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Day 1 – Day 5 Phase 1: (Blue Print Page # 1)


Why You? Why Real Estate? Why Now?

Day 2 – Day 5 Phase 2: (Blue Print Page # 1) 24 First Steps to becoming a Wholesaler

Day 6 – Day 10: (Blue Print Page # 2)


Filling the Buyer Bucket FAST!

Day 11 – Day 15: (Blue Print Page # 3)


How to Know What To Pay

Day 16 – Day 20: (Blue Print Page # 4) Filling the Deal Bucket With Motivated Sellers


Day 21 – Day 25: (Blue Print Page # 5) Bird Dogging, Assignments and Double Closings


Day 26 – Day 30: (Blue Print Page # 6) Success Stories - Proof This Blueprint System Really Works


Introduction Hi, I’m Dean Graziosi, and I’m more excited about this book than any other book I have ever written in the past. That really says a lot, because for over 20 years I’ve made millions of dollars in real estate. In that time, I have learned many valuable lessons, some more costly than others. I’ve shared this valuable knowl- edge by teaching students all around the world how to do the same exact thing. Literally tens of thousands of my successful students are out there using what I teach in my books, my live training events, and my Real Estate Success Academy. It’s a joy to me knowing so many of them are reaching their goals by securing their futures and becoming wealthy with real estate. I am stoked to know that I can play a small role in providing the information and motivation to others to change their lives. If they can do it, then why not you? One of the keys to this blueprint for success is that you have to have an open mind, be willing to learn, and then take the time to apply what you learn by taking action! I’ve written New York Times best seller books about real estate investing, and you’ll find several of my books on the Internet or at your local book- store. So why would I be particularly excited about this book? While every book I’ve written has tons of information about how to make money investing in real estate, each has had a slightly different focus. A few of the books had a broad approach, while others were more focused on one aspect of real estate investing, such as making money in your local market. This is the first book I’ve written that’s totally focused on how to make your first profit in real estate and how to do it fast! You’ll have the exact blueprint to do a fast cash deal that will make money in just 30 days! That’s right. I’m going to show you how


to do your first deal to put serious cash in your pocket in only 30 days or less from right now if you stick with me.

It gets better. This 30 day time frame is possible for you no mat- ter your current situation or how much money you have in the bank right now. It does not matter how much debt you have or even if you don’t have a job right now. And I’m still promising you can do it, even if you have no credit or even bad credit! This is the first book I’ve written for EVERY single reader no mat- ter what their current financial, job, debt or credit situation, and with this FAST CASH promise. I know I have already stressed this, but I’m gonna say it again. I don’t care about your past; I only care about your future. Even if you can’t get a loan for a cheap used car, I am going to show you how to do your first real estate deal and put thousands of dollars in your pocket, and you’ll be able to do it inside of 30 days. If you happen to have money and credit, that’s awesome! You are still going to want to learn every strategy I have in this book, and my bet is that after reading it you won’t want to use a dime of your own money or credit for your first deal. What’s great is that once you know what you are about to learn it opens up many, many paths to profit from today’s down real estate market. Oh, did I mention that you don’t need a dime to use what you read in these chapters to do your first deal and make some fast cash? After you do one deal, use that money to pay off debt, catch up on bills, have a little fun, or invest it right back into another deal to bring in even more money. It’s all up to you. That’s the power of real estate investing. You’re not looking to your boss for a raise or some overtime, because you’re the boss. You control your future and your own destiny! You can now pay yourself what you are worth. It is such an awesome feeling, and your confidence will grow with each and every deal you do.

30 Days to Real Estate Cash 3

Not Easy, but Simple! Is making money with real estate easy? No. If it was easy, every- one would be doing it. But is it simple if you have the right blue- print to follow? Absolutely, positively, YES! It can be simple for people like you who are willing buy a book, read it, and follow a proven path that can produce profits month after month. When I was in 12 th grade, towards the end of the year, we had a senior ditch day and everyone was meeting on a mountaintop in the Minewaska Mountains just west of New Paltz, NY. We could see where everyone was going when you looked up toward the top of the mountain. So three friends and I parked the car. We were the first ones there and we just took off into the woods head- ing towards our destination. Man was it a tough climb. We went through tough places that scratched us up pretty well and other areas where it was straight up. Well, we made it after about an hour and a half. To our surprise, when we arrived everyone else was already there. We’re there gasping and our friends asked us, “What took so long?” When we shared how hard it was, one friend simply looked at me and asked, “You didn’t see the path?” Was it easy to get to the top of the mountain? No. But was it simple for my friends because they had a path to follow? Yes! That’s my point. This book is the simple path and plan, your own BLUEPRINT to follow step-by-step to have success in today’s down real estate market. You’re the Real Estate Matchmaker No doubt you’ve seen the frequent TV commercials for Internet dating sites. These matchmakers let men and women place their profiles on the site with photos, interests, hobbies, and more. For an eventual fee, they help you connect with people in hopes of finding your perfect match. These sites brag about their re- sults such as the number of dates, engagements, and marriages that have resulted from meetings there.


