84th Grand Chapter Meeting Edition (Summer Issue)

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WELCOME TO THE CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE (AND SISTERLY AFFECTION) Philadelphia (PA) Alumni hosts the 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting



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Inside: 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting Local Chairman Samuel J. Patterson, Northeastern Province Polemarch Craig C. Chisholm and Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter Polemarch L. Douglas Harrell welcome you. 22


Journal Notes


Grand Polemarch’s Message

7 Commentary 12 Welcome to Philadelphia! 22 Cover Story 33 Kappa News: 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting Awards 58 Council of Province Polemarchs on Kappa’s Six-Point Plan 116 Alumni News 128 Guide Right & Kappa Kamp 142 Chapter News 154 A Look Back: Kappa History 160 The Gallery 176 To the Chapter Invisible 214 The Kappa Alpha Psi ® Directory

98 th North Central Province Council: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. celebrates the Centennial of the Chicago (IL) Alumni Chapter. 144

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Of Presidents and Chancellors: Kappa Alpha Psi enjoys the presidencies of several HBCUs. 36

International Headquarters 2322-24 North Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19132-4590 Phone: (215) 228-7184 www.KappaAlphaPsi.org

33 The Honorable Willie F. Brooks leads this Conclave's class of Elder Watson Diggs Awardees. 34 Junior Grand Vice Polemarch Cross: Among this year’s Guy Levis Grant Awardees.

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Executive Leadership Training & Succession Planning: Grand Polemarch Battles and the 2019-20 JVP-Florida of the Southern Province Guzman. 78

Cover photo by Michael L. Hume.

Publishing achievement for 105 years



105 Years and Counting: The Journal Chronicles Achievement! actions and establish the foundation for our service to the community. And, we have been capturing some of the best of your good works for 105 years! valued, seemingly as synonymous with accomplishment, these young people can come to our campuses, centers, complexes and houses and be exposed to a better way and to see actual achieve- ment.

This issue features summaries of the service you have rendered. We also celebrate the Centennial of Kappa Chapter (see page 160) and the Chicago (IL) Alumni Chapter, where the North Central Province (see page 144) had the aforethought to plan years ago to host the Council at the time of Kappa's first alumni chapter's 100 th anniversary (see page 154). Also featured are our 12 Province Polemarchs who provide an assessment on each province's efforts with respect to Kappa's Six-Point Plan (see page 58). The joy that comes from the Guide Right coverage just leaps off of the pages (see page 128). Every brother who puts the time in and shares their talent with their respective Guide Right programs should be thanked for the seeds they are sowing into the future of our republic. These young people are being exposed to so many interactions that exemplifies what is right about humanity when they participate in our local (but universal) programs. The juxtaposition to the news coverage of the day is stark. While some promote hard-heartedness, mean-spir- ited and bigoted behavior as traits to be

1 Peter 4: 10 reminds us; “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms.” I believe the pages of this issue provides a snapshot into the gifts and good works you are imparting into our communities,which is a potent antidote to those who sow division and antipathy towards those who may look or think differently than them. During this 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting we will be celebrating several brothers who have earned our highest awards as well as the chapters whose service records we esteem (see page 32). My thanks will never be enough to the Grand Polemarch for allowing me and my team the opportunity to serve in these roles and through them, continue to encourage a spirit of fraternity, a broad and comprehensive knowledge of our activities, demonstrating the fidelity we have toward one another and to the cause of achievement in the interests of mankind.

Cleveland Ferguson III, Esq.

W hat a wonderful gift it has been to chronicle the suc- cesses of individual broth- ers, chapters, provinces and Kappa Alpha Psi under the theme Rebirth, Reclaim, Recommit, by Leaving no Brother Behind, which has been the theme of the 33 rd Administration! With the Six-Point Plan as the lodestar for the fraternity's activities, there has been no shortage of material to survey in each issue. Fourteen issues and more than 1,400 pages later demonstrate the love for our fraternity, its fundamental purpose, the Christian principles that guide our

TheKappaAlphaPsi ®

AnOcialPublicationofKappaAlphaPsiFraternity, Inc.



