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The Record-Breaking Growth Continues!


Corporate Directors 5 Erin & Aaron Clark

Steady, consistent steps lead to lasting success. P. 4


E N H A N C I N G T H E L I V E S O F T H O S E W E T O U C H ®

A D VA N C E M E N T S L A S T M O N T H ! 170 S E N I O R D I R E C T O R A N D A B OV E

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Congratulations all! We are experiencing extraordinary growth at Melaleuca! Although we’ve experienced incredible growth before, we have never seen anything quite like this in our 35-year history! So we decided to celebrate this record- smashing number of advancements in a special advancement edition of our June 2020 Leadership in Action . We had 170 advancements for Senior Directors and above! An impressive 62 Executive, National, and Corporate Director advancements are represented here! 62! 18 are brand-new Executive Directors! And 1 Corporate Director advancement!

When you read their stories, you’ll notice just how unique each one is. But if you look closely, you’ll see evidence of the same truths in each of them: • The world needs Melaleuca! • We are the Wellness Company—and that’s why a record number of customers are shopping with us each month. • A record number of people are choosing to earn supplemental income with our Compensation Plan. • And every one of these advancements is further evidence that lives change here! What will you do to change your life? Start with setting a goal and committing to attend Convention 2021 .



Erin & Aaron Clark MISSOURI Steady Steps to Success

A jewel of perspective from Erin Clark in November of 2018: “Sometimes when we’re down in the trenches building our business, it doesn’t feel like we’re moving forward, but we are! It may not show up in our checks right now, but it will pay off! We may not get recognized right away, but that doesn’t matter because we will get recognized and celebrate everything we’ve accomplished.” Today Erin sums up her success in one sentence: “It’s what you do today that makes the difference.” Erin enrolled as a business builder in June of 2017, and only three years later she enters June of 2020 as a Corporate Director 5. But she is clear that “only three years” was—in real time—a dutiful, day-by-day process. Commitment to the daily practice of the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities is her freely shared “secret” to success. “I’ve always known that if we put in the work the success would come,” she says. “That is a principle we teach our team. The glamorous stories and amazing, inspiring highlights are wonderful. But the hard work takes place when no one is applauding.” As Erin explains it, “It’s the things you do on a daily basis—the mundane, seemingly insignificant things that never change—that create success. It’s making approaches, getting potential Preferred Members in front of the Melaleuca Overview, and doing follow-ups.” Her friend Corporate Director 2 Heidi Bartolotta says, “We are a fast-moving team and people want to know how we do it. But we’re not doing anything different, just a lot more of it!” In Erin’s words, “There is nothing fancy going on here. We are all works in progress, developing our skill sets. Melaleuca is the trickle of water that forms the big river. It’s not about overnight success. The longer you’re with Melaleuca, the more you fall in love with it and the more you can help others fall in love with it. “People are open to Melaleuca,” Erin adds, “and our enrollment percentage has doubled! They are discovering that we are many wonderful things in one—cleaner, greener, safer, with online shopping, great products, and home delivery. We have an entire product line that supports good health!” Erin recently suggested that their team check in on all their current Preferred Members and wish them a happy Mother’s Day. “I also said to contact anyone they had ever talked to about Melaleuca and everyone they had never talked to about Melaleuca because everyone is feeling lonely, detached, and scared, and they need to be cared for. We are relationship centered. That is our mission! We have a big job! Our neighbors need us and we will not let them down.”


Fail Big Small failures are discouraging. Big failures are teachers, motivators, and they inversely prove that you also have the ability to succeed big. “The overlooked truth is that everyone fails,” Erin says. Elvis Presley was told to stick with his truck driving job. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling was rejected by 12 publishers. Oprah was told she didn’t have a good personality for TV. “The difference is that when they failed, they simply got back up. I want you to look back at those hard moments that made your stomach hurt and be proud of your grit and perseverance,” Erin says. Be Yourself You are more than the proverbial “one in a million.” As Erin says, “Scientists have calculated the odds, and the probability of you being born at this moment is one in 400 trillion! There is no one else out there like you. There are people hoping and praying that someone just like you will introduce them to Melaleuca!” We can grow, improve, and better ourselves, but we are always working with ourselves. “You have to know that you are enough, your story is powerful, and you can do anything.”

Are you wondering if these principles really work? This page’s content is a small excerpt from a Convention 2019 presentation. During that year, Erin had advanced fromNational Director 9 to Corporate Director 4. Now she is a Corporate Director 5. TP

Tried and Oh-So-True: Erin’s Principles for Success Seven years ago, Erin was a person who set goals and worked very hard to reach them. She is the same today, with one huge difference: Seven years ago she was struggling with failure. Now she is celebrating success. What made the difference? Her four principles for success and Melaleuca! Level Up Erin realized that knowing what she wanted wasn’t enough. “I had to get motivated and develop skill sets so I could do what I so badly wanted to do,” Erin says. She practiced letting go of fears and worked consistently to become a more structured business professional. Be Aggressively Patient Once you make a goal, get to work at a steady pace. That is what it means to be aggressively patient. Don’t hamper your progress by worrying about how impossible it seems or how long it will take to achieve it. Instead, immediately start working on the activities you need to do to make it happen. “Those daily activities really add up and show up in your residual income and in the rest of your life as well,” Erin says.