What you’re going to discover in this book is all about play- ing the real estate matchmaker. However, you are going to be matching motivated sellers with buyers. In this blueprint, I will provide you with hands-on techniques that will get you well on your way. I’m not going to show you how to set up a website, and you don’t even need one for what I’m going to teach you here. What you will learn is exactly how to locate and match up buyers and properties, how to be involved as much or as little as you want in the matchmaking process, and how to collect your fee when it’s a positive connection. (And it’s a lot bigger fee than one of those sites gets for playing Cupid!) READ – LEARN – APPLY All you have to do is to read what’s in this book, follow and apply my easy instructions, and take your profits to the bank. Here are the pieces of my promise one more time:

You won’t need money, but if you have it that’s good, too. %

You don’t need good credit. %

Being jobless isn’t a problem. %

You can be loaded down with debt. %

You’re going to be able to start your first deal with % real money in less than 30 days. Lastly, if you have money and credit, there has never % been a better time for you to profit and take advantage of today’s down market instead of it taking advantage of you. You will learn a lot about me throughout these pages. Unfortu- nately, I only know one thing about you. You are reading this book for a reason and purpose. I’m going to do all I can to help you achieve it!

30 Days to Real Estate Cash 5

Life is busy and hard, in many cases, with day-to-day challenges. We all have our own struggles, and finding time is almost im- possible most days. But let me assure you, it’s worth finding the time to read and implement what I am about to teach you. Stay motivated and focus on a bigger future for you and your fam- ily. It’s your turn and it all starts with simply turning the page to Chapter 1. Take one page at a time and go at your own speed. Absorb the information from each page and keep reading to be ready to apply the knowledge you have gained and be ready for action! So let’s get started! Throughout this book you will be required to take action. When you see the following icons, you should take action and com- plete the action step or steps suggested. If your success is truly as important to you as I believe, nothing will stop you!

Action Required to review computer links

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Action Required to complete homework tasks

Let’s get started. I created a quick welcome video with a fewextra tips that you can gowatch right now at: www.deangraziosi.com/30daywelcome

D A Y 1 — D A Y 5 : P H A S E 1 (BLUE PRINT PAGE #1) Why You? Why Real Estate? Why Now?

Everyone has their reasons. What’s yours? I know there is probably a specific reason why you want to make money with real estate. I can guess, but I can’t be sure EXACTLY why you’re reading this book or what your goals are for your life. I can’t sit on your shoulder and experience your daily life and financial frustrations. You are there, living your life every day, doing the best you can but still possibly struggling with debt, hospital bills, or bad credit, paying the bills or at least trying to. Everyone has challenges, and often you wish for a change, a better way, or an answer to a way out.

Why You? So maybe you have a really straightforward “ why you. ” It could be as simple as climbing out from under a pile of bills and getting out of debt, buying your own home or a new car, or seriously wanting to improve your fi- nancial future as you approach retirement.

Maybe you are like 74% of Americans and you simply hate your job or it doesn’t pay you enough to live the lifestyle you desire.

30 Days to Real Estate Cash 7

Many of us work very hard in our current jobs, but we are never paid what we are truly worth. Isn’t it about time you started getting paid what you are worth? There could be deeper reasons. It’s too easy to just say, “ I want to be rich.” You probably do want that, but making the most of what you’ll learn in this book requires really knowing WHY you’re doing this. So, whether that requires you to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea, take a drive, meditate, or whatever, just do what you need to do in order to reach deep down inside and find the core reasons you want to succeed financially with real estate. Be hon- est with yourself and find your reason, your true “ why. ” When I did this, I found that things from my childhood and our financial struggles were the big reason why I push so hard for success. Today I have a family and, as I write this, two young children. I found that reflecting on my reasons brought out clearly that I wanted financial control of my life in order to make a better future for my family than I had experienced early on. I realized there are things we all have gone through in life that we do not want our children or grandchildren to have to go through. Dig deep and find out your true “ why ” or more than one. Write it down. Refine it a little. Once you are clear about why you want to change your life with real estate, put it on a small piece of paper in your wallet or purse where you can read it when you have doubts or think it’s too hard. Write it on an index card and tape it to your bedroom light switch where you’ll see it first thing every morning and each night when you go to bed. Then make a plan, set goals, and take action with what you learn. Your “ why ” is your burning desire and overall reason of why you want to succeed with real estate, even why you have to succeed. When you have a bad day, go back to your “ why. ” It should mo-