TarletonD.Williams, center






Publishing achievement for 105 years

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Kappa's Six Point Plan

1. Community Service - Inspire public service interest through parallel initiatives on all levels of the fraternity.

2. Infrastructure - Reorganize International Headquarters to meet the administrative needs of the fraternity.

3. Undergraduate Development - Implement policies and programs for undergraduate chapters to encourage increased participation in University and Grand Chapter activities. 4. Reclamation - Grow the Fraternity’s financial roll by identifying and implementing effective strategic initiatives aimed at re-energizing inactive membership. 5. New Member Recruitment and Training - Recruit mature responsible men who are achievers and like-minded individual with the intent of organization-wide sustainability. 6. Executive Leadership Training & Succession Planning - Identify and develop exceptional talent for leadership development and succession planning.

coming obstacles, making momentous accomplishments to fulfill our promise to sustain Kappa Alpha Psi for genera- tions to come. We experience the fruits of his labors when we see that so many of our accomplishments align with Kappa's Six Point Plan. This strategy for ensuring continuing achievement is perhaps the greatest legacy of the 33 rd Administration We should be proud that our Six Point Plan is clearing the path to long- term benefits for disadvantaged children and families, communities and our be- loved fraternity. We could write a book about the progress made, but I want to bring special attention to the stage set for future achievement as it aligns with the Community Service, Undergraduate Development, Reclamation and New Member Recruitment and Training points. Although you will read more about our accomplishments in the 84th Grand Chapter Meeting State of the Fraternity, I wanted to give you a sam- pling of our feats in these areas during the 33 rd Administration:

planning for the upcoming Philadelphia event. The reason is that collectively, the past and upcoming meetings, events and ceremonies showcase the pinnacle of achievements by brothers in every province during the 33 rd Administration. We’re finalizing plans for the 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting, which will take place at the Philadelphia Conven- tion Center from July 30 – August 4. No doubt that Philadelphia Alumni and the chapters supporting their efforts will lead Kappa to another successful conclave, ensuring that business gets done while making a positive economic and public service impact on the local community. This impact is vital to a directive I gave to fraternity leaders throughout the 33 rd Administration. Together, we worked to enhance our vision to make a positive difference in the lives of youth, communities and families in a long- lasting way. We drove this point home in Orlando with 83 rd Grand Chapter Meet- ing’s theme “Leave a legacy to build a future.” We have worked shoulder- to- shoulder all across Kappa Land, over-

Brothers: F rom New Orleans to I single out these great cities because our Grand Chapter Meetings held in them are like a big picture roadmap of the 33 rd Administration’s milestones. The first, of course, was in New Or- leans when you endorsed my expressed commitment to lead you honorably as your Grand Polemarch. When Brother Bates’ administration passed the leadership baton to the 33 rd Administration at the 82 nd Grand Chapter Meeting, we vowed to position Kappa for greatness throughout the 21 st century. For your trust and support, on behalf of the entire administration, I express my eternal gratitude. The milestones were evident to all broth- ers and their families, friends and associates who attended the Orlando conclave and are keeping tabs on the Philadelphia, by way of Or- lando. The journey of the 33 rd Administration, from beginning to end.


Publishing achievement for 105 years


• St. Jude Sunday of Hope initiative: Kappa has raised more than $2 million, becoming St. Jude’s leading African American fundraising organization. • iKARE: Brothers are continuing to support our disaster relief charity through contributions to the Kappa Al- pha Psi Foundation. We embraced our Mobile Cause technology and brothers across the land have used this text-to- give method to ensure we can continue our iKARE initiatives. • The Smithsonian National African American Museum of History and Cul- ture: Kappa is strengthening a partner- ship as a founding and contributing donor, helping the museum to enlighten visitors worldwide about unknown as well as widely familiar African American influences on the nation’s greatness. • Piney Woods: Continuing com- mitment to this co-educational, inde- pendent, Mississippi-based historically African-American boarding school for grades 9-12. Piney Woods is among four remaining historically black boarding schools in the U.S. Kappa’s support is helping the students, who come from mainly lower to middle-income families, attend on scholarship. The fraternity’s efforts also have been a key to Piney Woods’ achieving a 98 percent rate of college-bound graduating seniors. • Undergraduate Development: The first Undergraduate Summit was held at the 14th National Founders’ Day in Tampa, Fla. The Summit drew more than 200 undergraduate brothers who received perspectives about college, career and life from eight university presidents and received national at- tention. We have worked diligently to bring undergraduates back to college campuses. • C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Con- ference: During the 33rd, we redesigned the conference to more directly empha- size leadership training that supports our membership on three fronts: personal, professional and fraternal. This effort supports the development of programs for undergraduates and alumni to en-

