London-LA 2023 Inserts

London-LA 2023 Inserts

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Amid over a decade-long war, Xander Williams finds him- self as a soldier-in-training in what’s left of the current military. After several months in cryostasis, he awakens to a new reality. As he discovers the modern world that has befallen him, survivors left to fight live on ships in space, since Earth has turned into a warzone, plagued by vile beings. These entities are bent on life’s annihilation. The light humanity once had turns dim, and their faith is tested like none before. Everyone’s memories, serving as the last connections to the world they once knew, are vague, including Xander’s. One person he cares about is

a woman named Leona who gives him the strength to live. The only thing they know for certain is the way they feel for one another. However, as their memories return and the history of the war reveals itself, not everyone and everything are who they appear to be-especially each other.

In 1969 Brad Williams thought base- ball might save his life---- if he wasn’t shipped off to Vietnam. That spring he desperately needed a college baseball scholarship to escape a dreary future of working in Birmingham’s gritty steel mills. Just when it looked like his dreams might come true, violence from integra- tion and the Vietnam draft shattered his neighborhood and tested his conscience. The time came to choose sides. He could keep his dreams if he played it safe and went along like he always had. But how could he play it safe when so much was at stake? Finally he made an ago- nizing choice. But was it the right one? J. Mark Hart is an Alabama-based law- yer and a two-time published author - Fielder’s Choice and The Timepiece Protocols. Hart is recognized in Best Lawyers® and was awarded Lawyer of the Year in 2016, Best Lawyers In Amer- ica© from 2007-2022. Mark and his wife Cynthia reside in Birmingham, Alabama.



$34.95 ● Hardback ● 9781639614707 $9.99 ● eBook

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There will be major cataclys- mic events in the near future that will drastically change the surface of the earth. Man will be in survival mode. Will you survive? Will you escape?

Job says, “My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle and are spent without hope” (Job 7:6). To all those still looking, I hope you find some- thing herein. For the very words of Jesus are “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” So, herein I have attempted to relay

some of Jesus’s words, for He is the master of all things. He writes better than anyone else. So we must publish. We must publish the truth as God sees it and then maybe a little as we see it. Not everyone sees the same, so forgive me if I have overstepped my reach. Only, “if the shoe fits, wear it.” We can only receive what the Lord allows us to see and understand. Herein is the basis of life, to spread our understanding and to love our fellow man as ourselves. God bless.


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The kingdom of God will be es- tablished on the earth. The ques- tions are will you be in it? What will you be doing? It depends on your decisions and what you are doing now. Your future is in your hands. The Kingdom of God is like…

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Love is proof of the existence of God. It is the relationship between God and all that is. It is the exis- tence of infinity existing as all that is. Wisdom is the applica-

tion of truth in ways that are kind and con- ducive. When one is loving and wise, he or she will always be appropriate in what is felt,

The Brotherhood of the Bat is the third and final install- ment in the VAMPIRO TRIL- OGY where various individ- uals and factions are brought together to face an unknown ultimate fate!

thought, and applied to all else. The measure of a man or woman is the contribution he or she makes to his or her fellows.

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This book has vital informa- tion that will answer many questions that those who suffer with PTSD and those close to them are asking. How does someone handle the grief experienced in combat? How does a spouse or other loved one handle the playing out of stress a combat veteran mani- fests when they return? Fear, Guilt, No Peace, and other is- sues are addressed. These are emotions that stir the soul and plague those who have experi- enced unimaginable trauma in a war zone or even in violent home situation. Psychology and drugs are not the answer. New Age philosophy will not help. The Bible has the answers and will be found in these pages to be the solution that so many have been look- ing for.

Heather reflects on her personal experiences of bereavement as a springboard to discuss many dif- ferent aspects of grief involving topics such as miscarriage, Covid 19, illness, faith, incarceration and migration to name a few.

$10.99 ● Paperback ● 9781952864391 $26.49 ● Hardback ● 9780645492040 $3.99 ● eBook

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America is a land of promise, filled with adventure and overflowing with riches, thought young Peter Olaf. So in 1895, at the age of seventeen, he left his family and girlfriend to board a ship for the new world. In the next ten years Peter mutated from a naive, young, Swedish immigrant, swinging an axe in a logging camp, to a man of wealth and prestige. Along the way he encountered and overcame fearsome challenges and tragedies and the deep- est personal losses and betrayals. But he also built wonderfully strong friendships and family relationships. He experienced loves that were sometimes intensely pas- sionate, sometimes gentle or bittersweet, but only one would last a lifetime. Peter Olaf engages a rich blend of characters to carry Peters story from Sweden to Min- nesota and back, and even to a Louisiana prison. The personalities are vivid and strong, from lumberjack to Indian healer, flirtatious bosss daughter to gentle half- breed girl, businessman mentor to formi- dable police inspector. Peter Olaf is an account of a young immigrants early life, but it is also a study of the hardy people who worked and loved in an earlier time of our nation.

