maxon Product Range 2024/25

Get an overview of the extensive range of DC brushed and brushless motors, drives, encoders, control electronics, and the variety of possible combinations. Make a preliminary selection based on the power and size, commutation, or bearings. Quickly find what you’re looking for, including sterilizable drives for use under special ambient conditions or drives with integrated electronics.

Precision Drive Systems

Product Range 2024 / 25

View the entire range of products online → Wide selection of brushed and brushless DC motors, compact drives, gearheads, sensors, controllers and drive systems → Easy to configure

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maxon selection guide Get an overview of the extensive range of DC brushed and brushless motors, drives, encoders, control electronics, and the variety of possible combinations. Make a preliminary selection based on the power and size, commutation, or bearings. Quickly find what you’re looking for, including sterilizable drives for use under special ambient conditions or drives with integrated electronics.

Accessories overview Easily find the accessories you need for connecting maxon DC motors to maxon controllers.

91–186_maxon DC motor Brushed DC motors with ironless winding.

187–356_maxon EC motor (BLDC) Brushless DC motors with ironless or iron core winding.

357–370_maxon compact drive Compact drives with integrated positioning/speed controller.

371–465_maxon gear Precision planetary, spur and angular gearheads.

467–489_maxon screw drive Compact screw drives with steel or ceramic screws.

545–580_maxon motor & motion control 4-Q PWM servo controllers, 1-Q-EC amplifiers, positioning controllers, and multi-axis motion controllers. 491–543_maxon sensor Magnetic, optical, and inductive encoders, DC tachometers, and resolvers.

581–596_maxon accessories Brakes, end caps and connecting cables.

599–609_maxon ceramic Custom ceramic components and standard components such as ceramic axles, shafts, or screws. 611–614_Contact Headquarters, business units, labs, production companies, sales companies and sales partners.

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We are maxon

We develop and build high precision electric drive systems that are among the best in the world. We combine brushed and brushless DC motors, gearheads, sensors, and controllers into complete mechatronic drive systems – from customized single units to mass production. Since 1961, businesses from a wide range of industries including medical technology, robotics, industrial automation, mobility, and aerospace place their trust in reliable drive systems by maxon. Our drives are perfectly suited for wherever extreme precision and the highest quality standards are needed and where compromises cannot be tolerated – on Earth and on Mars.


Technologies that improve people’s lives Welcome to the new maxon catalog. Here you will find pioneering technolo- gies for global challenges. Our products are designed to meet the demands of today’s world, offering solutions that combine innovation and efficiency. The ECX FLAT 42 S drive is ideal for use in applications for the reduction of CO2 emissions in the automotive industry. The latest ECX products are tailor-made for medical devices and robotics, where they increase efficiency and save space, as well as enabling maximum precision and cost-effective solutions. Robotics is undergoing a revolution, driven by the EC frameless DT 38 Dynamic Torque and ESCON products – powerful, compact motors and controllers that allow precise movements. Our GB 9 worm gear systems play a key role in the area of infrastructure optimization, making the best possible use of space in areas such as elevators and agricultural applications. For the autonomous fu- ture, our flat motors and TSX encoders offer advanced solutions that guarantee precise positioning and real-time performance in autonomous vehicles. In this catalog you can explore our products and solutions as well as new concepts designed to meet the challenges of AI and IoT-based innovation in every industry today and advance the mission of a sustainable future. At maxon we aren’t just driven by motors; we are actively shaping a sustainable world and improving people’s lives.

“We are actively shaping a sustainable world and improving people’s lives.” Eugen Elmiger, CEO maxon Group

Close to 100 % We have a portfolio of drives for any application, and DC motors with an efficiency of more than 90 %

Maximum power packed into tiny spaces. maxon drives feature the following:

→ High acceleration → Long service life

→ Low power consumption → Unsurpassed reliability → Able to bear high overloads for short periods → Excellent control properties

One stop shop DC and BLDC motors Brushed and brushless DC motors. Diameter 4 to 90 mm. Gearheads and screw drives Planetary, spur, angular, and special gearheads. Compact screw drives with steel and ceramic screws. Sensors Magnetic, optical, and inductive encoders, DC tachometers and resolvers. Controllers 4-Q PWM servo controllers, 1-Q EC amplifiers, positioning controllers, and multi-axis motion controllers. Ceramic components Custom ceramic components and standard components such as ceramic axles, shafts, or screws.


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Our drive systems go a long way

Change the world with a partner you can rely on

At maxon, we believe that outstanding engineers and technicians can make a positive impact on the world. This is why we support them in their efforts to go off the beaten path and provide the perfect drive system for their ideas.

