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UNDERGRADUATE LEADERS CONVENE Led by Junior Grand Vice Polemarch Cross and Grand Board Members Raxton, Earls and Garcia



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The Kappa Alpha Psi ® Journal Established 1914 First Editor Frank M. Summers, Esq. Past Permanent Editors Lionel F. Artis 1921–1937 G. James Fleming 1938–1950 William L. Crump 1950–1975 Earl S. Clanton 1975–1985 Jonathan P. Hicks 1985–1989 Van Jordan 1989–1990 Mel L. Davis 1990–1999 Keflyn X. Reed 1999–2010 Jonathan P. Hicks 2011–2014 Thomas L. Cunningham IV 2014–2015 Cleveland Ferguson III, Esq. 2016— Editor Cleveland Ferguson III, Esq. Jacksonville (FL) Alumni Chapter KappaJournal1914@gmail.com Deputy Editor for Features Clarence Tucker Norfolk (VA) Alumni Chapter ctuckermpt@gmail.com Deputy Editor for Photography Michael L. Hume Belleville-O'Fallon (IL) Alumni Chapter mlhphotography@hotmail.com Feature Writers Dr. Charles H.F. Davis III Stuart Doyle Quentin Mitchell Dr. Samuel Odom Aaron Williams Graphic Arts Contributor Justin L. Tyson Atmore (AL) Alumni Chapter justin.tyson38@gmail.com Grand Historian Kevin Scott Chicago (IL) Alumni Chapter GrandHistorian1911@gmail.com Advertising Sales Director Sherman K. Kizart Chicago (IL) Alumni Chapter

On the Cover: Led by Junior Grand Vice Polemarch Christopher Cross, the Undergraduate Summit held during the National Founders' Day weekend proved to be an enriching experience for the participants. 18


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The Summit: HBCU presidents provide insights on the importance of fraternity in campus life. 21

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Chapter Advisers: Dr. Donald J. Mitchell Jr. recieves AFA recognition at Annual Meeting. 68

73 Junior Province Vice Polemarchs' Roll Call.

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52 COMMENTARY: The 14 th Annual National Founders' Day Observance keynote speaker issues a call to action.

Publishing achievement for 105 years



Celebrating 105 Years of The Kappa Alpha Psi ® Journal

mentorship have been contributed. And, these are reflective of the garden-variety stories in each issue! Any college or university, any community or city gov- ernment, any region or state government would be proud of the contributions Kappa Alpha Psi has made as reflected in the issues of the Journal during the stewardship of the 33 rd Administration. In addition, brothers and chapters who were achieving in every field of human endeavor: from the State of Nevada having Nupes who served as the Senate President and Speaker of the House simultaneously; to Province Councils breaking records with their contribu- tions to the community while empha- sizing such national programs as the Infant Safe Sleep Initiative, from tens of thousands of dollars being awarded to graduating Kappa Leaguers and other student achievers to erecting community centers where others have lost hope. Kappa Alpha Psi was there, and The Journal covered those stories. The Grand Polemarch also had a vi- sion for The Journal and dedicated the publication to themes and covers that highlighted Kappa’s emphasis on: • Undergraduate Achievement • National Guide Right Program- ming • Military and Veterans Affairs • Senior Kappa Affairs • The Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation • Philanthropy As the first issue in which we begin to commemorate the 105 th year of The Journal, the Grand Polemarch sought to focus on the undergraduate mem- bers of the fraternity in the context of the Annual National Founders' Day Observance activities (see page 12). The 2019 Undergraduate Summit is unique in the level of support for the undergraduate delegates. More than 200 brothers participated as delegates and dignitaries from the Grand Polemarch and Council of Province Polemarchs to

presidents of our Historically Black Col- leges and Universities were on hand (see page 31) to dialogue about the business of Kappa, education, achievement and the future during the three-day event (see page 18). A signature focus of the Young Six: Ju- nior Grand Vice Polemarch Christopher Cross, Grand Board Members Andre J. Earls, Ivan Garcia, Christopher Raxton, Terrell Richardson and Nathaniel Girma (see page 80), has been mental health among African American men. Several experts were on-hand for an exclusive seminar on the issue and that is covered in the pages of this issue (see page 34). The Undergraduate Leadership Insti- tute hosted the Theta Class (see page 86). This year, with the aforethought of the organizers Director Jwyanza Watt and Dr. Charles H.F. Davis, a Roll Call is included (see page 100). At the behest of the administration, the Campus Leaders section is republished to round out the issue (see page 128). We hope you enjoy this comprehensive edition. *** When you get to the 84 th Grand Chap- ter Meeting, the Kappa Museum is a must-see. IHQ, under the direction of Brother John F. Burrell (see page 163) has refreshed the offerings in a moving way. For those who cannot quite make it to 2223-24 North Broad Street, The Jour- nal will have a display of its 105 years in the Convention Center. It will have a Second Century Kappa feel that you will not want to miss.

