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The Kappa Alpha Psi ® Journal Established 1914 First Editor Frank M. Summers, Esq. Past Permanent Editors Lionel F. Artis 1921–1937 G. James Fleming 1938–1950 William L. Crump 1950–1975 Earl S. Clanton 1975–1985 Jonathan P. Hicks 1985–1989 Van Jordan 1989–1990 Mel L. Davis 1990–1999 Keflyn X. Reed 1999–2010 Jonathan P. Hicks 2011–2014 Thomas L. Cunningham IV 2014–2015 Cleveland Ferguson III, Esq. 2016— Editor Cleveland Ferguson III, Esq. Jacksonville (FL) Alumni Chapter KappaJournal1914@gmail.com



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Saving children from around the world

When Azalea’s family learned she had cancer, they were referred to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ® from their home in Jamaica. They were familiar with St. Jude and knew it was the right place for their tenacious little girl. Treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% when we opened to more than 80% today, and we won’t stop until no child dies from cancer. Experience Azalea’s story at stjude.org/azalea

“We knew St. Jude was the best possible place for a child with cancer, and that’s what we wanted for her.” –Simone, Azalea’s mom


A Salute to 50 Years of Kappa League: Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go, and a Look Ahead to Singular Achievements in grades 6 th -12 th .

holds, their education, our relationships inure to their training. They will take what they see from us and our behavior during this time into their adult years. How we train our children, edify our Kappa Leaguers, mentor community youths, equipping them with the tools and resources to preserve their men- tal, physical and spiritual health, to make good decisions by showing them outcomes from our personal or corporate experiences, better ensures a firm foun- dation for their future endeavors. And so we salute the Kappa League Program for 50 years of continuous service. *** Next issue: While The Journal has pub- lished several gatefold covers in the past, Journal staff is excited to publish only the second dual cover issue for the next issue featuring Talen J. Horton-Tucker (Omega 2019) and Elijah C. DeVaughn (Theta Iota 2019) in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

The National Guide Right Committee is led by Kevin Burnett. He and his team gathered these stories as representative of the efforts being undertaken from chapters across the world. We salute the Province Chairmen (see page 16) as well as Kappa League leaders in a Roll Call (see page 22). The effects of the pandemic and concomitant governmental (in)actions at the local, state and federal level has caused Kappa’s leadership to respond in a variety of ways to keep us safe and still conduct the business of Kappa. For example, we held the Second National Kappa League Conference (see page 28) as well as a National Virtual CRWLC (see page 70). We continue to shine light on the foun- dational injustices that plague the fabric of society, through commentary, virtual fora, and physical rallies. We continue to take care of the business of Kappa, remaining safe in the process. And we

Cleveland Ferguson III, Esq., Editor P roverbs is a book of The Bible filled with wisdom for the ages. One verse particularly reso- nates during this observance of 50 years of Kappa League. "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 (KJV). Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in which so many pasto- ral leaders have reminded us to stay focused on whose we are, to maintain our faith in the One who is in control regardless of who occupies the White House, there has been a steady beat of our sometimes weary feet, to mentor, to educate, to support young men for decades. In this issue, we feature some of those men who matriculated through the Kappa League program, and are now brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi, achiev- ing in their respective fields of human endeavor. Kappa League was founded on, Febru- ary 12, 1969, by the Los Angeles (CA) Alumni Chapter at Alain LeRoy Locke High School. Kappa League was ad- opted by the Grand Chapter at the 56 th Grand Chapter which was held August 12-15, 1970. Kappa League, a subset of the National Guide Right Program focuses on the educational, occupation- al, and social guidance of male students

discharged our collec- tive civic duty as part of the millions who voted in the 2020 elections (that are still ongo- ing through January in the South- eastern Province). Through- out it all, our chil- dren are watching and learn- ing. How we manage our house-


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


Moving Through the COVID-19 Pandemic Towards the Kappa Future of our Dreams A s we continue on the second century of achievement of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., it is expected that each

changed how people of the world con- duct their day-to-day business. Kappa Alpha Psi is no exception. Fortunately, our leaders have a history of overcom- ing obstacles, and have taken expedient measures to keep the mighty ship of Kappa on course. The Grand Board is grateful for the willingness of Kappa leaders at all levels to make the extreme sacrifices necessary to carry us through these perilous times. Since the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis hit, it is amazing how many phone and video calls we find ourselves on each day. It’s probably becoming a frequent phenomenon for most brothers. We are experiencing new technology chal- lenges, including alternative ways of communicating safely, enabling us to meet our statutory and ritualistic responsibilities. Most of us are getting used to the world of virtuality. For those of you have ad- justed to this new-norm, help our broth- ers get up to speed. Help them to con- nect in new social ways, hosting virtual parties, happy hours and with reunions with friends who have not connected in decades. People have been having church or just hanging out on Facebook and other social media platforms. All of these things are holding us tightly in the BOND. We’re grateful to our diligent COV- ID-19 task force for keeping us vigilant during these tumultuous times. Together, we continue to unceasingly

