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What is Local Area Marketing?

Local Area Marketing (LAM) is EVERYTHING your business does in your local area.

There is an abundance of opportunities and marketing strategies available at your fingertips to help boost your marketing presence, drive customer acquisition and take your business to the next level within your local area. To use local area marketing strategies effectively it is important to look at how you can attract new customers and build brand awareness outside of your store. It is not enough to simply participate in store promotions as these are only marketing to your existing customers. LAM inside your store talks to your existing customers Marketing material inside your store is targeted at and is only capable of reaching customers in your store. Whilst this is important to create awareness of new products and offerings, it’s potential is limited. LAM outside your store attracts new customers Marketing externally via leaflet drops, social media, youtube, website, google ads, radio, press and PR all have the potential to bring new customers to your store. It’s important that every year all bakeries use their LAM budget (minimum $5k) wisely and plan marketing activity that clearly brings a strong return on investment to your store. To ensure success with your LAM you need to identify opportunities within your local community through engaging positively with individuals, groups, organisations, businesses and local media. If you haven’t yet, create a list of these in your community to get the ball rolling... INTERNAL


Before you start planning Remember, this document is by no means comprehensive and we strongly encourage stores to develop ideas that are unique to their area, taking into consideration: Relationships with • Other businesses • Local community events • Sponsorships and fundraisers

• School groups, • Sports groups, • Senior’s groups or; • Charities.

Before you look at creating a promotion to increase sales of any given product, you should first always examine if there is a problem with the product, or your store in general, and resolve any issues prior to starting any promotional activity.

FACT; If there is a fundamental problem with the quality of your product or presetation of your store, then NO amount of promotion or advertising will assist you to lift sales - and this could negatively impact the Banjo’s brand.

Any one of the following problems could turn customers off visiting your store:

• If the product doesn’t taste right, doesn’t look right, is served cold, is burnt or undercooked, is merchandised poorly, or isn’t displayed with a product tag • If your store looks messy, is not clean, is dark or in need of a refurbishment • If your staff are not welcoming or have a poor attitude QUALITY


Competitor Research Whether you want to admit it or not, they’re out there and they’re hungry for your customers. When you monitor competitors on an ongoing basis you’ll be ahead of the game - you’ll get to know their behaviour and eventually be able to anticipate what they will likely do next. You can then plan your LAM which will help you keep your customers and win customers away from your competitors. Make a list of all the bakeries, cafes & supermarkets in your area. These are your competitors. You should conduct competitor research regularly to ensure you know what prices they are selling their product for, the quality of their merchandise and any new products. This will enable you to work out what strengths and weaknesses your competitors have and whether they will be a threat to your business profitability. Go beyond a Google search Try Google Alerts . It’s a great research tool to help keep an eye on your competition. Set up alerts for all of your competitors so you can see what they are up to - you can set up an alert for your own store to see what others are saying about you. Tap into social networks Many businesses today use social networking sites - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin as marketing outlets. This offers a great insight into what your competitors are doing, simply monitor tweets and hashtags, Facebook and Instagram posts, they give you an immediate look at your competitors latest offerings, up to the moment updates and consumer sentiment. Also keep an eye on review sites for feedback on competitors.

Customer loyalty The most cost effective and enduring way to grow your customer base and revenue is to encourage customer loyalty. A strong base of loyal customers results in spending less time and money to gain new customers. Loyal customers will bring friends and family to you. When customers feel taken care of they are more inclined to buy from you again. Studies have shown that it costs 6 to 7 times more to acquire a new customer than keep an old one, outpacing your com- petition depends upon having a loyal tribe of happy customers. Important note: Encourage customers to ‘like’ our Banjo’s Bakery Café Facebook page or follow us on Twitter or Instagram so we can maintain a passive ongoing conversation with them, keeping Banjo’s in their mind.

ViP Loyalty Program

We have developed a comprehensive rewards program for our ViP Loyalty Club members. With over 20,000 registered members so far the program has the potential to reach our customers wherever they are.

The program constantly communicates with • �egistered members via regular rewards offers to segmented tiers.

• Inactive members via surveys and rewards incentives. • Unregistered members via customer facing staff at POS. • Non members via new member campaigns.

ALL STORES MUST be armed with ViP information flyers and new member cards at POS.

STAFF MUST ask every customer “Are you a ViP member?” and if not, “would they like to get rewards throughout the year?” To get rewards throughout the year they must opt in to receive offers.

