2020 CAST by McHutchison


Vested in Your Success

To say it has been a non-traditional spring would be, to say the least, an understatement. However, the show must go on, and our breeder partners have been busily working to introduce a profusion of new and innovative genetics for the 2021 season. We usually bring you these highlights each year from our personal visits to the trial sites, but this year we had to take a more digital approach. Our team was able to attend webinars and training sessions with each of the breeding companies to review their latest and greatest, and the following pages are our top picks for what we feel will be the difference makers for your upcoming seasons. Please contact your McHutchison sales representative for more information or to acquire sample materials of anything you find in our CAST review.We hope you enjoy it!

BEEKENKAMP Begonia Vermillion Dreams Garden Collection This Begonia has been bred especially for outdoor performance. Vermillion Dreams is well-matched with Vermillion Red and boasts a long flowering period of hot pink blooms, a full round shape, and excellent shelf life. This variety is best-suited for hanging baskets.

Fuchsia Bella Evita Fuchsia Bella Evita displays an upright Fuchsia and the flower is quite similar to the Tinny or Ernie series. Bella Evita has a more compact habit, however, and branches more abundantly for greater flowering. It’s a perfect variety for patio pots or in mixed combos and ideal for finishing in 4- to 6-inch containers.

Osteospermum Sunny Haylie Different shades within the Sunny Haylie flower give it a 3-D effect. Sunny Haylie has a vigorous habit with excellent garden performance and offers a unique and broad assortment of colors that are well- branched across the series. The Sunny Haylie earned Top 3 in consumer trial votes in 2019. The Sunny series is ideal in 4- to 6-inch containers.

Begonia Vermillion Hot Pink Dreams

Fuchsia Bella Evita

Osteospermum Sunny Haylie

Dahlia Labella Grande Purple The very dark stems and leaves of Labella Grande Purple accent and contrast with the purple flowers creating an elegant look. Grande Purple fits the new framework of the Grande series with larger blooms and increased overall vigor. The Labella Grande series is ideal for 7-inch containers.

Fuchsia Bella Maria Fuchsia Bella Maria is a trailing fuchsia with a flower similar to Ringwood Market. Bella Maria grows more compact, branches better and flowers abundantly to the top of the plant — a perfect variety for hanging baskets.

Fuchsia Bella Maria

Dahlia Labella Grande Purple

DANZIGER Impatiens Harmony Colorfall

Impatiens Sol Luna A hybrid impatiens that works in sun or shade and loves the heat, Sol Luna has controlled growth and occupies less valuable bench space compared to other large landscape varieties creating a product ideal for market baskets and 4.5-inch containers. The four 2021 introductions contain bright colored flowers with contrasting dark green foliage. Garden height is 12- to 14-inches, spreading to 16- to 18- inches. Osteospermum Osticade Yellow The Osticade series has a controlled, trailing habit perfect for baskets. The new introduction shows off a strong yellow color with a dark eye. Osticade do not require cooling for flower development allowing for simpler crop planning alongside other greenhouse crops. No PGRs are required to obtain the natural mounded habit.

Verbena Venessa Bicolor Indigo Vanessa is everything you want in a verbena. The series is screened for mildew tolerance and reduced cycling creating a plant that lasts through the summer. Bicolor Indigo boasts a deep purple center surrounded by white creating a bold statement.The mounding/trailing habit lends itself to containers, baskets and landscapes. Eight outstanding colors are now available.

Danziger reinvents the basket hybrid impatiens with breakthrough breeding in a new trailing habit. This large-flowered series starts with four colors and will be production friendly, finished with one cutting per 10-inch basket. Mature height is 14- to 16-inches with a spread of 16- to 18-inches.

Verbena Vanessa Bicolor Indigo

Impatiens Harmony Colorfall Light Coral

Petunia Hippy Chick Violet Hippy ChickViolet is a standout with its uniquely shaped, violet-colored flower rimmed in bright white. This vigorous petunia is a great addition for premium baskets or in combinations. Finishing height is 10- to 12-inches with a spread of 12-inches.

Osteospermum Osticade Yellow

Petunia Hippy Chick Violet

Impatiens Sol Luna Pink

DARWIN PERENNIALS Armeria Dreameria Dream Clouds For newest and most unique breeding in the

weather conditions. New Ruby Glitter features non- fading red blooms with cream-white blotches, and new Ruby Snow has white blooms with red eyes. Hardy to Zones 4b to 9. Echinacea Sombrero Poco Yellow This compact version of the Sombrero series features the same exceptional winter hardiness, excellent branching and proven landscape performance on a compact habit for better forcing and greenhouse growing performance. Sturdy plants are covered in bright-colored, non-fading blooms that last for weeks. Plant in the spring and sell in the same year. Hardy to Zones 4b to 9.

Armeria class, the Dreameria series has you covered. Dreameria moves the genus from a strictly early- spring and late-fall, cool-season perennial to flowering at summer as well. With its tidy habit and heat tolerance, this series is perfect for the landscape and patio containers. Plus, new Dream Clouds adds a nice, pure-white accent color to Dreameria combos. Hardy to Zones 5 to 9a. Echinacea Sombrero Fiesta Orange and Rosada Vibrantly colored Sombrero features exceptional winter hardiness and excellent landscape performance. New Fiesta Orange has semi-double and single flowers on the same plant, while new Rosada showcases bright pink blooms against striking dark stems. Plant Sombrero in the spring and sell it the same year. Hardy to Zones 4b to 9.

