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E N H A N C I N G T H E L I V E S O F T H O S E W E T O U C H ®

Becoming Our Best


We are halfway through 2019. I can hardly believe how fast this year has flown by. For that matter, it is unbeliev- able how fast the past several years have gone by. I am struck by the fact that we have now existed as a company for over 33 years. And although those 33 years have passed much too quickly, it is rewarding to stop for a moment and realize the progress we have made. We have grown from just 7 employees to

over 4,000 employees; from just 8 great products to over 400 products; from a 2,000-square-foot manufacturing space to occupying over 2 million square feet of state-of-the-art facilities; from a few dozen customers to well over a million customers. And now over 200,000 house- holds receive a check fromMelaleuca every single month. We have become a global company, paying out tens of mil- lions of dollars every month to families

around the world who are spreading our good message of total wellness. One of the things I am most proud of is our Management Team, consisting of dozens of hard-working, bright, honor- able executives who bring the kind of leadership that we can all be proud to follow. I have a great sense of fulfillment when I consider how we have progressed this far, one step at a time.


ally, physically, socially, spiritually, and, yes, financially. I would like to believe that we have become better parents—and better spouses. And if we have taken full advantage of our learning experience, we have learned to be better children in our relationships with our own parents. Progress takes change—in our hearts, our passions, our habits, and in almost everything we do. Melaleuca has changed over the years. And in the process we have become a stronger com- pany with a much brighter future. Besides the people, the greatest reason for our success is our products! We have many that are so unique and so unusually good, I call them jaw-drop- pers! When people begin to regularly use the Peak Performance Pack powered by Oligo ®, the absolute difference in their overall health is really something! Other jaw-dropping health improvements are evident everywhere. Products like ProvexCV ®, Replenex ®, Pain-A-Trate ®, Renew ®, MelaBrite ® Plus Oxi , Sol-U-Mel ®, and MelaPower ® are just a sampling of an arsenal of life-changing and life- preserving products that can be found nowhere else.

The development of these products did not happen overnight. They took years to develop. We are so fortunate to have them! We are so fortunate to have the scientists who developed them. And we are so fortunate to have the many great leaders and loyal customers who are forwarding our mission and who really are the foundation of this great opportunity. To me it is a wonderful journey. I am so grateful to be a part of it! Progress takes time! We are much bet- ter than we were a year ago and immea- surably different and better than we were 33 years ago. And one year from now we will be much better than we are today! How about you? Will you be differ- ent a year from now? Progress does not happen without a firm resolve to change. No matter how much progress we have made, there is always room for more improvement. As you evaluate the areas where you would like to improve your- self, we invite you to not delay! Go for it! Now is the time! Come with us as we all try to become the best that we can be.

When we launched Melaleuca in September of 1985, we established our mission: “To enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. SM ” That phrase has been a guiding light for us as we have made decisions that have carried us along the way. We have never strayed from that mission. It is the very reason for our existence as a company and the foundation of our success. I am filled with the warmest of feel- ings when I hear story after story of lives being enhanced and goals and dreams being fulfilled both from the health ben- efits of our products and from the finan- cial benefits of our business opportunity. Our progress has certainly not been achieved overnight. We have a much more solid heritage than that. It has been achieved through a process of continual improvement—step by step, precept upon precept. Every year we have got- ten a little better, a little wiser, a little stronger. We have learned to become better leaders. We have learned to hold ourselves more accountable and each other more accountable. We have all experienced personal growth—intellectu-






Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.

A Dazzling Tribute Since 1992, Melaleuca has hosted the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration along the banks of the Snake River in Idaho Falls, Idaho, as a thank-you to America’s veterans, soldiers, and their families. Today, the spectacular fireworks display is the largest show west of the Mississippi. It lasts over 30 minutes and was named a “must-see firework display on Independence Day” by the American Pyrotechnics Association.



Sharing in the Excitement Celebrating success is a Critical Activity because it inspires individuals to set goals and achieve more than they thought possible. Nowhere is this celebration more evident than at Convention! At Convention 2019, President’s Club award recipients, including Corporate Director 4 Jefferson Green, Corporate Director 2 Heidi Bartolotta, and Corporate Director 4 Erin Clark, cheered as their friends and teammates were invited to share the stage and be recognized for their efforts and accomplishments.


Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.




J U L Y 2 0 1 9

Meet the 2019 Marketing Executives of the Year! ......................... 12

Corporate Directors 9 Jeff and Maureen Miller have a legacy at Melaleuca unlike any other. Their secret? They understand the power of one.



Cassidy Burns: Success Is in the Follow-Through........................................ 38 The Role of CardiOmega EPA™ in the Peak Performance Pack......................... 42 How QuickShare PRO Is Changing the Game.................................................... 46 You Make a Difference by Switching to EcoSense®............................................. 48


Honoring Our Aging Veterans............ 54

THE UNEXPECTED BENEFITS OF EXERCISE We all know the health benefits of exercise, but do you know what exercise can do for your business? Find out what can change when you add exercise to your daily routine. PAGE 50


ADVANCING LEADERS These Melaleuca businesses are advancing, and yours can too! Learn from these impressive, high-achieving leaders.