How to use this kit The successful promotion of your store relies on you taking appropriate and timely action. This folder of ideas will only be useful to you if you plan to use it. 1. Make a plan Work out which activities you think might work in your area. Work out what you need to do early & how you are going to promote the offer, and how much it is going to cost you. Work out your targets, i.e. how much of a certain product do you need to sell to cover your costs. Talk to the Ops team about your plan or run through some of your ideas with the Marketing team. 2. Get approval early Every marketing activity you do in your store needs to have approval from Banjo’s Marketing team. There are forms at the back of this document that you need to complete. You should allow 2 weeks* for approval and artwork to be developed. So, get approval and book your promotion in early. *Depending on type of marketing this may be longer 3. Do the work Set up a meeting with your staff to let them know what activities are coming up and what they will need to do. Ensure that you are clear about the targets that you need them to achieve and what rewards will be available to them if they succeed. Ensure you set up POS to record your results and that staff know how to use it. 4. Monitor You must monitor the progress and success of each activity. If things are not going to plan, work out what is going wrong and put in place steps to manage the problem areas. Ensure your staff knows how they are tracking – this will encourage them to try harder. 5. Report The most important step is to report on whether the activity was successful or not. This will help you to gauge whether or not to repeat the activity in the future. The success of each activity can be measured: FINANCIALLY – How much did you spend? Did you achieve a good result? What profits did you make? STAFF MORALE – Did the staff enjoy the activity, did it improve store atmosphere? CUSTOMER FEEDBACK – What did your customers say about the promotion? TAKE UP - Number of people taking up the offer. Was this higher or lower than expected? WHAT WOULD YOU DO DIFFERENTLY ? – Looking back, is there anything that you would change? FACT: You need to be proactive! If you have any ideas you’d like to discuss, contact your Marketing Team at Head Office and we’ll help you plan a strategy to improve your business.

Proactive Marketing


Always look to “add-on” to current promotions. It is better to spend staff time and your resources promoting the corporate promotions than to create your own promotion.


The simpler your marketing is, the easier it will be for your staff to explain and for your customers to understand. Complicated deals with complex terms and conditions do not work and can disappoint customers.


Customers like a good deal and will see through deals that add no value. Make it worth their while to come into your store. Always state the “savings” to customers so they can see the value.


A great deal will attract a lot of customers but you must ensure that your store is making money from each deal sold. As a rule, consider using low cost and easy to make products.


Good customer service and great sales techniques make it work. Your staff must be able to talk about the deals to customers and use suggestive selling techniques.


Know what you want to sell, know what will make profit and understand what your customers want.


Speak to your friendly marketing team or consultant throughout the process – we are here to assist you to plan a successful promotion.


Developing a Promotion Understand your business segments

Make sure you have a solid understanding of which segments in your business are working well and which segments are not. E.g. your savouries may not be doing well and further examination might show you that your party pie sales have dropped considerably. From this information, it is easy to work out that this area of your business needs attention. Do you need to run a promotion? The first question to ask is “do you need to run a promotion” or can I just ask my staff to upsell the product more effectively. Strategies could include: • Staff MUST upsell every customer to a party pie • Staff MUST upsell customers that buy small savouries to the existing savoury bundle packs. If a promotion is required, the following options can be considered: • Bundle deals – package several products together at a special price • Awareness – contact Marketing to create a counter card to draw attention to a product that is not selling well • Taste Trays – provide samples of product so customers can try them • Special deals – today only, purchase one item and get another item at a discounted price • Competitions – spend over a certain amount to win a prize Create terms & conditions All deals must have precise terms and conditions. This protects you and enables your customers to know exactly what they are receiving. • Define the deal You should clearly state what the deal is, what is included and what is not. E.g. A free coffee could be for any regular hot beverage. In this instance, state the size of the offer, the type of beverage and include the word “only” after the offer statement. • Define any exclusions Ensure that any exclusions are stated clearly on your marketing material and that they are clearly communicated in easy to read font. • Value offer or prize If the deal has an exact price, then state that the deal is “valued at....” If, however a range of products are included in the deal and the customer can select one or two of these options, then you need to state the highest value and then include the words “valued at up to ....” Keeping it simple • List what is included in the deal • List what is excluded from the deal • State the price of the deal • Have a definite start and finish date • Ensure that you have plenty of product available