Christopher Redding, a middle-aged businessman, experiences a psychic phe- nomenon that changes his life. He meets a young woman who triggers the event. In the course of events, he finds himself in the body of another man in Mexico during the Mexican War. He meets a woman he feels he’s always known. On his return to the present, he finds that the man whose body he entered had transmigrated to his own body and caused havoc with his life, including making love to his wife and attempting to seduce his stepdaughter. With his life in chaos, Chris moves back and forth between eras, trying to choose between lives, loves, and problems that have become increasingly bizarre. He is hospitalized, jailed, wounded by Apach- es, and chased by Mexican cavalry. He pursues his Spanish love but encounters difficulties he couldn’t imagine. Chris’s modern life is in shambles, and he decides to give up his family in favor of the young woman he is now living with. But that is not the end of the story.

$10.99 ● Paperback ● 9781643147581 $16.99 ● Hardback ● 9781643147598 $3.99 ● eBook

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As the United States prepares to enter the First World War the family of Peter Olaf is secure in their resort home in Northern Minnesota. But then Christian, the oldest of the sons, is dumped by his girlfriend and decides to enlist in the Canadian air force. In less than a year twin brothers enlist in the fledgling U.S. army. Very shortly all three are in France, Christian is flying a fighter, Sven is driving a Renault tank and Charles is leading an infantry platoon. But then, the army decides to hire men who are capable of running sawmills in France to supply our forces with lumber for the military infrastructure it desperately needs. Peter is running short on cash because people are buying war bonds instead of va- cationing so he talks his wife, Sarah, into letting him go to France. There are many tough battle situations be- fore Peter is reunited with his twin sons, but they are, at wars end. At loose ends while waiting for shipment back to the states the three go in search of Sarah’s lost relatives in France, and with the help of a friendly British cattle buyer they find them. Then with he help of a career U.S. sergeant they hunt for Christian who was badly in- jured when his plane was shot down and crashed in a river. They find him at an army hospital in London where he is recovering nicely with the help of a pretty nurse. Eventually all the men return home and try to adjust to civilian life. Mostly they suc- ceed, but each brother has a separate story.

The Prophet and the Warrior is historical fiction that follows the Biblical texts of the books of Moses as presented in the King James Bible. This novel enhances the various stories by adding di- alogue and expanding the role of various characters. It occasionally diverges from the Biblical text when an alternative context seems more logical to the author. Rich- ard H. Grabmeier’s own religious experience prompted him to read the Bible with a more critical eye.

$18.99 ● Paperback ● 9781643147550 $24.99 ● Hardback ● 9781643147567 $3.99 ● eBook

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Memories of a Jewish Girl from Brook - lyn invites readers to experience events in Helene’s life. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, sharing her life with family, friends and interesting characters in all sorts of experiences! Most importantly she taught all her stu- dents non-prejudice! They learned how to share their lives with others no matter their race, religion or color.

The BookFest Awards / Fall 2022/ Second place in Dystopian - Science Fiction

“Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover!”

Award-winning Finalist in the Science Fiction, Post - Apocalyptic category of the 2021 American Fiction Awards

They had special events to prepare for a better future!

The heavens experimented with a life form called humans. The world they made was once peaceful and kind but soon changed to hate and evil. A virus was sent down as a warning for humans to change their ways but was ignored. An apparition of a man dressed in black made himself visible to Sarah and Ricky with a message. The world is pro- grammed to be terminated unless mankind can stop their corruption and live in peace.