of us is reflecting on the great accom- plishments of all who have knelt at the sacred Delphic Shrine. We look back at the history of our beloved Founders, who were compelled to look through the windows of classrooms at Indiana University just to seek access to educa- tion that was gratuitously afforded their White counterparts. We continue to empathize with their inherent ability to achieve and persevere. One of the major problems in our nation during the pandemic has been the lack of human compassion by the nation’s national leadership. Let us be champions of compassion and empathy where we live. Disrupting one’s usual routine for the benefit of others may not be to everyone’s liking, but throughout history, humans have been willing to make sacrifices to protect the health of others. The willingness to do so seems to be part of human nature. There is some evidence from early history of human groups supporting elderly and disabled individuals who would have been unlikely to survive on their own. Let us reach out as our Founders envisioned and do unto others as all Kappas should. More recently, we have been strug- gling with a novel pandemic called “COVID-19.” This contagious virus has

Reuben A. Shelton III, Esq., Grand Polemarch


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


Voting Matters and Kappas Voted!

“ New Jersey Kappas: On the front lines conserving life, alleviating suffering, pro- moting health, and serving unselfishly with strength, courage, compassion and honor.

One of the major problems in our nation during the pandem- ic has been the lack human compassion by the national leadership. Let us be champi- ons of compassion and empa- thy where we live. Disrupting one’s usual routine for the benefit of others may not be to everyone’s liking, but through- out history, humans have been willing to make sacrifices to protect the health of others. The willingness to do so seems to be part of human nature. There is some evidence from early history of human groups supporting elderly and disabled individuals who would have been unlikely to survive on their own. Let us reach out as our Founders envisioned and do unto others as all Kappas should.”

work on our established core programs. We continue to seek your assistance in identifying the place(s) you can be of help. The 34 th Administration believes you can find a place you can help at the local, province or national level, perhaps in: Guide Right, Undergraduate Risk Management, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mental Health; Education Aware- ness and Treatment, Learn to Live (with N.O.B.L.E.), St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Financial Literacy, Military and Veterans Affairs, Youth Literacy, or Room to Read. Make sure you can say that you helped us make a difference in the communities we serve. Finally, I can’t thank you all enough for the way you have represented the Brand through this pandemic and the recently concluded presidential election. All of you were masterful in mobilizing our constituent groups to ensure our votes counted and our interests were protected. Because of you, our national partners in this election cycle have praised the brothers for the way you stepped up, turned out and produced the desired results. We still have work to do as we make

some tough decisions in the coming months. We are working toward having a Spring membership intake class and I pray we can get it done. We are closely monitoring the situa- tion in Phoenix as we continue to plan for the 85 th Grand Chapter Meeting. I pledge that we will do nothing to threaten the health and welfare of our brothers and we will protect the invest- ment of the brothers who have already registered and return your funds if we have to pivot in a different direction. These are still difficult times but I am so proud of how the Bond has re- sponded so far. You can’t have fear and faith at the same time and you have shown WE HAVE NO FEAR. Together we will continue to, BROTHER TO BROTHER, BREAK BARRIERS AND BUILD BRIDGES. God bless you all.

Yours in the Bond, Reuben A. Shelton III, Esq. Grand Polemarch


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


I n the wake of a polarizing election, racial disharmony, and a global pandemic that has illuminated the frailty of our society, I reflect on the impact that 2020 has had on myself, our Kappa Brothers, and our nation. No one could have predicted the events that would correspond with the chang- ing of the decade, yet we are all forced to confront the present adversities with a steadfast determination to reach a destination beyond our view. While it seems that every day presents a new challenge, I am proud of the resilience that I see all around me. The resilience of my fellow undergraduates to alter learning habits and adapt to an online course curriculum; the resilience of our front line healthcare staff to care for the millions of those afflicted with COVID-19; the resilience of our nation to fight against a hateful spirit rooted in racism; and the resilience of our fraternal leaders to continue steering Kappa Alpha Psi toward the vision cast by our founders nearly 110 years ago. Just as they bravely faced the challenges

of their day, future members of Kappa will gaze and wonder how we remained strong through this unprecedented year. I have never been more proud to call myself a member of Kappa Alpha Psi than now as I watch the bravery dis- played by my fraternal brothers in this difficult time throughout the United States and abroad. The course that lies ahead of us is unfamiliar and at times will be daunt- ing. If this year is any indication, there is no way to fathom the events that loom ahead. However, I know without a shadow of a doubt, that these challeng- es will lead to uncanny innovation, revo- lutionary leadership, and an unbreak- able bond amongst all of us sharing this common experience. I stand in solidar- ity with all of you brothers and will fight alongside you as we push to break barriers and build bridges. Together, we will leave an indelible mark of excel- lence on our fraternity and the world at large. I thank you for the opportunity to serve and help lead you during this memorable 2020 year and will continue

to give all I have to guide our fraternity on its path of excellence.