“People are realizing that they really need Melaleuca,” Erin says. “Our new builders are launching, gaining confidence and traction, and enjoying a head start with success.”



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Victor Maggio FLORIDA Looking Forward

beginning,” he says. “I’m a big believer in enrolling as many new Preferred Members as possible with a Home Conversion Pack or a Value Pack. If they’re immersed in the products, there’s a high likelihood that not only will they keep shopping month after month, but their average order size will be much greater.” Consistently enrolling new customers with one of the packs is much easier, of course, if the enroller started out with a Home Conversion Pack as well. That’s something Victor teaches his team. He knows if they do the right things, those they enroll will do the right things. “If they know you, like you, and trust you,” he says, “they’ll start the same way you did.” Victor started taking the Peak Performance Pack in 2014 after reading about the Freiburg Study results, and his health markers have been improving every year since. Now, on top of the positive outlook he has for his own future, he’s got his own story when he talks about the life-changing health benefits of Melaleuca products. That’s a powerful tool as well. He’s never seen as much energy in his team as right now. Although he’s a National Director 9, he feels like he’s just getting started! When he talks to the new, passionate business builders who are firing up his team right now, he tells them, “Just wait! This business is only going to keep getting better.” JC

Twenty-five years ago, Victor Maggio thought nothing could get better than Melaleuca at that moment. “I had been a Melaleuca Marketing Executive for a year,” Victor recalls, “and I was on my first President’s Club. I was flying high! “But I’ll never forget a conversation I had with Frank VanderSloot during that trip. Something he told me completely changed my perspective. He said, ‘If you’re getting excited right now, just wait! This business is going to keep get better and easier to build.’” Now, for someone just discovering Melaleuca today, Victor sees the same wide-open future that Frank helped him see all those years ago. “We have the internet now,” Victor says, “which gives us so many more ways to communicate. We can do everything so much more efficiently. We have 400+ products. Where we are now is incredible. But just imagine where we’ll be in another 25 years!” What got Victor’s attention at first was Melaleuca’s retention rate. It was an incredible 95% back then, unheard of in the direct sales industry, and has only increased over time. Victor knows that’s thanks to the products. He wants his new customers to experience as many products as possible. “Do it right from the

“Each new builder we have on our team


right now is like a hot molecule in

a cold cup of coffee,” Victor says. “They’re moving, they’re shaking, they’re heating it up. They’re getting the whole team moving!”


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Kimberly & Art McCauley IDAHO Melaleuca Was Made for Everyone

daily necessities shipped right to your door, and you’re going to get healthier products that are better for your family, and it’s going save you time and money. Working from home is nothing new to Kimberly’s team either. They’ve been at it for years. But now, with four working video conferences a day, they can also be there for each other virtually. They check in on each other, make sure everyone is doing okay, and cheer each other on. “We are doing our best to leave no one behind,” says Kimberly. Reflecting on where it all started, Kimberly says, “Every single day I just think, when we started with Melaleuca, we were living in California in a tiny little house. My husband worked in a hospital. He would still be in a hospital today if it weren’t for Melaleuca.” Kimberly reminisces. “It’s not lost on me how lucky we are to have Melaleuca and to have our income, and that, for me, is motivation to help more people find what we’ve found.”

Last month was a wild ride for Kimberly and Art McCauley. They had just had another baby, and they had just moved. They were in the middle of a remodel. “For us to have advanced still feels pretty surreal. But there was also a sense of guilt,” Kimberly explains. “Personally, there’s always somewhat of a sense of guilt when you’re doing well and other people are struggling, because for us, we are very lucky and blessed to have Melaleuca.” The truth is, for a few months now, Kimberly and her team have been amazed at how things have turned out. With this being a time of financial insecurity, it’s crazy that we’re growing faster than ever.” Kimberly says. “These last few months, my Executive Directors have been asking me, ‘How long can this growth rate last?’ And I kept saying, ‘Oh no, I think this is the last month.’ And then the next month would hit, and we’d see the numbers and be blown away! We’re growing at three to four times our highest growth month ever.” She rationalizes that it is because people need Melaleuca products more than ever. They need what Melaleuca has, and her organization’s approach is to tell shoppers that you don’t need to go to the stores. You can get

“I just think it’s important that we help as many people as possible to get the life we’ve been given,” Kimberly says.