$12.95 ● 9781640271876 ● Paperback $26.95 ● 9781640271883 ● Hardback $9.99 ● 9781640271890 ● eBook

$9.00 ● Paperback ● 9798664213942 $2.99 ● eBook

Emerge is a pow- erful book that shows how Paula Echeverri over- came challenges that disrupted her life with the power of her mind, and thoughts. She uses Neuroscience as a

Raptors include 42 spe- cies of hawks, eagles, kites, falcons, and owls. All illustrations are in full color. Habitat prefer- ences, life histories, and personalities are includ- ed. Many are common species that can be found most days, such as red- tailed hawks and great horned owls, but others are more secretive spe- cies such as hooked-billed kites and elf owls. Several are magnificent creatures such as bald and golden eagles, swallow-tailed kites, and ospreys. A few can be found only in spe- cial habitats in various areas of the country. Ex- amples include Harris’s and zone-tailed hawks, spotted and snowy owls, and great gray owls.

bridge to connect her mind and body, and to bounce back easier from any problems in life. Paula wrote this book in her quest to help many women like herself who are going through a problem or a big change in their lives. She believes that with the power of mindset and resilience, plus your thoughts, you can change yourself and the world. Each chapter comes with practical tips, and activi- ties that you can do to start your own healing process. Paula’s poems and powerful images will inspire you and shake your core in every step of the process.

$14.99 ● Paperback ● 9798986160702 $17.99 ● Hardback ● 9798986160719 $6.99 ● eBook

$9.00 ● Paperback ● 9798664213942 $2.99 ● eBook

Who says life is boring? Soft Paws and his friends discover a new adventure is just a few steps away. From escaping Dred Fox’s hungry jaws, to finding how they got their names, learning how the Son of the Highest is ready to help them at all times and learning wonderful lessons from their pastor, B’Elder, and other friends along with tough love from their parents, the Buni’s have their days full of fun, learning, growing and good times. They learn about responsibility, (finders keep- ers – really?), God’s part of our money, what it’s for and how it works to bring bless- ings into our lives; missions; carelessness and its results, Bumbleberries, happiness is helping, first things first, why leaves fall and Yucko food. Soft Paws, Bruiser, Big Ears, Grey Spot, Silky and more take you into their world of B’Earth and lift your spirit with each lesson learned and show you to include God in your everyday life – AND HAVE FUN DOING IT! An ex-rock star’s girlfriend is found dead and the detective believes it’s the work of the serial killer known as the Beatles Song Murderer. He also believes it’s somebody that the musician knows—and knows well. But who could that be?


$14.99 ● Paperback ● 9781644370957 $25.99 ● Hardback ● 9781644371992 $2.99 ● eBook

$9.95 ● Paperback ● 9781638928577 $3.99 ● eBook

One day on October Mountain, about half- way between Pittsfield and Becket, Massachu- setts, on the Washington Mountain Road, a hiker is enjoying the lovely fall day when he comes across an old abandoned church. Full of intrigue, he steps inside, and what he comes across next is something he never expects. As he enters he is shocked to hear a small voice call out to him and upon turning toward the sound, discovers it is a mouse talking to him! Conversations with a Church Mouse is a fun tale that teaches us we should follow God while enduring life’s challenges and enjoying its victories.


$14.00 ● Paperback ● 9781954215573 $22.00 ● Hardback ● 9781954215580 $9.00 ● eBook

$50.99 ● Paperback ● 9781669843122 $58.99 ● Hardback ● 9781669843115

People from another planet have turned Earth into a reality TV show. After thou- sands of years they have saturated our planet with everything from fake ants and flies to fake humans capable of recording every- thing. Bot Diaries tell stories like: What happened to the thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas to betray his friend Je- sus? What happened during the last years of Cleopatra’s life? Read Bot Diaries to find out!

In Exasperated Clock , the 12 numbers on the clock are silly, noisy, and irresponsible. Consequently, the Clock decides to throw each of the numbers off which becomes quite a prob- lem because the numbers are on their own and are clueless. Eventually each number finds a better job than working on the clock. Kids will giggle their way through this book laugh- ing at the antics of the numbers and their gainful, whimsical and surreal em- ployment. The

$10.99 ● Paperback ● 9781989942031 $22.00 ● Hardback ● 9781989942048 $4.00 ● eBook

$8.99 ● Paperback ● 9781643144313 $3.99 ● eBook

What happens when a conventional- ly trained, materialistic psychiatrist is challenged by the growing holis- tic, spiritual view of life? Make All Things New gives a dynamic picture of his resistance and inner turmoil as he slowly finds that his entrenched worldview is unsustainable. A grad- ual inner transformation is brought about by encounters with a cluster of gifted young people and by startling events in England, America and, cru- cially, in Africa. He ends as someone wholly different. His address to a gathering in Afri- ca concludes, ‘Dear friends, do not draw a curtain across new scenes that disconcert, a curtain made heavy by stale thinking, dead theory. I did so for too long, but let the cleansing wind of experience, confrontation blow that curtain aside. Let it blow. Make all things new. Come meet the people of Grant Lake, Colorado. Fall in love with them as they find a home, learn love is often nothing like you expected, discover secrets and truths, and solve a murder...or five. In A Journey Begun , Diann and her son, Ducky, flees from an abusive relation- ship in western Pennsylvania to Grant Lake. Not only do they find refuge in Grant Lake, but they begin a new life, this time full of unexpected friendships and love.