tivate you to keep moving forward. Why? Because tomorrow is another day and you will have more good days than bad days if you continue to move forward to change your life! In fact, in Chapter 2 in my earlier book, “ Your Town Your Real Estate Profits! ” I shared the seven levels deep process that gives you crystal clear clarity why you want more out of life. I promise it’s much bigger then you ever imagined. If you have already done this exercise, then wonderful. Keep reading.

If you haven’t already, take a moment right now and go to www.deangraziosi.com/why

The Three Rules for Goals

How High is the Bar? Have you known people who set amazing goals for themselves and never seem to come close to achieving them? Perhaps they set a goal to be a millionaire within five years. It really doesn’t matter how they plan on that happening, only how they plan on working toward it. That’s a

big goal with a long timeline, and there isn’t any reinforcement or structure along the way. It is important to know where you are today, where you want to go, and what it will take to get there. Goals will help you get where you want to be. Be sure to set realistic goals, and don’t set the bar too high. As you achieve your goals, you will need to update or set higher goals. Successful people have written goals, and you need to take the time to write out your goals. Let’s set some basic rule guidelines that can help you create your goals.

30 Days to Real Estate Cash 9

RULE #1: Goals must be attainable.

Let’s say that you set a goal to be a player in the NFL and run a 90 yard kickoff return in the Super Bowl within five years. Now it just so happens that you also were the slowest runner in gym class, you have a very small frame, and you have really never played football. Great goal, but you won’t be running between those goal posts within five years, or ever. It’s simply not realistic to set your sights for this goal with your physical limitations. You also have set a personal goal that requires a team to make it happen. If you are great but on a lousy team, you’ll never get to the Super Bowl. True, this is a pretty extreme example, but it gets to the heart of my point. You must set goals that you have a reasonable chance of accomplishing. Perhaps your goal in this case could have been to be a starter on your local adult tag football team. The great news is that the blueprint for success in this book, even if it seems pretty aggressive to complete in just 30 days, is very realistic. It’s real world stuff that many of my successful students are doing today to put cash from real estate deals into their pockets in less than 30 days and every month from then on. There’s nothing in these pages that you can’t accomplish, and you can do it in 30 days or less. However, if you are working long hours at your job and see that time is going to make this a slower process for you, then make your plan for 60 days, and just take 10 days for each of the sec- tions in the book. That’s okay. It’s your plan, and they’re your goals. It’s OK to start out setting the book sections as five day goals and find that you have to stretch it a little. Just don’t find yourself procrastinating instead of taking action and doing. Just like an effective marathon runner, you have to pace yourself,


and you know what pace is a realistic pace for you. There will be some days where you need to push yourself and others where you have to go at a slower pace. Your “ why ” will drive you to the finish line, and if you do at least one thing each day, you will be closer to your goals and that first deal! At the end of the day, if it took you 60 days to accomplish your first deal and show you that this is possible, would that really be a long time? Heck no! Your goal could then be to do your next deal in 60 days or less. The first deal can sometimes be the most difficult. What the heck does”incremental” mean? That goal for being a millionaire in five years may actually be a good one if there are incremental goals along the way. This means setting smaller goals that you can accomplish each month or each week that leads to your bigger, overall goal. Setting a goal for making the first $100,000 in net worth growth the first year may be a start. This $100,000 breaks down to $8,334 per month or $1,924 per week or just $274 per day. Could you do one or two deals a month and make $8,334? You bet you can! Then setting another net worth goal for each of the years between one and five could be a plan. Then even shorter goals as to how you’re going to make that money will be there, as well. The other reason for these smaller, incremental goals has to do with human nature and your mindset. You can easily become overwhelmed and discouraged when working toward a large goal that’s far out in time. We all do; it’s just human nature. Setting short-term goals along the way that are within reach will give you a chance to experience success along the way. As you experience success, you should do small things to celebrate your success, whether it be a night out on the town or a tasty RULE #2: Goals must be incremental and on a realistic schedule.

