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REGULARS 4 Editor's Letter

A healthy and flourishing tourism industry is crucial to our area’s financial well-being. Therefore, Drakenstein Municipality will use every resource available to rebuild this industry after the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 26 Meet Your Councillors In this edition, we introduce Ward 32’s Sangolomzi Ganandana and Ward 18’s Elizabeth Baron. ALL ABOUT SERVICE DELIVERY 6 Marketing a Place where Tourists can ‘Embrace Vintage in the Heart of the Cape Winelands’ Cheryl Philips, Senior Manager: Economic Development and Tourism at Drakenstein Municipality, talks Vars through the steps of positioning Drakenstein as a tourism hub. 10 Drakenstein Munisipaliteit Vat Hande met Paarl Trails Vars en raadslid Laurichia van Niekerk, Burgemeesterskomiteelid vir Beplanning en Ontwikkeling by Drakenstein Munisipaliteit, besoek Paarl Trails se Darren Herbst om te gesels oor sport- en avontuurtoerisme. 16 Munisipale Swembaddens Bring Lafenis Wanneer die Kwik Styg Yvette Tsolo, Bestuurder vir Sport en Ontspanning by Drakenstein Munisipaliteit, en kollegas is druk besig om te sorg dat alles slaggereed is vir die Munisipaliteit se swemseisoen.




VARS | September


EXPLORE DRAKENSTEIN 18 Vaar Du Toit’s Kloof In Di é vertrekpunte bied avontuurlustiges toegang tot Du Toit’s Kloof. 20 Laat die Balle Rol Vars besoek die Paarl Rolbalklub, wat sedert 1932 inwoners van dié dorp vermaak. Inwoners van Drakenstein kan hier, op Wellington en Val de Vie die sport geniet. 23 Sport Calendar What’s on where in October and November 2022? Find out here. Vars gesels met Santé Wellness se Ingrid Hindle oor wat dit verg om vyfster-toerismegradering te kry. 14 Industrie in Fokus: Wyntoerisme In gesprek met Al-Jarreau Jantjies, wynambassadeur by Ridgeback Wines. BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT 12 Vyfster-ervaring by Santé Wellness: Iets vir die Connoisseur



24 ‘Keep Positive and Keep Your Head in the Game’ Vars speaks to Kubeshni Abrahams, a senior clerk at Drakenstein Municipality, about her battle with breast cancer. 28 Keeping a Close Eye This is what the community has to say about service delivery.

OPPORTUNITIES 29 Notices Your need-to-knows.

30 We've Changed Banks Get Drakenstein Municipality’s new banking details here.


VARS | September

We are Rethinking Tourism

All indications are that the Western Cape can look forward to a much busier tourism season than last year. This is brilliant news for our tourism industry, which – like the rest of the world - took a massive knock due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. Drakenstein and many of our businesses rely heavily on the income that tourism generates, and while we can now start breathing a collective sigh of relief, we also need to ensure that our establishments are ready, well-stocked and well-staffed to roll out the red carpet for our visitors. In line with the 2022 World Tourism Day theme, we here at Drakenstein Municipality are rethinking tourism. We are broadening our horizons and diversifying our tourism offerings to create a destination where there is a bit of something for everyone. In this edition Cheryl Phillips , Senior Manager for Economic Development and Tourism at the Municipality, spells out our exciting plans to establish Drakenstein as a wellness, sport, and adventure tourism destination of choice. Vars also popped in at Councillor Laurichia van Niekerk , Mayoral Committee Member for Planning and Development, and Darren Herbst from Paarl Trails to find out how the two organisations work together to promote specifically sport and adventure tourism. Sharing their excitement, Ingrid Hindle, chief executive officer and co-owner of the Santé Wellness Retreat and Spa in Simondium, says Drakenstein creates the perfect environment for a spa hotel such as theirs with its majestic mountains, clean air, and calm and relaxed atmosphere. And they are determined to keep their five-star tourism grading by continuing to provide world-class services! Summer is almost upon us and it is time to dust off those hiking boots. We give away details of some hidden breakaways and departure points for unforgettable hikes in the Du Toit’s Kloof . Summer also means the start of the municipal swimming season and our teams have been working hard to get all our swimming pools in pristine condition. They are ready to welcome you for a day of fun in the sun. This month Vars features local wine ambassador Al-Jarreau Jantjies , also known as Ajay, who tells us where his love for wine originated from, and how he won the 2022 WineLand Media 30 Under 30 award. He reckons the wine industry chose him and not the other way around.


VARS | September

A healthy and flourishing tourism industry is crucial to our area’s financial wellbeing. That is why Drakenstein Municipality will use every resource available to rebuild this industry and “rethink tourism” (in line with the 2022 World Tourism Day theme) after the devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are fortunate to have all the ingredients – including natural beauty and friendly, dedicated people – to help us succeed. “ „ - Executive Mayor, Alderman Conrad Poole

We also introduce you to the brave and inspirational Kubeshni Abrahams , a senior clerk at the Municipality who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year but decided to tackle the “big C” head-on – this after taking two days to absorb the shocking news. Now Kubeshni’s “head is in the game” and she inspires us with her positive mindset. Paarl Bowls Club is 90 years old and still going strong! We look at the intricacies of this game; those who think it is an “old people’s game”, think again… In our regular ward councillor insert we feature Ward 32’s Councillor Sangolomzi Ganandana , who regards himself as a people’s activist, and Councillor Elizabeth Baron. Representing Ward 18 , she is described as a big-hearted, hands-on person.

We hope you enjoy this edition as much as we did putting it together! Please share your impressions of the stories with us at .

From the Vars editorial team


VARS | September

Cheryl Philips, Senior Manager: Economic Development and Tourism, Drakenstein Municipality

Marketing a Place where Tourists can ‘Embrace Vintage in the Heart of the Cape Winelands’

The goal is clear: Positioning Drakenstein as the wellness, sports, and adventure tourism hub of the Cape Winelands. How do we reach this goal and establish Drakenstein as a tourist destination of choice?

Cheryl Philips, Senior Manager: Economic Development and Tourism at Drakenstein Municipality, talks Vars through the steps of this journey.