hance leadership skills. • Commission on Military and Vet- erans Affairs: Evolving from the Com- munity Service point, the Commission inspires public service interest through parallel initiatives on all levels of the fra- ternity. More than recognizing and cel- ebrating Kappa veterans and active duty military personnel, the Commission also is a strategic vehicle for reclamation. It aims to bring veterans home to Kappa and re-integrate them into the Bond. • Healthy Kappas/Healthy Com- munities: We have made great strides bringing awareness and change to our respective communities. The All of Us Research Program has been pres- ent far and wide gathering data to bring improve medical outcomes to African Americans. We partnered with the Silhouettes to champion Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Domestic Violence. These are just a few of our ac- complishments in this area. • There are innumerable successes aligned with the Six Point Plan that have occurred in your local chapters world- wide. They are equally as important be- cause it means that we pulled together to change the paradigm for our respec- tive communities. We welcomed stu- dents back to school, mentored young men, provided scholarships to college, fed and clothed our less fortunate broth- ers and sisters and much more. I would also like to thank each of you for your many invitations to speak and fellowship with you throughout my time as your Grand Polemarch. You have truly exemplified that good ole’ Kappa spirit. Your kindness does not go unno- ticed and it is truly appreciated. There is nothing in this world like the Bond of brotherhood in Kappa Alpha Psi. Thank you, my brothers. As we move into the 34 th Adminis- tration of Kappa Alpha Psi, I ask that you reflect on your service to our noble fraternity, whether it has come through chapter administration, community

service, youth mentorship or acts of brotherhood. Have you worked hard to realize the vision of The Dreamer and sustain the legacy he and our other founders gave to us? I treasure the responsibility you bestowed upon me four years ago in New Orleans, the start of the 33rd’s journey. I also pray that we have succeeded in deepening the foundation that has kept us thriving since 1911 so that Kappa can weather the storms that threaten to prevent it from soaring for another century. My brothers, The Dreamer, our first Grand Polemarch and Founder Elder Watson Diggs, included this profound mandate in his legacy: Please live these words each and every day and make them a part of your legacy. Our history records that Kappa Alpha Psi is an institution founded on Christian principles. We have a responsibility to follow these principles as defined by our referred Founders as we secure the bright future of our fraternity. “Leave a legacy to build a future”! “Leave a legacy to build a future”! Yo! Yo! Yo! “A Kappaman must be good, upright, moral and manly.”

Yours in the Bond, Thomas L. Battles, Jr. Grand Polemarch

Publishing achievement for 105 years



St. Jude Welcomes Back Kappa Alpha Psi as a National Volunteer Partner! Thank you for all you have done and will do for the kids of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ® .

©2016 ALSAC/St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital (24270)


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More than 2,000 Brothers Come Home to Kappa

By Paul Robinson, National Reclamation Committee Chairman

ers across the world. As I pinned this article, approximately 2,000 brothers had come home to Kappa this year and we are approaching 10,000 reclaimed during the 33 rd Administration. This achievement could not have been accomplished without brothers all around the world answering the call. Brothers T. Eugene Connaway, Henry Jacobs, and Province Reclamation Chairs regularly brainstormed ways to refine and communicate our efforts. Alumni chapters increased their recla- mation efforts by contacting brothers in their local areas over the phone and e-mail. Undergraduate and alumni chapters reached out to former initiates over social media and held social events that reminded brothers of why they joined Kappa. Where do we go from here? Reclamation and retention is two-fold. A change in culture does not happen overnight and takes commitment from everyone to take effect. We must not let brothers off the hook by only ac- knowledging their chapter of initiation. Should a brother be defined by his time online and few years on campus? Is the oath only relevant for 1 – 2 years or is your oath Kappa Alpha Psi a lifelong commitment and journey? Homecoming should be viewed as a time of rededication to the fraternity. Retention is a mutual relationship between members who are not in good standing and alumni chapters. At some

point, we must hold brothers and chap- ters accountable for initiating brothers who lack fidelity to Kappa Alpha Psi. Nevertheless, I am encouraged by what we accomplished and what is to come. Here’s to what we accomplished in the 33 rd Administration and what we will achieve in the 34 th Administration of Kappa Alpha Psi!