30 Days to Real Estate Cash 11

hot fudge sundae from the local ice cream parlor. It keeps you motivated and your spirits up. We’re all far more likely to reach the big long-term goal if we have realistic shorter term goals that we make happen along the way. This is why this blueprint for success is laid out in five day sec- tions. I’ve set these up to be goals you can achieve in the time allotted, and you are moving forward and seeing progress and accomplishments every step of the way. So remember to take the time to celebrate each of your mini-success achievements along the way. Keep your focus on your goals and what you can do each day to move you closer to each goal you are working towards completing. I made this rule last in our three rules for a reason. There is something about the word “ mandatory ” that has an uncomfort- able feel. If you follow the other two, there will be very little chance of not accomplishing all of your goals. If the timeline is realistic, you will set up smaller, interim goals that you can expect to achieve. Then making them mandatory is just promis- ing yourself to do what you set out to do. It’s all about creating goals with a realistic deadline and sticking to it when the going gets tough! Write Out Your Goals Today! It’s OK if and when your goals change a little, since you’re writ- ing them out very early in your real estate investment plan. Dur- ing the course of the year, if you are setting goals and achieving them, your overall goals may change several times. Starting out with some set written goals will get you moving and thinking about your future. This is a book all about cash from real estate in 30 days, so write out your 30 day goals. The first short-term goal set can be to do everything Dean says in the book within RULE #3: Goals must be mandatory.


30 days. Then move out a little and get at least one year out and break it down to one month at a time. Then I want you to do two more things that you’ve probably never been asked to do before when goal planning. 1. How Will You Feel a Year From Now if You Achieve Your Goals? If you learn what’s in this book, follow the blueprint plan as it’s laid out, and look back a year from now when you’re bringing in $5,000 or $10,000 every month, how will you feel? What will that emotion be? Would that amount of cash each month make a difference in your life? Write out how that would change your life and how you might feel at that point. It’s a little like the “ visualization ” technique that athletes use when they see themselves crossing the finish line or making a goal. They are putting themselves into a picture of success, and it helps them do what it takes to make that picture real. Visualize yourself a year from now looking back at how successful you’ve become doing what I’m teaching you in this book and doing it over and over again for fast cash every month. In the beginning, you may start out slowly, but if you follow this proven system, you can begin to achieve your goals each and every month. 2. How Will You Feel If You Don’t Achieve Your Goals? This is the second thing I want you to do to put your goals into perspective and give you a clear picture of why you are going to begin to change your future. How will you feel a year from now if you look back and see another “ make things better ” attempt that didn’t work? Will you make promises to yourself like “ wait until next year? ” It does not feel good to think about, but if it helps you get where you want to be, then it’s worth thinking about.

What will be going through your mind as you head off to the same job, pay the same bills, and look forward to more of the

30 Days to Real Estate Cash 13

same life that made you want to make changes in the first place? Contrast this feeling with the success notes from above. Each day you do not work on your goals is another day you will have to work through your current situation to get where you want to be. Which do you want in your future? The choice is up to you! You now possess the knowledge that can change your situation or even your life. It’s in your hands. It’s in your control. What you do with this information is totally up to you. You do control your own destiny. Throughout our lives we often encounter people who always want to tell us why we can’t do something, rather than why we can do it. This section is right here with goals because almost every successful student of mine has shared stories on my web- site www.DeanGraziosi.com about how they were almost taken out of the game right at the beginning by negative people in their lives. We call these people “ naysayers, ” and you control who you listen to as you move along on this journey. My web- site is filled with like-minded individuals who share information and inspiration that can elevate you to that next level. Each of my parents has been married four times. I love them, and I ask for their advice at times, but not about success in mar- riage. If I want advice about a successful marriage, I look for someone with 50 years in the same relationship. I know where to go for advice from those who have a track record of success. Everyone in life has an opinion, but whom we listen to or follow may determine where we end up in life. As you read through this book, your enthusiasm will make you want to talk about what you’re learning to everyone you meet. And I’m going to give you some advice in going out and making Blowing Past the Negativity of Others – “The Naysayers”


sure that everyone you know is aware of what you’re doing and how they should bring good deals to your attention.

Unfortunately, when you start talking to others about your real estate business, you’ll hear their opinions based on their life ex- periences or just plain negativity. Do not let that discourage you. You’ll hear how your grandfather lost his shirt on a rental property, or your friends will talk about the risks in real estate. There will be plenty of negative opinions and advice. And just about all of it will be coming from a place of fear and lack of any real experience. Remember they are only opinions, not based on fact. People often like to talk about subjects they have no expertise in. When your car has a rattle, how many people tell you what is wrong with your car? There is one person to listen to and that is your mechanic! The key here is knowing who to listen to as you move forward with real estate investing. You need to sift, sort, and screen through all the opinions. Certainly none of it will be coming from anyone who will have the least bit of knowledge of what you’re learning here. Your friends and family members mean well and probably want to protect you in most cases. They are just stuck in their own rut, and they’re not taking the action that you are to get out of the rut. Sometimes its fear and other times its lack of knowledge. Whatever the case, do not let them get you off the fast track you are now on.