What’s the secret to changing the trajectory of your business? Daily accountability! These stories show us what’s possible when you stay plugged into your business. PAGE 35



T E A M , W H A T D I D W E L E A R N ?


Leadership in Action is more than reading material—it’s an empowering development tool for you and your team! After reading this issue, turn education into action. Below you’ll find questions that you can ask yourself or use to engage your team in discussions to help everyone reach their goals.



F R A N K ’ S M E S S A G E Since 1985, Melaleuca’s progress has come step by step and product by product— creating a foundation for wellness and success that’s second to none. Frank encourages you to take time to evaluate yourself and get in the progress mindset. Where do you see yourself next year? Spend a day this month setting goals, making plans, and working hard so your dreams become reality.

›  › MA I N M E S S A G E 2019 Marketing Executives of the Year Jeff and Maureen Miller are some of Melaleuca’s most prolific business builders. What do they do that you could implement? How can you better practice the power of one? ›  ›  A D VA N C E M E N T S Kimberly Bertolucci made the decision to leave her comfort zone and wake up at 5:30 a.m. to work with her team. Though months passed with no results, she learned that patience and persistence always pay off. How can you be more persistent? Step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  ›  ›  B U S I N E S S COA C H I N G A N D M I N D S E T Cassidy Burns shines a light on the power of following through. When you make a commitment—to yourself or others—how well do you follow through? Could you benefit from following Cassidy’s advice? Make a plan with your team to stay accountable and stick to your decisions. The QuickShare PROOverview videos are powerful new tools available to help you effectively present Melaleuca to others. Many Marketing Executives are loving them! Who on your team could benefit from using QuickShare PRO? ›  ›  P R O D U C T E D U C AT I O N A N D W E L L N E S S CardiOmega EPA ™ is a key to supporting your cardiovascular health . After reading the article on page 42, learn more about this supplement at Melaleuca.com. What makes it a key part of the results found in the Sterling and Freiburg Studies? What is the role of CardiOmega EPA in the Peak Performance Pack ? Using EcoSense products is a small but important choice anyone can make to do their part to protect the environment. Read the article on page 48 and visit SaferForYourHome.com to learn more about how each person who switches to EcoSense contributes to significantly reducing the impact we have on our planet. Make plans to include more of this information in your next Melaleuca Overview.

QUESTION OF THE MONTH How are you staying accountable and persistent this summer? Share your ideas with us at LIA@melaleuca.com.








Erin & Aaron Clark MISSOURI

Rachaell & Seville Ko KANSAS

Arthur McCauley & Kimberly Bertolucci IDAHO

Jennifer & Steve Morgan CALIFORNIA









Jefferson Green GEORGIA

Rebecca Garrett GEORGIA

Claudia & Paul Hardin TEXAS

Lisa & Greg Carter CALIFORNIA





All Executive Leadership Council (ELC) calculations are based on Preferred Member growth from US and Canadian customers only.


Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.

The Executive Leadership Council is composed of the top Corporate, National, or Executive Director businesses with the highest contribution index and a current Monthly Retention Index (MRI) of 50% or more. The contribution index is the product of the net increase in an organization’s Preferred Members during the prior 60 days, multiplied by the number of each Corporate, National, or Executive Director’s Personal Enrollee Advancement Factor (the same factor found within President’s Club criteria). Council membership is reviewed monthly. At least five positions are reserved for Masters.







Robin Waugh-Castle & George Castle FLORIDA

Kimberly & Edward Satterwhite GEORGIA

Bunmi Adetunji GEORGIA

Courtney & Graham Martin LOUISIANA












Monita & Jon Smith SOUTH CAROLINA

Jeff & Maureen Miller FLORIDA

Natali Krause & Kent Wonnell CONNECTICUT

Jacki & Josh Grimley UTAH





Masters are those Executive, National, and Corporate Directors who have been Senior Directors or above for five or more years.




