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MARCH 2023

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REGULARS 4 Editor's Letter

We are incredibly proud of Drakenstein’s growing reputation as the sports tourism mecca of the Winelands.



18 Ontmoet Jou Wykskomitee Uitnemende dienslewering hoogste prioriteit vir Wyk 2 se Wykskomitee. 6 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Showcases Drakenstein to Global Audience – and Inspires Local Youngsters This international World Cup demonstrated community upliftment and the power of sport in shaping the future of our youth. 12 Municipal Employee Pitches Up for ‘World-class’ Opportunity Vars speaks to Nomanqosini Sylvia Putu to find out more about her work and her voyage into World Cup cricket.


34 IJenereyitha IJenereyitha: Omawukwenze kunye Nomawun- gakwenzi Bulala Iingcinga EziBuhlungu zikaCi- mi-Cimi – Indlela Ekhuselekileyo Nebelezelayo.



VARS | March


10 Drakenstein Municipality Reinforces Three-pronged Eskom Loadshedding Resilience Plan The Municipality has reinforced its Eskom Loadshedding Resilience Plan, resting on three pillars: sustainable service delivery; revenue protection; and alternative energy. 16 Dal Josaphat Stadium–World-Class Sporting Facility on Our Doorstep This stadium has hosted a range of prestigious international, national, and provincial athletics events over the years. 14 Die Raadslid en die Rommelbestryder Marshall Hendricks, ʾn inwoner en wykskomiteelid van Drakenstein, streef voortdurend daarna om sy gemeenskapslede se lewensgehalte te verbeter.

20 Organic Wine Farming in Wellington: A Return to Nature Since its establishment in 2002, Lazanou Organic Vineyards has grown to become an emblem of sustainability in the world of winemaking. 24 A New Way of Thinking Alinea Solar boasts an accumulative experience of over 95 years in the mechanical and electrical engineering fields. 28 Ukuvulela Ukuvulela ukukhula koQoqosho Okubanda- kanyayo noTyalo-mali.


30 Trou-venues: Gee Drakenstein die Ja-woord Die Drakenstein-vallei bied venues te kus en te keur, elk met hul eie uitsonderlike attraksies. 26 Landjiekrieket met Elton Daniels Vars gesels met Elton Daniels oor landjie- én minikrieket by die Wellington Primêre Skool.


36 Notices and Tenders Here’s what you need to know.

27 Drakenstein Development and Investment Prospectus Drakenstein is a city geared for growth. Read more in the full prospectus.



VARS | March

We’re on the Global Sports Stage – and Loving It Sport has the power to unite communities in a way that little else does. As South Africans, we know this all too well. When families and friends gather around in their living rooms to support their favourite team, the cheers of delight (or disappointment) can often be heard yards away. Among the residents of Drakenstein, it is no different. Our people have sports in their blood, as was proved again this past month. Considering that international cricket action came to life on home soil, and the eyes of the world were fixed on Drakenstein, sport also takes centre stage in this edition of Vars . Boland Park Stadium in Paarl recently hosted the International Cricket Council (ICC) Women’s T20 World Cup. Yvette Tsolo, Manager: Sport and Recreation at Drakenstein Municipality, unpacks the extraordinary benefits of this World Cup (and similar sporting events) for our region and sporting fraternity. One of our municipal employees can personally attest to the power of sport after she became the only woman in her department to work with groundsmen at the T20 World Cup – prepping the pitch to be on a world-class level for every match! Vars interviewed Nomanqosini Sylvia Putu to hear all about her voyage into World Cup cricket. We caught up with Marshall Hendricks from Wellington to get you the lowdown on this man’s remarkable community clean-up project in Ward 10. Marshall is a ward committee member who transformed his area in record time with the help of enthusiastic community members and Ward Councillor Christephine Kearns. Talk about an impressive team effort! With Drakenstein’s sporting season in full swing, Vars pays tribute to the Dal Josaphat Stadium , our very own world-class athletics stadium with its modern amenities – all thanks to major renovations and ongoing maintenance. This stadium plays a significant role in putting Drakenstein on the global sporting map. We share details of the Municipality’s three-pronged Eskom loadshedding resilience plan , resting on these three pillars: sustainable service delivery, revenue protection, and alternative energy. The plan is based on a commitment to local government’s core business and mandate and on a pledge to keep on working responsibly with hard-earned public money. In this Vars , we also list the do’s and don’ts of installing generators safely to beat those Eskom loadshedding blues. When installed without the required professional expertise or adequate planning and consideration for the surrounding environment, generators can be unsafe and noisy and even become a source of harmful pollutants – not to mention unhappy neighbours. Be sure to adhere to the regulations and bylaws that control these installations.


VARS | March

We are incredibly proud of Drakenstein’s growing reputation as the sports tourism mecca of the Winelands and are committed to continuing to set the stage for mega sporting events. To host more global events, Drakenstein Municipality will keep prioritising impeccably maintained sporting facilities, excellent service delivery, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Thank you to our supportive residents, who always welcome our visitors with a smile! Without you, Drakenstein’s sporting accolades wouldn’t have been possible.

- Executive Mayor, Alderman Conrad Poole

We also have something for interested investors. Drakenstein Municipality recently launched our Development and Investment Prospectus . Read on to learn about the resources available to investors wanting to start up or expand their businesses in Drakenstein. In this month’s business profile , we feature Alinea Solar in Wellington. When Eskom loadshedding became more frequent, solar power technician Johan Nel saw an opportunity to make a difference. Together with his close-knit team, Alinea Solar is braving rooftops of all sorts to install solar power systems. With the harvest season underway, Vars popped in at Lazanou Organic Vineyards, home of organic wine farming in Wellington and an emblem of sustainability in the world of winemaking. Who better to talk to than its passionate owner, Xavier Bavaud, who left Switzerland for sunny South Africa with his family, where they braved (and conquered) the Wellington heat to cultivate unique, flavourful wines. Is love in the air? If you have recently proposed or been proposed to (perhaps on Valentine’s Day?), be sure to browse through our handy list of wedding venues in Drakenstein. From Au d' Hex, Die Kalkoonde, and Diamant Estate to Laborie Wine Estate, there is no shortage of dreamy options for your special day. You’ll be surrounded by vineyards, mountains, and authentic country life. Say yes to Drakenstein! For our community profile, Vars had a great time learning more about “landjiekrieket” from our resident expert, Elton Daniels. Having been involved in this informal and well-loved sport for quite some time, he calls it “the best sport ever” and a “gentleman’s sport”. For this month’s councillor profile, the spotlight is on Ward 2’s ward committee and their vision for 2023. Under the leadership of Councillor Nical Sauerman, this ward in Wellington is served by a dynamic group – ready for any challenge thrown their way! The Vars editorial team is thrilled to continue bringing you all the latest Drakenstein news. So sit back, kick off your shoes (maybe turn on your favourite sports channel), and enjoy the read!