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Rachaell & Seville Ko KANSAS Growth Happens with Intention

meeting, so he decided to add “product shares” to his team’s morning meetings. The result? They now have a retention rate of 95.7%! “We cast a huge vision to our organization that, no matter what your journey is, your quantum leap can happen now,” Seville says. “Melaleuca has proven for 35 years that their Compensation Plan and their products can be trusted. There’s no question about the stability of the infrastructure, so the only question is, ‘How big do you actually believe you can build right now?’” Since creating this vision on their team, Seville and Rachaell get excited each month as they watch other people win—like Saul Kaye who just triple advanced to Executive Director. Or Executive Director 9 Tanya Hagre who earned $90,763 last month. Or Chelsea Hyneman and Sanj Thangarajah who triple advanced to Executive Director 4. Or their new personal Senior Directors—Jessi Harris and Salena Trabuc—who both advanced to Senior Director 2 this month. “For us to see hundreds of people earning true residual income— that’s how we know that we’re really doing our job,” Seville says. “Being able to experience all this growth with our entire leadership team is absolutely the most impactful experience and just so much fun!”

If there’s one thing to know about Seville and Rachaell Ko, it’s that their success doesn’t happen by accident. Everything they do in their business is on purpose, and their advancement from Executive Director 9 to National Director 7 this month is no exception! After attending Quest 2020, Seville was inspired by the calm conviction of CEO Frank VanderSloot and simple coaching from his enroller, Presidential Director Jeff Miller, to carry his whole team to new heights and develop stronger leaders. He committed to 5:30 a.m. prep mentoring calls five days a week with his global team. Now he routinely has 300 people join his calls to learn how to truly become a leader and build a business that lasts a lifetime. “This past Fast Track was definitely the moment for us,” Seville says. “That’s when I decided right there I had to be willing to push myself to my mental, physical, and emotional limits to serve my team better than ever.” The Kos always remind their team that incredible growth can happen as they are coachable and willing to listen to advice—and it’s evident as they lead by example. Seville remembers how Melaleuca President McKay Christensen encouraged leaders to increase their focus on product education at an ADVANCE

“We are always looking back to where we were in the beginning, with a mountain of credit card debt after a failed MLM business,” Seville says. “We will never forget how Melaleuca was the vehicle that got us out of that.”



These results are not typical. Please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58 for typical results.


Maria & Frank Mosca FLORIDA Abundantly Enhancing Lives

“Our team is so focused on helping others,” Frank adds. “We look for who we can help every day, not who we can get. It’s who we can help, and we enjoy building teams of leaders where everyone wins together.” Before Melaleuca, Maria worked in the corporate world and was one of 2,100 people who were laid off at her company. She decided to work her party-plan business full time. She found success there, but the company decided to shut down their Canadian market. Maria’s business disappeared. She loved being self-employed but knew the party-plan and MLM world were not for her. She found her home at Melaleuca. “I absolutely feel safe and secure at Melaleuca,” Maria states. “Our CEO and the leadership he puts in place are amazing. Knowing that Melaleuca is a privately held company that is completely debt-free puts me at peace every day.” “The key is real products that people really need,” Frank says. “Melaleuca has four major trends that people are looking for right now. People want to buy products made in North America. They want safer, greener products at reasonable prices. They want to shop online. And a lot of people are looking to earn extra income as a plan B.” Maria and Frank specialize in helping others find the products they want and find the security of a solid plan B. Lately they’ve been reaching out to find those who love the products but haven’t built a business or those who started building a business but backed off for a while. Maria and Frank are working harder than ever to help others find financial peace and security. Helping others and enhancing lives is just what they love to do.

Maria and Frank Mosca have big hearts. And those hearts are full of nothing but love and gratitude for their team. They may have quadruple advanced, but that isn’t even what they’re most excited about this month. Their personal enrollees Roxy and Noah VanWetten advanced to Executive Director this month, and Maria and Frank are absolutely elated about it. They even waited a few days to tell their team about their own advancement because they wanted Roxy and Noah to have the celebration spotlight. And with Roxy and Noah’s advancement coming after Executive Director 2 Gursh Sagoo’s advancement, there has been a lot of celebrating and joy for the Mosca household lately. When it comes to caring about others, the Moscas are veterans. They have been building a Melaleuca business and living the Mission Statement for 21 years now. In fact, Maria fell in love with the Mission Statement the second she heard it. “Two of my favorite things about this company are the abundant mentality and that it’s a people-helping-people business,” Maria says. “I saw that demonstrated from a corporate level and from our amazing support team right from the beginning. I knew right away that Melaleuca was where I could build a business and great relationships that would last a lifetime.”

Maria and Frank love investing in Broadway plays. They recently invested in the new play Back to the Future. They have another fun, unique hobby—the Moscas own racehorses!




These results are not typical. Please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58 for typical results.