Active implants → Cardiac support systems → Active valves → Positioning systems → Pump systems Surgical systems → Surgical robots → Power tools → Dental devices

→ Ventilators → Respirators Pumps and medication delivery systems → Insulin / pain pumps → Dialysis pumps Rehabilitation and prosthetics

Medical Drive systems for medical technology

maxon drives are used in numerous fields of medicine. Our motors provide reliable, high-quality performance in high-precision devices such as active implants, insulin pumps, surgical robots, power tools, and hand and foot prostheses. Drive components for medical technology applications must meet extremely demanding requirements: precision, sterilizability, low noise levels, durability, and minimal heat build-up of the DC and EC drives are essential. maxon’s medical business unit specializes in developing and producing drive systems for a variety of medical applications. Our engineers are well versed in the technical requirements of the medical technology industry, whether for active implants or robot-assisted rehabilitation. In close partnership with our customers, we develop the perfect drive sys- tem based on a modular standard solution or create a fully customized solution tailored to the customer's specifications.

→ Hand prostheses → Foot prostheses → Exoskeletons → Therapy systems

Drive components for medical technology applica- tions must meet extremely demanding requirements.


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Active implants Many therapeutic approaches prove to be far more effective within the body than external methods. Whether precise dosage of medications or supporting heart or muscle functions, maxon drives do it all with maximum efficiency and reliability. Professional project organization and a proven risk management system enable the smooth execution of medical technology projects in risk classes IIb and III. All production processes, production facilities, testing sys- tems, and documentation meet the highest quality guidelines.

Surgical robots Robot-assisted or robotic surgery is mainly used in minimally invasive surgery and makes it possible to carry out all kinds of complex interventions with much more precision, flexibility, control, and efficiency than with conventional techniques. There are two different methods: either with a direct telemanipulator or with com- puter control. maxon offers a wide range of customer-specific products and system solutions for both methods in order to meet complex customer requirements with respect to force feedback, safety, standards, traceability, etc., and to make a sig- nificant contribution to medical technology. The benefits for the patient are a much shorter surgery and healing time, as well as fewer complications and less risk of infection and scarring.

Surgical power tools In many surgical interventions, doctors rely on power tools. The areas of appli- cation are extremely varied, ranging from sawing bones to other small-bone and large-bone applications to stapling tissue structures. For each case, maxon offers the perfect drive solution from different motor and gearhead families. These brushless electric motors are characterized by extremely high power density and, not least, can be autoclaved up to 1,000 times.

Exoskeletons and prostheses For people with a physical disability, everyday tasks such as climbing stairs or opening doors can represent a huge challenge. maxon has been heavily involved in this field for years, providing technical solutions that make life easier for those affected. For exoskeletons and prostheses, we have developed motors optimized for torque and weight, as well as system solutions. With our mix of engineering disciplines, we also offer the possibility of tailored approaches for specific applications. maxon will conti- nue to drive the development of products and system solutions for exoskeletons and prostheses in the future.

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Aerospace Drive systems for the aerospace industry For more than 20 years, drive technology from maxon has powered the Mars rovers on the Red Planet. And every modern long-haul airliner has hundreds of drive systems on board today. Back here on the ground, we work closely with our customers to develop drive solutions consisting of individual components or sophisticated technical systems for passenger aircraft, helicopters, spacecraft, and even autonomous and uncrewed aerial vehicles. maxon guarantees the unrivaled quality of the efficient, reliable, and powerful drive systems for the aerospace industry. maxon has been certified according to EN 9100 since 2012. The standard has been drawn up especially for companies that develop and produce components for the aerospace industry. In our own labs, we test how the drives cope with vibrations, shock, and cold, as well as heat in accordance with aviation standard DO-160, and in vacuum. The name maxon is synonymous with customized precision and stands for an extensive support network that guarantees the highest Swiss standards all over the world. Our dedicated aerospace team assists customers with simple applications as well as complex, multi-year development projects. maxon engineers have transferred the knowledge they have gained from numerous special projects, such as the drives for the Mars missions, to other aerospace projects and further developed this expertise for serial production. Our state- of-the-art technology and extensive laboratory tests make this possible. We are forever expanding the possibilities of aerospace technology, both crewed and uncrewed. The new urban mobility made possible by air taxis, counts on safe, efficient and compact actuators from maxon. Thanks to many years of experience in aviation, our experts know what it takes.

Aerospace → Aircraft control systems: Actuators for small control surfaces, air and liquid valves of all types, fly-by-wire control systems, flaps, air-conditioning systems → On-board communication and cabin equipment: actuators for antennas, window shade systems, power seat adjustment, lavatory equipment, ands, locking devices for overhead baggage compartments Space travel → Drives for rocket engine valves, solar array drive and deployment. Actuators for docking and separating systems → Mission-specific mechanisms for research spacecraft and robotic probes, especially for the Moon and Mars Uncrewed aerial vehicles → Infrastructure: Actuators for docking, servicing, starting and landing systems, robotic systems for maintenance work → Payload mechanisms: Control surface actuators, electro-optics, gimbal and load drives, winch and load locking mechanisms → Drive systems consisting of an optimized combination of motor, controller and propeller for multirotor, fixed-wing and VTOL aircraft


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Here on the ground, maxon and its customers develop drive solutions consisting of individual components.

