier for us to do what we need to do. “

want to congratulate everybody involved on a fantastic development,” he said. “I want to assure potential investors and developers that we have taken steps to reduce red tape and make it easier for them to do business in Drakenstein. These projects are crucial because they not only create jobs for our residents, but also create an alternate tax revenue stream for the Municipality,” concluded Alderman Poole. „

Alderman Poole was quite impressed. “This project is already worth R61 million and we envisage that the investment will eventually be worth R100 million. We always say Drakenstein Municipality has a bank ‘under the ground’, referring to the loans we took up to invest substantially in infrastructure. “Now we are reaping the benefits of those investments. The ‘bank’ is becoming more and more visible above the ground and we


VARS | July

Industry in Focus: Drakenstein Fire Services In conversation with Chief Fire Officer, Derick Damons Unseasonable fires disturbed the Boland in ear - ly June, reminding citizens of the vulnerability of our ecosystems and in contrast, the brave people who risk everything to battle blazes and keep us safe – our firefighters. Derick Damons, Chief Fire Officer at Drakenstein Municipality, talks about his career and gives guidance to prospective firefighters.

For Derick, a career in firefighting is something you should have an affinity for. “This was a calling. I did not choose the career; it chose me. I was also inspired by the discipline, uniform, the ethics and code of conduct of the fire service,” he noted. Firefighting is not a career like any other, but what exactly sets it apart? “In the face of fear, we still continue to do our job” – this phrase summarises the unique nature of firefighting. Our jobs are operational and it might seem as if most incidents are similar, but that is not the case. No two jobs are the same. Changing dynamics require firefighters to always be aware of the fickle nature at play. For example, the time of day when a fire occurs is one factor that plays a huge role.


VARS | July

How do you get through challenging times as a firefighter? On returning from fires, we have a “stoep” talk where we discuss the calls and our actions. This, in its own peculiar way, is a way to blow off steam. Formalised briefing sessions allow for discussions on our operational responses, and how to improve and maintain high levels of alertness and emergency preparedness. Our EAP (Employee Assistance Programme) is another way for staff to offload emotions and allows for counselling and guidance. Which tasks, other than fighting fires, are you involved in as a firefighter? Operational work includes fighting fires, but we also manage vehicle accidents and chemical incidents, and we do rescue work. From time to time we are involved in humanitarian services, disaster management, educating the public, fire safety inspections, and fire prevention services as set out by t Teamwork and camaraderie are some of the best parts of the job. Therefore, firefighters should also be good at working in teams. They should be good listeners, pay attention to detail, and have empathy, good balance and control of emotions. They should be able to focus on the job at hand. Good leadership skills and being resolute in decision making are also important. These are a few of the personality traits of a good firefighter. he National Building Regulations. What personality traits should a good firefighter have?

Drakenstein Municipality is accredited as a Fire Training Centre and provides professional firefighting training.

What can be expected from firefighter training? Basic firefighter training allows for understanding the Fire Service and its different functional divisions (Operations, Training, Fire Safety and Disaster Management). It further lays the foundation for more advanced training, giving attention to drills and exercises, and the use of firefighting equipment. It further allows for a recognised professional firefighter qualification known as Firefighter 1 and 2. This training is provided at accredited fire training centres of which Drakenstein is one. Training is aligned with the regulations as set out by SAESI (Southern African Emergency Services Institute). What would your advice be to aspiring firefighters? Complete matric, preferably with maths as a subject. Maintain good health and stay fit. I would recommend that prospective firefighters enquire about volunteering or reservist programmes at their local fire station, and start enroling!

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VARS | July

Lindsay Lewis, hoofnatuurbewaarder by Paarlberg Natuurreservaat.

In Drakenstein word toeriste nie net bederf met landmerke met geskiedkundige waarde, gehalte-restaurante , oorgenoeg wynproe-geleenthede én aktiwiteite vir avontuurlustiges nie. Hiér kan enigeen ‘n stil hoekie in die natuur vind, ‘n bietjie asem skep en weer verfris word. Drakenstein Munisipaliteit se Gemeenskapsdienste-afdeling sorg dat die area se mooiste, natuurlike besienswaardighede skoon en toeriste-vriendelik bly. Vars het by die hardwerkende hande agter die skerms gaan inloer en uitgevind watter bestemmings op jou emmerskeplysie móét wees. Drakenstein se Beste Buitelug-Bederwe Besienswaardighede onder die bekwame bestuur van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit


VARS | July

Paarlberg Natuurreservaat Dié reservaat bied iets aan elkeen: of dit nou ‘n rustige Saterdagmiddag-piekniek óf ‘n uitdagende bergfietsroete is. Die welige plantegroei, skoon paadjies en rommelvrye uitkykpunte sal egter nie moontlik wees sonder Lindsay Lewis, hoofnatuurbewaarder, en sy span nie. Lindsay is oorspronklik van Wellington en hy is nou al drie jaar betrokke by die Paarlberg Natuurreservaat. Hy is egter geen groentjie as dit by natuurbewaring kom nie en was vantevore by die Tafelberg Nasionale Park, De Hoop Natuurreservaat en Agulhas Nasionale Park betrokke. Die instandhouding van die majestueuse berg en sy omliggende attraksies verg die harde werk van ‘n hele span en Lindsay vertel dat hulle elke dag op ‘n nuwe taak fokus. “Elke oggend wanneer die span by die werk aankom, word die opdragte vir die dag uitgedeel. Dit sluit hoofsaaklik die instandhouding van parke, braaigeriewe en ablusiegeriewe in. Maandae en Vrydae word die voetslaanroetes skoongemaak en ons kyk dat die asblikke reg is,” vertel hy. Werk op die berg is natuurlik ook seisoenaal en gedurende die winter is dit gewoonlik stil en ‘n goeie tyd om van enige uitheemse indringerplante ontslae te raak. Tydens somermaande is die uitmergelende Paarl-hitte ‘n groot bron van kommer vir bergbrande, en Lindsay en sy span is dan op hul hoede. Behalwe vir die alledaagse roetines is die span ook altyd voorbereid op enige noodgevalle. Dit sluit in stormsterk winde wat bome omwaai, besoekers wat in die berg verdwaal, of selfs rotsklim-uitstappies of sweefski-vlugte wat skeefloop. Gelukkig kom dié soort voorvalle darem nie te algemeen voor nie. Die Paarlberg Natuurreservaat is bekend vir sy diverse fauna en flora, en baie van

Natuurbewaring val onder Parke in die Gemeenskapsdienste Departement in Drakenstein Munisipaliteit.

Die Paarlberg Natuurreservaat is bekend vir sy diverse fauna en flora, en baie van Suid-Afrika se inheemse plant- en dierespesies word hier aangetref.

Suid-Afrika se inheemse plant- en dierespesies word hier aangetref.


VARS | July

Die Meulwater Botaniese Tuin se instandhoudingspan bewaar die natuurskoon en sorg vir skoon paadjies, piekniekareas en plantversorging.

Meulwater Botaniese Tuin Die Meulwater Botaniese Tuin lê aan die voet van die berg en dien as ‘n vertrekpunt vir diegene wat die berg wil verken. Die Boland se pragtigste fynbos en 15 tipes proteas is hier te sien. Lindsay vertel dat sy span vir skoon paadjies en piekniek-areas sorg, en hulle plant ook nuwe plante. Dit is verder belangrik dat die skaars en bedreigde plantspesies goed versorg en bewaar word. Volgens Lindsay is Drakenstein Munisipaliteit daarop ingestel om Suid-Afrika se kleurryke natuurlike erfenis te bewaar. “Al die plante in die reservaat is aangeteken saam met hul ligging. Dit sluit 950 spesies in waarvan almal inheems is. Ons kyk ook dat nuwe spesies korrek geïdentifiseer word en

is en die hoeveelheid diere wat aangeteken is, is beslis indrukwekkend. “Die diertjies wat ons gewoonlik sien is rooikatte, duikers, grysbokkies, muskeljaatkatte, muishonde en ystervarke. Onlangs is ook ‘n luiperd gewaar. Dit lyk asof hy aan die noord- westelike kant van die reservaat, net so bokant Rhebokskloof, bly.”

Paarlberg Natuurreservaat en Meulwater Botaniese Tuine openingstye: Somer | 07:00 tot 19:00 (1 Oktober tot 31 Maart) Winter | 07:00 tot 18:00 (1 April tot 30 September) Geen toegang een uur voor sluitingstyd. Lindsay Lewis 021 807 6231 | 073 748 6325 Kontak:

stuur dit dan weg vir navorsing.” Hulle is ook verantwoordelik vir die

bewaring en monitering van dierespesies in die reservaat en dit sluit die instandhouding van “flash trap”-kameras in. Lindsay vertel dat dié projek al drie jaar lank aan die gang


VARS | July

Paarl Arboretum Volgens Lindsay is sy span se verantwoordelikheid nie net bewaring nie, maar ook opvoeding. Drakenstein Munisipaliteit probeer om waar moontlik die publiek in te lig oor natuurbewaring, klimaatsverandering en aardverwarming. Die Arboretum is ‘n inisiatief wat poog om dié doelwitte te bereik. Die Arboretum word tans – as deel van ‘n drie-jaar-lange projek - opgeknap en in ‘n “Climate Smart River Park” omskep. Die projek is nou reeds twee jaar aan die gang. Wanneer die Arboretum sy splinternuwe baadjie dra, sal besoekers kan uitsien na ‘n “groen” klaskamer, ‘n fietsryroete langs die Bergrivier, ‘n buitelug-amfiteater en ‘n eko-sentrum. Besoekers kan nou reeds ‘n voorsmakie kry deur tyd by die Arboretum se indrukwekkende spekboom-doolhof deur te bring.