# Reclaimed





I f you were Grand Polemarch for a day, what would you change about the fraternity?” The question gave me pause because I was talking to someone who would soon be sworn in as Grand Polemarch. Additionally, my view of Kappa was and remains one of service so serving at the local and Province level was already more than I ever could have imagined. Recognizing that I was not seeking a title or glory, the question was rephrased “What do you see as our biggest challenge?” “Reclamation!” Our conversation con- tinued for what seemed to be hours as we brainstormed the enormity reclama- tion, retention, and solutions to issues that go back 100 years. Ultimately, we agreed on the premise that insanity was doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Four years later and we have reclaimed thousands of broth-





North Central


East Central


South Central






Middle Eastern




Middle Western






Publishing achievement for 105 years



Living to Leave a Legacy—Building a Future

By Rev. Dr. Tony C. Evans, Sr. National Chaplain

Proverbs 13:22 states "A good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children." What we are seeing around us in many ways is leading to the erosion of our families, the fragmenting of our communities, and potentially jeopardizing the mere existence of our fraternity and the challenge of keeping our own integrity intact. We are in danger of losing the crucial distinction between ‘making a living and making a life.’" every hall we gathered in as a body of men representing Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. In the words of Martin Luther, when asked what he would do if he knew he were going to die tomorrow, replied simply, "I’d go out and plant a tree." He would, in other words, leave behind him a legacy of life that would grow on and on into the future. And that is what I want us as “One Kappa” to focus on - leaving a legacy that will grow on and on into the future. So my message is this: Let us not live, that Kappa becomes a Legend, but let us as Kappa Men live in such a way, that Kappa Leaves a Legacy—and I want to show you that from the Word of God. Over the years, Kappa Men have built a reputation and which is quite different from our legacy. Our reputation is who we are supposed to be; our legacy is who we are. A reputation is made in a moment; A legacy is built in a lifetime. A single newspaper report or careless gossip can give us a reputation; but a life of events filled with toil/achievements gives you your legacy. Reputation is what people will say about us during episodes of events; legacy is what our brothers will live with for the rest of their lives. So right now we are working on our legacy—Amen! Our Grand Polemarch, during gatherings of our fraternity, shouted every chance he could to “Leave a Legacy: Build a Future.” The words echoed in In following the scriptures according to 2 Timothy 4:6-7, notice that Paul’s brief statements here say nothing about the education he had received, the places he had traveled, the letters he had written, the people he had preached to, or the churches he had planted. He flat out wanted his

legacy to be labeled as "faithful." I love that! It’s what I want to aspire to as a follower of Jesus. As Paul pondered the end of his life, he made three very simple statements about his legacy. He says that he had . . . Fought the Good Fight. Finished the Race. Kept the Faith. I would suggest to all my brothers in Kappa that right there you have some of the greatest statements concerning ‘legacy’ you will ever read. If you want to leave a legacy that is greater than you, if you want to leave a legacy that will impact generation after generation, if you want to live your life to leave something that will be great, all you need is wrapped up in these three profoundly simple yet inspiring statements. Fight the Good Fight: if you want to leave a legacy that is greater than you, recognize each day that you are in a war - and choose to stand firm, clothed in your armor, as a spiritual warrior. Finish the Race: Finishing the race means ensuring in the process that you are neither disqualified nor disheartened in the race of life and ministry. Keep the Faith: The word for ‘keep’ means to manage, to guard, to look over. Some Christians bury their faith like the man with the one talent. You see my brothers as I come to my close, we must ask a very important question: Have you made up your mind to finish the race? I know it is hard, and the course long and the pain sometimes great. But will you finish? Your flesh does not want to finish because your flesh does not want to leave a legacy. Your flesh is all about self. When you rise up in faithfulness in Him, His life becomes the legacy you leave. When you realize that in Him you live and move and have your being (Acts 17:28). He becomes the legacy that you live and the legacy that you leave. Let us Leave a Legacy...Building a Future for Kappa Alpha Psi. God’s blessing of thanks to the 33 rd Administration as we prepare to welcome in the 34 th Administration of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity,

O ur Grand Polemarch Thomas L. Battles, Jr., launched the second term of the 33 rd Administration with the intent of Leaving a Legacy and Building a Future. He launched this based on being led by his spirit to asked himself the question, “What is your vision, Thomas? You may recall in the Post-Conclave Message, that he immediately turned to the book of Proverbs 29:18: “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” I was honored to be asked to join the 33 rd Administration as the National Chaplain to do whatever I could to embrace the efforts of “Leaving a Legacy and Building a Future” by way of heightening the spirituality of our fraternity. The reality is that every life leaves a legacy - that is not an option. The question is What type of legacy do you want to leave? How ever you frame that question - the truth is that right now you are working on the legacy you are going to leave. You see my brothers, our fraternity will have left in their hands primarily that which you pass on to them. They will be left with our legacy, good or bad, that is what they will have. And the legacy you leave will become the legacy they live, and in turn will become the basis for the legacy they leave.

To God Be the Glory!