$15.95 ● Paperback ● 9781528989923 $4.50 ● eBook

$8.99 ● Paperback ● 9781685363253 $3.99 ● eBook

Abe is an extremely preco- cious child who has been rein- carnated from many past lives as a Tibetan Buddhist Master. His mission is to introduce nature spirits - including fair- ies, gnomes, and fauns - to humanity. To gain credibility, Abe must get highly educated very quickly in mathematics and ecology. He is aided in his quest by many beings in the physical plane and elsewhere. Will he succeed and change minds? This Eastern metaphysical story involving nature spirits opens new worlds of possi- bilities.

Abe, a former Tibetan Master, is reincarnated this time around to make sure that Nature Spirits become better known to humankind. Nature Spirits include fairies, gnomes, and fauns. Abe is an extremely precocious child whose many past lives have given him the wisdom he needs for the task. After his success with the Nature Spirits in the last book of this series, Abe and the Wee Folk, Abe is given the further task of building a DNA simulator to alert the world to the dangers of unregulated genetic engineering.

$24.95 ● Paperback ● 9781682356739 $4.99 ● eBook

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The book gives an account of God’s revelations & messages revealed about the beginning, the past, the present and the future of humanity and the powerful prayers of healing of various diseases. The book also revealed the framework of our ex- istence and God’s plan for humanity. The Author, Dr. Yusuf Ajayi was born in Lagos, Nigeria on May 1st 1958, bags a Master’s Degree (MBA) in Technology Management from Ogun State University in year 2000 and also a Certified member of the Project Management Institute. He was also conferred an honorary Doctorate degree and a Professorship after completing his tutelage under God Almighty for about 15 years and also appointed as “THE MESSIAH” (The reincarnat- ed Oduduwa, the reincarnated Adam, the reincar- nated Jesus) by God Almighty to safe humanity According to Dr. Yusuf Ajayi, for God said to me, “I have given you the key of life and everything that pertain onto godliness” He is the author of the following books 1. The great revelation, the book of life: the tree of life 2. The great revelation, the book of life: the Mes- siah is Here 3. God’s Secrets : The Clues To Our Life And Existence The Great Revelation, The Book of Life: The Tree of Life

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$8.99 ● Paperback ● 9781953821126 $2.99 ● eBook

The Feel-Good Flower Essences was written to give the world the benefit of a number of new flower essences discovered by the author, as well as to provide nat- ural health practitioners with a good flower essences desk-top handbook for quick reference in the busy practice.

My Vision: A Journey Through Biblical Truth is the story of abomination that happened in the beginning onto the day Noah entered the ark that seem to be repeating today.

$9.99 ● Paperback ● 9798986644028 $2.9 9 ● eBook

$12.00 ● Paperback ● 9781952046704 $2.99 ● eBook

A CRUEL CALM, Paris Be - tween the Wars visits an era of idealism and innovation on all levels when Paris was the cultural capital of the Western World. Politics, religion, social mores and a special time in history (1927-1939) determine the fate of a young Catholic so- cialite from Washington, DC as she tries to find out if it is only after great sorrow that love can come again.

Above the Storm Clouds communicates that as an active Christian, you are to continue growing stronger daily in Biblical truth until reaching the level where you’re con dent and able to counsel, tutor, and disciple new believers. It’s an excit- ing adventure regarding the greatest and most rewarding assignment given to man- kind.

$14.95 ● Paperback ● 9780990801146 $28.95 ● Hardback ● 9780990801153 $3.99 ● eBook

$11.99 ● Paperback ● 9781641337731 $3.99 ● eBook

I have taught children to develop their art skills using the principles described in The Ele- ments of Art. I have concluded… that if you give a child a piece of paper, a pencil, a line example, enclose the line and fill it with color… a work of art will be created. The Elements of Art were written for children so that they can learn to fill their space and create art.

Janie Query and her friend, Prudence Leery help her small town uncover a drug op- eration.


$11.99 ● Paperback ● 9781638923954 $18.99 ● Hardback ● 9781638923961 $4.99 ● eBook

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Persuasion is not the only determinant in life, and there are some matters mostly outside of persuasive control, such as congenital ill- ness, physical attacks, weather, death, etc. Even these, however, will have elements of choice and certainly vary in spin and/or in- terpretation. This work, unlike vir- tually every other work on this topic, examines persuasion as within the power of the per- suader, not as the result of inexorable demands of reality, except in the cases listed above.