So another thing I want to help you do is to plan for the negativ- ity. It’s like having an umbrella before it rains.

Think about your family and friends and what they’re likely to say when you roll out this life-changing plan. I bet you can even imagine which friends or family members will be the most opinionated and the loudest. Just knowing that the negativity

30 Days to Real Estate Cash 15

is coming will help you deal with it. Don’t argue or belittle their opinions because they really believe what they’re saying. Just put it into the right place in your plan--the trash--and move on with reaching your goals. When you’re successful, which will be very soon, come back and help them. They’ll see what’s hap- pening and many will want to be involved.

Why Choose Real Estate? Is There Really any Better In- vestment? Many successful people will tell you there is no better investment than real estate, and I could not agree with them more. This is a fast-track blueprint to help you learn how to make cash from real estate

starting with nothing. So let’s do a quick list here of the basic differences and advantages of investing in real estate, since they’ll help you set long-term goals. After this list, we’ll look at why real estate is the ONLY way to put this much cash in your pocket very quickly without robbing banks. Real estate balances stocks and bonds and helps diversify % investments in any investment portfolio. While stocks and bonds can suffer from inflation, real % estate can actually increase in value during inflationary times. Real estate is tangible. You can look at it, touch it, walk % around in it, and it’s limited because there will never be any more land created. The ways in which real estate is purchased and financed % can produce leverage for the investor to grow their holdings.


All of these are great reasons to buy, sell, and hold real estate. You’ll want to keep them in mind and learn more about them, but we’re here for a money-making deal in 30 days. Why real estate in this situation? First, let’s just use the process of elimination. Eliminate all of the ways besides robbing a bank that can put $5,000, $10,000, or more into your pocket with information you can learn from scratch in less than 30 days. Remember, we’re talking about legal ways that you can learn within 30 days. You may come up with a couple of ideas, but look again and make sure that they are legal and that you can learn and make them happen within the short time period we are working with here. Surgeons can make that much in a few minutes in the operating room, but they study and intern for many years to get to that point. I’m not teaching you brain surgery, and it’s not rocket science either. However, I am bringing you tools, resources, and knowl- edge that I’ve perfected over 20 years that I can promise actually work. And the techniques in this book can be learned and put into practice for fast cash within 30 days. But, if you are ready to leverage money and credit that you do have in real estate, let me tell you I personally feel it is the best investment on the planet right now. And you will also learn ex- actly how to do that, as well. Even as I write this section, a recent Fortune Magazine cover says “ Real Estate is back ” and the first page of the story says , ”Forget stocks. Don’t bet on gold. After four years of plunging home prices, the most attractive asset class in America is hous- ing. It’s time to buy again .” ~ By Shawn Tully Fortune Magazine 04/11/2011

30 Days to Real Estate Cash 17

So if you have been beaten up by the recession, are broke, have bad credit and are stressed, what you are about to read is the solution to not only getting back on track but experiencing a whole new way to make really great money. Yet, on the other hand, if you would like your money to be working for you in a great growth area, then real estate right now is your ticket.

Why Now? – There’s No Better Time!

For Me – We All Have Our Reasons One of my inspirations for writing this book now has to do with a friend of mine who recently called me for advice. He owns a small excavation business. In our conversation he told me that in the last couple of months:

His health insurance premiums went up 32% to more % than $500 per month.

Diesel fuel to run his equipment went up 40%. %

Taxes on his home rose by 18%. %

His business fell by 35% because no new projects are % happening in his area. He was not doing nearly as much work in his business, and his girlfriend had just been laid off. I hadn’t spoken to this friend in a while, and I really empathized with his pain. I wanted to help him, and he wanted some help. I sat down and came up with all of the fast cash strategies that I could put together that could be learned quickly and put into play in a hurry to generate fast cash and be done without money, risk, or credit.

