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The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Magazine would like to thank The Queen’s Awards Office, all of the 2018 Award winners, and the winners of previous years who have so kindly given their assistance in the preparation of this edition. The publisher is also most grateful for the contributions from: Theresa May, Prime Minister and Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England

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Queen’s Awards Magazine 2018


On behalf of Nexus Media, it is our great pleasure to offer our warmest congratulations to the winners of this year’s prestigious Queen’s Awards for Enterprise.

These awards are considered the highest accolade to be bestowed on a UK business and winners show time after time the benefits associated with being an Award holder. This can be seen both in renewed vigour in UK markets as well as helping to drive further international trade for the firms overseas. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise offer a fantastic way to celebrate the best of the UK’s innovative and creative spirit, resulting in world-leading products and services being rolled out across the globe. Steeped in history and yet forward-thinking and ever-evolving, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise encourage social mobility and corporate responsibility alongside entrepreneurship to drive truly great attitudes that we can all aspire to. There are companies making huge strides in developing sustainable manufacturing processes to reduce environmental impact and secure fairer deals for growers and workers, and these Awards recognise the significance of keeping these business practices at the forefront of design and manufacture leading us into the future. There were 230 Award winners in 2018, eight of which received double awards, and we extend our special congratulations in awe of such an achievement. The Awards continue to go from strength to strength and to help demonstrate the UK’s position as a global business pioneer.

Congratulations once again to all the Award holders for 2018.

Richard Stoppard Chief Executive Officer Nexus Business Media Limited

I would like to congratulate this year’s winners of The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. These awards are a great way of celebrating the success of exciting and innovative businesses across the UK; businesses which are leading the way with pioneering products or services, delivering impressive social mobility programmes or showing their commitment to excellent sustainable development practices. I would particularly like to congratulate the eight double award winners: SkyDemon; DNAFit Limited; Omnitek; Lumishore Limited; Resilience Communications Limited; Telensa Limited; Solentim Limited; and, Harrison Spinks. These companies have achieved double recognition, with awards for both innovation and international trade, showcasing the best of what the UK has to offer on the global stage. These awards are a special way of thanking everyone who works so hard to make your business a success. Your companies, both large and small, are the backbone of the UK economy and world- leaders in the industries of the future. Congratulations once again to all 2018 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise winners.

Theresa May The Prime Minister

On behalf of the Bank of England, I am delighted to offer my congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for their outstanding achievement in trade, innovation, sustainable development and promoting opportunity through social mobility. The United Kingdom has a proud history of technical and industrial innovation, and the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise have played an important part in encouraging these initiatives for more than half a century. Companies like yours are extending this impressive track record and helping keep the UK at the forefront of new technologies and new markets. Your entrepreneurial spirit is more important than ever as our economy undergoes a period of profound change. The United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union will provide an opportunity to refresh and redefine our trading relationships with the rest of the world. And as a range of new general purpose technologies fundamentally change how we work, the best companies will create the jobs of the future and ensure employees are equipped to carry them out. The Bank of England is playing its part by fostering the right environment for trade, innovation and sustainable development to flourish. By maintaining monetary and financial stability, we create the conditions where businesses can concentrate on innovation and growth. We ensure that the financial firms we regulate meet tough international standards and we seek open and cooperative approach with foreign regulators to promote trade in financial services. We have a new Fintech hub to capture the benefits of new technologies and are upgrading our payment systems to improve connectivity and services for businesses and households. We are also working to mobilise capital for green and low-carbon investments to support the UK’s transition to a low carbon economy, helping foster the environment for more sustainable and inclusive growth. But as worthy as these initiatives are, they would count for little without the drive of companies like the 2018 winners. Congratulations and thank you to all. Many congratulations once again.

Mark Carney Governor


We are delighted to announce The Queen’s Award for Innovation for the Perfectil ® range

For consistent innovation in the research and development of the Perfectil ® vitamin range


* Nielsen GB ScanTrack Total Coverage Unit Sales 52 w/e 2 December 2017. UK’s No.1 Vitamin Company * The first & only vitamin company in history to twice receive the INNOVATION AWARD


• World Class published Clinical Trials • Carefully balanced ideal formulations, effective yet within safe limits

• GMP Pharma Quality for higher standards in vitamin manufacture • Available in over 100 countries

Available from Boots, Holland & Barrett, Superdrug, supermarkets, health stores, pharmacies and

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a journey to sustainability Tea and coffee