Onephonecall. Oneenrollment. Oneahamoment. All it takes is one to start a legacy. JeffandMaureen Miller are this year’s Marketing Executives of the Year. The Millers’ business may be huge, but their approach to building is simple. It’s built one person, one call, one step at a time. JEFF &MAUREENMILLER! 2019 MARKETING EXECUTIVES OF THE YEAR










ONE THING TO DO MORE OF: Make more phone calls. That’s not code for make “approaches.” Truly make phone calls. In this day and age of texting, messaging, and instant communication, Jeff knows the power of an actual phone call. You may just call it his secret weapon. “The communication of your voice is powerful,” Jeff says. “When I first communicate with someone, it’s always on the phone. As you get to know each other and share stories, you form a relationship. It’s critical to have that connection, and you can’t do that over text or social media.” Dialing a phone number and leaving a voice mail and calling back again and again sure isn’t as easy as sending out a text or social media message. But the Marketing Executive of the Year isn’t known for doing things the easy way. Preferred Members enrolled that month. Today, his organization is massive and enrolls thousands every month. We asked Jeff about the power of one and the “ones” he finds important. Jeff is no stranger to business. Before Melaleuca, he ran multiple businesses. What he loves about Melaleuca is that he can run a business without having to deal with the operational side of things. “At Melaleuca, I get to focus on what I’m good at without having to take care of all the other parts of business,” Jeff says. “When Ed Bestoso presented the financial opportunity Melaleuca offers, I saw a business I could operate without having to make the financial investment. It was a business model I could plug into.” Jeff enrolled in December of 1996. He was just one customer. One of hundreds of new


A lot of successful Marketing Executives will tell you that if you can build intrigue when you’re talking to a potential customer, that individual will approach you. They won’t feel like they’re the object of a pitch. It’s a successful tactic that puts relationships above results— something that Melaleuca advises. Jeff is an expert at creating curiosity. “If someone asks me, ‘What do you do?’ I say, ‘I belong to a shopping club.’ It totally creates curiosity. Of course they respond with, ‘What do you mean, a shopping club?’ And that’s when you have fun explaining Melaleuca.” Jeff’s approach drives potential customers to ask the questions. The curiosity is there, which prompts a very natural conversation. And that’s how the relationship begins.

“You have to believe in yourself,” Jeff says. “It’s a necessary practice. You have to believe you deserve what you are pursuing.”

Right: Jeff works his business from his home office. Below: Maureen and Jeff review their contact list and make calls.



ONE PRODUCT THAT SHOULD BE IN EVERY NEW CUSTOMER'S FIRST ORDER: Jeff believes that the Home Conversion Pack is the right way to get started. “It converts your home and that’s why it’s important,” Jeff says.


ONE HABIT YOU NEED TO BREAK (IF YOU DO IT): “The one habit you need to break is trying to sell Melaleuca,” Jeff says. “It’s the biggest turnoff in terms of getting someone to connect to your business. No one wants to be sold.” Jeff explains that rather than “selling” Melaleuca, it’s absolutely critical to build relationships. “Get to know others,” he advises. “Ask questions. Be aware of what they’re talking about. Ask them about their life and their family. People love to talk. It takes that interaction to build a relationship—to get to know someone, to like them, and for them to like you.”

Jeff is a natural-born leader with a style all his own, but leadership qualities don’t come naturally to everyone who chooses to build a business. Luckily, leadership skills can be learned and developed—a necessary process for any Marketing Executive. “Start by gaining knowledge about leadership,” Jeff says. “Read books, listen to audio books, or go to seminars. That’s the first step you have to take in developing your own leadership—learn about the skills and techniques of leadership in general.”


ONE THING THAT WILL ACCELERATE YOUR ADVANCEMENTS: The way Melaleuca’s generous Compensation Plan is set up requires several pieces of a puzzle to be in place before your next high advancement. Naturally, the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities are necessary to grow your business, but you can maximize your efforts when you know what piece of the puzzle you’re missing. Jeff consults the “Advancement Statistics” on the last page of his monthly Business Report to guide his focus. “When you’re trying to advance to the next status, you have to sit back and look at the puzzle and see what pieces are missing,” Jeff says. “There are enrollments, volume, PEG volume, personal Directors, and more—all these different components. The chart at the bottom of your Business Report will tell you what you’re missing in black and white. And that’s where you focus your energy. That’s really the secret.”

ONE THING TO MAKE YOUR STRATEGY SESSIONS MORE EFFECTIVE: A Strategy Session is crucial in building your business—it’s where new customers become team members. A good Strategy Session shows what’s possible with Melaleuca. A great Strategy Session shows a new Marketing Executive how to do it. “Map out a game plan,” Jeff says. “You need a short-term and a long-term plan. Map it out piece by piece. Define the objectives. Identify the targets.” The goal is for your new team member to leave the Strategy Session knowing exactly what they need to do the next day and the next week to reach their goals. The map makes building a business understandable and practical. It’s a very empowering way for a Marketing Executive to begin their career.

One thing Jeff doesn’t have is a typical day. Every day is different. “This week, I might be focused on one team or activity, and the next, I’m focused on something else,” Jeff says. “After I achieve something, I move on to something different.” Jeff self-evaluates often and finds out what he needs to do to continue growing. That dictates his schedule. Legacies are not built overnight. The size and success of the Miller’s business may be intimidating, but it is built how any other business is built—by adding one individual at a time to the contact list, by developing one friendship at a time, and by giving one Melaleuca Overview and one Strategy Session at a time. The blueprint is the same for every Melaleuca business. Jeff and Maureen understand and utilize the power of one to grow their business day after day. L

Left: CEO Frank VanderSloot shakes Jeff’s hand. Bottom left: President McKay Christensen interviews Jeff and Maureen as they are awarded Marketing Executives of the Year at Convention 2019. Below: Jeff and Maureen inside their former home in Florida.