I did it initially to help a friend, but it helped reinforce the reason for this blueprint book. You’re now going to get the benefits of that


phone call, but you will have it all and more within these pages. I am sure you may know others just like my friend. The great thing is we can help ourselves and then help others as we have success. For You – You Have Your “Why” and Your Reasons Why now? From your personal perspective, not markets or wider economic issues, the answer is simply because you need it now. No matter what the real estate and mortgage market climates, no matter how people are faring in their jobs and ability to pay their bills, you’re looking at this now because you need and want it now. It can also be a matter of urgency for you. Perhaps you’ve ex- hausted your savings, been laid off, had your work hours cut, or your debt is about to overwhelm you. Those reasons you came up with in the “ Why You ” section are just as relevant to this one. Whatever reasons you want and need to change your life, you want to get to it NOW! The fact is that I’m going to do everything in my power to make something happen for you in a short 30 day period and prove that you can continue to do this month after month. If you got a medical scholarship right now, you’d still be many years away from that high dollar surgeon’s income. What you’re going to get from reading this book now is an income burst by this time next month. So be sure to commit to this program if you want to make a change in your life. For the Market You may be asking, “ What about the market and economic per- spective? ” Aren’t there times when the techniques you’ll learn here won’t work? Well, real estate markets move in cycles— sometimes up, sometimes down, and even in a kind of stalled state for short periods, as well. You can make money in any market. Let’s look at each type of market.

30 Days to Real Estate Cash 19

The Down Market There is no better time in history to invest in real estate than today. I started with this one because this book is being written in one of the worst periods for American housing on record. Beginning in 2006, the long and ever-rising home prices in our nation began to run into trouble. Many predicted a bubble that would eventually BURST! By the end of 2010, home prices nationwide were averaging as much as a 30% decrease in value from their 2006 highs. In some areas, like Las Vegas, NV and others, home prices had plummeted by 70% or more. Homes in all neighborhoods were being lost to foreclosure. It seemed like no matter what area we drove through, you could see a vacant house or a boarded-up, distressed property. During this time, though, you’d keep reading about homes being purchased for cash by investors taking advantage of the situa- tion and building their real estate investment portfolio, buying homes at record low prices and holding these homes as rental units for positive cash flow each month. No matter how bad things have gotten in this country, there are always people with money looking for a good investment. You are going to help these people find what they are looking for. What I’m going to teach you in this book works really well in a down market because you’re going to help these well-heeled investors find the best deals. They have the cash but often do not have the time to find all the deals in the area. You lock up the deals and pass them on to your end buyers. These buyers aren’t just fat cat Wall Street tycoons. They’re average, everyday people like your neighborhood store owners, contractors, and other business people who have nest eggs and money to invest. You’re going to bring them opportunities, and they’ll gladly pay you to do it.


The Rising Market In a market with demand and rising prices, the techniques I’m going to teach you here are extremely valuable to investors. There may be plenty of properties for sale, but the prices for many are such that the return on investment isn’t high enough to interest the investor. These savvy real estate investors are craving bargains or the best of the best deals! So you’re going to be in a position to lock up and pass off these amazing deals to your end buyers. You’re going to be the bargain hunter, only you’ll be looking for the best deals. You’re going to be the matchmaker who brings the hard-to-locate bargains to the investor. They’ll love you for it and pay you handsomely for every killer deal you bring to them. The techniques I will be teaching you in this book will make you an expert at locating motivated sellers and bargain properties that are under the radar of the busy and well-to-do investors. They are in the business of real estate investing, so you won’t have to do a hard sell at all to get them to pay you well for bring- ing in a property that makes their investment numbers work. Everyone loves a great deal, and you are now in a position to find these types of deals, lock them up, and pass them off to your end buyer. The Stagnant Market This country hasn’t really experienced much in the way of side- ways home prices, but every now and then things settle down for a while and home demand and prices kind of sit still. The great news is that this type of calm market is usually in place at the same time as calm stock and bond markets.

Investors are looking at miserable returns in their investment ac- counts, and they’re looking for something not too risky that will

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bring in more bang for their investment bucks. You go out and do what you learn here, and you’ll be contacting investors with opportunities to double or triple their current rates of return. As they look at other investment options, they will be throwing money at you. The Big Picture We’re about to get into the details of strategies that you can learn in a hurry, put into play in a hurry, and will help you rake in cash quickly, as well. To put some of these strategies and techniques into plain language:

There are investors out there with money looking for real estate to buy.

There are homes and other properties out there that, for whatever reason, are undervalued and extreme bargains.

There is you, the newly educated real estate investor matchmaker who will bring the properties to the investors.

There are sellers waiting for an offer as you “create the deal” by making an aggressive offer to a motivated seller that locks up the deal and then you can assign the deal to an end buyer. I’d say sit back and relax while you learn, but there’s no time to relax. It’s time to change your life, and it’s time to get excited and go out and make it happen. Are you ready? The things that you are willing to do today to move a little closer to your goals will allow you to do the things tomorrow that others will only dream of doing! Let’s do it!