T HE TEA break is a tradition we have embraced in the UK for around 200 years, after tea overtook gin and ale as the nation’s favourite beverage in the mid-18th century. Tea is deeply rooted in Britain’s history and has become woven into our everyday psyche and wellbeing, being consumed by an estimated 84 per cent of the British population on a daily basis. But let’s not forget about coffee. Not for an instant! Coffee is rumoured to be taking over as the nation’s most popular drink and certainly a glance down any high street reveals a plethora of coffee shops and an explosion in café culture. An estimated 70 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK every day – with specialist and small-batch roasted coffees becoming more popular. Wherever you look there are statistics about the consumption and popularity of tea versus coffee, but one thing we do know: both are firmly established in our daily routines – whether that’s queuing bleary-eyed for a skinny latte extra hot on the way to work or settling down with a friend for a gossip over a cuppa – and both are here to stay. Opportunities for growth The tea and coffee markets are highly competitive and are, in the main, controlled by a few industry giants, but opportunities in the speciality market are growing for smaller players. According to the Centre for the Promotion of Imports, around 70 per cent of coffee imports are under the control of large companies, the other 30 per cent consists of smaller importers of ‘green’ beans for roasting and processing. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are acknowledged as being one of the highest business accolades and have significant benefit to those who trade internationally. The origins of the UK’s favourite beverages generally sit overseas and the importation of tea and coffee into the UK for our consumption holds a significant position within our international trade activities. The Awards’ category of Sustainable Development is also growing in importance in light of climate change and a need to improve conditions for workers overseas. This is especially poignant for the tea and coffee growers that we so heavily rely on to supply our huge UK demand. As with all international trade, there comes with it a responsibility for the importers to support and contribute to the sustainable trading values of overseas partners. The growing of crops has significant environmental impact and maintaining and harvesting tea leaves and coffee beans is extremely labour- intensive, so encouraging tea and coffee producers to use sustainable methods and look

Smaller tea importers and specialist coffee roasters are driving business in the UK and improving producers’ lives around the world, writes Emma Dahm

www. queensawardsmagazine .com


after their workers well is the ethos behind sustainable production in the long term. Tea and coffee importers In 2001 the Queen’s Awards category of Environmental Achievement became Sustainable Development and there have been several winners since whose core business is tea and coffee importation. In this category last year, two winners were chosen who demonstrated the qualifying criteria with aplomb: Bettys & Taylors Group, based in Harrogate, and Union Hand Roasted Coffee, headquartered in London. Bettys & Taylors Group has remained a family business and has a tea and coffee supply chain that touches over one million people across 24 countries. The business started in 1919 when Swiss confectioner Frederick Belmont arrived in Yorkshire, married a local girl, and opened the first Bettys Café Tea Rooms in Harrogate. Nearly 100 years on and the company has a history of trading responsibly, transforming the way it works with its tea and coffee suppliers to help them become more sustainable in their practices, says Keith Writer, supply director at Bettys and Taylors.

“We have worked incredibly hard over the past few years with all our key growers to develop and roll out an innovative new approach to sustainable sourcing. We have a reputation for quality and a deep commitment to doing things properly, be they in Yorkshire or globally, through our value chain and networks,” he adds. One example of the business’s impact is its work with suppliers and growers in Kenya. The group works with The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST), among others, to support tea farmers. “Our family business has worked with suppliers to install rainwater harvesting and filtration systems in 50 schools as well as

community centres in the area, bringing fresh water to 27,000 people. We have also supported secondary school children with educational bursaries and are funding a 10-year project to plant a million trees with 4,000 tea smallholders, providing them with additional income streams, while delivering environmental protection.” Winning a Queen’s Award has been a significant achievement for Bettys and Taylors Group and the company has continued to build momentum behind its sustainable practices. “This award is a great honour and achievement that serves to inspire and drive us to do even more in developing a thriving sustainable future for all our tea and coffee growers.”

“Our family business has worked with suppliers to install rainwater harvesting and filtration systems in 50 schools as well as community centres in the area, bringing fresh water to 27,000 people”

Coffee beans being sorted by hand in Ethiopia.