Soak in Shea Softness

All the nourishing, hydrating shea butter you’ve always wanted. Now available in a Honey Almond Luxury Bath Bar . Shop for more shea in our full Honey Almond collection at Melaleuca.com/HoneyAlmond.


Rebecca Garrett GEORGIA Wonderful NewWays to Achieve Your Goals

the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities and gives a world-class Melaleuca Overview every time, allowing you to be the messenger, not the message. Melaleuca Product Websites These are SUPER amazing! Imagine, as you share one of your favorite products with the world, there’s a specific Melaleuca product website that speaks only of that product to the potential customers you’re targeting. That’s exactly what these stand- alone product sites do. When someone inquires about a specific product on a post, I simply send them to the product website and schedule a follow-up conversation afterwards. It’s about “show more and say less.” Even though all these things are amazing, what spurs me to the greatest growth is my team. I get more excited about them every month! They are my motivation, my drive, and what keeps me going. They inspire me to do better and to be better for them. It’s not about me , it’s about we . Every month I set a goal to advance as many personals as possible! (My ultimate goal is to have one person advancing in every Director status in a single month.) As motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” When I’m asked if advancing has changed me, I say that only the title connected to my name has changed. My heart is in the same place, and my belief has gone through the roof! TP

As a new National Director 5, Rebecca Garrett is sparking with excitement about Melaleuca’s business-building support tools! Here she describes in her own words why she is so enthusiastic about their potential to help Marketing Executives achieve their goals. Fast Track I am passionate about what I do, and I want to transfer that same energy into a system that will be duplicated throughout my organization, so I love Fast Track! I’ve discovered that being held accountable to each other increases the activity levels, production, and momentum of my team. As a former educator of 12 years, it’s in my nature to be organized. So I created an “accountability thread” for everyone to stay connected and informed about the daily activities. The goal is to reach out to 10 people a day, and we report our activities at the end of the day, five days a week. That way, not only am I able to see what the team is doing or not doing, I am able to track their progress. QuickShare PRO This is a valuable tool that anyone can use. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s duplicable. QuickShare PRO is a simple system that is part of

“I am an accountability group queen,” Rebecca says. “I love it for a million different reasons. Most importantly, it gives you reassurance and keeps you doing the activities every day.”




Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Adrienne & Michael Sifontes GEORGIA “Embrace the Suck” and Fail Forward

Adrienne and her family are passionate about Melaleuca’s products because they felt a marked improvement in their health when they began using them. “I actually started out just as a Preferred Member,” she says. Adrienne’s friend introduced her to EcoSense® household cleaners, and she was sold. “When I converted my home to Melaleuca products I could tell a difference in air quality immediately,” she says. She found herself using her inhaler less. Renew® Lotion made a life-changing difference to the Sifontes family as well. “My son Xavier has eczema, and Renew keeps his skin really moisturized,” she says. “He even has fewer outbreaks!” Adrienne’s experience with the quality of Melaleuca’s products inspired her to become a Marketing Executive. “This company changes lives,” she says. “I had to share my love and joy for these products because I want to help others raise their quality of life—just like my family did.” Next month, Adrienne and Michael’s son begins his education at a Montessori school. They were able to take care of his tuition in one full payment at the beginning of the year. “If I could tell people one thing about Melaleuca, it’s that this company has the biggest heart,” Adrienne says. “It is truly so generous. Every time we go to an event or get a call from our business partners at headquarters, it reconfirms that we’re home.”

One thing Adrienne Sifontes has learned over the course of her journey with Melaleuca is to “embrace the suck.” That means letting go of perfection, allowing yourself to make mistakes, and failing forward. “I’m a mom, so I know the feeling of wanting to be perfect and have everything under control all the time,” she says. But being unable to meet those expectations can be discouraging, especially when succeeding as a Melaleuca Marketing Executive requires confidence and self-motivation. “That’s why I tell my team to embrace failure,” she says. “Go through that process, because the greatest leaders in this world have all made mistakes too. And you know what? They failed again and again until they won. Perseverance. That’s the key.” Her top tips for new Marketing Executives are to work closely with your enroller, stay connected to your business partners, and utilize Melaleuca Overview resources on the website. “The path to success is already in place—all we have to do is walk it.” Her last tip is simple: fall in love with the products. “After that, everything is going to lock into place,” she explains. “Your conversations will be more transparent, authentic, and effective.”

“The Peak Performance Pack changes the nutrition game,” Adrienne says. “I can really feel a difference in my energy level. I’m an everyday user for life!”



Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Bonnie Wright UTAH Making Dreams Come True

a nightmare when you can imagine a dream coming true? Stay positive! I keep on believing in people and having faith in them until they can believe in themselves.” The down-to-earth practicality of accountability appeals to Bonnie. “I like keeping it real,” she says. “I’ve had the highest highs and the lowest lows. Building and growing together with your team means being genuine about your experiences. It strengthens the emotional connection that bonds a team. With accountability, no one builds alone.” As much as Bonnie likes to keep it real, however, she also says, “I wouldn’t want to be a realist. Remember the first person who ran the four-minute mile, ignoring all the ‘realists’ who said it was impossible? Let’s all be that person. People are going to believe something is impossible until it’s done, and then it becomes a magnet for others to try to do it too. So be the one to run all those four-minute miles in your journey with Melaleuca. Let’s run the race together and let’s all win!” Bonnie still has the vision board she made as a Senior Director with Marketing Executive of the Year on it—a goal she achieved, along with Team of the Year, in 2016. “For my next board, I’m going to have to step it up and put Corporate Director,” Bonnie says. “This is not about me—it’s about the team locking arms and advancing through life together. What else are we doing if we’re not enhancing lives, right?” TP

New National Director Bonnie Wright has a wonderful “problem.” She keeps outgrowing her vision boards. “It’s just crazy!” she says. “I’ll do a new board, and pretty soon I’ll realize I need a newer one because I’ve accomplished the goals written. The board I have right now has National Director on it. I’m going to have to make another one.” Bonnie’s vision boards help keep her focused. “You have to set your mental GPS,” she says. “No one ever wandered their way to the top. When we keep our focus, we achieve our goals, and that is when belief blossoms.” Bonnie talks a lot with her team about dreams, goals, and belief because they are linked in the circuitry of success. “Belief is like electricity. I can’t see electricity and have no clue how it works. I just know that it does. Belief is like that. We don’t have to understand it for it to work. But if you don’t have it, you’re just going through the motions. Belief is where the magic is.” Bonnie has found that successfully building a business is all about managing your thinking. “Sometimes people don’t have enough belief yet and they may feel a little fearful, so they try to avoid the activities of business-building by conjuring worst-case scenarios of what might happen,” Bonnie says. “But why imagine

“I believe we bring about what we think about. I’m a National Director now! If this country girl can do it, anyone can do it. This is just the best of times. It couldn’t get better!”





Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Kimberly Bertolucci & Aurthur McCauley IDAHO A Schedule for Moms

month they woke up at 5:30 every day. And they didn’t see tangible growth at first. Kimberly’s business didn’t grow those first four months of waking up early. It would have been easy for her to give up and sleep in. But she stuck with it, and as a result, she saw incredible growth in her business and her team’s businesses in 2019. “Experiencing these delayed results taught me to get up and do the right things every single day, even when it’s hard and even when I don’t seem to be making progress,” Kimberly says. “Our culture demands instant results. We want to work today and get paid for it today. Melaleuca doesn’t really operate that way. The work you do today will pay six, eight, twelve weeks from now. My team and I learned to dig into the Critical Business-Building Activities and just do them no matter what.” Kimberly loves that she has been able to help other moms build their businesses through this early-morning initiative. She knows what it’s like to need help. “About a year and a half before I enrolled with Melaleuca, I quit my job,” Kimberly remembers. “One of my daughters was experiencing serious health problems, and I needed to be there for her. We had to travel with her for specialized surgeries. We maxed out all of our credit cards. We took out a lot of loans. It was really hard on our marriage. We hosted a garage sale to try to make enough money to buy groceries for the week. That very day, I enrolled with Melaleuca and began building a business.” Kimberly is coming up on the two-year anniversary of that garage sale and her enrollment. When she looks back, she sees just how life changing Melaleuca has been for her. “We weren’t in a good place,” she says. “I don’t know where I’d be without Melaleuca. Melaleuca saved my family.”

Last summer, Kimberly was sharing a live video with her team, and during the course of the video, all three of her kids made an appearance—crying. “They were crying and I was crying,” Kimberly laughs. Kimberly thought about her team full of mothers. She was an Executive Director 6 at the time and earning a solid residual income. “I just remember thinking, if showing up for my business with kids around is this hard for me, how hard is it for mothers on my team who are making smaller paychecks or those who haven’t quite caught the vision of Melaleuca yet?” Kimberly says. Kimberly’s solution was an uncomfortable one, especially for her. “My husband knows not to talk to me in the morning until I’ve had two cups of coffee. But I knew I needed a solution and that my team needed a solution. So I told my team, ‘I’m going to get up at 5:30 tomorrow and start working. If you’re up too, great. We’ll get to work. If not, I’m going to have my Zoom [video conference] link open.’ I thought we’d maybe have six or seven people on. We had 42.” That’s when Kimberly knew she was right—parents were struggling and needed a solution. These early mornings provided the necessary quiet time. The team stuck with it. Month after

At the time of the interview for this story, Kimberly was enjoying a vacation she earned through Fast Track in Kauai. She took her laptop with her and woke up at 5:15 every day to work her business.