• Valid until date You must state when the offer is valid until (include the day, month and year). An expiry date will mean you are protected from the offer being used indefinitely. This is particularly relevant with flyers or coupons which may be impacted by product and pricing changes. An expiry date must be planned so that you allow enough time for a customer to respond to the offer. If you want to use the offer again you can simply state that it is available for a limited time. • Available only at … State which stores your deal is available at. This limits your offer to the locations as listed. This protects other stores from having to honour your deal. If the deal is available at all stores, then there is no need to include this statement. • This offer is not redeemable for cash This statement is important because it protects you from some customers who may wish to take the cash rather than the product on offer. • Subject to availability Subject to availability protects you if the customer walks into your shop to claim the offer and the product is not available. Example Below is an example of the terms and conditions on a counter card which is advertising a Pie & Juice Deal for $7.50. To adapt this T&C simply change the sections that are highlighted. “ Select any pie and fruit juice with this offer. Excludes soft drinks, flavoured and plain milk and water. This offer is valued at up to $8.40 and is available for a limited time, is subject to availability and is not redeemable for cash. ”

Bundle Deals Bundle deals are particularly good if you want to increase sales of a particular product or segment by bundling them together and creating a value proposition. You can create bundle packs of the same product or bundle a food product with another item. The important thing is to provide a value proposition to the customer that is easy to understand and provides good value.

Some ideas may include:

• Purchase any loaf and receive 6 free rolls • Purchase a coffee and a muffin for $7 • Toastie & coffee deal

• Salad item & juice for $10 • Pie & soft drink can for $7


Increasing Average Dollar Sale Stores should know what their average dollar sale is per customer. Keeping track of our customer patterns, and understanding what they like to buy and how much they like to spend, can help us to create strategies to help us grow our bottom line.

Often the amount customers spend becomes a habit, so if they spend $8 with us every day, it is unlikely that one day they will spend $15 with us unless we can offer them a good reason to.

Some of the most common reasons for customers to decide to spend more money when they purchase are provided below: • Bundle proposition Create a strategically placed bundle proposition that is valued at several dollars above our average dollar sale. • Run a competition Spend over $10 to win a prize. The “spend over” strategy provides customers with an incentive to spend more money and best of all; they can select their favourite products to do this. • Upselling Sales staff must be trained and encouraged to up-sell. This means that if a customer wants a pie, then we offer them sauce or a drink. If the customer wants a sandwich, then we offer them a Danish or a drink. Upselling can be the single most effective long-term strategy you can do to improve your bottom line. Running Competitions Competitions can be a great way to encourage customers to shop in your store. Depending on what state your store is in and the value of the prize, it may be necessary to apply for a gaming permit. Keeping it simple To run an in-store competition you will need the following:

• A counter card that explains the competition • Entry forms • An entry box • A prize

The fine print Provided below is some further information that you should consider before you run a competition. • How to enter You must state how a customer enters the competition. Do they simply fill out the entry form or do they have to purchase a product or spend over a certain amount to be eligible to enter? • Start date and finish date You must disclose when the competition starts and when it finishes. You must also state when the winning entry will be drawn and how the winner will be contacted.



• Outline what the prize is and how much it is valued at Clearly state what the prize is and what it includes and what it excludes. The total value of the prize needs to be stated. • Prize is not transferrable and not redeemable for cash This statement protects you from having the winner asking for the cash equivalent of the prize. • Expiry date Clearly state when the prize expires. • Privacy and confidentiality You must state in the Terms and Conditions that “Banjo’s agrees to collect personal information in line with its privacy policy which can be viewed in full at” Terms and conditions Terms and conditions are very important and help customers to know exactly what the rules are for your competition. It is important to list the terms and conditions on both the counter card and entry forms. Provided below is an example of the terms and conditions for a competition: (To adapt this T&C simply change the sections that are highlighted). Example “ How to Enter: Spend a minimum of $10 before 11am , in one purchase at Banjo’s Hobart . Promotion commences 1 April 2017 and closes 31 May 2017 . The winning entry will be drawn on 1 June 2017 and the winner will be contacted by phone . Free bread for a year entitles the winner to 365 sandwich loaves (choice of white, wholemeal or multigrain) and is valued at $1460 . Prize is not transferrable and not redeemable for cash and expires 1 June 2017 . Banjo’s agrees to collect personal information in line with its privacy policy which can be viewed in full at ” Things to be aware of A word of warning about BAIT advertising. Bait advertising is when a business advertises a special deal to attract customers to their store but does not have sufficient stock of the product to meet demand. There are severe penalties under the ACCC for any business that is found guilty of bait advertising.

The extract below was taken from the ACCC website.

‘Bait advertising’ describes the situation when a trader advertises goods at a certain price (usually a ‘sale’ price) but does not have a reasonable supply. What is a ‘reasonable supply’ will depend on sev- eral things, including the type of product and the way it was promoted or advertised. If a trader has genuinely underestimated the popularity of a sale product, it may not be considered bait advertising.