Dianthus Mountain Frost Ruby Glitter

Dianthus Mountain Frost Ruby Glitter and Ruby Snow The Mountain Frost collection reblooms consistently from early spring until fall. Its tidy mounding habit works great in landscape borders through a range of

Armeria Dreameria Dream Clouds

Echinacea Sombrero Fiesta Orange

Echinacea Sombrero Poco Yellow

Leucanthemum Whitecap First-year-floweringWhitecap features early flowering and a sturdy, compact habit for extended shelf life. This Leucanthemum holds up to a range of weather conditions and won’t fall apart during summer rains. Plus, this classic “Shasta Daisy” provides complete flower coverage for high impact at retail. Hardy to Zones 5 to 9a.

Phlox Super Ka-Pow Series The large sport of the Phlox Ka-Pow series is super-sized for more power. Super Ka-Pow offers huge blooms, a robust habit and better branching than other leading phlox paniculata series on the market. Plus, it features vibrant colors, winter hardiness and powdery mildew resistance. Perfect for 1.5-gallon container programs and up. Hardy to Zones 4b to 9a.

Lavender Primavera The most versatile Spanish lavender flowers throughout summer and winter to extend the Spanish lavender season. It can be programmed for summer sales in the North or for very early flowering for markets in the deep South. Available as a liner from leading perennial suppliers.

Lavender Primavera


Phlox Super Ka-Pow Pink

DÜMMEN ORANGE ANNUALS Coleus Main Street Beale Street Beale Street was technically a new introduction last year, but Dümmen decided to do a big show this year because it won the first ever AAS award for a coleus. It proved itself last summer as the only red coleus to

Dahlia MegaBoom Berry Blast The MegaBoom series is the newest lineup of dahlias from Dümmen Orange.They remind us of the little sisters to the XXL lineup, with the same massive bloom that we’ve all loved from XXL, but on a shorter peduncle, where the blooms sit right above the foliage.We see this as a perfect fit for large container combinations or for growers wanting to ship that huge bloom, while fitting more plants on a rack.

New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster Series

These are just plain fun. Last year Dümmen Orange introduced the first color of Hot Pink, but now it is joined by a full family with fun names, including Tangy Taffy, Cotton Candy, White Lightning and Red Racer. Features huge flowers with double petals, and each petal is ruffled up and down like the tracks of a roller coaster.

stand up to full sun or shade without flowering until very late in the year, holding a superb habit.

New Guinea Impatiens Roller Coaster Cotton Candy

Dahlia MegaBoom Berry Blast

Coleus Main Street Beale Street

Petunia DuraBloom DuraBloom is the first interspecific series of petunias on the market, and as the name would suggest, they’re built for durability in the landscape. The series crosses traditional species with a much more rugged wild type, yielding plants that are both tough and pretty, with an abundance of flower power, all year long.

Blue Vein

Electric Lilac

Hot Pink

Soft Pink



Petunia DuraBloom Royal Pink

DÜMMEN ORANGE PERENNIALS Coreopsis Limoncello and Limoncello Golden These new coreopsis have been developed specifically for the landscape trade and fill out a large amount of space with endless summer color. Both plants are perfectly matched in habit, size and vigor and flower continuously from early summer through the first frost with minimal maintenance, for high impact commercial landscapes. Zone 5. Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy Rebecca Sweet Daisy Rebecca is a stunner in the garden with an abundance of double-fringed petals that stack on one another all summer long for a continuous flowering of 14- to 16-weeks. The Sweet Daisy series has exceptional hardiness and Rebecca has been proven through Zone 4.

Salvia Midnight Series Named for their dark, midnight blue stems, the Midnight series offers gardeners and landscapers a unique habit with compact height, but vigorous width, for greater garden coverage. Also great in containers, Midnight varieties won’t get too tall in summer months and maintain a full and floriferous habit. Zone 3.

Coreopsis Limoncello

Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy Rebecca Leucanthemum Sweet Daisy Rebecca

Salvia Midnight Purple

Salvia Midnight Series

Phlox Woodlander Series This new interspecific groundcover phlox is a breakthrough opportunity for retailers and gardeners. With a much-extended bloom season from traditional subulata types,Woodlander varieties will be in flower in the garden center when more consumer traffic is present.Woodlander varieties are also more adaptable to both sun and shade, providing greater success for the gardener. Zone 4.

Phlox Woodlander Lilac


Phlox Woodlander Pink

Phlox Woodlander White


Phlox Woodlander Rose


Phlox Woodlander White

GREENFUSE ANNUALS Begonia rex Bewitched

Dianthus Constant Beauty The Constant Beauty Crush series flowers

Hydrangea Mountain Series The enormous lace cap blossoms in blue, pink, shell pink and picotee will all come into full-flower in as little as 13-weeks from an unrooted cutting, easily removing 20-weeks of production time compared to traditional hydrangeas. Once the Mountain comes into flower it will bloom continuously until frost. Its hardiness and excellent garden performance will ensure years of enjoyment for the consumer. Zone 5.