VARS | September

Why do we want to do this?

government. We acknowledge that “tourism is government led but private sector driven” and, therefore, we know we cannot do it on our own. We will be moving towards providing more content digitally and on implementing more joint marketing agreements. We also want to target locals to become tourism ambassadors and have “know your town” campaigns.

Drakenstein boasts an abundance of beautiful, open, and safe spaces which we need to use to our advantage. Just think about our area’s natural splendour, our great outdoor spaces which one can explore, and our retreats where mind, body, and soul can be rejuvenated. We acknowledge that the Drakenstein destination has had a historical wine tourism focus. However, COVID-19 has forced us to broaden our horizons and diversify our tourism offerings to create a destination where there is a bit of something for everyone. So, we are adopting a more holistic approach towards our destination marketing. This means we are going to encourage “family (inter-generational) tourism” to make wellness (mind, body, soul) more accessible for everyone. We will continue to support the promotion of wine tourism but also focus on sports tourism, heritage and culture, as well as on tourism product development and on broadening participation through ongoing small, medium, and micro enterprise (SMME) support.

Tell us about some of the brand messaging you have in mind?

We are thinking of exploring the following:

Explore or Experience (Paarl, Wellington, Simondium, Hermon, Gouda, Saron) - a place of natural beauty where you can free your mind, body, and soul. Experience/Explore/Discover the freedom of the Heart of the Winelands.

Explore #paarl-wellingtonnow.

Take a sho’t left to #paarl-wellingtonnow.

Embrace vintage in the heart of the Cape Winelands.

What is the current state of the Drakenstein economy and what was the impact of COVID-19 on the tourism sector? The Drakenstein municipal area recorded an improvement in economic activity in 2021 following a sharp decline experienced in 2020 when most businesses were forced to halt their operations to curb the spread of COVID-19. The economy therefore registered a 6.7% growth in 2021 off a very low base. Contractions in economic activity were registered in the secondary and tertiary sectors, with the tourism sector contributing to the 9.5% decline recorded by the wholesale and retail trade, catering ,and accommodation sector.

What are our priorities in terms of the Municipality’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP)?

Our priorities are tourism transformation; tourism infrastructure; the conservation of our environment (responsible tourism); and focusing on sports, adventure, and wellness tourism.

How do we do this?

We will continue to focus on collaborating with strategic local, provincial, national, and international tourism partners. These include the private sector and other spheres of


VARS | September

Travel and alcohol bans resulting in the closure of wine farms in 2020 significantly constrained the trade sector in the Cape Winelands District. It is estimated that the Cape Winelands District shed 21 550 jobs in 2020, with the Drakenstein municipal area being the largest contributor to this decline (6 452 jobs). In terms of the local tourism value chain, it is also assumed that several restaurants and guesthouses needed to close their doors owing to the economic strain caused by COVID-19. The local events industry came to a halt which had a direct economic impact on the tourism value chain. The Municipality also had to redirect its event support funds to fund COVID-19 relief measures.

What role does tourism grading play in marketing one’s establishment? Tourism grading plays an integral role when marketing one’s establishment as it offers a guarantee of the expected standard of service. It also determines whether visitors will pay repeat visits to the establishment and destination. Which are Drakenstein’s largest international and domestic tourism source markets? Our largest international key source markets are firstly the United Kingdom, secondly Germany, and thirdly the United States of America, followed by Australia, France, and Belgium. Our largest national key source markets are day visitors from Cape Town, followed by Johannesburg and the Southern Cape.

What are the plans to resurrect the tourism sector?

The Municipality has developed a tourism roadmap and is currently having focus group discussions with various tourism role-players. The aim is to increase our local tourism industry’s competitive advantage, foster better collaboration, and promote our destination as the sports and adventure hub of the Winelands. We want to set new brand priorities. We also want to outline the key focus areas and destination marketing messages and how we will get there through partnerships and through embracing innovation. How important is it for tourism establishments in Drakenstein to be graded? Do people still care about three, four, or five stars? To get graded is extremely important, as local and international visitors recognise the quality and service excellence of the tourism experience through the star-grading. Visitors still care about it as it acts as a measuring tool for facilities and amenities available at respective tourism establishments.

What is our domestic tourism approach specifically?

Our focus is to align our campaigns with the existing domestic marketing campaigns of Wesgro and South African Tourism by strengthening our collaboration with other industry partners. Which plans does Drakenstein have to promote the area as a business-, meetings-, and incentives destination? We are currently doing the groundwork to establish ourselves as a destination that can host smaller business conferences and meetings for up to 200 attendees. This is a work in progress and we work closely with Wesgro, the Cape Town and Western Cape Convention Bureau, and the South Africa National Convention Bureau in this regard.


VARS | September

„ The aim is to increase our local tourism industry's competitive advantage, foster better collaboration, and promote our destination as the sports and adventure hub of the Winelands. “

Drakenstein Municipality recently had a very successful engagement with senior management members of the South Africa National Convention Bureau, the Cape Town and Western Cape Convention Bureau, and Wesgro. The aim of the meeting was to share information on how the respective bureaus can support Drakenstein to attract more meetings and conference business from national corporates and associations, and how Drakenstein can enhance and position its meetings, business, and incentives offering. This aligns perfectly with the Municipality’s focus on “Rethinking Tourism” and diversifying our tourism product offering. The Municipality welcomes this support and will facilitate a follow-up session with industry. From the left (back): Tshepo Maseko, Amanda Kotze-, and Björn Hufkie from the South Africa National Convention Bureau; and Corné Koch from the Cape Town and Western Cape Convention Bureau From the left (front): Thembi Mnisi and Riana Geldenhuys from Drakenstein Municipality; Bongiwe Nzeko from the South Africa National Convention Bureau; Monika Iuel from Wesgro; and Cheryl Phillips from Drakenstein Municipality.