Nancy McCarvill Author



With a quiet Midwest town as their playground, a group of friends spend their teenage years playing an intense game of hide-and-seek. When a disaster in their senior year of high school fractures the group, they move on with their lives, eventually losing contact. Several years later, an old classmate who has experi- enced ghost hunting, returns to a reunion and explores the cause of this disaster. She conducts a paranormal investigation that begins uncover- ing the secrets that the friends left behind and a quest that has spanned over forty years.

$15.99 ● Paperback ● 9781643147680 $22.99 ● Hardback ● 9781643147697 $3.99 ● eBook

Miracles Master the Art teach- es people how to heal themselves without medicine by consciously changing their attitudes, feelings, and beliefs from negative to posi- tive. It includes a guide, 12 Steps to Heal Yourself Without Medicine, to help you discover the specific positive words that will heal your illness. Helps you understand that we live in a spiritual universe mis- understood to be physical. Teaches you how to control the pure spirit energy that you are made of. Ex- plains in detail the spiritual cause for the ongoing murders on Earth. By learning to control your thought choices and attitudes and by add- ing certain words to your thinking, you will control your own health, wealth, and peace of mind.

Invasion Revealed explains the invisible negative elements that are invading the mental realm of people on earth from a spiritual perspective. After detox, the intoxicating spirits and harmful drugs may be ab- sent from your body, but you still have a demonic invasion going on in your mind that will continue to torment you, un- less you learn specific words to think that will change your mental atmosphere into a place of peace and tranquility. By un- derstanding what you need to change, you can overcome the mental intrusion, achieve inner peace, and finally get well.

$6.99 ● Paperback ● 9798985129212 $12.99 ● Hardback ● 9798985129229 $3.99 ● eBook

$9.99 ● Paperback ● 9798985129274 $15.99 ● Hardback ● 9798985129281 $3.99 ● eBook

The music, beauty, waters, flowers, joy, peace, love, relationships, and more, described by fifty published eyewitnesses.

This book explains the way to release the negative elements that cause mental illness, alcoholism and drug addiction. After detox, the intoxicating spirits and harmful drugs may be absent from your body, but unclean spirits are still present in your mind and will continue to torment you until you learn how to get rid of them. To recover from incurable illnesses, you have to change the way you habitually mistreat yourself in the silence of your self-talk. As you learn to per- manently reverse your attitudes toward yourself, you achieve greater health and inner peace, and only then.

$7.99 ● Paperback ● 9798985129243 $13.99 ● Hardback ● 9798985129250 $3.99 ● eBook $5.29 ● Audiobook

$15.00 ● Paperback ● 9798709912724

Rooted in research, tested in real-life trials of a family care- giver, the tools and tactics found in this concise, compassionate book are practical and effec- tive. This book is packed with engaging stories, self-care rec- ommendations, questionnaires, checklists, activities, and dis- cussion questions that will help caregivers preserve their health, well-being, and capacity to care.

Take the time to marvel at God’s creation and you’ll soon be asking Do You See What I See? Author Brenda Wilson shares stories full of the wonder and amazement of everyday life. Her vivid experience are a reminder to all of us to slow down and notice God in our midst—His humor, strength, and beauty—by con- sciously looking for His hand at work.

$5.70 ● Paperback ● 9781948864008 $2.99 ● eBook

$12.99 ● Paperback ● 9781956742596

From his arrival as a teen, an Irish immigrant strug- gles in a warring society against nature and himself to build a life in America. After returning from the Civil War, he becomes a threat to those closest and forges head-on into an ir- reparable tragedy for his family.

Weathering the storms of life, Pastor Velinda Webb Smith shares the spiritual lessons learned from her tumultuous journey. Pastor Velinda Webb Smith breaks down her lessons into three simple sections: applying pureness of integrity to life as a Christian and your relationship with God, how to remain pure and moral as a man or a woman in today’s world, how to maintain a relationship with God and each other as a family, and finally how to apply all these lessons learned to the community as a whole. Pastor Velinda Webb Smith provides clear definitions of integrity and what it means for a rich and fulfilling Christian life, along with examples from the Bible to further emphasize the importance of God and Jesus’s words.

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$19.95 ● Paperback ● 9781952685859


A Man’s Passion is a story of life with a romantic twist. Set in a backdrop of early 20th century America, showing how much we have come and how far we still need to go.