Cleveland Ferguson III, Esq. H aving worked in some way with the last four Permanent Editors, I take fraternal pride in presiding over the 105 th year since the Kappa Alpha Psi ® Jour- nal’s inception. Each editor has a dif- ferent lens by which he approaches the content, photography and theme of each issue. In 2016 Grand Polemarch Battles saw fit to redirect the focus of The Jour- nal with my appointment and his desire to see certain themes highlighted from the Six-Point Plan. And, we have his charge since the Winter 2015 issue. During the 33 rd Administration, The Journal emphasized coverage of chap- ter and individual achievements that inured to the Grand Polemarch’s theme: Leave a Legacy, Build a Future. Where province and national events reflected Kappa’s Six-Point Plan, the Journal was there. With the assistance of the Province Polemarchs we are rebuilding the network of Province Reporters who are assisting with ensuring coverage is repre- sentative of all 12. Over the 15 issues since my appoint- ment, there are nearly 1,500 pages of recorded “Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor”— more than a million dollars in scholarships and grants endowed and awarded to students in hundreds of communities. Community development centers have been char- tered in the most neglected neighbor- hoods; tens of thousands of hours of


Publishing achievement for 105 years


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Collegiate Kappas: Emerging Leaders in Development

Brothers all,

D uring the past few decades, the pathway to leadership for the undergraduate mem- ber of our Noble Clan has evolved greatly. Brothers in the bond for 30-plus years can attest that our leadership development opportunities for these young brothers have matured as evidenced by the range and depth of programs now tailored to them. His- torically (since 1961), the C. Rodger Wilson Leadership Conference has been fertile ground for growing young brothers’ leadership potential in college and community settings as well as the fraternity. However, Kappa’s current portfolio of opportunities shows a lot more than how far we have come. Our portfolio also reflects how serious we’ve become about ensuring that we actively cultivate tomorrow’s campus, commu- nity and fraternity leaders. The Undergraduate Leadership Insti- tute (ULI) is a prime example. Not only does ULI demonstrate how far we’ve come since the 1961 C. Rodger Wilson milestone, it shows how dead serious we are about building leaders. Since 2004, the fraternity has held this week- long, carefully structured and rigorous leadership program each year when there is no Grand Chapter Meeting. And, as the years progress, we are find- ing the participants to be some of the most intelligent and talented students in our bond. I applaud this continuing trend.

capability for leading within the frater- nity, on campuses and in their home or college communities. The foundation for their learning and development is Kappa Alpha Psi’s mission, tenets and goals. They serve as the basis for ULI’s professional and career development agenda, which accounts for most of every student’s time during that week. The settings for this agenda vary from small group discussions to interactive leadership workshops to large audience lectures. Subject matter experts facili- tate the instruction using a case study approach, which is common in graduate level curricula, particularly for business. It’s fascinating to watch how our un- dergrad ULI participants expand their knowledge and experience through the practical, real-world examples the case method brings to their learning process. Ian Grant II, former Northern Province Junior Vice Polemarch, 2010 Sigma Chapter initiate and 2012 ULI alum- nus, captured the essence and ultimate lesson of the ULI experience but also the fraternity’s rationale for focusing so heavily on growing future leaders: “I feel like I can go throughout the United States and have a connec- tion to all these brothers personally, socially and especially profession- ally since we’ve been here learning about how to professionally brand ourselves, how to put a resume together and a lot of other lessons in life that are important to becom- ing a man and holding down the

ULI is designed to expand students’


Publishing achievement for 105 years


Our portfolio also reflects how serious we've become about ensuring that we actively cultivate tomorrow's campus, community and fraternity leaders. The Undergraduate Leadership Institute (ULI) is a prime example. Not only does ULI demonstrate how far we've come since the 1961 C. Rodger Wilson milestone, it shows how dead serious we are about building leaders.

household.” Building on ULI, LEAD Kappa

tional and relationship gap that some- times exists between undergraduate and alumni brothers. Their strategy was to help mold area students into the out- standing leaders that their progress and potential had indicated. Their collegiate protégés represented the four chapters that Queens oversees: Mu Omicron (State University of New York at Old Westbury), Mu Pi (St. Johns Univer- sity), and Xi Omicron (Long Island University- Post) and Pi Rho (Stony Brook University). One of the workshops centered on lead- ership training and presented separate tracks that coincided with the positions found in Queens Alumni, including Polemarch, Keeper of Records, Keeper of Exchequer, Guide Right, Social Ac- tion and Fundraising. Queens closed the event with a clothing etiquette session that highlighted do’s and don’ts for professional attire. The younger brothers even learned to tie a bow-tie, mastering the full Windsor knot. You can call that mentorship and guiding right, but it also reflected leadership at one of the most root levels. Also documented in recent Kappa history is Beta Eta Chapter’s delivery of leadership basics through its “Chris Cooper: Motivation for Success, Achieve Your Dreams College Tour.” Held at the University of Cincinnati, this program featured Chris Cooper, a motivational speaker and 2004 Atlanta Alumni initiate. Brother Cooper at that point had been a consultant for an il-

lustrious roster of Fortune 500 compa- nies, with IBM, AT&T, General Motors, Home Depot and Texaco among them. The U.S. Marine Corps sponsored “Chris Cooper” through the facilitation of Sergeant Andy Smith III and Captain Jason Smedley, also fraternity members. More than 80 students attended. As Kappas, we must never take for granted our responsibility to help our undergraduates maximize their poten- tial and become outstanding leaders of tomorrow. Kappas always have been called to lead, and so many have dem- onstrated their proficiency at it in every field of human endeavor. Therefore, I call on alumni members to make leader development of undergraduate Kappas a personal and chapter priority.