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From the Vars editorial team


VARS | March

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Showcases Drakenstein to Global Audience and Inspires Local Youngsters

Last month, the eyes of the world were on Drakenstein – and Boland Park Stadium in Paarl in particular. With the destination’s world-class sports facilities on full display, cricket enthusiasts enjoyed not only one but three electrifying double-headers on 11, 13, and 19 February 2023, respectively. And the crowds of passionate local and international cricket spectators were most certainly not disappointed.

Yvette Tsolo, Manager: Sport and Recreation at Drakenstein Municipality, to better understand the other key benefits of this World Cup (and similar sporting events) for Drakenstein as a whole. “Because an event such as this one attracts large numbers of visitors to our destination, it is a powerful catalyst for economic growth. This has a positive impact on our local economy, as spectators and visitorsspend money on accommodation, food, transportation, and other goods and services,” Yvette explains.

To appreciate the significance of hosting an event of this magnitude, it is important to recognise that the International Cricket Council (ICC) Women’s T20 World Cup is a major global tournament featuring only the cream of the crop. Held every four years, the Women’s T20 has been played in various locations around the world. It goes without saying then that being selected as one of only three South African host cities was a momentous feather in Drakenstein Municipality’s (sports-loving) cap! Yet the importance of hosting a mega event on home soil reaches far wider than the honour of being in the global spotlight. Vars spoke to


VARS | March

Because an event such as this one attracts large numbers of visitors to our destination, it is a powerful catalyst for economic growth. “ „

residents come together to support the event and showcase their home to the world. This strengthens the social fabric of our communities and creates a sense of belonging among residents. Drakenstein boasts a community that is passionate about sports, providing a supportive environment for athletes and sports events. “Anyone who attended live or enjoyed the sporting action on the telly will know that Boland Park Stadium witnessed excellent attendance rates, and the ‘gees’ was palpable. Sport, music, and culture joined to create a truly magical experience,” Yvette says.

The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup also attracted media coverage from around the world – promoting Drakenstein to a global audience. In turn, this exposure helps build the destination’s brand and attracts more visitors in the future. In addition, hosting a mega sporting event can attract investment from both public and private sources, which can lead to the development of new business, infrastructure, and amenities in the area. This can create more jobs and opportunities for residents. Yvette explains that another powerful trickle-down benefit of hosting the ICC T20 Women’s World Cup is a heightened sense of civic pride a nd community spirit as


VARS | March

Mbekweni youngsters get to learn from the best This international World Cup also demonstrated community upliftment and the power of sport in shaping the future of our youth. On 16 February 2023, the Pakistani Women’s Cricket Team visited Boland Park Stadium to host a Cricket for Good Coaching Clinic for primary school learners from Mbekweni. Fifty girls were taken through their paces and showed the basics of batting, bowling, and fielding. Despite being starstruck in the beginning, the youngsters’ nerves soon settled, and they had loads of fun with a full array of slog-sweeps and googlies. Aventhea Kearns, the KFC Mini Cricket Coordinator of Cricket Boland, says: “It was great to have the Cricket for Good Coaching Clinic right here at Boland Park. This was made possible by UNICEF, the International Cricket Council, and Cricket South Africa. The kids, from as young as eight years old, were very enthusiastic and so were their school coaches, as well as the coaches from Cricket Boland.” The ICC Women’s T20 World Cup is a taster of what is to come. Drakenstein hosts several high-profile sporting events each year, and 2023 is no different. View our sport calendar so you don’t miss out on the next round of bumper sporting events on home soil!

The youngsters had loads of fun.


VARS | March

Drakenstein Sport Calendar

Tour du Cap Cycling Race

Wellington Park Run

Date: 2 – 5 March 2023

Date: 4, 11, 18, and 25 March 2023 Location: Imbuko Wine Estate, Wellington

Location: Started in Wellington and ended in Paarl

Bike Fest Paarl

Rocks vs Knights

Date: 3 – 5 March 2023

Date: 12 March 2023

Location: Boland Park Cricket Stadium, Paarl

Location: Rhebokskloof, Paarl

Avondale Bike Park Shuttle Day

Absa Cape Epic

Date: 19 – 26 March 2023

Date: 4 March 2023

Location: Starts in Hermanus and ends at Val de Vie, Paarl

Location: Avondale Wine Estate, Paarl

TinMan Val de Vie

Pass2Pass Train Run

Date: 30 April 2023

Date: 4 March 2023

Location: Val de Vie, Paarl

Location: Started at Imbuko Wine Estate, Wellington, and ended at Doolhof Wine Estate, Wellington


VARS | March

“We will not be a municipality that misleads its community with quick and grand promises of alternative energy solutions that will supposedly replace Eskom and get its municipal area off the grid,” said Alderman Conrad Poole, Executive Mayor of Drakenstein Municipality. “Reckless and irresponsible statements create expectations that no municipality can meet. It is not that easy, cheap, or quick to get off or semi off the grid.” Drakenstein Municipality’s loadshedding resilience plan is based on a commitment to local government’s core business and mandate and on a pledge to keep working responsibly with public funds. The plan comprises of three pillars: 1. Sustainable service delivery To safeguard municipal infrastructure and mitigate any possible service delivery disruptions caused by Eskom loadshedding, the Municipality has put into place comprehensive contingency measures. To address traffic control challenges during loadshedding, Drakenstein Municipality is following an innovative approach: it has already equipped over half (54%) of its 48 primary signalised traffic intersections with Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems. These systems are installed in underground chambers to prevent vandalism and robberies. By the end of June this year, 47 of these traffic intersections will be upgraded with UPS systems. In addition, the Municipality’s point duty service officer corps has been bumped up to assist with regulating traffic flow. “Over the past five years, we have installed backup generators at our water and wastewater facilities - such as our water and sewer pump stations and wastewater treatment works - to ensure basic services keep running despite Eskom loadshedding,” says Alderman Poole.