Publishing achievement for 105 years

Alfred Street Baptist Church, Leadership, Membership and Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley Congratulate the… Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, Incorporated on Hosting the 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting

Building Disciples to Win theWorld for Christ! 301 S. Alfred Street, Alexandria,VA Streaming live webcast services at www.alfredstreet.org

Rev. Dr. Howard-JohnWesley, Senior Pastor

Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love (and Sisterly Affection)!

A view from Downtown Philadelphia, PA looking at City Hall. Photos by Michael Hume.

Publishing achievement for 105 years



Reuben A. Shelton III, Esq. Senior Grand Vice Polemarch

Greetings Brothers:

A little more than one hundred, eight years ago, a small group of young men decided to form an organization that would become unique in the chronicles of Greek-letter organizations and include in its membership spiritual men of achievement, integrity, honor and influence. The journal they began has produced programs and members that have positively and profoundly affected society in politics, science, arts, industry, education, religion and all else that serves and promotes the welfare of humanity. Those young men encouraged us to have a spirit of fraternity that includes a broad and compre- hensive knowledge of the things around us and exhibit an unswerving fidelity to each other, the cause of achievement and the interest of our fellow man. The road they created has led us to this 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting in Orlando to continue their Legacy and build on the unimaginable and amazing idea they started. It is our duty to continue this Journey in ways that would make these young men proud. So let us all thank Brother Diggs, Alexander, Armstrong, Asher, Blakemore, Cain, Edmonds, Grant, Irvin and Lee for the magnificent present they gave us called Kappa Alpha Psi ® and pledge that all of our fellowship, actions, deliberations and decisions are done in a way that will honor their spirits and make them smile.


Yours in the Bond,

Reuben A. Shelton III, Esq.


Publishing achievement for 105 years

Publishing achievement for 105 years



Brothers All: The Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. has worked diligently over the past two years to insure that you, your family, and guests have an outstanding time in the City of Brotherly Love. We have outlined a full agenda of activities throughout the week to include tours, cultural activities, concerts, and good old fashioned parties. It is our hope that you and your family will take in all the fine things this great city has to offer. On Saturday, there will be an upgraded Family Outing. We are bringing in live entertainment. Our lineup will include Musiq Soulchild, Tuff Crew, Schooly D, DJ Cash Money, and the Quiet Storm Band. You don’t want to miss it!

The entire planning committee is at your disposal. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable. Safe travels and I look forward to seeing all of you in July.


Samuel J. Patterson Host Chairman Philadelphia Alumni Chapter


Publishing achievement for 105 years

Hello Good Brothers,

I bring you greetings on behalf of The “Prestigious” Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated, who is the proud host of the 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting. We are excited to have Kappa come “home” to what has been affectionately called "Kappa City USA." Kappa has always played a key role in the leadership of this great and historic city of Philadelphia. From Reverend Leon H. Sullivan, Hiliary H. Holloway, Cecil B. Moore to Mayors W. Wilson Goode, Sr. and John F. Street, and to the current elected officials, Pa State Representative Stephen Kinsey, Pa State Sena- tor Sharif Street, along with City Councilman, Derek Green and Public School Superintendent William R. Hite, Jr…Kappa is Philadelphia! For those who attended the 72 nd Grand Chapter Meeting in 1995, the Centennial Founders Day Cel- ebration in 2011, or any of our Founders’ Day events, you know first-hand...nobody does it like Philly! The 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting will be no different, so please register right away. Whether you bring your family or come alone, whether you are Alumni or Undergraduate, we believe you will have the time of your life. Speaking of undergraduates, our chapters representing, University of Pennsylvania, Temple, Drexel, St. Joseph, LaSalle, Villanova, West Chester and the HBCUs of Cheyney and Lincoln are ready willing and able to ensure this is an experience you will not forget. Get ready to “Turn Up.” So come one and come all, to the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, the home of Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church, the African American Museum of Philadelphia, the Lest We Forget Slave Museum, Johnson House, and our Kappa International Headquarters. I look forward to personally hosting you from July 27 th - August 4 th . Join us and experience “Kappa: Great Men Achieving Great Things.”