launched in 2013 at the 81 st Grand Chapter Meeting in Houston. As you can see, our fraternity offers significant leadership development opportunities during conclave years as well. LEAD (Leadership Enhancement and Devel- opment) Kappa is a four-day, 50-hour training session that positions under- graduates to improve their professional knowledge, skillsets and capabilities, with leadership underscoring everything that takes place. Like ULI, LEAD- Kappa enables these brothers to apply the concepts covered, fostering critical thinking, which is the best way to learn and grow in today’s workplace. I’ve told you before but I cannot say enough how fulfilling it was for me to see recent graduates return to LEADKappa at the 83 rd Grand Chapter Meeting in Orlando and give back to that group of aspiring young leaders. These alums expressed how their time in LEADKappa eventu- ally paved the way to their successful entry into corporate America. Now, I must emphasize that Grand Chapter is not the only level where there has been innovation in providing leadership opportunities for our under- graduates. Local chapters have forged ahead quite boldly and impressively in countless ways. In fact, I recall a few years back that Queens (N.Y.) Alumni Chapter produced a series called Col- legiate Development and Leadership Workshops. The chapter set out to seal the age-old (and unfortunate) genera-

Yours in the Bond, Thomas L. Battles, Jr. Grand Polemarch

Publishing achievement for 105 years



Brothers all: O n behalf of the undergraduate Grand Chapter Officers in the 33 rd Administration, we give our greetings. Almost at the end of our terms our work continues as we facilitate initiatives that enhance undergraduates nationwide. Whether it’s strengthening our humani- tarian efforts through iKare, reversing the disenfranchisement of undergraduate chapters, or even challenging the current perceptions of mental health in commu- nities of color, the Young Six is steadfast; and dedicated to the cause. As we continue to lead the charge, it is important that we train the next genera- tion of undergraduate leaders. In tandem with our Junior Province Vice Polemarchs and other provincial undergraduate lead- ership, we must reach back, and extend a hand to our newest initiates. The most powerful thing we can do in this frater- nity is to be positive role models to our new members as we usher them into the

bond. Alumni role models are impor- tant, but having our young leadership embrace positions of mentorship leaves a substantially longer lasting impact. As undergraduates, we must recognize that we have a strong voice of influence within our fraternity. It must never be forgotten that our founders were 10 undergraduate men who harbored the special vision to conceive such a mighty organization. The phrase “no Kappa’s diamond is bigger than another’s” applies here. As collegiate men, we must learn to stand for issues that are affecting us and generate efficacy for those causes. We must gain legitimacy by being active in our university chapters as well as in provincial meetings. Our undergraduate administration vows to reassert Kappa’s relevance in an era where more African American

voices must be heard. We will utilize our unique perspectives and skillsets to do work that moves the fraternity forward. As we prepare for the season’s provincial council meetings, spring intake, and our LEAD Kappa, we must remember to make our issues a priority. God bless Kappa Alpha Psi, and peace to brothers all.

—The Young Six


Publishing achievement for 105 years

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A Youth Uprising: Make Faith Work for You

By Rev. Dr. Tony C. Evans, Sr., National Chaplain

think is a blessing, but if you don’t pre- pare you will soon lose it. I don’t care if it’s a job, a wife, or a home. You have to prepare to receive! You have to prepare your faith. The key to your faith is God. There is no failure in God! Leadership and faith go hand in hand. The fraternity is counting on the leader- ship of our young brothers to keep us on track of achievement, as we continue to serve our nation, our communities, our families and our fraternity. Just saying you have faith isn’t faith. A faith without works is dead. Faith is demonstrated by applying God’s Word in your life. If you truly have the faith, God has the power. We have to go to the next level and learn to work what we believe. There is something that God has given us. It is the ability to work our faith until what God has for us begins to manifest in our lives. This is what Founder Elder Watson Diggs had and is what Kappa Men of today must carry on. Today in Kappa, we need a “Youth Upris- ing.” An uprising of our undergraduates to take the lead in restoring the dignity, the integrity of our fraternity. A “Youth Uprising,” aligning with the fundamen- tal purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi ® , its con- stitution and statutes with affirmation in Phi Nu Pi. This should be grounded in faith. In launching a “Youth Uprising” we need, the right perspective on faith. Hebrews 11:1 says: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evi- dence of things not seen.” Faith creates a sense of expectancy. This is really what hope is all about. It is the evidence of things not seen. Since we hoped for it, and because we don’t see it in the natural, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist in the spirit. We don’t walk