Our Bewitched series features distinctive cut leaves in a variety of colors. All have strong vigor and are heavily branched making them perfect for faster turns in your Begonia rex program. This year we added Bewitched Cherry, Bewitched Pink, Bewitched Lavender and Bewitched Silver to bring the series to seven colors.

continuously through the hottest night temperatures and demonstrates a traditional pot carnation look while still maintaining zone hardiness. Standouts include Milk Cherry with flowers that open white and fade to pure red, and Peach Milk with deep pink blossoms that harden to a clean white. The Constant Promise series is a chinesis X barbatus cross delivering an abundance of semi-double flowers all season long.

Begonia Bewitched Pink

Dianthus Constant Beauty Peach Milk

Hydrangea Mountain Shell Pink

Ipomoea Sweet Georgia Trials this year around the country have found Ipomoea Sweet Georgia to have superior uniformity. With nine colors, the series is great for mono and combo pots. Sweet Georgia features heart, palmate and bicolor leaf types and also include the unique Black Maple, bred for consistent performance among all color selections. Leucanthemum Collection The all new Double Angel Daisy has full, double flowers set cleanly atop the foliage. The top-selling Darling Daisy also brings along a new Double Darling Daisy with tightly wrapped double flowers on the same compact habit. Last season we brought Betsy

to market—the world’s largest-flowered Leucanthemum. For this coming season, we are proud to offer another world’s first, Carpet Angel—the only ground cover Leucanthemum in existence, with a mature height of just 3-inches and width of 24-inches. Rudbeckia Dakota Gold A new class for Greenfuse is the Rudbeckia Dakota Gold and is daylength neutral, allowing year round sales without day extension. Zone 5 hardiness from root stock and developed over nine years of breeding, Dakota Gold sets a new standard in perennial programs.

Vinca Quasar Target Orange

Vinca Quasar TheVinca Quasar series features a selection of unique Catharanthus colors that will leave you star-struck with exceptionally large flowers you would expect of a hybrid vinca. Hybrid vigor and intensive breeding selections ensure excellent summer disease resistance. Check out Deep Space Blue as well as our Target Orange for industry- first colors.

Ipomoea Sweet Georgia

Leucanthemum Carpet Angel

Rudbeckia Dakota Gold

COHEN | HISHTIL | JALDETY COHEN Argyranthemum Madeira The Argyranthemum Madeira is a new offering from the breeders at Suntory Flowers. Great selection of colors and sizes, including daisy and double flowers. Uniform in flowering, habits and branching. All varieties are naturally compact.

COHEN Buddleia Summerbird Blue The Summerbird series features a range of floriferous upright varieties with a long flowering period. All varieties are resistant to mildew and work great for mixes and for patio and balcony containers. HISHTIL Lavandula stoechas Libelle series The Libelle series is new to us but lavenders are not. This wonderful stoechas series is characterized with compact growth habit, big bracts and flower heads and early flowering. Lavender Libelle Purple, Compact Blue, and Compact Rose can be beautiful decorations for your garden and balcony. Grow in full sun or partial shade with light moisture. Zone 8.

HISHTIL Zaluzianskya ovata Orange Eye This tongue-twister is a remarkable patio and bedding plant for a colorful summer. Orange Eye is first-year flowering with beautiful white orange-eye flowers and a rounded habit. Grow in full sun with moderate moisture. Zone 9.

Lavandula stoechas Libelle Compact Rose

Argyranthemum Madeira Deep Pink

Buddleia Summerbird Blue

Zaluzianskya ovata Orange Eye

JALDETY Erodium Spanish Eyes Spanish Eyes is a great value plant producing many lavender-pink flowers with purple veins and purple markings at the base of the two upper petals. Use as a dainty ground cover, in rock gardens, gravel beds, crevices and front borders. It mixes well with other low growing perennials in beds and containers.

JALDETY Salvia Royal Bumble This Salvia greggii hybrid flowers with an abundance of hot red petals and dark calyces on dark stems. Drought-tolerant once established, Royal Bumble is an easy, deer-tolerant salvia that attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. Use in beds, containers, mixed borders, water-wise gardens, cottage and meadow gardens, mass planting and containers.

JALDETY Delosperma WOW Salmony Pink A great addition to the beautifulWheels ofWonder series,WOW Salmony Pink blooms in masses of big, eye-catching salmon-pink flowers creating a bold color impact and flowers continuously over a long period. Exceptionally drought- and heat-tolerant, winter hardy and easy-care, WOW Salmony Pink attracts bees and butterflies and is great for mixed containers, hanging baskets for patio and balcony, mass planting, and low borders.

DelospermaWOW Salmony Pink

Spanish Eyes

Salvia Royal Bumble

KIEFT SEED Aquilegia Earlybird

Delphinium Dasante Blue Dasante Blue shows off vibrant true-blue flowers with light purple accents and white bees. The grower- friendly, uniform plants are more compact and more responsive to PGRs and naturally earlier than other D. elatum types. An easy-care, cool-season crop can be grown with little or no heat for energy savings.

Plants ship well with more plants per rack in flower than any other Delphinium for tremendous retail impact. Dasante Blue is best for 1-gallon containers with 3 ppp. Suitable for greenhouse, field or garden- cut flower production. Echinacea Artisan Series The first F1 hybrid Echinacea collection from seed that offers better consistency of plant structure for a more uniform, highly-branched, fuller plant. Artisan features uniform flowering so all plants are ready to sell at the same time. Seed input provides flexibility for production and labor management. Red Ombre and Soft Orange are the first two releases. The Red Ombre flowers open red and soften in color with age. The Soft Orange flowers open deep-orange and soften as they mature.