Digital promotions Digital promotions are a great cost effective option and can easily be developed for several stores or just one. Have a chat to the Marketing team to discuss how you can use this medium to increase your reach and grow your business. These promotions can be developed around email, social, mobile and/ or web. As with regular competitions, consideration must be given to the previously mentioned points to ensure your competition is compliant with all necessary requirements.


Advertising Deciding on the best options It is important to only participate in an advertising arrangement if it will benefit your store and if you have a specific deal that you need to promote. Many sales people will approach you with advertising arrangements and special ‘last minute’ deals and it is important to weigh up the benefits versus the costs. Not every opportunity is going to suit your business requirements. General Rule Media should be assessed based on: • Reach (how many people will see it) • Frequency (how many times people see it) In general, the higher the reach will mean the higher the cost. The same rule of thumb applies for frequency. However, it should also see higher results. The rule of thumb suggests that people need to see your advert at least three times before they remember it.

Any media campaign must be examined in terms of: • Cost • Exposure • Potential return • Break even points

Newspaper Advertising Metropolitan Newspapers

Advertising in the newspaper is beneficial as you can potentially reach many people with your message due to large readership volumes. However, newspapers are generally only available for a day and you are competing with many other advertisers to get your message heard and remembered. These days, many publications also offer a digital component and opportunities to advertise on their websites which are being frequented by readers more and more. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to go with the digital option. This of course is influenced by the demographic you wish to target. Regional/Community Newspapers If your area has a local community newspaper this may provide better results for your store. Regional papers are always interested in local news stories which can result in some free publicity for your store. Build a relationship with your local paper and find out what kind of stories they are interested in. Often charity fundraising for a local cause is a great news story. If you have any interesting stories – make sure you let Marketing know and they will make sure you get further publicity on social media, the website and if suitable send to all media contacts. Community Newsletters Find out what schools, clubs and sporting organisations are in your area. These groups often produce regular newsletters for students and members, and advertising costs are often very affordable. Although these organisations normally have small memberships, your advert may stand out well and deliver a good result.

Newspaper Advertising Metropolitan Newspapers

Advertising in the newspaper is beneficial as you can potentially reach many people with your message due to large readership volumes. However, newspapers are generally only available for a day and you are competing with many other advertisers to get your message heard and remembered. These days, many publications also offer a digital component and opportunities to advertise on their websites which are being frequented by readers more and more. In some cases, it may be more beneficial to go with the digital option. This of course is influenced by the demographic you wish to target. Regional/Community Newspapers If your area has a local community newspaper this may provide better results for your store. Regional papers are always interested in local news stories which can result in some free publicity for your store. Build a relationship with your local paper and find out what kind of stories they are interested in. Often charity fundraising for a local cause is a great news story. If you have any interesting stories – make sure you let Marketing know and they will make sure you get further publicity on social media, the website and if suitable send to all media contacts. Community Newsletters Find out what schools, clubs and sporting organisations are in your area. These groups often produce regular newsletters for students and members, and advertising costs are often very affordable. Although these organisations normally have small memberships, your advert may stand out well and deliver a good result. NEWSPAPER

Radio Radio advertising will be only approved on a case by case basis. Advertising on your local radio can be a great way to promote your business in your area but can be expensive. We recommend that stores group together to split the costs, where possible, of any radio campaign. Remember to contact Marketing if you are planning on producing radio ads to make sure you are representing the Banjo’s brand in the correct way. Marketing can make available some consistent ‘donut’ style audio you can use – this will help you get more cut through in your local market.


Letterbox drops Flyers can be a good way to ensure that everyone in your area is receiving your message. Flyers with voucher offers can assist in generating new customers. A 4% redemption rate is generally seen to be a standard return rate. If using a delivery company, you should allow for delivery costs of approx. $44 per 1000 flyers. When planning a letterbox drop compare Australia Post with other options. Whilst Australia Post is more expensive many of our stores have found that they have had much better returns with this delivery option. This may be because the flyers are delivered with the normal mail, rather than being grouped with other junk mail.