Yours in the Bond, Evan R. Jackson Junior Grand Vice Polemarch

I stand in solidarity with all of you brothers and will fight alongside you as we push to break barriers and build bridges. Together, we will leave an indelible mark of excellence on our fraternity and the world at large.”


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years

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My Brothers in the Bond:

our Second National Kappa League Conference virtually with 204 partici- pants. An event every bit as difficult to coordinate, manager and administer as an in-person conference. Out of crisis comes opportunity and with the pan- demic we launched the National Kappa League Institute Series, virtual classes on leadership, college preparation and podcasts. An endeavor we will continue even after the pandemic is over. The National Guide Right Executive Committee is the heart and soul of our national initiatives and programs. These brothers dedicate an amazing amount of time to create, implement and provide oversight to a national program. We have open and transpar- ent discussions with the end goal of doing what is best for our students and the brothers that support them. It is a group that works with synergy and fo- cus, with no concern for personal egos or recognition. We laugh, joke, and kid one another. I have a Bond with them that is only surpassed by the Bond with

Right share a special Bond with other brothers involved in Guide Right and with the young men they mentor. Being a Kappa League mentor is not always easy. We listen, offer guidance, instruct, encourage, console, celebrate and sometimes shed tears with the Kap- pa Leaguers. Their success becomes our success, their struggles our strug- gles. There is no better satisfaction than to see a Kappa Leaguer go onto success in life. I still talk with my first Richardson-Plano (TX) Alumni's (RPA) Kappa League class. They are in their thirties and successful. I commend those men, Jerald Bonham, Brother Ryan Burnett (my son), Bryan Clark, Brother Stephen Harrison, and Brother Nick Robinson for their achievements. We celebrate that 70.74% of Guide Right students graduate college within six years, well over the national average. I congratulate our local chapters and national team for rapidly responding to the pandemic and moving to virtual programs. We recently completed

I n August of 1970 at the 56 th Grand League was adopted “as the format for local chapters’ social relevance programs.” Under the leadership of Mel Davis and 33 rd Elder Watson Diggs Awardee Edgar H. Bishop, the Los Angeles (CA) Alumni Chapter’s Social Action Program created Kappa League on February 12, 1969. Kappa League has become the premiere program of Guide Right. Chapter Meeting in Charlotte, NC Kappa In 2020, we celebrate 50 Years of Kappa League. I celebrate those brothers past, present and future that commit to mentor our young men, that give their time, knowledge, and resources to launch them to the stars of success and achievement. These brothers are helping to create the next generation of leaders and guiding our young men through an increasingly complex and difficult world.

The Burnnett family: Brother Burnett with his two sons and former RPA Kappa Leaguers, Ryan L. Burnett (Beta Psi 2008), Kevin C. Burnett (Beta Psi 2010) at the Richardson Plano (TX) Alumni Chapter Thanksgiving Food Drive. The chapter provided food for 200 needy families.

Those involved in Guide


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


Richardson Plano (TX) Alumni Annual School Supplies event. RP Kappa League and Richardson Plano Alumni Chapter coordinated back packs and supplies for 160 students. Richardson Plano Alumni partners with Minnies Food Pantry to distribute the supplies. Minnies founder Cheryl Jackson is center, left.

my undergraduate chapter brothers. It is with great honor I serve with Brothers Oscar Neely, Doug Scarbor, Ben Jackson, Daud Haseeb, Damon Peebles and Samuel Boyd on this committee. They have declared themselves the “hardest working committee in Kappa.” While the National Guide Right Executive Committee provides national focus on initiatives, processes, and systems the local chapters have autonomy to create their unique programs. Six years ago, we started the National Guide Right Certification to ensure that local programs are implementing the best practices in youth organiza- tions. All programs recognized by the National Guide right must complete National Guide Right Certification that includes background checks. The Kappa League TV initiative led by Brother John Marshall Jones continues to grow, with almost 6,500 subscribers. Your help is needed to get to our goal of 10,000 subscribers, subscribe to Kappa League TV on YouTube. KLTV is our showcase for Kappa League and the place to see the best in Guide Right. KLTV al- lows us to feature Guide Right successes and provides out young people the opportunity to tell their stories. Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kappa League for winning first place in the video of the year. Our theme for the upcoming academic year is “We are Student Centric”, which means we are focused on our young people. Our Focus Core Four initiatives for 2020- 2021 are College Prep, preparing students to succeed

in college; Social Action for Social Good, community service and social action activities; Positive Vision, which includes promoting positive images of young People of Color on KLTV and other social media venues; and Col- lege Success, continuing to mentor our students while in college or trade school. There is a great opportunity awaiting Kappa with Guide Right/Kappa League. The rewards of mentoring are a great way to reclaim brothers, particularly brothers who have sons, nephews, or grandsons. It is a vehicle for alumni chapters to partner with undergrad chapters and to create a smooth transition venue from undergrad to alumni chapter. The obvious financial benefits of increased active membership and the strengthening of fraternal bonds and relationships are waiting for those chapters and brothers innovative enough to take advan- tage of them. Let me dispel some misconceptions about Kappa League. 1. We do not encourage Kappa League perfor- mances, there are a small number of chapters that utilize performances as an incentive activity for the young men in their program. When brothers “complain” about Kappa League performances, I ask them if they have looked at KLTV, where the best of Kappa League activities is shown, the answer has always been “no.” I hope brothers will focus on the vast “good” that we do! If you come