VARS | September

Drakenstein Munisipaliteit Vat Hande met Paarl Trails Sporttoerisme is waaroor dit als gaan Raadslid Laurichia van Niekerk, Burgemeesterskomiteelid vir Beplanning en Ontwikkeling by Drakenstein Munisipaliteit, en Darren Herbst van Paarl Trails werk die afgelope vyf jaar in tandem om sporttoerisme na die area te bevorder. Vars en raadslid Laurichia het ‘n draai by Specialized in die Paarl gaan maak om met Darren te gesels oor dié vennootskap, die vrugte wat dit al afgewerp het en hoe hulle dit regkry om Drakenstein bo-aan avontuurlustiges se móét-besoek-lysie te plaas. “Ons het gesien dat sport- en avontuurtoerisme al hoe meer gewild raak. Saam met ondernemings soos Specialized en Paarl Trails bou ons vennootskappe om seker te maak dat mense ons bestemmings besoek,” vertel raadslid Laurichia. Sy sê dis belangrik vir die Munisipaliteit om dié soort toerisme te bevorder, omdat daar ‘n sterk mark daarvoor is. “Dit is waarom ons geld vir dié doel bewillig het.” Darren sluit by haar aan en vertel dat sy visie belyn is met dié van die Munisipaliteit: albei partye het ‘n behoefte om geleenthede vir avontuursport en toerisme te skep. Hy sê ook dat Drakenstein Munisipaliteit en grondeienaars groot klem op avontuursport en -toerisme plaas.

“Fietsry is groot in Drakenstein” - Laurichia van Niekerk

Paarl Trails se Darren Herbst werk die afgelope vyf jaar in tandem met Drakenstein Munisipaliteit om sporttoerisme in die area te bevorder.


VARS | September

Raadslid Laurichia van Niekerk, Burgemeesterskomiteelid vir Beplanning en Ontwikkeling by Drakenstein Munisipaliteit, en Darren Herbst van Paarl Trails werk die afgelope vyf jaar in tandem om sporttoerisme in dié area te bevorder. In hierdie video gesels hulle oor dié vennootskap en die vrugte wat dit reeds afgewerp het.

Werkskepping is immers ook een van die pilare waarop Paarl Trails gebou is. Darren lei sy spanne op om al die roetes self te bou en het dus konstant mense wat óf opgelei word óf in diens geneem word. Dis ook vir hom belangrik om ‘n positiewe impak te maak. Hy hoop dat hul Hero Legacy Project ‘n liefde vir dié sport sal kweek en die gemeenskap sal opbou. Die Munisipaliteit en Paarl Trails se gesamentlike visie is oor die afgelope vyf jaar gerealiseer. Dié vennootskap en soortgelykes, soos die een met die DSV Shift Academy , het daartoe bygedra dat Drakenstein se reputasie as die fietsry-mekka van Suid-Afrika fluks groei. Entrepreneurs wat by avontuur- of sporttoerisme-geleenthede betrokke wil raak, kan Drakenstein Munisipaliteit se Ekonomiese Ontwikkeling en Toerisme- afdeling by 021 807 4737 kontak.

Volgens hom wou hy en sy onderneming nie net bergfietsry-opsies op een ligging bied nie, maar op soveel plekke moontlik en inderwaarheid die hele Paarl omskep in ‘n bergfietsry-attraksie. Dié netwerke het ‘n klein begin op Rhebokskloof gehad, maar sedertdien uitgebrei en strek nou meer as 200 kilometer ver oor 60 verskillende attraksies. “Fietsry is groot in Drakenstein,” vertel raadslid Laurichia. “Ons het ook begin sien dat bergfietsry ‘n ander groot komponent geword het, afsonderlik van padfietsry. Ons sien al hoe meer mense inkom na Drakenstein met hul fietse, want ons roetes is baie veilig en meer gerieflik. Mense verkies deesdae die Paarl en Wellington as hul bestemming vir bergfietsry.” Dié tendens het tot gevolg dat ‘n fietsryfees, die Bike Fest Paarl , van 3 tot 5 Maart 2023 op Rhebokskloof gehou sal word. Met behulp van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit sal Paarl Trails die hele stad by die gebeurtenis betrek. Met 10 wedrenne, ‘n ekspo, baantoetse en vele meer beoog hulle om dit die eerste jaarlikse instelling van sy soort in die Paarl te maak. Wedrenne en sulke instellings lok talle toeriste. “Dit is belangrik vir toerisme, want dit bring voete na ons gebied. Dis ekonomies goed vir ons en dra boonop by tot werkskepping,” vertel raadslid Laurichia.

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VARS | September

Wat by die Santé Wellness Retreat and Spa op die La Bella Vita-wynlandgoed in Simondium aangebied word, is waarlik iets vir die connoisseur. Dis uniek aan die Boland, en aan Suid-Afrika. Dié spa is eenvoudig wêreldklas, die verblyf is luuks en stylvol, en die disse op die spyskaart voortreflik én gesond. Só skilder Ingrid Hindle, die uitvoerende hoof en mede-eienaar van Santé Wellness, die prentjie van hierdie spoghotel met sy eie gesondheidsentrum. Op die vraag waarom hulle juis Drakenstein as ‘n tuiste vir hul toerisme-onderneming gekies het, antwoord sy vinnig. Sy glo dié area is besonder geskik vir ‘n spa-hotel, juis omdat dit omring word deur majestueuse berge (dalk ‘n cliché, maar in hierdie geval heeltemal waar). Daarby is die lug skoon terwyl daar ‘n kalm en ontspanne atmosfeer heers. Vyfster-ervaring by Santé Wellness Iets vir die Connoisseur

Die binnenshuise swembad by Santé Wellness Verskaf: Sant é Wellness

'n Gesigsbehandeling by Santé Wellness Verskaf: Sant é Wellness

'n Simbool van vryheid by Santé Wellness Verskaf: Sant é Wellness


VARS | September

Die Hindles besit al jare lank eiendom in die groter gebied en is gek na die omgewing. Hulle glo die potensiaal vir besighede om hier te floreer en uit te brei, is enorm. Dus het hulle die kans aangegryp toe die geleentheid hom voorgedoen het om in Santé te belê. Vir ‘n onderneming om ‘n vyfster-toerisme- gradering te kry, verg harde werk en uithouvermoë, beklemtoon Ingrid. Nog soveel te meer nou, aangesien die pandemie eers onlangs tot ‘n einde gekom het en, nodeloos om te sê, was die COVID-19-tye besonder moeilik. Ingrid en haar personeel het verskriklik hard gewerk om ten alle tye ‘n “wêreldklas- aanbieding vir al hul gaste” te verseker. Dit sluit ‘n "wellness"-program by dié spa- toevlugsoord in wat omvattend en baie effektief is – jy voel sommer soos ‘n splinternuwe sikspens as jy hier uitloop! Die drie faktore wat uitstaan as jy vir ‘n vyfster-gradering in die gasvryheidsbedryf wil kwalifiseer, is eerstens die fisieke omgewing, maar dan ook die mense wat jy in diens neem en die produkte wat jy gebruik, deel Ingrid haar suksesfilosofie. By Santé Wellness het hulle daarop gefokus om ‘n werklik uitsonderlike groep mense aan te stel en op te lei. Dít is die mense wat jy hier sal ontmoet – en beter sal leer ken.