Digital Media Facebook

Banjo’s Bakery Café has one corporate Facebook page. This page is managed by Head Office and includes offers, treats, product information and sponsorships to keep customers engaged. Stores are able to promote their store in the local area with deals and offers via Facebook ads. We love to hear about community events, achievements and local news stories so send them through for inclusion in social media, website or internal newsletters. As at November 2017 Banjo’s Facebook page has over 17k followers. Twitter Banjo’s Bakery Café has one Twitter account. This account is managed by Head Office and includes offers, competitions, points of interest, product, sponsorship and community information. Whilst rela- tively new our Twitter account has over 175 followers and growing. Instagram Banjo’s Bakery Café has one Instagram account. This account is managed by Head Office and includes offers, competitions, points of interest, product, sponsorship and community information. Whilst rela- tively new our Instagram account has almost 1000 followers and growing. Google ads Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising program that lets you reach new customers and grow your business. With AdWords, you choose where your ad appears, set a budget you’re comfortable with, and measure the impact of your ad. There’s no minimum spending commitment. You can pause or stop anytime. With Google AdWords, you can reach people as they search for words or phrases (which we call keywords) or browse websites with themes related to your business. Your ad can ap- pear on Google and its partner websites. With cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you’re charged only when someone clicks your ad. Digital advertising The digital landscape is continuously changing. Your marketing team keep up to date with changes across social media platforms, changes in algorythms, future web and mobile technology for commu- nicating to our customers. If you have any questions or would like to implement a LAM campaign with digital chat with marketing to get it started. SOCIAL


Sponsorship Sponsoring a sporting group or an event can provide you with a lot of free publicity and goodwill for your store. There are several points to take into consideration before entering into any sponsorship agreement. What’s in it for me? Providing sponsorship without receiving any benefits is just charity. For any sponsorship to be worthwhile it must have tangible benefits such as: • Ability to display signage at the event • Large number of people attending the event • Media exposure (newspaper, TV) • At least 3 mentions in each available social media platform • Logo placement on websites, programs, sporting t-shirts • Being mentioned on radio or over the loudspeaker at the event • Ability to provide vouchers or incentives to the participants, thus generating revenue for your store. Who are you sponsoring? Stores should ensure that the group that you are sponsoring has a sound reputation and has a useful, positive or helpful intention. In general terms, this includes: • Sporting groups • Schools or charities • Local community groups How big is the organisation? The size of the organisation and the potential exposure for your store should be taken into consideration. If the event you are considering sponsoring is large, your contribution may be lost due to the size of the other groups participating. If the event is small, your logo may be seen by less people but it may have more impact and be noticed more. Media exposure If you are making a substantial donation you should discuss media opportunities with the event organisers. They may be happy to mention Banjo’s donation to the local radio or newspaper when they are promoting their event. Contact your local paper and let them know what you are doing and that it is a good story that may be of interest to their readers. Often a paper will not want to promote a business directly, but are more than happy to promote a community event with an interesting story and that Banjo’s is lend- ing a helping hand. Always offer a photo opportunity as it is a great way to increase your exposure.

FACT: Send any photos or stories about your sponsored event to the marketing team know, and we’ll be able to give you extra exposure through social media and web.

Our ViP Sponsorship/Fundraising Using our ViP Loyalty cards is the best way to reach more people and to monitor and measure the ROI from the sponsored groups. Talk to the Marketing Department to get yours set up and read the Guidelines for Sponsorship ViP Loyalty Cards for more information. Easy as It’s so easy for schools, sporting clubs or community groups to fundraise with Banjo’s! For years Banjo’s Bakery Cafes have been a big part of many local communities providing support through sporting clubs, school fundraisers and community events, and we just love it! Now there are opportunities for groups from all areas of the community to benefit through our mutually beneficial program. Once setup with your store - schools, sporting clubs or community groups can start earning important fundraising points every time they shop at your store! How it works 1. Group will receive special ViP Sponsorship cards designed for your store. 2. The group will give these out to their supporters or club members. 3. Every time they shop at your Banjo’s store and use their sponsorship card they will earn fundraising points for their group. 4. These points are redeemable as product or cash from your store. Getting started 1. Talk with your local schools, sporting clubs etc. about setting up a ViP Sponsorship arrangement. 2. Banjo’s Head Office will organise your special sponsorship cards once an agreement has been reached and send them out to your store to dispatch! 3. Once your cards arrive, hand them out to the school, club or group to give out to their members to use every time they shop at your store. Communities getting on board Banjo’s Warana has successfully setup a HUGE ViP sponsorship arrangement with their local Kawana Surf Club which has approximately 5000 members. Special ViP sponsorship cards have been designed and organised for each member to use at Banjo’s Warana to earn important funds for their club. This not only benefits the Kawana Surf Club, it also prompts 5000 people to visit the Warana store and purchase products!

ViP sponsorships, like this, are a great way to expand your store’s customer base and give back to the community at the same time… so get yourself out into the local community and get schools, sporting clubs and groups involved! Many other Banjo’s stores have similar ViP sponsorships set up and the numbers continue to grow.