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


across Kappa League Chapters doing the “wrong thing,” please contact me. 2. Kappa League is not “just” for elite students, our programs are open to all male students regardless of economic status or background. 3. Kappa League is a youth leadership development and mentoring program. Kappa Leaguers are not “junior Scrollers”, the do not “pledge” and they are not “initiated.” There is a public induction ceremony. There is no Kappa League hand sign. Kappa Leaguers do not wear masks over the eyes or upper face. 4. Kappa Leaguers do not automatically expect to join the Fraternity as undergraduates. Not all Kappa Leaguers should become Kappas. It does trouble me, that some young men are automati- cally “disqualified” by undergraduate Chapters because they were in Kappa League. It is con- cerning, when an undergraduate brother told me, he did not tell his Chapter he had been in Kappa League, until after he was initiated. This is not a new issue. In 1980, as St. Louis Kappa League Chairman, we sent three dynamic young men to separate colleges with Kappa League scholarships. All three came home the next year as members of other BGLOs. All three told me that they wanted to be Kappas but were not given any consideration by the local chapters because they had been in Kappa League. I respect the right of every chap- ter to select their prospective members, I ask that you do not disregard a student because he was in Kappa League. My own undergraduate chapter was restarted in 2008. They grew and achieved, winning province and Grand Chapter awards by giving many former Kappa Leaguers an opportu-

nity to be Kappas.

We still have work to do in Kappa League and Guide Right. Occasionally, we encounter obstacles and road- blocks to Kappa League. It our job to find a way around, through, over or under those hindrances. I still encoun- ter people that “do not care” about Kappa League, Guide Right or our youth. I believe that the benefits we provide and the results we achieve justify the struggle for Kappa League and Guide Right. The dedication and commit- ment of brothers committed to Kappa League is some- thing that sets up apart from other BGLOs. We are focused on raising the profile of Kappa League to gain increased access to outside funding, which will improve our program and our reach. Kappa League pro- vides a critical role in providing students with informa- tion and instruct in areas that schools miss. We are in essence filling in the holes and rounding out the student experience. The behavior I advocate for Guide Right/Kappa League brothers: 1. Be student-centric and focused. 2. “We” not “me.” This is not an “I” endeavor. 3. Use the Good Ole Kappa Spirit – be constructive not destructive. 4. Listen more than talk to the students – let them learn by doing and interacting. 5. Guide students to make good choices but do not impose your ideas or “emotional baggage” on them.


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


6. Create leaders. 7. Make Guide Right a chapter priority.

I see this type of leadership throughout Kappa League particularly in the San Fernando-Santa Clarita (CA), Lawrenceville-Duluth (GA), and Jersey City (NJ) Kappa Leagues, just to name a few. As Kappa League mentors we sacrifice for Kappa League students, a great example is Brother Thurman Bartie, he is not only the mayor of Port Arthur, TX but also leads their Kappa League program. Today with the pandemic, social justice movement and just the confusion of growing up, our youth need us more than ever. They are smart and energetic, but un- certain and unsure of what to do to excel. The need for Kappa League has never been more evident! We can not and will not fail them! It may be more difficult work- ing virtually, but I am confident that the Kappa League Brothers will step up to the challenge! We celebrate the Grand Chapter Guide Right awards. It is an opportunity to celebrate the best of the best. The awards criteria are based on measurable metrics and the judging is impartial. It is also an opportunity to emphasize the priorities we want Chapters to focus on. I do not believe in awards for personal aggrandizement, but to encourage competition between men and chap- ters of achievement. That competition improves Guide Right/Kappa League. I am grateful to the brothers of the Richardson Plano (TX) Alumni Chapter. They allowed me to implement my vision of Guide Right/Kappa League. Guide Right is so ingrained in my chapter that we publish Guide Right service hours each meeting and it is difficult to win an election for office without being in involved in Guide Right. I proudly present the Guide Right service hours on election night and ask, “if we are the Guide Right Chapter, why would you vote for someone for office not involved in Guide Right.” Fifty years of Kappa League is an extraordinary feat. It is my honor and privilege to serve as your National Guide Right Chairman. I thank our Grand Polemarch for the opportunity. I have tried to build on the work done