by sight, we walk by faith. Now we start making preparations in the spirit based on what we know. We don’t walk around with our head down, because we know what God promised us. Hebrews 11:2-3 says, “For by it the elders obtained a good report. Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” In the midst of a “Youth Uprising,” undergradu- ates have to be ready to prove our faith. When you go through something, God knows that you are in pursuit of some- thing awesome up the road. You will be met by many challenges throughout life. You have these challenges, because the devil is trying to block you, so it takes faith for you to get to your destiny. Whatever you need, God is. If you need a healing they tell me that He is a Balm in Gilead, If you need a breakthrough, God is a deliverer! God is a rewarder of those who diligently seeks him, those that won’t let situations devour them, and those that will keep their eye on the prize. These are the ones that receive the promises of God. You have to trust God without having a plan B. May God anoint and bless our under- graduates and the youth of our fraternity, that they may invoke a Youth Uprising. One that will give God glory for what he is getting ready to give us. One that will bring about Rebirth, Reclaim, Recom- mit, by leaving No Brother Behind: A Call and A Youth Uprising We must All Heed.

B rothers, and in particular only for an understanding of the Bible but also to life itself. A life without faith is taking a chance at every step you take, having no clue of where your feet may land. As you will recall, the Founders of our great fraternity were God fearing men, grounded in the principles of the Holy Writ. It is of the utmost importance that it remains the foundation of all our actions in our striving for “achievement in every field of human endeavor.” All of us have one thing in common: the pursuit of our dreams and our goals. We all want something out of the life we live. All of us should be after purpose, in pursuit of our dreams and goals. This is called destiny. We have it in our view and we understand clearly what it takes to get to it. It takes an incred- ible amount of faith to believe that it is possible, and we pursue it because we believe it exists. You have to prepare yourselves as you approach your dreams and goals. If you don’t prepare you don’t receive. Yes you might stumble on things in life that you undergraduate brothers, belief in the existence of God is absolutely foundational, not


Publishing achievement for 105 years


The ROI to Kappa: Does Your Service end with Your Shimmy?

By Paul Robinson, National Reclamation Chairman

ers have connected sons and families together that will serves as lifelong relationships. And as Kappa Men we also have the ability through the alumni chapter to impact our communities though Guide Right and Social Action. All of this is for naught if inactive members cling to a semester of initiation and their claim to fame is their time on campus. How good you shimmy cannot be the only thing you do for Kappa. I challenge you to think about Kappa’s return on investment (ROI). Why have a chapter if the ROI to Kappa is two out of your line of 10 are In Good Standing? What would be the impact to Kappa if your membership or chapter no longer existed? The question is not intended to be negative, but it is a thought provok- ing question that can be applied to every aspect of our lives. Whether it is being such a blessing to others that your absence causes a void in God’s army or serving as head of the household in your family; a Good Kappa Man’s absence should be felt. Brothers boast their chapter and year of initiation with pride, yet many forget their fidelity to Kappa post- graduation. That is why reclamation should be at the forefront of every good Kappa Man. The greeting of your name, chapter, and year you were initiated needs to be appended with what you are doing now.

but I also believe the purpose of alumni chapters has evolved.

There are many more historical facts and Kappa lore that speak to the transi- tion of members from undergraduate to alumni and the importance thereof, yet the retention rate for some under- graduate initiated brothers is disturbing. Brothers boast their chapter and year of initiation with pride, yet many forget their fidelity to Kappa post-graduation. That is why reclamation should be at the forefront of every good Kappa Man. The greeting of your name, chapter, and year you were initiated needs to be appended with what you are doing now . And if the brother responds that he is not affiliated with an alumni chapter, a Good Kappa Man should ask, “Why not”? alumni brothers must do everything in our power to welcome younger brothers. It can be quite intimidating as a new graduate walking into a chapter full of Type-A achievers, and if handled incor- rectly can run young brothers away. But the new graduate must also seek out the nearest alumni chapter and join commit- tees. The alumni chapter can and should be a sanctuary in your life. Our more seasoned brothers will serve as mentors with your career and help with future job opportunities. The young brother should seek to be active and we must nourish him to learn and lead whenever possible. Locating housing, finding a church, and simply re-establishing the bond of brotherhood is an advantage and privilege that non-members wish they had. The alumni chapter is not only a refuge for newly transitioned brothers, but for middle-aged brothers as well. I have personally seen brothers who were laid off get jobs on the spot at a chapter meeting. Alumni chapters surround brothers with love during times of death, divorce and other tragedies. Broth- The transition from college to an alumni chapter is a two way street. We as