In die spa word plaaslik vervaardigde én internasionale produkte gebruik. Die voorvereiste is dat dit slegs natuurlike bestanddele moet bevat en omgewings- vriendelik moet wees. Boonop is dit strelend op die oog! Spabehandelings kan ook aangepas word, sou ‘n individu dit verlang. In 2019 is Santé as Afrika se Beste Dagspa en in 2021 as die beste Wellness Retreat in Afrika en Suid-Afrika by die Wêreld Spa-toekennings aangewys. Hulle was ook een van die 2019-wenners van die Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards. Die dagspa met gepaardgaande fasiliteite is Dinsdae tot Saterdae van 9:00 tot 18:00 oop. Ingrid sluit af deur te sê wat die Santé Wellness Retreat and Spa so spesiaal maak, is definitief die ligging tussen Drakenstein se berge, sowel as die gehalte van hul algehele aanbieding. Dít sluit in die "wellness"- programme sowel as ‘n verskeidenheid van spabehandelings, bobaas-kos, eersteklas verblyf en uitmuntende diens. Die fasiliteite – wat ‘n binnenshuise verhitte swembad, jacuzzi, buiteswembad, sauna, fiksheidsentrum met ‘n joga- en pilatesateljee, hidroterapie en ‘n doolhof insluit – is ook ongetwyfeld uit die boonste rakke. Voel jy of jou energie tans taan? Of is jy sommer net lus vir ‘n holistiese ervaring én ‘n lekker bederf? Maak dan ‘n afspraak by die Santé Wellness Retreat and Spa. Vind meer uit by

Laastens is daar die produkte: van kos- tot spa-produkte. Alle produkte wat in die restaurant gebruik word, is sover moontlik van plaaslike boere en verskaffers afkomstig; slegs die beste is goed genoeg vir die maaltye wat by Santé voorgesit word. Hulle spog ook met hul eie groente- en kruietuin.

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VARS | September

In Gesprek met Al-Jarreau Jantjies

Drakenstein se gesogte wynbedryf lok deur die jaar besoekers en skep werk vir talle inwoners. Een van die wynplase is die bekroonde Ridgeback Wines in die Paarl. Met somer om die draai het Vars besoek gaan aflê by dié Viognier-tuiste. Ons het by die jong wynambassadeur, Al-Jarreau Jantjies, beter bekend as Ajay, aangeklop om te gesels oor die wynbedryf en oor sy 2022 WineLand Media 30 Under 30 toekenning.

Wat behels die 30 Under 30 toekenning?

Die WineLand Media 30 Under 30 is ‘n toekenning vir 30 jongmense onder die ouderdom van 30. Dit is basies die mense wat ‘n mens moet dophou en wat diep spore in die wynbedryf begin trap. Ek het hierdie toekenning ontvang vir my rol in die wynbedryf, waarby ek nou al ‘n paar jaar betrokke is.

Hoe het jy in die wynbedryf beland?

Ek sê altyd wyn het my gekies; ek het nie wyn gekies nie. My loopbaan het na skool begin toe ek ‘n “gap”-jaar wou neem, maar steeds iets produktief wou doen. Dis toe dat ek besluit het om in die kelder op Kanonkop te gaan werk, waar ons die ou “punch downs” gedoen het. Ek glo dis waar die manne van die seuns geskei word, want dis baie harde werk. Ek wou aanhoudend meer geweet het: “Wat is die proses?”, “Hoekom word dit so gedoen?” en “Hoekom nie daai kant om nie?”. Hulle het my toe voorgestel aan die Pinotage Youth Development Academy waar ek goedkeuring gekry het om ‘n jaarkursus te studeer wat wynmaak, gasvryheid en persoonlike ontwikkeling ingesluit het. Dis basies hoe ek in die wynbedryf beland het.

Al-Jarreau Jantjies, wynambassadeur by Ridgeback Wines in die Paarl, het onlangs die WineLand Media 30 Under 30 toekenning ontvang.


VARS | September

Hoekom het jy toe die skuif gemaak na die Paarl?

Wat is van die hoogtepunte wat jy al by Ridgeback Wines bereik het?

Ek het Drakenstein gekies vir my loopbaan in die wynbedryf, omrede dit ‘n baie eiesoortige en diverse plek is. Dis eerstens beeldskoon en dit is ook ‘n paar jaar gelede as die stad van die jaar benoem. Boonop is hier baie geleenthede vir jongmense in die wynbedryf. Ek dink dus om ‘n loopbaan hier te volg, veral in wyn en toerisme, is baie belowend. Ek sal beslis Drakenstein aanbeveel vir mense wat dit wil verken of hulself hier wil huisves. Drakenstein strek oor ‘n groot area en elke dorp in die area het sy eie unieke aanbiedinge wat dit spesiaal maak.

Die hoogtepunte in my loopbaan sluit natuurlik die WineLand Media 30 Under 30 toekenning in. Daar is ook ander hoogtepunte soos om baie verskillende mense te ontmoet. Ek was al gelukkig genoeg om ‘n paar van my helde (sporthelde en TV-persoonlikhede) te ontmoet.

Indien jy ‘n geselsie met dié bekroonde wynambassadeur wil aanknoop, kan jy hom in die Ridgeback proelokaal in die Paarl aantref waar hy jou vir seker sal beïndruk met sy wynkennis.

“Ek dink om ‘n loopbaan hier te volg, veral in wyn en toerisme, is baie belowend.” Wynambassadeur Al-Jarreau Jantjies, oftewel Ajay, gesels oor sy skuif na die Drakenstein-omgewing wat hy as eiesoortig en divers beskryf. Hiér onthaal hy deesdae besoekers met bekroonde wyne.