Yours in the Bond, L. Douglas Harrell, Jr Polemarch, Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated

Publishing achievement for 105 years



Publishing achievement for 105 years

Publishing achievement for 105 years



Publishing achievement for 105 years

Welcome to Philadelphia! The City of Brotherly Love is delighted to welcome the Kappa Alpha Psi 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting & Conclave. With your headquarters in Philadelphia, Kappa Alpha Ps i knows firsthand how the city’s defining characteristics reflect its diverse population. Strength from inclusivity is all around us, and the city strives to create better pathways to professional opportunities. The commitment of your organization to this philosophy, along with the intellectual and economic wealth you bring to more than 150,000 members worldwide is greatly admired. Kappa Alpha Psi’s “community first” mentality mirrors the investment Philadelphia is making in our neighborhoods and across our region to ensure that everyone can thrive. Conventions like yours have a positive impact on our local community and ripple effect that goes beyond the walls of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Jobs are supported, hotels are bustling, and small businesses see increased foot traffic. We thank you for choosing Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau (PHLCVB) and our business development division, PHL Diversity, are thrilled that you’ll be spending a few days with us at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and immersing yourself in Philadelphia ’ s mix of charming history and modern culture. We know you have a packed convention schedule, but make sure you take advantage of all the wonderful attractions, restaurants and historical sites that make Philadelphia one of the leading U.S. cities for hosting major conventions. To learn more about the city and make the most of your time here, visit www.discoverPHL.com or follow @discoverPHL on Twitter for information on-the-go. To learn more about the Pennsylvania Convention Center, visit www.paconvention.com. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your time with us. Have a great Conclave!

Julie Coker Graham President & CEO, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau

John J. McNichol President & CEO, Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority

Publishing achievement for 105 years


On the steps of the renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art: (First Row L-R) Polemarch L. Douglas Harrell, Jr., Host Chapter Conclave Chairman Samuel J. Patterson, Northeastern Province Polemarch Craig C. Chisholm; (Second Row L-R) Board Member Robert N. Hunter, 1st Vice Polemarch Da- mian S. Jackson, Keeper of Record Darren Lipscomb, Keeper of Exchequer Kenneth Lesesne, Achievement Academy President Linwood Green, Guide Right Chairman Troy Robinson; (Third Row L-R) Social Conclave Chairman Anthony Patterson, Hospitality Chairman T. Jeffrey Vernon, Merchandise Chairman Nathaniel Abney, Board Member Darryl Stephens, 2 nd Assistant Keeper of Excheq- uer Jerome Dean.


Insights into the Host Chapter: Philadelphia (PA) Alumni

W hen Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. an- nounced to the world that from the environs of the Mayor’s Reception Room in City Hall Philadelphia would welcome more than 10,000 members, their families and associates for the organization’s 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting (Con- clave) on July 30 – August 4, 2019, a resounding cheer went up from the four corners of the globe! Almost a year later, Conclave registration num- bers indicate the 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting could have the third most reg- istered attendees in fraternity history. Local officials will be on hand includ- ing The Honorable Rev. Dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr. and The Honorable John F. Street; Philadelphia City Council members – President Darrell L. Clarke (District 5), Blondell Reynolds Brown (At-Large), Cherelle Parker (District 9), State Sen. Sharif Street, Esq. and State Rep. Stephen Kinsey. The convention and visitors bureau will be there to greet the 10,000 of us who will be out in force in one of the most

iconic cities in the United States.

“It’s the basis for our theme, Kappa – Great Men Achieving Great Things,” said Grand Polemarch Thomas L. Battles, Jr. “We aim to leave a signifi- cant and indelible mark on Philadel- phia through public service initiatives through the conclave and long after- ward.” Harrell, Jr. (Theta Delta 1977), 84 th Grand Chapter meeting Chairman Samuel J. Patterson (Gamma Omega 1980) and 28 th Northeastern Province Polemarch Craig C. Chisholm led the planning efforts. They, Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter, Lambda Chap- ter, and brothers throughout the met- ropolitan Philadelphia area are ready to meet the thousands of visiting brothers, and their families traveling to Philadel- phia for the Conclave. Polemarch Harrell recently sat down with The Journal after a photo shoot to provide his thoughts on his life as well as the 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting. Recently re-elected Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter Polemarch L. Douglas

Philadelphia has previously served as the host city for the fraternity's Grand

Chapter Meeting four times: 1920, 1930, 1959 and last hosted in 1995. This time around, the five-day series of meetings and social activities is ex- pected to infuse millions of dollars into the local economy and leave a legacy of community good.