Striking colors and color combinations spark new interest in Aquilegia. Earlybird promises a low cold requirement and short juvenility for warm winter climates, and controlled habit with relatively short stems on well-mounded plants. Flowering window of 10- to 12-days plus a short harvest window make it an excellent choice for early spring programs. Unique colors include red-yellow, purple-white and purple-yellow. Arabis Barranca Series The Barranca Series offers two colors in Arabis blepharophylla producing a highly uniform crop that is short-stemmed with a lot of flower power. The series includes Deep Rose and Pink (violet-pink), a unique color in this floriferous, early spring-flowering perennial.

Delphinium Dasante Blue

Aquilegia Earlybird PurpleWhite

Barranca Arabis Pink

Echinacea Artisan Soft Orange


Cyperus Cleopatra Cyperus forms a grasslike center component to any heat loving combination. Growers will find the unrooted cuttings easy to propagate and easy to transplant at the same time as other components. Heliopsis Punto Rosso Compact A striking golden yellow daisy flowering May through October, this plant offers first-year flowering. Punto Rosso Compact is Kientzler breeding and has a habit that can be controlled in a container. Target production for mid-to-late summer for first-year flowering sales. Zone 3.

Petunia Veranda Red Improved Great addition to any garden. Red petunias traditionally have difficulty achieving good garden performance but this red petunia from David Kerley sets the standard for other red petunias. Features include great rain tolerance, good resistance to mildew and a full-basket of bright-red color.

Coleus Under the Sea Fishnet Gold Kientzler offers great clear colors in coleus with the Under the Sea collection. As the name implies, the series features the wonderfully unique shapes and colors of creatures in your favorite sea coral vision. Kientzler has selected some best-of-best color and habits in the series and brings these to you as unrooted cuttings. Fishnet Gold has a nice mounded habit with great veination.

Petunia Veranda Red Improved

Cyperus Cleopatra

Coleus Under the Sea Fishnet Gold

Heliopsis Punto Rosso Compact

PACIFIC PLUG & LINER Carex Feather Falls Feather Falls is a super-vigorous, super-sized, brightly variegated Carex sure to impress all growers, landscapers and gardeners with its toughness. Feather Falls can tolerate the cold and the heat and has proven to ship well in extreme conditions. This selection can be grown in full sun with no burn but also does well in shady conditions.

Hellebore Frostkiss Glenda’s Gloss Our Frostkiss Hellebores are a unique group of hybrids that have both marbled foliage traditionally seen in ericsmithii types and rich colored blooms usually seen in orientalis types. Dorothy’s Dawn adds light to your early-season program. It emerges in the spring sporting highly marbled foliage with pink tinting later fading to white.With light pink flowers, Glenda’s Gloss is a newer cultivar in the Frostkiss series, and sports marbled foliage with white flowers with magenta edging.

Delphinium Delgenius Series This Delphinium is genius because it takes a crop that has traditionally given growers a hard time with a multitude of problems and makes it easy. Delgenius fills large containers with only one liner and produces a multi-branching habit in a short amount of time. Delgenius has multiple semi-double blooms and will rebloom if cut back.

Carex Feather Falls

Hellebore Frostkiss Glenda’s Gloss

Delphinium Delgenius Shelby


Petunia Easy Wave Rose Fusion Mid-rose blooms with deep rose veins. Growers benefit from the strong vein, color and habit that is different from EasyWave PlumVein. It offers an additional option for color rotation and increased sales opportunities. Because Rose Fusion can be flowered under short days (9 hours), growers can supply it all season to meet ad dates and earlier season sales opportunities especially in the more Southern climate.

Petunia Shock Wave Purple Tie Dye Inconsistent purple-blue and white bicolor pattern is appealing to consumers. Mounded, spreading plants are similar in shape and just as easy to manage as EasyWave petunia. Performs well in small spaces, baskets, containers and mixed combos. Pattern changes based on temperature, light levels and PGRs used; daminozide use will result in more white showing on the blooms. 10.5-hour daylength required.

Celosia Sol Gekko and Lizzard Leaf An attractive new foliage celosia collection for the market. Two distinct bicolor foliage patterns are featured in the collection. Offers relatively fast production time and no downy mildew issues. Foliage tends to be greener when inside (greenhouse), and turns to intense burgundy-red or purple within 14 days when plants are placed outside. Cherry Tomato Kitchen Mini Siam The new Kitchen Minis collection includes potted plants consumers can grow inside on a sunny windowsill or counter without a garden.They can also be grown outside as tabletop patio varieties. These Kitchen Minis encourage consumers to grow and harvest their own homegrown vegetables all year round.