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VARS | September

Drakenstein Munisipaliteit werk hard om seker te maak dat ons inwoners ons swembaddens kan geniet. Vanjaar se munisipale swemseisoen begin op 1 Oktober 2022 en duur tot 31 Maart 2023.

Munisipale Swembaddens Bring Lafenis Wanneer die Kwik Styg

Somer is sterk op pad en dit beteken lang, snikhete dae vir die inwoners van Drakenstein. En as jy nie jou eie swembad het nie, kan die hitte op sulke dae nogal kwaai wees! Maar daar is verligting op pad, want Drakenstein Munisipaliteit se openbare swembaddens maak een van die dae oop en dit is die perfekte plek om daardie vuurwarm somerdae deur te bring.

Yvette Tsolo, Bestuurder vir Sport en Ontspanning by Drakenstein Munisipaliteit, sê sy en haar kollegas was die laaste ruk druk besig om te sorg dat alles slaggereed is vir die Munisipaliteit se swemseisoen. Kassiere, toesighouers en menseredders is aangewys, en herstelwerk en roetine-onderhoud word voortdurend gedoen.


VARS | September

„ Ons almal weet hoe gevaarlik die riviere is en veral die Bergrivier het al baie mense se lewens geëis met sy sleurstrome. So, kom swem liewer in ‘n veilige omgewing. “

Vanjaar se munisipale swemseisoen begin op 1 Oktober 2022 en duur tot 31 Maart 2023. “Ons werk hard om seker te maak dat ons inwoners ons swembaddens en ander geriewe kan geniet,” sê Yvette. Die swemprogram vir kinders wat Drakenstein Munisipaliteit vroeër saam met Prinses Charlene van Monaco en die bekende swemmer Ryk Neethling aangebied het, het ongelukkig tot ‘n einde gekom weens COVID-19. Die plaaslike swemklub Aquarius het egter nou daardie rol oorgeneem en leer kinders swem. Yvette moedig inwoners van Drakenstein aan om liewer die openbare swembaddens te gebruik as om in riviere en damme te swem. “Die swembaddens is baie veiliger en daar is ook toesig, want ons opgeleide menseredders is ten alle tye aan diens. Die swembaddens in Mbekweni, Drakenstein (Paarl-Oos), Faurestraat (Paarl), Weltevrede (Wellington) en Pentzstraat (Wellington) sal daagliks van 10:00 tot 19:00 oop wees, insluitende naweke. Die Saron-bad en die “splash pool” in New Orleanspark in Paarl-Oos sal ook oop wees vir besoekers, sowel as die Antoniesvlei Kampeerterrein se swembaddens.

Die toegangsfooie is:

• Volwassenes: R10.00 • Kinders van 15 jaar en jonger: R5.00 • Pensioentrekkers ouer as 65: Gratis • Volle seisoenkaartjie vir volwassenes: R260.00 • Halwe seisoenkaartjie vir volwassenes: R125.00 • Volle seisoenkaartjie vir kinders van 12 jaar en jonger: R100.00 • Halwe seisoenkaartjie vir kinders van 12 jaar en jonger: R50.00

Herstelwerk en roetine-onderhoud word voortdurend gedoen.


VARS | September

Vaar Du Toit’s Kloof In Dié vertrekpunte bied avontuurlustiges toegang tot Du Toit’s Kloof

Van Drakenstein se mees versteekte wegbreekplekke skuil net duskant die bekende Hugenote Tonnel, waardeur duisende besoekers daagliks ons vallei binne ry en weer groet. Tussen bos en berg speel die besienswaardighede soms wegkruipertjie vir die onopgeleide oog, maar elke ware verkenner weet dié plekke is ‘n moet!

Trek jou stapskoene aan, want Vars doen ‘n uitstappie na Drakenstein se ongetemde terrein in dié uitgawe. Hier is vertrekpunte vir wanneer jy ons vallei in sy volle glorie wil beleef.


VARS | September

Du Kloof Lodge Ons eerste stop is Du Kloof Lodge wat tussen die N1 en die Molenaarsrivier wegkruip. Hier betower die natuurskoon mens en nét só is jy in ‘n ander wêreld, vêr van die bedrywige stadslewe. “Ons is amptelik deel van Paarl, wat nogal interessant is,” herinner die bestuurder, André Hanekom. “Ons val onder wyk 22 om presies te wees.” Die berg- en rivieruitsig se sjarme word versterk deur die welige plantegroei wat suiker-, fyn-, en slangbos insluit. Hier kan besoekers ook ‘n proteaplaas verken wat soos ‘n doolhof uitgelê is. André vertel ook dat die waboom, wat natuurlik deel van die landskap is, in die oudae aangewend was in die bou van ossewaens. Dagbesoekers kan teen R90 per persoon per dag toegang kry tot die perseel en alle aktiwiteite geniet. Die grootste trekpleisters vir natuurliefhebbers is stap en visvang. “Ons groot aantrekkingskrag, veral na die pandemie, is mense se behoefte om in die natuur te wees. Mense wil buite wees,” meen André. Du Kloof Lodge het ook ‘n restaurant waar besoekers vars forel kan geniet. Hulle bedien ook interessante nie-alkoholiese drankies soos sprankelende koue rooibostee. Du Toit’s Kloof Hut Ons maak nou ‘n draai by die geskiedkundige Du Toit’s Kloof Herdenkingshut. Die verskuilde oornagplek se nabyheid aan die N1 maak dit die ideale afskoppunt vir enige staproete deur Du Toit’s Kloof. Die hut bied ook toegang tot die Agtertafel- berg Hut wat verder in die boendoes geleë is. Die ligging bied ‘n swembad, braai- en kampgeriewe vir besoekers en kan tot en met ​12 besoekers huisves. ‘n Gastefooi van R100 per nag word ook gehef. Besoekers aan die hut kort nie ‘n permit nie, maar benodig ‘n CapeNature permit indien hulle die staproetes in die omliggende Limietberg Natuurreservaat wil aflê.

Dagbesoekers kan teen R90 per persoon per dag toegang kry tot Du Kloof Lodge en alle aktiwiteite op die perseel geniet.