Modified catalog products for aerospace applications In addition to the catalog range, maxon offers its customers from the aerospace industry specially modified aerospace products. These are adaptations of products that were previously developed over the course of more than ten years for similar applications with very strict environmental and quality requirements. The available products include various preconfigured DCX, EC-4pole, EC flat motors, GPX UP planetary gearheads and ENX 10/16 XT encoders, and others. All products have been optimized for demanding environmental conditions such as vibrations, temperature, vacuum, or corrosion. In this way, we decrease the development time and complete new projects cost-efficiently. By prequalifying the products, we significantly reduce the risk.

Application-specific drive solutions For selected fields of application, maxon provides tailor-made special solutions. For the manufacturing of sophisticated, professional drones, the so-called UAVs (Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles), these are propeller drive motors and controllers (Electronic Speed Controllers, ESC). The products are closely matched to each other and are characterized by unrivaled efficiency and reliability for the highest safety and profitability during operation.

Custom drive systems When customers have requirements that go beyond the capabilities of the existing solutions, maxon also develops completely new drive systems. These can be novel components such as electric motors, gearheads, sensors, or controllers, or combinations thereof in the form of a complete actuator. Here maxon supports the customers during the specification phase, stands by their side during the industrialization, and supplies constant high quality for very demanding applications.


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Lab automation → Liquid handling (pipetting robots) → Point of care diagnostics (POC) → DNA sequencing → PCR analysis Power tools → Strapping tools, battery-powered staplers → Pruning shears, plant tying machines, saws, harvester implements → Electric screwdrivers, nail guns, pressing tools Oil and gas industry → Measurement while drilling (MWD) → Measurement and inspection systems → Valve controllers → Hydraulic pump systems Semiconductor industry → Wafer production → Semiconductor finishing → Pick-and-place applications → Analysis and test systems for product testing Test and measurement technology → 3D measuring devices → LiDAR systems → Surface testing devices → Scanner → Total stations → Precision scales Safety systems → Safety doors → Locking systems → Mobile inspection systems → Surveillance cameras

Industrial automation Drive systems for industrial automation

Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are affecting manufacturing processes at every company. Industrial production is also being redefined at maxon. We are constantly raising our standards of quality, efficiency and flexibility to new levels without losing focus on costs. This is essential because complex mechatronic systems only work if components are of the highest quality and perfectly synchronized. maxon meets this requirement and is one of the only suppliers in the world that develops and manufactures complete mechatronic drive systems, including: DC motors, gearheads, sensors and controllers. Our customers benefit from this in many ways, especially when it comes to drive systems for lab automation, the oil and gas industry, test and measurement technology or semiconductor manufacturing. All of these applications require the highest accuracy, sustainability, reliability and quality. Our interdisciplinary engineering team works closely with customers to develop the perfect, tailor-made solution for customer-specific applications. From simple modifications to completely new designs, maxon offers everything from a single source.

We are constantly raising our standards of quality, efficiency and flexibility to a new levels.


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Drive systems for laboratory automation As laboratory procedures and processes grow increasingly complex, automation is becoming more important. Here reliability, precision and speed play key roles: maxon motors and drive systems are used in various laboratory applications for dosing liquids, analyzing and transporting samples, and moving axes. The exceptional reliability, high precision, and excellent dynamics make it possible to accelerate laboratory procedures and perform these reliably without downtime. In particular with regards to the XYZ axes, the high power density of maxon’s motors helps to save space and the high dynamics combined with a precision multi-axis controller facilitates optimization of the laboratory procedure and thus increases the throughput rate.

Drive systems for the semiconductor market The semiconductor industry is at the center of technological innova- tion and requires drive solutions that can keep up with its momentum. maxon offers drive systems specifically tailored to meet the challenges of semiconductor production. Our motors and systems are known for their precision and reliability and also have the flexibility to adapt to the specific requirements of microchip and semiconductor production. Whether it's precisely positioning wafers, carefully controlling etching processes, or handling sensitive components, maxon drives offer consistent and precise performance. They can play a decisive role in achieving more efficient and precise semiconductor manufacturing. Join us in discovering solutions that redefine semiconductor technology.

Drive systems for the oil and gas industry The production of oil and natural gas constantly requires new technologies and innovations in deep drilling technology. The equipment used for deep drilling is exposed to extremely harsh ambient conditions, including temperatures above 200°C, high pressure and extreme shocks and vibrations. maxon drive systems are used in a variety of drilling applications, hydraulic valve controllers, communication mechanisms and measuring instruments. The maxon Heavy Duty range of motors is designed for these operating conditions and features efficiency levels of up to 88% in air and over 70% in oil. In addition, these motors are designed to withstand extreme temperatures as well as pressure, shocks and vibrations. This makes them ideal and reliable solutions for applications in extremely harsh operating conditions.