Ashley & Brandon Olive TEXAS Share the Heart of Melaleuca and Customers Will Stay Forever

nonnegotiables are and how long you’ve been doing them daily.” She explains, “Some people do it for a week, and that’s just not enough time to see results. Say you’re growing your contact list through social media and elsewhere, and you’re doing it daily. You’ve been consistent about doing the follow-ups, and you’re diligent in applying all Seven Critical Business Building Activities—and then you give up because you didn’t see results as soon as you expected. You have piqued their curiosity in Melaleuca, and they’re going to end up converting their home with someone else who stayed consistent because you gave up too soon.” Ashley is no stranger to frustration though, and as a goal-driven person, that can sometimes feel like adding fuel to the fire. She had had a rough January herself. When her Regional Director, Jeremy Johnson, called, she asked him to quit asking her about making Corporate Director. “Leave me alone about it. I don’t have a set date anymore,” she told him. Ashley was very negative on the phone call, which is far from her normal attitude, and Jeremy told her, “I’m getting off the phone with you because this isn’t the Ashley Olive I know.” And he hung up. “I couldn’t believe he got off the phone just like that,” Ashley says. “But it spoke volumes. It pushed me so much, and he’s going to be one of the biggest reasons I advance to Corporate Director, because when he did that, I saw how much belief he had in me!” “Melaleuca is a vehicle to achieve incredible things,” Ashely says. “And at the heart of it all is the products. When customers really see all that we have to offer, they’ll never leave!”

Some Marketing Executives have just started building their businesses on social media, but for Brandon and Ashley Olive, they have been doing it for a year and half. “Our private Facebook page is our bread and butter, and we are making it our duty to focus on personalized customer service.” From experiences to unboxing videos and going live doing makeup with Sei Bella ®, Ashley and her team strive to make this page a community of excitement about the products and services Melaleuca offers. “Most of the posts on the page are not even from Marketing Executives. They are from Preferred Members who are obsessed with the products, and I really believe that’s a big part of the reason why my monthly Product Point average is so high, and my residual just hit an all-time high.” Ashley attributes her success to self-discipline. She feels that it’s a requirement for being successful at anything in life. Her big coaching principle is the term “nonnegotiable”—so when new builders come to her feeling frustrated because they are not enrolling enough, her first question is always, “Tell me what your

“In March, it felt like people were coming to us because of hand sanitizers,” Ashley says. “We worked hard to help them see that Melaleuca is so much more. In April, people were genuinely converting their homes and shopping the entire store!”



These results are not typical. Please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58 for typical results.


Kimberly & Edward Satterwhite GEORGIA Joy in the Business

Finding this rhythm was a necessary step for Kimberly’s business. It has turned out to be her secret to not getting burned out. “I made a decision that I wanted to enjoy my business,” she says. “I’m in control of my business, not the other way around.” The joy that Kimberly receives from her business often comes as she sees the dreams of her teammates come true. She tears up as she tells about the ecstatic calls that came in all morning the day her team’s Melaleuca checks were delivered. Senior Director Allyson Jankowski was one of those phone calls. “Thank you for not giving up on me,” Allyson told Kimberly as they both shared in Allyson’s dream come true. Allyson’s most recent check helped offset the in vitro fertilization (IVF) costs her parents had covered so she could have her little boy, Jackson. Allyson’s plan is to send Jackson toddling in to see Grandma and Grandpa with a note that reads, “Thank you for me,” along with a check to pay her parents back for all the IVF costs. “Allyson told me this was her dream, so I gave her a plan and laid it out, and we were in touch daily,” Kimberly says. “We visualized the day her son would run into the house with the precious little thank-you note. And it drove her.” Forty-five days into into building her Melaleuca business—and just a year since having her son— Allyson has earned over $17,000 and is able to make that very specific and personal dream a reality. “If no one came with me on this journey, it just wouldn’t even be fun,” Kimberly says. “I want everyone to be able to pull up a chair to feed their families. I’ve worked for this. My team has worked for this. I’m blessed with the best.”

Kimberly’s life is one of hard work and structure—and that dedicated attention has taken her to National Director 5 and a single month’s check of more than $195,000! Kimberly has devloped a consistent structure for how she builds her business—and she sticks to it! On days she calls “Mela-heavy days,” she dedicates a bigger portion of her time to business building. And she gets in the right mindset with a cup of Mountain Cabin ® Coffee and some GC Control ™. After checking her business report, she gets started on the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities. Mixed in with these days are two “Mela-light days”—and she makes sure to keep things balanced by taking Tuesdays off. “There are no shortcuts with the Seven Critical Business- Building Activities. I make sure that I do each one of them five to six days a week,” Kimberly emphasizes. “But when you love what you do, you don’t ever feel like you’re working!”

“I’m about to be a grandma,” Kimberly says. “And as I spend my time building this business for my girls and my soon-to-be grandson,


Braylon, I know we’ve got something solid.”


These results are not typical. Please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58 for typical results.