I have often heard it quoted that many of our brothers hang on to the undergraduate part of Kappa and forget the commitment was for life. What is less known or talked about is the Founders’ vision that brothers would transition to alumni chapters where they would continue to aid the plights of the undergraduates while also seeking to better the communities where we live. The honor as the first designated Alumni chapter was bestowed upon the Chicago (IL) Alumni Chapter on April 17, 1919. But The Story of Kappa Alpha Psi tells us that just two years after our founding the third chapter, the original Gamma (of Indianapolis) was established on December 29, 1913, was comprised of entirely alumni members. Alumni chap- ters begin to spring up where there was a presence of brothers like Atlanta (GA) Alumni Chapter in 1924 and Nashville (TN) Alumni Chapter in 1926. The 1928 Handbook of Kappa Alpha Psi ® states, “Some time ago, the Grand Chapter, after much discussion, reached the conclusion that the whole purpose of alumni chapters and of alumni mem- bers should be to aid in every possible way the undergraduate chapters and members.” I still believe this to be true, Kappa Alpha Psi was founded as an undergraduate fraternity. There is no disputing that fact. But sadly

Publishing achievement for 105 years


10 | THE JOURNAL Publishing achievement for 105 years Sun setting over the downtown cityscape and the Tampa Convention Center along the riverwalk. Photo credit: Visit Tampa Bay.

Publishing achievement for 105 years



Host City of the 14 th Annual National Founders' Day Observance 33 rd Administration's Undergraduate Summit &

the 86 th Grand Chapter Meeting

The opening reception hosted by Visit Tampa Bay: was attended by past Grand Polemarchs, Grand Board Members, the Tampa (FL) Alumni Chapter and other members of Kappa Alpha Psi ® , as well as dignitaries from the Tampa Bay Region. The event included greetings from The Honorable Mayor Bob Buckhorn and the 28 th International President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Carolyn House Stewart, Esq. Grand Polemarch Thomas L. Battles, Jr. also received the Key to the City of Tampa Bay, Florida as Hillsborough County Commission Chairman, The Honorable Lesley "Les" Miller, Jr. looks on.


Publishing achievement for 105 years


The Tampa (FL) Alumni Chapter and the Zeta Chi Chapter were the host chapters and provided exceptional hospitality throughout the weekend. Members of the State Legislature, Tampa City Council and Hillsborough County Commission were on hand to greet the brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi ® .

Publishing achievement for 105 years



Publishing achievement for 105 years


TAMPA, FL—Fraternity: a group of people associated or formally organized for a com- mon purpose, interest or pleasure. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. is both a fraternity and a business. From January 3-6, 2019, Grand Polemarch Thomas L. Battles, Jr., convened the Grand Board and brothers to discuss the business of fraternity and opened the 14 th Annual National Founders’ Day Observance in Tampa, Florida. There is something extra special about attending Grand Board meet- ings that occur during National Founders' Day observances. An apt description cast through the halls was that this meeting had the feeling of a mini-Conclave. Coupled with the start of a new (calendar) year, wherein brothers haven't seen each other since the holidays, you can imagine both the pride and joy that fills the air. In setting forth the charge for the weekend, he focused in on the undergraduate Grand Chapter Officers, Council of Junior Prov- ince Vice Polemarchs led by Junior Grand Vice Polemarch, Christopher Cross, and the Province Polemarchs to organize and support the Undergraduate Summit that convened simultaneously. With the coordination by IHQ led by Ryan Tucker, Director of Undergraduate and Uni- versity Affairs, it was a sight to behold as more than 200 undergraduates entered the board room. As described in more detail beginning on page 18, the undergraduates Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Convenes in Tampa, FL

Publishing achievement for 105 years


considered a variety of issues pertinent to fraternity and the business of Kappa Alpha Psi. Featured as a part of this issue are some of the words of wisdom shared between the delegates and the presidents of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Understanding the pressures and processes that lead to success as a campus and fraternal leader, the mental, emotional and psychological ways in which one processes and responds to the world and the stimuli therein were key components of the men-

tal health awareness forum.

Sometimes a picture is indeed worth 1000 words. The joy and fidelity of brotherhood is captured in the presence of the above photo. The command and assurance of the Grand Polemarch and the support of the Senior Grand Vice Polemarch leaps off of the page. Opposite page: Grand Polemarch Thomas L. Battles, Jr., and Senior Grand Vice Polemarch Reuben A. Shelton III, Esq. look out over more than 300 brothers gathered for the Grand Board Meeting during the 14 th Annual National Founders' Day Observance. It is an august body of distinguished men bonded in brotherhood for the good of the fraternity.

When you consider that a quality educa- tion and strong mental health are essential to undergraduate achievement, you can appreciate the foresight of the undergradu- ate leaders and the planners who organ- ized these sessions. The Grand Board of Directors, Province Polemarchs, IHQ staff, Tampa (FL) Alumni Chapter and the Zeta Chi Chapters all worked to ensure an effective and informa- tive experience for all of the participants.