“It’s my roots,” Kimberly says.


Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Seville & Rachaell Ko KANSAS The Power of the Products

This community of true product advocates spreads contagious excitement about the difference Melaleuca can make. But it also makes a great impact on Seville and Rachaell’s ability to develop new leaders. “We’re watching rock star leaders emerge and mature,” Seville says. The Directors in their organization are able to share their belief in the products by converting their own homes. “If you haven’t converted your home and switched everything to Melaleuca—from the laundry room to the kitchen to the bathroom to the medicine cabinet—then you’re not leading by example,” Rachaell believes. Even though their team members are spread apart geographically, talking more about the products internally is bringing more unity and focus to the team. Seville and Rachaell have found freedom for their family when it comes to both finances and family stress. The couple has achieved step one of the Financial Freedom Awards and is actively working toward the Financial Freedom award by paying off their car and having no other debt other than their mortgage. They’re expecting a brand-new baby boy in August and are thrilled to be bringing him into a home with a secure financial future thanks to their growing residual income. “Melaleuca has changed everything for us,” Rachaell says. “When you’re expecting a new baby, there’s this whole new pressure of, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m financially responsible for this human life!’ But with this baby, we have no worries about money whatsoever.” Seville adds, “We’re extremely grateful for Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot and the many pioneers here who have paved the way for us over the past few decades.” MW

On day one of their Melaleuca journey, Seville and Rachaell Ko began with the end in mind: building a business to last a lifetime. They were impressed by the long-term results that Corporate Directors 9 Jeff and Maureen Miller shared with them, and they knew that with hard work and discipline, the Melaleuca way would be simple to implement and easy to follow. “We came to Melaleuca with a 30-plus-year vision for our business,” Seville says. To bring that vision to life, the Kos have followed Frank’s advice to track what they want to increase. Their goal is to personally match the company’s retention rate of 96% in their organization—and they’re getting close! Recently they’ve discovered a great retention secret: sharing their love of the products and encouraging every home to completely switch stores. That’s why the Kos are coaching their team to go green. Since the Kos have increased their focus on sharing their love of the products, they find themselves with a raving fan base of Melaleuca customers. Their private Facebook group contains more than two thousand customers who share how the products are enhancing their lives. Rachaell says, “I often read posts on the Facebook page that say things like, ‘We washed our muddy, stained shoes with MelaBrite® Plus Oxi and now they’re bright white!’ It’s nothing glamorous, but it’s real, everyday experiences from real people.”

Seville and Rachaell have discovered that retention and the products go hand in hand. “We came out of Convention


2019 fired up about the practicality of the

products,” Seville says. “We just had our biggest month of growth because we’re all about the products.”



Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Mike Brandow & Lauretta Kloha MICHIGAN Building Happiness Together

Lauretta and Mike are excited to learn and grow together and with their team. They have a bright outlook for the future. “I’ve had this feeling all year that Convention 2020 is going to be an amazing event for our team,” he says. “I have a vision of seeing a lot of people on our team being celebrated on stage. You could call it 20/20 vision.” Mike’s 20/20 vision is driving their entire family to be involved in building their Melaleuca business, including their 10-year-old son, Saynt. He shares Melaleuca products with his friends at school and sometimes even helps Lauretta on calls with other business builders. “The other day Saynt heard me talking to someone and asked for the phone,” Lauretta says. “I’m never sure what he’s going to say, but often it’s very valuable. This time he said, ‘You have two choices. You have two paths you can take. One path is this path. That’s not a good path. But the other path over here is happiness, joy, and success.’” Moments like this with their son remind Lauretta and Mike that building their Melaleuca business is truly about leaving a legacy for the future. “I can see us years and years from now. My son’s friends and their parents will still be in our organization,” says Lauretta. “We’re going to be working and doing life together, and he is going to be leading them as well. There is no price you can put on that. When you do life together, you’re elevating and lifting each other and truly making everyone’s lives better.”

When Lauretta Kloha and Mike Brandow reflect on their lives before enrolling with Melaleuca, they see a stark contrast between who they were and who they are today. Now that many of their financial burdens no longer trouble them, they are happier. And they live with joy because they’ve built a business focused on enhancing lives. Lauretta and Mike build their business side by side, waking up each morning ready to help someone else. They know that when they forget about themselves and help others, their own goals are met along the way. “The families that we’re working with have plans, goals, and dreams,” says Lauretta. “It makes sense to continue to grow our business because it really means we’re continuing to help others get a lot closer to achieving their dreams.” Lauretta and Mike are working on becoming better mentors and leaders for their team. Mike knows that he has become a better leader by being coachable and trusting his own mentors at Melaleuca, like his enrollers, National Directors Steve and Jennifer Morgan. “The mentoring we are receiving goes beyond just building a business,” he says. “It’s about having a whole life of learning and growing.”