by previous National Guide Right Chairmen. Guide Right has enhanced my experience as a Kappa and my commitment to Kappa. I want to acknowledge Brother Karl Townsend, who started me working in Guide Right when as I was Scroller in 1975, Elder Watson Diggs Awardee Ivory Johnson and the St. Louis (MO) Alumni, who mentored me and gave me the opportunity to run my first Kappa League program in 1979, the brothers from Beta Psi Chapter who supported Guide Right as undergrads and Brother Ron Julun, who first appointed me as Southwestern Province Guide Right Chairman. Lastly, I want to acknowledge the men of the Topeka (KS) Alumni Chapter that mentored and guided me as a youth, Brothers Onan Burnett, Charles S. Scott Sr., George Thompson, and Richard Ridley, all now in the Chapter Invisible. Guide Right is the oldest and most successful mentor- ing program for young People of Color. I look forward to 2022, when we will celebrate 100 years of Guide Right. After 50 years of Kappa League, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

Yours in the Bond, Kevin Burnett National Guide Right Committee Chairman


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


Province Guide Right Chairmen

Terry L. Ward Northern Province

LaShante Keys Southern Province

Antonio Harrison Eastern Province

Shannon Faulk Western Province

Draon Glenn Southwestern Province

Levar Brown South Central Province

Jermaine Murry North Central Province

Kojo Kandi East Central Province

Donzell Newkirk Middle Eastern Province

Oscar Neely Southeastern Province

Kevin Boston-Hill Northeastern Province

Lorenza Breckenridge Middle Western Province

As provided by the National Guide Right Committee.


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


Northern Province: Terry L. Ward

Terry L. Ward (Sigma 1981 ) earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from The University of Michigan and an MBA from The University of Detroit. Brother Ward has been involved in Guide Right/Kappa League for over 35 years. He is currently serving in the following positions: Northern Province Guide Right Director, Co-Chairman 2020 National Kappa League Virtual Conference, and Chairman for Kappa League National College Signing Day. In addition to Guide Right Director, he also serves on the Kappa Detroit Foundation Board of Directors and the Fair Housing Center of Metro Detroit Board of Directors.

With a long history of leadership in Kappa Alpha Psi, Brother Ward has served in the following positions: Detroit (MI) Alumni Chapter Polemarch, Detroit Alumni Vice Polemarch, Co-Chairman - 1 st National Kappa League Con- ference (Charlotte, NC), Detroit Alumni Kappa League Advisor, Detroit Alumni Kappa League Chairman, Detroit Alumni Guide Right Chairman, Detroit Alumni Board of Directors and numerous Detroit Alumni Chapter commit- tees.

Eastern Province: Antonio L. Harrison

Antonio L. Harrison (Epsilon Zeta 1991) serves as the Eastern Province Guide Right Chair. He served as the 19 th Polemarch of the Alexandria-Fairfax (VA) Alumni Chapter. Brother Har- rison coordinates the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) opportunities for the National Guide Right Committee. Brother Harrison believes that STEM education is a key component to better ensuring academic and professional achievement of those who partic- piate in the Guide Right and Kappa League programs.

Northeastern Province: Kevin E. Boston-Hill

Kevin E. Boston-Hill (Brooklyn-Long Island AL 1994) has held many chapter positions, including Keeper of Records, Polemarch and Board of Directors, and Province-level positions, including Central Region Board Member, Chief of Staff to the Province Polemarch, Chapter Advisors Chairman and currently Northeastern Province Guide Right Chairman.

An educator by profession, Brother Boston-Hill has conducted many training sessions and helped to organize events within the Province such as College Signing Day, the Kappa League Leadership Conference, and College Bus Tours. He has served as a Scoutmaster for Boy Scout troops in Elmont, NY and Valley Stream, NY and was bestowed with the Northeastern Province’s highest honor, the James M. Kidd Award for Distinguished Service.

East Central Province: Kojo N. Kandi

Kojo N. Kandi (Columbus (OH) AL 2013) is married to his wife of 24 years, Demia, and they have four children. He is an educator and passionate youth advocate. Brother Kandi believes access to quality education is the next civil rights barrier. He is convinced that Guide Right programming, coupled with the structure of Kappa League, helps equip young men to compete not only in the classroom but also in the marketplace. As a former athlete at Clark Atlanta University, he is a supporter and believer in the strength of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). He has shown his support by co-spon- soring an annual HBCU college tour to sending his own children to Clark Atlanta University

and Morehouse College.

He is also the immediate past Polemarch of the Columbus (OH) Alumni Chapter.


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


Western Province: Shannon L. Faulk

Shannon Faulk (Gamma Alpha 1986) was appointed to the Board of Governors and Trust- ees for the Los Angeles County Family of Museums in 2008. His appointment includes: the National History Museum, the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum and the William S. Hart Museum in addition to serving on the Public Affairs Committee and Strategic Planning task forces. In 2017, Faulk was elected Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors and in 2018 was elected to serve as the President of the Board of Trustees over the Family of Museums. He is the first African American in the museum 113-year history to serve in this capacity as well as the only African American currently to serve as a Board President for a Natural His-

tory/Natural History and Science Museum nationally.