Openingstye: Somer | 08:00 tot 20:00 (1 Oktober tot 31 Maart) Winter | 09:00 tot 17:00 (1 April tot 30 September)

Die Arboretum word tans – as deel van ‘n drie-jaar- lange projek - opgeknap en in ‘n “Climate Smart River Park” omskep.

Paarl Bird Sanctuary Die natuurreservaat se diverse plantegroei is natuurlik ‘n groot trekpleister vir voëls en besoekers kan hul doen en late na hartelus dophou. Vir die meer ywerige voëlkykers is die Paarl Bird Sanctuary egter ‘n móét-sien. Dié bewaar- area is ‘n gesamentlike projek wat deur Drakenstein Munisipaliteit en die Cape Bird Club onderhou word en deel vorm van die Afvalwaterdienste-projek. Die area, wat teen die Du Toit’s Kloof-berge en Paarlberg lê, is ‘n Suid-Afrikaanse voël-oase en geveerdes soos die ralreier, reuse-reier, grootlangtoon, fluiteende, Nonnetjie-eende en swarteende, om maar net ‘n paar te noem, is al hier opgemerk.

Openingstye: Sekere Saterdae vanaf 09:00 tot 11:00

Kontak: Jurie Jumart 021 807 6307

Lindsay se advies én pleidooi aan besoekers is om die natuur te respekteer en te geniet. Met die plantegroei en verskillende diere wat elke seisoen verander, leer hy elke dag iets nuuts en dís wat sy passie vir natuurbewaring aanvuur. Kom besoek enige van dié Drakenstein-juwele en jy sal saamstem!


VARS | July

The View From the Top Winelands Paragliding shows off Drakenstein as you’ve never seen it before

Have you ever dreamt of soaring high above the Cape Winelands and enjoying a bird’s eye view of the magnificent surroundings below? Then paragliding might just be the next adventure sport outing for you. Winelands Paragliding has found the perfect solution for adventure lovers with a yearning to fly and avid tourists who want to experience a panoramic view of the gorgeous landscapes of Drakenstein.

Mias de Klerk, owner and instructor at Winelands Paragliding, adores the freedom flying affords him; he believes it is a bucket-list activity for anyone. Winelands Paragliding’s operations are based in Paarl, Wellington and Franschhoek, and the adventure kicks off at three main sites: Du Toitskloof Pass, Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve, and Paarl Rock. Mias explains that these areas are all registered sites for a safe take-off and landing. The big sell, of course, is their exquisite views of the mountains, valleys and vineyards. “The natural beauty impresses any adventurer

or nature lover. These views can compete with the world’s finest,” he says. He adds that weather conditions are generally favourable, although they can be a little unpredictable at times. Gliders are advised to confirm weather conditions two hours before their planned take-off. After receiving a harness and parachute, gliders are shown the ropes by a qualified instructor. “After a few instructions for landing and lots of excitement in between, you glide and arrive at

the landing site where you will receive your in-flight photos and videos on your cellphone,” Mias adds.


VARS | July

By flying tandem with an instructor anyone can experience the kick of teasing gravity. These experiences are open to people of all ages and physical abilities, and require no previous experience. According to Mias, paragliding usually doesn’t trigger a person’s fear of heights and flying, and in many cases, it has helped them to overcome this phobia. “Funnily enough, almost half of the paragliders and pilots whom I know have a slight fear of heights but paragliding doesn’t trigger it,” he explains. After over 6 000 tandem flights he is confident that those who arrive scared, but still have the courage to persevere, almost always have the most fun. The team at Winelands Paragliding believes everyone should experience the thrill and the sense of empowerment flying and the outdoors give one. To do so in the beautiful Drakenstein is like a dream (to fly) come true. Contact Winelands Paragliding to book your next adventure.