The generation of energy is a National Government competency and responsibility. Local government’s core focus and funded mandate is to render municipal services such as water, sanitation, waste management, electricity reticulation, roads, and infrastructure. Drakenstein Municipality takes its responsibility seriously and will focus on delivering sustainable and excellent services. The Municipality has reinforced its Eskom Loadshedding Resilience Plan, resting on three pillars: 1) Sustainable service delivery; 2) Revenue protection; and 3) Alternative energy. Drakenstein Municipality Reinforces Three-pronged Eskom Loadshedding Resilience Plan


VARS | March

The Municipality’s water reservoirs are designed to cater for at least 48 hours of storage capacity in the event of any breakdown in bulk supply, while all sewage pump stations’ sumps are designed to cater for at least four hours’ flow without electricity, before overflowing. Electricity maintenance teams are constantly on standby to repair infrastructure that breaks down due to high stages of loadshedding. The Municipality and its dedicated Cable Theft Prevention Unit are also making strides in its fight against cable theft – an activity that soars during power outages. More and more culprits are being arrested and prosecuted for this crime in Drakenstein. Finally, the Municipality has been installing backup generators at its main offices, service desks, and facilities, such as the Paarl Civic Centre and other customer care centres, to ensure it is open for business and ready to serve the public. “Drakenstein Municipality further welcomes the R6 million relief aid we received from the Western Cape Government. Drakenstein will match this with R6 million, which indicates how serious we are about ensuring continuous, uninterrupted service delivery. Our procurement process to buy emergency diesel generators to the value of R12 million is already in place,” says Alderman Poole. 2. Revenue protection Municipalities, like any other business, need to balance their finances. If they don’t, this would lead to bankrupt municipalities incapable of delivering services. Drakenstein Municipality refuses to go down this road, and that is why it fiercely protects its revenue. Providing electricity supply is one form of revenue generation. The income generated from the electricity supply goes directly back to the essential maintenance of the electricity network infrastructure.

“Since the beginning of the year, we are noticing a decrease in revenue generated from electricity supply due to loadshedding and consumers opting to go off the grid. This is very concerning for us,” says the Executive Mayor. 3. Alternative energy To assist in alleviating the sting of Eskom loadshedding, the Municipality is investigating ways of generating or purchasing alternative energy. It has an open door to and is engaging with various Independent Power Producers (IPPs), which are large-scale commercial investors specialising in generating alternative energy for sale. The Municipality is also weighing the pros and cons of wheeling (IPPs using the municipal grid to distribute their power). The Municipality is further investigating tariffs for Small-Scale Embedded Generation systems (SSEGs), such as businesses or households that generate alternative energy for their own use and wish to push their surplus power into the municipal grid. Setting the trend, Drakenstein Municipality has since 2015 been paying SSEGs that have pushed power into the grid. Drakenstein Municipality is also one of four Western Cape municipalities participating in the Provincial Government’s Municipal Energy Resilience Programme, which aims to collaborate on various loadshedding mitigation projects.


“That being said, we believe the energy generation ball should be placed firmly back in the court of the National Government. We cannot act as islands. Municipalities play a supporting role, ensuring that South Africans receive the municipal services they deserve. This will remain our focus,” concludes Alderman Poole.


VARS | March

Municipal Employee Pitches Up for

‘World-class’ Opportunity

Nomanqosini Sylvia Putu, a long-term employee of Drakenstein Municipality.


VARS | March

The recent International Cricket Council (ICC) Women’s T20 World Cup at Boland Park Stadium in Paarl enchanted sports lovers’ hearts around the world and delivered only the best cricketing action. But while spectators got to enjoy the game and relax, numerous teams were hard at work behind the scenes – such as the team that ensured that the pitch was at a world-class level for each match. One of the members of this groundsmen team was Nomanqosini Sylvia Putu, a long-term employee of Drakenstein Municipality. Vars spoke to Nomanqosini to find out more about her work and her voyage into World Cup cricket.

and Yvette Tsolo (Manager: Sport and Recreation at Drakenstein Municipality) approached me to provide support at the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup. I think she saw potential in me as someone who works diligently and is always committed to learning and growing my career.

What was your role at the ICC?

My role was to sweep the pitch and assist my male colleagues in watering the field.

Did the experience exceed your expectations? Or was it different from what you expected? The teamwork was very exciting because every role-player was committed to the task at hand, and we all took great pride in our duties. Our team went above and beyond to ensure world-class service delivery. As reportedly the first woman to work in this capacity at a women’s event of this magnitude in South Africa, this was great exposure for me and a platform to showcase my abilities and capabilities. Something that stood out for me was the exceptionally strict field requirements. The pitch had to adhere to international standards; this was very different from the sports fields where I normally work. The operations were extremely well-resourced and went beyond what I expected. Did this event open doors for you or inspire you to be part of similar events in the future? This opportunity was the start of many more ideas and dreams. All I can think about now is innovation! The experience definitely opened doors for me, and I would gladly say yes to opportunities to work at more events of this nature. This experience has introduced me to a whole new world of different resources, which will enable me to develop my own career further.

When did your journey at Drakenstein Municipality start?