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2018


“The market growth in smaller tea importers and specialist coffee roasters is opening up opportunities in the UK for new businesses as well as improving sustainability and livelihoods of tea and coffee producers”

The company achieves growth because of its approach to sustainable development rather than despite it and has developed a business model accordingly. The company trades coffee under the Union Direct Trade model, which helps coffee producers move away from dependence on mass-market production, where they are vulnerable to world market fluctuations, towards speciality coffee production that has its own unique value, says Jeremy Torz, the company’s co-founder. “Through Union Direct Trade we were the first UK company to link sustainable development with exceptional quality coffee. The heart of Union Direct Trade is the close and long-lasting relationships we build with farmers in coffee growing communities around the world,” he adds. The model enables growers to be paid a minimum price above the International Fairtrade price and offers further incentives to increase production of high quality coffee and improve producers’ livelihoods. It was this

pioneering trading model that clinched Union’s Queen’s Award in 2017. “Union Direct Trade guarantees payment of at least 25% above the Fairtrade minimum price as well as a trusted route to a speciality market. Union works alongside coffee growing communities to increase quality and quantity of yield and improve working conditions. This creates a virtuous circle that helps farmers to plan for the future and gives Union access to exceptional quality coffee.” Winning a Queen’s Award has been a milestone for the company, which has continued to go from strength to strength. “Sustainability has always been the heart of our business, and it was fantastic to have this recognised in 2017 by winning the Queen’s Award. “We’re still a craft business at heart, but we’re also one of the UK’s leading roasters and it’s great to have this award as proof that we don’t just talk the talk we also walk the walk.” The market growth in smaller tea importers and specialist coffee roasters is opening up opportunities in the UK for new businesses as well as improving the sustainability and livelihoods of tea and coffee producers in developing countries. Global sales of coffee, tea and other hot drinks is estimated to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.4 per cent between 2017 and 2021, reaching a total value of over USD 261bn annually, according to data reported by BMI. Growth in developed markets will expand at 4.2 per cent CAGR, and this will be led by product innovation, growing health- consciousness and convenience trends, the report states. So it looks like tea and coffee are here to stay and this obsession has cemented the UK as a significant player in the world market. As a result, we are due to host the global Tea and Coffee World Cup for the first time this year. This international trade show will be held in Birmingham in September and is a huge draw for all involved in the industry – big or small. But if a trade show is a step too far for your tastes, surely it must be tea break time by now. So what’s it to be: a refreshing cuppa or a fancy latte? Whichever you choose, keep sustainability in mind when popping the kettle on. l

Tree planting with school children in Kenya.

Coffee production As its name implies, the ethos behind Union Hand Roasted Coffee, another Queen’s Awards winner in the Sustainable Development category, is to roast small batches of beans and produce unique flavours and cups of coffee with a difference. In 20 years, the company has established a reputation for sustainability by sourcing quality coffee in ways that significantly improve the livelihoods of the coffee bean producers.

Iliana Martinez, general manager of the Esquipulas Coffee Co-operative in Guatemala, with Jeremy Torz, co-founder of Union Coffee.

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Advanced Insulation Ltd: 2017 Innovation Advanced Insulation’s Kamil Tomaszewski is presented with the Queen’s Award for innovation by the Duke of Gloucester.

Bridgeway Consulting Ltd: 2017 Sustainable Development Pino De Rosa, Managing Director of Bridgeway Consulting Limited, along with the Bridgeway team,

are presented with The Queen’s Award for Sustainable Development by Sir John Peace, Lord Lieutenant of Nottingham.

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The Queen’s Awards FOR ENTERPRISE

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are considered the UK’s most prestigious business awards, designed to acknowledge and encourage outstanding achievements demonstrated by UK businesses. Instituted by Royal Warrant in 1965 and first awarded in 1966, their format has evolved to now encompass four categories: International Trade, Innovation, Sustainable Development and Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility). In the past, individuals have been recognised within the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise but, as of 2017, this individual award was rested. Her Majesty The Queen makes the awards on the advice of the Prime Minister, who is assisted by an advisory committee including representatives of Government, industry and commerce, and the trade unions. The award winners are announced annually on April 21, The Queen’s birthday. The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are free to enter and youmay apply for more than one award. Organisations of any size operating regularly as a business unit in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and whichmeet the criteria may enter. The awards are made to businesses as a whole rather than to individuals. Applicants that are unsuccessful receive feedback about their strengths and are offered guidance about how to improve their entry for future. Presentation ceremonies are conducted at each winner’s premises, usually by the Lord-Lieutenant of the County, who is the designated representative of Her Majesty The Queen. The awards consist of a Grant of Appointment and a commemorative crystal bowl. Successful organisations may fly the Queen’s Award

flag at their principal premises and are entitled to use the emblem on marketing materials – such as on packaging, advertisements, stationery and website. This information was correct at the time of going to press. For the latest information visit


To apply for the Queen’s Award for Enterprise your organisation must meet the following minimum criteria: l Be based in the UK (including the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man); l File its Company Tax Returns with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC); l Be a self-contained enterprise that markets its own products or services and is under its ownmanagement; l Have at least two full-time UK employees or part-time equivalents; and

l Demonstrate strong corporate social responsibility.