Vincent Ferrazzano GEORGIA Nurturing Relationships Online

“If the relationship is there,” Vincent continues, “then those who have a need that Melaleuca can address are going to love the products. They’re going to love the Compensation Plan. That’s a given. We just need to make sure we nurture those relationships and keep them strong in the process.” New business builders often wonder how to add new contacts to their contact list if they’re primarily building online. Vincent points them to the suggested friends list on Facebook as one great place to start. “The cool part about this list,” he says, “is that you can open each person’s profile. What are they about? What kind of values do they have? What kind of value do they add to their community? Are they family oriented? Are they entrepreneurs? Are they motivated? “I see value in like-minded people. If their profile resonates with me, then this is the type of person I want to have in my life. This is a person I want to build a relationship with—and potentially a person who loves the products and even wants to build a business with me.” The proof is in the results! Vincent and his team have achieved incredible success by planting the seeds, developing the relationships, and introducing families to Melaleuca—all using tools and technology available online. They’re showing that it doesn’t matter what the medium is. “If you’re doing it the right way,” Vincent says, “your hard work will pay off.” JC

“We need different outlets for different times,” says new National Director Vincent Ferrazzano. “What if Facebook shut down? If someone wasn’t getting out and talking to people, well, they really wouldn’t have a business to build anymore. In the same way, if we aren’t able to meet together in person for a while, we need to have an outlet on social media.” That’s why Vincent, who’s the first to admit he loves building his Melaleuca business belly to belly, has become a champion of building online. “I’m not doing anything differently than I was doing before,” Vincent says. “We’re building relationships, right? We can make connections through social media. Yes, it requires building that trust factor a little bit more, but it’s really just building that relationship.” Vincent uses social media to reach out to as many people as he possibly can, but before he introduces those people to Melaleuca, he switches gears. “I build the relationship in private messages,” he says. “I often connect by paying the person a sincere compliment based on what they’ve shared online. I let the conversation develop and look for a true need.

“We are always looking for those who could bring value to this company,” Vincent says. “Those who can find and refer quality shoppers and help expand our business from $2.4 billion to $10 billion. I get excited just saying that!”



These results are not typical. Please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58 for typical results.


Kindel & Dennis Bonin OREGON Being Consistent Pays Off

Siemens, and develop more belief in yourself and do the work, even if you’re really scared.’” Kindel did the work and success followed. But that doesn’t mean it was always easy. “I feel like my superpower is consistency,” Kindel says. “I don’t have the fastest-advancing Melaleuca career, and I don’t work as many hours as others may, but I’m always focused on building my contact list and setting appointments—regardless of whether I’m working three hours a week or 30 hours a week. I’m always leading by example and encouraging my team to keep working, even when life hits them.” For those new to building a Melaleuca business, she offers simple but sage advice. “Try not to compare yourself with others,” she says, “because that can be distracting and unmotivating. Focus on what your strengths are and be consistent.” For Kindel and her family, consistency has paid off. With help from her Melaleuca income, her family was able to build a home that’s completely wheelchair accessible and enjoy family vacations that have created lifelong memories. Now her focus is on helping others enjoy similar blessings. “Melaleuca has allowed us to have a ‘can-do’ attitude and be problem solvers and resources for others,” Kindel says. “When you’re able to help someone change their life and their future, there is nothing that tops that. It almost makes me speechless to think about. It’s hard to articulate because it’s such a deep feeling.”

When Kindel first enrolled with Melaleuca, she was a bit skeptical. She ordered a Value Pack but didn’t throw away the box. She kept it and wrote on it the date the Satisfaction Guarantee would expire. “I literally wrote the date on the box, and then we just swapped out products,” Kindel explains. “I put the Melaleuca stuff in the cupboards and took the grocery store brands out and put them in the box, because I was sure I was going to end up returning them to my cupboards once I had a bad experience with the Melaleuca products. Then I would get my money back!” After she tried the Melaleuca products, however, her national brand products never went back into the cupboards. She could never go back. And Kindel has been a satisfied Melaleuca customer ever since. Kindel was content to simply use the products and share them with a few friends, but her focus changed when she learned her son had a genetic disorder that causes a gradual weakening of all his muscles. “That gave me a new sense of urgency,” Kindel says. “I knew I loved Melaleuca products, and I was getting a great check for the little bit of time I was putting in. So I said to myself, ‘You could listen to your enroller, [National Director 7] Sandie

“The real power of Melaleuca is residual income,” Kindel says. “That’s what I’m here for, and that’s one of the things that inspires me the most to share Melaleuca with others.”




These results are not typical. Please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58 for typical results.


Cherry & John Cosentino WISCONSIN My Belief Is Way Stronger Than Your Doubt

their health over the years with Melaleuca’s excellent supplements and wellness products. Their “Melaleuca family” of Marketing Executive friends and corporate employees offered support and encouragement every step of the way. Because of the effort they spent building a strong business since 1992, their business reliably generated residual income of about $11,000 a month through 2019, which gave them peace of mind as they focused on healing. “We had a paycheck that came in every month,” Cherry says. “We did not have to worry about losing our home. We felt that we really needed to share our story to help others.” They were ready to get back to work in January 2020, but it was easier said than done. “I didn’t know if I had it anymore,” John said. “After the trauma, I had trouble being around a lot of people. But we wanted to help others, so if someone else gets in this situation, they have some residual income.” A huge team of cheerleaders helped John and Cherry along, including National Directors 9 Anthony and Angela Cook, National Director 3 Jen Sebbas, National Director Paulette Cheverie, Executive Directors 9 Tim and Michelle Nordlund, Executive Directors 7 Kevin and Sheila Brown, Executive Directors 3 Al and Sandy Stevens, Executive Directors 5 Dr. Bill and Janna Woods, and so many more. While John and Cherry’s circumstances may be unique, experiencing a temporary “flat spot” can be common for Marketing Executives. John and Cherry’s remarkable comeback began with a decision. Then they teamed up with an accountability partner, and every day they focused on the fundamentals: setting appointments, enrolling customers, developing Directors, and teaching their team to do the same. This month, Cherry and John aren’t just celebrating a remarkable triple advancement. They are celebrating a hard-won comeback! LH