I have been working as a Small Plant Operator at Drakenstein Municipality since 2009. After I matriculated, my parents could not afford to pay for my university fees, so I sought employment. I started as a temporary General Worker at Antoniesvlei Resort, where I was working in an all-male department. When a Small Plant Operator post was advertised, I applied and was permanently employed, which exposed me to work at various sports facilities. Always wanting to learn more and upskill myself, I diversified my responsibilities. I explored several fields, which included assisting in the offices alongside my former manager, Toppie Brand. I later furthered my studies by completing a secretarial course at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. While many might call it a challenge, I enjoyed working in all- male teams at the Municipality. I also acquired plenty of sport-related skills, especially when I was asked to work on the cricket field. How did you get involved in the ICC T20 World Cup? I am currently the only woman in our department working as a Small Plant Operator,


VARS | March

Marshall Hendricks se naam het op ons sosiale media-blaaie begin verskyn toe hy foto’s van ‘n park in sy omgewing geplaas het. Dié park is glo as ‘n onwettige stortingsgebied misbruik en was so met rommel oortrek dat g’n kind daar kon speel nie. Marshall het egter nie daaroor gekla of die Munisipaliteit kwalik geneem soos dikwels die geval is nie. Inteendeel, sy foto’s vertel die verhaal van ʾn gemeenskap wat saamstaan teen hierdie reusagtige probleem. Marshall, wat bedags deel vorm van die span by die Wellington Spar, dien op die Munisipaliteit se wykskomitee onder raadslid Christephine Kearns, ook die Hoofsweep van die Munisipaliteit. Dis hier waar Marshall die geleentheid gebied is om inisiatief te neem as ʾn lid van die Drakenstein-gemeenskap. Toe hy een dag op pad huis toe was van die werk af, val dit hom op dat die park in Wyk 10 nie meer is wat dit eens was nie. In plaas daarvan dat kinders sorgvry daar kon speel, was die gebied met rommel bestrooi. Buiten die oogseer, hou so ʾn onwettige stortingsgebied ʾn gesondheids- en veiligheidsrisiko vir almal in die nabye omgewing in.

Marshall Hendricks, 'n inwoner en wykskomiteelid van Drakenstein.

“Só kon dit nie aangaan nie,” sê Marshall. Hy beskryf hoe hy van deur tot deur gegaan het om sy bure aan te moedig om wettiglik van hul vullis ontslae te raak. “Sommige mense was kwaad!” vertel hy nou met ʾn

Die Raadslid en die Rommelbestryder

Marshall Hendricks, ʾn inwoner en wykskomiteelid van Drakenstein, streef voortdurend daarna om sy gemeenskapslede se lewensgehalte te verbeter. In hierdie strewe glo Marshall dat almal daarop geregtig is om in ‘n skoon en mooie omgewing te woon. Met die bystand van die Munisipaliteit, het hy ‘n opruimprojek binne ‘n rekordtyd op die been gebring. Ons ry deur Payton Place in Wellington terwyl Marshall Hendricks vertel hoe dié area eens bekend vir bendegeweld was. “Dit het nou darem rustiger geraak,” erken hy met ‘n glimlag. Tulpstraat en omgewing lyk aanvanklik saai, maar word oombliklik opgehelder deur die skaterlag van twee seuntjies wat op hul fietse verby jaag.

verleë glimlag. Naderhand het die meeste egter hul fout raakgesien en dit reggestel deur hul rommel te verwyder. Die vullis wat oorgebly het, het egter steeds ʾn probleem geskep. Marshall het ʾn klompie jong mans langs die pad gesien stap en hulle uitgevra oor hul omgewing. “Hou julle van hoe dit hier lyk?” Die manne speel graag sokker en krieket in Wyk 10 se parke, en die rommel perk natuurlik hul pret in. “Nee,” het hulle geantwoord. Marshall deel toe sy plan met hulle en nooi hulle uit om met hom hande te vat in sy opruimingsprojek.Toe die dag van die groot projek uiteindelik aanbreek, was Marshall stomgeslaan.


VARS | March

In this video, you’ll meet Marshall Hendricks from Wellington. He spotted illegal dumping in his area and decided to take action, inspiring his community members to join him in cleaning up a local park. Press play to learn more!

het my aangespoor om met idees na haar terug te kom,” verduidelik Marshall, “en dis wat ek gedoen het.” Sy inisiatief het groot sukses behaal. Met hierdie opruimingsprojek, het die Munisipaliteit bankvas agter Marshall gestaan. Laat dit vir ons ʾn voorbeeld wees van hoe om met oplossings vir gemeenskapskwessies vorendag te kom, mekaar om hulp te vra, en ons medemens te dien sover ons kan. Vir navrae, kontak gerus die Munisipaliteit per e-pos na of skakel 021 807 4782 .

Sommige van die jong mans wat hy genader het, was klaar aan die werk! Vele hande het ligte werk gemaak en die resultate laat almal met hoop in die hart. Al die rommel wat oor was in die park is deur Marshall en sy span ingesamel. Om van die vullis ontslae te raak, het Marshall op raadslid Kearns se nommer gedruk en sy het hom nie teleurgestel nie. Binne twee weke is die probleem opgelos! Hy koester ʾn diepe dankbaarheid teenoor raadslid Kearns. Sy was aanvanklik sy buurvrou, en hy het haar gesien groei tot die plek wat sy vandag volstaan. Marshall vertel ook dat hy 18 jaar lank dwelms misbruik het – iets waaroor hy baie spyt is. Dis dié dat hy so vir die jongmense in sy gemeenskap omgee – sy hart is vol empatie vir hulle. Sy opruimingsprojek behels daarom meer as net rommelbekamping: dis ʾn uitnodiging aan die gemeenskap om saam te staan. Raadslid Kearns se oë glinster sommer wanneer sy uitbrei oor Wyk 10 se opruimingsprojek. As verteenwoordiger van die Munisipaliteit, vertel sy met trots hoe daar van albei kante af moeite gedoen is om met ʾn oplossing vorendag te kom. “Raadslid Kearns

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Raadslid Christephine Kearns help graag haar gemeenskap.