Your organisation may be business or non-profit. Each award has additional entry criteria, which can be found at the start of each relevant section in this magazine as well as on the website awards-for-enterprise/eligibility

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STATISTICS 2018 Awards by category (Note: eight companies have received multiple Awards) l 152 for International Trade l 72 for Innovation l 8 for Sustainable Development l  6 for Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility)

Entries for The Queen’s Awards come from all corners of the UK including the outlying islands. The companies’ activities, however, are international with many businesses exporting and negotiating with countless countries around the world. Distribution of the Queen’s Awards’ winners for 2018

Eight businesses were double award winners, all in International Trade and Innovation, as follows: l Lumishore Ltd; l Divelements Ltd trading as ‘SkyDemon’; l Resilience Communications Ltd; l Solentim Ltd; l Image Processing Techniques Ltd trading as ‘Omnitek’; l Telensa Ltd; l DNAFit Life Sciences Ltd trading as DNAFit Ltd; and l Harrison Spinks

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2018 Total number of award winners across the UK:


The graphic shows the distribution of these 2018 Award winners (companies that entered The Queen’s Awards in the period April - September 2018) across the United Kingdom.

SCOTLAND Winners 10

NORTH EAST Winners 3



NORTH WEST Winners 22

EAST Winners 24


EAST MIDLANDS Winners 14 8

WALES Winners 12

LONDON Winners 52

SOUTH EAST Winners 33

SOUTH WEST Winners 30

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2018


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The benefits of winning... A QUEEN’S AWARD FOR ENTERPRISE

The motivations for companies entering the Queen’s Awards are as many as there are companies – each has its own reasons for doing so and the majority benefit from their success. Even those companies who do not win an Award on their first attempt can find it a valuable experience, providing targets to achieve and an additional focus for which to optimise efforts in becoming one of the best UK companies in their field. Entrants come from all around the United Kingdom – from city-based centres of commerce to the remotest of locations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands. The majority of winning companies have below 250 employees, but there are also larger companies who have won. The minimum size of an eligible company is two full- time employees. Winners have confirmed the main reason they enter the Queen’s Awards is for the prestige it brings. Both at home and overseas, respect for a winning company is enhanced with this notable achievement. Winners find that being the company with a Queen’s Award among other competitors can often make the difference in gaining an introduction to new customers. A win is also a great promotional opportunity for publicity in local and national newspapers as well as international trade magazines, in print and online. Although the online entry process naturally involves time spent supplying the data required, experience has shown that although some entrants expected the process to be difficult, few actually found this was the case. In fact the time taken to prepare the research for the entry varied mainly from a couple of days to a couple of weeks – but with some entrants completing the information in one day. The time it takes will understandably vary according to the type of company and its products and how readily available the data is.

It is inevitable that not all companies will succeed in gaining a Queen’s Award – that is of course the whole principle behind any award scheme. On average a quarter of those entering succeed in gaining a Queen’s Award – a good incentive! Of course any award is only as good as the employees who have worked hard to achieve it and this recognition is a great morale-booster for companies. Each winning company is given a formal presentation by The Queen’s representative (normally the county’s Lord-Lieutenant) at the company premises or other suitable location, so the employees are able to enjoy the celebrations first hand – some examples of these presentations can be seen in later pages of this publication. Having won their award, in the months and years that follow, companies have found the predicted outcome has been achieved, with the company’s perception being enhanced within the UK and overseas. Most companies found that the staff responded enthusiastically to the win and the majority of companies made good use of the kudos for their publicity and PR. When asked, existing winners of a Queen’s Award would recommend entering to other businesses. Another promotional opportunity available to winners is the independently published The Queen’s Awards Magazine , which you are now reading, and its accompanying website. As you can see, winners can choose to have an entry among the others in their category – in a magazine that is distributed to a prestigious mailing list of recipients both in the UK and internationally. In a recent survey of winners the majority agreed that The Queen’s Awards Magazine and the website were rated either ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’. We want to improve on that: please let us know what your expectations are for future reference! Email your feedback to Anne Smith: Anne.Smith@

www. queensawardsmagazine .com


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Supporting the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise since 1966

Hypnos Beds

Vernacare Ltd

The Queen’s Awards Magazine is an outstanding publication that showcases the very best of British business and is a great endorsement for our company.  It is also an excellent way to send our message out to national and international decision- makers and purchasers who realise the importance of the highly prestigious award.