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Mobility solutions Drive systems for people and goods

On the street, in logistics, or underwater – drive systems by maxon move people and goods reliably, efficiently, and safely. Our specialists from the Mobility Solutions business unit know the requirements of the individual industries. In close collaboration with our customers, we develop tailor-made drive systems for complex applications. To meet the high requirements for power density and efficiency, all components are perfectly matched to each other. Flexibility, safety, and quality are the focal points in the development of our competitive system solutions.

Automotive → Dynamic suspension control → Brake-by-wire (electric brake system) → LiDAR systems (remote sensing technology for autonomous vehicles) → AdBlue systems (exhaust gas treatment for diesel vehicles) E-mobility

Logistics → Logistics shuttles

→ Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) → Automated guided vehicle (AGV) Robotics → Multi-axis lightweight robots → Service robots → Collaborative robots (Cobot) → Farm robots Maritime applications → Remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV) → Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV)

→ E-bike systems → Urban mobility

Invisible, light, and strong. For more information on our BIKEDRIVE AIR system, refer to page 20–21.


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Logistics Due to the increasing flow of goods and the requirements from Industry 4.0, the demands on efficiency, flexibility, and reliability are constantly getting higher. The drive systems from maxon are used in a variety of driverless transport systems, and their high power density makes them the perfect solution for space-saving integration. The reliability and high efficiency of our system solutions guarantee reliable operation without interruptions.

Automotive The need for higher safety and the rise of semi-autonomous driving are increasingly presenting the automotive manufacturers with new challenges. maxon’s drive solutions are used in applications such as LiDAR, AdBlue systems, adaptive chassis systems, and electrical brakes. Our custom- ers count on maxon when it comes to special requirements for safety and reliability under challenging environmental conditions. As an IATF-certified development partner, we work with you to shape the future of the automo- tive industry.

Robotics The market demands specific robots for industrial and service applications. maxon defines and develops the joint drives required for this purpose together with the customer. Motors with outstanding torque density, zero-backlash gearheads, high-resolution encoders as well as integrated holding brakes and integrated position controllers with EtherCAT interface form the basis of the highly efficient drive systems. The power density and competitive safety functions are only some of the factors that make our drives the perfect solution for applications in robotics.

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Applications in building automation → Sliding and swing doors → Elevator doors → Access systems, such as turnstiles, gates, and barriers → Platform systems Applications for lifts → Lifting, leveling, and auxiliary drives for stair lifts → Mobility and industrial lifting equipment → Elevators → Platform lifts Applications in logistics automation → Conveyors → Sorting systems → Packaging technology Applications in auxiliary vehicles → Wheelchairs and wheeled walkers → Motor homes and caravans → Tractors and forklifts Applications in train, tram, and railway systems → Windshield wiper systems → Internal and external doors, as well as access to the station platforms for trains → Pantographs → Brake systems → Grinding systems

Intralogistics Drive systems for building and logistics automation

The intralogistics business unit at maxon focuses on two core areas: building automation and logistics.

In modern logistics and with Industry 4.0, automated and digitalized warehousing is gaining importance. Systems for material handling, such as conveyor systems, packaging machines, and sorting machines, must be extremely reliable and durable to meet the demands of the market. maxon’s motors, gearheads, sensors, brakes, and controllers have been designed for these demanding tasks and can also be customized in the exact configurations needed for special applications. In the field of building technology, the market for automation is also growing rapidly. With its range of compact and efficient drives, as well as angular and inline gearheads in combination with motors and controllers, maxon offers one of the most comprehensive mechatronics systems for the automation of building access, lifts, and hoisting equipment in buildings, access control systems, and more.


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Drive systems for doors In airports, shops, hotels, and offices all over the world, automatic doors are in use around the clock. maxon offers compact and efficient drives for door access automation. The certified product range has proven itself around the world and encompasses everything from angular and inline drives to brushed and brushless DC motors. These are available with sensors and customer-specific drive control systems.

The market-leading quality offered by maxon makes it the ideal mechatronics partner.

Drive systems for conveyors Conveyor systems are frequently used in material handling. As the needs of the market and Industry 4.0 grow, the demands on drive systems also increase. They must be fail-safe, with proven durability, because the production and processing systems used in intralogistics frequently run around the clock. For these applications, maxon offers a range of intelligent, highly reliable systems with high power density and high efficiency. The market-leading quality offered by maxon makes it the ideal mechatronics partner for the material handling solutions of today and tomorrow.