Volgens die The Mountain Club of South Africa se webtuiste het die Du Toit’s Kloof Hut ‘n ryk geskiedenis. Die gebou is tussen 1947 en 1949 opgerig ter herdenking van klublede wat tydens die Tweede Wêreld Oorlog hul lewens verloor het. Die ligging was ook spesifiek uitgekies vir die doel weens die ongerepte natuurskoon. Indien jy belangstel om enige van die roetes wat ‘n permit vereis te doen, kan jy in kontak kom met CapeNature by 087 087 8250 of .

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VARS | September

Laat die Balle Rol!


VARS | September

Paarl- en Wellington se rolbalklubs het ‘n ooreenkoms waarvolgens hulle gratis bymekaar kan speel. Bo: Van die Paarl Rolbalklub se 70 lede in hul klubklere. Onder: Die Wellington Rolbalklub besoek Paarl.

Neëntig jaar later en die Paarl Rolbalklub staan steeds sy plek vol. Om presies te wees, is die Paarl Boulsklub, soos dit destyds bekendgestaan het, amptelik in September 1932 gestig.

Paarl Rolbalklub in toeka se tyd

Destyds het ‘n stel houte met leersakkies vyf pond gekos; een dosyn ivoor-“tabs” se prys was twee pond. Ledegeld was £2/2/- en intreegelde £1/1/-. Ongetroudes het afslag gekry – met ledegeld £1 en intreegeld £1/1/-.


VARS | September

Die Paarl Rolbalklub hou ook ‘n interne liga met verskillende soorte kompetisies. Dié liga begin in November en eindig in Maart. Hul vlagskiptoernooi, die Paarl Classic, word op 1 en 2 Oktober 2022 gehou. Die gesamentlike prysgeld is R10 000. Die Paarl Classic is reeds volbespreek deur spelers van regoor die Wes-Kaap; daar is selfs deelnemers van Kimberley! ‘n Ander baie gewilde toernooi is die Sakeliga wat jaarliks in Februarie gehou word. Die Sakeliga duur vyf weke lank en word in die aand – gewoonlik Dinsdagaande – gespeel. Sowat 28 spanne – met 112 spelers – neem deel.

Wynand Viljoen, Paarl Rolbalklub President

Hoe word rolbal gespeel? Vir diegene wat nie die sport ken nie, is rolbal, per definisie, ‘n sport waar balle op ‘n grasbaan gerol word. Die doel is om jou bal so naby as moontlik aan die kleiner doelbal te rol. ‘n Punt word verwerf vir elke bal wat nader as ‘n teenstander se bal gaan lê. Rolbal word individueel of in spanne van twee, drie of vier spelers elk gespeel. Paarl Rolbalklub in nou se dae Die Paarl Rolbalklub is een van die groter klubs, vertel die president van die klub, Wynand Viljoen, hoewel met relatief min spanne. Om in die liga te speel, moet jy ‘n minimum van agt mans en agt vroue hê. Die Paarl Rolbalklub het om en by 70 lede, maar baie ouer mense is egter nie meer bereid om so ver te ry nie en dit bemoeilik sake.

Rolbal word individueel of in spanne van twee, drie of vier spelers elk gespeel.

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VARS | September

Oud, maar nog nie koud Daar is geen ouderdomsbeperking vir rolbal- spelers nie. In die afgelope jaar het juis heelwat jonger mense begin rolbal speel. Die oudste speler by die Paarl Rolbalklub is ‘n dame van 92. Die klub het omtrent 50 stelle rolballe; almal is welkom om te kom speel en te kyk of hulle daarvan hou, voordat hulle besluit om hul eie stel aan te skaf. Die dagfooi is ‘n skamele R20. Die Paarl en Wellington se rolbalklubs het ‘n ooreenkoms waarvolgens hul lede gratis by mekaar se klubs kan speel. Dit maak ekonomies sin om rolbal te speel omdat dit so ‘n billike sport is.

‘n Ander plus is dat daar omtrent nie ‘n dorp in Suid-Afrika is wat nie ‘n rolbalbaan het nie. Rolbal is ook baie gewild vir spanbou, by van maatskappye tot skole.

Sou jy wou speel in Drakenstein:

Kyk op Facebook:

• Paarl Rolbalklub – Paarl Bowling Club

• Wellington Rolbal/Bowls

By Val de Vie Evergreen is ook ‘n grasrolbal-klub:

Drakenstein Sport Calendar

Cricket Mayoral Cup

Summer Tournament

Date: 1 October 2022

Date: 1 October 2022

Location: Parys Cricket Field, Paarl

Location: Boy Louw Sports Field, Paarl

Val de Vie MTB Expedition 3-Day Stage Race

Hillcrest United vs Wolseley

Date: 8 October 2022

Date: 7-9 October 2022 Location: Val de Vie, Paarl

Location: Pelikaan Sports Field, Wellington

Gerrie Berner Tennis Tournament

Darts Presentation

Date: 29 October 2022

Date: 26 November 2022

Location: Boy Louw Tennis Courts, Paarl

Location: Ambagsvallei Sport Hall, Paarl


VARS | September

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month ‘Keep Positive and Keep Your Head in the Game’ “I knew my mind couldn’t be weak. This was mind over matter, and I planned everything meticulously.” She says the operation went well, and even though she lost all her hair due to the chemotherapy, she was still the only patient dancing during her chemotherapy sessions! “I asked my family to stay positive and to keep any negativity away from me. I wanted to absorb everybody’s positivity and it worked,” she says. Kubeshni, who has a 10-year-old son, says that staying mentally strong was key to this journey, and it is something she continues to do. She has one treatment left and will then have a full body scan before removing the port used to administer the chemotherapy. She is nothing but optimistic about her future. “Move forward with gusto in your step,” she says. “Cancer has made me look at life with eyes bigger and wider; it’s almost like I have been given a second chance.” Kubeshni says her faith, her positive mindset, and the support of those around her pulled her through. She has

Kubeshni Abrahams, a senior clerk at Drakenstein Municipality's rates and billing section, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year at the age of 39. Her mother had died from breast cancer when Kubeshni was only 12 years old. A woman’s risk for breast cancer doubles when she has a first-degree female relative (sister, mother, or daughter) with the same cancer. When she pressed a little harder and felt the lump in her breast last June, Kubeshni knew exactly what it was. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month . The incidence of breast cancer among South African women is increasing. Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among white and Asian women and the second most common cancer among black and coloured women. Kubeshni, who has been working for the Municipality for seven years, says she gave herself two days to let her diagnosis sink in before deciding that she was going to fight this illness with her mind. “Keep positive and keep your head in the game.” And that’s exactly what she did; what followed was a double mastectomy and chemotherapy.