We’ve already noticed the benefits that this

achievement has granted us, some of which wouldn’t have been possible without the support of The Queen’s Award Magazine. By getting our message in front of key decision-makers around the world, the magazine has enabled us to celebrate our successes with those that understand the importance of this accomplishment.

www. queensawardsmagazine .com


THE 2017 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise reception took place at Buckingham Palace, as has become tradition, and was graciously hosted by The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. The year 2017 marked The Queen’s sapphire reign and was extra special as she is the longest-reigning monarch – not only in the UK, but in the world. There were 176 winners of Queen’s Awards in total, with five companies receiving double awards, a truly remarkable achievement. The largest category was International Trade, where 102 awards were given out, followed by 57 for Innovation and the smaller categories of Sustainable Development and Promoting Opportunity had 11 and six winners, respectively. The winning companies were delighted to attend the Buckingham Palace reception, held to mark their achievements, and many took to social media to announce their good news and excitement about meeting The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on the day. There was a babble of excitement as the royal pair circulated the room and chatted to the guests. These talented entrepreneurs are now able to fly The Queen’s Award flag at their offices and use the Queen’s Award emblem in their marketing activities. Past winners have reported benefiting from worldwide recognition, increased commercial value, greater press coverage and a boost to staff morale. at The Queen’s Awards Reception The 2017winners

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2018


Case Study Fairfax Saddles Ltd

website has a really helpful blog, and we signed up for various webinars about writing award entries. We also spoke to a previous winner about their experiences, which gave us great insight. What planning did you do beforehand? It helped to get as much information to hand as possible, especially regarding the evidence to back up the entry, such as the accounts and product information. We checked all the figures thoroughly, and also the entry criteria, before we started the application process. How did you find the application process? There’s no denying that it’s time consuming and challenging, but once we’d made a start, it got easier. Did you learn anything about your own company during the process? The exercise made us realise just how far we’d come and reinforced our commitment to continue on our development path. Did you engage other teammembers? Yes, because everyone involved in the design, manufacture, marketing and selling of the product remembers and sees things differently! Getting the bigger picture is invaluable – but we gave just one person the responsibility for writing the submission. Now you’ve won an award, what advice would you give to others thinking of applying? Check the entry criteria before you start – it sounds obvious but it would be an awful shame to get too far into the process and find you’re not eligible. Then, go for it – it’s nowhere near as daunting as you think. Would you consider applying again in future? Definitely, if we are eligible. What do you consider to be the benefits of being a Queen’s Award holder? The saddlery industry is not immediately associated with innovation, so this award brings credibility and recognition to Fairfax’s unique approach. The Awards are respected worldwide and, as exporters, this is an added value to us. l

AWARD CATEGORY: Innovation SIZE OF COMPANY: Fewer than 100 employees WHERE BASED: Walsall, West Midlands TYPE OF BUSINESS: Saddlery manufacture PEOPLE PROFILE: Rupert and Vanessa Fairfax

JOB TITLES:  Managing irector and development director, respectively

Company background Fairfax Saddles Ltd manufactures equestrian equipment in the West Midlands. Saddle manufacture is still a trade steeped in heritage, employing methods that have remained unchanged for generations. Fairfax Saddles in unique in its approach of combining new designs, scientific research and technological testing with traditional craftsmanship to develop products that are proven to relieve pressure on the horse and enhance its performance. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise was awarded for Fairfax’s Performance Girth which was used by Team GBR at the London 2012 Olympics. This is the first time Fairfax has applied for the award and it is the only saddlery manufacturer to ever have been recognised in the Innovation category. We have made substantial investment in scientific research and technological development – and we hoped the award would recognise and reinforce our commitment to innovation in the equestrian industry. What research did you do about the awards/application process? Plenty of help is available. The Queen’s Awards What made Fairfax Saddles apply for a Queen’s Award?

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World silver medallist Harry Meade, an elite event rider who benefits from Fairfax’s performance-enhancing equipment.