VARS | March

Dal Josaphat Stadium World-class Sporting Facility on Our Doorstep

Drakenstein boasts several first-rate sporting facilities – and the multi-purpose Dal Josaphat Stadium in Paarl is one that deserves special mention. Featuring various modern amenities thanks to major renovations and ongoing maintenance over the years, the Dal Josaphat Stadium is home to various local rugby, soccer, cricket, netball, and athletic clubs. This stadium has been playing host to a range of prestigious international, national, and

provincial athletics events, such as the Athletics South Africa (ASA) Youth Championships and the PUMA School of Speed. Dal Josaphat is also a Grade 1 International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) facility. It is one of only three in the country, which means the stadium can host world-class athletic events and Olympic qualifiers. This opens opportunities for the Drakenstein economy, as well as for local athletes and schools.


VARS | March

The Dal Josaphat Stadium was built in the 1970s and has undergone numerous upgrades and renovations over the years, including:

the installation of a new tartan athletics track; upgrades to the changing rooms at the netball courts; the installation of fencing between the sports fields and around the athletics warm-up area; the raising of the perimeter wall on

Vander Stel Street’s side (to improve safety);and the installation of containerised changing rooms.

These upgrades have elevated the Dal Josaphat Stadium to a world-class facility. Overall, the stadium has played a significant role in putting Drakenstein on the global sporting map.

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VARS | March

Van links, voor is raadslid Nical Sauerman; Thandi Buckle; Marlene Weyers; Ronel Saayman; en Elmien Rossouw. Van links, agter is Ockert Vermeulen; Albertus Buckle Jnr; Neil Schoeman; Steven von Schlict; en Charles Holtzhausen.

Uitnemende Dienslewering Hoogste Prioriteit vir Wyk 2 se Wykskomitee

Onder leiding van raadslid Nical Sauerman word Wyk 2 in Wellington deur ʾn dinamiese en meelewende wykskomitee bedien, wat kritiese behoeftes flink aanspreek. Raadslid Sauerman is ʾn man wat vas glo dat daar altyd ruimte is om dienslewering te verbeter, ongeag die struikelblokke wat onvermydelik in sy span se pad te staan kom. “Ons komitee se aspirasie is om te alle tye ons inwoners van diens te wees en te help. Met ʾn bekwame en inspirerende wykskomitee sien ons kans vir al die uitdagings in Wyk 2. Die goue draad wat die verskil maak vir ons is kommunikasie, kommunikasie, kommunikasie. Terugvoering rakende

dienslewering en wyksaangeleenthede is van kardinale belang,” sê hy.

Ons komitee se aspirasie is om te alle tye ons inwoners van diens te wees en te help.


VARS | March

Hierdie wyk se komitee is in 2022 deur die gemeenskap verkies, en bestaan tans uit 10 aktiewe lede wat verskillende portefeuljes bestuur, naamlik:

Eskom-beurtkrag 'n enorme probleem. Die instandhouding van infrastruktuur is ook baie belangrik, soos pype wat soms bars weens die wisselende druk in watertoevoer. Raadslid Sauerman en sy wyk se visie is ook om te alle tye skoon en netjiese parke en sypaadjies te hê, asook om gereelde instandhouding te doen. Die antwoord op die uitdagings? Raadslid Sauerman vertel dat goeie kommunikasie (via WhatsApp-groepe en ander platforms) noodsaaklik is om inwoners in die wyk ingelig te hou van enige verwikkelinge. In hierdie verband is dit van uiterste belang dat die hele wykskomitee luister na die behoeftes van die gemeenskap. Hy verduidelik verder dat Wyk 2 se wykskomitee inwoners aanmoedig om die Munisipaliteit se SeeClickFix-toepassing te gebruik om nie-dringende diensverwante aangeleenthede aan te meld. “Deur SeeClickFix te gebruik bevorder ons goeie kommunikasie en opvolgaksie met behulp van ʾn individuele verwysingsnommer soos toegeken deur die stelsel,” sê hy. “Kom ons wees trots op Drakenstein deur saam te werk en ons deel te doen,” sê hy. Om raadslid Sauerman of enige ander wyksraadslid van Drakenstein Munisipaliteit te kontak, kliek hier .

• •

Ockert Vermeulen: Water en Sanitasie Adriaan van Niekerk: Vaste Afval Verwydering Marlene Weyers: Parke, Oop Areas en Begraafplase Albertus Buckle Jnr.: Sport, Ontspanning, Kuns en Kultuur Charles Holtzhausen: Elektrisiteit en Straatligte Neil Schoeman: Openbare Veiligheid Steven von Schlicht: Maatskaplike Ontwikkeling Elmien Rossouw: Besighede, Klein-, Medium- en Makro-ondernemings, en Ander Ronel Saayman: Paaie en Stormwater Thandi Buckle: Beperkte Toegang Woongebiede

• •

• •

Volgens raadslid Sauerman is Wyk 2 se grootste uitdaging tans veiligheid. Daarom werk die Wykskomitee nou saam met die area se buurtwagte en ander veiligheidsrolspelers om misdaad te bekamp. Verder bly


VARS | March

Organic Wine Farming in Wellington: A Return to Nature


VARS | March

Since its establishment in 2002, Lazanou Organic Vineyards has grown to become an emblem of sustainability in the world of winemaking. Organic practices steer away from chemicals. Instead, they veer towards the example set by nature itself. It was a passion for organic viticulture that beckoned Swiss Xavier Bavaud and his family to sunny South Africa, where they braved the Wellington heat to cultivate unique, flavourful wines. Nestled in the folds of the Hawequa Mountains, the town of Wellington boasts a wealth of agricultural gems. One such gem is Lazanou Organic Vineyards — a farm with a distinctive, organic farm-to-table approach to winemaking. Xavier Bavaud is the epitome of serenity as he explains how Lazanou Organic Vineyards in Wellington came to be. Founded in 2002, the farm’s first seeds were planted in 2004. About two years later, it achieved certification as an organic wine farm, paving the way for its current successes. Xavier pays homage to the farm’s previous owners, noting that their hard work had laid the foundation for the more recent endeavours on the property. The African dream Originally from French-speaking Switzerland, Xavier and his family crossed the ocean in 2020 to take ownership of this extraordinary organic wine farm in the heart of the Boland. With gratitude, Xavier reflects on the perfect opportunity they were given; a fully functional organic wine farm in need of new owners offered their family a fresh start. A farm with a distinctive, organic farm-to-table approach to winemaking. “ „

Xavier Bavaud, owner of Lazanou Organic Vineyards


VARS | March

Organic winemaking starts with the cultivation of organic grapes — a practice inspired by the simplicity of nature. In Wellington, Lazanou Organic Vineyards is known as the home of organic wine farming. Passionate owner Xavier Bavaud, originally from Switzerland, tells us how he and his family have braved (and conquered) the Wellington heat to cultivate these distinctive, flavourful wines. Press play to see what organic winemaking entails.