I believe that housing is a human right. In the United States, a very wealthy country, there is no excuse for homelessness. Section 8 of the housing act that es- tablished public housing was revised in 1974 to create an excellent new program. The new Section 8 program provided federal funds to help households afford the rent in existing housing. The program also gave developers assistance to create new or renovated affordable housing. I was an advocate for the program when it was enacted in 1974, and I proposed a successful amendment allowing large fam- ilies to pay only 15 percent of income for rent. The book includes a brief history of earlier housing programs. Then I discuss President Nixon’s housing morato- rium and the study that led to Section 8. I have a chapter about Carla A. Hills, President Ford’s housing Secretary, who was very effective and productive.


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$7.99 ● Paperback ● 9781643145808 $13.99 ● Hardback ● 9781643145815 $3.99 ● eBook

$8.95 ● Paperback ● 9781645758976 $21.95 ● Hardback ● 9781645758969 $4.50 ● eBook

Driving safely is no accident. Understanding and practicing that phrase will result in a safer and happier commuting life for everyone!

$26.99 ● Paperback ● 9798885147798 $35.99 ● Hardback ● 9798885147989 $2.99 ● eBook

$14.95 ● Paperback ● 9781639857494 $2.99 ● eBook

A college professor, the leader of the underground patriot movement, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and a Russian billionaire find themselves in stark contrast and conflict over the history and the direction of America. This is a fast-paced, sus- penseful read that enthralls all fac- ets of the American life including the good, the bad, and the ugly. A little-known Muslim sect adds to the mystery and to the impact of the storyline.

Light heartedly written to encourage parents in the journey ahead as parents. And the pleasure parenting brings as we come to understand the similarities in our behavior and that of our children.

$18.95 ● Paperback ● 9781662421822 $9.99 ● eBook

An American heritage story, the Saga of the Magoffin and O’Dw- yers and the diaspora from Ireland circa 1800 to America, Australia, Jamaica, and Mexico is chronicled in ASCENDANCY. It is a story of Triumph over Tragedy and of two families that cross paths in Ireland at a very turbulent time and again in America, eventually to intermarry. A Saga filled with action and ro- mance, the story is one of History and Fiction Genre in which fiction and non-fiction is woven connect- ing many historical people and events in a fight against tyranny and oppression and for liberty, freedom, and even survival.

Olympias suffered malicious slander casting her as a snake charmer and her brilliant warrior husband, Philip, as a fumbling drunk. Not true! Philip knew Greece must unite into one country for their sur- vival from Persia and other enemies. The Athenian orator, Demosthenes, opposed Philip’s efforts. Philip lost only two bat- tles to one general, then Philip made a better stone-thrower and drove that army into the sea. Busy Olympias won the hearts of the Macedonians as she en- tertained the many visitors from many lands. Demosthenes efforts to bring to- gether the best armies of Greece could produce to conquer Philip, was beaten by Philip in one day. But, Philip chose a new queen. The consequences were severe. Olympias in the last chapter, tells all!

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This is a book about my faith jour- ney from a young adult to my senior years. Being a survivor of COVID, I knew the LORD still had a purpose for my life. I listened to the voice in my heart and knew I needed to write this book as an encouragement to others. Events happen in life that can cause us to see ourselves as vic- tims or survivors. I choose using my Faith “hat” to be a survivor; an over- comer in all things. You will read about my 60-day hospital stay and 4-month home health journey and how my identified “hats” brought me through it all. My COVID sur- vival is a miracle from GOD. Identi- fy your “hats” so the road in front of you can be paved; and a way made for you by HIM. May you always be an overcomer.

When Grace Hournbuckle Walker talked for the last time with her eight-year-old son, Nathan, he shared his joyful hope and an- ticipation of his future in heaven with Jesus. That unforgettable exchange inspired Grace to create poetry and letters capturing ele- ments of that conversation and the foundation of trust in God shared by mother and son. Now I Can Think Myself to Mars: A Son’s Fi- nal Goodbye, A Mother’s Journal of Renewal collects those writings and bridges the decades between that conversation and the present moment.

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Does your spirit yearn for a deeper experience of life? Do you long to feel understood by others? Do you wish you were happier? Do you need a new solution to the same old prob- lems? Then Walking Through Your Walls may be the handbook to life that you’ve been looking for. Lynda Lamp, intuitive and vision- ary, offers in these pages a fresh new voice and help beyond measure. She breaks life down into understandable segments, then gives you tools and a framework for creating a world that works for you and everyone around you.