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2018


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A Barrier Fit For Royalty

With our second Queen’s Award for International Trade, we’re proud that our scientiically engineered safety barriers are a globally recognised hallmark of royal standard in protection. Contact us now on +44 (0) 1422 331133, email:, or visit: for more information.

www. queensawardsmagazine .com



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The UK has a distinguished history of trading across the globe and the significance of the economic benefits associated with this were acknowledge by The Queen’s Awards right from the beginning. In 1966, when the awards were instigated by The Queen, companies would apply to win awards in the category of Export, Technology, or a combination of the both. The Export category was renamed in 2000 to International Trade and has remained as such. This ever- popular category attracts the biggest number of entries and in 2018, 152 companies won an award for their overseas trading activities. The general eligibility criteria for The Queen’s Awards can be found on the website awards-for-enterprise/eligibility. Included below is a list of the additional criteria specifically for the International Trade award. Your company must:

l Have made a minimum of £100,000 in overseas sales in the first year of your entry and show year-on-year growth;

l Prove it has achieved outstanding growth in overseas earnings relative to your business size and sector; and

l Prove steep year-on-year growth (without dips) in overseas sales over three years – or substantial year-on- year growth (without dips) over six years. If you already hold an international trade award you can only apply for a new award for:

l Substantial year-on-year growth over six years if you’re in the fifth (final) year of your current award; and

l Steep year-on-year growth in overseas sales over three years if you’re in the second, third, fourth or final year of your current award.

www. queensawardsmagazine .com



List of all winners in the International Trade category Her Majesty The Queen has been graciously pleased to confer Her Awards in 2018 upon the following business units in recognition of their outstanding achievements in International Trade:

Baird and Co Limited Offer a full range of precious metal bars and ingots (80+ products) Bamboo Distribution Ltd International asset recovery, refurbishment, resale, recycling of consumer electronic and mobile devices Beck Global fit-out company specialising in the museums and luxury sectors Bellerby & Co. Limited Design and manufacture of bespoke Terrestrial and Celestial World Globes Benevo Development and production of vegan, ethical and eco-friendly pet foods for dogs and cats Boyds Working with small pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and universities to support the development of medicines for patient benefit Brandon Mediecal Co Ltd British medical technology company with over 70 years of healthcare experience Bridge of Weir Leather Company Limited Design and manufacture of finished leather and cut parts for the automotive industry Brose UK Manufacturer of window regulators and seat structures for Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Toyota Cambridge Integrated Circuits Ltd Development and sale of integrated circuits for the contactless measurement of position inside machines Brian James Trailers Limited Design and manufacture of trailers

Cast Iron Radiators Ltd Cast Iron Radiators, Period Valves and associated accessories Celtic & Co. British fashion brand offering luxury products made exclusively from all-natural fibres, predominantly produced in the UK Central Wire Industries UK Ltd Stainless steel and nickel-alloy specialty round and profile wire manufacturer Central Wire Industries UK Ltd Production of round and profile wire in stainless steel and nickel based alloys CFC Underwriting Limited Sell commercial insurance policies, focusing on emerging risk, niche markets and specialty lines Cheeky Chompers Ltd Design and manufacture in the UK, innovative baby products to help make parents lives easier Cobra Biologics Limited The contract development and manufacture of biologics and pharmaceuticals for clinical trials and commercial supply Cocogreen UK Ltd Pioneers in superior quality, renewable coconut based planting substrates for the cultivation of high value and delicate edible crops globally Cokebusters Ltd Specialist mechanical decoking services to oil refineries across the world Coombe Castle International Ltd Export speciality Cheese, Cream & Butter around the world sharing the best British produce Childrensalon Ltd Online retailer for luxury designer childrenswear

AC PLC International specialist façade and interiors contractor Activinsights Ltd GENEActiv wrist-worn raw data accelerometer for research. Activinsights Band professional lifestyle analysis wearable Addmaster (UK) Ltd Additive technology for the plastics, paper, textile, paints and coatings industries including Biomaster antimicrobial product protection ADEY Global manufacturer of magnetic filtration technology, premium water treatment chemicals and UKAS-accredited water testing service provider Alexander Mann Solutions Ltd Outsourcing and consulting solutions to help companies build world-class talent and resourcing capabilities Artemida Pharma Limited A specialist drug development consultancy offering optimised strategic drug development and project management to biopharma and mid- sized Pharma companies internationally A-Safe HQ Ltd Inventors of industrial strength polymer safety barriers and advanced safety solutions for workplace environments Astro Lighting Holdings Ltd Design, engineer and manufacture contemporary lighting for high end domestic and hospitality markets Audio Network Creators of original, high-quality music for broadcasters, brands, creators and music fans everywhere Airline Component Services Ltd Global supplier of aircraft components