Drakenstein Sport Calendar

Rugby Derby Klein Nederburg Secondary School vs New Orleans Secondary School

Paarl Interschools Paarl Boys' High vs Paarl Gimnasium

Date: 30 July 2022

Date: 13 August 2022

Location: Paarl

Location: Paarl

PSFA Blisters for Bread in Association with Lucky Star Charity Fun Walk

Date: 28 August 2022

Location: Paarl


VARS | July

Young Filmmaker Tackles Illegal Dumping

Bulelani Ndzuzo and his fellow “soldiers” in the war against waste take on illegal dumping in an upcoming documentary

For Bulelani Ndzuzo, who was born and bred in Mbekweni in Paarl, 2022 has been an impactful year. In May this year, he became the talk of the town when Blue Ribbon awarded him with a Kasi’Pride award for his involvement and activism within the community. More recently, he started making headlines for an upcoming documentary, “Scenes of Mbekweni”. This documentary will tackle the topic of illegal dumping in Mbekweni and is being executed in cooperation with two of his fellow “soldiers” from Mbekweni.

Vars visited Bulelani in Mbekweni to learn more about this project. True to his character, he involved the rest of the crew in the events of the day.

The “Scenes of Mbekweni” production team. From left to right: Thulani Poni, Bulelani Ndzuzo, and Siyabonga Stengana.

“I am currently working on a documentary titled ‘Scenes of Mbekweni’ in collaboration with a youth activist called Siyabonga Stengana and an international author, Thulani Poni, who acts as the producer on this project.” The three musketeers, all from Mbekweni, are equally passionate about uplifting the local community and one particular vehicle for community upliftment stands out for them: curbing illegal dumping.

Vars visited the inspiration behind “Scenes from Mbekweni”, Siyabonga Stengana, in 2021. In this video , he told us about his beautification projects.


VARS | July

“We want to emphasise the importance of keeping Mbekweni clean. We want to send out this message because we are living in a community that is currently facing another ‘pandemic’, that of illegal dumping. We want to educate our community by saying that ‘a clean environment is a healthy environment’.” “As people who want to live here and make this community an attraction, we need to put the emphasis on cleanliness,” says Bulelani, highlighting the importance of creating awareness around this problem. “The only way to curb this issue is to start recycling and to start campaigns and workshops to educate people on health and hygiene hazards (surrounding illegal dumping). We also need to change our thinking so that we can maintain a clean environment.” Siyabonga and Thulani both reiterate this point and hope that by creating a clean environment Mbekweni will leave its footprint on the South African tourism map. Thulani is set for London later this year for the international release of his book Angel’s Wings . Here he will also be representing Mbekweni. “There are lots of things that are already great and beautiful about Mbekweni that I want to highlight to the world out there. “With the documentary, we want to introduce something else to people. We want to teach people how to keep the place as clean and tidy as it should be. To attract interest in tourism we need a clean space where people can feel free to walk,” said Thulani, who will be co-directing with Paarl Post journalist, Heleen Rossouw. While 2022 seems to be the year of opportunity for Bulelani, it has not always been smooth sailing for him. Yet, he kept to the grindstone and this paid off. “One of the challenges that we faced was to source funds for renting equipment for the documentary. We are very happy to announce

that one of our sponsors, the Paarl Rotary Club, has made sure that we have the desired equipment to shoot in July. Also, another challenge was marketing and distributing the documentary. With Paarl Post being on board, we can breathe a bit easier. “We look forward to the documentary, which we expect to launch towards the end of the year.”

Bulelani expresses his gratitude to the Paarl Rotary Club for ensuring they have the desired equipment to shoot.

Bulelani Ndzuzo is tackling the topic of illegal dumping in Mbekweni in an upcoming documentary titled “Scenes of Mbekweni”. Bulelani and his fellow “soldiers” in the war against waste spoke to Vars about this project. Press play to learn more.

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VARS | July

Wyk 14 se Raadslid Loop die Ekstra Myl floreer, veral omdat die jeug só hul talente ten toon kan stel. “Dit hou ook ons jeug besig, en hou hulle weg van dwelms en ander verkeerde aktiwiteite,” sê sy. Sy vertel dat ‘n tuin by Deborahpark aangebring gaan word en dat alle informele nedersettings in Wyk 14 toilette gaan kry. Sy spreek haar dank teenoor Drakenstein Munisipaliteit uit vir die Munisipaliteit se goeie diens en hulp aan die gemeenskap. Om raadslid Van Willingh of enige ander wyksraadslid van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit te kontak, kliek hier .