Cherry Tomato Kitchen Mini Slam

Celosia Sol Lizzard Leaf

Petunia EasyWave Rose Fusion

Petunia ShockWave Purple Tie Dye

PLANTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL Cuphea Hummingbird’s Lunch An outstanding new annual, covered by bright cherry- red, two-toned flowers with non-stop bloom.This beauty provides color summer through fall! Warmer climates will see flowers year-round, adding color to winter landscapes. Hummingbird’s Lunch has a wonderful, tidy, round habit reaching 24” x 36” at maturity. Like its namesake, this variety is a perfect

Dianthus American Pie Cherry Pie A must-have new Dianthus for every gardener! Eye-catching vibrant cherry-red blooms are carried on sturdy stems that do not flop. Signature WHETMAN silver-blue foliage highlights the large single red petals. Bred for beautifully scented flowers and excellent garden performance. Great for picking

addition to your pollinator gardens attracting hummingbirds, bees and butterflies. Use in containers, garden borders, and mass landscape plantings. Zone 8. Dahlia Electro Pink The world’s first dark-leafed Cactus Dahlia! Stunning, glossy, mahogany-black foliage in full sun with elegant, 4” diameter, electric-pink cactus flowers. Blooms face outward adding to the impulse retail appeal. Excellent

long-lasting cut flowers. Deadhead and feed regularly to encourage fast, repeat blooming. Use in pots, containers, garden

branching habit, no staking required. Nectar rich blooms are perfect for attracting beneficial pollinating insects. Use in containers, garden

borders, and modern landscapes. Zone 5.

borders, cut flower gardens, and mass landscape plantings. Zone 9.

Dianthus American Pie Cherry Pie

Cuphea Hummingbird's Lunch

Dahlia Electro Pink

Dianthus American Pie Cherry Pie

Weigela Towers of Flowers Apple Blossom An upright flowering shrub, boasting large shell-pink flowers, blooming in clusters along the entire stem— truly a tower of flowers. The full-bloom season lasts 3- to 4-weeks during late spring with partial blooms occurring throughout the summer. Weigela Towers of Flowers Apple Blossom is a quick-growing shrub. Foliage color is a strong medium-green with bronzing

Fuchsia Skyrocket Fuchsia Skyrocket is blasting off and skyward bound. The narrow, upright, columnar habit is ideal for impressive vertical containers up to 48-inches tall. Traditional red and white single blooms decorate the plant, flowering on the entire stem. Great impulse retail appeal. Outstanding heat and humidity tolerance. Use in containers and landscape plantings. Zone 9. Hedera Tropical Blizzard A stunning new large-leaved Algerian ivy. Unique highly variegated leaves, gold to pure-white marbling and flecking with shades of green in between. Bright pink-red stems add an additional pop of color. Excellent for house plants, hanging/seasonal baskets and ground cover in warmer climates.This evergreen climber is happy in sun to full-shade and in any soil that is not waterlogged. Zone 8.

Dianthus Star Single Neon Star Improved An improvement of a classic, tried and true, industry icon with the same amazingly iridescent, vivid, neon- pink color, with a new elegant central pattern. Increased flower count and more compact than the original, Neon Star Improved is a closer

match to the collection. Flower stems are sturdy and do not flop. Deadhead and feed regularly to encourage fast repeat

on new growth. Excellent as an informal screen for vertical living and great for small yards and color in the landscape. Zone 6.

blooming. Bred for beautifully scented

blooms and excellent garden performance. Pollinator magnet! Use in containers, borders and mass landscape plantings. Zone 5.

Weigela Towers of Flowers Apple Blossom

Hedera Tropical Blizzard

Fuchsia Skyrocket

PROVENWINNERS Dianthus Paint the Town Red

Heuchera Toffee Tart Adding to the rainbow of Dolce Heuchera colors is the newToffee Tart, a ginger-caramel colored selection. New foliage emerges in spring in a bright amber tone and matures through shades of ginger and olive with a silver overlay in summer. Creamy white flowers on burgundy scapes appear in early summer. This selection is a vigorous grower that remains compact throughout the growing season, making it a good choice for containers and borders. Hibiscus Summerific Spinderella Summerific Spinderella forms a dense, tidy, shrub-like clump of dark green foliage peppered with large 8-inch, pinwheel patterned flowers. The white blossoms are heavily accented with pink shading, a puckered texture and dark red eye. Buds are produced prolifically up the stems, delivering superb flower coverage from the top to the bottom of the plant. Expect continuous bloom from midsummer into early fall.

Echinacea The Price is White Selected for its excellent basal branching, long-lasting flower performance and large, full flowers,The Price isWhite is produced from tissue culture to ensure uniformity in color and habit with 5-inch, fragrant, elegant white flowers that contrast with dark-green foliage. Blooms midsummer through late summer; Deer resistant; attracts pollinators; 20- to 22-inch height; 16- to 18-inch spread; part sun to sun. Zones 4-8.

This series of long-blooming, longer-lived and more heat-tolerant dianthus is popular across the country, but especially in warmer climates where this perennial has traditionally been grown for cool- season color. This cultivar bears ¾- to 1-inch round, single, lightly fragrant, deep-magenta red blossoms with serrated petals. This grower-friendly, heat- tolerant cultivar reblooms throughout the season, blanketing the blue foliage with deep-magenta red flowers. Early summer bloom with additional rebloom all season.

Echinacea The Price is White

Dianthus Paint the Town Red

Heuchera Toffee Tart

Hibiscus Summerific Spinderella

Phlox paniculata Opalescence The foliage on the Opalescence is the darkest green we have seen on a tall garden phlox, and its large clusters of light-pink flowers with a dark-pink eye really pop against it. This is a compact, yet full selection that presents beautifully in containers at retail and in the landscape. Pollinating bees and butterflies enjoy its fragrant blooms from midsummer through late summer every year. 30- to 32-inch height; 24- to 28-inch spread; part sun to sun. Zones 4-8.