Executive Directors 9 John and Cherry Cosentino have a team mantra: my belief is way stronger than your doubt. John describes belief as understanding what you have . And as you read their story, you’ll see that no one understands what they have at Melaleuca more than these two. Melaleuca has been a large part of John and Cherry’s lives. They individually enrolled in the early 1990s, met each other at Convention 1993, married, and built a profitable and stable business together. No one can ever be certain of what life has in store for them. John and Cherry certainly had no idea that while driving to Standing Executive Leadership Council in October 2018, they would barely survive a horrific car accident. Both had extensive injuries requiring intensive hospital care, reconstructive surgeries, and rehabilitation. “We didn’t know if we’d ever be able to work again,” John says. “But God wasn’t done with us because we love helping people.” They took the following fourteen months to heal physically and mentally. During that time, their appreciation for their Melaleuca life grew. Their surgeries and recoveries went better than doctors anticipated—something they attribute to bolstering

“From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank our team and family for cheering us on and helping us make this comeback,” John says. Cherry agrees. “We have an awesome team and family. We wouldn’t be celebrating this today without them.”



These results are not typical. Please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58 for typical results.


Neil & Tanya Hagre MINNESOTA The Impact of Greatness

But Melaleuca has proved to be a safe place time and time again as Tanya has watched her own business and the businesses of her teammates grow. “In the business world, being an entrepreneur is terrifying,” Tanya says. “With it comes so much risk and overhead. But with Melaleuca, you can make a real difference and not have the risk. It’s amazing!” Making a real difference is Tanya’s motivation to move forward. She has dubbed the year 2020 as the year of “impact,” looking to make a positive difference with her consistent actions. She has talked before about before about how she encourages her teammates to live debt free, and she continues to see the happiness and freedom that come to them as they apply their checks toward financial security. “A life without purpose is the worst thing I can imagine,” Tanya explains. But she doesn’t fear that empty life because Melaleuca gives her the keys to truly make her impact. Tanya gushes over the options she has at her fingertips to impact people’s lives for good. Sharing this opportunity can impact someone’s ability to be completely debt-free. Sharing this opportunity can impact someone’s physical health. But most of all, sharing this opportunity can impact someone’s ability to truly see their greatness. More than anything, Tanya strives to reflect her team’s own potential back to them. She strives to empower, lift up, and inspire. Leading her team with that energy inspires her organization to reach their highest potential. Surely we’ll continue to see greatness with Tanya at the wheel.

Ten years ago, Tanya filed for bankruptcy. Her franchise had crumbled and left a mountain of debt behind, including student loans and other financial commitments, most of which hung on after she and her husband lost everything they owned. “There was so much fear that we would never be able to recover,” Tanya remembers. “We lost everything. And then we still had all the debt.” As a former financial planner, the prospect of no retirement, no equity, no savings, and no money terrified her. Ten years later—as an Executive Director 9—life is very different. On her 40th birthday last month, she received a $90,763 check from Melaleuca. Just ten years ago she never could have believed that she would have security again. And not only security, but a life capable of real comfort. “It’s been hard-fought,” Tanya admits. “My team and I went through a lot of adversity together, especially dealing with other companies before we found Melaleuca.”

“Be the mirror,” Tanya says. “Your teammates sometimes just need help to see their own greatness.”



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Sondra & Alan Pariser NEVADA Uninterrupted Futures

Alan and Sondra know that they have the perfect solution to help so many. “There is no better place for us than to be working for a company that is outstanding on so many levels,” Sondra says. “We are so perfectly positioned in the marketplace right now to help people in multiple ways.” And the Parisers are absolutely busy doing just that— helping all those who so desperately need them. It’s a lot, but they manage their time well. “Time management is really important,” Alan says. “But it’s not as difficult as most people think. First, you have to have the right mindset. You either want to be organized or you don’t. Next, if you just take 15 minutes at night to plan out the next day, you’ll be much more productive. And finally, take a half hour every weekend to plan out the following week. You’ll be able to do more than you ever thought you could.” Sondra, humble as ever, praises Alan for his time- management and business-management skills. “Alan is such a hard worker,” she says. “He can see the big picture and lead our team in the right direction. And even though he’s super busy, he’s still an absolutely amazing person, husband, and father. We both work hard to build our businesses, but he’s the visionary. “With that vision, we’ve been able to help others build their businesses. You don’t advance without helping others advance as well. That’s just the magic of Melaleuca.”