Four women courageously share their stories about their crimes— assault, kidnapping, vehicular assault, assault with a deadly weapon. They tell their prison ex- periences with honesty, the devas- tation to their families with poi- gnancy, and their road to resilience with humility.


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My desire was to inspire boldness in a person’s walk with the Lord, by sharing my story. It was a story that I have desired to write for so very long. It was a story that I was afraid to write and afraid to even unearth in my head. As I continued to grow in Christ, I began to under- stand just how important it is to have an understanding of exactly who we are, and what we have been called to do in this life, that God has blessed us to live.

A poetic colorful rainbow of God’s love, abundance, care, comfort, encouragement, and the praise, worship and glory that come as a result of having an intimate relationship with God. Truly a terrific book to enjoy throughout every season of the year. A book which can easily be read and enjoyed by adults as well as children, leaving the reader with a sense of peace. Full to the brim, as he has promised...the cup runneth over!

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Are you hurting, pain that comes upon your body every day as you rise? Do you have pain you’ve tried to explain to doctor after doctor, searching always for anyone who could understand and offer compassion to you? And yet no help comes time after time. No one knows, understands, or even searches information for the “Monster” that takes you to your knees, grabbing and holding anything to help you get through the un- relenting attacks that many times cause you to think you cannot survive. There is help for you. I write this to let you know we “sufferers” now have help. Six and a half years I lay in gripping, deathly pain, but praise God, help came. Read on, you can also be helped if this is your story.

A leader is more than a title. Learn how to generate positive relationships and transfor- mations within the businesses, nonprofits, and other groups you lead. Discover how suc- cessful supervisors demonstrate their dedication and commitment to both their company/ organization and their employee team. Explore why leaders who intentionally nurture an environment of mutual trust and respect create stronger employee achievement, exceptional customer service, and ultimately better business outcomes. The strategies provided in this book will be the key for helping managers build team connections that improve performance in ways that positively reimagine your organization’s results and produce the next genera- tion of brilliant leaders.

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How do you love God? How does a loving God allow dif- ficult things to happen in your life? Can you even believe that God ex - ists? The secret to loving God is

trusting in His word and learning from and liv - ing through the stories found in the Bible. We can love God through prayer, through obedi - ence, and through faith. We can even love God when we suffer. Loving God will help you grow in Him and help build the foundation to trusting and loving the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Deborah Tarver Waters invites us to join her on a spiritual odyssey that takes us deeper into an exploration of God’s love for us and our love for Him. Through personal witness and candid sharing, Tarver Waters illustrates how God’s gracious loving pursuit of us opens the door for a healing and transforming relationship with Him.

A Journey Through Ladakh chronicles a honeymoon vacation made by Jan and her then husband, John Blaustein, to the territory of Ladakh.

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Written for the future, Pandemic: A Call to Love , is useful for all of us today. It is an in - timate conversation, a sharing of our person - al feelings about the trials and tribulations we face day to day. As Dr. Bruce puts it, “it sheds some light into the darkness of these times.”

The book supports the training effort for incoming procurement professionals. It is based on practical experience, lessons learned of a procurement professional, and material developed over the years to train internal procurement staff. The goal of the book is to offer current managers a tool to guide the new professionals in advancing their procurement skills. It focuses on the three basic procurement methods: the invitation to bid, the re - quest for qualifications, and the request for proposals. It addresses the appropri - ate use of each method and explains the rationale for the inclusion of key compo - nents in the solicitation document, elab - orating on how these components work together to make the process effective. The book also provides examples to il - lustrate the sections described. It touches briefly on standardization opportunities and the importance of using terminol - ogy that is consistent and in line with the method. It illustrates the difference between evaluation criteria and submit - tal requirements; and provides guidance for their development. A final high-level guide depicting the use and evaluation milestones organized by method is also provided.


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This book is about the life of the au- thor. It focuses on her faith, her hope, and her endurance during the years of her illness. In this true story, you will learn the how and why about the effects that changed her family’s life-the author’s Crohn’s disease, the fourteen blood clots, toxic gut syn- drome, colitis, tumors, ulcers, verti- go, weight gain and loss, pregnancies, the many surgeries, and how her body would not wake up after some of her surgeries. Having COPD, asthma, sleep apnea, allergies, an enlarged heart, heart diseases, high blood pres- sure, high cholesterol, diabetes, her- nia, broken toes, swelling, flatlined, everyday fluid build-up, gallstones, a broken back, a broken neck, and surgery for Crohn’s disease, she was almost paralyzed. Not only that, she had bypass and skin removal due to mold. This book discusses all these and the loss of everything for forty years from the mold and much more.