Salvia Color Spires Back to the Fuchsia The Color Spires series has expanded to include this new vibrant fuchsia pink selection with dark charcoal stems. Back to the Fuchsia is darker and more purple in comparison to Pink Dawn. It blooms prolifically in late spring and will rebloom if sheered back. All members of this series exhibit robust vigor and bloom power, delivering a superb landscape performance. 22- to 24-inch height; 22- to 24-inch spread; full sun. Zones 3-8.

Polemonium Heaven Scent Heaven Scent is impressive for its superior garden performance and longevity in northern gardens. It makes a perfect companion for other shade loving perennials, but is also quite sun tolerant for a Polemonium. Heaven Scent forms a full mound of green, fern-like foliage that emerges with deep purple highlights and makes a perfect companion for other shade loving perennials, but is also quite sun tolerant for a Polemonium. It can be merchandised in both sun and shade displays at retail in spring.

Polemonium Heaven Scent

Phlox paniculata Opalescence

Salvia Color Spires Back to the Fuchsia

SAKATA Calibrachoa Calipetite

Petunia SuperCal The SuperCal line-up features two distinct profiles; Original SuperCal with a strong semi-trailing habit and medium-sized flowers, and SuperCal Premium, which features extra-large flowers and a more upright, mounding habit. New SuperCal Royal Red displays rich burgundy-red flowers all summer long. Plants are extremely early to bloom and very frost tolerant; an ideal choice for early-season spring sales. New SuperCal Rose features a continuous supply of vivid deep-rose flowers with excellent heat tolerance.

Primula Princessa Series Princessa delivers the largest flowers of any Primula acaulis. This series requires no cold treatment for flower initiation and has uniform flowering in all climates. The larger habit is perfect for 5-inch containers or for using multiple plants in larger containers for a beautiful retail display. The Princessa series includes six colors: Blue, Golden, Pink, Rose, Scarlet,White and Mix.

Yellow Improved brings improved vigor to better match the series. Calipetite’s naturally compact habit requires no PGRs and they are daylength neutral requiring no supplemental lighting. Impatiens SunPatiens Compact series SunPatiens deliver continuous worry-free flowering from spring through fall, full-sun to shade. New Compact Rose Glow presents vibrant rose-magenta flowers and are sure to add a dramatic radiance of vivid color to any garden or landscape. New Compact Hot Pink is very early to bloom and well-branched with an abundance of blooms with exceptional heat and wilt tolerance under the most severe conditions.

Impatiens SunPatiens Compact Rose Glow

Petunia SuperCal Rose

Primula Princessa Pink

Poinsettia Leona

Calibrachoa Calipetite Yellow Improved


Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Double PlumTastic The MiniFamous Neo series provides a uniform, semi-trailing habit, along with medium vigor. New Neo Double PlumTastic showcases a striking bicolor pattern on a double-flower form, which is exclusive to Selecta One. The entire series is ideal for baskets and large containers.

Dahlia Dalaya Fireball and Raspberry Dalaya green-leaf garden dahlia features big blooms and exotic bicolors. Dalaya is early to flower, slow to fade and is known for having excellent garden performance that beats the competition across all varieties. New Fireball features a new anemone flower form in a bright-orange, non-fading color, while New Raspberry has double, rose-raspberry blooms with a blue undertone.Well-branched series is ideal for 2.5-quart and larger pots.

Phlox Gisele Red Bred for reliable rooting, mounded habit and heat tolerance. Gisele has been trialed all over North America for outstanding performance.This series works great in small containers, baskets and gardens, continuously producing large, vibrant flower clusters.With the expansion of Gisele this season, New Red helps round out this series to deliver the most complete phlox color range on the market. The consistent vigor creates a stunning look in the landscape.

Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Double PlumTastic

Dahlia Dalaya Raspberry

Phlox Gisele Red

Dahlia Dalaya Fireball

SUNTORY FLOWERS Argyranthemum hybrid Grandaisy White Improved Suntory Flowers is perfecting its Grandaisy series. Plants have a fuller habit and the timing is improved with the rest of the series. Grandaisy produces showstopping plants with large blooms in a unique color range. It’s not a standard argyranthemum and is perfect for peak spring sales in large, decorative pots. Grab and go for the patio. Grandaisy will fly off the benches and endcaps.

Bracteantha Granvia Gold Offered in 2020 on a trial basis, Granvia Gold is a supersized strawflower—a vigorous plant with large golden blooms. Perfect for large patio pots. Stunning in beds. Outstanding summer performance, even in the South. Suitable for spring, summer and fall sales. Minimum recommended container size is1-gallon.

Catharanthus Soiree Kawaii Blueberry Kiss and Soiree Kawaii Coral Reef Pucker up for the new Soiree Kawaii color, Blueberry Kiss. Denim-blue flowers with dark-purple eyes offer a great new hue for summer landscapes and combination plantings. Also new for 2021 is Soiree Kawaii Coral Reef, an improvement to Coral that is more compact to match the series. Coral is the most vigorous and will continue to be offered. Proven in landscape trials, Soiree Kawaii goes the distance all summer.

Agyranthemum hybrid GrandaisyWhite Improved

Bracteantha Granvia Gold

Catharanthus Soiree Kawaii Blueberry Kiss

Pericallis Senetti Violet A vibrant new color joins the Senetti line. Senetti Violet has deep-violet-blue flowers with white radiating from the center eye for dramatic effect. Plants are more compact than top-selling Senetti varieties, Magenta Bicolor and Blue Bicolor. Habit is similar to Senetti RubyRed. Excellent in gallon pots. Perfect for early spring sales, Senetti delivers cool colors for the cool season.