Alan and Sondra know Melaleuca as well as anyone. They’ve been building for a long time and have had their fair share of success over the years. And one thing they’ve observed is that Melaleuca offers everyone a bright future. “All of us are essential,” Alan says. “Sadly, a ton of people have been forced out of work lately because they’re not considered ‘essential.’ But in the 29 years I’ve been with Melaleuca, every single employee and every single Marketing Executive have always been considered essential. For anyone who wants it, there is an uninterrupted future here. “Our personal Senior Directors 2 Di and Carlos Collado were recently put in a tough spot,” Alan continues. “Carlos was a top executive at one of the largest casino operators on the planet and was one of the few hundred thousand people laid off here in Las Vegas. Luckily, he had already been building a Melaleuca business part time, so he wasn’t left with nothing. That’s probably the biggest blessing in their lives right now.”

The Parisers are product advocates through and through. Sondra especially loves ProvexCV®, Sol-U-Mel®, and everything Sei Bella®. Alan says he has a hard time picking a “favorite child.”




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Steven & Makenzie Schultz IOWA Being the “NowWhat”

This was different from Makenzie’s earlier approach, which assumed people knew what to do from the get-go. Her new hands-on method of leadership digs in deep with newcomers, giving them the tools they need and all the right instructions to get started. “When people I knew were interested in the income opportunity in whatever fashion that was,” Makenzie says, “I immediately said, ‘Hey, let’s get on a video conference and let’s chat about the business.’” In these personalized Strategy Sessions, Makenzie helps her new business partners set three goals and helps them know how to achieve them. “When a new person arrives, I know they want to be successful. They just don’t know how,” she says. “You can tell them how you do it, but they’re like, ‘Okay, that’s great. Now what?’ We can be the now what .” Makenzie makes group chats, one-on-ones, and Q&As all available to her team. “Some people just need somebody to believe in them a little bit,” she says. “To push them a little bit and to remind them what their why was.” In April, Makenzie and Steven paid off the last of their $68,000 debt and triple advanced. “Six to eight months ago I thought ‘I need to be the one that’s going to make this change and get us out of this mess.’ And that’s going to be by living the Mission Statement of enhancing lives and helping people reach their goals. In turn I will reach mine.”

Makenzie and Steven Schultz thought they’d found some success at an MLM company before Melaleuca, but it wasn’t reliable. They quickly fell behind on taxes and into serious credit card debt. “We just found ourselves in a huge mess—the kind of mess that we never expected,” says Makenzie. They needed a solution and Melaleuca was it. “We needed to find a couple of people wanting to change their lives and then help them change,” Makenzie explains. “I knew this would get us out of our mess if we could just go hand in hand and work really, really, really hard with a group of people that wants it too.” In November, Amanda Williams, now Senior Director 3, joined Makenzie as a single mom looking to make additional income. The responsibility on Makenzie’s shoulders felt heavier than ever. “I felt like it was my responsibility to work harder,” she says. Makenzie shifted her mindset from expectation to action and moved quickly to strategize with Amanda on how to build her Melaleuca business upwards. Makenzie and Amanda then repeated the process with anyone else who was interested in coming into Amanda’s business.

“New enrollees are getting going immediately,” Makenzie says. “They’re not waiting, they’re not hesitating, they’re not nervous about how to start.”



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Kristian & Kristin Hoenicke HAWAII Ultimate Peace of Mind

Kristian says. “That’s what we have, and it’s so strong and reliable. It’s inherently sustainable, which means residual.” Melaleuca’s residual income is certainly close to Kristian’s heart. It provides the longed-for financial security he’d been desperately looking for before finding Melaleuca. Today, thanks to their growing residual income, he and Kristin are starting to enjoy an indescribable sense of financial stability and peace of mind. “Residual income means greater peace of mind,” Kristian says. “It affects every waking moment of every day. It has changed our entire experience of life. There was a time, about ten years ago, when I failed so badly financially that my family became homeless. I think about how that felt—the insecurity, the instability of that time—and it really punctuates how amazing a stable, predictable, monthly cashflow can be. My family kind of went through hell, and if we had known about Melaleuca, it would have changed everything. “So the peace of mind that I talk about is not some cliché. It’s based on a deep fear or concern of letting my family down again. Our residual income gives me that ultimate peace of mind, knowing I cannot—will not—go to that place ever again.” SV


After double advancing to Executive Director 4 in March, Kristian and Kristin Hoenicke shifted into high gear and reached Executive Director 8 just one month later! They are working as hard as ever, helping new customers discover Melaleuca and helping business builders take charge of their own success. “For the past year and a half, we’ve been teaching people how to share their own Melaleuca Overviews right out of the gate,” Kristian explains. “That creates independence and empowers them to take control of their own businesses. We had 20 new Directors in March and 28 in April throughout our organization, and these new Directors are sharing their own Overviews. They’re not waiting for me to run a webinar; they’re independent, and that’s really helped our growth.” With almost 900 new Preferred Members in the last two months, their organization’s growth has surpassed all the Hoenickes had dreamed of. One customer at a time, they’re building a business to last a lifetime on a rock-solid foundation. “I’ve heard it said that Melaleuca is ‘real customers buying real products they really need’, and I would add at really good prices,”



“When I’m trying to help others understand how good Melaleuca is, I try to get them dreaming,” Kristian says. “They need to know that we can start building their dream out of thin air.”