Drive systems for stair lifts For many years, maxon has been cooperating with leading stair lift manufacturers and knows the complex requirements of the end customer. maxon offers gear motor combinations for safe operation of all types of stair lifts. They are suitable for straight, curved, narrow, and wide stair lifts. Our motors are available not only for the main drive, but also for the seat adjustment, footrest, and rotation requirements. Our specialists also develop customized solutions with tailor-made designs, which are frequently less complex and require fewer components.


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The invisible E-Bike drive The maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR e-bike system is mounted out of sight inside the frame. Only an inconspicuously integrated control element on the top tube hints at the extra power hidden within the bike. A system weight of 3.5 kg, torque of max. 40 Nm, more than 300 W of power, 250 Wh or 360 Wh in the main battery, optionally 250 Wh in the Range Extender. The maxon BIKEDRIVE AIR is suitable for electric racing bikes weighing up to 10.5 kg and e-MTB trail full-sussers weighing up to 15.5 kg. The system is suitable for all bike types.





Charging socket


Speed sensor



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Range Extender

Drive unit



Description Max. torque MX AIR

Description BX250E Nominal voltage







Max. supported cadence

rpm 115 km/h 25/33




Max. speed

Charging time with 2 A charger


3.5 1.5

Weight of motor unit

kg kg

1.9 3.5



Weight of complete system

Patented freewheel technology Integrated torque measurement on both sides Min. diameter of down tube

Control unit




Connect app Service app

Width of bottom bracket Chainline: racing bike 2x Chainline: racing bike 1x

mm 97.5

mm mm mm

47 46

Chainline: MTB boost, 148 mm



mm ≥ 155*

*depending on frame design and crank selection


Part numbers Part numbers Description* 729020 Description Level adjustment Battery charge indicator BLE / ANT+ Light HMI POWERTAB


Description BX250I Nominal voltage







Charging time with 2 A charger


3.5 1.4

MX AIR motor unit incl. cabling



699584 770624 801249 786584 735990 801857 801859 831542 831471 724125 710994 710995 710996 741375 735310

POWERTAB control unit

BX 250 I battery incl. cabling / 250 Wh BX 360 I battery incl. cabling / 360 Wh

Range Extender BX 250 e-kit / 250 Wh incl. holder and cabling Charger, Li-ion, 2 A/36 VDC 230 VAC / 90° outlet Li-ion charger 3.5 A / 36 V 110–230 V Li-ion charger 2 A / 12 V car charging socket Charging socket, complete with cover and cable, ST-10 right, 190 mm Charging socket, complete with cover and cable, ST-10 left, 190 mm Dropout speed sensor, HIGO connector, 734 mm Magnet holder for center lock brake disks / internal thread

Description BX360I Nominal voltage






360 2.8

Charging time with 3.5 A charger





Magnet holder for 6-hole brake disks

Magnet holder for centerlock brake disks with thru axles

Chain ring holder BCD104

Chain ring holder BCD110 *The BIKEDRIVE AIR system is only available as complete system. © 2024 maxon. All rights reserved.


Ready for the next step At maxon we develop customized mechatronic drive systems, of the highest quality from a single source. maxon not only develops and produces DC and BLDC motors, gearheads, sensors, and controllers, but we can also combine these drive components in a housing as a customized mechatronic unit.

maxon Master Controller / Motion Controller Page 545

Batterie Management System (BMS)

Wheel drives for autonomous transport systems and self- driving vehicles


© 2024 maxon. All rights reserved. Trends in drive technology

We dive into three truly exciting and innovative topics that showcase the diversity and versatility of our company’s high-precision drives and systems. Electric vehicles, lab automation, and robotics – all areas in which maxon is making a major impact.

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Discover new products Learn about our latest product introductions in this short video.

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maxon X drives Configure your drive online – according to your individual needs When configured online, you can download your specific mechanical and electrical data, dimensional drawings and CAD files immediately, and within 11 working days your drive system will be ready to ship.

Brushed DC motors

Brushless DC motors

ECX SPEED The high-speed drive for grinders, fans, sterilizable hand-held tools, etc.

ECX PRIME The high-performance drive with outstanding speed-torque gradient.

DCX The powerful drive available in a variety of versions.

DC-max The cost-optimized drive with a very good price/performance ratio.

IDX MOTOR The industrial solution with IP65 protection and integrated incremental or absolute encoder.

ECX TORQUE The high-torque drive for power tools like screw drivers, pruning shears, etc.

ECX FLAT The flat, space-saving drive with lots of torque.

Drives with integrated positioning/speed controller



IDX – i/O

IDX DRIVE The intelligent drive system with IP65 protection, integrated controller, and optional holding brake.

ECX FLAT The flat compact drive with integrated speed controller that can be configured online.