VARS | September

made it her mission to be approachable so that other women can talk to her about this. “So many people have questions but might be too embarrassed to ask them. I want them to know that they can come to me.” From a tough childhood and her mother’s illness to fighting her own battle with breast cancer, Kubeshni says she wants to encourage other women to be body positive and to always do their checks. “Time is of the essence: don’t put off having your mammograms,” she says. Because she was aware and acted quickly when she first found her lump, her breast cancer was caught early. “A special thank-you to my colleagues for the extraordinary support and encouragement

that they provided for me and that they are still providing. They continue to make me feel so special,” she says. Kubeshni now wants to have her womb and ovaries removed as the next preventative step and says all the decisions she has made to this point have made her feel free and liberated.

“I am body happy, even more so now.”

Breast Cancer Awareness Month in South Africa is a nationwide drive by public and private healthcare structures to raise awareness of this disease among all South Africans.

Facts about breast cancer:

• Early detection of this cancer can lead to effective treatment and a positive prognosis. About 90% of patients survive for many years after diagnosis when breast cancer is detected at the early stages. • Regular self-breast examination and regular mammograms are key to early detection. CANSA Paarl Care Centre CANSA Paarl Care Centre is located at No 2 Monte Rosa Building, 276 Main Road, Paarl. No one should be facing a cancer diagnosis on their own and that is how CANSA Paarl Care Centre helps. They offer care and support programmes to all affected by cancer including the person, their partner and family. They also offer screening to help lower the cancer risk. Click here for more information. To contact the CANSA Paarl Care Centre, phone 021 873 6358 or 080 022 6622 or email them at .

• Presenting yourself early for treatment may result in more effective treatment, leading to a reduction in pain and suffering, and a significant decrease in the loss of life.

Pink Lady Crafts for Cancer Get your Pink Lady® bag at Pick n Pay this October.

TopFruit, based in Simondium, has been raising funds for breast cancer over the past 13 years. To date, they have raised over R800 000 toward this worthy cause. In October, TopFruit is partnering with Pink Lady Crafts for Cancer to sell Pink Lady® bags at Pick n Pay. R1 from each bag sold will go towards the fund. Pick n Pay and its suppliers have been part of this initiative for three years. Click here for more information.


VARS | September

Wyk 18 se dorpsgedeelte bestaan uit Wellington-Noord en Stokeryweg, Ladylockweg en Pentzstraat tot by Hospitaalstraat, ‘n gedeelte van die voordorp en die nywerheidsgebied van Wellington, Hoofstraat en ‘n gedeelte van Kerkstraat. Die skole, Pauw Gedenk Primêre Skool, Soetendal Primêre Skool, Laerskool Hugo Rust en Wagenmakersvallei Primêre Skool val binne die grense van Wyk 18. “Ons is trots en bevoorreg om ook die CPUT Kollege kampus, Hugenote Kollege kampus en die Wagenmakersvallei Opleidingsentrum in ons wyk te hê,” sê raadslid Baron. Hierdie skole, kolleges en sentrum speel ‘n belangrike rol in die opvoeding en ontwikkeling van ons primêre en naskoolse leerders. Wyk 18 bied nie net ondersteuning aan skole nie, maar ook aan bejaardes, werkloses, kleuterskole en sport instansies. Hulle gee dikwels erkenning aan sportprestasies. Die Uitvoerende Burgemeester se manifesto en opdrag was duidelik: Maak seker dat Drakenstein ‘n skoon en veilige stad is. Daarom het raadslid Baron kameras in sekere probleem-areas in haar wyk laat installeer en verdere kameras word beplan. “Dienslewering is vir ons belangrik en ons pak elke uitdaging onmiddellik aan. Ons wykskomitee speel ook ‘n belangrike rol daarin om na die wyk se behoeftes om te sien,” benadruk sy. Die wykskomitee bestaan uit kundige mense met ‘n passie vir die gemeenskap en werk van Dag 1 af hand aan hand met die raadslid. “My gunsteling-aanhaling as ‘n leier is: ‘Live a life full of humanity, gratitude, intellectual curiosity and never stop learning’. Dit is vir my ‘n eer om die wyksraadslid van Wyk 18

Wyk 18 se Raadslid ‘Pak Elke Uitdaging Onmiddellik aan’ Raadslid Elizabeth Baron is die raadslid vir Wyk 18 van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit. Sy is die afgelope 11 jaar reeds by die plaaslike politiek betrokke. Sy is die Munisipaliteit se Burgemeesterskomiteelid vir Korporatiewe Dienste en dien ook op verskeie komitees. Raadslid Baron is ‘n DA-raadslid en sy dien tans in haar eerste termyn as raadslid by die Munisipaliteit. Wyk 18 het ongeveer 4 100 volwasse inwoners. Die area is hoofsaaklik ‘n landelike gebied met gevestigde boerderye waar graan, wyndruiwe, uitvoerdruiwe en ander vrugte verbou word.

te wees,” sluit raadslid Baron af. Om raadslid Baron of enige ander wyksraadslid van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit te kontak, kliek hier .