1. Do your own “Why” exercise. Go deeper than “I want to be rich” to get to the core reason you want to change your life and why you’re reading this book. Write down what you come up with and keep it in a place where you can refer to it when you’re in need of a little nudge or encouragement. One place could be above your bed- room light switch so you use it every morning and every evening. 2. Start writing a goal plan, setting realistic goals for at least a year out. Break up the big goals and set up goals for the next 30 to 60 days that are based on what you’re about to learn. If you break down your goals for the year down to the month down to the week, even better. Remember, goals are not just doing deals. Suc- cessful goals are also reaching milestones with learning as you review each potential deal. Write down your ex- pectations for negative reactions from family and friends and put it away for now. You’ll enjoy pulling it out later and seeing that you were right on with it, and then you can tear it up and throw it away. You will be success- ful as you gain more confidence, and soon others will become more confident in you. Never let anyone slow you down from where you are destined to be. 3. Go to www.DeanGraziosi.com to create your free ac- count if you have not done so already. This website is an investor network and social community. It is a crucial part of the success of many of my most successful stu- dents. Your homework is to watch a few video blogs, register as a member, and make at least one post a day to a forum topic of your choosing.

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4. Read one of my books. However, do not get information overload as you gather and read all the information. If you do not have any of my books, they can be ordered through the following links: “Your Town Your Real Estate Profits!” HTTPWWWDEANGRAZIOSICOMCONTENTYOUR TOWN YOUR real-estate-profits “Profit From Real Estate Right Now!” HTTPWWWDEANGRAZIOSICOMCONTENTPROlT REAL ES- tate-right-now


5. Watch the blueprint page #1 video with Matt and me. Take notes and take action by completing all tasks discussed this far in the program and the video.

D A Y 1 — D A Y 5 : P H A S E 2 (BLUE PRINT PAGE #1) First Steps to Becoming a Wholesaler

This depends on you and your commitment to learn, apply this information, and take action. I know we are bringing a lot of information to you very quickly. You are thirsty for information but at times it might feel as though you’re trying to get a drink of water from a fire hydrant! I t’s OK to feel a little overwhelmed at the promise of real estate fast cash in just 30 days. I know that you may have some doubts as to your ability to move that fast. Many of my successful students have done just that, but I know it’s a big deal to be writing a goal to earn $5,000 or more by the time you finish this book. However, it is a realistic goal if you are committed to your success. Besides helping propel you forward to what you want to achieve, goals help you reflect on what you have accom- plished. They reinforce your ability to make things happen because they show you what you’ve already done. Previ- ously, at different times in your life, you may have won- dered how you would ever get through something new or difficult, but you did it. That’s all that matters. So, in each phase of this blueprint to your fast pace to real estate cash, I’ll include these short “ Where You Are ” updates. They will

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help you see that you are on track to achieve your goals. This will build your confidence and determination so you can keep moving forward each and every day.

What you’ve done so far is to clarify for yourself WHY you are reading this book and making the decision to change your life. You’ve also done some concrete planning and set down realistic goals that you intend to act on and bring to completion. I know you’ve done this very quickly, leaving plenty of time to follow the instructions in this phase and keep up your momentum going in the right direction. The Real Estate Wholesale Concept You know where you are today, so just where are you going in the next 30 days? You’re going to go from someone with a desire to improve their life and the lives of their family through learning the very best of what we’ve learned over my 20+ years with real estate investing. You’ll end up as a business owner putting $2,000, $5,000, or $10,000+ cash in your pocket every month. I became a millionaire with real estate in my 20s and a multi- millionaire in my 30s. My real estate education was through trial and error. Now I teach thousands of people around the world to make money with real estate, and you’re my newest student. I’m not going to teach you everything, not even every strategy I have used successfully for fast cash. I’m going to give you the very best of them in this blueprint book, since they’re the ones I know will allow you to reach my goal for you in this book: cash from real estate in 30 days. These strategies are mostly focused on being a “ wholesaler ” of real estate.


Wholesaling Commodities When you think of a wholesale busi- ness, you may picture large ware- houses full of stored merchandise. With furniture or appliances, for example, the retailer isn’t buying di- rectly from the manufacturer, since

the manufacturer is in the business of “ making ” things and not usually in the business of distributing them. They work through wholesalers to make this happen. Wholesalers have to put up a pretty big investment in order to get started, from leasing the warehouse to stocking it with furniture or appliances and getting the merchandise to retailers when they place an order. They make their money by selling to the retailer at a small markup over what they pay the manufac- turer. A wholesaler is often seen as a middleman between the manufacturer and the end user. The middleman makes a profit for his service and so will you. Real Estate Investing When you think of real estate investing, you usually think of buying properties and holding them as rental units for the long term, or buying, fixing, and flipping them for short-term profits. These are the “ big picture ” real estate investment techniques practiced by the vast majority of investors.