Publishing achievement for 105 years

“We must continue to take care of the business of Kappa. To help us do that this weekend, we have more than 200 of our best and brightest who will be strategizing about how to ensure that our beloved fraternity thrives for another 108 years. They will be participating in the Undergraduate Summit. At the conclusion of the Summit, the Junior Grand Vice Polemarch and the other members of the ‘Young Six’, will issue a report with recommendations. We must take the best of those recommendations and move from strategy to implementation.” —Thomas L. Battles, Jr. Grand Polemarch

Publishing achievement for 105 years




200 + CONVENE inTampa UNDERGRADUATE NEWS M ore than 200 undergradu- ate members from around the country convened with Grand Polemarch Thomas • Meeting Kappa Compliance Pres- entation brothers had the opportunity to pre- sent a panel of some of the top mental health professionals and therapists in the nation who noted the importance of maintaining a positive state of mind.

In working with alumni members, Province Polemarchs and the Execu- tive Committee, the brothers were able to make significant progress in their preparation to continue enhancing the communities they serve. Because of this, they deemed the Undergraduate Summit a major success. Outside of working through internal issues, the Undergraduate Summit also invested in members by exposing them to several speakers with subject matter expertise. The speakers imparted their wisdom and experiences in an edifying manner. For example, Brothers David A. Chris- tian, Senior Vice President from Regions Bank Corporate, and J.B. McGinnis presented on the importance of finan- cial literacy. Christian and McGinnis explained the values of being financially stable and understanding how to invest your money to grow generational wealth. The undergraduates also heard from Ms. Sydney Brunson, Diversity Programs Manager and Chief of Staff, Inclusion & Diversity at Pinterest. Ms. Brunson highlighted the importance of a great work ethic, grade point average and networking skills. Ms. Brunson relayed her own life expe- riences to highlight the ways in which these situations allowed her to reach the success that she has attained very early in her career.

L. Battles, Jr. and Junior Grand Vice Polemarch Christopher Gross present to oversee this historic event, which was held during the 14 th Annual National Founders' Day weekend A primary objective of the Summit was for undergraduate members to work through internal issues facing Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Having so many undergraduates in one room allowed the opportunity for the brothers to think through these internal issues from many diverse perspectives. Throughout the time at the Undergradu- ate Summit, not only were these inter- nal issues discussed, but also they were clothed in an open dialogue in which brothers attempted to get to the heart of the issues rather than just scratching the surface. Other features of the Summit were: • Mental Health Panel • Financial Literacy Presentation • Created first anti-hazing certifica- tion for Undergraduate Summit participants • Holmes & Murphy Insurance Pres- entation • University Presidents Panel Discus- sion • The Endless Cycle of Hazing Pres- entation • Title IX Today Presentation

The mental health panel presented the information from an undergraduate pro- spective, allowing the undergraduates to better understand the importance of mental health, especially for others who often have high stress levels from col- lege and life matriculation. Eight presidents of Historic Black Col- leges and Universities (HBCUs) partici- pated in a panel discussion. This elite panel shared their concerns about Greek letter organizations on their campuses, and various actions that have been taken to keep fraternities on their respective campuses. “Our undergraduate admin- istration vows to continue to reassert Kappa's relevance in an era where more Afri- can American voices must be heard. We will utilize our unique perspectives and skill sets in order to do work that moves the fraternity forward.” —Christopher Cross

The Undergraduate Summit

Opposite page: Junior Grand Vice Polemarch Christopher Cross.

During the Undergraduate Summit


Publishing achievement for 105 years



Publishing achievement for 105 years





Publishing achievement for 105 years



K appa Alpha Psi’s 14 th Annual National Founders' Day Obser- vance gave birth to the Inau- gural Undergraduate Summit. Friday, January 4, 2019, day two of the Undergraduate Summit was quite gratify- ing as it was overflowing with an all-star lineup of leaders from around the nation. Day two of the Undergraduate Summit featured the University Presidents Panel (UPP) which was met with immense curiosity and great expectations from our undergraduate members of Kappas primarily because of the philosophical diversity of the panelists, nature and top- ics of the panel discussion. The dialogue between the brothers on the panel and our undergraduate broth- ers was existential and provocative based upon the complexities and transformative dynamics within the various iterations of the initiation process. Safeguarding our fraternity, maintaining, sustaining and establishing a paradigm designed to preserve Kappa for the arrival of its bicentennial was the underlying objective and perspective of both the panelists and the undergraduates in at- tendance. Danish Philosopher Søren Kierkegaard declared “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived for- wards.” This is to say that we can only comprehend life and its experiences through our rearview mirror (memory) of yesterday (time). We learn from the past, emulate and replicate the future. In life, we can’t connect the dots by looking forward, we can only do that by looking backward and that then starts to make some sense for us. Human sensory perception ascribes, prescribes and subscribes prayer, loving, hazing, pledging, writing, running, walk- ing, singing and communicating, which all require interpretation; and we un- derstand those enactments by observing (looking) at the past as we live forward to make sense of life ‘here and now’.