Publishing achievement for 105 years



Members of the Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter with some of the members of the Achievement Academy prepare to beautify the sur- rounding area. A Conversation with Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Polemarch

Polemarch L. Douglas Harrell, Jr. (Theta Delta 1977) serves as the Accounts Pay- able Assistant Director for the School District of Philadelphia. Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to enter the same profession? A: Besides the obvious of taking account- ing or finance courses in school, I would recommend learning and developing computer Microsoft Excel and Crystal software writing skills. Also, find a men- tor, someone who is experienced in the profession and can provide you with keen insights beyond the obvious. A: I love serving the brothers, from preparing for our regular Chapter or Board of Directors meetings to speak- ing to the parents on opening day of our Achievement Academy (Guide Right) program. However, the most important job of an Alumni Chapter Polemarch is that of presiding over a brother’s Kappa Memorial Service and providing comfort Q: What do you enjoy most about being Chapter Polemarch?

to the bereaved family. Unfortunately, I have far too many during my brief tenure and I know other Polemarchs have had the same experiences. But at the end of the day, if we can help ease the pain of a Silhouette and a Kappa Family, that is what Phi Nu Pi is all about. Q: What accomplishments has Philadel- phia (PA) Alumni accomplished since you’ve been Polemarch? A: The Chapter has received the North- eastern Province Large Chapter of the year award for “Reclamation.” Our chap- ter has been, recognized on the floors of the Pennsylvania State House of Repre- sentatives, the Pennsylvania State Senate and the Philadelphia City Council. We are very visible in the local community and are one of the key members of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Our members continue to stand out and have received a host of awards representing our chapter in general, and Achievement, in particular.

Plan over the last four years?

A: We are very much, supportive of the 33 rd Administration and have made sure we are following the blueprint provided through its Six-Point Plan. Following are some of the areas and key accomplish- ments. COMMUNITY SERVICE – Inspire public service interest through parallel initiatives on all levels of the fraternity. We continue to sponsor one of the top mentoring programs in the Philadelphia area, through our Guide Right Initiative, The Achievement Academy. This year we mentored 96 young men from ages 8-18 in traditional leadership skills, but also general skills such as etiquette, proper dress, and gentlemanly practices. We also partnered with various organiza- tions to host “shredding” events for the communities We adopted our block in Germantown and participate in citywide street cleaning days.

Q: What work has Philadelphia (PA) Alumni done towards Kappa’s Six-Point

The chapter hosted several Sunday of


Publishing achievement for 105 years


Hope Programs throughout the city in support of our national initiative with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Through our brothers who are elected of- ficials on both the city and state levels, we continue to play a key role in civic aware- ness and participate in voter registration and social responsibility. We have one of the strongest Senior Kappa programs in the country. Our pro- gram and its participants are very involved in issues that affect seniors throughout the city. Undergraduate Development – Implement policies and programs for undergraduate chapters to encourage increased participation in university and alumni chapter activities. As mentioned, we have strong and com- mitted relationships with our Under- graduates. We provide suits through our Suit Bank and keep them first in mind for internships and job opportunities in companies where our members work and beyond. Reclamation–Grow the Fraternity’s finan- cial roll by identifying and implementing effective strategic initiatives aimed at re-energizing inactive membership. During our recent Northeastern Province Council Meeting, our Chapter received the Reclamation Award for Large Chap- ters. We are heavily focused on Reclama- tion as we continue to prepare for the 84 th Grand Chapter Meeting. New Member Recruitment & Train- ing – Recruit mature, responsible (men) members who are achievers and like- minded individuals with the intent of organization-wide sustainability The Chapter recruits, trains and partici- pates in MTA each year. Our recruitment is generally with younger brothers who can be developed for positions of leader- ship and are critical in our succession planning. We require each of our officers to have suggested brothers to succeed them in case of emergencies or as they


ways giving them the opportunity to pres- ent at our monthly Chapter Meetings.

Q: Discuss your relationship with the Lambda Chapter.

Q: Favorite Quote?

A: The Temple University Chapter, the Lambda of Kappa Alpha Psi is one of five undergraduate chapters, which the Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter advises and supports. (The other four are: the Lincoln University chapter, the Epsilon of Kappa Alpha Psi; the West Chester University, Kappa Gamma of Kappa Alpha Psi; the University of Pennsylvania chapter the Delta Eta of Kappa Alpha Psi (the Philadelphia City Chapter); and the Cheyney State University chapter, the Gamma Omega of Kappa Alpha Psi). The Lambda Chapter on Temple University's campus is just a few blocks away from our International Headquarters IHQ), while the others, except Delta Eta, are primarily suburban campuses. Through our committed and experienced chapter advisors, Philadelphia (PA) Alumni continues to maintain a strong relationship with all our Undergraduates Chapters, inviting them to our events, providing use of the Achievement Center, if needed, supporting their events, and al-

A: My son, forget not my law, but let thine heart keep thy commandments. For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee.