Like commodity wholesalers, these investors tie up money for short or long periods in order to make money.

If you were starting out in either of these businesses today, you wouldn’t normally be reading about how to do it in 30 days guaranteed. And you definitely wouldn’t be reading that you could do it using no money of your own. That is where my blue- print program for success is different from any other program

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out there. I am going to show you how to profit in 30 days without cash, credit, or risk.

Turning “Wholesale” & “Real Estate Investing” Business Models Upside Down I’m going to be giving you everything you need to become both a whole- saler and a real estate investor within

30 days. You’ll provide this service without spending money, without down payments, without a bank loan, without owning property, without a real estate license, and without risk. Real Estate Wholesalers are Needed Even when they don’t know it, real estate investors who buy, flip, and hold properties for rental actually need wholesalers. Fortunately for you, most of them don’t even know that they could have this service provided for them and make a whole lot more money. They are just like you were before you started reading this book. You’re fortunate because very few other in- vestors know about this either, so you’re in a position to deliver a valuable service with very few competitors. Remember the discussion earlier about who these investors are? They’re people you see and meet in everyday life. They are not tycoons in the stock market. They’re doctors, contractors, donut shop owners, auto repair shop owners, and others who have cash money to invest and are searching for real estate to meet their investment goals. These people have money invested in savings accounts and cer- tificates of deposit at tiny interest rates. They want to do better. They need to do better but often don’t know how. Many want to invest in real estate but are not sure how to find the best deals. These investors may be relying on real estate agents to


bring them deals. Some of these deals might be good deals but not the amazing deals that you can bring them on a regular basis.

I’m not knocking what real estate agents do or how valuable they can be to their normal consumer clients. Real estate agents are an extremely important member of your Power Team, which we will discuss later on. However, in many states, you can be- come a real estate agent with credit for previous education and a few hours of real estate law classes. These investors are calling up a real estate agent, one who will show them properties listed on the MLS, Multiple Listing Service, and competing with every other real estate investor in town for a few listed bargains. These investors don’t know what they don’t know. What I’ll be teaching you here is how to locate bargains that real estate agents may never see and how to bring them to these investors on a regular basis. You become the wholesale resource for investors. You’ll do it like one of my students, Carol Stinson, did. Carol is a mother of seven, the youngest of whom is handicapped. She used her last $30 to buy one of my books and her friends thought she was nuts. She didn’t let that stop her, though. She put my techniques into play, creating a $10,000 profit in less than 60 days. She’s now steadily putting $5,000 to $10,000 in the bank month after month.

The Two Bucket Wholesale Business

How am I going to teach you to bank this kind of cash in 30 days? My tech- niques and strategies aren’t compli-

cated, but they did take many years to develop and hone into a system for matching cash buyers with the properties they need to make their investing businesses successful.

30 Days to Real Estate Cash 29

So is it easy? No. But can it be simple if you follow a blueprint that took me 20 years to develop? Absolutely yes!

You’ll do it by filling two buckets. The first is a bucket full of investors with lots of cash and eager for the right deals. We’ll call these people our cash buyers. The second bucket is filled with deals that real estate agents can’t find. It’s filled with deals from motivated sellers that most investors can’t find. By keep- ing a steady stream flowing into each of these buckets, you’ll be able to match killer deals from one bucket with ready cash buyers from the other bucket. These cash buyers are people running businesses, many working longer hours than you are in your job. They don’t have the time to go out and find bargains. They rely on real estate agents to find deals because they’re the only resource they know of for finding deals. Most real estate agents have more than one buyer so their time can be limited to the buyer and the type of deals they find. You’re going to move into a position to offer a service that these cash buyers will value so highly that they will be happy to pay you every time you bring them a deal that meets their criteria. What you’ll learn in the pages of this book are proven methods to help you match up those cash buyers from one bucket with amazing property deals only you can find from the other bucket. To make the system sustainable and keep the profits rolling in, all you need to do is keep those buckets full and bring the deals to the investors. Pssst…It’s a Secret! We are going to show you proven and somewhat secret strate- gies to do this like no one you have ever met. Also, I know as I proofread my own book, at this point I would be saying, “ OK, Dean, enough with the inspiration and the teas- ing. Get to it! ” You know what I promise: when you are done

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