By Dr. Samuel Odom

Publishing achievement for 105 years




Front row: Dr. Dwaun J. Warmack, Grand Polemarch Thomas L. Battles, Jr., Dr. W. Franklin Evans. Back row: Dr. Kevin W. Bailey, Dr. Ricard J. Gallot, Dr. M. Christopher Brown, Dr. Anthony L. Jenkins, Dr. Michael J. Sorrell, Dr. Melvin T. Stith, Dr. Herman J. Felton, Ryan Tucker.

Existentially, the bottom line up front is meaning, what does it mean for one (ego) to experience validation through the self-perceived sense of belonging at the perennial expense of intrapsychic pain, brutality, conflict, trauma, physical and verbal assault and violence on the mind and body. The tension has been debated. Those who put the essence of the need to belong (which some argue undergirds “the why” around initia- tion, post initiation and new member experience) as the rationale for why some members may be tempted to un- dergo some unsanctioned process that would violate Kappa Alpha Psi Code of Conduct specific to the Member- ship Training Academy (MTA) program above the uncompromising position of the fraternity that there is only one way to become a member, and that is through the MTA process, is a root of the problem.

The context for the UPP was set based upon the two concepts, hazing and pledge process specifically juxtapos- ing time (yesterday, today and tomor- row)/(past, present and future), the val- ue of establishing a bond, the process of initiation and its significance to include the intrapsychic trauma, narcissistic injury, mental and intellectual value of understanding the need for validation of experiencing an unsanctioned process. Make no mistake about it, Kappa Alpha Psi does not condone, embrace or support hazing. It is unlawful and it vio- lates Kappa Alpha Psi Code of Conduct. These concepts were fully discussed by the panelists, from the perspective of the college and university president—a rare opportunity. The panelists included Dr. M. Christopher Brown (President- Ken- tucky State University); Dr. W. Franklin Evans (President- Voorhees College);

Dr. Herman J. Felton, (President- Wiley College); Dr. Richard J. Gallot, (Presi- dent- Grambling State University); Dr. Anthony L. Jenkins, (President- West Virginia State University); Dr. Michael J. Sorrell, (President- Paul Quinn College; Dr. Melvin T. Stith (President- Norfolk State University); Dr. Dwaun J. War- mack, (President- Harriet Stowe State University). Brother Dr. Kevin W. Bailey (Charlotte (NC) AL 1993) served as moderator of the UPP. Brother Bailey currently serves as the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Frater Dr. M. Christopher Brown, Ph.D. is the 18 th President of Kentucky State University and he has been in the higher education arena over twenty years. He is a Spring 2004 initiate of the How- ard University Chapter, the Mu Lambda of Alpha Phi Alpha.


Publishing achievement for 105 years



Frater Dr. W. Franklin Evans, Ph.D. is the ninth President of Voorhees College and he has been in higher education arena over 25 years. He is a Spring 1981 initiate of the University of Georgia Chapter, Zeta Pi of Alpha Phi Alpha. Dr. Herman J. Felton, Jr. J.D., Ph.D. (Delta Psi 1999) is the 17 th President of Wiley College, “Home of the Great Debaters”. Dr. Felton's first presidential appointment was as the 21 st president at Wilberforce University, the nation’s old- est private HBCU. He is also a United States Marine and Desert Storm/Desert Shield Veteran. Dr. Richard “Rick” J. Gallot, Jr., J.D. (Gamma Psi 1985) is the 10 th President of Grambling State University. Brother Dr. Anthony L. Jenkins, Ph.D. Durham (NC) AL 1995) is the 11 th President of West Virginia State University. Dr. Jen- kins is the first graduate in the history of Virginia Tech University’s Educational Leadership and Policy Doctor of Phi-

losophy (Ph.D.) program. Additionally, he is also a former US Army Quarter- master and Veteran. Dr. Michael J. Sorrell, J.D., Ed.D. (Iota Nu 1986) is the 34 th President and longest-serving in the 146-year history of Paul Quinn College. Dr. Sorrell is a Life Member of Kappa Alpha Psi and a member of the Sigma Pi Phi Frater- nity. Under his leadership Paul Quinn has become nationally renowned for its innovative approach of using higher education to address the most persis- tent and pressing problems of society. Dr. Melvin T. Stith, Ph.D. (Epsilon Zeta 1966) is the seventh President of Norfolk State University. As Dean Emeritus, Martin J. Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University; Dean Emeritus, College of Business, Florida State University, he brings more than four decades of higher education leadership and corporate governance ex- perience to Norfolk State University. He is a former US Army Company Grade

Officer who served in the Military Intel- ligence Command in Vietnam and he is also a Combat Veteran. Dr. Dwaun J. Warmack, Ed.D. (Nu Eta 1998) is the 19 th President of Harris-Stowe State University. He is one of the youngest serving President of a four-year institution in the nation. He has more than 18 years of progressive administrative experience in higher edu- cation at five distinct higher education institutions to the position. Each of the eight panelists proffered genuine comments, intercollegiate en- actments, personal experiences, thought provoking scenarios and revelations that included profound story-telling of their initiation and pledge processes as Scrollers turn Neophytes then Pro- phytes developing and emerging into great Kappa Men who are now Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of their higher educational institutions across our Nation.