VARS | September

Uceba weWadi 32 ‘ulwela ubulungisa boluntu’ Uceba wewadi weWadi 32 loMasipala waseDrakenstein nguSangolomzi Ganandana, itshantliziyo labantu elizibandakanye nezopolitiko ukususela ngowe-1997. Uceba Ganandana unguceba we-African National Congress. Wazalelwa eLesseyton kufutshane nakuKomani eMpuma Koloni, yaye uthabathe inxaxkwimibutho emininzi yophuhliso lolutsha. Uceba Ganandana usebenze njengomququ- zeleli weYoung Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) ngowama-2011 nowama-2012. Ngowama-2015 wanyulelwa kwisikhundla sokuba ngunobhala wesebe leSouth African Communist Party (SACP), athe kamva wangusihlalo wesebe ngowama-2017. Uceba Ganandana usebenze ngokunjalo njengosihlalo wesbe le-ANC ukususela kowama-2016 ukuza kuthi ga ngoku. IWodi 32 ePaarl likhaya kubahlali abamalunga nama-6 500. Imida yalo ihamba isusela eFairyland, Siyahlala 1, Milky Town, Greenfields naseBaseline ukuya kutsho eHillside, yaye ibandakanya ngokunjalo imimandla ethile yamatyotyombe. IWodi 32 likhaya kumbutho ongenguwo okarhulumente, iButterfly House, othi uncede kakhulu kukubhangiswa kwendlala yaye wenza umahluko omkhulu kuluntu. Phakathi kwemingeni ejamelene newodi, zizindlu, isidingo sekliniki, isikolo samabanga aphezulu nokufakelwa kombane kwimimandla yalo yamatyotyombe. “Uthando lwam oluvuthayo lusekulweleni ubulungisa kuluntu, ukwenza umahluko obonakalayo kuluntu nasekusombululeni

iingxaki zabantu,” utshilo uCeba Ganandana. Ndikholelwa kwinto

yokokuba onke amacandelo karhulumente – elesizwe, elephondo nelikamasipala – kufuneka asebenze kunye ukulungiselela ukunikezela neenkonzo ezilungileyo kuluntu.” Inkokheli yoluntu ezimiseleyo, udlale indima ebalulekileyo ekwakheni ubudlelwane phakathi kweenkampani zokwakha zasDrakenstein kunye noMasipala waseDrakenstein. Ngothando lwakhe oluvuthayo kwezemidlalo, uCeba Ganandana ebephambili kwiphulo lokufunwa kwebala lebhola ekhatywayo kwiWodi 32, apho ulutsha lwaseFairyland lungabonisa italente yalo kwimidlalo. Ukususela ngowama-2000, uzibandakanye kakhulu kwiBlackburn Rover Soccer Club eGreenfields, apho abambe isikhundla sokuba ngusihlalo. Ngokwakaloku nje uqeqesha iqela yaye ukhuthaza ulutsha okokuba luthabathe inxaxheba kwimidlalo. Ukuqhagamshelana noCeba Ganandana okanye nawuphi na omnye uceba woMasipala waseDrakenstein, cofa apha.


VARS | September

Keeping a Close Eye Here is what the community has to say about service delivery.

Mervyn Isaacs

Lizelma Olivier

“Dankie dat Little Fighters Cancer Trust deel kon wees van hierdie spesiale dag. Ons kinders sal dit altyd onthou. Baie dankie ook aan Alderman Conrad Poole vir sy omgee en pragtige boodskap.”

“Awesome! Thanks, Honorable Mayor, for the great work you have done for our community and ESPECIALLY for our SPORTING FRATERNITY. We are proud of you.”

Morné Laubscher

Phokuhle Yakobi

“Drink daagliks kraanwater en [ons] makeer absoluut niks [en het] nog nooit iets van die water oorgekom nie. Dankie, Drakenstein Munisipaliteit.”

“Good work, ma'am [Melissa Nel], and you did very well. Also, thank you for everything you did for the community.”

Write to Us!

The Vars team welcomes your content ideas. Please send them to and stand a chance to have it featured.


VARS | September

Kukhuselekile ukuhlawula i-akhawunti yakho kamasipala

UMasipala waseDrakenstein uthanda ukuqinisekisa abathengi bakhe okokuba kukhuseleke ngokupheleleyo okokuba uhlawule ityala lakho likamasipala. Akukho mingcipheko yokhuseleko ngenxa yolu hlaselo lwengcaciso ekwikhompyutha kaMasipala kunye neenkqubo zonxibelelwano. Zonke iintlawulo ziya kwabelwa kubantu bazo ngokulungileyo, yaye zonke intengiselwano ziya kurekhodwa ngokufanelekileyo. Iqela lethu lisebenze nzima ukukhusela iinkqubo zethu yaye sanelisekile yinto yokuba singanikezela ngoku inkonzo engenamngcipheko kubathengi bethu. UMasipala waseDrakenstein uthanda ngokunjalo ukukhumbuza abathengi

bethu ngento yokuba iNedbank lihlakani lethu elitsha lokubhakisha ukususela ngomhla woku-1 kuJulayi 2022. Nceda uqaphele olu tshintsho xa uhlawula i-akhawunti yakho kamasipala okanye esinye iirhafu zikamasipala. Abathengi abahlawula ii-akhawunti zabo besebenzisa ukhutshelo lwe-elektroniki lwezixa-mali (EFT), kufuneka basebenzise uluhlu lwabaxhamli abavunywe kwangaphambili kumaqonga abo okubhakisha ukuqhuba intengiselwano. Ukulungiselela nayiphi na imibuzo, abathengi banokuqhagamshelana noMasipala kule nombolo yomnxeba ingahlawulelwayo 080 131 3553 okanye ngale dilesi ye-imeyile .


Members of the public and interested parties are herewith invited to comment on the Draft Drakenstein Water and Sanitation Bylaw 2022. Copies of the draft bylaw can be requested via email from André Kowalewsk i at . He can also be contacted telephonically at 021 807 4705 . The draft bylaw is also available on the municipal website at . Comments on the above-mentioned draft bylaw can be lodged in writing to the City Manager, Drakenstein Municipality, PO Box 1, Paarl, 7622, or , by no later than Friday 28 October, 2022 . Comments on the draft bylaw can also be delivered by hand to the Civic Centre, Berg River Boulevard, Paarl. Persons who are unable to read or write, can submit their comments verbally at the Municipality’s Engineering Services Department, Water and Wastewater Services, Second Floor, c/o Market Street and Main Road, Paarl, where they will be assisted by a staff member who will put their comments into writing.


VARS | September

Drakenstein Municipality New Banking Partner

Please note that Drakenstein Municipality is now making use of Nedbank’s services.

We ask our consumers to take note of this change when paying your municipal account or any municipal tariffs. If you pay via EFT, please use the pre-approved beneficiary list on your banking platform for the transaction. For more information, contact 080 131 3553 toll free or email .


VARS | September

Drakenstein Municipality

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VARS | September


VARS | September

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