Faulk worked in Executive Sales Management and Development with Pitney Bowes Corporation for 10 years. Faulk was then recruited to serve as the National Corporate Development Manager for an internet based company where he developed the National Corporate Sales Enterprise Division. Faulk went on to establish his own independent insurance agency through Farmers Corporation where he focuses on urban development by providing insurance and financial services products to urban based community businesses and the private industry. Faulk is a compassionate and committed community servant who firmly believes in building a strong commu- nity and serves on the board of several non-profit organizations including: Board of Directors for the Los Angeles (CA) Alumni Chapter; Southern California Region Lay leader, General Board and Strategic Planning Committee Member for the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church; 62 nd Assembly Delegate at the California State Democratic Convention in 2016. In addition, Faulk was a founding member of the Young Professional Coalition, an inner-city based youth mentorship and tutoring program in Atlanta, Georgia. Faulk was born and raised in Berkeley, California during the height of the civil and political unrest of the late 1960s and early 1970s where he went on to earn his B.A. in Business Administration and Marketing from California State University, San Francisco and his MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurial studies from the Clark Atlanta University Graduate School of Business. Faulk is married to Dionne Faulk, and they have two sons, Fitzgerald Lowell Faulk and Sebastian John Faulk.

Southwestern Province: Draon D. Glenn

Draon D. Glenn (Iota Alpha 1991) was born and raised in Ft. Worth, TX. He is the only son to Johnny B. Glenn and Carolyn Jean Glenn. In 1984, Draon graduated as a junior from Ever- man High School in Everman, TX. He attended college at the University of North Texas and Tarrant County Junior College. After receiving an Associate Degree in Mathematics at Tarrant County Junior College. Draon transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington. He majored in Exercise and Sports Studies and minored in Mathematics in pursuit of a teaching career. As an undergraduate, Draon held the positions of Area Cluster II Reporter, Keeper of Exche- quer, and Polemarch. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise and Sports Studies in 1994, Brother Glenn started his teaching and coaching career in the Ft. Worth Independent

School District. He is currently employed with Northwest Independent School District as a Middle School PE Teacher/Coach. Draon is certified to teach several subjects: Mathematics, Physical Education, Health Education, and Driver’s Education. Draon is affiliated with the Texas High School Coaches Association and Texas Educators of Physical Health and Recreation. Glenn has been a Life Member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. since 1998. He is currently the Southwest- ern Province Guide Right Chairman and serves on the National Guide Right Committee. He is a member of the Arlington-Grand Prairie Alumni Chapter and has been a member of AGP since 1994 and has held several positions in the chapter: Strategus, Board Member, Assistant Beautillion Director, Guide Right Foundation Secretary, Keeper of Exchequer, Vice Polemarch, Polemarch, Foundation Treasurer, and Guide Right Chairman. He has been mar- ried for 28 years to his lovely wife Kim. They have two children, a twenty two year old son, Dorian and a 18-year-old daughter, Daylan, who attends Texas State University.


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Southeastern Province: Oscar R. Neely

Oscar Neely (Gamma Nu 1979 ) is the State Out of School Coordinator of South Carolina Jobs for America’s Graduates Program of SC Department of Employment Workforce and Global Career Development Facilitator. He has been a Coach in Greenville County Schools for 32 years. He has the most wins of any boys basketball coach in the history of Mauldin High School. He graduated from Mauldin High School in 1977 and Claflin University in 1982. He serves both in the church and the community. He has served as a member of Greenville County Disabilities and Special Need Board; Greenville County Neighborhood Accountability Board; Fountain Inn Community of Concerned Citizens; Chairman of Southeastern Province

Guide Right Youth Program, Vice Chairman National Guide Right Commission Youth Program; past member of the Board of Directors of Greenville (SC) Alumni Chapter; member of the Claflin University Alumni Chapter of the Upstate; President of the Peg Leg Bates Foundation. Brother Neely was named SC 2016 Jobs for America’s Graduates Specialist of the Year, 2010 Delta Academy Com- munity Service award Winner and was the 2011 Kappa Man of the Year of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. for the fourth time. He is married to the former Gayle Whiteside and the father of three daughters (Dana, Hope, and Pauli- sha) and three granddaughters (Shameria, Harmony, and Addison).

North Central Province: Jermaine Murry

Jermaine Murry (Delta Kappa 2002 ) serves as the North Central Province Guide Right Direc- tor. He was initiated March 21, 2002 at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Delta Kappa of Kappa Alpha Psi. He is a native of Milwaukee, WI, and a current member of the St. Paul-Minneapolis Alumni Chapter. Brother Murry has also served in numerous positions on the alumni level that include: Board of Directors, Historian, Guide Right Director, Vice Polemarch and Polemarch. Brother Murry earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Additionally, he completed his Master of Science in Human Resource

Management and Master of Science in Sports Management at Cardinal Stritch University. Brother Murry works as a Community Program Coordinator at the Medical College of Wisconsin. In his spare time, he coaches high school football and enjoys spending time with his family.