Publishing achievement for 105 years





Publishing achievement for 105 years



Publishing achievement for 105 years




Some of the questions asked by Dr. Bailey include: • Describe some of the things you do on your campus to educate and eliminate hazing. • Talk about some of the external pressures and influences you face as a result of hazing cases. • As presidents, are you part of any national conversations regarding how to address the continuation of hazing on college campuses? • As college presidents, what final words, thoughts or admonitions do you have for these young men as we begin the Spring 2019 semester?

Some of the presidents' reflections fol- low. Dr. Herman J. Felton: “What amaz- ing leadership we are fortunate to have at the helm of our noble clan. The foresight to create a venue to grapple with the challenges facing our fraternity is fearless leadership. The intuitiveness to address, head on, the challenges while simultaneously exposing the next gen- eration to a cadre of leaders who have demonstrated a continuum of excellence is consistent with our cardinal tenants, and necessary for their development.” Dr. Richard “Rick” J. Gallot, Jr., J.D., Ph.D.: “A major driver in our or- ganization’s legacy is not just who joins, but also who they become as a part of

brotherhood. We have to keep that in mind at every stage, as we train leaders. Our decisions matter more than ever in an environment where African- American institutions experience a higher level of scrutiny and new laws target our experience and processes. From our churches to our HBCUs to student organizations, we are all working to advance how we operate. We have to remember that our main goal is to prepare members for a life of service and achievement. That mission should show up in all of our decisions; which include avoiding unnecessary risks to the bright futures of our young brothers.” President Dr. Anthony L. Jenkins: “I found the Summit to not only be an


Publishing achievement for 105 years



stated during the summit, we denounce hazing, but rally around and support “probate” shows. In my opinion, this sends a conflicting message.” Dr. Michael J. Sorrell: “Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. has always shown a willingness to address the issues of the day. This weekend, the fraternity once again waded into waters that other frater- nities, sororities, and organizations might have ignored—the tension involved between the need to root out hazing and the desire to ensure that the backbone of the fraternal bond—a shared experience/ process that resonates across schools, regions, and nations and creates men of common purpose, remains intact.

outstanding example of preparing men for leaderships, but it also created a space to discuss many of the important and critical taboo issues we – as a fra- ternity – have been avoiding. I felt the tone and content presented strength- ened the resolve of so many attending young brothers who needed the summit and its message as they develop their pathway in our noble Klan. Dr. Odom, I thank you for your leadership, vision and execution of assembling this great group of Kappa men for the University Presidents Panel. In addition, I concur with several of my presidential colleagues that we need to revisit the discussion of above ground in-take which is placed back on the college and university campuses. As I

presidents in attendance, are advocates for bringing back a Scrollers Club that would allow schools to shine a light on what is now being done in the dark and create a process that accentuates the positive, but minimizes and manages all unnecessary risk. I applaud Kappa’s willingness to as- semble many of its college presidents and create a forum for these men to talk honestly with a strong sampling of its undergraduate leaders. I hope that this becomes a regular occurrence.” Dr. Melvin T. Stith: “The dialogue during the Undergraduate Summit was enlightening, informative and very in- teractive between the presidential panel and the undergraduate brothers. We

Myself, and many of the other college

Publishing achievement for 105 years




focused our attention, during the ses- sion, on ensuring the continued viability of Kappa Alpha Psi. It was everyone’s objective to ensure that we focused our attention on discuss- ing how the Fraternity can grow, prosper and flourish. Thus, we agreed that we must develop strategies that strengthen this resolve. We must rid the Fraternity of those activities, beliefs and customs that do not mesh with current societal expecta- tions and the fundamental purpose of our Grand Fraternity. Organizations that do not change its modes of operation become entropic and die from within, Kappa Alpha Psi will be no exception.” Dr. Dwaun Warmack: “The under- graduate summit was very, very impor- tant, as I think about the future of our amazing fraternity and this awesome bond, to have this many undergraduate brothers present and to have a panel of college presidents from all of the coun- try, to take time out of their schedule to talk about the importance of not just Kappa Alpha Psi, but Black fraternity and sorority life as whole, if having the opportunity as an undergraduate twenty years ago to attend this type of sum- mit would have spoken volumes, just to create a space that’s transparent and undergraduates having the opportunity to ask any questions they wanted to ask without creating any recourse creates an environment where real transformation can begin to manifest.” There are enormous reflections and commentary post the 14 th Annual National Founders Day Undergradu- ate Summit, specifically the University Presidents Panel. Many of the 203 undergraduates who attended the Undergraduate Summit are rethinking their undergraduate experi- ences and opportunities to become a college or university president and ulti- mately contemplating the notion to serve as a model for change in order for us to reach our bicentennial in Kappa.


Publishing achievement for 105 years

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