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Produced within 11 days Lean, automated processes ensure that all drive versions are ready for shipment within 11 days Assemble your individual brushed or brushless DC drive: You can configure the gear stages, the motor bearings, the shafts, the encoder and much more. Design your custom drive online today and your finished drive will ship from Switzerland in 11 working days.

Planetary gearhead

GPX A, C, LN, LZ Planetary gearhead A: Standard C: Ceramic axes LN: Reduced noise level LZ: Reduced backlash

GPX UP Ultra-performance planetary gearhead with optimal efficiency and reinforced output.

GPX SPEED High-speed, sterilizable gearhead for surgical applications.

GPX HP High-power planetary gearhead with reinforced output. Also available as a sterilizable version.


ENX EASY Magnetic incremental encoder, 3-channel, differential.

ENX RIO High-resolution, optical incremental encoder, 3-channel, differential.

ENX GAMA Radiation-resistant, magnetic incremental encoder, 2-channel.

ENX MAG Magnetic incremental encoder, 3-channel, for small motor diameters.

ENX EASY Abs Absolute single-turn encoder (SSI/BiSS-C)

ENX EMT Absolute multi-turn encoder (SSI/BiSS-C)

ENX MILE High-resolution and high-precision inductive encoder integrated in ECX FLAT.


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Modify The online configurator

With our configurator, you can easily modify your drive online as you need it. It allows you to adapt a shaft, flange, bearing, or electrical connection perfectly to your application. With our automated processes, you will be holding your customized drives in your hands within a few days. If you need further adjustments to your drives, such as hollow shafts, special lubricants, or special windings, please contact us for assistance.

Winding Nominal voltage Temperature range

Shaft Length Diameter Surface Cross bore

Electrical connection Terminals or cables Cable length Connection alignment Connector

Bearings Ball bearing Sleeve bearing Lubrication

Output component Pinion Pulley

Flange Centering collar Bolt circle Thread

Notes on the catalog. Disclaimer

maxon shall not be held liable for errors in this documentation. This documentation is subject to change without notice. maxon shall not be liable for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of this documentation. May be subject to laws and regulations. Copies, including excerpts, require prior written permission of maxon.


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Combine The maxon modular system The motors, gearheads, sensors, brakes, and controllers of maxon are perfectly matched to each other and can be combined in a number of ways. Our modular system makes it easy to find suitable components for your motor – in the catalog and in the online shop.

Motor DC Motors EC Motors (BLDC)

Sensor Encoder Resolver DC-Tacho


Controller Servo Controller Positioning Control Unit Motion Control

Gear Planetary Gearhead Spur Gearhead Screw Drive

Great choice, easy ordering The diversity of motors and product combinations offered by maxon is unmatched worldwide. The maxon modular system and the numerous options for windings offer even more possibilities for variation. To make the delivery times as short as possible for our customers, we organized our products into program groups.

Stock program The market-oriented selection from our extensive product portfolio offers you short delivery times. Standard program In the comprehensive standard program, products are included which can be produced and delivered in a short time. The plenitude of versions in this program offer tried and tested standard products for optimized application. Special program A wide range of motors and combinations is available on request.


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We are engineers. Dedicated to the development of

drive technology. Quality with no compromise

Development engineers and designers at maxon motor use only state-of-the-art calculation and configuration software. This enables us to develop customer-specific solutions quickly. Advanced qualification and risk assessment methods guarantee that all of our products are highly reliable and robust. Simultaneously, systematic process and product optimization programs enable us to provide our customers with more options for drive configuration – in shorter delivery times. An example are maxon DCX drives, which can be configured online.


Consistent standards on quality, safety, and procedures ensure that only premium products leave our factories. The business and production processes fulfill international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. maxon medical has ISO 13485 certification and products for the aerospace industry have EN 9100 certification.


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We are experts in precision drives. Flexible in-house production All important components found in our maxon motor drive systems are produced on machines and manufacturing lines developed in-house. Our customers are guaranteed efficient and fast manufacturing of their products, whether in small or in large quantities, as well as maximum flexibility to meet special needs and requirements.

Our core areas of expertise include: – Winding technology – Standard and special gearhead engineering – Encoder technology – Electronics and systems technology – Injection molding processes for plastics as well as ceramic and metal powder (CIM/MIM) – Installation and automation technology – Development / project management – Quality management