While they have had the desire to relocate for some time, the family was only able to settle on the farm in late 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When Xavier now thinks back to their plans’ delay, he smiles despite it posing a challenge to his dreams at the time. Fortunately, he was not easily dissuaded from his quest.

Wellington is perfectly situated for wine growing due to its complex soil composition and suitable climate. Grapevines thrive under these strenuous conditions; at the same time, the warm Wellington sunshine and cool winter rains nurture flourishing vineyards.


VARS | March

True to nature

Organic winemaking starts with the cultivation of organic grapes — a practice inspired by the simplicity of nature. The goal is to use as few chemicals in the cultivation process as possible. Furthermore, sustainable operations on the farm include the strict monitoring of water consumption and waste management, with recycling high on the priority list at Lazanou. Xavier believes that most good things are simple, and this includes all things wine related. “This is our objective: to do our best with what nature gives us,” he explains. With this goal in mind, it makes sense that Lazanou Organic Vineyards flourishes in Drakenstein. The natural splendour of this iconic region never fails to inspire the Bavaud family. With authenticity as one of the wine farm’s core values, it is easy to see how their true-to-nature winemaking techniques produce exceptional wines The farm boasts just over five hectares of vineyard with a variety of carefully selected cultivars suitable to the microclimatic conditions and soils on the farm. These cultivars include Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Viognier, Syrah (Shiraz), and Mourvèdre.

Xavier Bavaud exudes an air of humble simplicity that spills over into the wines produced on his farm. With such a wonderfully rare approach to winemaking, Lazanou Organic Vineyards’ future in Drakenstein is promising.

The farm has just over five hectares of carefully selected cultivars.

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VARS | March

Derived from the French word alinéa or “new line”, Alinea Solar represents a new line of thinking. In the world of renewable energy, this means changing your approach to energy production and usage – you can’t change your behaviour without shifting your mindset, after all. Even in the extreme Drakenstein heat, Johan Nel and his team brave rooftops of all sorts to install solar power systems in aid of Eskom loadshedding resilience. Through the installation of solar panels, inverters, and high-quality monitoring systems, Alinea Solar helps clients to become more loadshedding resilient by supplying additional power sources. Their combined skills add value to our community, showing what expertise can mean when supported by teamwork. Eskom loadshedding presents communities all over South Africa with numerous difficulties. Johan Nel, director of Alinea Solar, clearly recalls the day in September 2021 when he finally decided to address these challenges. In Wellington, in the heart of Drakenstein, where Johan lives with his wife, a new line of thinking was born to promote loadshedding resilience. Alinea Solar boasts an accumulative experience of over 95 years in the mechanical and electrical engineering fields. Their on-site team consists of Drakenstein locals, Sakkie Jacobs and Tristan Wiese. Together with Johan, they are the hands and feet of this company, while the broader leadership team is spread across the world. Drakenstein serves as A New Way of Thinking

Tristan Wiese braves rooftops to install solar power systems.

Sakkie Jacobs forms a valuable part of the Alinea team.


VARS | March

the base of operations from which the team services homes in the rest of the province and country. With the rise in demand for off-the-grid energy solutions, Johan believes that going solar to make your home more resilient to loadshedding “just makes sense”. Having lived elsewhere for over a decade before returning to Drakenstein in 2020, Johan reserves a special place in his heart for this region. A local Drakensteiner through and through, he has much to offer the community. While the clear, sunny skies are one of Johan’s reasons for doing business in Drakenstein, it is the community that truly captures his heart. He values building relationships with his team and clients in this warm and welcoming environment. Alinea Solar believes that skilled individuals are a necessity to the Drakenstein community. This is exemplified by their unique team dynamic: Johan, who is in his sixties, uses

his many years of experience to guide Sakkie and the younger Tristan. Johan finds value in training up his team members while reaping the benefits of having extra sets of hands to get the work done. As a community, we have much to learn from the Alinea Solar team. Their endeavours stretch beyond the realms of mere solar power, fostering a true sense of fellowship. While Drakenstein is a business development hub brimming with skilled individuals mastering their craft, it is also a community of real people facing real problems. Alinea Solar attests to this fact, reaching for new heights in the world of energy consumption and teamwork alike. Alinea Solar boasts an accumlative experience of over 95 years in the mechanical and electrical engineering fields. “ „

Johan values building relationships with his team and the Drakenstein community.

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VARS | March

Landjiekrieket met Elton Daniels

Die leerders geniet dit op die krieketveld.

Landjiekrieket is ‘n informele sportsoort. Daarom is daar nie formele sportliggame of forums betrokke nie. Elton vertel dat landjiekrieket as ‘n vermaaksport geklassifiseer word. Spanne ding mee om hulle onderskeie buurte se aanhangers te vermaak met die spel wat hulle speel. Elke Bolandse dorp het verskillende ligas vir byvoorbeeld mans, juniors en junior dames. Sommige landjiekrieketligas het daarin geslaag om borge te vind, wat beteken dat daar prysgeld

“Landjiekrieket word met ‘n soort tennisbal gespeel. Die bal is redelik groot; daar word drie tot vier lae wit en swart isolasieband om die bal gedraai om dit swaarder te maak. Verder is die spel maar soos buitekrieket. Elke span het 20 boulbeurte om veldwerk te doen en te kolf.” Só verduidelik Elton Daniels van Wellington. Hy is betrokke by landjie- én minikrieket by die Wellington Primêre Skool waar hy ook as administrasiebeampte instaan.