Other types of Sponsorships From sponsoring school fairs, providing coffee or bread for a year, product vouchers, cash or donating wastage there are endless ways of contributing to our local communities. Which ever way you choose to do this, we recommend it is partnered with the ViP Sponsorship card where possible so you can clearly measure the return you are getting from the group. Product Sponsorships Product sponsorship is always a great idea. The benefits include being able to provide a large donation because of the retail value of the product, while the actual cost to your store is much lower. When donating product, always ensure you provide the value of the donation to the group you are sponsoring.

Voucher Sponsorships Vouchers are a great way to generate additional revenue for your store. Generic vouchers have been made up for small product giveaways, like a free coffee; free sausage roll & a free sandwich loaf (see p.xx) These are great because they can lead to additional purchases when people come instore to redeem their voucher. If you use these printed vouchers, make sure you track how many vouchers have been given out and how many are redeemed - so you can measure the success of the promotion. Ask staff to write on the back of them what the customer also bought. This is valuable information that will also tell you what additional income you have made from the customer using the voucher.


Vouchers for larger product donations Any sponsorship for larger product donations i.e. coffee for a month; bread for a year, can now be set up as a barcoded gift card with the required number of items. If they are entitled to a product each day for a certain period, unclaimed product will disappear from the card and redeemed product is tracked making it easier for staff. Wastage Donations Providing bread loaves and rolls from end of day wastage can provide substantial benefits to your store. Ensure product is of a very high quality and that it will be used on the following day. Remember that if product is not top quality it should not be used.

Cash Sponsorships Providing sponsorship in the form of a cash donation can be useful, but should be viewed with a firm mind to making the arrangement work for you. Stores should be able to use the “what’s in it for me” principle and clearly evaluate the pros and cons of the investment to ensure that it is worthwhile. A tax deductable receipt should always be requested with this kind of donation.


Seasonal Fundraising Our goal with any fundraising activity is to build lasting community relationships and increase our potential customer base. The concept is that a percentage or fixed dollar amount from sales goes back to the organisation. USE THIS TYPE OF FUNDRAISING TO INTRODUCE THE VIP SPONSORSHIP/ FUNDRAISING TO THE ORGANISATION SO THEY CAN FUNDRAISE ALL YEAR ROUND.


1. START EARLY Make sure you begin planning your seasonal fundraising at least 8-10 weeks prior to the day. E.g. Some stores find that Easter fundraising needs to be organised and agreed to in December. 2. LIST Create a list of all the potential fundraising groups in your area: School groups, charities, community groups, sporting groups or clubs and special interest clubs. Your list should include: Names of key contact people, contact details, addresses and how many members they have. 3. RECONNECT Identify which groups you have had dealings with before. It is much easier to connect with groups who already have fundraising, accounts, or charity relationships with your store. Even if they already have a fundraising arrangement with your store, they may like to run a seasonal fundraiser as a special event. Find out is any of your staff have affiliations with any community groups or organisations that you don’t have a connection with as yet. This may provide you with an easy introduction to key personnel. Don’t leave out the smaller organisations, such as car clubs or sporting groups, as these often have incredibly enthusiastic members who can be true champions of any cause that can help their club. 4. FINALISING DETAILS • Discuss the offer, whether it is a % of all sales of Easter buns/Christmas Tarts or a $ amount such as 50c from each 6 pack sold. • Update the fundraising form and update the details to suit their cause. This form can go out to all their members. Set finish & delivery dates. • Provide posters or an ad that can appear on social media or in their newsletter to communicate to members. • Ensure total fundraising is monitored and tallies are kept up to date and communicated to the organisers. • Ensure that a reminder phone call is made to the organization to see how the fundraising is going and if any further action needs to be taken. Place a reminder notice in the newsletter if this is possible. REMEMBER ALL ADS AND POSTERS ARE ABAILABLE FROM MARKETING. • School groups may be able to collate the orders for you, which means that you just need to package the product and label it according to the deliveries. • Deliver the orders to the organisation on the delivery date and at the agreed time. • Calculate the total fundraising amounts payable and provide this to the organisation. • Look for an opportunity for publicity and photo by publicly awarding the money.


Catering Catering is a major sales segment for your store/s. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep your existing customers happy to maintain their business, and hopefully, trigger positive word-of-mouth between current clients to develop new clientele. You should always be thinking of ways to build new customer relationships (as well as, as word of mouth is a valuable source of growth. Regular clients • Ensure each platter is quality checked by a manager prior to being dispatched. • Attach 5 Catering Flyers to every platter sold – there could potentially be business people at the meeting who will take a flyer with them. • Some stores have had great success delivering a “freebie” with the orders. The receptionist is often the decision maker when it comes to catering. Building good customer relations is important. Including some complimentary sweet items is a good practice to create goodwill and to be remembered by. • If a business hasn’t ordered for several months, don’t be afraid to find out why. It may be that they are no longer ordering catering or that there was a problem with their last order. If there was a problem with an order “refund and replace” immediately.