Raadslid Brenda van Willingh is die raadslid vir Wyk 14 van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit. Sy is die afgelope twee dekades reeds by plaaslike politiek betrokke en is in 2021 verkies tot raadslid vir Wyk 14. Sy is ‘n DA-raadslid. Wyk 14 strek vanaf Groenheuwel, Smartietown, Siyahlala 2 en Joe Williams (informele nedersettings), tot by Mountain Ridge en Hillside. Dié wyk het ongeveer 6 000 inwoners en daar is een skool, Dalweide Primêre Skool. Daar is ook talle kerke in hierdie wyk, en die Groenheuwel Biblioteek wat nuttige dienste aan die gemeenskap lewer. Raadslid Van Willingh sê sy is baie trots op hoe vlakkie-krieket (of landjie-krieket) in haar wyk


VARS | July

Uceba weWadi 12 yinkokheli ekhathalayo nephulaphulayo Uceba wewadi kaMasipala waseDrakenstein enguWadi 12 nguLudia Sindiswa Sambokwe, inkokheli ekhathalayo yaye nephulaphulayo nebisoloko ibindakanyeka kwezopolotiko ukususela kunyaka we- 1996. Yinzalelwana yaseMbekweni, ePaarl, yaye ubandakanyeka kwimiba ngemiba kwakunye nemibutho ngemibutho kolu luntu. Uceba uSambokwe nguceba welungu lombutho we-ANC. Ukususela kunyaka wama-2008 ukuya kowama-2011 ebesebenza njengoceba, waze ngonyaka ka- 2016 waqalisa ukusebenza njengoceba ongummeli ngokwamanani (Proportional Representation (PR)) de kwaba ngunyaka wama-2021. UWadi 12 useMbekweni yaye unabahlali abamalunga nama-8 000. Uquka ezi ndawo zilandelayo: UM, K, J, U, T, S, R, H, G, F kunye neebloko ezingoo-E, iThembani, iPolar Park neendawo zamatyotyombe. Le wadi likhaya lezikolo eziziprayimari ezimbini ezi zezi iMboniselo Primary neMbekweni Primary, kwakunye neekhreshi ezintandathu neecawe ezili-12. UCeba uSambokwe umchaza uwadi 12 njengonoluntu olwahlukene ngokumangalisayo. “Isicwangciso sam njengoceba wewadi kukusebenzisa ingxowamali esiyizuzayo kuMasipala wase- Drakenstein ukuxhobisa ulutsha, ukuphucula izakhono zalo,

nokubambisana noluntu ekulweni aukusetyenziswa kweziyobisi nokusetyenziswa kakubi kotywala lulutsha. Ngethuba lam lokusebenza leminyaka emihlanu (my five-year term) ndiza kumamela ndisebenzisane noluntu lukaWadi 12 ukunceda ukusombulula imicelimingeni esisoloko sijongene nayo njengoluntu ,” utshilo Vars. UCeba uSambokwe utshilo nokuthi yena ungumntu wabantu, yaye uya kuthanda ukukhonza uwonke-wonke yaye wenza umahluko kwiwadi yakhe. Ukunxibelelana noCeba uSambokwe okanye naye nawuphi na uceba wewadi kaMasipala wase- Drakenstein, cofa apha .


VARS | July

Keeping a Close Eye Here is what the community has to say about service delivery.

Marlene Crafford Mans

Uhlan Lackay

“Een van die min dorpe met hierdie inisiatief. Kan nie glo dat groter plekke nog nie daaraan gedink het nie. Well done Drakenstein Municipality!”

“Congratulations. May you go from strength to strength and may tourism bloom in Wellington.”

Susan Engelbrecht

Rosetta Julius

“Thank you Drakenstein Municipality for what you've done for us in Champagne Street, all your hard work indeed paid off.”

“Baie dankie! Dit is nou regtig lekker om te lees hoeveel werk daar ingesit word, en ook te sien, as mens deur die dorp beweeg. Dit is harde werk, maar tog so nodig vóór die winter regtig hier is.”

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The Vars team welcomes your content ideas. Please send them to and stand a chance to have it featured.


VARS | July


For tenders that are subject to local production and content, only locally produced or locally manufactured goods, meeting the stipulated minimum threshold for local production and content as indicated above, will be considered. Full details of tender notices are available on , and (construction-related tenders) and on the municipal noticeboard. A non-refundable fee of R424.00 is payable to Drakenstein Municipality for the collection of documents. No fee will be charged when the tender document is requested electronically. Tenders may only be submitted on the tender documentation provided by the Municipality and must remain valid for a minimum of 120 days after the tender has closed.

PROC2/2022 The supply and delivery of distribution transformer for the period ending on 30 June 2025

Preference Points System Closing Date and Time Minimum Threshold for Local Content


11 August 2022 10:00



VARS | July

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