Middle Eastern Province: Donzell L. Newkirk

Donzell L. Newkirk (Raleigh (NC) AL 2011) and is a native of Raleigh, NC and earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Business Management from North Caro- lina A&T State University in 2006. In the Fraternity, Brother Newkirk has served on all levels. On the local level at Raleigh (NC) Alumni Brother Newkirk served as Keeper of Records from 2012-2014, Guide Right Director/Kappa League Chair from 2015-2017 and Polemarch from 2017-2019. With his hard work and dedication to the fraternity in 2016-2017 he was awarded the Raleigh (NC) Alumni Kappa Man of the Year, Middle Eastern Province (MEP) Guide Right Director of the Year and lead Raleigh (NC) Alumni to the MEP Guide Right Program of the Year.

On the Province level, Brother Newkirk was appointed by the 23 rd Middle Eastern Province Polemarch Michael F. Brown as both Chief of Staff and Guide Right Chair in 2017. Under his leadership and guidance the MEP guide right programs have grown tremendously. With the support of the 22nd Middle Eastern Province Administration Brother Newkirk received unanimous approval to host the inaugural William E. Hooker(Delta Gamma 56') Kappa League Summit. Brother Newkirk was able to raise $9,000 in sponsorship dollars from companies like AMD, Coastal Federal Credit Union, Duke Energy, Lenovo and PNC Bank.

On the Grand Chapter Level , Brother Newkirk served on the 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting Elections Committee.


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Southern Province: LaShante A. Keys

LaShante A. Keys (St. Petersburg (FL) AL 2000) A native Floridian, born and raised in St. Petersburg. LaShante holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Florida Agricultural and Mechani- cal University, a B.A. in Communications, from the University of South Florida and a M.S. in Human Services with a concentration in Organizational Management and Leadership from Springfield College.

He has developed and delivered hundreds of trainings throughout the United States centered on diversity, team building, organizational development and cultural competency. Clients have included corporations, non-profits, service organizations, government officials, municipalities and universities. In addition, Brother Keys has designed and implemented a variety of programs to assist youth struggling academi- cally and emotionally through his non-profit, Community EFX, Inc. The mission of Community EFX, Inc. is to address the educational and health disparities by creating innovative programs to empower, improve and connect communities. In developing these programs his overall goal is to have participating students demonstrate improved academic achievement and learning gains in core academic subjects and gain a sense of self worth and confidence which will help them in life. In 2014, he completed and presented his research on “What are the motivational fac- tors that impact academic success in African American males?” He is the Guide Right Director for the Southern Province.

He is currently married and has one child.

Middle Western Province: Lorenza O. Breckenridge, Jr.

Lorenza O. Breckenridge, Jr. (Beta Psi 1977) served as Secretary/Treasurer of Breckco Con- struction Company, Inc. from 1978 to 1994 and Treasurer from 1995 to 2012. In addition to corporate officer positions at Breckco, he held other positions which included Project Estima- tor and Construction/Project Manager. He served as Resident Construction Manager for Wood PLC from 2012 to 2020.

Brother Breckenridge’s portfolio of projects ranges from $1 million to $500 million. Projects include many contracts with United States government agencies including the Veterans Admin- istration Center, Department of the Air Force and Army, the Air National Guard, the Depart- ment of the Interior and the United States Department of Agriculture, as well as the City of Wichita and other local governmental authorities, and many other private projects. Brother Breckenridge received his undergraduate degree from Wichita State University, Bachelor of Business Administration, Wichita, KS and his graduate degree from Webster University, George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology, Master of Arts, Management and Leadership. Brother Breckenridge has served on many boards including the Wichita Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission for the City of Wichita, Boys and Girls Club of South-Central Kansas, the Urban League, and the Fred D. Middleton, Jr. Scholarship Foundation. Brother Breckenridge is a Life Member and is active with the Wichita (KS) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi.

Brother Breckenridge is married to Carla and they reside in Wichita. They are the parents of four adult sons.