Queen’s Awards Magazine 2018


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GAMA Healthcare Ltd Research, develop, manufacture and distribute innovative infection prevention products for the global healthcare industry, with a focus on wipe technology Gate 7 Ltd Supplier of decals and printed components for industrial machinery markets Global Inkjet Systems Ltd Leading provider of software, drive electronics and sub-systems for industrial print system design GO Superfoods Ltd T/A Green Origins & Rainforest Foods Manufacture, private labeling and distribution of bulk superfoods in Rainforest Foods & Green Origins ranges Gresham Technologies plc Innovative technology solutions for data processing and managment Greycon Ltd Software to cut small rolls of paper from larger ones Hanningfield Process Systems Ltd Design, manufacture and installation of pharmaceutical machinery for the handling, processing and containment of powders Harrison Spinks A fifth-generation family-owned bed maker and pioneer in spring technology Highclere International Investors LLP Highclere offers investment management services to U.S. institutional clients (profit and non-profit) Honeycomb Project Management Ltd Creator and exporter of confectionary around the world

Counterline Limited Design and manufacture of bespoke and standard food service counters and displays CPR Global Tech Ltd (CPR) Manufacturer of the world’s bestselling stand- alone call blocker Create Technologies Ltd T/A Createc Applied research and development in smart sensing. Manufacture of innovative industrial inspection tools Darktrace Limited Enterprise Immune System technology for cyber security, powered by machine learning and advanced AI algorithms Dart Flyscreens Ltd Design and manufacture of small motorcycle windshields DCA Design International Ltd Product design and development consultancy, operating globally in four market sectors: ‘Medical and Scientific’, ‘Commercial and Industrial’, ‘Consumer’ and ‘Transport’ Delta Diagnostics T/A Elucigene Diagnostics Design, manufacture and selling of in-vitro diagnostic genetic testing medical devices DNAFit Life Sciences Limited Fitness Diet Pro Genetic testing and report that includes information about an individual’s nutrition and exercise response Durbin PLC A global medical supply company that sources and distributes pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and consumables to healthcare professionals worldwide Eckersley O’Callaghan Lt d Structural and façade engineering consultancy (including glass engineering) for construction projects

EnSilica Limited EnSilica designs, develops and supplies complete turn-key chip and systems Eskenzi PR Limited Global Tech PR Agency that specialises in cyber- security PR, analyst relations, social media and marketing EUDRAC Ltd Regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance consultancy services for the global pharmaceutical industry ExVeritas Specialists in explosion safety; an ATEX Notified Body and an IECEx Certification Body FAI Automotive Plc Development and supply of high-quality aftermarket engine and chassis components for passenger and light commercial vehicles Firmdale Holdings Ltd T/A Firmdale Hotels Luxury hotels including apartments, restaurants, bars, event spaces, cinemas, bath products and other home accessories Forsyths Ltd World-leading manufacturer of copper stills and supplier of distillation equipment Fortress Interlocks Ltd Design and manufacture of safety interlocks to protect people and equipment in industrial applications Frog Bikes Ltd Design and manufacture of lightweight children’s bicycles FX Blue LLP Design and build of customisable, multi-lingual foreign exchange software applications for global banks and brokers

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Maritime Zone Solutions Limited Technical advice and services to coastal states for the delineation and management of maritime space Mason Advisory Ltd IT consultancy and advisory services around the world Maverick Drinks Production of multi award winning British craft spirits: Bathtub Gin, Rumbullion!, Boutiquey Whisky & Gin Microlise Ltd Design and manufacture of hardware and software for commercial vehicle operators MIRA Technology Park Providing unique location for international automotive companies to establish a UK technical presence My Nametags Ltd Market leaders in the production and supply of high quality name labels for children and care homes to 127 countries worldwide Netsparker Ltd Automated web application security scanner that is available as Windows Software and Online Service NextGen Technology Limited Global mobile device interoperability test solutions Nosy Crow Limited Child-focused, parent-friendly books and apps for children from 0-14 Nouveau Lashes LTD Pioneers of beauty products and global training initiatives NCMT Limited Global machine tool sales

HotHouse Partnerships Ltd Consumer personal care and beauty products

global sports industry

Kestrel Liner Agencies Ltd Providing specialist logistical services to niche markets worldwide