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SN EN ISO 9001 SN EN ISO 9001 specifies the requirements to a quality management system (process approach) that an organization has to meet in order to provide products and services that meet the customer expectations as well as comply with applicable regulatory requirements. Simultaneously, the management system has to be subject to continuous improvement. SN EN ISO 14001 Is an internationally accepted quality norm for environmental management systems (EMS). It covers environmental- relevant processes and procedures in a company, requiring a company’s management and employees to adopt environmentally-compatible behavior and constantly seek to improve its procedures and documentation. EN 9100 This is an internationally accepted quality standard of the aerospace industry. It requires companies and employees to reduce potential risks in the aerospace industry to a minimum by structuring the design and manufacturing processes accordingly. At maxon, this standard is applied for customer-specific products on request – except for A-max motors and controllers. SN EN ISO 13485 Is an internationally accepted quality norm for medical products that requires management and staff to ensure that the design and manufacture of medical products minimizes the potential risks for patients. Traceability of processes and raw materials is also ensured. At maxon, this standard is applied for customer-specific products on request. IATF 16949 maxon is IATF 16949 certified. The IATF (International Automotive Task Force) is a group of automotive manufacturers and associations that defines the quality requirements in the automotive industry. The IATF 16949 standard is an international technical specification and quality management standard for the entire supply chain of the automotive industry. It is based on the EN ISO 9001 standard and describes the special requirements that apply for the development and manufacturing of products for the automotive market. At maxon, it is implemented within the scope of customer-specific projects.

Overview of the maxon certifications

ISO 9001

IS0 14001

EN 9100 ISO 13485 IATF 16949

maxon Switzerland maxon Germany/Sexau

maxon Hungary

maxon South Korea maxon USA maxon China maxon France maxon Netherlands


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Quality management Only performance counts

ZERTIFIKAT Die Zertifizierungsstelle der TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH bescheinigt, dass das Unternehmen

maxon motor ag Brünigstrasse 220 6072 Sachseln Schweiz Zentrale Funktion mit der Zertifizierungsstruktur Multiple site im Teilbereich Luftfahrt, Raumfahrt und Verteidigung für den Geltungsbereich Entwicklung, Herstellung und Vertrieb von Antriebskomponenten und -systemen, Präzisions-Gleichstromantriebskomponenten, Präzisionsgetrieben, Gleichstromtachos und Encoder für Luft- und Raumfahrtanwendungen einschließlich der Standorte und Geltungsbereiche gemäß Anlage ein Qualitätsmanagementsystem eingeführt hat und anwendet. Durch ein Audit, auf Grundlage der EN 9104-001:2013, Auftrags-Nr. 707128503 , wurde der Nachweis erbracht, dass die Forderungen der EN 9100:2018 gleichwertig mit der AS 9100D und JISQ 9100:2016 an Unternehmen der Luftfahrt, Raumfahrt und Verteidigung erfüllt sind. Beinhaltet die Norm ISO 9001:2015 Qualitätsmanagementsystem. Ausstellungsdatum: 23.10.2021 Ablaufdatum: 22.10.2024 Zertifikat-Registrier-Nr.: 12 210 62062 TMS .

Drives manufactured by maxon can be absolutely relied upon even under the most difficult conditions – they have for example been in use on Mars for years. But maxon DC motors do not only do their job in space, they also function in tough conditions on and deep below the surface of the Earth flawlessly and efficiently. The quality management system of maxon is an integral part of the overall management system. The operational and organizational structures, the powers and responsibilities, as well as the process and procedure assessments are documented for all employees. The quality management system is enacted, maintained and periodically verified. View certificates:

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EU Directives 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive

maxon products are designed for installation in complete devices and are considered incomplete machines according to EU Directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive). They are designed to be installed in machines or other incomplete machines and are therefore not CE marked. It is the responsibility of the end device manufacturer to identify the relevant directives and issue a declaration of conformity. 2011/65/EU RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU and (EU) 2017/2102 incl. 2015/863/EU (RoHS) on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment regulates certain prerequisites for placing electrical and electronic equipment on the market. The RoHS directive restricts the use of certain substances in electrical and electronic equipment. The substances listed in Annex II of the directive must not exceed a specified maximum concentration, unless an exemption under Annex III and IV of the directive is applicable to be respective application. The RoHS directives are not directly applicable to components. Irrespective of this, maxon complies with the substance restrictions of this directive – taking into account the exemptions listed in Annex III and IV (e.g. 6a, 6b, 6c …) – for most of the catalog products. Those maxon products that do not correspond to the directive are identified on the respective product page. A detailed conformity assessment is available from maxon upon request. It is the responsibility of the distributor of the electrical or electronic equipment to assess whether the exemption approvals are applicable for the end product. 1907/2006/EU REACH All chemical substances used in maxon products conform to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH). Corresponding REACH certificates can be requested from maxon.

UL and CSA Certain applications and markets require UL- or CSA-certified motors and drives. maxon's standard catalog products do not have such certification. However, we are able to certify our motors and drives in accordance with UL or CSA standards. Please contact your local maxon partner for more information.