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years

50 Years of Kappa League: Educational, Occupational and Social Guidance of Male Students in Grades 6 th –12 th


Marcus T. Anderson Arlington-Grand Prairie (TX) AL

Bilal Bani Ball El Paso-Las Cruces (TX) AL

LaShaun Barnes Prairie View (TX) AL

Efram Armstrong Alpharetta-Smyrna (GA) AL

Thurman Bartie Port Arthur (TX) AL

Dr. Michael Bane Chesapeake-Virginia Beach (VA) AL

James Brookins Tampa (FL) AL

Cameron Brown Chesapeake-Virginia Beach (VA) AL

Michael Boykins Lawrenceville- Duluth (GA) AL

Brad Brooks Fort Worth (TX) AL

Anthony Bradley Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti- Inkster (MI) AL

W. Jerome Bellamy Conway-Myrtle Beach (SC) AL

Ted Brown Alexandria-Fairfax (VA) AL

D.J. Burress Oxford (MS) AL

Kain Brown Montclair (NJ) AL

JaCorey Calloway Montgomery (AL) AL

Carl Clark Charlotte (NC) AL

Justin Cobb Bowie-Mitchellville (MD) AL

Lamar Coney Pompano Beach (FL) AL

Kendrick L. Crawford Woodbridge (VA) AL

Rodger Culbreath Rock Hill (SC) AL

Cameron Collins Alexandria-Fairfax (VA) AL

Arshun Collins Southaven (MS) AL

Hilton Cole Dulles-Leesburg (VA) AL


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


Omar DeCosta Chesapeake-Virginia Beach (VA) AL

Alex Cummings Greenville (NC) AL

Dr. Carl Cummigham, Jr. Mobile (AL) AL

Vince Davis Columbus (MS) AL

Colton Dozier Pontiac (MI) AL

Brandon Davis Detroit (MI) AL

Dr. Keith Emmons Los Angeles (CA) AL

LaTari Fleming Bossier City (LA) AL

Fred Dudley Tampa (FL) AL

Bruce D. Edwards Bowie-Mitchellville (MD) AL

Ced Fillmore Indianapolois (IN) AL

Dr. Peter Freeburn Fort Lee (VA) AL

Gregory Gardner Stockbridge- Jonesboro (GA) AL

Ma'Corius Harris Houston (TX) AL

Dr. Herman Harris St. Louis (MO) AL

Anthony Hayes Birmingham (AL) AL

Alex Hawkins College Park (GA) AL

Rev. Dr. S. Isaiah Harvin Columbia (MD) AL

Greg Jackson Bossier City (LA) AL

Joseph Hayes Richmond (VA) AL

Jeff Henderson Winston-Salem (NC) AL

Mark Jacobs II Conyers-Covington () AL

Thomas E. Howard III Detroit (MI) AL

Devin Jackson Southfield (MI) AL


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


Sean L. Johnson Pontiac (MI) AL

DeYaya E. Jones Lansing (MI) AL

Scott. S. Johnson Petersburg (VA) AL

Kevin Jones Washington (DC) AL

Rodney Johnson Columbus (MS) AL

Linwood A. Johnson Richmond (VA) AL

Wynton Lamb Alexandria-Fairfax (VA) AL

Jospeh Lee San Antonio (TX) AL

Michael Layton Alpharetta-Smyrna (GA) AL

Richard King Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti (MI) AL

James Little Northport (AL) AL

Kenyon L. Link West Palm Beach (FL) AL

Keith Lynch Rocky Mount (NC) AL

Rufus R. Little Hyattsville-Landover (MD) AL

Brandyn Marshall Alexandria-Fairfax (VA) AL

Brandon L. Mack Jacksonville (FL) AL

Herb Marshall Alexandria-Fairfax (VA) AL

Shawn Mason Brooklyn-Long Island (NY) AL

Elijah Mason Silver Spring (MD) AL

Darren McCoy Hyattsville-Landover (MD) AL

Harry Arnette Mc- Fadden Kingstree (SC) AL

Melvin McCann Huntsville (AL) AL


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years


Phillip E. Patterson Miramar-Pembroke Pines (FL) AL

MarquelleMiddleton Stamford (CT) AL

Michael McPhatter Gaithersburg-Rock- ville (MD) AL

Matt Mouwie Indianapolis (IN) AL

Joshua Moore Detroit (MI) AL

Luther Payton Lawrenceville- Duluth (GA) AL

Victor Ponder Denton-Lewisville (TX) AL

Oscar Pierre Grand Rapids (MI) AL

Edgar Rayford San Antonio (TX) AL

Arthur M. Price, Jr. Hampton-Newport News (VA) AL

Gregory J. Price, Sr. Hampton-Newport News (VA) AL

Maceo S. Pickett Miami (FL) AL

Ashari J. Robinson Baton Rouge (LA) AL

John Allen Reed Gadsden (AL) AL

Lawrence Reney Los Angeles (CA) AL

Michael Rhoden Saginaw (MI) AL

Huemartin Robinson II Grand Rapids (MI) AL

Andrew Reaux, Jr. Fredericksburg (VA) AL

Abdoul Sanogo Daphne (AL) AL

Ryan Russell Fort Worth (TX) AL

Barin T. Sandlin Anniston-Piedmont (AL) AL

Anthony Sanders Florence (SC) AL

Dr. Sean V. Seay San Antonio (TX) AL

Richard Smart Southfield (MI) AL


Publishing achievement for more than 105 years

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