VARS | March

vir die wenners op die spel is. Volgens berigte het die Drakenstein-omgewing die meeste spanne wat landjiekrieket aktief beoefen. Die hoofdoel van landjiekrieket is om jong seuns uit die moeilikheid te hou. Om aan ‘n sport deel te neem, hou die seuns dikwels weg van dwelms, drankmisbruik en bendegeweld. Van die gemeenskappe ondersteun hierdie jong spelers en moedig hulle aan om deel van die ligas te wees. Daar is groot waarde daarin wanneer ‘n gemeenskap verenig in sport is en wanneer kinders in sport floreer. Wellington Primêr het ook drie spanne wat in die minikrieketligas speel: onder 7 (graad 1), onder 8 (graad 2) en onder 9 (graad 3). Elton is die afrigter van die onder 8-span en ook betrokke by die ander twee spanne.

Krieket is 'n regte "gentleman's sport."

Minikrieket is ‘n sport wat aan leerders die basiese stappe van krieket leer, soos veldwerk, boulwerk, kolfwerk en – die belangrikste van alles – hand-oog-koördinasie, verduidelik Elton. Minikrieket gee ook aan leerders die geleentheid om teen verskillende skole mee te ding. Só maak hulle maats en geniet dié tydverdryf. Volgens Elton is krieket “die beste sport ooit” en ‘n “gentleman’s sport”. Sy passie is amper voelbaar, nog soveel te meer as jy hoor dat hy al sedert hy nege jaar oud is, gek is na krieket. Oor die jare het hy, waar hy ook al homself bevind, by dié sport betrokke geraak. Hy sê krieket is ‘n stresontlaaier vir baie. “Krieket leer jou ook om besluite binne sekondes te neem, soos watter tipe hou jy wil speel en watter bal jy in jou boulbeurt wil boul. “As jy ‘n minikrieketfees bywoon, sal jy sien hoe die leerders dit op die krieketveld geniet. Dit bly ‘n groot plesier om hulle dop te hou en te sien hoe baie energie hulle het as hulle speel,” raak Elton van voor af liries. Enige jongmens wat belangstel kan by enige liga in hul dorp aansluit.

Elton Daniels is betrokke by beide landjie- én minikrieket.

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VARS | March

Ukuvulela ukukhula koQoqosho okubandakanyayo noTyalo-mali


VARS | March

Ukumiselwa kuMasipala waseDrakenstein esitsha iSaziso ngokuShicilelweyo soPhuhliso noTyalo-Mali kwinyanga ephelileyo kuphinda kungqina iphulo likaMasipala lotyalo-mali elinobuhlobo, lesixeko apho abatyali-mali nabaphuhlisi baqinisekiswa ngokusingqongileyo okudala zenzeke izinto ezimalunga noshishino. Sikwanedesika elungiselelwe oko, nesisikhululo sokuqala sezoPhuhliso kwakunye neDesika yezoTyalo-mali yokunceda abatyali-mali nabaphuhlisi abanokubakho, bokuqhuba iinkqubo zikamasipala. Le Desika ihlela izicelo zezophuhliso yaye ilungelelanisa imisebenzi

yamacandelo kamasipala ukukhawulezisa le hambo yotyalo-mali.Ngokusebenzisa ezi zixhobo zokwakha oku, nale ajenda igqalise kutyalo-mali, sinokubaqinisekisa abatyali-mali ukuba akukho ndawo ibhetele kunale, yokutyala imali ngeli lixa, neyodlula iDrakenstein. Ukuba unomdla wokwandisa ishishini lakho okanye lokutyala imali eDrakenstein, zinike ixesha lokuphengulula ngokugqigqibeleleyo esi Saziso ngokuShicilelweyo soPhuhliso apha kwakhona/okanye unxibelelane/ udibane neDesika yethu yoPhuhliso noTyalo-mali kule imeyile:

Which are Drakenstein’s Priority Investment Areas? N1 Corridor

Dal Josaphat Industrial Area, Paarl East


Jan van Riebeeck Drive, Paarl

Klein Drakenstein Road, Paarl East


Paarl East


Paarl Central Business District

Wellington Central Business District

Main Road, Paarl

Wellington Industrial Area

De Poort, Paarl

Smart educational hub

Paarl Riverfront

Sports tourism hub

See the full Prospectus


VARS | March

Trou-venues: Gee Drakenstein die Ja-woord

Om te trou is nie perdekoop nie. So ook nie die kies van ‘n troubestemming of -venue nie! Dis altyd ‘n goeie idee om ‘n kontrolelys vir enige groot besluit in die lewe te maak. ‘n Kontrolelys vir die mooie Drakenstein-vallei as troubestemming kry ‘n hele rits regmerkies wat sal verseker dat jou troudag en -venue jou wildste verwagtinge oortref. Dié prentjiemooi bestemming se pluspunte sluit in:

Au d’ Hex, Wellington

By Au d’ Hex voel dit asof die Du Toitskloof-berge letterlik oor jou neerbuig terwyl jy aan ietsie koels teug op ‘n houtdek wat oor ‘n dam uitstrek. Die fluweelrusbanke in die tuin nooi jou om jou in hulle neer te vly en die rustige atmosfeer én geur van rose in te drink. Boonop laat Au d’ Hex se elegante “glaskas” dit voel asof die natuur deel van jou troue is, terwyl jy by lang houttafels aansit en heerlik saamkuier.

Minder as ‘n uur se ry vanaf Kaapstad In die hartjie van die pragtige Boland Omring deur wingerde ‘n Uitsig oor majesteuese berge Bekend vir uitmuntende wit- én rooiwyn, sowel as Cap Classique ‘n Intieme dorpsgevoel, maar tog met alle dienste en verskaffers wat jy gaan nodig hê ‘n Verskeidenheid bekostigbare én luukse verblyfopsies om elkeen se smaak te pas ‘n Rits besienswaardighede en doen- dinge in die omgewing

• • • • •

Die Drakenstein-vallei bied venues te kus en te keur, elk met hul eie uitsonderlike attraksies.


VARS | March

Au d’ Hex bied hul eie spysenierings- en dekorhuurdiens, sowel as oornagverblyf vir 20 mense.