© 2024 maxon. All rights reserved. Visit us online and discover the digital maxon world On our website, you can find general news and information on our products and services, as well as an integrated online shop, the selection program and the maxon online configurator.

maxon online configurator Configure and combine brushed and brushless DC motors, gearheads and compact drives according to your individual requirements. Fast, easy, and online. We guide you through our configurator step-by-step.

maxon selection program Find the right drive by entering just a few parameters, such as supply voltage and torque. After you have entered the requirements of your drive, the maxon selection program shows the possible solution combinations from the maxon product program.

maxon Online Shop In the maxon online shop, we provide a complete overview of all maxon products. You can also order your drive solution, download detailed product specifications and 3D CAD drawings immediately.


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driven magazine Read and explore In driven, our print magazine, we present exciting applications, expert interviews, and tips and tricks from the field of drive technology. High-quality, entertaining, informative. Happy reading!

Print magazine Would you like to read more? Order back issues of driven

DR I V E N by

DR I V E N by

Humans and machines on a mountain rescue mission p. 10 Helping hands

The inspector

How robotic helpers are taking care of dangerous inspection work. p. 10

The “e-bike” for weak legs: The Myosuit restores freedom. p. 34

Freeride through the maxon campus with World Cup winner Alessandra Keller p. 34

DR I V E N by

The field of the future

Help from above: How robots are revolutionizing agriculture. p. 8

Startup: When paralyzed children can stand on their own legs again. p. 38


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maxon academy

Increase your knowledge of drive technology and motion control Learn more about the interaction of drive components, namely motor, gears, sensors and controllers. maxon academy brings together maxon products to provide ongoing education on drive technology. In addition to the maxon academy books and brochures, you will find E-learning modules, the currently planned seminars on drive technology and motion control as well as teaching material. These range from presentation and sample motors that can be taken apart for student exercises to models for hands-on training with suggestions for practical work.

to other system components

electrical supply


motion controller


load mechanics gearhead motor sensor


v(t), F(t)

Precision Drive Systems

Urs Kafader

The selection of high-precision microdrives

Formulae Handbook maxon academy

e author, Dr. Urs Kafader — born 1963 in Sarnen, Switzerland, was awar- d a physics degree and MBA from the Federal Institute of Technology, ETH rich, and a doctorate from the UHA Mulhouse in France — started his career the ETH Solid State Physics Department working on the epitaxy of semicon- ctor heterostructures. With a genuine interest in the impartion of technical owledge, he attended lectures on general didactics and specialized training r technology education. For more than ten years, Dr. Kafader has been res- nsible for technical training at maxon motor. In this function, he has presented any training courses and seminars for the maxon staff and customers. Further- ore, he is involved in the review of product documentation and also developed e maxon selection program.

maxon academy

The selection of high-precision microdrives Step by step from the specific formulation of the drive problem to its solution. Numerous tips and explanations, focusing only on theory where required for greater understanding. Various examples of applications deal with the practical aspects of drive technology. (Author: Dr. Urs Kafader, 149 pages, ISBN 978-3-9523654-5-8)

maxon Formula Compendium Formulae, terms and explanations for all types of calculations concerning drive systems. Detailed collection with illustrations and descriptions. Flow chart for targeted drive selection.


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New products



ECX SPEED 10 M, ∅ 10 mm, brushless, 8 W, High Power


ECX PRIME 16 L, ∅ 16 mm, brushless, 50 W ECX PRIME 16 L, ∅ 16 mm, brushless, 60 W, sterilizable, ceramic

234 235

ECX FLAT 22 L, ∅ 22 mm, brushless, 37 W, High Torque ECX FLAT 42 S, ∅ 42 mm, brushless, 40 W ECX FLAT 42 S, ∅ 42 mm, brushless, 100 W, High Torque ECX FLAT 42 M, ∅ 42 mm, brushless, 150 W, High Torque

255 260 259 261

EC frameless DT 38 S, ∅ 42 mm, brushless, 105 W, Dynamic Torque EC frameless DT 38 M, ∅ 42 mm, brushless, 100 W, Dynamic Torque

349 350

GPX 16 HP, ∅ 16 mm, planetary gearhead, sterilizable GPX 22 HP, ∅ 22 mm, planetary gearhead, sterilizable

388 397

GB 80, worm gear, composite version GB 12, worm gear, bronze version GB 9, worm gear, composite version GB 65, worm gear, steel/bronze version

462 463 464 465 496 500 515 520 524 525

ENX 42 MILE, ∅ 42 mm, encoder, 2048 counts per turn ENX 10 MAG INT, ∅ 10 mm, encoder, 1–256 counts per turn ENX 22 EASY INT, ∅ 22 mm, encoder, 1024 counts per turn TSX 38 MAG, encoder, 1792 counts per turn, EC frameless DT TSX 40 MAG, encoder, ∅ 40 mm, 1792–2048 counts per turn TSX 40 RIO, encoder, ∅ 40 mm, 1–524288 counts per turn, 21 bits

ESCON2 Module 60/30, servo controller up to 1800/3600 W ESCON2 Compact 60/30, servo controller up to 1800/3600 W

554 554



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