Mike and Lauretta are focusing on helping others as they work to qualify for President’s Club 2020— with the added bonus of visiting Italy, fulfilling one of Lauretta’s childhood dreams.



Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Roni McMillan BRITISH COLUMBIA Being Authentic

She credits Travis Wengreen, her regional Coaching & Leader Development director, for helping her do this. Working closely with Roni, Travis helped her discover that what would motivate her—what she wanted more than anything else—was to be authentic. She wanted to help her team members succeed. But that would take getting her business back to operating at full potential and developing new leadership. She agreed to having Travis hold her accountable for her daily actions. “It all started with those weekly accountability sessions,” Roni recalls. Roni immediately buckled down, working hard to develop new Directors. Her timing was right on. “That was when the company-wide Fast Track was announced,” she says. “Fast Track gave me the opportunity to take the accountability skills I was learning and apply them throughout my team.” Roni wisely organized her new business builders into teams together, and then set them loose. Fast forward a few months, and now she’s got a group of dynamic new Directors at her side—including Director 2 Kristina Moser, Directors 2 Oniel Riley and Latoya Bonner, Director Kathy Ann Inniss, and Director 2 Alyssa Threadkell— most on a Pacesetter timeframe! Some of these up-and-coming builders have already developed Directors themselves. Each brings incredible strengths to the team. And all are poised for additional advancements in the near future. Roni is thrilled about what they’ve accomplished so far—and she’s the first to attribute her advancement to their efforts. “My advancement happened because of the team,” she says. “I am so proud of their belief in Melaleuca and their commitment to their goals!” JC

One of the most valuable lessons Roni McMillan took from the recent company-wide Fast Track was the importance of the team. Only in a committed, cohesive team can business builders apply the core Fast Track principles of daily reporting, accountability, and consistency to their fullest potential. When brand-new builders fully commit, their teamwork builds the belief, confidence, and trust they need for long-term success. “People want to know they’re part of a team,” Roni explains. “They want to know someone’s going to be there with them. And when people work together as a team, they tend to be more productive. It’s easy to let yourself down, but it’s a lot more difficult to let others on your team down. During Fast Track, everyone was consistent and accountable to each other on a daily basis. And here we are, more than 90 days later, with all these advancements!” As a Melaleuca Marketing Executive for 21 years now, Roni has learned time and time again that the only way to build a better future for herself is to help others reach their goals. In fact, her desire to help others led to her redefining her why .

How has Roni’s residual income made a difference? “My younger two children are still in university,” she says. “One just finished her second year of med school and the other is working on a master’s in biomedicine. Because of Melaleuca, both girls will graduate with no student debt.”





Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Jennifer Becker CALIFORNIA It’s All About the People You Love the Most

out on so many precious moments with her young kids. That’s why she’s working hard to reach Senior Director. Knowing the freedom that this will provide her family is what’s fueling me!” Jennifer and her team set the goal every month to enroll six to eight Preferred Members each. They’ve found that doing this leads to developing a new personal Director each month—which is creating incredible growth. In fact, Jennifer’s organization saw more advancements in May than at any other time in its history. Jennifer and Dana spent almost two hours making advancement calls. “It was the most fun I’ve ever had in my business,” Jennifer says. In the end, it’s all about the people you love the most. The same day she interviewed for this story, Jennifer learned that her grandmother, with whom she was very close, had passed away. Jennifer’s grandmother (pictured here) loved Melaleuca products and had even referred a few customers to Jennifer. Jennifer’s team knew her as “Granny Pearl,” and she was mentioned in every Melaleuca Overview Jennifer gave. Jennifer would say, “Even my grandmother in her 8Os shops with Melaleuca each month!” Jennifer was profoundly grateful not only for the freedom she had to drop everything else and gather with her family for the funeral services but that she’d had the time and means to visit her Granny Pearl often over the last years of her life. “I feel really blessed,” she says. “This has put everything I’ve worked for during the last five years into perspective.” JC

Back when Jennifer Becker worked in the corporate world, her days were consumed with office time that stretched into the evening hours. While the pay was good, Jennifer felt like her life was out of balance. “I was planning my family around my work,” she says. “But now, with Melaleuca, I can plan my work around my family. With my kids out of school for the summer, I can spend lots of time with them. I let them know, ‘Mom’s going to work for a few hours in the morning, and the rest of the day is ours to do something fun!’” In fact, Jennifer’s daughters are only seven and ten years old, but they know a lot about Mom’s business and have gotten to know many of her team members well—including Jennifer’s business partner, Senior Director 9 Dana Wikoff, whom they call “Miss Dana.” No wonder Jennifer focuses so much of her efforts on helping moms with young children at home! She knows the life-changing potential of the residual income and the products available to them. “For example,” she says, “a new Director 3 on my team, Lauren Storey, is a middle school teacher, and she’s missing

“We have a whiteboard in my office,” Jennifer


says, “and my girls know exactly who’s working for an

advancement and what my personal goals are. They’ll come in and ask, ‘How close is Miss Dana to advancing?’”


Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Paul & Claudia Hardin TEXAS The Style and Substance of Melaleuca

and how it helped me. I often point out that Melaleuca wouldn’t be selling over $2 billion of product to monthly shoppers unless the products were phenomenal, the customer experience was off the charts, and the pricing was ultra-competitive. That’s the substance of Melaleuca, and I absolutely love it.” In addition to having quality, life-changing products to share with others, the Hardins love participating in the benefits of Melaleuca’s Compensation Plan. They know that their business is successful when they rely on the stability of the Compensation Plan and consistently do the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities. “If you mind the details, the Compensation Plan produces results,” says Paul. “There’s not a lot of guesswork in Melaleuca with the Compensation Plan. It’s transparent, it’s fair, and it’s aggressive, making things very predictable for the serious business builder.” The stability of Melaleuca is what gives families hope and changes lives—something the Hardins see happening on their team every day. That’s why they are working to help many of their team members advance to Senior Director and attend Road to Executive Director in the coming months. They want everyone to experience the life they now get to live because of Melaleuca. “We own our own time and make our own schedule,” says Paul. “That permits us to be there for our kids in ways that we weren’t able to before. It is one of the greatest benefits and blessing of Melaleuca so far.”

Of the many things that Paul and Claudia Hardin love about Melaleuca, there’s one thing that stands out. From events like Convention to world-class customer service, Melaleuca is full of style and substance. “I’ve heard from those who worked in other companies that they had come from a lot of flash and dash,” Paul says. “Melaleuca has both the style and substance of success. And that’s really important. Some people emphasize style to the detriment of substance and some people emphasize substance to the detriment of style. The truth of the matter is, people love having things presented well and looking excellent. But they also need substance behind the sparkle.” Every day, Paul and Claudia focus on the substance of Melaleuca—exceptional products at reasonable prices. Products come first when the Hardins share Melaleuca with others. That’s why Paul offers Pain-A-Trate ® to attendees at almost every in-person Melaleuca Overview. “Usually as people try Pain-A-Trate , the skepticism evaporates from the room,” Paul says. “Everyone who has their arms folded unfolds them. Thosewith their shoulders tenserelax. After that, I usually start telling them about the Peak Performance Nutrition Pack

“Right now, we are most excited about working with all the like-minded people we have on our team,” Claudia says. “We’re all excited about bringing wellness to everyone.”




Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.


Shannon & Frank Rich CALIFORNIA It’s All About Helping Others

toward reaching the 20/20 Club as quickly as possible. Shannon has noticed that reaching the 20/20 Club is where the switch happens—once there, a lot of other worries fall away and you can truly focus on helping others. She also knows having a support team makes helping others possible. She can’t imagine building her business without the help of Frank running things behind the scenes. “Frank is my total support,” she says. “He’s always that great support—not just for me, but for my team—with words of encouragement. He’s my biggest cheerleader for sure.” “I just try to make her life easier as she builds the business,” Frank adds. “I often tell other husbands that it’s important to make our wives feel supported. I never want Shannon, or anyone, to be worried about what their spouse is thinking as they’re doing a Melaleuca Overview or spending time on calls. I don’t want them to have that fear because it gets in the way of their business.” Today, Frank and Shannon are free from the fear and instability of their life before Melaleuca. “Other companies don’t have the residual income we have,” Frank says. “It’s something you bank on every month. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens, that’s always going to be there for us.”

When Shannon and Frank Rich started building their Melaleuca business, all they could think of were their immediate financial troubles. Their first checks helped them purchase a new car and a desperately needed new heater for their home. As their checks grew, they stopped living paycheck to paycheck, which opened many new possibilities for their family. Today, Shannon and Frank are free to build their business fully focused on Melaleuca’s Mission Statement: To enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals. SM “Building a Melaleuca business is not about how many people you can get to shop here,” Shannon says. “It’s about asking yourself each day, ‘Who can I help shop for safer products? Who can I help build financial stability for their family?’ That’s what makes residual income—focusing on helping someone else.” Shannon has noticed that when her team consistently spends their time doing the Seven Critical Business-Building Activities, they naturally fall into a pattern of helping others. That’s why she starts all business builders with those activities from day one in their Strategy Session. Her goal is to help every new business builder advance to Director in their first two months. After that, they work together

With their growing residual income, Frank and Shannon are excited to fulfill another one of their dreams. Soon they will move into a larger home that’s closer to their children’s school.



Results vary. For typical results, please consult the Annual Income Statistics on page 58.

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