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Yuki & Jose Coca TEXAS Focusing on the Right Activities

“People often make things harder than they need to be,” Jose adds. “But through the Seven Critical Activities, anybody can achieve great success. It’s a unique system that’s been done for 35 years, and we must never forget that.” Focusing on the activities that bring results, the Cocas have built a thriving organization that has become an important financial support for them and for many other families. “Seeing others in our team grow is an amazing feeling,” Yuki says. “I’m excited about our advancement, but I’m more thrilled to know that others who have worked so hard are advancing. Thanks to their Melaleuca income, many of them are moving forward.” Among all the benefits that Melaleuca has to offer, Jose and Yuki know that few advantages compare to building a reliable residual income. Melaleuca’s exceptional products foster loyalty in an ever-increasing number of customers who come back month after month for the products they need and love. “It’s impressive how customers stay for the long run,” Jose says. “That means there’s real residual income based on real products that people buy because they really need them. Those small but constant purchases become true residual income.” SV

With this new advancement, Jose and Yuki Coca feel deeply grateful for how solid their Melaleuca business has always been. After 12 years, it continues to grow, changing more lives than ever. “We’re trying hard to help people understand the magnitude of the opportunity we have with Melaleuca,” Jose says. “In situations where many businesses are stuck or declining, Melaleuca simply continues to grow. We feel so safe knowing that we have a real business, and all we need to do is share this opportunity with others and help them realize that they can get results if they apply the right activities.” Throughout the years, Jose and Yuki have learned that the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities are the key to finding success with Melaleuca. Without a doubt, persistence in doing these activities always yields results. “We’re focused on the Critical Activities—we won’t try to reinvent the wheel,” Yuki says. “We know that if we keep doing the right activities, sooner or later we’ll get the results we’re looking for.”

“The members of your team have to commit to each other to do the Critical Activities no matter what,” Jose says. “In order to do that, it’s imperative to have a strong why—something that will help you take action even if you’re not motivated.”



These results are not typical. Please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58 for typical results.


Harvey Hess ARIZONA No Does Not Mean Never

With a dose of skepticism but knowing deep down that he needed something, anything, to begin to really work, Harvey agreed to attend a meeting with Corporate Directors 3 Mark and Myrna Atha. The timing was right. Mark and Myrna’s message of hope and a great company was heard, and they teamed up that day. “By the time I hit Senior Director six months later, I knew I would be here the rest of my life,” Harvey says confidently. In addition to choosing to start at the right time, Harvey has chosen to surround himself with the right team, including Executive Director 2 Denise Phillips, Executive Directors Anne & Eddie McKechnie, Senior Director 4 Andrea Hughes, Senior Director JimWyatt, Senior Director Phil Guinouard, and so many others who have been with him since his first few months of enrolling more than 16 years ago. “There’s just no way to move ahead, to advance status, without this core group of like-minded, positive, enthusiastic leaders that I am so blessed to have,” Harvey says. “I just couldn’t have done any of this without them!” Harvey’s story presents many helpful lessons for someone growing their business, but one lesson he likes to spotlight is the importance of understanding timing. “My coaching and mentoring today are always about no not meaning never ,” Harvey explains. “It just means the timing is not right, so not right now. Stay in touch, ask permission, and let them know how things are going at Melaleuca from time to time because you just never know when the time will be right. No certainly did not mean never for me!”

While he was a corporate executive working for an international convenience store company, Harvey Hess received a phone call from the daughter of an old acquaintance. She asked if he would take just 20 minutes to listen to a live call about a company called Melaleuca. Not wanting to be insensitive, Harvey agreed. “I really had no idea what Melaleuca was all about, and I only half-heartedly listened,” Harvey recalls. “I then said, ‘Thanks, but I’m not interested.’” Harvey didn’t hear from her again, but he did hear about Melaleuca again, a few years later, from a friend at a chamber of commerce event. Harvey became a Preferred Member for a short time and then canceled his account. “I just didn’t take the time to really look,” Harvey says. “I never seriously looked at the product line, I had no support from home at the time, and I just let it go.” Twice introduced to Melaleuca, and twice halting at the opportunity, Harvey instead turned his attention to other business ventures that struggled to take flight. It was during this time that another friend approached Harvey and introduced him a third time to Melaleuca.

Harvey’s personal experience has taught him the importance of being persistent. “After all, I guess the old saying ‘the third time’s the charm’ really is true,” Harvey says with a laugh.




These results are not typical. Please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58 for typical results.


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