New Business Development Some stores have lifted platter sales considerably by providing FREE sample platters to potential new businesses. Although this is a considerable “giveaway” many businesses are:

• Unaware that we offer platters • Have never tasted any of our food

• Would never have considered getting catering from Banjo’s • Are pleasantly surprised when they are offered a free sample

How it works • Identify your potential new platter customers and make a list of the businesses in your area, local government departments and/or community groups • Arrange a suitable time to meet personally with each organisation to discuss their requirements. Let them know that you are going to bring some brochures of our range and a platter to the meeting so that they can sample the products

Your goals

• Find out how many meetings they have that they require catering for • Discuss the catering platter options • Ordering options – online or over the phone • Payment by credit card

• Delivery options and delivery fee • Place orders one day in advance • Show them the online catering site and how easy it is to use • Take notes at the meeting and request a business card so you can keep a record of contact details. • Follow up the next day to see if they enjoyed the sample platter Database It is useful to develop a list of all potential catering clients. Existing catering client information is collected in the online catering platform and is available from Marketing if required. Prior to Football Grand Finals and the Melbourne Cup Marketing will email all catering contacts to remind them to get their orders in for these special occasions.

Catering Flyer

• Please make sure your store always has the catering flyer on display. • Digital flyer is available on the website to encourage online ordering. • If your store can deliver, then you should let your customers know.


Your promotional tools

To order more marketing collateral simply contact us on 6210 5000 or email

ViP Loyalty Club

ViP Loyalty Cards (MIN ORDER 2 BOXES = 500 CARDS)

Loyalty cards are a great way to promote repeat business. These cards can be used straight away at any Banjo’s store across the network to begin earning points on purchases. Customers must register online to be able to redeem accrued points. Terms and conditions apply. Refer to the Loyalty Club launch kit for further details.

ViP Loyalty DL Info Flyers (MIN ORDER 250) Loyalty information flyers are designed to be displayed with ViP Club Cards at POS in each bakery. These are for new members and provide information on how our loyalty program works.

Vouchers (MIN ORDER 50)

Product and/or $$ value vouchers are great to use as donations for community events which can then be given away as raffle prizes or awards. They are also useful as a tool to help resolve customer complaints. Make sure you fill out your store name, your name & the expiry date of the offer.

Customised Vouchers

Customised vouchers can be designed and printed, simply contact marketing with the details. Here are a few examples to get your ideas flowing:

Banjo’s Salamanca – One of the special deals the store ran during Hobart’s Dark Mofo Winter Festival 2017 for locals and cruise ship passengers.

Banjo’s Kings Meadows – Some of the many local school newsletter coupon s they offered in 2017

Banjo’s New Norfolk – A special deal they ran during 2017 with the Guardian Pharmacy next door

Banjo’s Sandy Bay – These vouchers were given to 500 conference delegates from the 2017 AATE/ALEA National Conference, giving all attendees 25% at Banjo’s Sandy Bay for the duration of the conference.

Business cards Business cards are a great way to promote your business. Our new look business cards come in 3 different colours!

Artwork Marketing will develop all artwork for your local area promotions subject to adequate notice being pro- vided. This service is provided free of charge and includes all artwork for printed material.

Printing Costs Marketing will arrange a quote for your printing requirements. Printing costs will vary depending on the volume required. Delivery fees will be additional.

Please ensure that quantities are provided as follows:

Business Cards DL Vouchers

Multiples of 250 Multiples of 500 Multiples of 500 Multiples of 1 Multiples of 1 Multiples of 1 Multiples of 1


A Frames


Counter Cards Menu boards

Marketing Team It’s sometimes hard to know who to contact in the Marketing team for various things. Below is a quick overview we hope will help. Head of Marketing & Creative Karen Ahern Mobile 0428 115 220 Email

Karen is available anytime to discuss local area marketing strategy, promotional planning, ad placement, any advertising, sponsorship or anything brand related. Karen’s alway willing to discuss potential ideas and to listen to feedback on anything marketing. You can also contact Karen for any other marketing requests or queries if you are unable to contact Julia or Jules. Best method of contact is mobile.

Marketing Assistant Julia Ferguson Phone 03 6210 5000 Email

Contact Julia for any marketing supplies, launch kits, product tags, online catering enquiries, ViP Loyalty Club enquiries or other marketing requirements.