The Therapist by Kathlyn C. White, Marriage and Family Therapist, takes you on a journey into the secret world of therapy. It is filled with stories of chal - lenges people go through that lead the to the therapist’s couch. Read about what it is like to have PTSD, hallucinations from Psychosis, Depression, and more. Learn how to parent better and be a great partner in your marriage. The Therapist takes you where few are allowed.

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There is a higher form of life avail- able to us all through Christ Jesus. He died to take away our sins and, if we ask Him to, we can be with Him in heaven forever. His grace is a gift for all of us to receive. North American Bible Study will help you deepen your relationship with the Lord, through reading His Word, meditating on His character, and praying. This book will help you answer your questions about faith and how the Holy Ghost works in our lives.

An adventure into lands he had only ever dreamed of seeing, a young man abruptly uproots himself from Los Angeles to live and work in Northern Thailand before journeying across the wide, wild, world.


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Daughter of Destiny: Final Victory is the culmination of various trials and tribulations and ultimate victory. Take a journey into the lessons, revelations, and blessings of a woman after God’s own heart. You will learn ways to overcome barriers such as fear, self-doubt, tested faith, rejection, bullying, and social chaos. You will learn how to pray your way through life’s most difficult circumstances and how to practice patience and humility in the face of adversity.

A Garden of Poems is a collection of recent poems.

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This is a series of stories written to spark discussions not only in school but at home as well. The author is an educator and a retired USAF officer. He put these short stories together for his children and grandchildren drawing from his experiences growing up and as an edu- cator and military officer. Many of these stories deal with real life issues all kids face. The stories are grounded in Bibli- cal principles and have Bible passages to look up for further study and discussion.

Beautiful, successful Carly has it all. A handsome boyfriend, a dream job, and money are all at her fingertips until a devastating chain of events turn her world upside down. Now she must choose between a short time of continued prosperity and compromise or a difficult life filled with danger and the unknown. Aftershock is a riveting depiction of end-time prophecies. The mystery that unfolds is both intrigu- ing and suspenseful. Follow Carly and John as they lead others in their awakening to the truth, the danger, and ultimate discoveries. Aftershock will have readers on the edge of their seats. This is a can’t-lay-down novel.

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God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent. The Bible tells of his powers and more. Everything we need to know to be saved are all in the Bible. Most people, though, think the Bible is simply a written recording of anecdotes of God and his interaction with humans and the testament of his power. That is, however, not all of it. The scholars have excluded the apocrypha, purposely preserving the teachings that are constant throughout the books in the Bible. This makes the Bible more than just the collection of the sacred texts from the days of God. The scholars have observed a system. The Bible Is a Single Book un- dertakes the project of explaining the outline and theme found in the Bible. This will pave way for readers to be further enlightened when studying the Bible for their salvation.

We have problems in our health care when a significant portion of our GDP is spent on health care, and the price of health care is beyond the ability of anyone to pay because too much money is wasted, and intrinsic systems are creating problems.

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A balanced diet is the key to good nutrition - and nutrition is the foundation of our health and well-being. This recipe book, complete with tantalizing full-color photos, is your inspi- ration to explore a wide range of homemade, whole food, and vegan meals, including many raw food recipes to give you a full range of nutrients and en- zymes. You’ll be introduced to colorful and delicious Asian in- gredients such as bitter melon, okra, lotus root, wood ear and shiitake mushrooms, gai-lan (Chinese broccoli), and water spinach. With more than sev- enty meal ideas, there’s some- thing for everyone, including gluten-free, vegan, whole grain, and legume options. With easy prep and many delicious choic- es, Plant-Based Whole Food Recipes is an indispensable tool for healthy living!

@piero_rivolta @pierorivolta

A collection of provocative observations from the novels and books of poetry by award-winning poet, Piero Rivolta. Laced with passion, wit and humor, and tinged with irony, they address a wide range of human concerns, including sexuality, ethnic differ - ences, media, politics, bureaucracy, money, creativ- ity, imagination, and consciousness. Rivolta’s love for humanity is as evident as his frustration with people’s pettiness, willful igno- rance and inability to learn from history. You may not agree with all of his assertions and suggestions, but they will challenge you, amuse you and make you think about your life with renewed vigor and curiosity. $9.99 ● Paperback ● 9781649616043 $3.99 ● eBook

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