HotDocs Limited HotDocs Document Automation Software: a tool kit for creating intelligent templates from repetitive, complex documentation HPD Software Limited Software platforms supported by consultancy, which banks and lenders utilise to deliver working capital finance Hydro Group plc Exporting subsea cables, connectors and cable systems for underwater electrical and fibre optic systems Image Processing Techniques Ltd T/A Omnitek Provider of video and image processing IP, Design Services and Test & Measurement equipment Innovative Technology Ltd Design and manufacture of cash handling equipment: banknote validators, coin hoppers and ticketing solutions Intralink Limited Helping companies enter new export markets and governments promote trade and attract foreign direct investment IVORY Worldwide Creating vivid brand experiences that connect with audiences around the globe John Packer Ltd Sales and rental of brass and woodwind musical instruments

Language Connect International Ltd T/A as Language Connect

Language services including translation, localisation, interpreting, transcription, voiceovers, proofreading and specialist coding in all languages

Lanzante World leader in converting race cars to road use

Laser Wire Solutions Innovative laser machines for precision removal of insulation from wires and cables Lattimer Ltd Design and manufacture of IS spare parts and variable equipment for the glass container industry LEW Techniques Ltd Manufacture and subcontracting assembly of bespoke submounts, circuits and other miniature packaging components for microelectronics Lintbells Ltd Innovation and manufacture of premium natural pet supplements Limited Development of load balancing solutions that keep applications online and highly available 24/7 Lumishore Ltd Design, development and manufacture of high performance underwater LED lighting for leisure marine and superyachts Magnetic North Travel Ltd Tailor made holidays in Scandinavia, the Nordic countries and Canada

JTA Strategic communications, international relations and brand building consultancy for clients in the Olympic Movement and the wider

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Santoro Licensing Creators and licensors of art brands, collaborating with premium partners to expand their brands on an international scale SBD Apparel Limited Design and manufacture of performance supports and apparel for strength and fitness sports Scoliosis SOS Limited A unique, world-leading UK-based scoliosis clinic, specialising in treating spinal conditions with innovative non-surgical techniques SE10 LLP Public relations Internal/external marketing communications. Media relations. Content creation and strategy. Events. Graphic Design SendMyBag (NI) Ltd Door to door luggage delivery service offering routes within the UK and worldwide Silverlining Furniture Group Limited Innovative furniture maker of bespoke and unique pieces for super yachts and luxury homes Simpsons Premium Ltd Natural and organic high-meat pet foods and treats SkyDemon Design of software, maps and information used by pilots throughout Europe to increase safety Smylies Ltd Exporting British food and drinks brands across the globe Solentim Ltd Develops and sells innovative life science products for medical research Specac Limited Design and manufacture of accessories for spectrometers used in science and industry

Pragnell Purveyors of high quality jewellery, watches, clocks and rare gemstone pieces Oceanair Marine Ltd Design and manufacture of blinds and soft furnishings for superyachts, yachts, properties and recreational vehicles One Lindens Ltd T/A Cambridge Immerse Residential academic summer programmes designed for secondary school students from around the world Ossila Limited Components, equipment and materials enabling faster and smarter discovery in organic electronics and materials science Peli BioThermal Design & manufacture of Temperature Controlled Packaging and services for the Global Life Sciences market Pentland Group plc Multi-channel retail and development of global footwear and apparel brands Photocentric Ltd Manufacturer of innovative 3D printers, manufacturer of patented photopolymer packs for making stamps Prima Dental Manufacturing Ltd Premium precision dental instruments for healthcare and cosmetic markets and the intellectual property for manufacture Principle Holdings Ltd Project Management, our portal Principle Connect, brand components including digital assets, signage and interior fixtures

Proseal UK Design and manufacture of high quality automatic tray sealing machines Protec Technical Ltd Provision of Technical Recruitment Services through the supply of permanent and contract staff worldwide R & M Electrical Group limited Supply of Marine, Industrial & Hazardous area electrical equipment. Cables, Lighting, Junction Boxes & Fixings Ltd Providing a technology platform to sell a vast range of products worldwide Recycling Lives Limited High-quality recycled metals and plastics, produced to pre-approved specifications REID Lifting Ltd Design and manufacture lightweight, portable lifting equipment particularly gantries to 5 tonne, davits to 1 tonne capacity and personnel applications Resilience Communications Limited Manufacturer of rugged electronics products that enhance communications systems Rinicom Limited Providing state-of-the art solutions for law enforcement agencies, first responders and critical civilian infrastructure protection RSL (Rockschool Ltd) Academically rigorous, industry-relevant qualifications, supporting aspiring artists, educators and teaching establishments worldwide Random42 Ltd Scientific communication and medical animation

PROINSO UK Limited PROINSO is a distribution and integration business with a primary focus on solar energy

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