Petunia Surfinia Purple Heart and Surfinia Heartbeat Improved Novelty petunia Surfinia Heartbeat now has a companion, Surfinia Purple Heart. Each flower features a pattern of five hearts separated by a pure- white outline; perfect for Mother’s Day promotions. Also new for 2021 is the improvement to Heartbeat, with a fuller plant habit and more stable heart pattern. The two mix beautifully in hanging baskets.

Brindabella Rose Pink Princess Brindabella Roses offer the best of both worlds— modern disease resistance and performance, but old- fashioned flowers and fragrance. Flowers are fully petaled, like a hybrid tea. New Pink Princess produces gorgeous frosting pink blooms. Breeding is related to the top-selling Purple Prince. Choose from six scentsational colors.

Pericallis Senetti Violet

Brindabella Rose Pink Princess

Petunia Surfinia Purple Heart and Surfinia Heartbeat Improved

SKAGIT HORTICULTURE Gaillardia SpinTop Series Two new color additions, SpinTop Copper Sun and SpinTopYellowTorch, broaden what has proven to be an outstanding series. Copper Sun has beautiful burnt copper-colored petals with bright-gold tips. YellowTorch has a nice, large, flat daisy flower with orange-red petals tipped in yellow. The SpinTop series is great for borders and has an extremely long blooming season while being very heat tolerant. They make a great item for summer and fall sales. Available in 72- and 128-size liners. Dianthus American Pie Georgia Peach Pie—PlantHaven This new color has been added to one the best series of dianthus in the market. The American Pie series is well-known for large fragrant blooms that perform well both in the garden as well as in containers.The new color is best described as having a blush-pink, single-bloom with a brilliant coral color.

Hellebore Gold Collection including the Ice and Rose Series The Hellebore Gold Collection is bred for extra- large upright facing flowers along with superior garden performance.The Ice and Rose series are offered in four colors: Picotte, Red, Rose andWhite and are available in both a 21- and 72-size rooted liner, which when planted in the fall, will finish for early spring sales in a 2.5-quart container.

Fills a 2.5-quart container nicely and displays well at retail. Available as a 72-size liner.

Dianthus American Pie Georgia Peach Pie

Hellebore Gold Collection Ice and Rose

Gaillardia SpinTop Copper Sun

SYNGENTA ANNUALS Begonia Florencio

Petunia Foto Finish Foto Finish brings an extremely uniform spreading petunia series with perfectly matched plant habits and flower timing to market. This seed series boasts extra-early flowering, and reduced day length sensitivity provides programmable flowering in 9- to10-weeks from sowing. Mounded and branching habit is ideal for high-density growing, holds better at retail and provides faster garden fill due to the need for fewer PGRs in production. Extremely free flowering with masses of color all over the plant make high-impact retail and long-lasting garden displays.

Petunia Itsy Magenta With exceptional color coverage and good vigor, Itsy is a great option for both the landscape and containers. Tons of tiny magenta blooms form a blanket of color providing undeniable retail appeal. With exceptional branching, color coverage and a controlled habit, Itsy is sure to be a hit with growers and consumers alike and stands alone as a novel variety.

A striking range of vibrant colors paired with upright grower friendly habits makes Florencio the go-to hybrid begonia. Medium vigor, well-branched habits, grower- friendly and ideal for mid-to-large sized containers. Bred for outstanding outdoor performance, Florencio holds up to the rigors of the season and provides season-long value for the consumer. Pelargonium Rosalie Antique Salmon Truly unique rosebud blooms make Rosalie a standout variety at retail and in the garden.The controlled habit works well across a range of small-to-medium sized containers. A novel variety that adds a new twist to geranium programs large and small.

Petunia Itsy Magenta

Petunia Foto Finish Blue

Pelargonium Rosalie Antique Salmon

Begonia FlorencioWhite

SYNGENTA PERENNIALS Aubrieta hybrid Glacier Series Glacier is the newest addition to Syngenta’s best in class Aubrieta breeding program and a compliment to the best-selling Axcent series. Glacier flowers on average 2- to 3-weeks later than Axcent and is also slightly more compact, making it an ideal season extender for Aubrieta programs nationwide. Compact to medium vigor makes Glacier ideally suited for 1-quart and 2.5-quart containers.

Helenium spp. HayDay Series A festive new series of Helenium with brightly colored blooms that flower from summer through fall. Nicely controlled and upright habits make HayDay ideal for 2.5-quart perennial programs. Dense branching results in loads of flowers making HayDay the perfect summer perennial for attracting pollinators and bringing exciting new genetics into this classic prairie wildflower.

Phlox subulata GoldiPhlox Series A brand new series of well-matched phlox subulata that bring a well needed upgrade to this perennial workhorse. GoldiPhlox adds series uniformity to core colors including the first ever GoldiPhlox Cherry. Ideally suited for small-to-medium-sized containers and is a must have for all perennial programs, large or small.