Die Kalkoonde, Wellington

Die Kalkoonde is enig in hul soort. Waar anders kry jy ‘n 200-jaar-oue gerestoureerde kalksteenmyn en -fabriek met sy eiesoortige sjarme? ‘n Tikkie moderniteit is bygevoeg sonder om die plaasgevoel in te boet. Die wilde olyfbome by Die Kalkoonde se amfiteater dra verder by tot die atmosfeer, terwyl die houtdek ook ‘n dromerige uitsig oor die dam bied. Die Ou Oonde-venue is met kalk- en bakstene gebou en dis presies hier waar die bruidspaar en hul gaste dit op die dansvloer kan uitkap.

40 gaste akkommodeer; in die winter brand ‘n gesellige kaggel hier en in die somer is daar lugverkoeling. As jy enigiets wil vier, nie net troues nie, is Diamant die plek vir jou. Verskillende verblyfpakkette sowel as konferensie-geriewe is ook beskikbaar.

Diamant Estate, Suid-Agter-Paarl

By Diamant in Suid-Agter-Paarl is die Paarlberg letterlik in jou “agterplaas”, terwyl ‘n groen grasperk, wingerde en eeue-oue akkerbome voor jou uitstrek. Hier kan jy kies tussen ‘n intieme geleentheid in die wynkelderkapel, wat uit die 1700s dateer, of in The Barn, ‘n buitelug-plegtigheid in die tuin, of ‘n uitskop-seremonie in die hoofvenue. The Barn is langs die kapelletjie en kan hoogstens

Laborie Estate, Paarl

Laborie-wynlandgoed dateer so ver terug as 1691. By Laborie kan jy kies of jy jou eie geskiedenis in hul gerestoureerde sjampanjekelder, die historiese herehuis, of die lieflike tuin wil maak. Verblyf is beskikbaar, sowel as ‘n reeks Laborie- wyne en vier Cap Classiques. Die verblyf sluit in sewe gemaklik ingerigte dubbelkamers, twee suites, ‘n kothuis en ‘n villa. Follow us

@drakensteinmunicipality @DrakensteinMunicipality


VARS | March

IJenereyitha: Omawukwenze kunye Nomawungakwenz Bulala Iingcinga EziBuhlungu zikaCimi-Cimi Indlela Ekhuselekileyo Nebelezelayo lo-mali

• Nayiphi ijenereyitha eza kuqhagamshelwa kwiziko lombane (electrical grid) kufuneka ifakelwe lichule eliqeqeshiweyo nelinamaphepha okukwenza oko . Oku kufakelwa kuhambelana nokwaziwa njengoSANS 10142 (kwanokwaziwa njengeKhowudi yokuSebenza ngokuFakela iiNtambo zoMbane kwizaKhiwo yaye kufuneka isiqinisekiso sokukuvumela oko (COC). Esi siqinisekiso saziwa njengeCOC sinokukhutshwa kuphela emva kokwamkelwa nokuvunywa okuvela kuMasipala kuthe kwabonelelwa, kwakhona nasemva kokuba kuye kwahlolwa ngamagosa achaphazelekayo naphathelene noko kaMasipala eCandelo likaMasipala leeNkonzo zobuChwephesha kwezoMbane. • Ukusebenza nokusetyenziswa kwazo zonke iijenereyitha, oku kubandakanya iijenereyitha kwiindawo zokuhlala, kufuneka zihambelane neMigaqo yonyaka wama2013 yeNtshona Koloni yoLawulo lweNgxolo. Le migaqo imisela ingxolo eyamkelekileyo yaphandle ekumda wesakhiwo kwimimandla ngemimandla eyahlukeneyo oku kubandakanya izithili zemizi-mveliso, yezorhwebo, yedolophu, yedolophana kwakunye nezithili zasemaphandleni. Ukuba ijenereyitha yakho yenza ingxolo engaphezulu kwindawo yokuhlala yommelwane wakho, uya kuba wenza ingxolo ephithikezayo ngokwenza oko waphula imigaqo yeNtshona Koloni yoLawulo lweNgxolo. Ukuba ufakela ijenereyitha yakho wabe usaphula lemi gaqo, uMasipala unakho ukukuyalela ukuba uyisuse/uyikhupha ijenereyitha yakho, oko ukwenza ngeendleko zakho.

Okokoko ukucima kombane (ucimi-cimi) kwa- Eskom kwaba yinto yemihla nezolo eMzantsi Afrika, amashishini asekuhlaleni kwakunye nabahlali bagqiba ekubeni bazilungiselele umphako wee-jenereyitha ukusombulula le ngxaki yokucima kombane. UMasipala waseDrakenstein ufuna ukukhumbuza uluntu lwethu ukuba kukho imigaqo nemithetho kamasipala eyahlukeneyo ngezizathu ezizizo nezilungileyo. Xa ukufakelwa kusenziwa ngaphandle kobuchule nesakhono – okanye ngaphandle kweplani/kokucwangcisa okwaneleyo kwakunye nengcamango ngokuphathelele kokusingqongileyo – iijenereyitha zinokubanakho ukungakhuseleki yaye zingxole, kangangokuba zibe yimbangi yongcoliseko oluyingozi- andisathethi ke ngokungonwabi abamelwane. elawula ukufakelwa nokusetyenziswa kweejenereyitha, yaye oko kusenziwa

ULouis Pienaar,uMlawuli wesiGqeba oBambeleyo kaMasipala: IiNkonzo

zobuNjineli, kwakunye noShaun Reece, iGosa lethu loLawulo lweNgxolo, banika abafundi be Vars iingcebiso ngeendlela ezikhuselekileyo nezisemgaqweni zokufakela iijenereyitha eDrakenstein.

Kusetyenziswa eyiphi imigaqo?

• Ukuba ucinga okanye ucamngca ukufakela ijenereyitha kufuneka wenze/ufake isicelo seplani yokwakha esibonisa ngokucacileyo indawo echazayo kunye nobukhulu bejenereyitha. Isicelo seplani yokwakha kufuneka siqale samkelwe phambi kokufakela ijenereyitha.


VARS | March

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