Marketing Assistant Jules Shea Phone 03 6210 5000 Email

Contact Jules on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for any marketing supplies, launch kits, product tags, online catering enquiries, ViP Loyalty Club member- ship enquiries or other marketing requirements.

Marketing Planner Checklist

Strategy c

Contact Marketing Team to develop strategy and get approval

Develop KPI’s


Identify best options for promoting


Planning c

What is the deal?

Start Date Finish Date



Who am I going to promote the offer to? How am I going to promote the offer? Promotional material required - Type/ quantity




Cost of advertising/promotional material?


How many deals do I need to sell?


Have I told my staff?


What do I need to assist me? Are the registers updated?



Do I need to adjust production levels for the promotion?


Doing c

Are staff actively promoting the deal? What problems do I need to overcome?


Feedback received


Reporting c

Number of deals sold

Redemption rate


Customer number increase


Average $ increase


Return on Investment


Positive or Negative customer feedback Is there anything I would do differently?



Calculating Costs

Use the following table to calculate the minimum number of deals you need to sell BEFORE you start to make money from your promotion. This table is provided as a guide only and it is important to recognize that you may have additional expenses over and above those listed below.


Advertising costs Printing costs Distribution costs Advertising costs

$...................... $...................... $...................... $...................... $ ......................

Total Costs


Retail price of deal (ex GST) $...................... Cogs $...................... Packaging costs $...................... Labor (normally 30% of retail price) $...................... Profit per deal $ ...................... (Retail less cogs, packaging and labour)

How many deals do I need to sell before I start to make money?......................

Costs / Profit per deal ......................

Banjo’s Local Area Marketing Promotion Request Form

All local area marketing store promotions should be approved by the Resource Centre.

Complete the form below and send to

Allow 2 weeks notice prior to the promotion start date.

The deal What is the deal?

Exclusions Are there any exclusions?

Details Who are you targeting? What are the cogs? Promotion start date Promotion finish date

Targets How many am I going to sell? How am I going to track results? Marketing collateral required c Counter Card c Table Talker c Voucher c Flyer c Advertisement c Social Media

Advert Details (if required) Publication Name ............................................................ Publication deadline ............................................................ Publication contact ............................................................ Advert size in mm ............................................................ Full colour c mono c

Local Area Marketing Ideas - 2018 Events Calendar

Every year there are numerous events and celebrations you can get your store involved in and celebrate with your community. Below are a few ideas...


Australia Day

- Meat pie and drink deal - Bread bundles for BBQ's - Value packs and catering - Dress up store with Australian flags


Clean Up Australia Day

- Sign up a Banjo's team to collect rubbish - Offer to provide catering for volunteers

14-18 Worlds Greatest Shave

- Donate $ for every xx sold - See if any staff member is interested in volunteering to participate and raise funds.


St Patricks Day

- Guiness Pie Promotion (RC approval required) - Decorate store in green


Red Nose Day

- Sell Red Nose merchandise - Provide additional sponsorship by donating a % of sales of a product to the cause.


Anzac Day

- Donate morning or afternoon tea to your local RSL


Make a Wish

- Donate $ for every coffee sold - Free star shaped shortbread with every coffee sold


Mothers Day

- WIN mum a special (prize, voucher, hamper) - Spend over $x to enter - Promote breakfast or morning tea deals (coffee & cake)

- Create love heart shaped shortbread to have with coffee in the week leading up to Mothers Day



Million Paws Walk

- Get staff together and attend event with your dogs - Get a Banjo's Tshirt designed for staff to wear at event

- Donate funds for product sold


Aust Biggest Morning Tea

- Donate $ for every coffee sold - Donate $ for every platter sold


65 Roses Day

- Sell 65 Roses merchandise - Provide additional sponsorship by donating a % of sales of a product to the cause.



Jeans 4 Genes Day

- Sell Jeans 4 Genes merchandise - Donate .50c from every Danish sold - Donate .50c from every coffee sold

17-24 National Book Week

- Competition in conjunction with your local schools for the 'Best Short Story' - Sponsor a book prize at a local school


Daffodil Day

- Sell Daffodil Day merchandise - Donate $ from every coffee sold



Fathers Day

- Dad's breakfast deal - Competition to WIN special (prize, voucher, hamper) - Spend over $x to enter - Place a donation box on your counter - Provide additional sponsorship by donating a % of sales of a product


Footy Colours Day


AFL Grand Final

- Decorate your store! - Promote Footy Favourites (small savouries) - Promote catering and bread (BBQ's) - Decorate your store! - Promote Footy Favourites (small savouries) - Promote catering and bread (BBQ's)


NRL Grand Final

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