Aubrieta hybrid Glacier Red

Helenium HayDay Red Bicolor

Phlox subulata GoldiPhloxWhite

Aubrieta Glacier Violet

SYNGENTA HYDRANGEA Hydrangea HI Bred for exceptional shelf life, extending value for the consumer, the HI line-up brings a brand new direction to Syngenta’s portfolio. Syngenta Flowers is proud to announce their partnership with HI Breeding Company. These amazing balls of color, ranging from subtle pink, bright blue and crisp white, have exceptionally strong stems which make them easy to ship. This series has a long shelf life and will be sure to have great sell-through in the retail market.

Hydrangea HI Mountain Blue

Hydrangea HI Sugar

Hydrangea HI River Pink

Hydrangea HI Fire Red

TERRA NOVA NURSERIES Anemone Satin Doll Blush Abundant, large, dogwood-like flowers held just over the glossy foliage. Has a smaller footprint in the garden and runs less than other varieties on the market. One of the earliest blooming with an extended bloom period. Exceptionally high flower count on genetically dwarf plants. Excellent foliage cover, beautiful in containers.

Echinacea Sunny Days Lemon An exciting addition to TERRA NOVA’s Echinacea selection. Sunny Days Lemon is an exceptionally heavy-flowering variety that will blow you away with the sheer number of flowers it produces over the flowering season. Medium, upright plants are smothered in sunny-yellow double-flowers.The deep emerald-green foliage goes clear to the ground and makes this plant really stand out in a crowded Echinacea field. It’s fragrant and attracts pollinators too.

Leucanthemum Mt. Hood Large double-flowers composed of ice crystal-like petals lend formidable drama to Mount Hood which has a perfect mounding habit and an enormous number of flowers throughout the season. Strong rebloom and overall great vigor create great show as each layer covers the previous blooms. Multiple layers of blooms extend the season and the foliage cover impresses, too. Destined to become a garden classic.

Echinacea Dark Shadows Wicked

Echinacea Dark Shadows Wicked One of TERRA NOVA’s best Echinacea hybrids. The very upright habit presents glowing watermelon-pink flowers held in a perfect bouquet pattern. Dense, pine-green foliage covers this plant right to the ground. Dark chocolate-brown stems and matching eye contrast perfectly on this amazing plant. Stunning in mass plantings. A true standout as a specimen. Excellent in containers.

Echinacea Sunny Days Lemon

Leucanthemum Mt. Hood

Anemone Satin Doll Blush

VIVERO INTERNACIONAL Bracteantha Granvia Gold – Suntory This is a stand-alone variety from Suntory breeding and delights with an unusually large golden flower sure to capture attention with consumers. This variety is very vigorous and requires a larger container for cultivation, preferably 1-gallon or larger. Granvia Gold is very heat-tolerant and downy mildew-resistant. Gaillardia FanFare Phoenix – PlantHaven The Phoenix flowers in a bicolor mix of red in the center with yellow edges. The flowers come alive as the petals display a flame shape that creates an illusion of fire.This variety is very vigorous and covers a large area in the perennial garden. Flowers in the first year.

Osteospermum Gelato Prune – Westhoff This is the darkest color of the new Osteospermum Gelato series fromWesthoff. The dark lilac petals show a nice contrast to the leaves in the background. The Gelato Series is an early-blooming series and is naturally compact with flowers that stay close to the body of the plant.

Pelargonium GardenStar Flame Scarlet – Garden Genetics A new fancy-leaf Pelargonium that brings the leaf pattern of brown and yellow with a fire-red flower petal. The genetics have been adjusted to a modern type growing pattern for smaller leaves and better branching, resulting in a compact, round body shape that requires less pinching and growth regulator than the older varieties on the market.

Bracteantha Granvia Gold

Osteospermum Gelato Prune

Gaillardia FanFare Phoenix

Pelargonium GardenStar Flame Scarlet

WESTHOFF Calibrachoa Chameleon Frozen Ice Westhoff is well known for leading the industry in new Calibrachoa breeding and 2020 - 2021 is no exception. Chameleon Frozen Ice is a cool new color reminiscent of well-worn denim, while the stand-alone variety Firewalker brings the heat with dark-red blooms striated with yellow. Chameleon Blackberry Pie is the companion to the best-selling Blueberry Scone, but has a deep, violet-purple bloom with golden-yellow streaks.

Osteospermum Gelato Series The new Gelato Osteospermum series is part of Westhoff ’s continuing effort to provide shoulder season crops for growers that have excellent performance on the bench and in the garden. Compact and highly floriferous, this six-color series is best suited for 4-inch, quart and gallon containers.

Pelargonium interspecific TWOinONE Series The TWOinONE interspecific geranium series from PAC has added seven new varieties to the existing line, ostensibly creating a full color offering. These hybrids offer the heat and drought tolerance that is expected, but the bright, bold colors will leave a lasting impact in 6-inch containers, large patio containers or in the landscape. Petunia Crazytunia Peach Bellini and Crazytunia Cosmic Pink The world-famous Crazytunia collection continues to expand with several exciting new additions. Peach Bellini brings rich, red and yellow blooms on a tidy, mounding plant. Cosmic Pink is the new sibling of Cosmic Purple and has been generating a lot of excitement at the early season trials. Frisky Red and FriskyViolet are two new star-patterned blooms that provide season-long color and stellar performance for the home gardener.

Osteospermum Gelato Pineapple

Pelargonium TWOinONEWhite

Calibrachoa Chameleon Frozen Ice

Petunia Crazytunia Cosmic Pink

Petunia DuraBloom Royal Pink

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