Q: Last book you read:

A: Black Voters Matter (A Philadel- phia Story) Written by our Brother and Northeastern Province Kidd Awardee Rev. Dr. W. Wilson Goode, Sr., the first Black Mayor of the City of Philadelphia.

Q: What advice would you give to future host chapters?

A: Plan early and do not take anything for granted. Pay close attention to the details. Be prepared financially, start hosting fundraisers as soon as you are awarded the Conclave. Get as many of your chapter members involved as possible and do so early. Finally, lots of prayer and keep God in front of whatever you do!

Publishing achievement for 105 years



Previous page: Chapter Polemarch L. Douglas Harrell, Jr., Northeastern Province Polemarch Craig C. Chisholm and Conclave Chairman Samuel Patterson at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Above, brothers at the June Business Meeting of the Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter. Below, left: Brothers receive 45 Years in the Bond Certificates. From left: Ronald Johnson, Polemarch Harrell and Edward Fields. Below, right: Brothers receive 40 Years in the Bond Certificates. From left: The Honorable Stephen Kinsey, Timothy Tyler, Leon Chain and Polemarch Harrell.


Publishing achievement for 105 years


Left: New members Receiving Initiation Certificates into the Bond. From left: MTA Chairman Ju- var Holman, Prince Massey, Ian Vickers, Vernon Mears, Troy Smith and Pole- march Harrell. Bottom Picture: Brothers receiving 50-Years in the Bond silver bowls. From left: Melvin Garrison, Bruce Ryan, Walter Montague, Rodney Carter, Robert Jef- ferson and Everett Richardson.

Publishing achievement for 105 years



Above with Polemarch Harrell are (first row, from left) Keeper of Excheq- uer Kenneth Lesesne; 1 st Vice Polemarch Damian S. Jackson; Polemarch L. Douglas Harrell, Jr.; Keeper of Records Darren Lipscomb; Past Chapter Board Member Albert Wilkins. Second row, from left: Board Member Louis A. Williams, Jr.; Board Member Robert N. Hunter and Board Mem- ber John Kirby. At right: The Honorable Stephen Kinsey, State Repre- sentative and The Honorable Derek S. Green City Councilman. Both will be featured in the post-Conclave issue of The Journal .

Asahi Volcy (Lambda 2017) and Jermaine Carroll (Lambda 2017) of the Temple University Chapter, the Lambda of Kappa Alpha Psi with Northeastern Province Polemarch Craig C. Chisholm.


Publishing achievement for 105 years


The Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter believes that mentorship, scholarship and fellowship are key ingredients for a successful Guide Right program. Brothers included: James Vinson, Mar- quies Carter, unamed brother, Linwood Green III, Troy Robinson, Jarret Carroll and Ryan Tucker. “It's not even about money because what they get is invaluable. What they’re giving to these young men is invaluable. You can’t put a price tag on it,” said Celeste Dow. PHILADELPHIA - Proud parents, family, friends and members of the Philadelphia Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity are saluting five teens headed for college. The fraternity held its annual 'signing day' to reward the teens for their hard work and dedica- tion. Four of them are going to college and one is joining the Air Force. 17-year-old Derrick Dow says the occasion is bittersweet. “You’re leaving something behind that’s kind of valuable to you but at the same time you can move up in the world,” he said. He’s talking about the Kappa Achievement Academy. It's a mentorship program for boys ages 9 to 18. The teens honored are also graduating from that program. “What I’ll remember about the Kappa League is mostly their mentorship and their guidance be- tween them,” said Derrick. He is going to Hampton University and plans to become an architect. He's grateful for what the frat has done for him. “It’s always good to have another voice in your ear to guide you where you need to go,” he said. His mother Celeste says she's both proud and thankful. “We see so many statistics of men not helping and men not being involved but if you come here you tell a different story,” she said. The teens received awards for participation in the Achievement Academy, which teaches lifestyle skills, professional development and academics. There's something else they learn. "Giving back to the community, seeing that they are important that young black men can be suc- cessful. They can go to college, can be rewarded and can be acknowledged like this," said Troy Rob- inson. He’s the program’s Guide Right chairman. The teens ended the night signing a commitment to do well and received a scholarship from the fraternity. Achievement Academy College Signing Day Sponsored by the Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter by Shawnette Wilson, Fox 29 Philadelphia

Philadelphia (PA) Alumni Chapter mentees from left: Isaiah Harmon, Israel Coleman, Julian Brown, Derrick Dow, Airrion Brown, all heading off to col- lege.

Mentees and families participate in the during College Signing Day.

Publishing achievement for 105 years


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